Let's Get Dressed

Dear Media

How do you create a staple wardrobe? What trends are dominating the runways? Who’s the coolest new designer to watch? Join ultimate fashion insider Liv Perez for new episodes every Monday to hear the best in fashion news, styling tips, and interviews with top industry leaders that will leave you inspired to dress and feel your best self every day. Produced by Dear Media

The Remasters

Audemars Piguet

Welcome to The Remasters, a new podcast series that talks with today’s leading creative tastemakers about how vintage objects can spark creative journeys that inspire future design. Hosted by the luxury watch dealer Zoe Abelson, each episode will explore watches, fashion and music through objects, answering the question: How does vintage inspire disruptive creativity?

Articles of Interest

Avery Trufelman

Articles of Interest is a show about what we wear. Produced and Hosted by Avery Trufelman

Lipstick on the Rim

Dear Media, Molly Sims

Consider Molly Sims and her best friend Emese Gormley your new girlfriends on speed dial for all your pressing beauty and wellness needs. Is Botox a good idea? Should you try that new diet you saw on the Today Show? Molly and Emese have your back. With guests ranging from top health and beauty experts to their industry friends, you’ll get the scoop on the latest trends, which products and procedures to try, and which to run from-- and they just might be doing it all with a drink in hand. Prepare to be obsessed.

The Run-Through with Vogue


Hosts Chioma Nnadi and Chloe Malle – both longtime Vogue writers/editors – take you inside the world of Vogue. Each episode features conversations with Vogue editors, creatives, and cover stars. Who's the new designer you should be paying attention to? And what are Vogue editors buzzing about this week? Listen to The Run-Through with Vogue to find out. This is the podcast to listen to when you want to be in the know about fashion and culture.  For more from Vogue in audio, check out our fashion history podcast In VOGUE

Fashion People

Audacy | Puck

Puck correspondent Lauren Sherman and a rotating cast of industry insiders take you deep inside what fashion people are really talking about behind the scenes of this multi-trillion-dollar biz, from creative director switcheroos to M&A drama, D.T.C. downfalls, and magazine mishaps. Fashion People is an extension of Line Sheet, Lauren’s private email for Puck, where she tracks what’s happening beyond the press releases in fashion, beauty, and media. New episodes publish twice-weekly, every Tuesday and Friday.

Gals on the Go


Ever catch yourself wondering how can I ACTUALLY get my man to buy me flowers? Need to vent about feeling annoying being the Type-A friend? Want to have chats about wedding guest dress etiquette, Instagram story anxiety, and FOMO? OR…. Do you want to feel better about the fact that you overshared your life story to a stranger at the bar last night? Join best friends and Gals on the Go Brooke Miccio and Danielle Carolan as they help you justify any decision, rate what level of panic any situation really is (yes, pooping at a crush's is a total RED ALERT), and figure out what beauty trends actually keep a Gal going, all in the comfort of girl talk with your best friends. 

Everything is Fine

Jennifer Romolini and Kim France

Everything is Fine is a series for women on life over 40. Hosted by former Lucky magazine founding editor Kim France and author and editor Jennifer Romolini, each episode digs deep into the identity shift that comes with navigating this alternately weird and liberating stage of life. A chat-show with themed episodes and interview guests from the media and entertainment worlds, we tackle our fears, our health, our careers, self-care, and how to negotiate being called “middle-aged” when you feel anything but. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Gloss Angeles

Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan

Co-hosts and longtime beauty journalists Kirbie Johnson and Sara Tan give their perspective on all things makeup, skincare, and wellness at the intersection of pop culture and entertainment. Experts in the field and friends IRL, they pull back the curtain on trends, treatments and popular products — all the things you're likely searching or watching on TikTok. (They'd know — they've spent 10 years creating and optimizing editorial content for mainstream digital beauty publishers.) Tuesday episodes reveal the most notable beauty headlines with informed takes while Friday episodes feature guests from experts in the industry to celebrity spokespeople, including Courteney Cox, Hailey Bieber, Halsey, Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson, Laverne Cox, Jonathan Van Ness, Barbie Ferreira, Brad Mondo, Emma Chamberlain, Dr. Jason Diamond, Charlotte Palermino and more. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

The Business of Fashion Podcast

The Business of Fashion

The Business of Fashion has gained a global following as an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, executives and entrepreneurs in over 200 countries. It is frequently described as “indispensable,” “required reading” and “an addiction.” Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Breaking Beauty Podcast

Dear Media, Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins

Get ready with us! We’re Jill and Carlene, two longtime beauty editors who have seen it all and swatched it all, and now we’re here to tell you what’s good. Whether you’re searching for the latest insider-fave foundation, building a gimmick-free skincare routine, or interested in exploring culture through a beauty lens, tune in every Wednesday for epic guests like Makeup By Mario, Dr. Pimple Popper and Jonathan Van Ness (say what?!) Plus, don’t miss our monthly #DamnGood reviews of trending drugstore and spendy finds that are worth the $$$ – you’re glowing already!

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Dressed Media

With over 8 billion people in the world, we all have one thing in common. Every day we all get dressed. Join Dressed as we explore the social and cultural histories behind the who, what, when of why we wear.

Fool Coverage with Manny MUA and Laura Lee

Manny MUA & Laura Lee & Studio71

Light coverage, medium coverage, full coverage? Nope, we’re here to bring you Fool Coverage. There’s nothing like us on the market. 100% unique and 1000% glamorous. OG social media influencers, beauty gurus, and absolute besties, Manny MUA and Laura Lee are bringing you advice about beauty and fashion, stories about running our successful businesses, and the inside info about living in the spotlight as social media stars. And tea, the hottest tea. All the juiciest gossip, about all the fools in the world. We’ve got those fools covered. We’ve been cancelled, we’ve been called fools ourselves. But nothing is going to stop us from living our best lives. Especially when we can overcome and outshine the haters out there. Be it Manny’s Lunar Beauty make up line, or Laura’s Laura Lee Cosmetics and her Nudie Patootie clothing line, nothing can stop these two from making as big of a splash as possible. Tune in every week for new episodes of Fool Coverage. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can: https://bit.ly/2EcYbu4.  For advertising opportunities please email PodcastPartnerships@Studio71us.com    Privacy Policy: https://www.studio71.com/us/terms-and-conditions-use/#Privacy%20Policy

Throwing Fits

Throwing Fits

Two grown dirtbags just tryna navigate the male zeitgeist. If you have any money you want to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us: throwingfitspod@gmail.com. For more Throwing Fits check us out on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/throwingfits

Fat Mascara

Jennifer Sullivan & Jessica Matlin

Beauty journalists (and friends!) Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Sullivan bring you the big, juicy world of beauty twice a week. On Wednesdays, they share their insider access to the industry, discuss news and culture through the lens of beauty, and talk about their beauty adventures as well as their favorite fragrances, skincare, and makeup. On Fridays, they interview their favorite people in the business, including celebrities, makeup artists, perfumers, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and more. Delivered with a heavy dose of fun, Fat Mascara is where beauty obsessives can get their fix. Become a member at https://plus.acast.com/s/fatmascara. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Life with Marianna

Dear Media, Marianna Hewitt

Marianna Hewitt is a leading voice in social media with over 1 million followers and also the co-founder of skincare line, Summer Fridays. Each week on Life With Marianna, you’ll hear from her network of influencers, brand founders, and personalities to inspire YOU to live your best life.


Kate Spencer & Doree Shafrir

Which night creams will make you look well-rested, is quitting coffee really worth the headache, can emptying your closet actually bring you joy, and wtf is a gratitude practice, anyway? These are the kinds of self-care questions that wellness enthusiasts and writers Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir discuss each week, along with a special guest, as they explore what it means to be getting older — and hopefully wiser. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

The Everyday Style School

Jennifer Mackey Mary

Welcome to the show that teaches you everything your mom never did about getting dressed! The Everyday Style School inspires you to love the way you look everyday, and gives you the tools to make it easy. From understanding your body shape, to getting rid of clothes that no longer serve you, we give real style advice to women with real lives, real bodies, and real budgets.

Every Outfit

Chelsea Fairless & Lauren Garroni

After spending years dispensing bitchy fashion commentary on their viral Instagram account Every Outfit on Sex and the City, hosts Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni realized that they have highly specific opinions about other things, too. Every Outfit is a weekly show born from our deeply unhealthy, lifelong obsession with fashion and popular culture. It’s like The View (but less geriatric) meets Fashion Police from two best friends who have spoken at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but have also done SponCon for vibrators. New episodes every Friday.

The Who What Wear Podcast

Who What Wear

From the creators of Who What Wear—your trusted source for celebrity style, the latest fashion and beauty trends, and shopping suggestions—comes The Who What Wear Podcast. Think of it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tastemakers who are shaping the fashion and beauty world. Each week, we'll cover everything from the latest emerging trends and talent to candid conversations with industry icons. This is what style sounds like.

The Cutting Room Floor


Fashion's Only Fashion Show. Hosted by designer, Recho Omondi.

Skincare Anarchy

Ekta et al.

Join Ekta as she discusses skincare trends, social issues, and myths around skincare and beauty culture. Join the discussion on Instagram @skincareanarchy!(Not legal or medical advice, all views expressed are non-legal and non-medical opinions) 

No Gorge with Violet Chachki and Gottmik

No Gorge

Legends, divas, & the hardest-working duo in showbiz Violet Chachki and Gottmik bring you NO GORGE. Discussing all things fashion, life, artistry, industry gossip, and more - Violet and Gottmik bring you all the life advice you could possibly need. GET INTO IT GORGE! Join our Patreon to enjoy never-before-seen content, live watch parties, exclusive merchandise, early access and discounts to events and more.  Patreon: https://patreon.com/NoGorge Contact Us: nogorgeteam@gmail.com Follow No Gorge: https://www.tiktok.com/@nogorge Follow Gottmik: http://instagram.com/gottmik https://www.tiktok.com/@gottmik http://facebook.com/gottmik http://twitter.com/gottmik Follow Violet Chachki:  http://instagram.com/violetchachki https://www.tiktok.com/@violetchachki https://www.facebook.com/VioletChachkiOfficial https://twitter.com/violetchachki

Add to Cart with Kulap Vilaysack & SuChin Pak

Lemonada Media

Join the hosts of Add to Cart, comedian-writer-director Kulap Vilaysack and veteran journalist SuChin Pak, in a subversive take on consumerism. Each week, they have honest, revealing (sometimes TMI) conversations about all the big and little things they’re adding to, or removing from, their carts. They decide what's worth the monetary/emotional investment, and what's not. From beauty products and health trends, to celebrities and philosophies they’re passionate about, our hosts dig into anything we buy into and what it says about who we are.

The Beauty Brains

Discover the beauty and cosmetic products you should use and avoid

Real scientists answer your beauty questions


Lily and BAE

A PODCAST hosted by Mando & Lily better know as Lily and BAE. On this PODCAST you will find the cruda realidad on subject we choose daily. We hope you enjoy!

The Glossy Podcast


The Glossy Podcast is a weekly show on the impact of technology on the fashion and luxury industries with the people making change happen.

#skinthusiast: the podcast

Amy Koberling

#skinthusiast is a podcast for listeners to soak in skincare tips and beauty tricks from the real experts with tangible steps to get that glow from the inside out. Amy Koberling is a skincare educator, practicing Dermatology PA and beauty creator who bridges the gap between the consumer and the industry. How do I spot treat a pimple? How do I create a skincare routine?  What’s the most impactful wellness routine? Should I be buying only clean makeup? Whether you’re a beauty lover, in need of a skin care overhaul or looking to build your brand, this is the show for you. Listen in to the industry’s top experts on everything from the best way to spot treat a blemish, to the drugstore dupes that are better than any luxury serums... We cover it all. Tune in as Dermatologists, brand founders, and other industry experts share their tips and tricks for all things beauty, skincare and wellness.  Think of #skinthusiast: the podcast like a coffee chat with the beauty gurus whose brains you’ve always wished you could pick! You won’t get this kind of insight anywhere else! 

Tom & Lorenzo’s Pop Style Opinionfest

Tom Lorenzo

Authors and bloggers Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez render judgment on all the latest goings-on in the worlds of celebrity, pop culture, television and fashion. Strap yourselves in for some hilarious opinionating on all the most pressing issues of our time, darlings.

Retail Therapy by Sunday Scaries

Sunday Scaries

Hosted by Will deFries and Barrett Dudley, Retail Therapy covers the ever-changing landscape of online trends, aesthetics, style, shopping, and (of course) shifting vibes. What's in, what's out, and what everyone might be talking about at your next group dinner. Also Airing: The Sunday Scaries Podcast — a wellness and self-care podcast for those with blurry Friday and Saturday nights. Hosted by Will deFries, The Sunday Scaries Podcast is your cure for the Sunday blues.

The Treatment Room

The Treatment Room

A podcast by an esthetician, for estheticians + skincare geeks. Hi, I'm Tess! An ex-corporate employee turned licensed skin expert and virtual esthetician. Now I'm here to share in how I made beauty my business, and everything that comes along the way!

Clothes Minded

The Hyve AV

Clothes Minded is a podcast about decoding the language of fashion through the African lens. Host, Khensani Mohlatlole, a South African writer, sustainable fashion advocate and designer, explores the layers of history, culture, identity and politics woven into our wardrobes with insights from African designers, artisans, academics and industry insiders.

Naked Beauty

Brooke DeVard

Unfiltered talk about beauty trends, selfcare journeys, skincare, wellness tips and the products we love, hosted by Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli, with the women I admire. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Nothing To Wear

Mamamia Podcasts

The show that knows the right outfit has the power to transform your mood and your confidence. Hosted by Mamamia’s Leigh Campbell and the style collective, women of all shapes, ages and styles will help you figure out what to buy, how to wear it and how to feel great in it. No topic is off limits. If you can wear it, we will talk about it.


Purple Banter

Lilahbility is coming in HOT & READY exploring all the dilemmas, daddies, personal conflicts, drama, and the real life of Los Angeles. With two transgender women as hosts, bound together by such a beautiful friendship, it goes beyond anything you’ll ever expect. Lilahbility will push boundaries, shed light on all transgender experiences, navigating and surviving life in this crazy city of Los Angeles after both coming from small towns across the country.. and helping people from all aspects and journeys of life heal & make it an inclusive space for all individuals across diverse paths of life

Sustain This!

Alyssa Beltempo, Signe Hansen & Christina Mychas

Welcome to Sustain This! A slow fashion podcast  that's about so much more than clothes. Join us every Tuesday as your hosts Alyssa, Christina and Signe chat all things mindful consumption, personal style and the quest for building a more intentional life...and wardrobe! Alyssa Beltempo is a sustainable stylist, Christina Mychas, a shopaholic turned minimalist-ish, and Signe Hansen is a colour consultant and slow fashion style coach. Together we will unpack the nuances of what it really means be a conscious consumer & find more joy in what we have right now. Let's go!

Modig Unlabeled


Welcome to the Modig Unlabeled Podcast! With over 30 years of experience working with vintage clothing, mother-daughter duo Lisa and Katie talk all things vintage fashion. Delving into the intricate world of fashion, the podcast explores vintage designers, unveils lesser-known insights about the industry, and discusses broader trends shaping contemporary fashion landscapes. Beyond insightful discussions, Modig Unlabeled features engaging interviews with prominent figures in the fashion industry, offering listeners a unique glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of this glamorous yet complex realm of fashion.

Glad We Had This Chat with Caroline Hirons

Wall to Wall Media

Glad We Had This Chat is your one-stop shop for all things beauty, skincare and beyond – hosted by the award-winning skincare expert, Caroline Hirons. Described as “arguably the most important figure in British beauty”, Caroline is a Number 1 bestselling author, founder of Skin Rocks and has amassed a huge loyal following with over 160million views to her eponymous blog. Each week Caroline delves into her contacts book and brings you brilliant chats with brilliant guests, from A-listers to the most sought-after industry experts. You’ll hear the interview each Monday, and every Wednesday, Caroline and her guests will be answering YOUR questions! You can send them to us at pod@carolinehirons.com Frank, honest and funny, you’ll be left thinking I'm Glad They Had That Chat. http://www.instagram.com/carolinehirons http://www.carolinehirons.com http://www.skinrocks.com https://www.youtube.com/@CarolineHirons01 (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzKg_t3tPv8Aa_7JL2xXZA) https://www.tiktok.com/@carolinehirons

The blondEST

Savanna Boda

Savanna Boda, better known as The Dallas Aesthetician, is a Medical Aesthetician who focuses on ethical and results driven aesthetics. Savanna has trained under Dallas’ Top Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists prior to opening her own practice. Savanna’s approach combines holistic therapies with medical aesthetics to create an all inclusive experience. Her teachings include the importance of internal health and external practices to achieve healthy skin. If there is one word to describe savanna it would be dedication. She has spent countless hours curating the most effective treatments by using top of the line products and innovative technologies. Savanna’s passion for this industry shows through her wealth of knowledge and various accomplishments. She is best known for her advanced skill(s) set performing medical aesthetic treatments such as; dermaplanning, microneedling, and chemical peels. Savanna has a 99% success rate when it comes to clearing acne, pigmentation, and acne scars. She is best known for her influential Instagram that has gained a cult following of 300k and growing which teaches her followers, clients, and fellow estheticians all things skincare. The blondest podcast marries her social media personality with her skincare expertise.

Confessions by Anastazia

Anastazia Dupee

Welcome to Confessions by Anastazia, a captivating and insightful podcast hosted by content creator, influencer, and self-care enthusiast, Anastazia.With over 1.5 million followers across her socials, Anastazia brings her signature charm, authenticity and passion for personal growth to her podcast. In each episode she delves deep into a wide range of topics, offering her unique perspective and practical advice on wellness, relationships, health, pop culture and much more.

The Puffy Hair Podcast | Hair Care, Textured Hair, Curly Hair, Multicultural, Cultural Diversity

Shar Roorda

Have you ever felt missed understood, misplaced, or like you don’t belong in the space you are in? Have you struggled to find a sense of self? Do you feel like no matter how hard you try you’re never going to measure up or fit in ? And you’re not sure if you even want to. Welcome to The Puffy Hair Podcast. Where misfits with brown skin and curly hair rule! Whether you’re a brown person adopted by lighter folk or raised in an interracial family, you belong here. Our upbringing made us hella weird and we’re going to talk about all of it. And learn some cool hair tips along the way. Are you ready to be seen? To belong? To be unapologetically who you were created to be? Join me on this journey to self discovery. Let’s laugh together, let’s cry together, let’s learn to be wholly ourselves right now. Not tomorrow, today. It might be painful, I promise it will be fun, it will definitely be helpful and it could be life changing!

Eyewitness Beauty

Eyewitness Beauty

A beauty and pop culture podcast by industry insiders Annie Kreighbaum and Nick Axelrod-Welk. Join them every week as they investigate the biggest beauty stories, the people making headlines, and the products they're obsessed with.

Hitting Pan


Presented by IPSY, Hitting Pan gets to the bottom of all things beauty—no topic is off limits. Get the tea on all the weird, wacky, and wonderful trends taking over your feed, surprising stories from brand founders, shocking insights from industry experts, gag-worthy gossip from beauty creators, and an exclusive peek behind the curtains with our Icon Box curators. We know that beauty isn’t everything, but maybe, just maybe, it is? Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Creative Conversations with Suzy Menkes

Suzy Menkes

Go behind the scenes with Suzy Menkes, fashion's leading authority, for in-depth interviews with the fashion industry’s most influential designers, thinkers and executives. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

LoudTalk with Lavi

Lavinia Rusanda

Join Lavinia Rusanda, a Content Creator pursuing a dual degree in Chemical Engineering and Business, in uncovering secrets of the beauty industry and breaking down the walls of beauty standards one flaw at a time. Lavinia intends to teach you the importance of loving yourself and becoming the most confident version of yourself while bringing awareness to acne and real, unfiltered skin. It's time to get LOUD!

ASCP Esty Talk

Associated Skin Care Professionals

Produced by Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), ASCP Esty Talk and The Rogue Pharmacist is specifically created for estheticians. Where no topic is off limits, we share all kinds of great information on this podcast from ingredients and the science of the skin, to business, and beauty diversity. We hope you come away having learned more about your career, the industry, and maybe even life in general!

Beautiful and Bothered

Johnny Ross and Kevin Banzhaf

Welcome to Beautiful and Bothered with Johnny Ross & Kevin Banzhaf! So much beauty, so little time! Every week, they navigate the intersection of pop culture, social media, and life's endless bothers. Hysterical guest interviews with some of the biggest names in social media, beauty, comedy, music and more! New episodes every Monday! For advertising opportunities please email BeautifulAndBothered@gmail.com


Blamo! Media, Jeremy Kirkland

Step into the vibrant and dynamic world of fashion, design, and unparalleled creativity with Blamo!, the podcast that invites you to journey alongside host Jeremy Kirkland as he unveils the stories, inspirations, and craftsmanship of visionaries shaping the world of fashion and culture. Get ready for an immersive exploration of the fashion and culture realm that goes beyond the surface and delves deep into the minds behind the garments, music, and the things we all can't get enough of.

HER Style Podcast | Buy Less, Shop Smarter, Build a Wardrobe You Love

Heather Riggs - Style Coach, Image Consultant & Color Specialist for Women

The Go-To Podcast for Ambitious Women Who Want to Know What To Wear, Buy Less, Shop Smarter, and Build a Wardrobe They Love! ****TOP 10 FASHION & BEAUTY PODCAST**** Ready to build a wardrobe and a personal style you love? Are you sick of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Want to know how to buy less, dress well, and show up everyday with confidence? There's a simple art and science to getting dressed that will work for you no matter your calendar, cashflow, or clothing size. Hey, friend. I'm Heather Riggs, a Certified Image Consultant and Color Specialist with more than a decade of experience empowering women all over the world to up-level their wardrobes without breaking the bank. Now, I'm doing the same for you. In this podcast, I will teach you how to: - Stop copying everyone else and find your unique signature look - Discover your best colors while simplifying tricky topics like skin tone and color psychology - Get dressed in a way that flatters your body and highlights your favorite features - Maximize what you have in your closet - Start buying less and shopping with more intention so you can create your perfect (AKA non-boring!) capsule wardrobe HER Style Podcast covers everything you need to know about the latest fashion trends, closet organization, capsule wardrobes, where to shop, style and beauty secrets, and personal branding. And we'll do it all with a side order of humor and humility (because style isn't meant to be taken too seriously!). Get ready to binge listen and make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you never miss an episode! Next Steps: Take the Free 5-Min Personal Style Quiz: https://herstylellc.com/quiz Visit the Website: https://herstylellc.com/ Email Us: support@herstylellc.com

Perfume Room

Emma Vernon

Hosted by comedian, dating expert, and perfume lover/advisor Emma Vernon, Perfume Room is a safe space for the Perfume-Obsessed to hang, learn, *live, laugh, and love.* Each episode delves into the mysterious world of fragrance through a lens that is equal parts entertaining and informative. You can expect perfume reviews, 101s, hot takes, funny tangents, dating stories, and juicy conversations with top experts, innovators, and personalities in and outside of the fragrance world. Perfume Room is a pod about life and love as experienced through the fifth sense. IG: @perfumeroompod @emmavern TikTok: @emma_vern Music by Max Vernon Art by Israel Rodriguez

What We Wore

Laura Vinroot Poole

Laura Vinroot Poole owns Capitol, an internationally-recognized specialty store with locations in Charlotte, North Carolina and Los Angeles, California. For Laura Vinroot Poole, Capitol has never really been about fashion...it has always always been about the people. From the designers she meets on the road to the editors and friends she hosts in-store, Laura gets to know our guests on a deeper, more authentic level through What We Wore. For more information on Capitol, Laura Vinroot Poole, and future What We Wore guests, please follow @shopcapitol and @whatweworepodcast on Instagram.

The Midlife Woman's Guide to Style

Mary Michele Nidiffer

Welcome to The Midlife Woman's Guide to Style, a podcast designed to empower you through personal style. I’m your host, Mary Michele Nidiffer – a Master Style Coach, Founder of StyleFinder Boutique and creator of the StyleFinder ID® System. I’m here to help you know what to wear, how to wear it and how to get dressed in 7 minutes or less.

You Beauty

Mamamia Podcasts

Need help navigating what serum you should be putting on your face? Finding the perfect mascara? Navigating the beauty aisles? You Beauty is the podcast for your face, and it’s here to answer all your questions.

The Style Stories Podcast

Personal Stylist Lisa Gillbe

A podcast for women all about style, image, fashion and confidence. So many women hold back with their style and lack self-confidence to wear what makes their heart sing or have never taken time to find what that is. This podcast is about getting the tips and tools to refine your wardrobe, wear what brings you joy and feel confident doing it! Tune-in and get tips on stylish outfits, decluttering, self-confidence and lots more.

Chemist Confessions

Chemist Confessions Inc.

With beer in hand, the skincare chemists navigate the smoke and mirrors of the skincare industry.

Allure: The Science of Beauty

Allure & Condé Nast

Join Allure as we explore the inextricable link between science and beauty — and don't be surprised if you discover your next favorite serum, hair mask, or scalp treatment along the way. Jenny Bailly, executive beauty director, and Dianna Mazzone, senior beauty editor, are asking the tough questions and getting the straight answers from dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and at least one expert on climate change (we said the questions were tough). So if you’ve always wondered what a wrinkle actually is (and how retinol can make it go away), or why your hair is curly (and which polymers will give it the most spring), come get nerdy with us!

Bows & Company

Emily O.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Bows & Company. I am your host Emily from emilyOandbows. I am a lifestyle brand and content creator sharing stories about my life while keeping you company and sometimes, we might even have company on the show. You can also find me on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube. And as always, everything is always better with a bow!

Outspoken Beauty

Global Media & Entertainment

Featured as one of the Top 10 podcasts by Harpers Bazaar and a must listen by Stylist, Glamour, Good Housekeeping and Vogue Italy, Outspoken Beauty is the UK's most honest, straight talking beauty and wellbeing podcast that uses beauty as a way to start powerful conversations. It's hosted by beauty columnist and broadcaster Nicola Bonn. As well as great product recommendations and tips expect conversations with an array of experts, specialists and inspiring humans that cover everything from the joy of lipstick, skincare and supplements to debates around ageism, diversity, self pleasure and challenging the status quo. This is a podcast for anyone who finds joy in beauty, who wants to feel great about themselves in a way that is so much more than just skin deep and who wants the confidence to find beauty in who they are rather than what society expects of them. Prepare to be challenged, informed and inspired!

Skincare School

Adore Beauty

Adore Beauty's podcast Skincare School, hosted by Amy Clark and Dr. Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin Beauty Science takes things right back to basics, making skin care simple, accessible, and most importantly, F-U-N!  Right now, taking care of your skin has never been cooler. The world of skin care is exciting… and bloody overwhelming. Season 1 was all about the basics, but that doesn’t mean we’re going from 0 to 100 with Season 2 - we’re keeping it simple. Season 2 coming soon! 

Clotheshorse with Amanda Lee McCarty

Amanda Lee McCarty

Host Amanda Lee McCarty (she/they) decodes and demystifies the fashion and retail industries, and takes on topics like consumerism, workers rights, personal style, and why fashion is a case study in capitalism gone awry. Your money is as powerful as your vote! "If you wear clothes, you need to listen to Clotheshorse." --Elise "If you are human and live in the world, you need to listen to Clotheshorse." --Individually Wrapped

Customer Service Podcast

Customer Service Podcast

Customer Service is a podcast by Canoe Club where we ask and answer questions with guests about style, culture, and more.

Drinks On Us

Drinks On Us

Drinks On Us with @rosemcmahonn & @sincerely.ryleigh. Rose and Ry have been best friends for over 22 years, and have done all things in life together and want to share their friendship, memories, experiences and advice as they navigate balance and adulthood! So sit back with your favorite beverage and relax, because the drinks are on us! Follow Rose & Ry on Instagram & Tiktok: @rosemcmahonn @sincerely.ryleigh Follow @drinksonuspod on Instagram & TikTok to stay up to date on our Happy Hours! For business inquiries: Roseandryleigh@gmail.com Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Not Your Average Esthetician

Not Your Average Esthetician

Welcome to not your average esthetician, I’m your host Jasmine, a Licensed Esthetician of 5 years. I want not your average esthetician to be your go to podcast where we have heartfelt discussions about the daily challenges we face as an esthetician, life in and out of the spa, taking risk, failure and professional growth. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, get ready to be entertained, educated and inspired. 


Shameless Media

Style-ish is the podcast for all things fashion, brand, business and beauty.

Hairapy with Wendy Vaughan

Wendy Vaughan

As a hairstylist of 20 years I’ve heard it all. I find myself always wanting to share the stories I’ve heard but I know some of them aren’t my stories to tell. Some are hilarious, some are soul touching and some.. just absolutely crazy. Sit back while I let you get behind the chair with me. It’s time for hairapy. 

Estheticians Unhinged

Estheticians Unhinged

Welcome to the studio with your favorite UNHINGED Esthetician, where we talk all things skincare and beauty every MONDAY. Buckle up and Listen at your own discretion as your Host tells it how it is. @BluesBeautyBar.co @CorrectiveskinChristy


Ben Johnson, MD | Innovator, Founder and CEO of Osmosis Beauty

Dr. Ben has uncovered industry shifting science and treatment protocols that are transforming the face of skincare (pardon the pun). This podcast will be exploring many topics, including ingredient myths and truths, what toxins do, botox, skin mapping, healing internally, healing topically, healthy habits for teens, anti-aging, as well as many specific skin conditions. Dr. Ben is incredibly gifted at breaking down complex topics and translating them in an easily understood style.

Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica

Formula Botanica

Green Beauty Conversations by Formula Botanica, the online organic formulation school, challenges you on the way you think about the beauty industry. Our host Lorraine Dallmeier tackles topics that encourage debate about green, indie and sustainable beauty. Subscribe to the Green Beauty Conversations podcast and become part of the global green beauty movement. www.formulabotanica.com

Thanks, it's Thrifted

Dina & Shannon

If there’s one thing thrifters love more than thrifting, it’s talking about thrifting. Two treasure-hunting friends, Dina (@dinasdays) and Shannon, host Thanks, it's Thrifted, a podcast about secondhand style, thrifting tips, and sustainable living. Come for the tips, stay for the laughs.

Style POV

Gabrielle Arruda

We are here to examine our relationships with style and aesthetics.  The goal is to learn to trust our fashion instincts, develop a unique style POV, and find strength through style. 

The Spa Strong Podcast

Spa Strong

Spa Strong was created to help spa owners and beauty professionals scale their businesses to 6+figures! During this podcast we will talk about what it takes to reach your goals, scale your beauty business, setting boundaries with clients, and SO MUCH MORE! We also have amazing special guests as well, so stay tuned, enjoy, share our podcast and leave a 5 star review!

What's Contemporary Now?

What's Contemporary

Designed for curious minds, "What's Contemporary Now?" engages various thought leaders across cultural industries taking in their broad, compelling perspectives and unveiling their common threads. Hosted by Christopher Michael Produced by Shayan Asadi

Pair of Kings

Pair of Kings

Sol Thompson and Michael Smith tackle the world of fashion, culture and beyond.

Nose Candy

Chloe Coover + Maddie Phinney

A perfume podcast with Maddie Phinney and Chloe Coover. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

The Aesthetic Report


The perfect podcast for skin care professionals who want to learn more about how to make it in the industry, hear from industry leaders, get one-on-one interviews from your favorite skin care brand creators with the latest dish of news in the industry, and so much more! With a new topic every episode, this podcast has it all for skin care pros who want to go skin deep! 

Pia's Pod

Pia Mance

Welcome to Pia's Pod! Hosted by Pia Mance, Pia's Pod is a place to have meaningful and fun conversations that excite and inspire. Listeners can expect inspiring conversations about entrepreneurship, health and wellness, fashion, social media, and everything in between. See you every Tuesday!

Skin and the City Podcast by Kasey Boone Skincare™

Kasey Boone

A Podcast for estheticians by Kasey Boone! A safe place for free thinking, no judgment, support, resources + fun! The lifestyle of an esthetician.

Scent World


Indulge in a world of fragrance with Scent World, a show that explores the power of expressing yourself through scent. Presented by Scentbird, each episode is a multisensory experience rooted in unfiltered conversations with perfumers, visionaries, and fragrance lovers. They’ll share everything they know, take you behind the scenes, and transport you to their most intimate memories. Whether you’re a beginner or a fragrance aficionado, Scent World will inspire you to experience scents (and life) more deeply.

Corporate Lunch


𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕲𝕼 𝕾𝖙𝖞𝖑𝖊 𝖕𝖔𝖉𝖈𝖆𝖘𝖙 𝖆𝖇𝖔𝖚𝖙 𝖈𝖑𝖔𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖘.

The New Garde with Alyssa Vingan

Alyssa Vingan

The New Garde is a podcast about the future of the fashion and beauty industries — and the culture surrounding them — hosted by two-time former editor-in-chief, Alyssa Vingan.


Hurrdat Media

Have you ever poured out your life story to your hairdresser? Dropped the latest gossip to your manicurist? Spilled your guts to your masseuse? You can only imagine the conversations with celebrities and their fashion designers are something you do not want to miss… Hosted by celebrity fashion icons and husbands, Pol' Atteu and Patrik Simpson from the hit Amazon Prime Video TV show, Gown and Out Beverly Hills and weekly hosts of Jeff Lewis Extended on Sirius XM Channel 102, Radio Andy – this fabulous duo is bringing you the podcast ‘UNDRESSED WITH POL’ AND PATRIK featuring conversations with a star-studded guest list from inside their world-famous flagship boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Tune into ‘UNDRESSED WITH POL' AND PATRIK’ every week as Pol’ and Patrik take you literally and figuratively “behind the curtain” into the private dressing room conversations of celebrity clientele before they hit the most glamorous red carpets and events in the world. Pol’ and Patrik are the unfiltered best friends you need in your life to tell you, “WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WEARING?!” when you really need to hear it! Critiquing the guests’ worst and best looks through the decades, diving into personal interviews from the latest gossip to heartfelt intimate stories, digging into the wardrobe history of movies and TV, uncovering the best trends and hacks of the season… We’re calling it the-bougiest-retail-therapy-of-all-time as every episode will undress the mind, body, and soul and inspire YOU to look & feel absolutely fabulous. Each episode Pol' Atteu read the Armenian Coffee Cup Grounds of the celebrity guest featured. ‘UNDRESSED WITH POL' AND PATRIK’ undresses it all every Wednesday! Watch & Listen on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts. This is another Hurrdat Media Production. Hurrdat Media is a podcast network and digital media production company based in Omaha, NE. Find more podcasts on the Hurrdat Media Network by going to HurrdatMedia.com or the Hurrdat Media YouTube channel! Subscribe to our audio: linktr.ee/undressedpod Follow Pol' Atteu:  Instagram: @polatteu  Tiktok: @polatteu  Twitter: @polatteu  www.polatteu.com Follow Patrik Simpson:  Instagram: @patriksimpson  Tiktok: @patriksimpsonbh www.patriksimpson.com Follow Snow White 90210: Instagram: @snowwhite90210 Twitter: @SnowWhite9010 www.snowwhite90210.com Watch Season 4 of Gown and Out In Beverly Hills on Prime Video.  www.gownandoutinbeverlyhills.com #UndressedPodcast  Armenian Coffee Reading: https://polatteu.com/armenian-coffee-cup-read

Sneaky Leak Podcast

Sneaky Leak Podcast

Listen in every week with hosts Henny, Elaina & Janelle as they come together to give you their personal thoughts and perspectives on how they've navigated the sneaker community, industry and culture.

Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay: Secrets of a Plastic Surgeon™

Kay Durairaj, MD, FACS @beautybydrkay

The hot new location for all your beauty needs. Learn how to stay beautiful on the inside and out with advice from Kay Durairaj, MD, a top plastic surgeon from Los Angeles, California. This podcast will feature the inside scoop on trends in plastic surgery, botox, fillers, beauty, and wellness. Guest stars will include influencers, entrepreneurs, and other top plastic surgeons across the country. Stay tuned for Beauty Bytes, and follow us on Instagram @beautybydrkay.

Cropped: A Mid-Life Minute

Wendy Euler

Hosted by age activist and style enthusiast Wendy Euler, Cropped is a five-minute podcast for women who don't make their own estrogen anymore. Cropped is short by design: it's shorter than short-term memory or a hot flash or the mini-skirts we're not supposed to wear after 40, which is a dumb rule and you can ignore it. Plug into Cropped every Monday for Wendy's style tips, pointers on refreshing your wardrobe, ways to stay on top of your game, pretty things she's liking and whatever she feels like talking (or singing) about. Will she talk about bangles or belt out The Bangles? You never know. Cropped is meant to be a moment of levity during these cruddy times - and whew! They. Are. Cruddy. So check it out and let these five minutes be the antidote to crud.

The Beauty Room with Tatyana

Tatyana Lafata

You may know Tatyana from social media as she places her mark in the beauty world on TikTok and Instagram. An admirer of skincare and makeup she has spent hours and hours educating herself on all things beauty. You may know her as the “beauty fairy” or maybe for her famous heatless blowouts! Here she has decided to create a channel where all things beauty are talked about! Skincare, makeup, hair care, beauty tips and tricks, passions, goals, hardships, health & wellness and more will be spoken about on this channel. Welcome to the beauty room xx

Firsts by Deena

Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz

For the love of fashion's origins and pop-culture moments that have shaped the world. From how we think to how one dresses and views art and self expression; Firsts is a podcast series unlike any other that will raise the IQ of fashion aficionados and experts respectively. Seasoned buyer and curator, Deena Abdulaziz boldly raises against-the-grain conversations on fashion, art, and culture with special guests. These educational and effervescent conversations deliver new meaning about the most iconic and prominent creations at the zeitgeist of culture. Coming soon, the fashion world through the inimitable lens of Deena Abdulaziz and its most brilliant creators. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Young Nails Biz Talk

Young Nails Inc

Welcome to Young Nails Audio, hosted by Habib Salo, CEO of Young Nails Inc., the premier manufacturer of professional nail care products. On this podcast, you will find business building concepts, ideas, and strategies focused mainly on the beauty industry, taken from The Biz Talk Series on our YouTube channel, as well as other original content specific for Young Nails Audio. We hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!

The Skin Club Podcast

Alida & Rachel

Welcome to the club! Hang out with Alida & Rachel every Monday for some tips and advice about skin, life, health & business! Intended to encourage, inspire, uplift, make you laugh and connect! We are happy you’re here!

Fragraphilia - The Podcast

Jeff and Jane Dashley

Fragraphilia is the passion project of Jeff and Jane Dashley where they explore, express, and extrapolate as much as they can from the often mysterious and always magical world of perfume and fragrance. Focusing more on luxury and niche fragrances, Jeff and Jane discuss what they've been wearing each week, news and trending topics that has caught their attention, as well as any impending new release that has them excited to try. In the final segment, they will each pull three fragrances from their sample collection for the other to blind test and offer their unadulterated opinion through a series of questions before each perfume is revealed. About the hosts - Jane Dashley is a painter and artist with a long history in fashion blogging as Sea of Shoes. Jeff Dashley is a freelance web developer and designer. They live in the Dallas, Texas area with their son and three dogs. For more information and details visit https://fragraphilia.com or @fragraphilia on TikTok and Instagram. Send any requests, questions, or comments to hello@fragraphilia.com

Lauren Conrad: Asking for a Friend

Lauren Conrad and Cadence13

In today’s social media culture, it’s easy to look around and believe that everyone else has life figured out. But things aren’t always as they appear! Each week, fashion designer, NYT bestselling author and lifestyle expert, Lauren Conrad will host a variety of experts for candid conversations on everything from life, love, and business! Whether it’s the ideal seven-minute morning beauty regimen, how to snap that perfect IG-worthy flat lay or tips for tricking party guests into believing you’re a gourmet chef, Conrad’s guests will offer listeners tips for quickly navigating a Pinterest-obsessed world, as well as offering a healthy dose of reality. Because life isn’t always about knowing how to do everything perfectly yourself; it’s about knowing the people who do!

Listen To Sassy: Life In The 90s

Tara Ariano, Pamela Ribon and David T. Cole

From 1988-1994, Sassy was the coolest magazine going for Gen-X teens. Celebrate that golden time by joining Tara Ariano, Pamela Ribon and David T. Cole for a deep dive into every one of its 80 glorious issues and remember what it was like hanging out with Jane, Christina, Catherine, Karen, and the whole crew, learning What Now, What Next, and so much more!

Chris Baran's Headcases

Chris Baran

How great would it be to get up close and personal with the beauty industry heroes we love and admire, and to ask them: how did you learn to do what you do? I’m Chris Baran, a hairstylist and educator for 40 plus years, and I’m inviting all our heroes to chat and share the secrets of their success.

The Future of Fashion by Vogue Business

Vogue Business

The Future of Fashion by Vogue Business explores how designers, executives and other key industry players are adjusting their roadmaps to reflect an industry in flux. In the aftermath of the pandemic, fashion is reconfiguring its way forward, and we’re finding out how those in charge are adapting. Host: Hilary Milnes Executive Producer: Aled John Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

The Glossy Beauty Podcast


The Glossy Beauty Podcast is the newest podcast from Glossy. Each 30-minute episode features candid conversations about how today’s trends, such as CBD and self-care, are shaping the future of the beauty and wellness industries. With a unique assortment of guests, The Glossy Beauty Podcast provides its listeners with a variety of insights and approaches to these categories, which are experiencing explosive growth. From new retail strategies on beauty floors to the importance of filtering skincare products through crystals, this show sets out to help listeners understand everything that is going on today, and prepare for what will show up in their feeds tomorrow.

The Korean Beauty Show Podcast

Lauren Lee

Want to keep up to date with all things Korean beauty? Join host Lauren Lee, founder of K-Beauty platform STYLE STORY as she talks K-Beauty live from Seoul, South Korea. If you want an insight into the products, ingredients and trends you’ll be seeing next in beauty as well as how to perfect your own K-Beauty routine, then this is the podcast for you.

Spa Skin and Beauty

Lindsey Holder

Your Go-To Guide for Skincare Tips, Beauty Trends, and Self-Care Journeys with Licensed Master Esthetician Lindsey Holder Tired of skincare confusion? Overwhelmed with beauty trends? Searching for reliable advice? Spa Skin and Beauty is a TOP podcast for anyone passionate about skincare and beauty. Join Licensed Master Esthetician Lindsey Holder and skincare expert Ashley Renken as they share their 14+ years of expertise and passion for all things skin. Tune in for skincare tips, beauty trends, self-care journeys, and product reviews—all delivered with lots of laughs. Transform your skincare routine and overall wellness from the comfort of your home. Join thousands of listeners and discover how to achieve healthy, glowing skin in your 40s and beyond. Don’t miss out on our exclusive skincare membership at lapreebeauty.com. Listen now and start your journey to radiant skin with Spa Skin and Beauty!

According Two

Megan Stitz and Ciera Stitz

Welcome to According Two podcast, hosted by twins Megan Stitz and Ciera Stitz! On this podcast they discuss a wide range of topics from balancing college life with YouTube, current events, and interesting stories. For business inquiries contact: meganstitzbusiness@yahoo.com Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/according-two/support

style, not fashion

Talia Carpinteri

Maximizing your existing wardrobe one episode at a time. … Advice from the industry, not the influencer. … Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/talia-carpinteri/subscribe Instagram/TikTok: https://linktr.ee/stylenotfashionpod

Apocalypse Duds

Apocalypse Duds

A clown and a curmudgeon contemplate clothes with their comrades.  What are you wearing to the end of the world?

Black Fashion History

Taniqua Martin

A fashion history podcast celebrating the past and present contributions of black people around the world to the fashion industry. It's black history, but make it fashion! Hosted by Taniqua Martin.