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The Mexican Model of Abortion Rights

When the Supreme Court decriminalized abortion with Roe v. Wade, it established the United States as a global leader on abortion rights, decades ahead of many other countries. Now, with Roe likely to be overturned, we look to Mexico, a country where the playbook for securing legalized abortion could be a model for activists in the United States. Guest: Natalie Kitroeff, a correspondent covering Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean for The New York Times.Want more from The Daily? For one big idea on the news each week from our team, subscribe to our newsletter. Background reading: Verónica Cruz spent years defying the law in Mexico, helping thousands of women get abortions. Now that Mexico has legalized abortion, activists are bringing their mission to a country moving in the opposite direction: the United States.For more information on today’s episode, visit Transcripts of each episode will be made available by

Up First


Monday, May 9, 2022

Russia is marking Victory Day, which celebrates the defeat of Nazi Germany, just as Russian troops are fighting and dying in Ukraine. Doctors who provide abortion services in Illinois are bracing for a possible influx of patients from neighboring states expected to ban abortion. And votes are being counted to see who will become the next leader of the Philippines, where polls show the son of a brutal dictator locked in a tight race against a runner-up who promises to fight corruption.

Morning Wire

The Daily Wire

Baby Formula Shortage & San Francisco DA Recall | 5.10.22

Protests escalate over the Supreme Court’s draft ruling, the supply of baby formula hits crisis level, and backlash builds in San Francisco against its controversial prosecutor. Get the facts first on Morning Wire.
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NPR News Now


NPR News: 05-12-2022 6AM ET

NPR News: 05-12-2022 6AM ET

The Journal.

The Wall Street Journal & Gimlet

How Will We Know When the Pandemic's Over?

We speak with Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control about eroding trust in public health, vaccine approvals for children under 5 and the one million Americans who have now died from COVID-19.Further Listening:The Future of Everything Festival

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The Rachel Maddow Show

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Putin's stumbles in Ukraine suggest U.S. may reassess role in war, Ukraine support

...Plus, GOP fields candidates of questionable character as attacks on abortion rights intensify

Consider This from NPR


The Children's Mental Health Crisis Didn't Start With The Pandemic

The United States is experiencing an adolescent mental health crisis. Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the Surgeon General are stressing the urgent need to address the mental health needs of children and teens. The pandemic focused attention on this issue as young people dealt with isolation, the uncertainty of lockdown and grief over the death of loved ones. But while the pandemic exacerbated the problem, it has been building for years. We speak with Judith Warner, a journalist and author, to find out how we got to this point, and what can be done to help kids now. Warner's most recent piece, "We Have Essentially Turned a Blind Eye to Our Own Children for Decades," appears in The Washington Post Magazine.This episode deals with suicide. If you or someone you know may be considering suicide, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or the Cris

WSJ What’s News

The Wall Street Journal

Internet Providers Agree to Help Expand Broadband Access

P.M. Edition for May 9. Last year's bipartisan infrastructure law includes billions in funding to expand broadband internet access. The Biden administration is offering $30-a-month subsidies to low-income households, and 20 internet providers, including AT&T and Verizon, have agreed to help . But getting everyone who is eligible to sign up has been a challenge. WSJ White House reporter Ken Thomas joins host Annmarie Fertoli to discuss.

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Highlighting Key Witness Testimonies in Depp v Amber Heard Trial

Law&Crime's Jesse Weber highlights important moments from key witnesses' testimonies in the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. We've seen Depp's friends and family members, along with multiple medical and business professionals who have worked closely with Depp and Heard testify so far. Tune in to Law&Crime on Monday at 9AM EST to watch the trial live as it resumes from a week-long break. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SHOW:Get Surfshark VPN at - enter promo code LAW83 for 83% off and 3 extra months for free!See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Post Reports

The Washington Post

​​Why Putin is the best thing to happen to NATO

Finland and Sweden are applying for NATO membership, ending decades-long policies of military neutrality. We take a look at what this means for global security. Plus, why some NATO leaders are worried about Vladimir Putin being humiliated in Ukraine.Read more:Finland and Sweden’s leaders announced in recent days that they would be seeking membership in NATO, the military alliance among the United States, Canada and many European countries. Sweden and Finland historically have remained neutral to avoid conflict — but the war in Ukraine and their geographical proximity to Russia pushed them to reassess. National security reporter Shane Harris discusses how this move changes the security landscape and the possible consequences if Russia loses the war. 

Armstrong & Getty On Demand


Join a Cult!

Hour 4 of A&G offers you a radioactive Garth, Trump endorsements, humor, frivolity, angst, regret and finally acceptance.  Plus Final Thoughts! 

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Apple News Today

Apple News

The Intelligence from The Economist

The Economist

Luna landing: Crypto chaos

Stablecoins are essential to the financial plumbing of the cryptocurrency world. They’re pegged to a real-world asset, usually the dollar. But when that peg breaks, things can turn ugly in a hurry. Much of India is suffering through a particularly blistering and costly heatwave. And Indonesians’ love of songbirds is threatening wild bird populations within and beyond Indonesia itself. For full access to print, digital and audio editions of The Economist, subscribe here  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Start Here

ABC News

The Million Milestone

The U.S. marks 1 million deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Big names on the latest subpoenas in the January 6th investigation. And, Finland moves one step closer to joining NATO.

Ukraine: The Latest

The Telegraph

Vladimir Putin unveils a new nuclear weapon & Volodymyr Zelensky's 3-year anniversary

Day 57.Today we discuss the battles raging across the east of Ukraine and the siege of Mariupol, report on the latest diplomatic spat between the European powers and examine the news that Russia has tested a new nuclear warhead - the Satan II.Contributors:David Knowles (Host)Dom Nicholls (Defence & Security Editor)Francis Dearnley (Assistant Comment Editor)Theo Merz (Deputy Foreign Editor)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Axios Today


The racist conspiracy theory cited by the Buffalo shooter

A retired police officer, grocery store employees, and customers were among the ten people killed in a mass shooting Saturday in Buffalo, New York. It is the deadliest American mass shooting so far this year. The suspect, an 18-year-old white man, allegedly published a 180-page document that laid out specific plans to attack Black people and repeatedly cited the so-called “great replacement” theory.

Plus, Finland and Sweden look to join NATO.

And, a moment of joy for Ukraine courtesy of pop music.

Guests: Axios' Russell Contreras and Hans Nichols.
Credits: Axios Today is produced by Niala Boodhoo, Sara Kehaulani Goo, Alexandra Botti, Nuria Marquez Martinez, Alex Sugiura, and Lydia McMullen-Laird. Music is composed by Evan Viola. You can reach us at You can text questions, comments and story ideas to Niala as a text or voice memo to 202-918-4893.
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The Best One Yet

Nick & Jack Studios

? “Kendrick Lamar doesn’t Venmo” — Cash App’s rap battle. Bitcoin’s anti-bro. McDonald’s de-arching.

Kendrick Lamar dropped his first album in 5 years, but to get the best tickets you need a fintech app. Shocker: One of the rockstars of crypto just actually critiqued something about crypto. And McDonald’s is “de-Arching” from Russia (new word, they made it up) — the Happy Meal is perhaps America’s most important export. 
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PBS NewsHour - Full Show

PBS NewsHour

April 4, 2022 - PBS NewsHour full episode

Monday on the NewsHour, international outrage grows over atrocities apparently committed by Russian forces in Ukraine. Then, a UN panel on climate change calls for a drastic shift away from fossil fuels to avoid a catastrophic global temperature increase. Also, prehistoric human tracks in New Mexico have the potential to upend conventional wisdom about how long humans have inhabited North America. PBS NewsHour is supported by -

State of Ukraine


Displaced Ukrainians in Bulgaria are finding ways to mark Orthodox Easter

This weekend is Orthodox Easter, a holiday celebrated in Ukraine. Millions are fleeing the Russian invasion right now, but those seeking refuge in Bulgaria are marking the holiday.

CNN 5 Things


12 PM ET: Officer-inmate car chase audio, US intel on Russia-China, best US airlines & more

The first thing you’ll hear in this episode is the audio from a 911 call an Alabama corrections officer made while she was on the run with an inmate. We’ll tell you what US intelligence community thinks about Russia’s war in Ukraine and how it might affect China’s potential next moves. US drug overdose deaths hit a record high in 2021 and a Roe v. Wade reversal wouldn’t only affect abortion access. Plus, we’ll tell you which airlines are getting top marks from US passengers this year.

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The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell

Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC

Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of ‘The West Wing,’ Lawrence O’Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. Join him every weeknight.

5 Things

USA TODAY / Wondery

Second mass grave found near Mariupol

Satellite images continue to show potential atrocities committed by Russian forces in the Ukrainian port city. Plus, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene testifies amid ballot eligibility questions, France elects its next president, the European Union passes historic social media legislation and it's Record Store Day.(Audio: Associated Press)See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Economist Morning Briefing

The Economist

The Gist

Peach Fish Productions

No Mo RO

With the indication that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade, @KathaPollitt of The Nation, and Virginia Heffernan, @page88, of the This is Critical podcast analyze the implications of the ruling, and discuss the conditions that made it so. In the spiel, the legitimacy of the court, and just how unusual it is to take away a right Americans absorbed and relied on for half a century.

Produced by Joel Patterson and Corey Wara
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Fox News Radio Hourly Newscast

Fox News Radio

3AM ET 04/16/2022 Newscast

3AM ET 04/16/2022 Newscast
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What Next | Daily News and Analysis

Slate Podcasts

How Connecticut Became An Abortion Safe Haven

In the wake of a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion indicating that Roe v. Wade will soon be a thing of the past, some states are rushing to fortify the right to an abortion within their borders. Nowhere has gone as far as Connecticut, though, which has expanded the field of people permitted to perform abortions and created legal protections for anyone who aids in the procedure. But will it make a difference when abortion will likely soon be outlawed in half the country? 

Guest: Matt Blumenthal, State Representative for Connecticut’s 147th District.

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FT News Briefing

Financial Times

FT Weekend: How Shakespeare gave actor Michael Patrick Thornton his life back

This weekend, Lilah talks to actor Michael Patrick Thornton, who appears in the buzzy new Broadway production of Macbeth. When Michael was 24, he had a series of spinal cord strokes. Reciting Shakespeare's sonnets taught him how to breathe and speak again, and continue his career. Michael is at present the only actor on Broadway who uses a wheelchair. We ask him about the power of language and his role in the play (which also stars Daniel Craig and Ruth Negga). Then, we learn about Britain's top forensic artist from journalist Will Coldwell, and the techniques she uses to catch criminals — which include a jar of strawberry jam.--------------Want to say hi? We love hearing from you. Email us at We’re on Twitter @ftweekendpod, and Lilah is on Instagram and Twitter @lilahrap. --------------Links and mentions from the episode: – Will’s profile of Melissa Dring, ‘To ca

World News Tonight with David Muir

ABC News

Full Episode: Friday, April 15, 2022

Over 150 Palestinians have been injured after clashes with Israeli police at a major holy site as fears are growing that tensions could rise; Transit workers speak out for the first time since Brooklyn subway attack; Pentagon says it believes Ukrainian missiles sank Russia’s Black Sea flagship, and Russia sends a warning to Ukraine and allies; Baseball stadiums across the country pay tribute to Jackie Robinson’s historic MLB debut 75 years ago.

First Thing with Kevin Manno

Kevin Manno

Friday, February 18th 2022

Get informed. Quickly.

New Music Friday, Dr. Dre, Olympic update, Daytona 500, Kelly Brianne, Jake Gyllehnaal, Brad Pitt, Kendall Jenner's tequila, Elvis, NBA All Star Game & more...

Good Morning America

ABC News

Friday, April 15

Anthony Anderson talks about series finale of ‘Black-ish’; Millions hit the road and skies for holiday travel; Elon Musk set off firestorm with $43M bid to buy Twitter.

Apple News In Conversation

Apple News

Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty. What about her COO?

When it came to light that the blood-testing technology behind the biotech startup Theranos didn’t work, the enigmatic founder, Elizabeth Holmes, became the subject of intense scrutiny. While Holmes has been in the spotlight, there’s another person at the center of this story: Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani. Balwani and Holmes dated in secret for more than a decade, and he eventually became COO of Theranos. Balwani’s trial is now underway. Apple News In Conversation’s Shumita Basu spoke with Rebecca Jarvis, host of ABC Audio’s podcast on Theranos, The Dropout, about what to expect in this latest court case.

Today in Focus

The Guardian

Marcos’ myths: the dictator’s son rewriting history in the Philippines

Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos is on course for a landslide victory in the Philippines presidential election. For those who grew up under the martial law of his father, the result brings up the horrors of the past. Help support our independent journalism at

Skimm This


Loose Threads: Subway Shooting, Inflation, Abercrombie & Fitch

First: This week, commuters in New York City saw their worst nightmare come to life. We’ll break down what happened on Tuesday morning – and why people across the country are on edge. 

Next up: We’ve got the other big headlines from the week: from Elon Musk vs. Twitter,  shocking body cam footage sparking protests in Michigan, and the latest from the frontlines in Ukraine.

ICYMI: The latest inflation numbers have people talking about the “r” word: recession. We’ll ask an economist what to expect in the coming months – and how we can prepare for what’s coming. 

Then: Following in Florida’s footsteps, states around the US are considering ‘don’t say gay’ bills for their schools. We’ll chat with an expert about how these bills affect the lives of LGBTQ+ youth and what we can do to make safe spaces for young people. PS: If you need more resources for LGBTQ+ support, check them out

The Takeaway


Georgia at the Intersections: Election Skepticism

A poll conducted by ABC News in January found that only 20% of Americans feel confident in our country’s election systems.  And that skepticism exists for those who identify with both parties.  We look to Georgia, one of the highly contested states in 2020 to see how skepticism is playing a part in who’s running, and efforts to tighten voting laws and restrictions.
Gabriel Sterling, Chief Operating Officer and Interim Deputy Secretary in the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State joins us to discuss the road ahead to the midterm elections.

The Times: Daily news from the L.A. Times

Los Angeles Times

The takedown of a dial-up drug network

Beverly Hills resident Ray Mascolo died of a drug overdose in 2020. His passing led investigators to a sprawling, Hollywood-based drug-dealing network with a business model resembling a food-delivery app.We tell this saga today.Host: L.A. Times courts reporter Michael FinneganMore reading:How a man’s death in Beverly Hills exposed a sprawling Hollywood drug delivery businessCalifornia lawmakers target fentanyl as opioid overdoses surgeHow drug overdose deaths surpassed 100,000 in one year 

The Newsmax Daily Rob Carson Show


What’s the Difference Between “Liberal” and “Left”..?

Rob Carson briefly discusses the difference between Liberal, Left, and Libertarian— because it’s getting really confusing! Also, Joe Biden attempts to trick the people with a national oil-drilling scheme that falls flat on its face, the growing food crisis continues to rise, and GETTR CEO Jason Miller joins the Newsmax Daily podcast to discuss the latest in social media platform news

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The NewsWorthy

Erica Mandy

Airlines Drop Mandates, Late-Season Snowstorm & Holograms in Space- Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

The news to know for Tuesday, April 19th, 2022! We're talking about the latest change to the national mask mandate for planes and trains and how airlines are responding.  And there's been a near-record high number of arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border right before another surge is expected. Also, the calendar says spring, but it feels a lot more like winter for millions of Americans. Plus, some of your packages may be delivered a little later than expected, NASA says the first humans were "holoported" from Earth to space, and a card game is about to become a Netflix TV series.  Those stories and more in around 10 minutes... Head to for sources and to read more about any of the stories mentioned today. ​This episode is brought to you by and Thanks to The NewsWorthy INSIDERS for your supp

The World


Hundreds killed amid heavy rains and flooding in South Africa

Heavy rains and flooding have killed more than 340 people in South Africa, and the death toll is expected to continue rising. Persistent rains have collapsed buildings, swept away roads and flooded schools, prompting protests over a lack of official assistance. Also, Finland says it will decide as soon as this spring whether to join NATO, a rapid change in foreign policy from its historically neutral stance. It's Good Friday, and in Germany, that means dancing is banned in public. And, Ukrainian runners who had planned to compete in the Boston Marathon this Monday have had to scrap their plans. But even with fears of airstrikes looming, many have still found solace and a sense of normalcy by running on the streets of Ukraine.

3 Martini Lunch Podcast

Radio America

Fighting for Freedom, Skyrocketing Rent, Olympic Disgrace

Join Jim and Greg as they hope the American right's support for the Canadian Freedom Convoy will refocus the GOP on championing freedom in this year's midterms and far beyond. They also shudder as Americans in major cities are seeing 30-40 percent increases in rent but also explain how short-sighted government policies are a major contributing factor. And they discuss the ratings bust of the Beijing Winter Olympics and how Russia and the International Olympic Committee have disgraced the games to a dangerous level.Please visit our great sponsors:My Pillow https://www.mypillow.comGet Mike’s book FREE when you use code MARTINI in the Radio Listeners Specials box.



Oligarchs can still stash money in real estate — for now

As political pressure grows to crack down on Russian oligarchs, U.S.
policymakers are taking a deeper look at an industry that has long
avoided anti-money-laundering rules: real estate. POLITICO's Katy
O'Donnell discusses the push in Congress to close foreign money

PBS NewsHour - Segments

PBS NewsHour

Russian forces pick through the remains of destroyed Ukrainian towns

Russian forces loomed over the ghostly ruins of Mariupol, removing bodies while preparing to besiege Ukrainian holdouts in a fortified steel plant. Ukrainian officials claim Russian troops are redepolying from the southern port city to reinforce their onslaught in the east. Willem Marx reports PBS NewsHour is supported by -

The Pour Over

The Pour Over

Friday, April 15, 2022

Today, we’re talking about the Brooklyn subway shooter, a police shooting, gridlock at the southern border, and other top news for Friday, April 15. A quick note, we’ll be taking Monday off to celebrate the empty tomb, but will be back in your earbuds on Wednesday. Happy Easter!Sponsored by the Ask Dr. E podcast. Search for “Ask Dr. E” on your podcast platform of choice.

The View

ABC News

Friday, April 15: Bob Odenkirk (Repeat Episode)

We need your help! Our special podcast series “The View: Behind the Table” is up for a Webby Award: Best Limited-Series & Specials, Entertainment. Click the link to cast your vote and help us get the win!

Plus, check out the other Webby-nominated shows from ABC Audio:

“Start Here” - Nominated for Best News & Politics Podcast – General Series and Best News & Politics Podcast – Individual Episode

“The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial” – Nominated for Best Crime & Justice Podcast – General Series and Best Crime & Justice Podcast - Individual Episode

This is an encore episode of “The View.” The co-hosts will return on Monday, April. 25 live with all-new episodes!
Actor Bob Odenkirk opens up about the heart attack he suffered on the set of “Better Call Saul” in Albuquerque and shares why he details his life failures in his new memoir “Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama.”

The Propaganda Report

Monica Perez and Brad Binkley

Monica Perez on DTB/Of-By-and For the People!

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The Front

The Australian

The Front brings the unrivalled journalism of Australia’s national broadsheet to audio, featuring each day’s essential page one stories, journalists’ candid take on the issues that matter and behind-the-scenes insight from our newsrooms.  To find out more about The Front you can link here and for more from the newsroom at The Australian link here or search for The Australian in your app store.

Morning Announcements

Betches Media

Friday, February 18th, 2022

President Biden is still warning that Russia will attack in the next several days, as Kamala Harris prepares to head to the Munich Security Conference later this week. Next, Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump are all required to testify under oath in NY’s investigation into the Trump Organization. And according to a new (and disappointing) report from the Pentagon, reported sexual assaults at US military academics increased significantly in the past school year. Then, we cover why Texas is suing the Biden Administration, a quick update from yesterday's Bob Saget story, and why the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating over 350 complaints into Tesla vehicles.

Resources/Articles mentioned this episode:

Washington Post: "Moscow presses demands to block Ukraine from NATO"

CBS News: "Harris to go to Munich, as U.S. says there are up to 7,000 more Russian troops at U

The Times of Israel Daily Briefing

The Times of Israel

Support from Biden to Bennett; climate talks in Dubai

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

US correspondent Jacob Magid and environmental reporter Sue Surkes join host Jessica Steinberg for today's podcast.

Magid offers an update about US President Joe Biden's phone call offering support to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett following the recent spate of terrorist attacks.

Surkes discusses the first United Nations Middle East and North African climate conference in Dubai.

Magid offers additional perspectives from the Arab diplomats who attended the recent Negev Summit, and the motivations of each participating country.

Surkes also speaks about the lighter side of her Dubai visit, including an exhibition soccer game between veteran soccer stars and players representing each of the

KQED's The California Report


KQED's statewide radio news program, providing daily coverage of issues, trends, and public policy decisions affecting California and its diverse population.

Red Pill News

Zak Paine

Jeff Zink 4 Congress - MAKE ARIZONA GREAT AGAIN! On Fri. Night Livestream

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Jeff Zink, America First Congressional candidate for the State of Arizona, joins us tonight to discuss his platform and the issues facing the people of his district! Make Arizona Great Again!








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The Ted and Austin Broer Show - MP3 Edition


Seattle Now

KUOW News and Information

Casual Friday with Jas Keimig and Melanie McFarland

This week we got all the weather. We heard a few theories on what makes you a real Seattleite.Plus the Space Needle is turning 60!We’re breaking down the week with Salon dot com TV critic Melanie McFarland and The Strangers' Jas Keimig.Like the show? Support Seattle Now by making a donation to our home, KUOW:

The Chris Stigall Show

Chris Stigall

You Know What We Need?  A Good, Ol’ Fashioned War!

It’s as though cable news and some in Washington, including the Biden White House are all but guaranteeing we’re headed for military conflict with Russia.  So we brought in Lt. General Keith Kellogg to tell us what “war” with Russia looks like.  Is it real?  What’s our role in it if so?  And what are his worst/best case predictions for an outcome.  Meanwhile, parents and truckers are rising up and continuing to fight.  Don’t miss a North Carolina dad’s school board speech you’ll want to stand and cheer once you hear it.  And Alexandra Lavoie of Rebel News returns with her on-site reporting from Ottawa as the Trudeau government prepares to move in more aggressively by the hour on the peaceful Freedom Convoy.

The News with Shepard Smith


At Least 52 Killed in Missile Strike on Ukraine Train Station 4/8/22

A Russian missile strike on a train station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine killed at least 52 innocent people, including children, who were trying to evacuate from the country. Ali Arouzi reports from Lviv after Ukrainian President Zelenskyy puts out a new response to the attack. And a jury in Michigan did not convict four suspects on trial in an alleged plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Plus, police are trying to track down the man they accuse of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog walker after he was accidentally released from jail, and Will Smith responds after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned him from attending the Oscars for 10 years after slapping Chris Rock.

Univision Reporta


Univision Reporta podcast: una conversación reveladora cada mañana conducida por Leon Krauze. Este podcast ofrece cada mañana, a las 6 am ET, conversaciones a profundidad con especialistas y personas que dan forma a la historia que se construye cada día. En cada episodio se desarrollarán temas referidos a los asuntos más urgentes para nuestra audiencia. Son temas muy humanos, que marcan la agenda mundial o local por su impacto en nuestras comunidades.

CBS Mornings on the Go

CBS News Radio

4/4: Ukrainian President Zelenskyy accuses Russia of genocide. Jon Batiste won five Grammys out of his 11 nominations, including Album of the Year for "We Are."

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accuses Russia of genocide. Russian troops withdrew from a town near Kyiv and other communities near the capital, leaving a trail of destroyed military hardware and left hundreds of bodies in the streets. Six people were killed and 12 others injured early Sunday morning in Sacramento, California, when police say at least two people opened fire outside crowded bars in the city's downtown district. More than 12,000 flights within, into, or out of the U.S. were delayed or canceled over the weekend. For the third straight week, the southern U.S. is facing a tornado threat. Jon Batiste -- from "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on CBS -- won five of the 11 Grammys he was up for, including Album of the Year -- for "We Are." Bruno Mars and

Kap & J. Hood

ESPN Chicago

4/15 Kap & J.Hood Shorts

City Cast Denver

City Cast

BONUS: Why Salt Lake Said Yes to the Olympics... and Denver Said No (via City Cast Salt Lake)

Denver has a unique relationship with the Olympics, that's for sure. But our friends on the other side of the Rockies have been grappling with the Games lately, too. Utahns are currently discussing a bid for the 2030 Olympics, so City Cast Salt Lake host Ali Vallarta invited CCD host Bree Davies and producer Paul Karolyi to hash it out. We had a ton of fun recording this and there are a bunch of interesting parallels between Denver and Salt Lake when it comes to the Olympics, so we wanted to share the episode with you!
Please enjoy this bonus episode of City Cast Salt Lake (Original airdate: 2/17/22) and tell your friends in Utah to subscribe! They’ve got a daily newsletter, too. 
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City Cast Chicago

City Cast

Pandemic in the Church, Southeast Side Recycling Decision, and the All-Star Game

After years of being continuously delayed, the Southeast Side recycling permit decision is set to be officially announced in the coming days. Block Club Chicago reporter Maxwell Evans and WBEZ's Adora Namigadde sit down with host Jacoby Cochran to unpack the possible health and environmental effects of this decision. They also discuss vaccination views in the church, a proposed vacancy fraud bill, places they find peace in the Chi, and their moments of joy!  

Stories we talked about:
What happens when communal worship goes online? For some, it’s a chance to grow in faith.
City Will Rule On Controversial Southeast Side Metal Scrapper’s Permit By End Of Week
These COVID-19 treatments help patients avoid the hospital. Who’s getting them?

Moments of Joy:
Chicago Theatre Week 2022
Pullman House Project Lets Visitors Explore Living Spaces Behind Industria

Turley Talks

Dr. Steve Turley


Highlights:     “This is breaking news, the first of the Texas governor’s promised buses full of illegal immigrants have indeed arrived in Washington DC as of today… The bus dropped off dozens of migrants just blocks from the capitol!”“THE VERY LAST THING in the world that Biden needs right now is another massive border surge of illegal immigrants. Of course, it’s the last thing this nation needs, no question but politically speaking, a massive surge, a convoy or series of convoys of hundreds of thousands of immigrants making their way to the southern border --- just before the midterms, mind you! — that is the LAST thing that this already flimsy, brittle, woke, and weak administration needs.”“There’s a reason why Greg Abbott is the winner here and Bubmlin Biden is the loser; everything woke turns to shit, including our southern border, and the vast majority of  voters want nothing to do with it.”Timestamps:     [02:57] Gov. Abbott’s

CNN Breaking News Alerts


6:07 PM ET: 12 injured in South Carolina mall shooting

12 people were injured and three people have been arrested following a shooting at a Columbia, South Carolina, mall. Listen for more details.

To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

Minnesota Today

Minnesota Public Radio

Minnesota Today - Raptor Center warns avian flu spreading broadly in wild birds

The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota says it has been taking in one to three birds a day stricken with avian influenza, with many severely ill and suffering from seizures. Meanwhile the state Board of Animal Health announced the number of domestic turkeys and chickens affected by avian influenza in Minnesota is nearing 2 million. This is an MPR News evening update for Friday, April 15th. Hosted by Hannah Yang.
Our theme music is by Gary Meister

The Daily Signal Podcast

Daily Signal News

LA Sheriff: Policies of Soros-Backed Prosecutor Profit Criminals

Crime is on the rise in Los Angeles, and the soft-on-criminals policies of District Attorney George Gascon are a major cause, Sheriff Alex Villanueva says. When Gascon took office in December 2020 as one of the successful candidates backed by liberal financier George Soros, he issued a list of crimes that the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office no longer would prosecute. Those changes are “unleashing a wave of crime by not prosecuting criminals who are victimizing poor people, people of color, people that live in the toughest neighborhoods in our communities,” Villanueva says. Villanueva, a lieutenant in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department when he was elected sheriff in 2018, joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to explain how Gascon's policies led to criminals being released back onto the streets and how the "defund the police" movement has affected his workforce.Also on

Brian Lehrer: A Daily Politics Podcast

WNYC Studios

Autocrats Of The World Unite

What does the invasion of Ukraine tell us about autocratic leaders like Putin, and about the broader trend toward autocracy around the globe?
On Today's Show:Moisés Naím, a scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, former editor of Foreign Policy magazine and the author of The Revenge of Power: How Autocrats Are Reinventing Politics for the 21st Century (St. Martin's Press, 2022), talks about three tools autocrats use to strengthen their power, populism, polarization and post-truths.

CNN 5 Cosas

CNN en Español

CNN 5 cosas 04/25/22 9am

CNN 5 cosas 04/25/22 9am

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The Refresh from Insider

Insider, Inc.

May 9, Final Edition: Netflix is feeling the competition

Hosts Rebeca Ibarra and Dave Smith bring you realtime news, updated when it happens. It's fresh like live radio, but on demand like podcasts.
Welcome!May’s stock sell-off continues Amazon managers fired after union victoryNLRB issues complaint against StarbucksIRS pays interest on delayed tax returnsMost ascents of Mount EverestComing up: Netflix's recent strugglesWebex by CiscoHong Kong leader wins election without opponentPutin justifies war during annual paradeElon Musk apologizes to his mom Senate to vote on abortion protectionsFan harassed Chris Paul’s familyNetflix is feeling the competitionTalk to you soon!

Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show

Jesse Lee Peterson

5/06/22 Friday, Hour 1: Sex Strike? What are We Going to Do!

Men's forum was amazing…;
Women are threatening a sex strike…;
Ryan from Florida likes the show and Get a Job. He also comments on the midterms and possible outcomes.
Greg from Arlington, TX describes how the biblical question made him think of the religious people he grew up around. He used to think that when they got all into the worship, that they were seeing stuff he couldn't see.

Alex from Sweden speaks on the abortion madness. He also has a joke for Jesse about an old man.
Tony from California speaks on abortion and white people.
Crazy Mother Dance from California on the biblical question.


ABC News

Full Episode: Thursday April 14, 2022

Amir Locke’s family join growing call to end “no knock” warrants; 'Queer Eye' star shares stories of love and loss

The LA Report

LAist Studios

Philanthropist Jacqueline Avant's killer sentenced to life in prison. Plus: Funding mental healthcare, the high price of composting, and more – The P.M. Edition

What's happening today: Philanthropist Jacqueline Avant's killer sentenced to life in prison; L.A.'s next proposed budget includes investments in mental health care; Public transportation masking requirements; Concerns over how to pay for collection and composting organic waste in light of new law; Median home price in L.A. county nearly $800,000

This program is made possible in part by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a private corporation funded by the American people.


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Así las cosas con Carlos Loret de Mola


Así las Cosas con Carlos Loret de Mola (25/02/2022 - Tramo de 14:00 a 15:00)

Espacio noticioso con entrevistas a los protagonistas de la información, análisis y el humor de sus colaboradores. (Tramo de 14:00 a 15:00)

Cool Stuff Ride Home

Ride Home Media

Fri. 05/06 - Dickens and the Rise of Creepy Clowns

How much can we blame Charles Dickens for the persisting archetype of creepy clowns? Who and what other cultural factors over the centuries contributed to so many people being whigged out by clowns? Plus, we now know the (general) location of where Forrest Fenn’s treasure chest was found. And a round-up of media recommendations for your weekend, based on stories I’ve covered previously on the show.Sponsors:Novo, Sign up for a free business checking account and get access to over $5,000 in perks and discounts at, Get $300 off and free shipping at We Are Again!—How Joseph Grimaldi Invented the Creepy Clown (JSTOR Daily)Hospital clown images 'too scary' (BBC News)The psychology behind why clowns creep us out (The Conversation) The History and Psychology of Clowns Being Scary (Smithsonian Magazine)Revealed: Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Was Hidden in This Natio

The Bay


San Francisco’s Redistricting Disaster

Redistricting is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to redraw a city’s political map. It’s an important yet arcane process that should ultimately lead to fair, equitable representation in local government — and it’s really hard to do. 
In San Francisco, the process hasn’t just been hard; it's been chaotic, confusing, heated — and as Mission Local columnist Joe Eskenazi writes, "indefensible." Ultimately, the commission did not meet its legal deadline of April 15 to complete its maps, leaving the future of the city's district lines up in the air.
Guest: Joe Eskenazi, Mission Local editor and columnist
This episode was produced by Alan Montecillo and Maria Esquinca, and hosted by Ericka Cruz Guevarra.
Episode transcript
Recommended reading:

Task force rejects its final map, will work past legal April 15 deadline, Mission Local

Chair of Redistricting Task Force told others he

CBS 김현정의 뉴스쇼


[2022/05/18] [놓지마 뉴스]

CBS Radio 표준FM 98.1MHz 월~금 07:20~09:00ART19 개인정보 정책 및 캘리포니아주의 개인정보 통지는 & 에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Johnny Depp on Trial Court with Amber Heard | TV

WG Media

Subscribe for live updates of the Johnny Depp > Amber Heard Defamation Trial CourtTV, Testimony, Trial,Court TV,Day 1,Day 2,Day 3,Day 4,Day 5,Day 6,Day 7,Day 8,Day 9,Day 10,Day 11,Day 12,Day 13,Day 14,Day 15,Day 16,Day 17,Day 18,Day 19,Day 20,Day 21,Day 22,Day 23,Day 24,Day 25,Day 26,Day 27,Day 28,Day 29,Day 30,Day 31,Day 32,Day 33,Day 34,Day 35,Day 36,Day 37,Week 1,Week 2,Week 3,Week 4,Week 5,Week 6,Week 7,Week 8,Week 9,Week 10,Week 11,Week 12 johnny depp vs amber heard recording, johnny depp vs amber heard streaming, johnny depp amber heard muffins, johnny depp vs amber heard watch on tv, johnny depp amber heard recording nobody will believe you, johnny depp live stream, johnny depp news, where is amber heard now, the virginia truth, court tv podcast, reporting, innocent til tpsy, juicy scoop, people, crimeonline, wondery, law&crime, media, entertainment

The David J. Harris Jr Show

DJHJ Media Inc.

EXCLUSIVE: From a penthouse in Miami, with Tommy Vext, Jimmy Levy and Bobby Sauce! Lets Go!

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אחד ביום


הקייס של פוטין

הנאום התקיף של פוטין וההכרה בעצמאות המחוזות הבדלניים דונייצק ולוהנסק הגבירו את המתיחות סביב אוקראינה. המלחמה מאיימת לפרוץ בכל רגע, והמערב מציג את נשיא רוסיה כדיקטטור חסר מעצורים שהחליט לכבוש את המדינה השכנה ולהשתלט עליה. אבל איך הדברים נראים מהצד השני? הפעם אנחנו משנים נקודת מבט עם המומחית לענייני רוסיה והאזור, נינו אבסדזה, שתציג לנו את הסכסוך הרוסי-אוקראיני - מעיניו של פוטין

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The Morning Show Podcast

Carla Marie and Anthony

Friday, April 15, 2022

Happy Friday!! Amazon's new surcharge, the bird flu hits zoos, mask mandates, and recreational marijuana sales! Find out why chlorine smells the way it does and another great reason to donate blood! Two-Second Tunes with songs from 2011!Want to play one of our games? Sign up here:'S TRENDING: GUMMY COMPANY CODE CMA: MARIE AND ANTHONY SHOW + SOCIAL ⬇️Newsletter Signup: Live on Twitch: up on our show on YouTube: us on Instagram: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: Carla Marie on Instagram: Anthony on Instagram: https://www.instagr

Carmen and Jurko

ESPN Chicago

2/18 11 AM: College Tutorial

Olympic skater controversy carries over for a little, into the UIC being reinstated discussion. Tyler Aki gets us ready for College basketball with trivia. List of NFL free agents, who might fit on the Bears? Mike North with the bonus play.


Evergreen Podcasts

Republicans in Florida pass congressional map limiting votes of Black people.

Republicans in Florida pass congressional map limiting votes of Black people. Audio proves Kevin McCarthy said he would urge Trump to resign. Satellite imagery shows mass graves sites near Mariupol.


Institute for the Study of War

E65: Russia's Options on Ukraine Remain Varied and Flexible

Russia continues to increase its military forces poised on Ukraine's border. The situation is tense, deadly, and complicated. On this episode, ISW Russia Team Lead Mason Clark explains the current military picture and what he and his team believe will happen next.

☀️ 全球串連早安新聞|Morning Taiwan Glocal News


0506 日本首相訪英國達成防衛協議|美國證管會將88家中國企業列「預摘牌」|澳洲自製無人潛艇反制中國|首位非裔LGBTQ白宮發言人|串連

【今日新聞】 (00:05:25) 新聞盤點 (00:08:11) 日本英國達歷史性防衛協議:印太與歐洲安全不可分 (00:13:56) 拒美SEC審閱:88家中企,證管會列預摘牌名單 (00:19:08) 澳洲推自製無人潛艇應急:反制中國威脅 (00:23:21) 美國首位非裔酷兒白宮發言人:尚皮耶接替莎琪任白宮發言人 【全球串連】 (00:26:57) 翰超老師 - 美國:美國墨西哥五月五日節(Cinco de Mayo)滿160週年 / 五月五日節由來 (00:29:10) 葉老師 - 台灣:廚房裡的乾隆花瓶,粗估價值約15萬英鎊(約564萬新台幣) (00:31:30) 翠翠 - 日本:兒童熱線,一年總共17萬件諮詢。最多兒童煩惱『不知道未來該怎麼辦』。因為疫情關係,案件增加。 【駐站專家】 (00:35:45) 孔醫師:台灣疫情高峰預估,陽性率不斷地上升/ 『每日確診人數』並非真正的確診人數,因檢驗量能不足。目前防疫重點是重症,輕症或無症狀感染者盡量不影響他人,訴諸自主及公民意識。 Powered by Firstory Hosting

CNN Political Briefing


Biden says Inflation is “Unacceptably High”

US inflation cooled off a bit last month, but consumer prices are still high. CNN Political Director David Chalian explains why the Biden administration isn’t celebrating the slight dip. President Biden continues to blame Russia’s war in Ukraine for price pains and food shortages in the US. But as Republicans often point out – and polls show – Americans don’t think Biden’s economic policies are effective so far.

To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

¡Qué es la que hay!

Radio Isla

¡Qué es la que hay! Viernes, 13 de mayo de 2022

The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris

James T. Harris

Hillary In Campaign Mode. ASBA Divorces From NSBA. Kamala Going To Ukraine.

Hillary Clinton is speaking like she is in campaign mode for 2024. The Democrats may not want this to actually happen.

The Arizona School Board Association has had enough with the National School Board Association.

Kamala Harris is going to Ukraine Border and still has not visited our Southern Border here at home.

Bonita Radio

Bonita Radio

Bonita Radio es la primera emisora radial web comercial en Puerto Rico, cuyo perfil de contenido es la información y el análisis de temas de actualidad y la puesta y propuesta de los dispositivos culturales y musicales como fuentes de poder y entretenimiento para los cyberescuchas. El interés del equipo de Bonita es producir una radio web que hermane a las generaciones de boricuas en la Isla con todo aquél que en castellano, intercepte nuestra red y se quede con nosotr@s para siempre. En Bonita estamos en línea con tu mundo. Somos de Puerto Rico y del mundo. Proponemos agilidad, movilidad y sobretodo queremos darte imagen y sonidos que juntos constituyan fuente de información veraz y profunda, amena y divertida, para que puedas interactuar en el complicado mundo mediático y social de hoy.

بعد أمس

Al Jazeera Podcasts الجزيرة بودكاست

دولة الاحتلال والقلق الوجودي

قلق ينتاب إسرائيل، كل إسرائيل، إزاء مستقبل وجودها، رغم مرور عقود على قيامها، ورغم كل الدعم الغربي الذي تحظى به، وكذلك التطبيع العربي، غير المسبوق، خلال السنوات الأخيرة. ترقب إشارات الزوال حالة تنتاب المؤسسة الدينية، وترتبط بنبوءات "توراتية"، لكنها تشمل كذلك الدوائر السياسية الإسرائيلية، وتتسلل إلى الإعلام والوعي العام. فماذا وراء القلق الوجودي في إسرائيل؟ ولماذا يزداد مع مرور الزمن؟ وكيف تحاول إسرائيل التعايش معه وتحويله إلى أداة في مواجهة الحق الفلسطيني الأزلي؟
هذه الأسئلة وغيرها تطرحها الإعلامية آمال العريسي في حلقة جديدة من "بعد أمس"، على الكاتب والباحث الفلسطيني ساري عرابي. استمع إلى القصة كاملة..

ابق على تواصل مستمرّ مع الجزيرة بودكاست ولا تنس تفعيل زرّ الاشتراك الموجود في تطبيقك لتصلك حلقاتنا اليومية.
إنستغرام |
تويتر |
فيسبوك |

بعد أمس، بودكاست يومي من الجزيرة بودكاست يزوّد المستمع بما يحتاج لمعرفته عن القضا


Morning Invest

Trudeau govt DOXXED donors of Freedom Convoy, bank accounts frozen

Earlier this week, the Trudeau government warned that anyone who donated to the Freedom Convoy would have their bank account frozen under an emergency powers law. Now it's happening and the Canadian Justice Minister just said that anyone who is a pro-Trump supporter who donated money should be worried about having their bank accounts frozen.

The Decibel

The Globe and Mail

Wastewater is filling the COVID-19 data gap

COVID-19′s sixth wave is here. Quebec’s institute of public health says the sixth wave began in mid-March. On Monday, Ontario premier Doug Ford said the province is in the midst of a “little spike” but that it’s manageable. Hospitalizations are up by about 30 per cent since the week before. And in Alberta, the province’s Health Minister Jason Copping acknowledged an uptick in case positivity rate.With PCR tests not as widely available as they once were, scientists and public health officials have found another way to track COVID-19: wastewater, or sewage.Dr. Lawrence Goodridge is a professor of food microbiology at the University of Guelph who is leading a team of people testing wastewater. He’s part of Ontario’s wastewater Surveillance Initiative which samples 170 locations across the province accounting for more than 75 per cent of the population. He tells us what the samples are telling him right now, and why this tool is an imp

The 4&3 Podcast


144 - Vaccine Mandate Shot Down, Death Pods, and Fake or Real Christmas Trees

Thursday, December 9, 2021: Today on the 4&3 Podcast, Faithwire's Dan Andros breaks down today’s top stories along with Tré Goins-Phillips.Vaccine mandate shot downNew suicide death pod unveiledReal or fake Christmas trees? A debate

Journal de 08h00

France Inter

State Secrets

The Cipher Brief

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

MPR News with Angela Davis

Minnesota Public Radio

Talking affordable housing with Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman served 12 years as mayor of St. Paul. Now, he’s leading Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, one of the largest Habitat affiliates in the nation. 
The local nonprofit housing developer and mortgage lender just received a $13.5 million gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. 
At 9 a.m. Friday, host Angela Davis talks with Coleman about the housing crisis, Habitat’s work in the Twin Cities and how the nonprofit  will use the money to move forward on its goal of expanding home ownership among Black Minnesotans.
And we want to hear from you, too. Do you have a question for Chris Coleman? Would you like to buy a house but having trouble affording a mortgage? Call us at 651-227-6000 or 800-242-2828 during the 9 a.m. hour or tweet @AngelaDavisMPR. 

Chris Coleman is president and CEO of Habitat for Humanity and former mayor of St. Paul.  



KUOW News and Information

New to the outdoors? These volunteers will teach you to explore safely

When the best laid plans go south, and you're stuck in the wild either lost or hurt, Seattle Mountain Rescue springs into action to get you home safe. The volunteer team covers a wide area from Seattle city proper to the Cascades, and after 70 years they're finally close to getting a new base of operations in North Bend.

Additionally, a recent study from the Black Washingtonians Workgroup on Outdoor Recreation found fewer than 1.5% of State Parks visitors are Black. So how can Washington improve access to its famed outdoors?

TIME's The Brief


The stories you need to hear today, from A SpokenEdition transforms written content into human-read audio you can listen to anywhere. It's perfect for times when you can't read - while driving, at the gym, doing chores, etc.

This Is Nashville

WPLN News - Nashville Public Radio

This Is Nashville is a live one-hour daily show driven by community, for community. This flagship program of WPLN News will become your one-stop-shop for news in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, as we continue to show up each day.

Axios Re:Cap


2021's challenges for journalism

Axios Re:Cap is revisiting some of this year’s biggest stories and what they say about where technology, business, politics and more are headed in 2022. 
Axios cofounder and CEO Jim VandeHei joins Axios Re:Cap senior producer Naomi Shavin to talk about what journalists got right and wrong in 2021 and what challenges lie ahead for the industry next year.
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City Cast Houston

City Cast

It's a Mattress Mack World

The day Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale donned a costume mattress and shouted “Gallery Saves You Money!” he became a Houston icon. From his wild wagers on the Super Bowl to his foray into politics - and to the touching moments in the wake of disasters when he opened his doors to help helpless Houstonians - love him or hate him, Jim McIngvale is as Houston as it gets.
Today, City Cast Houston's Dina Kesbeh, Ferrill Gibbs and Lisa Gray bat around the topic of Mattress Mack as a Houston icon.
Make sure to follow us on Twitter: City Cast Houston's Twitter
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Stories of our times

The Times

Investigation: A scandal worse than thalidomide

Doctors knew in 1973 that the epilepsy drug sodium valproate posed a risk to unborn children – and ordered that warnings be removed from packets. Almost 50 years and 20,000 disabled babies later, it is still being prescribed to pregnant women.This podcast was brought to you thanks to the support of readers of The Times and The Sunday Times. Subscribe today and get one month free at: Guests:- Shaun Lintern, Health Editor, The Sunday Times.- Janet Williams, CEO at The Independent Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust.- Catherine McNamara, parent. Host: David Aaronovitch.Clips: Channel 4 News, ITV. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Gist Healthcare Daily

Gist Healthcare

Friday, February 18, 2022

The Federal Trade Commission declines to investigate PBMs. Rising labor and supply costs eat into hospitals operating margins. And provider groups push back against canceling Medicare's DIrect Contracting payment demonstration.

UN News

United Nations

UN tackling ‘multitude of crises’ in Horn of Africa: UN deputy relief chief

Repeated warnings of the effects of the war in Ukraine on developing countries reached a new pitch on 13 April, when UN humanitarian agencies said that millions of displaced families across eastern Africa will fall deeper into hunger, as food rations dwindle, amid a lack of sufficient funds, meaning more than 70 percent of refugees in need do not receive enough to eat.
And that same day, the Secretary-General, António Guterres, launched a report detailing the disastrous consequences of the Ukraine war for those who rely on grain supplies sourced from the country.
Joyce Msuya, the UN’s deputy emergency relief chief, joined us in our UN News studio and told Conor Lennon that she had noticed back in 2021 that the hunger crisis was growing - well before the Russian invasion began.

Hoy en EL PAÍS


Los dos españoles que han ayudado a otros españoles a huir de la guerra de Ucrania

Cuando empezó la guerra, el gobierno ofreció a los españoles que vivían en Ucrania salir del país en los convoyes oficiales Algunos se fueron, otros no quisieron. O no les dio tiempo. Y hubo quien directamente no se enteró de que podía huir. En aquel momento su única opción para escapar de la guerra fueron otros dos españoles que, por su cuenta y con su propio dinero, sacaban a compatriotas de allí y que a día de hoy siguen haciéndolo. Una conversación con Virginia Martínez. Presenta Ana Fuentes.

The Austin Breakdown

Community Impact Newspaper

Leander considers CapMetro exit

Leander-area editor Eddie Harbour breaks down the city's upcoming vote on whether to leave Capital Metro's transit system. Reporter Grace Dickens discusses climatologists' warnings that Travis County should prepare for future megadrought.
The CI Morning Breakdown is a production of Community Impact Newspaper. It is produced by Olivia Aldridge with editing by Marie Leonard. Weather and allergy reports are sourced from and AccuWeather.

Les Enjeux internationaux

France Culture

The Cipher Brief Open Source Report

The Cipher Brief

The Cipher Brief Open Source Report for Monday, March 21, 2022

Topping the news today: Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskiy has rejected a Russian demand to surrender the city of Mariupol: US missile defense deploys in Slovakia; Biden to speak with European leaders ahead of Europe visit and Saudi Arabia to boost oil production investment.  Let’s get to the rest of today’s report and remember you can always find links to our source material in the Cipher Brief’s free daily newsletter, sign up at

Down in Alabama with Ike Morgan

February 18, 2022

Capitol updates; another analyst for the Crimson Tide; Thursday's storm damage. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Un tema Al Día

Comisión imposible: lo que sabemos sobre la estafa de las mascarillas en Madrid

La de hoy es una de esas historias en las que cada detalle enerva más que el anterior. El primer titular lo leímos en “Anticorrupción investiga comisiones millonarias en compras de material sanitario por el Ayuntamiento de Madrid”. Y tirando de ese hilo, supimos mucho más. 

Pedro Águeda lleva varias semanas investigando este tema. Repasamos con él los detalles de esta historia de lujo y de hombres de éxito -Luis Medina Abascal y Alberto Luceño- que acaban sentados en el banquillo. 


Si te gusta este podcast, en el boletín ‘Al día’ te resumimos cada mañana las claves de la actualidad en un correo electrónico que tardas cuatro minutos en leer. Se envía a las 7.30h. Suscríbete aquí: 

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City Cast Salt Lake

City Cast

A Look Back at the Week That Was

We’re breaking down the stories we can’t let go of this week. Political Commentator Shireen Ghorbani and KUTV’s Education Reporter Chris Jones are here.

There's a lot going on in the SLC. Sign up for our daily newsletter to stay on top of it.

AP Newswatch: Top Stories from the Associated Press

The Associated Press

AP Newswatch May 17 2022 21:00 (EDT)

The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News

4/15/22: 2-year-old struck, killed by SUV...and more news

2-year-old struck, killed by SUV; Abbott announces arrival of 2nd bus transporting migrants to Washington; final plans set for new Fair Park greenspace; Second man sentenced to life without parole for fatal robbery of Garland store clerk; Police seek public’s help identifying man found dead in northeast Dallas creek

ABC News Daily

ABC Radio

Is it time to end isolation for close contacts?

This week, some of Australia's biggest airports have been thrown into chaos amid the Easter holiday rush.

It's partly because of staff shortages due to COVID-19 close contact isolation rules, which have seen hundreds of thousands of asymptomatic Australians stuck at home.

Today, University of Melbourne epidemiologist Professor Tony Blakely on whether the rules are really still necessary, as the virus surges through the community for the second time this year.


Professor Tony Blakely, epidemiologist, University of Melbourne

Daybreak Insider Podcast

Salem Podcast Network

February 18, 2022 - Biden: “Very High” Chance Russia Will Soon Invade Ukraine

Fears of a war in Ukraine surge as Biden warns Russia may invade within days. Freedom Convoy organizer arrested in Canada. Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, joins the Daybreak Insider Podcast to discuss what will it take to end the spiral of inflation?

See for privacy information.

Sky News Daily

Sky News

Ukraine War Diaries WK4: Love, War and Parrots (Apr 11-15)

In Kyiv, Oksana rescues a parrot left behind by a fleeing neighbour. Ilyas returns to the Ukrainian capital for the first time in over a month. Here, he meets with his 84-year-old grandmother who shares stories of nazi occupation and makes comparisons with today. And we return to Oksana once more as she reflects on how the war is impacting her marriage.From the producers of Sky News’ multi-award winning series – StoryCast, Ukraine War Diaries follows experiences, lived by and told by people, whose lives have been twisted out of shape by war. Week4 diary entries were first published on the Ukraine War Diaries podcast feed. To follow this series when it broadcasts, on weekdays, subscribe to Ukraine War Diaries wherever you get your podcasts.Series producer - Rob MulhernDigital producer - David ChipakupakuProduction support Annie Joyce and Paul Stanworth

Chrisman Commentary - Daily Mortgage News

Chrisman LLC

2.18.22 Greetings From Chicago; Polly CEO Adam Carmel Interview, Geopolitical Jitters From Ukraine

Hit the slopes with SimpleNexus at SNUG, its 4th annual User Group conference. Held at Utah's iconic Snowbird Ski Resort from February 28 to March 3, SNUG brings together SimpleNexus’ team of experts with industry thought leaders and mortgage lenders for an event filled with market insights, networking opportunities and strategies for leveraging the SimpleNexus product suite for success in 2022. See the full agenda and register now at

DMV Download from WTOP News

WTOP News | Hubbard Radio

DMV Download is the only daily local news podcast created for Washingtonians. Every weekday afternoon, hosts Megan Cloherty and Luke Garrett go beyond the headlines with WTOP’s team of reporters and sources to bring listeners more on the biggest stories impacting the D.C. region.

Reset with Sasha-Ann Simons

WBEZ Chicago

WBEZ’s Weekly News Recap: Feb. 18, 2022

Illinois’ gubernatorial race heats up and a member of the Daley dynasty is convicted of tax fraud. Reset goes behind the headlines on the Weekly News Recap.

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News flash martedì 17 maggio 2022

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M0415李明哲获释返台 / 大午集团被以低价拍卖 / 孙春兰坚持“清零” 基层反弹 / 崔健线上演唱会爆棚 他还是从前的他吗? -PM

被关押1852天的李明哲获释返回台湾。孙春兰坚持上海“动态清零”不动摇,基层渐现反弹潮。崔健线上演唱会爆棚,他还是从前的他吗?上海疫情逝者名单存区块链网址被屏蔽。 美国跨党派国会议员强力挺台,并说是时候让中国付出代价了。

Israel Daily News Podcast

Shanna Fuld

Israel Daily News Podcast; Thus. April 14, 2022

Five Palestinians killed during violent clashes with Israeli forces; Four Jews arrested for planning a goat sacrifice on Temple Mount & a full review of Israel’s Kashrut system and how Tel Aviv restaurants are managing to cough up the cash.
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Music: ​​Shabatot vHagim by Yaara Shaulian;


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Capital Weather Gang

The Washington Post

April 15 morning weather update

The inside scoop on D.C. weather.


ABC News

How long can any country stay COVID zero?

China is fighting its largest coronavirus outbreak since the pandemic begun, but the lockdown being used to try and control it is facing resistance?

Videos on social media appear to show small riots breaking out in parts of Shanghai while some residents are recording themselves screaming and yelling from their apartments in desperation.

So is China's zero-COVID policy unable to withstand the onslaught of Omicron? And why is China resorting to lockdowns?

Also on today's show:

* How's COVID going in the USA?

* Omicron refresher: Do RATs work against it? What are the main symptoms? How long is the incubation?

* How much of the world has had COVID now?

TIME's Top Stories


Review: Anatomy of a David E. Kelley Rich-Oblivious-Wife Show

Are you beautiful? Rich? White? Female? Do you happen to be married, with kids, to a charming, successful man? Have your professional aspirations taken a backseat to his? Could your home have been ripped from the pages of Architectural Digest? Do you bear a striking resemblance to Nicole Kidman?

If you answered yes to more than five of these questions, then I regret to inform you of the extremely high probability that you are the protagonist of a David E. Kelley rich-oblivious-wife drama.

Die Lage


14.04. am Morgen: Manuela Schwesigs Fehler, Genöle aus Berlin, Oster-Festmahl

Die wichtigsten Nachrichten aus der SPIEGEL-Redaktion.

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La Story

Les Echos

La droite française (toujours) en quête d’un patron

Rediffusion. Alors que Valérie Pécresse, candidate Les Républicains au premier tour de la présidentielle, a essuyé une cuisante défaite, l’avenir du parti est en question. En mai 2021, pour « La Story », le podcast d’actualité des « Echos », Pierrick Fay et Elsa Freyssenet avaient exposé les divisions déjà existantes qui le fragilisaient. Un épisode toujours d’actualité que nous vous proposons de réécouter.La Story est un podcast des « Echos » présenté par Pierrick Fay. Cet épisode a été enregistré en avril 2022. Rédaction en chef : Clémence Lemaistre. Invitée : Elsa Freyssenet (grand reporter aux « Echos »). Réalisation : Willy Ganne. Chargée de production et d’édition : Michèle Warnet. Musique : Théo Boulenger. Identité graphique : Upian. Photo : Jacques Witt/SIPA. Sons : « Marius » (1931), France 2, Ina, Moussier

Noticiero Univision


Crece la posibilidad de una guerra en Europa

Se llevó a cabo las exequias de Yarelvis Santoyo, el bebe venezolano asesinado por la guardia fronteriza de Trinidad y Tobago.Se reestablece el servicio eléctrico tras el paso de 3 tornados en los últimos días.A dos años de prisión fue sentenciada a la oficial de policía Kimberly Potter que asesinó por error a Daunte Wright.Nivel educativo del país bajó debido a la pandemia.

SoFi Daily Podcast


SoFi Daily Podcast - 4/15/2022

Political correctness and oversensitivity has led to rampant deplatforming, which infringes free speech. Musk will help eliminate a culture of censorship and a lack of due process at Twitter.

Fox Weather Update

Fox Weather

America's Weather Team is now in the palm of your hand. Utilizing the resources of over 100 meteorologists! Get FOX Weather Updates throughout your busy day, every day, during every daypart, 24/7/365 on The FOX Weather Podcast!

The Daily Sun-Up

The Colorado Sun

Habitat for Humanity helps build affordable housing for Colorado teachers; Denver's US Mint

Today - The Eagle County School District and Habitat for Humanity are working together to build homes for educators amidst the affordable housing crisis.

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Weltwoche Daily


Weltwoche Daily – jetzt als Podcast für unterwegs. Steigen Sie ein, hören Sie mit! See for privacy and opt-out information.

FAZ Podcast für Deutschland

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung FAZ

NRW-Wahl: „Persönliche Niederlage für Kanzler Olaf Scholz“

CDU und Grüne triumphieren in Nordrhein-Westfalen, SPD und FDP müssen eine herbe Niederlage einstecken. Wir sprechen darüber, was das Wahlergebnis für den Bund bedeutet, für Kanzler Scholz und die Ampel-Koalition.

Kansas City Today

KCUR Studios

The future of downtown

The Kansas City Downtown Council’s 10-year strategic plan envisions a different look for the city's core. But who gains and who loses in the development plan? Plus, we'll learn about the dangerous trek that many enslaved people in Missouri risked to reach freedom in Kansas.

La W Radio con Julio Sánchez Cristo

Caracol Pódcast

“Era una persona muy humilde, se dedicaba al campo”: hermana de fallecido en operación militar en Putumayo

Sindy, hermana de José Antonio Peña, habló en W Fin de Semana sobre la operación en la que falleció su hermano en Puerto Leguízamo, Putumayo.

Despierta América


La vida después del coronavirus

¿Volveremos a la normalidad pre covid? El Dr Juan Rivera y su equipo de colegas nos cuentan cómo debemos vivir nuestras vidas  con la pandemia disminuyendo y cómo debemos seguir adelante una vez sea superada.En sin rollo te contamos  la reacción de Anuel AA a las fotos sin ropa de Karol G y lo que dijo su nueva pareja al escuchar su nombre... También te  traemos un adelanto de lo que será el programa de Despierta América en Domingo, con entrevistas imperdibles y un montón de historias que te harán pasar una mañana dominguera como ninguna otra.

Noticias del día en Colombia


Noticias RCN 12 m - 16 abril de 2022

News Updates from The Oregonian

The Oregonian/OregonLive

Nick Kristof’s gubernatorial race is dead, but he pledges not to give up causes

Man attacked in Old Town dies of his injuries. Jenoah Donald’s family files federal lawsuit citing racial discrimination in Clark County law enforcement. Portland Pickles mascot outfit found on TriMet bus See for privacy and opt-out information.

Here First

Iowa Public Radio

Friday, February 18th, 2022

Congresswoman Cindy Axne is calling on the U.S. Treasury Department to approve additional rental assistance funds to help Polk County residents who have been impacted by the pandemic. The Iowa Senate Education Committee is advancing its own version of a bill that would forbid transgender girls from participating in girls’ sports. Plus, a new program is launching in Council Bluffs that will work to connect the Latino community to careers in tech.

朝日新聞AJW 英語ニュース(The Asahi Shimbun Asia & Japan Watch)


Apr. 20, 6pm The Latest NEWS


▼01.New children agency likely to have few new policy measures( )

▼02.Companies and employees wide apart on views on teleworking( )

▼03.Expelled Russian diplomats believed to be on plane leaving Japan( )

▼04.YamatoQ leader arrested after followers disrupt vaccine clinic( )

▼05.Japanese megabank fears loss of leased jets seized by Russia( )

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Queer News

E3 Radio

Hillary Clinton drops the mic on Republicans, Lil Wop comes out as bisexual, We salute Marsha P. Johnson during our Black History Month spotlight & Anna gives a new audio drama podcast recommendation - February 18, 2022

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets Democrats fired up at the New York State Democratic Convention. She said, “I will do everything I can to get democrats elected up and down the ticket”. Rapper Lil Wop comes out on Instagram and tells his fans he’s bisexual. We salute Masha P. Johnson during our Black History Month spotlight & Anna drops a new audio drama podcast recommendation.    00:00 - Welcome & Intro 00:36 - Rate & Review Queer News Ad 01:03 - Intro Music 01:44 - Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets Democrats fired up at the New York State Democratic Convention 03:35 - Rapper Lil Wop comes out on Instagram and tells his fans he’s bisexual 05:07 - We salute Marsha P. Johnson during our Black History month spotlight 06:21 - Anna d

Daily Astrology with Markus Barrington

Markus Barrington

Daily astrology happenings that are easy to understand and put into a practical way rather than ominous like most horoscopes.

Good Morning

Sarah & Beth

Apokalypse & Filterkaffee

Micky Beisenherz & Studio Bummens

Mutter Blamage und ihre Kinder (mit Thorsten Faas)

Die Themen: Selenskij dankt Baerbock für die Unterstützung; Kubicki sieht kein Problem bei Lambrechts Reise mit Sohn; Queen Elizabeth verpasst "Queen's Speech"; Elon Musk würde Trump wieder bei Twitter zulassen; Wer ist Hendrik Wüst?; 30 Jahre GZSZ; Blauhaie am Strand von Mallorca und eine Geburt beim Metallica-Konzert

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The Paul McGuire Report

The Paul McGuire Report



Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he analyzes current events through the lens of Bible Prophecy. Every Monday through Friday 4 - 6 PM Eastern Time.

The Paul McGuire Report radio and television ministry is a ministry of faith and we are believing God each month to lay on the hearts of the listeners to support us if they are being blessed. We have asked, and are believing God, to touch the people of God, businesses and organizations to sow into this ministry that they also may be blessed!

Your support enables us to stream Paul’s messages from God’s prophetic Word on Blog Talk Radio, PodBean, RUMBLE, Brighteon, Odysee, YouTube, BitChute, SoundCloud, iTunes and various other podcast applications. With your help we are now broadcasting “The Paul McGuire Report” from our own TV a

La Luciérnaga

Caracol Pódcast

Escuche el programa de La Luciérnaga febrero 25

世界の最新ニュース「Quartz Daily Brief」



▼本日のQuartz Daily Brief はこちらから

It's All Good - A Block Club Chicago Podcast

Block Club Chicago

It’s All Good, a Block Club Chicago podcast about the people who make our neighborhoods great.


Seznam Zprávy

Jedno zásadní téma každý všední den. To nejdůležitější dění v Česku, ve světě, ekonomice, sportu i kultuře optikou Seznam Zpráv. Připravuje podcastový tým Lenky Kabrhelové. Nová epizoda vždy za minutu šest od pondělí do pátku.

Coronavirus: Realidad vs. ficción con Dr. Elmer Huerta

CNN en Español

La gota que infecta de covid-19 a una persona es realmente microscópica, indica nuevo estudio

Un polémico nuevo estudio desde Gran Bretaña busca resolver algunas de las dudas más frecuentes sobre el covid-19. La investigación, que presentó dilemas éticos al infectar deliberadamente a adultos sanos con el nuevo coronavirus, arrojó resultados esclarecedores de cómo se comporta la enfermedad en el cuerpo humano. Entre ellos, la cantidad de virus que infecta a una persona. El Dr. Huerta explica los hallazgos en este episodio.

Para conocer sobre cómo CNN protege la privacidad de su audiencia, visite

DayWeather Podcast

Day Weather

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

La Revue de presse internationale

France Culture

Expansión Daily: Lo que hay que saber

Grupo Expansión

Capital de Ucrania bajo asedio; venta de Banamex finaliza en 2023; AMLO ‘se salta’ la veda electoral

El presidente de Ucrania dijo que grupos rusos entraron a Kiev; Biden anunció más sanciones a Rusia.
Tres empresas mexicanas operan en la zona de conflicto.
El presidente López Obrador critica al INE por instalar menos casillas para la revocación de mandato.
El proceso de venta de Banamex concluye hasta 2023, según su director general.
Nevada deja aisladas a Tecate y Tijuana, en Baja California.

Maca Carriedo y Javier Garza comentan algunas de las noticias más destacadas del día. Esperamos tus opiniones en Instagram: @expansion.daily tiene las noticias más recientes sobre el conflicto en Ucrania.

The Daily 202's Big Idea

The Washington Post

Start your day with the news you need to know and insights you can’t get anywhere else. Every weekday morning, The Washington Post brings you an insider’s view of the biggest stories of the moment.

The Austin Daily Drop

Chris Mosser

Austin Daily Drop - December 7, 2021

Our community transmission rate or CTR sees a considerable jump into Substantial range and ahead of the statewide metric as new cases continue a 10-day acceleration. Texas' first Omicron COVID case is detected in Harris County - concerns over the new variant depress jet fuel demand and result in a recent gasoline price drop. Austin is on trend to set a new annual record for car vs pedestrian accidents. The U.S. Department Of Justice sues Texas, saying our new electoral maps are racially discriminatory - this could delay March's primary election. Austin's startup successes are lauded in the 2021 Inno Fire Awards. Olivia Rodrigo and John Mulaney announce Austin dates in 2022. Eater Austin publishes a new list of Austin's "essential" BBQ joints, while P. Terrys and co-owned Taco Ranch plan to donate all of Saturday's profits to the Austin American-Statesman's Season of Caring fundraiser. Today is the 80th anniversary of the Japanes

Hot Off The Wire

Hot Off The Wire

Hot Off The Wire is a collection of news, sports and entertainment reports. The program is produced by Lee Enterprises with audio provided by The Associated Press. 

Daily News Brief

Daily News Brief

Daily News Brief for Friday, February 18th, 2022

   Trying to vote ourselves rich …and more on today’s CrossPolitic Daily News Brief. This is Toby Sumpter. Today is Friday, February 18, 2022. Would you please Like and share this show? Do it now so we can reach more people with the truth.  Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Law Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has voiced his support for a bill that would prohibit the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the state's primary schools. Asked by reporters recently, he said it was "entirely inappropriate" for teachers to be having conversations with students about gender identity, citing instances of them telling children, “Don’t worry, don’t pick your gender yet," and also "hiding" classroom lessons from parents.“Schools need to be teaching kid

SBS Japanese - SBSの日本語放送


Coalition super plan faces criticism - 持ち家の夢のためにスーパーを使わせる保守連合の政策に批判

The Prime Minister is defending his party's plan to unlock super for first home buyers - despite warnings it could drive up house prices further, and hurt retirement savings in the long term. Scott Morrison is also on the back foot over reports the US wanted AUKUS to have agreement from both major parties before signing - even though Labor was only told a day before the announcement. - 連邦政府のスコット・モリソン首相は初めて住宅を買う人、いわゆるファーストホームバイヤー、にスーパーアニュエーションを開放するという自由党の計画を弁護しましたが、その計画には、住宅価格をさらに押し上げる恐れがあり、長期的には退職後に備える貯蓄を損なう恐れがあるという警告が出ています。

Code source

Le Parisien

Accident mortel d'une Tesla à Paris : erreur humaine ou bug technique ?

Le soir du samedi 11 décembre 2021, une Tesla accélère brutalement sur l’avenue d’Ivry, dans le XIIIe arrondissement de Paris. En quelques secondes, ce véhicule électrique haut de gamme file à plus de 100 km/h, fauche au passage plusieurs passants, avant de terminer sa course folle en s’encastrant dans une camionnette. Le bilan est lourd : un mort et une vingtaine de blessés.Depuis ce terrible accident, deux versions s’affrontent. Le conducteur de la Tesla, un chauffeur de taxi de 58 ans mis en examen pour homicide et blessures involontaires, affirme que le véhicule est devenu hors de contrôle, alors même que le pilotage automatique n’était pas activé.Pour la marque Tesla, il s’agit d’une erreur humaine. Le constructeur américain, propriété d’Elon Musk, est régulièrement pointé du doigt pour les dysfonctionnements repérés sur certains modèles, et qui peuvent causer des accidents.Code source fait le point

CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme

CTV News

Fear after mosque shooting

Saturday, April 16: Mosques in the Toronto area step up security after a drive-by shooting; Ukraine braces for more strikes after a Russian warship was sunk.

Today with Claire Byrne

RTÉ Radio 1

Mary Lou McDonald

Mary Lou McDonald, Leader of Sinn Féin.

City Cast Pittsburgh

City Cast

‘There Are Black People In The Future’ And Beyond

Artist Alisha Wormsley is best known in Pittsburgh for her incisive, compelling — and weirdly controversial — East Liberty billboard reminding us all that “There Are Black People in the Future.” But her latest exhibit at Concept Art Gallery in Regent Square goes way beyond the billboard that drew so much attention.
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The Next Level

The Virginia Gut-Check

Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk about the home stretch for McAuliffe-Youngkin, the Facebook Papers, the big DWAC, and TikTok in a Very Special Episode that’s open to everyone. This is a public episode. Get access to private episodes at

Morning Ireland

RTÉ Radio 1

St. Vincent's Healthcare Group to appear before Oireachtas Health Committee today

Paul Cunningham, Political Correspondent, discusses what is likely to happen today in relation to the proposed new National Maternity Hospital.

台視新聞 每日頭條 Taiwan TTV NEWS


晚間頭條 20220517|本土+65794 陳時中:要說已達高峰太樂觀


▲本土+65794 陳時中:要說已達高峰太樂觀
▲0+7新制催出疫苗打氣 北市預約系統湧預約潮
▲老師居隔適用0+7 家長恐慌「孩子還沒打苗」
▲戴「2層口罩」視察藥局 金正恩轟防疫工作拙劣
▲Omicron成全球主流病毒株 「長新冠」現象明顯


Journal de 19h

France Inter

VPM Daily Newscast


VPM's daily newscast contains all your Central Virginia news in just 5 to 10 minutes. Hosted by Benjamin Dolle and Phil Liles, episodes are recorded the night before so you can wake up prepared.

RTL Matin


Pâques, Macron, la présidentielle... La semaine de Philippe Caverivière.

Tous les matins à 7h55, les invités de la matinale de RTL sont dans l'oeil de Philippe Caverivière. Extraits des meilleurs moments de la semaine.

Sunrise Brief

Jeromee Scot

Sunrise Brief is designed to get you up and out the door with the latest national and international news headlines. Host Jeromee Scot is an Emmy-award winning journalist who left 15 years in the TV News industry and started his own morning show that's focused on the top, important headlines you need to know before you start the day. Every morning, Sunrise Brief will deliver quick, concise, and updated stories that impact you and your family. No bias. No political commentary. Only facts. Grab your coffee and wake up with Sunrise Brief! Contact us:

Berlin Briefing

Abby Ross Menacher, Albert Menacher

25.02.2022 - Ukraine, Forgeries, Jahnsportpark


Please check out the show notes for the links to our sources.
Twitter: @berlinbriefing

Hora 25

SER Podcast

Hora 25 de 22 a 23:30 | Día 2 de invasión a Ucrania

Las tropas rusas asedian Kiev en el segundo día de ataque de Rusia a Ucrania. Todos los detalles y todos los protagonistas en la mesa del análisis de Hora 25 con Enric Juliana, Jorge Tamames y Áurea Moltó.


Gazeta Wyborcza

"Odwilż". Kryminał po amerykańsku, choć blisko Skandynawii

"Kryminał to forma serialowa, która się dobrze sprawdza. Wywołuje podstawowe zaciekawienie widza od pierwszych minut. Mamy do czynienia ze zbrodnią i ciekawym bohaterem, więc uwaga widza jest najszybciej przyciągana. Dlatego lubię kryminały i też po nie sięgam" - mówi Xawery Żuławski, reżyser serialu "Odwilż". Czy kręcony w Szczecinie kryminał jest bardziej w stylu amerykańskim czy skandynawskim? Czy tytułowa odwilż odnosi się tylko do mokrego, zimowo-wiosennego Szczecina? Na podcast zaprasza Piotr Guszkowski. Więcej podcastów na Piszcie do nas w każdej sprawie na

FAZ Frühdenker

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung F.A.Z.

Morgens früh mit dem ersten Espresso im Stehen und der aufgehenden Sonne draußen vorm Fenster den F.A.Z. Frühdenker hören. Kompakt in zehn Minuten wissen, was der Tag bringt, was in der Nacht wichtig war. Die Themen kennen, die uns in der Redaktion in den nächsten Stunden beschäftigen werden: Mit dem F.A.Z. Frühdenker hören Sie den Überblick über alles, was heute Gesprächsthema ist. Passend dazu können Sie sich auch den Frühdenker-Newsletter abonnieren. Und am Nachmittag hören Sie weiterhin wie gewohnt den "F.A.Z. Podcast für Deutschland" um 17 Uhr, in dem wir ausführlich auf das Thema des Tages eingehen.

CQ Morning Briefing

CQ Roll Call

Friday, February 18. 2022

This Week in Immigration

Bipartisan Policy Center

Episode 113: This Week in Immigration

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing the U.S.-Mexico relationship, and how immigration factors into it. BPC's Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy Theresa Brown is joined by Ambassador Arturo Sarukhán, who served as Mexico’s ambassador to the United States from 2007 to 2013 under President Felipe Calderon. 

Noticiero Univision - Edición Nocturna

Univision Noticias

Una nueva ronda de explosiones alarga la crisis en Ucrania

Sepultan a bebé venezolano asesinado en Trinidad y Tobago.Retiran del mercado tres fórmulas de leche infantil por posible contaminación bacteriana.En California investigan a 54 oficiales de la patrulla de caminos por posible fraude.El Gobernador de California Gavin Newsom respalda proyecto de ley contra armas.Investigan si Trump se habría llevado documentos al dejar la presidencia.El departamento de seguridad social implementó un cambio en cuanto a la edad para recibir el máximo de beneficios.Roberto Palazuelos renunció a la candidatura a gobernador de Quintana Roo.En Nicaragua se reúnen el gobernante Ortega y el viceprimer ministro Ruso.En Puerto Rico protestan exigiendo mejores condiciones laborales.

Fresh Tracks Weekly

Marcus Hockett and the Fresh Tracks Crew

The Fresh Tracks crew, led by Marcus Hockett, keeps you in the know about what's happening in conservation. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Don't miss this weekly podcast covering the everything you need to know.

EL MUNDO al día

El Mundo

Todos los errores de Rusia que dejan a Putin sin botín para el Día de la Victoria

Quedan tres días para un día clave, el día en que el Kremlin conmemora la victoria de la URSS en la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Los ojos del mundo miran hacia Rusia, pero Putin va a llegar sin un trofeo que presentar. Ante esta situación, ¿contempla declarar el estado de guerra?

Alberto Rojas, reportero de la sección de Internacional de EL MUNDO, analiza la importancia de esta celebración para el devenir de la guerra y los motivos del fracaso del ejército ruso en el Donbás 

See for privacy information.

The Whistleblower Newsroom


New podcast weblog

The California Report Magazine


The Last Slavery Case in California; YA Author Sabaa Tahir's Gets Personal in 'All My Rage'

This week Sasha Khokha sits down with author Sabaa Tahir to talk about her latest young adult novel, All My Rage. The book is rooted in her own experiences growing up in her family's 18 room motel as the child of Pakistani immigrants and one of the few South Asians in her rural town. She's an award-winning author and her earlier series, Ember in the Ashes, which had a woman of color hero, hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list. 
And even though California joined the union as free state back in 1850, that didn’t mean slavery didn’t exist here. As gold rush prospectors flooded the state, enslaved Black people sometimes came too. And even Black people who entered the state free from bondage didn't always stay free. In fact, the passage of California's Fugitive Slave Act in 1852 allowed slave catchers to take free Black people back to slave states, and the law sanctione

NOS Met het Oog op Morgen

NPO Radio 1 / NOS

Extra: het beste uit het OOG

Deze week spraken we over de mogelijke uitbreiding van de NAVO. Finland en Zweden onderzoeken of ze lid willen worden van het bondgenootschap. 

Historicus Bart van der Boom deed onderzoek naar de Joodse Raad. Hij heeft geprobeerd om te kijken met de ogen van toen.

Ten slotte spraken we met de 91-jarige componist Theo Loevendie. Hij wilde op zijn negende een piano, maar zijn ouders hadden het niet breed en daarom kreeg hij een mondorgel. Daarna ging het snel.

Bleck & Abdalla

ESPN Chicago

2/19: Song of the Night

All of the songs from this week's Song of the Night! Artists include: Queen, Simple Minds, The Outfield, Green Day and Styx.

SBS Turkish - SBS Türkçe


SBS Türkçe Haberler 18 Mayıs

SBS Türkçe’den Avustralya, Türkiye ve dünyadan haberler.


The Taiwan Times


【2022/05/01 國際新聞】

.俄羅斯遭各國制裁 退出國際太空站

.澳洲大選將登場 澳總理怒批索中安全協議

.馬斯克入主推特 員工反彈聲浪起

.191起兒童不明肝炎 美:疑感染腺病毒

.美國聯準會將升息 影響一次聽







The Frequency: Daily Vermont News

Vermont Public Radio

Bill Stenger Sentenced

One of the architects of the EB-5 investment scandal is sentenced to 18 months in prison. Plus, state prisons open to visitors, the pandemic brought down emissions from cars, and remembering Fern Feather.


2 Different Dudes

This podcast will be about two different dudes discussing different topics from two totally different perspective.

Le journal de 18h00

France Culture

Le journal de 8H00

France Culture

Daily Detroit

Daily Detroit

Trying the new Ex-Wife's Famous Chicken; Hudson's tower talk; 1,000 episode party soon

What to know and where to go in Metro Detroit. Show notes to come. If this is your first time meeting the show, don’t forget to follow us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you download your favorite shows.

SBS French - SBS en français


SBS French: Le LIVE du 15/05/2022

Retour sur le programme du 15/05/2022

Akashavani English News

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World News 22:20 Hrs IST

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Next stop Nato, healthcare tips, and are the Liberals doomed?

In the latest episode of our Sweden in Focus podcast, host Paul O’Mahony is joined by Gunilla Herolf, a Nato expert at the Swedish Institute of International Affair, as well as The Local’s James Savage and Richard Orange. In this edition we look at why Nyamko Sabuni quit as leader of the Liberals and how a change in leadership is likely to affect the outcome of the Swedish election this September.With Nato membership looking increasingly likely for Sweden, we get expert analysis from Gunilla Herolf on what this will mean for a country that has long cherished its policy of military non-alignment. Finally, we shine a light on Sweden’s healthcare guarantee and how you can ensure you get the medical help you’re entitled to.  See for privacy and opt-out information.



分析:德國會決議警告北京 意味對華政策轉彎 | 大紀元 | 大纪元

大纪元,大纪元新闻,大紀元,大紀元新聞, 蒲亭, 普京, 德國, 習近平, 俄軍, 烏克蘭, 俄羅斯

The Takeaway


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Daily Briefing


April 14: Russia’s Retreat and Bezos’ Seller Tax

Sign up for a CuriosityStream subscription and also get a FREE Nebula subscription (the streaming platform built by creators): to the TLDR News Daily BriefingIn today's Briefing we discuss Russia's retreat and regrouping in Ukraine, and what Putin's plans are now. We also discuss Bezos' new 5% levy on Amazon's sellers.? Twitter: Instagram: TikTok: Discord: Got a Topic Suggestion? - TLDR on Patreon: by PayPal: Store: TeeSpring Store: About Our Funding: is all about getting you up to date with the new

The Fourcast

Channel 4 News

'A catalogue of tragedies': the Shrewsbury maternity scandal

It’s the largest maternity scandal in NHS history, hundreds of babies and some of their mothers could or would have survived had they not been failed. A landmark review into the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust has revealed, “a catalogue of tragedies”, according to the senior midwife, Donna Ockendon, who led the review. The Ockenden review has revealed a toxic culture, a lack of compassion and a failure to listen to mothers and their needs at maternity services at one of England's NHS trusts. Today, Minnie Stephenson speaks to our Health and Social Care Editor Victoria Macdonald about what this report uncovered and asks whether the public can have faith in maternity services across England.  A warning, this podcast contains testimony that listeners may find distressing. And if you are affected by any of the issues in this report, go to where you can find a range of places to seek information an

锵锵三人行 (06-17年)


【补缺】20130323 皇牌大放送 《锵锵三人行》开播15周年特别节目

20130323 皇牌大放送  《锵锵三人行》开播15周年特别节目

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego News, April 15, 2022



石田英司「新型コロナ医療体制強化に16兆円の国費」 「スリランカが一部デフォルト、その裏にある中国債務の罠とは?」 「消費者庁が注意喚起“誰でも稼げる”情報商材にダマされないで」4月15日



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Schwartz Media

The death of Kimberley Kitching

The death of Labor senator Kimberley Kitching has ignited claims of bullying within the party. 
Meanwhile, heavy losses for the Liberals in the South Australian election could have dire implications for Scott Morrison.
Today, columnist for The Saturday Paper Paul Bongiorno on the unseen forces driving both stories.

Guest: Columnist for The Saturday Paper Paul Bongiorno.

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Ukraine – Die Lage mit Carlo Masala

Stefan Schmitz, Carlo Masala, Audio Alliance

Niederlage der Ukraine wäre Niederlage des Westens

Eine Niederlage der Ukraine im Krieg mit Russland wäre nach Einschätzung des Militärexperten Carlo Masala auch eine Niederlage der Nato.

Delaware Valley Journal

Delaware Valley Journal

The Delaware Valley Journal podcast is hosted by Michael Graham of InsideSources. We seek to provide clear, informative reporting on the Philadelphia area including Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester counties, as well as broader issues affecting Pennsylvania.

Ciro Gómez Leyva por la Mañana

Radio Fórmula

Ignacio Mier es acusado de lavado de dinero por 400 mdp, según investigación de Expectro FM

Este 16 de mayo, se publicó una investigación en Expectro FM –dirigido por Víctor Hugo Arteaga– donde el coordinador de Morena en la Cámara de Diputados, Ignacio Mier, forma parte de una amplia indagatoria de la Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera por los delitos de lavado, operaciones con recursos ilícitos y evasión fiscal. El señalamiento ,que involucra al director del Diario Cambio de Puebla, Arturo Rueda, derivó en una denuncia a la FGE. Víctor Hugo Arteaga aseguró que han estado checando cada uno de los detalles de la investigación y han logrado comprobar las operaciones. Comentó que han localizado a un "testaferro" con 32 empresas bajo su control con un solo domicilio que no es una empresa sino una casa-habitación. Aseguró que Arturo Rueda no ha podido responder a una serie de cuestionamientos y que de su parte, sólo han recibido amenazas y descalificaciones.

Carmen and Jurko

ESPN Chicago

4/18 1 PM: Time for Zach to step up

Time for Zach LaVine to step up for the Bulls. Carmen wants to travel to the future to see what Patrick Williams turns into as a player.

通勤十分鐘 On The Way To Work

Tony & Esther

S4EP177 回加特輯 舊金山16小時快閃遊記 累到差點睡過頭的崩潰lavover分享

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