On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

My name is Jay Shetty, and my purpose is to make wisdom go viral. I’m fortunate to have fascinating conversations with the most insightful people in the world, and on my podcast, I’m sharing those conversation with you. New episodes Mondays and Fridays. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it. Live life today ON PURPOSE.

Therapy and Theology

Lysa TerKeurst

Have you ever looked at a situation you’re facing in utter disbelief and thought, "How will I ever get over this?" Lysa TerKeurst understands. After years of heartbreak and emotional trauma, she realized it’s not about just getting over hard circumstances but learning how to work through what she has walked through. Now, she wants to help you do the same. That’s why Lysa teamed up with her personal, licensed professional counselor, Jim Cress, alongside the Director of Theological Research at Proverbs 31 Ministries, Dr. Joel Muddamalle, to bring you "Therapy & Theology." While Lysa, Jim and Joel do tackle some really hard topics, you’ll soon find they're just three friends having a great conversation and learning from each other along the way.

Sleep With Me

Dearest Scooter

Insomnia? Mind racing at night? Worries keeping you up? Tune in for a bedtime story that lets you forget your problems and progressively gets more boring until you fall to sleep. So get in bed, press play, close your eyes, and drift off into dreamland.

This Changes Everything

Jeff Guenther, Sarah Rice & Wave Podcast Network

Are you struggling? Feel like the world is changing too fast? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Welcome to the club! It’s called being a person, But fear not! MTV Challenge star, Sarah Rice, AMFT and TikTok Sensation, Jeff Guenther, LPC will help you (and each other!) thrive in the maddening, beautiful hellscape that is life. Sarah and Jeff use their professional training, wit, irreverence, and (probably excessive) self-disclosure, to cover relationships, mental health, family, happiness, sex…nothing is off limits.The show might help you let go of a toxic belief, the seemingly impossible might feel a little more doable, or maybe you’ll just have a good laugh on a bad day. Sometimes that’s enough! By the end of each episode, you’ll be saying “this changes everything!”

The Dr. John Delony Show

Ramsey Network

Mental health challenges and broken relationships are a part of life—but they don’t have to define you. If you’re navigating something messy, call The Dr. John Delony Show. John shares practical advice on how to connect with people, face depression, overcome anxiety, and learn what it means to be well. Send us your questions, leave a voicemail at 844-693-3291, or email askjohn@ramseysolutions.com. We want to talk to YOU!

Therapy for Black Girls

iHeartPodcasts and Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D.

The Therapy for Black Girls podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Chasing Life


Did you know that some people can taste colors and others have a hard time recognizing faces? This season on Chasing Life, Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes listeners beyond the basics of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch to explore unique sensory experiences. Discover why psychedelics might change your worldview, how animals perceive differently than humans, and how biases in taste might impact the future of food production. Join us each week to marvel at how the rich landscape of sensory perception shapes our understanding of the world.

The One You Feed


iHeart Radio 2022 Podcast Award Nominee - Best Spirituality & Religion Podcast Practical Wisdom for a Better Life Open-minded discussions of habits, meditation, wisdom, depression, anxiety, happiness, psychology, philosophy, and motivation.

SelfHealers Soundboard

The Holistic Psychologist

The SELFHEALERS SOUNDBOARD is a global, community-based healing experience created by Dr. Nicole LePera and Jenna Weakland. Each week, we host raw, unscripted, open conversations about the things we are REALLY dealing with on the journey of facing our pasts and becoming our best Selves. Together, as community, we create resonance with “strangers” around the world as we collectively witness our own triggers, habits, traumas, and inherent wisdom. This is, and always will be, an ad free experience. Subscribe to our SelfHealers Soundboard YouTube channel to view these weekly podcasts with video and connect with us. New episodes every Sunday at 12 PM PST.


Betches Media

Oversharing from Betches Media is all about the challenges we face in all kinds of relationships; from friendships to family, long term partnerships or even dealing with the customer service rep that makes you want to scream into a pillow. Betches co-founder and relationship enthusiast Jordana Abraham has teamed up with her big sister, licensed clinical therapist Dr. Naomi Bernstein, to answer your questions and try to get to the bottom of the things that bother us most. Think of Jordana and Dr. Naomi as your BFF and your therapist, sitting side-by-side at the brunch table trying to help you get through your problems. Each week they’re responding to listener emails, tackling difficult ethical questions, playing games, and so much more. Because sometimes we really need advice from people with no skin in the game. And let’s face it, your friends can’t stand to hear that story one more time.


Dr. Caroline Leaf

Hi! I’m Dr. Caroline Leaf. I’m a cognitive neuroscientist, author, & mental health expert. Whether you are struggling in your personal life or simply want to learn how to understand and use your mind to live your best life, this podcast will provide you with practical & scientific tips and tools to help you take back control over your mental, emotional, and physical health. Visit: https://drleaf.com *DISCLAIMER: This podcast is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Please consult with your personal physician if you have any personal medical questions.

The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus

The Minimalists are Emmy-nominated Netflix stars and New York Times–bestselling authors Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. Alongside cohost T.K.Coleman, they help millions of people live meaningful lives with less.

Being Well with Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Forrest Hanson

Dr. Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson explore the practical science of lasting well-being, and teach you how to build reliable inner strengths, overcome your challenges, and get the most out of life. New conversations every Monday.

Black Girls Heal

Shena Lashey

Black Girls Heal helps women break out of cycles of unhealthy relationships with unavailable partners and feeling not enough by combining coaching, therapeutic support, and practical tools. Every episode, we will talk about intimacy, attachment, healing unresolved trauma, and growing in our self worth.

Sober Cast: An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous Podcast AA

AA Podcast

An AA meeting in a Podcast. Sobercast is an (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous podcast featuring AA speaker meetings and workshops. This is not a discussion podcast, simply speaker meetings and workshops in a podcast format.

The Overwhelmed Brain

Paul Colaianni

Get to the root of emotional issues and learn the best way to relate to yourself and others by honoring your personal boundaries and making decisions that are in alignment with what's most important to you. This is not a "common-sense" personal growth and development show. You won't be told to think positively or create affirmations. The Overwhelmed Brain is about accessing that deeper mental and emotional strength inside you so that you can decrease or even eliminate old fears and evolve into the person you want to be. Learn what your parents or caretakers never taught you about emotional wellness and creating strong, non-toxic bonds with others. If you want the exact instructions that will help improve your life, you're in the right place.

Drift Off - Bedtime Stories

Joanne D'Amico

Drift Off offers a soft place to land at the end of the day with calming bedtime stories spoken with a gentle voice that is restful to the ear. If you struggle with insomnia or anxiety or just need some help winding down at bedtime, the Drift Off sleep podcast is designed to help you relax and get a restful night's sleep.

Sleep Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Sleep meditations created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen 💗. Can’t sleep? Insomnia? Mind racing with worries and a never-ending to-do list? Tune in to the Sleep Meditation for Women podcast and let these guided meditations help you ease into sleep peacefully. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get comfy, press play and let yourself be guided into dreamland. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

ADHD Experts Podcast


Leading ADHD experts give real-life answers to questions submitted by ADD adults and parents raising children with attention deficit disorder across a range of topics covering symptoms, school, work, and family life. Download the accompanying slide presentations here: additudemag.com/adhd-expert-webinars-index (look for the episode number). Note on audio quality: This podcast is a recording of a webinar series, and the audio has been captured from telephone conversations, not recorded in a studio. Register to participate in the live webinars at: additudemag.com/tag/webinar.

The Morning Ritual

Lilly Balch

For centuries, rituals have been used to bring order and clarity to daily activity. The Morning Ritual is a meditation podcast intended to do just that. Each episode includes a centering meditation to bring more ease, balance, and joy into your mornings, and ultimately into your lives. Please note, you don’t have to be a morning person or a meditator! This podcast is for all. Rate, review & most importantly, enjoy! Let's connect! Don't be shy, please reach out on: www.lillybalch.com Instagram: @lillybalch Enjoying The Morning Ritual? Consider becoming a Patron at www.patreon.com/TheMorningRitual

Boring Books for Bedtime Readings to Help You Sleep

Sharon Handy

Boring Books for Bedtime is a weekly sleep podcast in which we calmly, quietly read something rather boring to help silence the brain chatter keeping you awake. Think Galileo, Aristotle, Emerson, and whoever wrote the 1897 Sears Catalog—mostly nonfiction, mostly old, and a perfect blend of vaguely-but-not-too interesting If you're on Team Sleepless, lie back, take a deep breath, and let us read you to rest.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Hello my friend! Welcome to Guided Meditation. We are so glad you joined us here today. And we invite you to make this Your place to find inner peace, strength and relaxation.  Our intention is to create meditation practices that will benefit you and to develop strengths, flow and personal growth. Support us by becoming a subscriber and get access to subscriber-only episodes. 🙏 https://anchor.fm/guided-meditation/subscribe Visit our youtube channel: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsnrrcPoMFteQwC66XSmeQ Much love and peace Guided Meditation

I Have ADHD Podcast

Kristen Carder

The I Have ADHD Podcast is a clear, concise, and FUN podcast for adults with ADHD. Host Kristen Carder is a serial entrepreneur, ADHD expert, and successful life coach exclusively for adults with ADHD. Join Kristen to learn about how ADHD impacts every area of your life...from the boardroom to the bedroom...and how you can begin to overcome your symptoms by accepting who you are, flaws and all. The I Have ADHD Podcast doesn't suck!! Find out for yourself by binge-listening from the beginning or starting with the latest episode. Whether you're officially diagnosed, self-diagnosed, or just curious about ADHD, you're going to love this podcast...guaranteed or your money back!

The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast

Dr Daniel & Tana Amen

New York Times bestselling authors, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are your personal Brain Warrior Guides to help you win the war for your health and defeat anxiety, depression, memory loss, ADHD, addictions, disease, and obesity. Learn how you can take control of your brain and body for the rest of your life.

Psychology Unplugged

Dr. Corey J. Nigro

Weekly discussions and perspectives on all aspects of psychology, neuropsychology, psychopharmacology, and mental health topics. Psychoeducation, information, misinformation, controversy, and passion about an incredibly relevant and misunderstood medical field.

Radio Headspace

Headspace Studios

Join us every weekday morning to take a few moments to step out of the internal chatter and external noise. We'll pause and reflect to consider what brings us together in this shared human condition and how we can live a life that best reflects our limitless potential. Get one month of Headspace free by going to Headspace.com/radioheadspace

Being Known Podcast

Being Known Podcast

Curt Thompson, MD and Pepper Sweeney host a series of conversations on the mind and how we interact with our faith, communities, and ourselves.

In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips

Dr. Anita Phillips & Woman Evolve

Woman Evolve Network presents nationally acclaimed trauma therapist and life coach, Dr. Anita Phillips. Listen along as she talks to special guests and everyday callers about thriving in love, life, and relationships. If you’re brave enough to stand in the light, Dr. Anita is here to help you evolve into the best version of yourself. Are you ready?

I Love You So Much With Kenzie Elizabeth

Dear Media, Kenzie Elizabeth

Hey, I’m Kenzie Elizabeth, host of the ILYSM podcast where we talk about the realities of life as a twenty-something in today’s world. From mental health struggles, hustle culture, and burnout to health and wellness, books, and relationships, no topic is off the table. My guests include celebrities, experts, authors, thought leaders, influencers and more, and you never know where the conversation will end up. I’m a native Texan who often juggles working in LA and NYC, and I can tell you, it gave me whiplash to arrive at 24 and realize that I didn’t have my life all figured out. If you can relate, let me just say it’s OK! We’re all stumbling through life, hanging onto the handrails. So, relax, that work email can wait, snuggle up in your favorite comfy chair and let’s chat!

The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Chalene Johnson

Top tips & practical steps for diet, fitness, organization, self improvement & more. Get healthy, balance your life, and improve relationships and productivity with New York Times Best Selling Author, Celebrity Fitness Trainer & Diet Debunker Chalene Johnson and guests. No BS. Chalene delivers straight talk and simple strategies (with a side of humor) so that every show delivers a return on your investment of time. The Chalene Show is life coaching, personal development, nutrition, exercise, focus, faith, family & fun all rolled into one! Want to be happier, healthier and more organized? This is your podcast.

New Mindset, Who Dis?

Case Kenny

Hi, I’m Case Kenny (@case.kenny on Instagram) and this is my twice weekly podcast where I offer practical thoughts on self improvement, mindfulness and how to live your best life. It’s a different kind of podcast. I'm just a dude living his life sharing some perspective. No gurus, no fluff and no preaching of generic life advice… just my thoughts on self-help, wellness, and mindsets with practical and personal insights on how to live a passionate, purposeful and happy life. Join me Mondays and Thursdays. Let's go!

Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove

Christopher Fitton & Glassbox Media

If you are one of the many people who can’t sleep, join us in listening to our Podcast. You’ll hear relaxing sleep hypnosis, guided sleep meditations and bedtime stories – all designed to help you relax and get a peaceful night’s sleep.

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen


Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas that our education system ignores. The Mindvalley podcast brings the best minds under one roof to discuss powerful ideas in personal growth for mind, body, spirit and work. Get results that stick

The Imperfects

Hugh van Cuylenburg, Ryan Shelton & Josh van Cuylenburg

We're all imperfect. On this podcast, Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project chats to a variety of interesting people who are willing to make themselves vulnerable, by sharing their own struggles and imperfections. Hugh and good friend Ryan Shelton then discuss some valuable take aways we can all apply to our own imperfect lives.

The Angry Therapist Podcast

John Kim

John Kim is The Angry Therapist, delivering self-help and therapy in a shot glass, ten minutes or less. Love Hard. Resist Nothing. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

A Mindful Moment

A Mindful Moment

At a time when change is constant and we are pulled in too many directions, we need a way to stay present to life and to increase our ability to remain calm, think clearly and maintain our well-being. Many studies indicate mindfulness improves our mental, emotional and physical health. Learn how to practice mindfulness and enjoy its many benefits. The podcast host has a master’s degree in psychology, is a certified mindfulness meditation facilitator, a transformation coach and the CEO of Work2Live Well. 

This Jungian Life Podcast

Joseph Lee, Lisa Marchiano, & Deb Stewart

Eavesdrop on three Jungian analysts as they engage in lively, sometimes irreverent conversations about a wide range of topics as they share what it’s like to see the world through the depth psychological lens provided by Carl Jung. Half of each episode is spent discussing a dream submitted by a listener.

Happy as a Mother

Erica Djossa

Your kids might look to you for all the answers, but you’re probably struggling with your own questions. How do I survive the postpartum period? How do I raise good humans when I’m just trying to survive? How do I cope with the load of motherhood? No matter what “type” of mom you are, becoming a mother is a journey—one that doesn’t always feel like a straight line. On the Happy as a Mother Podcast, host and psychotherapist Erica Djossa teaches strategies to help you cope with the psychological and emotional load of motherhood. Your metamorphosis into motherhood might not look “perfect.” It’s full of mess, chaos, and frustration. But with expert advice, practical tips, self-love, and coping skills, you can become the mother you want to be. Erica shares the best kept secrets of the therapy world and interviews other professionals (psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, fertility specialists, lactation consultants, and more!) who provide their expertise to empower you on your motherhood journey.

Hacking Your ADHD

William Curb

ADHD can be a struggle, but it doesn't always have to be. Every Monday, join William Curb, as he explores ways that you can work with your ADHD brain to do more of the things you want to do. If you have ADHD or someone in your life does and you want to get organized, get focused and get motivated then this podcast is for you. Part of the ADHD reWired Podcast Network.

Daily Meditation Podcast

Mary Meckley

A Library of Meditations at Your Finger Tips. Be happy, healthy, more at peace, and sleep better as you're greeted every morning with a daily guided meditation technique. Feel as though you're seated next to your personal meditation teacher Mary Meckley as she takes you on a weekly journey to manage your emotions. New themes each week based on an emotion with different daily meditation techniques to manage stress triggers. You are so worth slowing down for.

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Gina Ryan

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast brings you a relaxing and inspiring show sharing lifestyle changes to calm your nervous system and help you heal Anxiety, Panic, Stress, and PTSD for life! We Bring you 2 episodes every week. There is no need to walk this path alone. Join us for a relaxing, informative, and inspiring time and start your journey into more peace and calm today. Find meditations, info about stress, anxiety, healthy living, and more at www.AnxietyCoachesPodcast.com

Optimal Living Daily

Justin Malik | Optimal Living Daily

I read you the best content on personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more, with author permission. Think of Optimal Living Daily as an audioblog or blogcast where the best blogs are narrated for you.

The Best of You

That Sounds Fun Network

Join psychologist and author, Dr. Alison Cook, as she guides you through some of your toughest challenges with wisdom, humor, and grace. Together with friends and experts we'll unpack the best of psychology from a faith-based perspective. You’ll discover how to break free from painful patterns, mend your past, and discover what brings out the best of you.

Listen To Sleep - Quiet Bedtime Stories & Meditations

Erik Ireland

Fall deeply asleep with a quiet story or meditation read from a cozy mountain cabin to help you relax and let go of the day. If the podcast helps you sleep, would you consider supporting it for less than $3/mo? You'll get some great perks. All supporters get the weekly bedtime story & the sleep meditation a day earlier & always ad-free. For those who want more, you can get 8 new stories & 4 new meditations every month by joining Listen To Sleep Plus for less than $5/mo, risk free. Join now or learn more at https://www.listentosleep.com/support. Sleep well.💜 Erik

Women of Impact

Impact Theory

Hosted by Lisa Bilyeu, co-founder of the billion dollar company Quest Nutrition and President of Impact Theory, this show features women who have overcome incredible hardship to achieve massive success. Our mission is to empower you and all women to recognize that you really can become the hero of your own life. Welcome to Women of Impact.

Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults

Taesha Glasgow

Do you have trouble drifting off to sleep? My mission is simple. To help you relax, put the stressful day behind you and drift off to sleep. In every episode, I will read an old story in the public domain. So lie down, settle into your pillow, close your eyes, and let me read you a story to help you sleep. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

OPENHOUSE with Louise Rumball and leading therapists

Louise Rumball

OPENHOUSE - a fresh, fun and real podcast that explores the amazing impact that therapy and human connection can have on all areas of our lives. Louise and her favourite therapists, clinical psychologists & mental health experts take weekly stories, questions and dig into Louise's life (the good, the bad and the ugly) so you can get your #FreeTherapy fix. From relationships to dating, to sex, intimacy and more, this podcast has something for everyone.

The Voice of the Heart

Chip Dodd

We were created as emotional and spiritual creatures, yet along the way, many of us lost the ability to “feel.” We became separated from the relationships that are most important in our lives - ourselves, others, and God. Join Dr. Chip Dodd as he helps us live more fully from our hearts and connect more deeply in relationships. Let’s see who we are made to be, so we can do what we are made to do! Learn more at ChipDodd.com

Mindset & Motivation

Dr. Stephen Cabral

The Mindset and Motivation Podcast provides a weekly dose of inspiration to keep you on track to reaching your highest goals and maintaining a growth mindset. This show will allow you to discover your passion and purpose for living life to the fullest with a weekly dose of Monday Motivation. After seeing over 250,000 client appointments in his private practice, Dr. Cabral has come online to share what he has seen to work in the real world - It’s now time to shift your mindset and gain the motivation you need to achieve your greatest good and potential!

Real Pod

Dear Media

Former Division I volleyball player and TED Talk speaker, Victoria Garrick, is a mental health and body-image advocate who sits down with all sorts of inspirational and awesome guests to bring you the REALEST conversations around success, failure, life, and challenge. New episodes every Wednesday!

Tales by the Fireside - Bedtime stories and sleep meditation

Joe Fireside

Weekly stories for both adults and children, Specially crafted to reduce anxiety and help you sleep. Old favourites, new creations, obscure stories and independent authors work, all carefully selected and lovingly read for you, with the crackling of the fire to soothe you, and the story to play out in your mind. Check out our website for to listen to all the episodes and join the mailing-list: www.talesbythefireside.com Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/talesbythefireside All Tales told are with the express permission of the rights holders, or are in the public domain. Support Tales by the Fireside and Get Bonus Content on Patreon! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Lisa A Romano Breakdown to Breakthroughs

Lisa A. Romano

A podcast committed to healing from codependency, narcissistic abuse, with a heavy emphasis on raising consciousness for the benefit of healing mind, body, and soul.

Therapy as a Christian

Anchored Media Network

Therapy as a Christian Podcast is a show for all things mental health and Christ. We discuss how therapy can aid in helping us healing from our past and how God can assist us in that effort. We will discuss different topics, interviews, and reflection sessions from the host, Roslyn Rene, own therapy sessions.

I Can’t Sleep Podcast

Benjamin Boster

I bore you to sleep by reading random articles from the web. Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/i-cant-sleep/subscribe

ASMR by GentleWhispering

Maria Gentlewhispering

Maria Gentlewhispering ALL PLAYLISTS ➡️ https://open.spotify.com/user/31oadyllbsrjpehgc SPA/Haircut/Makeup https://open.spotify.com/playlist/70RsOQMMX9BVraS9UdOaXk Doctor Exams https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4ya64raKmBrbEwQ382AwPt Sounds and Visuals https://open.spotify.com/playlist/63pcVoMtfHsaQ3XaBYVOL7?si=DrV_8L1xSSGvph7D_U2i0A Professions https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1flFDtvKD5P2AwIOvzPYrC?si=VHN_zwGMRYuiWOgbzlIDwQ Color Analysis https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6LnQzSaaivdJBhCAymAbCq?si=wjNRYTDQRAawOIYtT Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/maria-gentlewhispering/support

The Gabby Reece Show

Gabby Reece

The Gabby Reece Show talks to top experts with the goal of extracting the best information you will need to navigate the universe of health, fitness, relationships, parenting, and business. Gabby keeps it simple but gets to the heart of the conversation with the hopes of providing you with realistic takeaways.

Meditation Minis Podcast

Chel Hamilton | Meditation Minis

Short guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more. Don’t think you have the time, or mental focus, to meditate? Most of these guided meditations are just 10 minutes - sometimes less. Soothe your stress away with this award winning guided meditation podcast by Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton today. For more information visit: https://meditationminis.com (https://meditationminis.com/) Please Note: The meditations presented in this podcast are from a wide variety of sources and do not subscribe to any particular ideology. Please do not listen to this meditation podcast or any other guided meditations while doing something that requires your complete attention… like driving your car.

The Boundaries.me Podcast

Dr. Henry Cloud

Dr. Henry Cloud's Boundaries.me podcast features inspiring stories about the benefits to your relationships, mental health, productivity and wellbeing that come when you implement healthy boundaries.



Snoozecast is the podcast designed to help you fall asleep. You can count on a new episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Learn more about us at snoozecast.com and connect with us on social media @snoozecast! Support us: Listen ad-free on Patreon  Get Snoozecast merch like cozy sweatshirts and accessories 

Barb Knows Best

Michelle Maros & Barb Schmidt

Welcome to Barb Knows Best, the podcast! I'm your co-host, Michelle Maros, and along with my dear mother, Barb, who is most commonly known as Peaceful Barb, we will be chatting with you weekly on some of life's most important and helpful topics. We've been working together for over a decade to provide simple, helpful tools to help you manage the stresses of daily life, and we are thrilled to be with you all in this new format to invite you into this living room style chat on how we process daily life. Thanks so much for being with us, we love being with you and sharing life with you all! Please make sure to follow us at @barbknowsbestpod @peaceful_barb and @michellemaros on social media, and subscribe to the pod wherever you listen to podcast. We love to hear your thoughts on topics you'd love to hear us chat about! *The information and opinions expressed in this program are for educational purposes only, are not intended as medical or other health advice, and solely reflect the personal experiences of the host and guests. You should not act or rely upon any information contained in this program without seeking the advice of a qualified medical provider. Any reproduction or rebroadcast of this program, in whole or part, is prohibited without the prior written permission of Michelle Maros, LLC. © 2022 Michelle Maros, LLC*

The Psychology of your 20’s

The Psychology of your 20’s

A podcast that explains how everything is psychology. Even your 20’s. Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/thepsychologyofyour20s/subscribe

Morning Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Morning meditations created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen. 💗 Start your day with a moment of mindfulness with the Morning Meditation for Women podcast. Whether you’re new to meditation, trying to kickstart your meditation practice, or a seasoned meditator, you’ll love these quick meditations designed to start your day with intention, love and a deep sense of peace. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

Psicologia Al Desnudo | @psi.mammoliti

Marina Mammoliti

En este podcast hablamos de emociones. De tus mecanismos internos: ¿Por qué hacés lo que hacés? ¿Por qué no podés expresar ciertas emociones y otras sí? ¿Por qué te sentís mal a veces? ¿Por qué hay cosas que te angustian, que te generan miedo, nostalgia, o que te dan placer? ¿Cómo regular tus emociones para sentirte equilibrado/a? La gestión emocional es la CLAVE para vivir una vida con sentido. ¡Y está en tus manos aprenderlo! ¿La puerta de entrada a este proceso? Psicología al Desnudo. De la mano de la Psicóloga Clínica Marina Mammoliti. www.psimammoliti.com

The Verywell Mind Podcast with Amy Morin

Amy Morin

Editor-in-chief of Verywell Mind, therapist, and international bestselling author Amy Morin shares actionable advice for developing the mental strength you need to reach your greatest potential. On Mondays, she interviews authors, experts, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and other mentally strong people who explain the strategies they use to overcome the biggest battle we all face -- the battle within our own minds. Every Friday, she shares a quick exercise that will help you grow mentally stronger.

Feeling Good Podcast | TEAM-CBT - The New Mood Therapy

David Burns, MD

This podcast features David D. Burns MD, author of "Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy," describing powerful new techniques to overcome depression and anxiety and develop greater joy and self-esteem. For therapists and the general public alike!

Unbreakable with Jay Glazer


In this new podcast, which is an extension of his widely-acclaimed, best-selling book “Unbreakable,” Fox NFL Insider Jay Glazer shares his personal mental health journey with the audience, including the tools and techniques he’s developed to “live in the gray” – his term for living and thriving with anxiety, depression and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Welcoming mental health experts, athletes, coaches, A-list celebrities and others, Glazer and his special guests will discuss tips for maintaining an unbreakable mindset and overcoming any obstacle to succeed despite living in the gray.

The Healing Trauma Podcast

Monique Koven

Monique Koven is a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach and worked as a Social Worker for over 25 Years. As a survivor herself, she features conversations with Trauma experts & survivors to offer hope for the healing journey. www.thehealingtraumapodcast.com Disclaimer:The content on this podcast is not counselling advice nor a substitute for individual therapy. The content is for information purposes only. The information provided is not intended to be used as a replacement for medical and mental health advice. Follow the advice of your licensed mental health professional.

Well Balanced


Learn practical tips for improving your stress, sleep, focus, and mood. Each week, meditation coaches Ofosu and Leah will turn their own everyday successes and obstacles into chances to explore the science behind health and wellness. Along the way, they'll talk to experts and seek appreciation for the natural ups and downs we all experience. (Brought to you by the makers of Balance: Meditation & Sleep, the top-rated meditation app on Apple's App Store. Learn more at www.balanceapp.com.)

The Anxiety Guy Podcast

The Anxiety Guy

The Anxiety Guy Podcast is the only resource you need to begin lessening and eventually ending your struggles with generalized anxiety disorder, hypochondria, and depression. Dennis Simsek takes you through the life of a former professional tennis player, who struggled with and eventually ended his 6 year struggle with panic disorder and health anxiety. Within those 6 years a dream was reached, a child was born, and suicide was being contemplated. This podcast exists so that you don't make the same crucial mistakes when it comes to stress and anxiety, that thousands of other people around the world are making. Change begins today...

Surviving Narcissism with Dr. Les Carter

Dr. Les Carter

Life with a narcissist is challenging, and Dr. Les Carter is here to assist. Whether you are feeling frustrated due to a narcissist's inability to blend well or you are feeling constantly invalidated by their need for control and their lack of empathy, Dr. C is your resource.  He is committed to helping people become part of Team Healthy, which focuses on DRC: dignity, respect, and civility.  In each of our episodes we will contrast the narcissistic patterns of life to the ways of Team Healthy.

Latter Day Struggles

Valerie Hamaker

This podcast discusses some of the issues caused by traditions in the LDS church that create suffering and struggles. Valerie is a member of the church and a clinical therapist and bravely breaks down controversial, challenging, and important topics that affects her clients. She questions anything that seems to cause shame, suffering and struggles for individuals. You can find Valerie at www.valeriehamaker.com and on Instagram at Latterdaystrugglespodcast.

The Recovery Show » Finding serenity through 12 step recovery in Al-Anon – a podcast

The Recovery Show

12-step recovery for those of us who love alcoholics or addicts. We share our experience, strength, and hope as we use the principles of the Al-Anon program in our lives. We talk openly and honestly about the problems and challenges as we face alcoholism and addiction in our friends and relatives. We share the tools and solutions we have found that let us live a life that is serene, happy, and free, even when the alcoholic or addict is still drinking or using.

Life on Fire


Life on Fire podcast. Where I Speak about the things that people don't see on the outside. I shed light on the stresses and problems everyone deals with but how they deal with those problems. What pushes them and how they motivate themselves on those tough days. Breaking down our thoughts and and the reminders we need. Making people feel seen and understood. Where others can come to relate and gain some clarity.Please rate and comment if you find the podcast useful

Waking Up to Narcissism

Tony Overbay LMFT

Tony Overbay, LMFT, shares real stories of people in and out of relationships with people who may be struggling with extreme emotional immaturity, narcissistic traits, and tendencies to full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. Tony speaks to the person "waking up to the narcissism" in their relationship or to the person "waking up to the narcissism" within themselves.

Daily Affirmations Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Daily Morning Affirmation Meditations that will infuse your day with calm, inspiration and connection. These daily morning affirmation meditations are short and easy to fit into your morning routine. Every morning, you’ll receive an episode that is dedicated to one specific affirmation, so you can have the space to reflect on it and receive the power within it. These morning affirmation meditations are created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen. 💗 Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and guided by Lauren Liebowitz. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

Depression Detox Show

Malikee Josephs (Muh Leek - Jo Seffs)

Get UNSTUCK and change your relationship with depression. Join host, life coach, and health expert Malikee Josephs, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to hear talks from leading health and inspirational experts to lift your mood and change your life! If you’re struggling with feelings of unhappiness, loneliness, emptiness, anxiety, sadness, grief/loss, or not having a sense of purpose, this show is for YOU! —————— If you are in need of medical care, please consult with a therapist or physician. If you are in a crisis or thinking of harming yourself, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255. Calls are private and confidential. CDC Mental Health recommendation page https://www.cdc.gov/mentalhealth/tools-resources/index.htm

The Terri Cole Show

Cloud10 and iHeartPodcasts

Terri Cole is a licensed psychotherapist, transformation coach, and expert at turning Fear into Freedom. Helping people all over the world face their fears, get unstuck from the past, move past their limiting beliefs, and start living the lives they desire. This show is for anyone who wants to learn more about practical psychology, achieving personal freedom, self-improvement, meditation, mindfulness practices, harnessing the power of intention, and real-life strategies for personal transformation. Episodes feature expert interviews, discussions, Terri's observations, listener Q&A, and how to apply practical strategies to create more freedom in all areas of your life.

Uniquely Human: The Podcast


Uniquely Human: the Podcast expands the conversation on autism and neurodiversity by amplifying the voices of autistic individuals and thought leaders in providing insightful, cutting-edge and practical information about the autistic experience. Hosted by Barry Prizant and Dave Finch.

The Narcissists' Code

Lee Hammock

Welcome to my podcast. I am Lee Hammock a self aware narcissist and I'm known as Mental Healness all over social media. I have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and I've been dealing with this personality disorder for as long as I can remember. I have been in psychotherapy for the last 4 years and Therapy has helped me to figure out exactly why I do what I do and it has allowed me to get to this point where I can offer you the perspective inside the head of a person battling this personality disorder. You might get triggered, but you'll get validated. @mentalhealness everywhere Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mentalhealness/support

21 Days of Abundance - Meditation Series

Deepak Chopra

Fulfill your deepest desires and effortlessly attract anything you wish.

Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent

Josh Trent

The Wellness + Wisdom Podcast is a global collective for humans to thrive in our modern world. In this podcast together we gather, apply and embody the wisdom needed for authentic well-being in the 21st century. Each episode is artfully crafted to go an inch wide and a mile deep into the "Pentagon of Wellness" - Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual + Financial. Your host, Josh Trent, asks the questions few have the courage to ask so you can garner the truth about how to live a life of confidence, freedom + optimal wellness. Together, we'll walk the path of courage to cross the gap between knowing, and doing. Learn from world class leaders about: Breathwork, Behavior Change, Wellness, Nutrition, Behavioral Psychology, Habits, Mindset, Fitness, Health, Philosophy, Religion, Organics, Biohacking, Transformation, Psychedelics, Mindfulness, Meditation, Neuroscience, Mental Health, Spirituality, Personal Growth, Consciousness + More. Every episode is built from Josh's proprietary science + spirit lessons from The Wellness Pentagon™ , (EI²)™ Emotional Intelligence + Inventory and more. Please take a moment to subscribe by heading over to joshtrent.com/podcast or search for “Josh Trent” on any podcast player.

Por el Placer de Vivir con el Dr. Cesar Lozano


Uno de los conferencistas más solicitados en México, Estados Unidos, Centro y Sudamérica. Ha impartido conferencias y programas de capacitación a más de 20 millones de personas, que han obtenido valiosas herramientas para una superación personal con temas de Calidad en Liderazgo, Relaciones Humanas, Ventas, Actitudes Positivas, y mucho más. Ahora, al alcance de tu mano con su podcast “Por El Placer de Vivir”

It’s not Normal It’s Toxic-rid your life of toxic people

It’s not Normal, It’s Toxic-ri

As a toxic relationship specialist my mission is to bring hope, healing, and FREEDOM to those whose lives have been affected by toxic relationships, emotional abuse, and narcissistic behaviors. Living and being in relationships that are not healthy for us can cause this type of abuse to be accepted as “normal”. TRUTH IS...ITS NOT NORMAL... ITS TOXIC! Having been in toxic relationships myself, I am now able to use my experience to guide those walking a similar path to my own. Listen now so that you too can be free of relationships that are not healthy for you.

Therapy Chat

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Psychotherapist, Burnout Prevention Consultant and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator interviews guests to discuss holistic and alternative approaches used in psychotherapy, counseling, coaching and healing sessions. Be a fly on the wall as therapists discuss the practice of psychotherapy and how they implement self care into their own lives to prevent therapist burnout. Conversations about mindfulness, self compassion, The Daring Way™, EMDR, art therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, other somatic methods, trauma, parenting, attachment will get you thinking deeply about therapy and the universal experience of being human, with all the joy and pain that entails.

THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali

Tarek Ali

For the past 7 years, Tarek Ali has always prefaced his talks with, “I never come to be right, I come to start the conversation.” And on this podcast, he continues THAT conversation. The thought-provoking conversations that not only inspire self-reflection and challenge societal norms, but provide you with the tools for self-improvement. Tune in every week to hear Tarek have THAT conversation, either alone or with an insightful guest, as we grow closer to our highest potential—together. We talk mental & physical health, society & culture, financial literacy, business, social injustice, relationships, and so much more. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts & please RATE and REVIEW the podcast so THAT conversation can reach and heal more people. thankyou.

The Food Freedom Lab with Ryann Nicole

Ryann Nicole

Do you ever feel like your life is a never-ending string of “when I lose Xlbs, THEN I'll be happy” only to find yourself facefirst in the peanut butter jar with both hands full of snacks, shoving food in your mouth so quickly... Wondering why am I like this? Welcome to The Food Freedom Lab where we will address ALL things food, body image, and emotions so food and workouts can be a part of your life, without them BEING your life. Week after week, host Ryann Nicole brings you the best of the best improvement tips, therapeutic strategies, life hacks, and inspirational stories that can help YOU get to food freedom! Waiting until you look like that until you can do the thing? No more! Girlfriend, we are getting you back to your life NOW. Ryann is dishing the tea on how she overcame binge eating, food obsession, and body hate and is giving you everything you need to do it too! Along with sharing her best kept secrets, Ry interviews other incredible women who have also found food freedom are sharing have changed their life to find ultimate happiness and share their secrets to ensure you find hope that happiness is possible for you! What do you say? Are you in? Are you ready to stop obsessing over food and get back to your life? Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/itsryannnicole Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/itsryannnicole Show Notes: https://itsryannnicole.com/podcast

Think Positive: Daily Affirmations

Dachia Arritola The DogMom

You've heard of affirmations, but have you used them successfully? Join me daily and I'll guide you through a very simple and brief activity where I'll give you a few affirmations, designed particularly for the Small Business Owner. Affirmations work best when they are done regularly. Daily-if not a few times a day. As a fellow Small Business Owner, I want to help you succeed.

Rain Sounds

Sol Good Media

Sounds for Sleep, Meditation, Studying, & Relaxation Check out our collection of eclectic podcasts, free offerings, & other content to help you relax and meditate at: www.solgood.org Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel www.solgood.org/subscribe

Wake Me Up: Morning Meditation & Motivation

Tyler Brown

Everything you need for a great morning in one place: get out of bed and do some yoga, meditate, or get motivated to make the best of your day. Change your life by changing your mornings with the only guided morning routine podcast. Don’t press the snooze button, just turn on an episode of Wake Me Up. Before you know it, you’ll be out of bed, energized, clear of mind, and excited about your day!

Infertility Feelings

Jesse and Doug from Uniquely Knitted

Jesse and Doug have suffered from infertility without success for the past decade. Throughout their struggle of infertility they have been overwhelmed with a tidal wave of uncontrollable feelings. In 2019 they founded Uniquely Knitted, a non profit organization aimed at serving all who struggle with the emotions of infertility.In this podcast they are breaking down all the things we feel during the struggle to grow our families. Understanding the psychology of the feelings that come up during infertility from licensed therapists. Hearing first hand from those who have gone through infertility.Helping everyone struggling, and those who care for someone struggling know what it FEELS like to go through infertility.

Counselor Toolbox Podcast

Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Counselors, coaches and sober companions help hundreds of thousands of people affected by Addictions and Mental Health issues each year. Learn about the current research and practical counseling tools to improve your skills and provide the best possible services. Counselor Toolbox targets counselors, coaches and companions, but can also provide useful counseling self-help tools for persons struggling with these issues and their loved ones. AllCEUs is an approved counseling continuing education provider for addiction and mental health counselors in most states. Counseling CEUs are available for each episode.

The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast

Pocket Psychiatry: A Carlat Podcast

Clear, engaging, and practical updates on clinical psychiatry. Hosted by Chris Aiken, MD, and Kellie Newsome, PMHNP. Earn CME for listening at www.thecarlatreport.com/podcastcme

The Anxiety Dr. Podcast

The Anxiety Dr

The Anxiety Dr. Podcast is a weekly Podcast about anxiety, fear, stress, and all things life brings us. Dr. Lisa Cortez, a psychotherapist, known as The Anxiety Dr, chats with you and offers you tips and tools to help you eliminate that dreadful anxiety. To help you live the life you truly want to live all by empowering you and encouraging you. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theanxietydr/support

The Anxiety Chicks

The Anxiety Chicks

Alison Seponara, MS, LPC and Taylor Marae MS, RDN are diving deep into a the reality of anxiety, nutrition, and mental health! Listen as Alison and Taylor explore all things anxiety healing while keeping it REAL...including their own struggles with mental health! Alison and Taylor bring their expertise as healing professionals to the conversation while discussing the tools and strategies you need to heal the anxious mind. Follow Alison along with 450,000 healers on Instagram @theanxietyhealer & Taylor's healing community 280,000 healers at @health_anxiety Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-anxiety-chicks/support

Anxiety Slayer™ with Shann and Ananga

Shann Vander Leek & Ananga Sivyer

With a love for what we do, millions of downloads, and hundreds of free episodes, the highly acclaimed, award-winning Anxiety Slayer™ podcast is a leading resource for anyone who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks, stress, and PTSD. Listen in for a rich collection of supportive conversations, meditations, relaxations, expert interviews, and breathing techniques to help you feel calm, centered, and relaxed. Join us for weekly podcasts for your peace of mind and personal growth. AnxietySlayer.com.

Dropping Gems with Devi Brown

The Black Effect and iHeartPodcasts

Hosted by Devi Brown, Dropping Gems is a soft place to land where higher consciousness meets your everyday life. Nourish your spirit, grab new tools for the journey and fall deeply in love with the highest version of who you are.Devi Brown serves as the Chief Impact Officer at Chopra Global and is the voice of daily meditation on the Chopra wellness app. A wellbeing educator, author of Crystal Bliss, founder of Karma Bliss, a founding board member of the Mental Wealth Alliance, host of the Black Effect Podcast Network podcast Dropping Gems, seasoned broadcaster and multi-modality healing practitioner. Devi is devoted to spiritual connection meant to aid in the healing of intergenerational trauma and internal liberation. Her work is rooted in weaving ancient and modern practices into tangible healing tools that are in support of emotional growth and radical self-love.

The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health


Welcome to psychology for the rest of us. Host Dr. Monica Johnson takes the science of psychology and makes it both entertaining and relatable. Using a sympathetic ear and evidence-based research, she explains the ‘why’ behind emotions like joy, anger, fear, trust, and anxiety, and helps you better understand the relationships you form with your friends, family, coworkers, and yourself. Seeking a healthier emotional life? It’s time to bring a trained psychologist and mental health expert along for the ride.

Neurodiversity Podcast

Emily Kircher-Morris

The Neurodiversity Podcast talks with leaders in the fields of psychology, education, and beyond, about positively impacting neurodivergent people. Our goal is to reframe differences that were once considered disabilities or disorders, promote awareness of this unique population, and improve the lives of neurodivergent and high-ability people.

Sober Powered

Gillian Tietz

Do you ever say, "I'm never drinking again!", but then you drink again? There are many reasons why this happens, and none of them are that we're weak-willed losers. After years of rationalizing why her drinking wasn’t that bad, Gill reached her breaking point. With her background in biochemistry, she set out on a quest to understand why some of us struggle with addiction and others don’t. In the Sober Powered Podcast, Gill uses science, psychology, and compassion to help you understand why you struggle to moderate, why it's so hard to quit drinking, and how to develop the coping skills you need to stay sober. Not sure where to start? Episodes 76, 91, 94, 99, and 102 are very popular!

The SelfWork Podcast

Margaret Robinson Rutherford PhD

I'm Dr. Margaret, a psychologist for over 25 years and the author of Perfectly Hidden Depression. I created The SelfWork Podcast in 2016 to explain mental health treatment, and to give you the chance to consider therapy without thinking it's weird or somehow suggests you can't "fix" your own problems. My team is so honored that five years later, SelfWork has earned nearly 3.5 million downloads! Each episode features the popular listener question. And, once a month, you’ll hear a “You Get the Gist” segment - a five minute run-down of a current topic - as well as an interview with an outstanding guest author or expert, adding to the wide diversity of topics listeners so appreciate. Regularly rated as one of the top mental health/depression podcasts out there, I keep it short and casual - and I'd love to hear from you. Please join me.

The Save The Marriage Podcast

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Learn the secrets of saving a troubled marriage, and the methods to improve any marriage. Join Dr. Lee Baucom as he explores practical ways to save a marriage. Gain the understanding and tools you need in order to successfully solve your relationship problems with love and respect.

The Addicted Mind Podcast

Duane Osterlind, LMFT

The Addicted Mind Podcast is about understanding addiction from a research and treatment perspective. We will dive into what drives the addictive process, explore the latest research on addiction, and talk about the latest addiction treatment options. We will also explore what recovery from addiction looks like from a variety of different people. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction then The Addicted Mind Podcast can help.

The Anxious Truth - A Panic, Anxiety, and Mental Health Podcast

Drew Linsalata

Struggling with panic attacks, agoraphobia, or other anxiety problems? The Anxious Truth will educate you, empower you, encourage you, and inspire you to get your life back! Listen to the podcast, read the books, join the social media community, and get on the path to recovery.

Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology

Anne O Weekly Weather

Anne Ortelee, a nationally (NCGR-PAA Level 3, AMAFA) and internationally (ISAR) certified astrologer, presents her Cosmic Weekly Weather report. Based on the astrology configurations above our heads, Anne discusses the energy we can expect to experience on Planet Earth during the upcoming week. She offers a brief astrology lesson! You can always book a private consultation with Anne to discuss your personal questions and your chart.

A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

A Sober Girls Guide

Jessica Jeboult is a Sober Girl. From health and fitness to relationships, dating and even sober sex. This hilariously witty and modern approach to an otherwise daunting subject is sure to give you some solid tips and tricks to changing your relationship with alcohol.

ADHD Nerds

Jesse J. Anderson

ADHD Nerds is the podcast for Adults with ADHD to learn more about their unique brain through the stories of others. Learn tips and strategies for managing or hacking your ADHD brain and have some fun along the way. ADHD Nerds is hosted by Jesse J. Anderson, an ADHD Creative with a passion for writing, teaching, and raising awareness about ADHD. In 2017, he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 36, and has made it his mission to help others better understand what ADHD really is. This podcast is a great place to learn more about Adult ADHD, whether you're officially diagnosed, self-diagnosed, stuck on a waiting list, or just want to know more about how your loved one's brain works.

Relax With Animal Facts

Stefan Wolfe

A weekly podcast dedicated to helping you unwind while you journey into jungles, swamps, and seas to learn all about your favorite animals from around the world. Sleep, relax, or be attentive; its all up to you. New episodes available every Friday. Get Bonus Content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Emotional Badass

Nikki Eisenhauer

Emotional Badasses are survivors, thrivers, seekers, and healers! Expand and awaken to your higher purpose, be more present and authentic, find strength in spirituality, quiet the monkey mind of modern society with meditation, and connect deeply with yourself and safe others. We let go of what doesn't serve us to heal old wounds, find our voice guilt-free, and learn to be the hero in our own story, embrace guerrilla self care, and laugh with lightness on the self development path. This show is designed to mindfully be the emotional education so many of us crave; emotional badass is where we learn to love ourselves without apology. Emotional Badass is where Moxie Meets Mindful. Hosted by Nikki Eisenhauer M.ED. LPC, LCDC, International Life Coach and Psychotherapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

The BTR.ORG Podcast - Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Anne Blythe

btr.org - btr.org has daily, online group and individual coaching sessions for victims of emotional & psychological abuse and sexual coercion. For women experiencing pain, chaos, and isolation due to their husband’s abuse: lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic abuse. We recognize that labeling a woman as codependent is a form of victim blaming. Pornography addiction / sex addiction are a domestic abuse issue. Narcissistic abuse is not a communication issue. We help women who are in a relationship, separated, or divorced navigate to recover and heal by establishing safety through boundaries. If you suspect your husband is a narcissist, a pornography addict, or emotionally abusive, this podcast is for you. We care about your mental health. Every woman on our team has experienced abuse and betrayal trauma first hand. To learn more about Betrayal Trauma Recovery, visit btr.org

Mindfulness For Beginners

Shaun Donaghy

A podcast focused on how you can pick up the basics of mindfulness and meditation with the aim of creating a calmer, happier you and a kinder world.

Heal, Survive & Thrive!

Stephanie Lyn

I am a Life & Relationship Coach and I help people that have recently gone through a divorce or ended a relationship. I work specifically on teaching my clients the process of healing. I give each person that I work with the emotional support they need to not only heal and survive what they have been through but to also THRIVE in their new life.

Ask Dr. Julie Hanks

Dr. Julie Hanks

Each week Dr. Hanks coaches a real person through a common life challenge. Listen to Ask Dr. Julie Hanks for healing conversations that educate and empower women to prioritize their needs, revolutionize their families, and personalize their faith.

Therapy in a Nutshell

Therapy in a Nutshell -Emma McAdam

Therapy in a Nutshell Mental Health Skills in concise packages Emma McAdam, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist shares mental health skills in concise packages.

Love and Abuse

Paul Colaianni

Helping you identify toxic communication, emotional abuse, manipulation, and other forms of bad behavior in relationships. Full of tips and advice for your friendships, family, love life, and marriage. Revealing covert abusive communication that takes away your power. Learn to pinpoint the specific toxic behaviors such as narcissistic abuse and verbal abuse before you are dragged into their game so deep you come out a shell of your former self. Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M.E.A.N. Workbook, an assessment and healing guide to help you evaluate the emotionally abusive and manipulative patterns in your relationship. Download the guide at loveandabuse.com. Transcripts available upon request: https://loveandabuse.com/contact/

Down To Sleep (Audiobooks & Bedtime Stories)

Down To Sleep

Down To Sleep is a weekly podcast of softly spoken book readings to help you fall asleep, audiobooks and bedtime stories. From Alice in Wonderland to Twilight, Pride & Prejudice to Coraline. Join our sleepy book club on Patreon to get access to every episode right now, vote on the next book, hear complete audiobooks, get two new readings every week and more. Support the podcast on Patreon to get 2 episodes every week, access to every episode so far, complete audiobooks and vote on what book is next. https://www.Patreon.com/DownToSleep Books read softly, calm and relaxing readings, an almost ASMR like softly spoken fashion to listen to and fall asleep with. Classic books like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice and more. To hear more modern readings like Twilight, Jurassic Park, Coraline and more, join the Patreon. There are also rainy day versions of complete readings, with rain sounds and gentle storms in the background with the book reading. Complete and compiled episodes, you get to vote on books are read next, and get 2 episodes every week. Whether you love books or just need a soothing voice to help you get down to sleep, enjoy this sleep aid podcast with a free episode every week Happy sleeping. This sleep story podcast is here to help your problems sleeping.



To be successful, you have to use each day as an opportunity to improve, to be better, to get a little bit closer to your goals. It might sound like a lot of work—and with a busy schedule, next to impossible. But the best part is, the more you accomplish, the more you’ll want to do, the higher you’ll want to reach. So as long as you have the hunger for success, you will always have the power within you to achieve it.

The Papaya Podcast

Dear Media, Sarah Nicole Landry

The Papaya Podcast is a weekly show where your host, Sarah Nicole, dishes out some sweetness mixed in with some seeds of wisdom. Get ready to get inspired, get candid, and get real, because we are all in this digital space together.

The Office ASMR - A Podcast to Sleep To

Sleepy Office Fan

The Office is a great show to fall asleep to. This is a podcast narrating each episode in a calm, relaxed way to help people fall asleep without screens. Connect on Twitter @ASMROffice

Sleep and Relaxation Sounds

Sound Therapy

Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/soundtherapy/subscribe Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or just simply can't sleep at night? Having a hard time focusing on work or school? Sound Therapy has you covered. We have the highest quality nature sounds, white noise, and relaxation music to help ease your mind.

Sleep and Sorcery | Folklore & Fantasy-Inspired Sleep Stories

Laurel Hostak

Welcome to Sleep and Sorcery, a folklore and fantasy-inspired sleep series. Step across the threshold into a world of myth and magic, where you can safely drift off into a deep and comfortable sleep. Sleep and Sorcery is one part bedtime story, one part guided meditation, and one part dreamy adventure. Visit a cozy cottage in the mythical village of Slumbershire, the fairy tale forests of Bohemia, the court of King Arthur, and spaceships among the stars. Dream your wildest dreams with Sleep and Sorcery. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sleep-sorcery/support

The Men's Self Help Podcast

John D. Moore, PhD

Looking for a self help show? Hoping for insights on mental health and wellness? Dr. John Moore hosts The Men's Self Help Podcast - a show for men and the people who love them that focuses on psychology, mental health, relationships and guy issues. Therapy and coaching insights in easy to understand discussions.

Heart of the Matter

Partnership to End Addiction

Heart of the Matter with Elizabeth Vargas is a production from Partnership to End Addiction. Heart of the Matter is an interview series that gives guests the opportunity to share their personal, candid stories about addiction. This podcast offers a space to open up about addiction, substance use and mental health, to share the ways in which people are shifting their narrative – in their own relationships and across communities – to support the cause of ending addiction in our country. Worried about your child or loved one? Partnership to End Addiction's helpline is here for you and anyone else playing a supportive role in the life of a person struggling with substance use. Get one on one support by texting CONNECT to 55753 or visit https://helphope.net/3koi6Kh to learn more. Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed on Heart of the Matter are those of the podcast participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Partnership to End Addiction. We are also mindful that some of the personal stories feature the word “addict” and other terms from the following link. We respect and understand those who choose to use certain terms to express themselves. However, we strive to use language that’s health-oriented, accurately reflects science, promotes evidence-based treatment and demonstrates respect and compassion. https://drugfree.org/article/shouldnt-use-word-addict/

The Self Esteem and Confidence Mindset

Jonny Pardoe

A simple 5 episode a week podcast for individuals wanting to boost their confidence, self esteem and personal growth. I'm Jonny your Podcast Host, a Neuroencoding Specialist, former Confidence & Mindset Coach, and like any human have had my own setbacks. I'm here to guide you with many amazing guests. I've been privileged in my journey, studying and being coached (in some cases) by leaders like Joseph McClendon, Tony Robbins, Rob Dial, Brendon Burchard, Gabby Bernstein, Mel Robbins and Dean Graziosi. It's changed my life by applying, so now I'm sharing. Contact: speaking@jonnypardoe.com

Latinx Therapy

Adriana Alejandre, LMFT | Conversations about Mental Health Myths and Welln

Break the stigma of mental health as it relates to the Latinx community. Learn self-help techniques, how to support ourselves or those around us that struggle with mental illnesses and create cultural competency for other providers working with the Latinx population.

PetiteStacy ASMR


A place where you can simply ✨chill✨ Relax to some soft spoken and peaceful ASMR roleplays to listen to while at work, to help you fall asleep, or to just feel relaxed and less anxious. 😴 If you need a space to just be, this is the place for you. So come on in, take a seat, and sit back and relax. ASMR Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/PetiteStacy

Michelle's Sanctuary: Bedtime Stories & Sleep Meditations

Michelle's Sanctuary

Dream away with original sleep meditations and bedtime stories that will help you overcome insomnia, fall asleep fast, and relax at the end of the day. Reconnect with your imagination before crossing the bridge to your sleeping life with Michelle, the voice of your trusted friend and guide. Michelle's Sanctuary has been a popular channel on YouTube since 2016, with over 73,000 subscribers and 10 million views. Check out michellessanctuary.com! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/michelles-sanctuary/support

The OCD Stories

Stuart Ralph

Welcome to The OCD Stories, hosted by Stuart Ralph. The podcast has been heard over 4million times globally. Check out your first episode from our existing hundreds of episodes featuring experts, and people experiencing symptoms just like you today. If you do, you may just feel understood, heard and possibly help you identify your next step in your own personal journey to healing. Disclaimer - this podcast is not a replacement for therapy. Please seek treatment from a licensed mental health professional.

Real WW Talk

Real WW Talk

Welcome to Real WW Talk! We are Candice, Erin, and Rikki, three diverse friends who met in the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Studio and formed a friendship. When COVID-19 hit, our weekly in-person chat went virtual, and we decided to invite you in for even more accountability. There's no hiding, no trying to make ourselves better than we are, just real talk about our struggles and wins as we journey towards better health on WW, and you're welcome to join in.

The FitMind Podcast: Mental Fitness, Neuroscience & Psychology

FitMind: Neuroscience, Meditation & Mental Fitness Training

Expert insights on the science of mental fitness. Topics include psychology, neuroscience, mental health, mindfulness meditation, productivity, brain technologies, Stoicism, happiness hacking, and more. Liam McClintock, the Founder of FitMind, talks with leaders in their fields, from neuroscientists and psychologists to Buddhist monks and professional athletes. At FitMind, we believe that the next great human frontier is the mind. FitMind combines ancient techniques with western psychology to provide mental fitness training that is taught at Fortune 500 companies, addiction centers, schools, government organizations, and on the FitMind meditation app. Liam McClintock received a B.A. from Yale and worked in finance before traveling to Asia to study meditation full-time. He is currently completing an MS in Applied Neuroscience at King’s College London. Liam is an RYS Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor and has trained in various meditation styles. He has been featured in Time, Vice, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, NBC, and Men’s Health.

رواق / Ravaq

Farzin Ranjbar

می‌ترسید بی‌آنکه بداند می‌ترسد. غمگین بود بی‌آنکه بداند از چه. می‌خواست برود، بی‌آنکه بداند به کجا. دلتنگ بود، بی‌آنکه بداند برای که. _ پادکست رواق با رویکردی روانشناختی به اگزیستانسیالیسم می‌پردازه و ساده‌تر از اسمش، ریشه‌ی بسیاری از احساسات عمیق آدمی رو واکاوی می‌کنه، غمها، ترسها، آرزوها. هدف رواق کشفِ فردیِ مخاطبان از ابعادِ زیستِ اصیله و من با تکیه بر آثار اروین یالوم، در این مکاشفه همراه شما هستم. _ من فرزین رنجبر هستم.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Gregg Clunis

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a personal development podcast focused on exploring the day-to-day behaviors we all engage in that determine the results we gain in our lives. Hosted by Gregg Clunis, the show shares simple strategies you can implement into your life to start moving the needle towards your biggest goals. Get ad-free episodes by joining TLBC+: https://anchor.fm/tinyleaps/subscribe

The Higher Practice Podcast for Optimal Mental Health

Keith Kurlander

I'm Keith Kurlander, with Dr. Will Van Derveer, Co-Founders of the Integrative Psychiatry Institute and Integrative Psychiatry Centers, and this is the podcast where we explore what it takes to achieve optimal mental health. If you want to learn about cutting-edge psychology that help people reach their highest potential then this is the show for you! Have a question, please email us at info@psychiatryinstitute.com

The "Hey Friend" Podcast

Ozley ASMR

Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/ozley-asmr/subscribe Get access to the ad-free video version of podcast episodes by subscribing on Spotify! Subscriptions are currently only valid for Spotify users. Life can get rather loud and chaotic, and sometimes we need help finding calm in the present moment. The Hey Friend Podcast facilitates that process through ASMR methods. Your host Ozley welcomes you, promising to keep her voice down and to use only the most relaxing, tingly triggers.

MORNING, MAMA | Heal From the Past, Parent with Purpose, and Live Out Your Calling - Mental Health, Biblical Parenting, Chris

Brittany Wilson, MS | Christian Mental Health Coach

Mama, are you tired of feeling like you have nothing left to pour out, and yet still feel like you’re somehow not giving enough? Do you wish you could stop rehearsing the same patterns from your family that you swore to yourself you would never repeat? Are you sick of spending hours worrying about your kids and being constantly bombarded with all of the “what ifs” that take over your mind? Do you wish you didn’t feel like you just had to survive this season and that you could actually enjoy it? How about waking up excited for the day, feeling confident as a mother, and living out those dreams you abandoned so long ago? In this podcast, you will find tools, wisdom, and encouragement to help you step into the life you were created for! We will dig into healing from your past by re-aligning your identity with Christ, shining a light on depression and anxiety, and ending the cycles of unhealthy family patterns. We will work to help you craft a healthy, joy-filled life by creating healthy habits, diving into boundaries, and discussing practicals to being a godly wife and raising our kids with intention. We will equip you to spread hope into the world by discovering your gifts and passions, resurrecting old dreams, and learning how to take the freedom you have found and bring others in on it! If you’re ready to move from anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, and to step into the abundant wide open life that God is calling you to then I think you have found your spot, Mama. Hi, I’m Brittany, your guide to navigating this journey of healing. I have spent years as a therapist, leader, and coach, helping people move out of the spaces they have been stuck in. I also have walked through my own journey of healing from decades of depression, anxiety, anger, and a deep belief that I am not good enough. I am here because God used a miscarriage to show me I had nothing to fear and that it was time to use all that he has healed in me to spread his message of hope into the world. So mama, grab your coffee and journal so we can unpack what it looks like to live a life you were created for! We are going to get super real, laugh about our quirks, and do the heavy lifting to transform our pain into purpose. If you’re ready to grab hold of your courage, step out in faith, you will discover that your life can become more than you ever dreamed possible. THIS is Morning, Mama! A place for you to throw off all that has been holding you back and run into true freedom. Let’s go!! COMMUNITY--> https://bit.ly/MorningMamaFacebookGroup CONNECT--> support@morningmama.co INSTAGRAM-->instagram.com/morningmamapodcast

The Healing Center

Chuck Cochran

From our studios in Nashville, Tennessee, this is The Healing Center: a podcast where we talk to experts and leaders in wellness, mental health, physiology, fitness, nutrition, and any other topic that helps us get through the day with purpose; and, through our life with long term success and health. Please give us 5 stars wherever you listen to your podcasts, and visit our website at www.HealingCenters.co to share feedback, suggest future episode topics and find out more about the people on our podcast.

Good Mourning Grief Podcast

Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn

Good Mourning shines a light on what grief is really like with honesty, hope and humour. Hosts Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn are two mates who are real, truthful, a little bit sweary and on a mission to help others feel less alone after loss. No topic is off limits as they speak to inspiring guests about all things grief and share tips and advice on how to cope from their community of fellow grievers across the globe. A grief support group in a podcast, it’s a space where you’ll feel understood, connected to others and even have the odd ‘aha!’ moment where everything you’re experiencing starts to make more sense. Most importantly, you’ll feel less alone.   Connect with us: Grief is the price we pay for love, but it can be lonely. If you need extra grief support, join the Good Mourning community on Instagram at @goodmourningpodcast or head to www.goodmourning.com.au. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

The Narcissists' Code

Lee Hammock

Welcome to my podcast. I am Lee Hammock a self aware narcissist and I'm known as Mental Healness all over social media. I have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and I've been dealing with this personality disorder for as long as I can remember. I have been in psychotherapy for the last 4 years and Therapy has helped me to figure out exactly why I do what I do and it has allowed me to get to this point where I can offer you the perspective inside the head of a person battling this personality disorder. You might get triggered, but you'll get validated. @mentalhealness everywhere Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mentalhealness/support

Matthias J Barker Podcast

Matthias Barker

Discussions on moving towards what's meaningful despite hardship.

The Leading Edge in Emotionally Focused Therapy


We are both experienced relational therapists and trainers in the Emotionally Focused Therapy model. Our mission is to create content to support and challenge therapists' growth in addressing relational distress from an attachment perspective.

Calming Chaos With Ky

Kyah Barrett

Everyone in this world is facing something, let’s be honest.. Including myself. I’m here to talk about it with you, let out cries & emotions together, & take on life with each other. Without judgement or criticism, a little like therapy. Come hangout with me and join the family!

The HEAL Podcast

Kelly Noonan Gores

The HEAL Podcast is a continuation of the HEAL documentary and HEAL book. Kelly Noonan Gores, a passionate seeker on a mission to find out the true extent of human potential and healing, continues the conversation by interviewing leading doctors, scientists, spiritual teachers, and healers around the globe. She also interviews real people with remarkable healing stories who have turned around supposedly incurable diseases. So much more is possible when it comes to healing than we are often told by mainstream, conventional medicine. HEAL will inspire you with hope and empower you with knowledge, tools, awareness, and a strong belief that almost anything is possible when it comes to healing. A most powerful and intelligent healer resides within us all and the HEAL Podcast will teach us how to activate this innate healer within.

Daily Meditation Podcast

Declutter The Mind

Daily Meditation Podcast is where you'll find a new guided meditation practice every day. We offer different types of practices from mindfulness and visualizations, to body scans and loving-kindness. Whether you're looking to meditate for focus, to manage anxiety, help you sleep, or live a more examined life, you've come to the right place. If you'd like more, check out https://declutterthemind.com

Bore You To Sleep - Sleep Stories for Adults


The Sleep Podcast that reads you a short story to try and help you sleep. The stories are read in slow English so they can also help listeners everywhere improve their English and improve their listening, while getting a good night's rest. No one wants insomnia so lie back and relax as this hopefully helps to make you feel sleepy. Say hello or become a sponsor of the podcast at www.boreyoutosleep.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/boreyoutosleep/support

Real Talk Recovery

The Therapy Brothers

Brannon Patrick LSCW and Tyler Patrick LMFT are both therapists. But before they were therapists, they were brothers. In their podcast, they have the realest conversations answering the most difficult and uncomfortable questions related to recovery. This podcast is all about rebuilding trust in relationships, overcoming sexual addiction, and healing from trauma and betrayal. Call in to ask your question or share your stories of recovery with the Therapy Brothers! https://realtalkrecovery.com Join Us at one of our events: https://therapybros.com/events

The Virtual Couch

Tony Overbay LMFT

The Virtual Couch is a podcast hosted by Tony Overbay, a marriage and family therapist, humor columnist, and motivational speaker who works with many individuals and couples in various areas, including marriage, sexual addiction, and parenting. Tony, and his guests, hope to provide listeners with tools and strategies to help break negative patterns and embrace new and exciting challenges in their lives.

The Hypnotist

Adam Cox

The Hypnotist is a show that gives you inside access to cutting edge hypnosis, with real clients, facing genuine issues. Brought to you by the hypnotherapist demanded by Celebrities, CEO’s and even Royalty – Adam Cox. These recordings took place live from Adam’s clinic in London’s World Famous Harley Street.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Aileen Xu

Life is an art. Make it your masterpiece. The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a podcast on personal growth and lifestyle design. Hosted by YouTuber and entrepreneur Aileen Xu, this podcast shares insight & inspiration on how to shine as your brightest self and create your dream life. New episodes on Sundays.

Checking In with Michelle Williams

The Black Effect and iHeartPodcasts

On CHECKING IN, Michelle Williams and her friends let it all out as they reveal their intimate experiences with depression, anxiety and their mental health journeys. Hosted by Michelle, these celebrity interviews will also offer skills on how to manage mental health hardships and even offer coping strategies for emotional well-being.

Sleep Sounds Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Trouble sleeping? Press play on these sleep sounds. Relaxing sleep meditation music, ambient and nature sounds, binaural beats, white noise and more are here for you whenever you need help drifting off into peaceful sleep. Each episode is 1 hour long, so just lay back, close your eyes and let yourself ease into deep sleep. Created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen 💗. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network. https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

Inside Mental Health

Healthline Media

Award-winning weekly podcast that approaches psychology and mental health in an accessible way. Listen as our host Gabe Howard speaks candidly with experts, celebrities, and other notables to break down complex topics into simpler terms.

The Meditation Podcast

Jesse Stern

The Meditation Podcast creates an extraordinary meditation experience for people in their everyday lives. Founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Jesse & Jeane Stern, TMP uses guided meditations, binaural beats, mindfulness, and 20+ years experience in Healing Arts. Please use headphones, and do not listen while driving or operating machinery. For our complete archive of meditations, please visit our web site or Patreon.com/theMeditationPodcast.

Call For Help

Lemonada Media

911: three digits virtually every American knows to dial in case of emergency. But 911 dispatches police, and in a mental health emergency, they can be ineffective, dangerous, even deadly. But there's hope. As of July 16, there’s a new three digit option in town: 988, a 24/7 hotline specifically designed to handle mental health crises. In theory, it’s an opportunity to reimagine what crisis response looks like in America, connecting callers in need to comprehensive mental health, substance use, and suicidal crises services including 24/7 local call centers, mobile crisis teams, and stabilization options. In reality, most states aren’t ready. Why? Because a phone number won’t fix America’s inadequate and underfunded mental health system. Hosted by Stephanie Wittels Wachs, and featuring special correspondent Zak Williams, Call for Help looks at the promise and the perils of 988. We uncover how the system got so messed up in the first place, what crisis response currently looks like in America, and what it will take to do better. From Lemonada and Sozosei Foundation. Supported by The Jed Foundation, NAMI, and The Just Trust.

Gentle Women Strength with RobelsieC

Robelsie C

Intentions is for this podcast to help you feel less alone, reflect, & understood as a woman. We are the ying and yang, through all of our walks of life there’s so many time where we are called to be gentle yet strong. Sharing the times when I had to ease down on myself and let my feminine rise but also when strength was my only way out. I’m a true believer that we are more alike than different.

Dreamful Bedtime Stories

Jordan Blair

Bedtime Stories for Slumber. Each episode is a dreamy story accompanied by music to help you drift into a deep sleep.

Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse

Kerry McAvoy, Ph.D.

Are you in a toxic relationship—one that leaves you confused, feeling attacked, or walking on eggshells? Seven years ago, recently widowed psychologist, Dr Kerry McAvoy, found herself trapped in a second marriage. Her story, LOVE YOU MORE, a raw and graphic memoir, offers a vulnerable look at psychological abuse and its power to render someone helpless, even a trained clinician. Listen in as Dr. McAvoy unpacks how to break free from narcissistic abuse. Each episode is a replay of a TikTok live where she takes the audience's questions.

حنان الشهري | كلام من القلب

Hanan Alshehri

أنا حنان الشهري، مرشدة إتصال داخلي ومتحدثة في الوعي ومؤسسة مانا باي أس، منصة للإتصال الداخلي واليوغا والتأمل والتشافي. اؤمن أن كل ما نبحث عنه موجود بداخلنا وأن الحياة هي رحلة من التجارب، تجاربُ تصنعُنا وتجارب تكسرنا لتصنَعنا وتجاربُ تعلمُنا عن أنفسنا وعن اتصالنا بكلّ ما حولنا في الحياة. في بحثي الدائم عن المعنى سأتكلم في بودكاست (كلام من القلب) بشفافية عن هذه التجارب والقرارت والمفارقات التي مررت وأمرّ بها في حياتي والتي مهدّت لي الطريق إلى المكان الذي وصلت إليه مع نفسي.لتعرف المزيد الرجاء زيارة منصة مانا باي أسwww.manabyus.com

Light Up The Couch

Clearly Clinical

Affordable, relevant, and diverse Continuing Ed for mental health professionals… one year of unlimited CE courses for just $60. Clearly Clinical is an approved provider with the APA, NBCC, ASWB, NAADAC, CAMFT, & CCAPP; we support women and clinicians from other historically-marginalized populations, and donate to the Trevor Project. Our innovative CE presentations and interviews feature national experts and cover topics that help today’s passionate providers learn, grow, and shine. Visit us at www.ClearlyClinical.com to become part of the movement!

Calming Anxiety

Martin Hewlett Hypnotherapy

A soft, caring selection of guided meditation and mindfulness sessions to help you unwind, relax and live a happier life. Letting go of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. With gentle background music, a soft, empathic voice, Martin guides you along a path towards taking back control of your life and well being. So, if you are suffering from insomnia or a lack of confidence I aim to provide you with a way of letting go of the past and being more confident and happier in the future. Take time out and learn to relax completely. I also have the new Calming Anxiety App. All this content plus so much more. Download now and take back control over your thoughts, feelings and reactions. Calming Anxiety for IOS - https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/calming-anxiety/id1576159331 Calming Anxiety for Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=digital.waterfront.calming.anxiety&hl=en-GB Why not join our community at the Calming Anxiety FaceBook Group? Share ideas, how you have changed through using the sessions or ideas for future shows. https://www.facebook.com/groups/CalmingAnxiety/ Thank you, Martin Hewlett GQHP

So My Mom's A Therapist Podcast

Trauma Psych Therapist, LMFT

Hi Dolls, Here we are! I hope this podcast is helpful in bringing insight into dating, dating apps, relationships, and why we do, feel, think and act the way we do! Most importantly, my hope is that this is a space where you feel loved, accepted, seen and that you belong. In this space you are just fine, you are more than fine. You are enough.

Sleep Better | A Sleep Podcast: Music with Background Noise and Nature Sounds for Sleep, Relaxation, Focus, and Meditation

Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping? You are in the right place. Looking for a way to fall asleep quicker, relax, meditate, or focus? Sleep Better has over 850,000 downloads and is a weekly podcast that features white noise/brown noise/pink noise and nature sounds along with relaxing ambient music to help quiet your mind. These 30 minute episodes are designed to help you everyday achieve a good night’s sleep, mindful meditation, or perfect background noise while you study and need to focus.

Attachment Theory in Action with Karen Doyle Buckwalter

Karen Doyle Buckwalter: The Knowledge Center

Presented by The Knowledge Center at Chaddock, Attachment Theory in Action is a weekly podcast featuring national experts from the field of attachment and trauma. Hosted by Karen Buckwalter, MSW, LCSW, the podcast is dedicated to therapists, social workers, counselors and psychologists working with clients from an attachment-based perspective. Listeners sit in on Karen’s insightful, informative and inspiring conversations with leading attachment theory researchers and clinicians in the field.

Calm it Down

Chad Lawson

Helping you calm the mind in a world full of noise.

Daily Motivations


Get the best motivational speech and inspiration daily from all your favorite motivational speakers all over the world.

Cheaper Than Therapy with Vanessa and Dené

Vanessa Bennett and Dené Logan

Vanessa Bennett and Dené Logan are two soul sisters and therapists who connected over their shared love of depth psychology—known as the psychology of the soul. It is a template for diving beneath the surface to examine the complex natures of being human while on the quest for wholeness, including the relationship to spirit. Through their training and lived experiences with depth, yogic psychology, and mindfulness, they developed a passion for supporting others in living their most authentic lives while cultivating a fulfilling and rich relationship with the Self, capital “S.” Every Wednesday, Vanessa and Dené look to demystify, de-stigmatize, and desensitize what goes on both inside the therapy room and in daily life, through soul-provoking conversations with fellow seekers, thought leaders, changemakers, and real people during live coaching sessions as they navigate the hard work it takes to be a human. This podcast is, for sure, Cheaper Than Therapy. Connect with us on Instagram @vanessasbennett and @denelogan

Black Girls Have Anxiety Too

Black Girls Have Anxiety Too!

Come join us as we strip away the taboo of talking about mental health and anxiety. Hear from mental health professionals, organizations and black women sharing their experiences as we break down the complexities and explore ways to heal and support each other. Tune in, stay for a while and heal.

The Stop Binge Eating Podcast

Kirstin Sarfde

If you're ready to end your struggle with binge eating and create your ideal eating life then this is the podcast for you. You'll learn how to find and use your self-control, how to trust yourself around food, and change your relationship with food. You'll learn simple tools that you can apply in your own life right away and gain insights into why you keep self-sabotaging yourself and what you can do about it. Your host, Kirstin Sarfde, is a certified life and weight loss coach who has gone through her own struggle with binge eating. She combines what she's learned in her extensive training along with her own personal experiences to give you an alternative solution for ending binge eating. You have more power and more control than you think, it's time for you to believe it and use it. You can find out more about Kirstin's work at coachkir.com

Never Binge Again

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

If you struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating, or if you repeatedly manage to lose weight only to gain it all back, you may be approaching things with the wrong mindset. Most contemporary thought on overeating and bingeing focuses on healing and self-love. But people who've overcome food addiction and weight issues often report it was more like capturing and caging a rabid dog than learning to love their inner child... Open the cage even an inch—or show that dog an ounce of fear—and it'll quickly burst out to shred your healthy eating plans, undoing all your progress in a heartbeat. From his perspective as a formerly food-obsessed psychologist—and previous consultant to major food manufacturers—Dr. Livingston shares specific techniques for isolating and permanently dis-empowering your “fat thinking self.” He reveals much of his own personal journey in the process.

Rugged Counseling Podcast

Rugged Counseling

Therapy without the fluff. Short episodes about mental health using real-world language. TJ Tucker, a licensed therapist, and Cody Pritchett, a next-gen nonprofit leader, help you live a free, fulfilling life through mental health conversations using stories and a down-to-earth style. They keep the episodes short so you can get to the root quickly. Friends for over 10 years, they tackle topics head-on and skip the flowery language and academic terms that sometimes accompany counseling - all while roasting each other and sharing stories of their own mental health experiences. For more, go to ruggedcounseling.com.

21 Day Positive Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

Kendal Maxwell, PhD; Ft. Black Wolf Sound

Mindfulness meditation has been shown in research to reduce anxiety, depressed mood, and even blood pressure. Additionally, it has been observed to be beneficial for improving overall quality of life. Engagement in activities that increase focus on positive thoughts and gratitude has also been shown to improve overall mood. This podcast involves 10-12 minute guided meditations with focus on positive words and visual imagery exercises. Set an alarm each day and listen to 1 meditation daily for 21 days to assist with creating a routine for yourself and improving your overall well-being. Continue to engage in meditation daily and re-listen to this podcast whenever you need to. This is your time, this is your life, this is your present moment. Written and read by: Dr. Kendal Maxwell, Clinical Neuropsychologist (@positivemindmediator) please contact to book for live hosting meditation or public speaking events. Music by: John Hornhorst (@black_wolf_sound) and Brock Cooper (@bk.cp)Artwork by: Allison Heisdorffer (@caracalidesigns) ALSO AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE WITH AMAZING VISUALS search for "21 Days of Positive Meditations" Pre-roll commercial: www.dedcool.com

The Connected Life

Justin and Abi Stumvoll

The Connected Life is a thought-provoking conversation about all the beautiful and messy ups and downs of life. Join Life Consultants Justin & Abi Stumvoll as they share vulnerable stories and practical wisdom that will lead you on a journey of connecting with yourself, others, and the world right in front of you. Their authentic, no-BS style will make you laugh, challenge you to dig deep, face your fears, and inspire you to love yourself and others more.

Soul Sistas Sleep Meditations - Guided Meditations for Black Women

Tsipporah the Explorer

Our meditations are for black and indigenous women, any women of color across the diaspora to help us reconnect with our inner states of mind, body and soul in order to transition you into a peaceful state of mind and prepare you for sleep. Let's release those burdens & prepare for rest. By cultivating a habit of nightly meditation, you will wake up with more love and compassion for yourself and others, and manifest inner peace as you move throughout your day. Asé. -- All donations are appreciated! https://www.buymeacoffee.com/soulsistassleep

مع هبة حريري

د.هبه حريري

بودكاست يناقش قضايا مختلفة تمس صحتنا النفسية و جودة حياتنا الاسرية و الاجتماعية ، نناقشها بعمق و نجعلها اقرب لواقع حياتنا

Decoding Narcissists, Manipulation & Toxic Ideas, with Frederik Ribersson

Frederik Ribersson

Narcissists manipulate others using toxic ideas. In this podcast, we decode narcissists and how they operate, we expose and deconstruct toxic ideas, and we learn how to negotiate effectively with narcissists. And, last but not least, we learn to break the toxic patterns during and after relationships, disinfect mental wounds and heal, so we can have a happy life afterwards and limit the damage narcissists inflict upon us. #fribersson #narcissism #narcissist #npd

Psychologists Off the Clock

Drs. Debbie Sorensen, Yael Schonbrun, & Jill Stoddard

We are three clinical psychologists, bringing you ideas from psychology that can help you flourish in your work, relationships, and health.

Happiness Podcast

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.

Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? We explore all these concerns and more every week on the Happiness Podcast, which has been downloaded over 10 million times since its inception. Happiness does not happen by chance, but because we take specific actions in our lives to create it. Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D., author of 13 books, TV show host, Psychology Today blogger, and corporate trainer, has been studying the actions it takes to reach the highest levels of human achievement for decades, and he wants to share what he knows with you. Come and explore, along with millions of others from the Happiness Podcast, Dr. Puff books and Psychology Today blog, private clients and corporate workshop attendees, the specific steps to take so that you can soar in your life. To learn more, go to: http://www.HappinessPodcast.org/

Affirmation Pod

Josie Ong Media

Get soothing affirmations for boosting your mental health! This weekly podcast gives you self-love affirmations for confidence, comfort and success. Start a three month free trial of premium access at AffirmationPod.com

The Balanced Life

Robin Long

Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.

Snooze with Sam

Snooze with Sam

💙 Scottish Bedtime Stories | Nature | Harry Potter | History | Immersive Ambience 💙 Become a Paid Subscriber: https://anchor.fm/snoozewithsam/subscribe Help keep these stories ad and sponsor-free by supporting me on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/snoozewithsam "Snooze with Sam" whispers sleepy stories of Scotland's natural world, all with the help of a soft, soothing Island voice. Lay yourself down, get comfortable and lose yourself in these immersive bedtime stories.

Vivasiti ASMR


Canadian ASMRtist helping you relax one tingle at a time. If you like my content don’t forget to leave a 5 star review! 💖

Unstuck Yourself

Bryce Spencer-Jones

We all have our own struggles that we have to overcome; Whether it be our mental health, overcoming traumas, finding our self-worth, going through breakups, etc. This podcast is to touch on those subjects and bring you one step closer to mental clarity and getting yourself unstuck in the process. -Bryce Spencer-Jones

Tell Me About Your Pain

Curable and Alan Gordon LCSW

When it comes to chronic pain, everyone has a unique story to tell. But when it comes to the fears, doubts and struggles around pain, we all have much more in common. Join hosts Alan Gordon, LCSW (Founder of the Pain Psychology Center) and Alon Ziv as they respond to the experiences of real chronic pain sufferers and provide techniques based on the latest neuroscience to help listeners overcome chronic pain. Powered by Curable, an online program that teaches people to use evidence-based techniques to relieve chronic pain. For updates and more information about Tell Me About Your Pain, visit curablehealth.com/tellmeaboutyourpain

پادکست آرامش


هدف پادکست آرامش، هدیه کردن دقایقی آرامش و احساسات مثبت به شماست. پادکست روانشناسی، مدیتیشن و داستان های کوتاه و انگیزه بخش.

In Your Feelings

Thought Catalog

"In Your Feelings" a podcast from Thought Catalog talks about the humanness and realness of being a sensitive and feeling person.

The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Tammy Sollenberger

The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems podcast is for anyone looking to find balance and harmony. IFS can help you understand the tug-of-war within your mind and rediscover your natural calm, creativity, and clarity. IFS can also heal the parts of you who hold pain. Hosted by certified IFS therapist, Tammy Sollenberger, this show aims to educate, support, and encourage those who are curious about IFS model of psychotherapy. Join Tammy each episode for a fun, warm, engaging conversation with various members of the IFS community.

Here After with Megan Devine


Each week on Here After, join best-selling author and psychotherapist Megan Devine for conversations with interesting people about difficult things. There’s a lot going on lately (understatement). From personal losses to bigger collective sweeps of let’s just call it - a lot of awful things? - everything is a lot. It’s a really human thing to hope things will get better (even when you’re not sure how they possibly could). So this season on Here After with Megan Devine: we go looking for hope. But not your airy, flaky “hoping for the best” kind of hope. Here After explores the kind of hope you get from telling the truth about how hard things are, the hope you get from keeping your eyes open and refusing to let your heart shut down. Real world hope, with guests from the front lines of grief, loss, trauma, education and activism. Here After with Megan Devine is how you’d imagine the coolest dinner party ever might be: conversations that leave you feeling seen, heard, and even a little inspired to head back out into the world to have your own conversations about difficult - and hopeful - things. New episodes each and every Monday, from the author of the best-selling book, It’s OK that You’re Not OK, and iHeartMedia.

Translating ADHD

Shelly Collins and Cameron Gott

We believe that success with ADHD is possible... with a little translation. Hosts Cameron Gott and Shelly Collins, both ADHD coaches who have plenty of insight to share navigating their own ADHD experiences, discuss how to live more authentically as an adult with ADHD and how to create real, sustained change to achieve greater success. If you are an adult with ADHD who wants more out of their business, career, and life, this is the podcast for you!

You Need Therapy


Kathryn DeFatta, who has earned her Masters of Education from Vanderbilt University in Human Development Counseling, is inviting you into conversations around what it’s like to live fully in a world where we’ve become accustomed to shut parts of ourselves off. Here you will find a space that welcomes in discomfort, tough questions, and hard truths, all while showing how to find joy through it all.

Relax with Yogi Bryan Meditations

Yogi Bryan

Are you feeling stressed? Would you like to relax deeper and deeper? How about discovering clarity and stillness in yourself? Join Yogi Bryan for guided meditations for stress relief, sleep, gratitude, relaxation, and so much more. Meditations open to all levels. Don't over think it. Find a comfortable place, close your eyes, and relax. Enjoy! Learn more about going deeper in your meditation practice at www.yogibryan.com When listening to the meditations please do not drive or participate in anything requiring your full attention. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/relax-with-yogi-bryan/support

Live Happy Now

Live Happy

Bringing you scientifically proven tips and ideas to live a happier and more meaningful life through interviews with positive psychology and well-being thought leaders. The editors of Live Happy magazine bring you best-selling authors and happiness gurus that share their knowledge on topics such as wellness, gratitude, well-being and mindfulness. Interviews are conducted with people like Shawn Achor, Michelle Gielan, Dr. Christine Carter, Margaret Greenberg, Dr. Drew Ramsey, Gretchen Rubin, Barbara Fredrickson, Tal Ben-Shahar, Deepak Chopra, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Stacy Kaiser, Darin McMahon, Michelle McQuaid, Fred Luskin, Shani Robins, Kristin Neff, Dr. Rick Hanson, and many more.

The OCD & Anxiety Show with Matt Codde LCSW

Matthew Codde LCSW

The OCD & Anxiety Show is hosted by Matt Codde. Matt is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes primarily in helping people recover from OCD & Anxiety-Related struggles. In this podcast, you’re going to learn practical steps on the journey to recovery. In each episode, we will discuss common challenges and provide you with evidence-based strategies to help you overcome them. At Restored Minds, we believe that recovery is possible for everyone and it's our mission to give you the tools to help you build better mental health so you can become the best version of yourself.

Bible at Bedtime


A podcast where selections of the Bible are being read to help you fall asleep. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ambermarie_l/support

The Skillful Podcast

Bay Area DBT & Couples Counseling Center

The Skillful Podcast explores skills and concepts from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Radically-Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) to help listeners reduce emotional suffering, improve their relationships and create the life they want.

Burnout with Connor Franta

Lemonada Media

Burnout: You’ve read about it. You’ve heard about it. Heck, you’re probably living it. And you’ve probably tried everything to fix it. Levels of burnout are reaching new all-time highs, every single day. And the pandemic has only made things worse. This new series, hosted by Connor Franta, looks into how society reached a burning point and what we can do - really, actually do - to break the cycle. With his signature wit and charm, Connor explores the story of burnout, discovers how it affects your body and mind, and looks at why the easy solutions simply won’t work to solve a systemic problem. From Lemonada and Mindful.

From Huns to Humans


Hey hey! Welcome to from huns to humans where we dive deep into the mental health side of network marketing. This podcast will be filled with people’s experiences and feeling and I hope you find a connection here to help you or someone you know. Peace, love and anti mlm Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/danielle6575/support



The reality is, we’re already enlightened. It’s only as we face obstacles, stress and our own messiness that we start to forget it. This is a show about how to believe in yourself again, told by a community of Buddhists doing it everyday, and changing the world along the way. Hosted by journalist Jihii Jolly, who you might know from the popular SGI-USA podcast Buddhist Solutions for Life’s Problems, each week you’ll hear an honest conversation about real life and how to tap into your Buddhability. From relationships and dream jobs to lessons from psychology and activism, subscribe to Buddhability on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts so you never miss an episode. For more stories, tips on practicing SGI Nichiren Buddhism, and our newsletter, visit www.buddhability.org.



Serie de audiolibros de crecimiento personal y espiritual. Tus pensamientos te llevan a tus propósitos, tus propósitos a tus acciones, tus acciones a tus hábitos, tus hábitos a tu carácter, y tu carácter determina tu destino. El cambio siempre supone resistencia, porque establecer un nuevo hábito supone un esfuerzo y todo nuestro ser nos pide, aunque nos estemos comportando de forma perjudicial para nosotros mismos, seguir actuando como lo veníamos haciendo.

The Calmer You Podcast

Chloe Brotheridge

Help for anxiety, with Chloe Brotheridge, expert hypnotherapist, coach and author of The Anxiety Solution and The Confidence Solution. Check out my Hypnotherapy Downloads www.calmer-you.com/collection Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat

Slo Mo is a series of conversations hosted by bestselling author and former Chief Business Officer of Google [X], Mo Gawdat. With stunning honesty, Mo and some of his wisest friends explore the profound questions and obstacles we all face in the pursuit of purpose in our lives. Achieving happiness and fulfillment is a lifelong journey, but step one is simple: slow down, and listen.

The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast

Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.

The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast is hosted by Linda Martinez-Lewi, Ph.D.,, LMFT, specializing in the narcissistic personality, She offers in-depth information about the origins and psychodynamics of the narcissistic personality and strategies and practices for those psychologically and emotionally abused by narcissistic personalities through her global podcasts (The Narcissist in Your Life Podcast) her books:: Recovering and Healing After the Narcissist and Freeing Yourself from the Narcissist in Your Life.

Living Centered Podcast

Onsite Workshops

So many of us go through life feeling out of touch with ourselves, others, and the world around us. We feel disconnected, overwhelmed, distracted, and uncertain of how to find the clarity, purpose, and direction we so deeply, so authentically, desire. The Living Centered Podcast in an invitation to another way of living. Every episode, we sit down with mental health experts, artists, and friends for a practical and honest conversation about how to pursue a more centered life—rediscovering, reclaiming, and rooting in who we truly are.