On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee ON: The Science of Mental Well-Being & How to Live a Happier Life Without Burning Yourself Out

Do you want to meditate daily with me? Go to go.calm.com/onpurpose to get 40% off a Calm Premium Membership. Experience the Daily Jay. Only on CalmJay Shetty sits down with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee to talk about  the core of happiness. There is a huge difference between success and happiness, oftentimes we confuse the two as one and the same. One can be successful in their job, career, business, and family life, but can be unhappy. We need to learn the core of happiness to genuinely enjoy life by appreciating our past self, our current life, and the future we all look forward to having. Dr. Rangan Chatterjee is regarded as one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK and wants to change how medicine will be practiced for years to come. He hosts the biggest health podcast in the UK and Europe, ‘Feel Better, Live More’. He can simplify complex health a

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Ten Percent Happier

465: Dismantling Perfectionism | Bonus Meditation with La Sarmiento

Nourish yourself with some kindness and shift away from self-criticism towards accepting yourself fully, even your hardest parts.About La Sarmiento:La Sarmiento is the the guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington's BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Sanghas and a mentor for the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program and for Cloud Sangha. They graduated from Spirit Rock Meditation Center's Community Dharma Leader Training Program in 2012. As an immigrant, non-binary, Filipinx-American, La is committed to expanding access to the Dharma. They live in Towson, MD with their life partner Wendy and rescue pups Annabel and Bader.To find this meditation in the Ten Percent Happier app, you can search for “Dismantling Perfectionism, Accepting Yourself,” or click here: https://10percenthappier.app.link/content?meditation=dd701886-ad66-417a-b466-cdefb92ff5c8.See Privacy Policy at http

The Mindset Mentor

Rob Dial and Kast Media

How to Read & Learn Faster!

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Betches Media

How to Stop Comparing Your Life To Others

Jordana and Naomi start today’s Oversharing with a convo about allowing a friendship to be the primary relationship in your life (and how to reconnect when you begin to grow apart). Then they dive into the Overshare email of the week, all about comparing yourself to others and questioning your life decisions. Is there a trick to not falling into a spiral of envy? Then another listener writes in with a difficult Betchicist question: should you call out a friend for verbally abusing their romantic partner, or is it always better to keep it to yourself. Finally, they tackle a Triggered scenario about dating someone who is constantly negging you in subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways.
Send your emails to oversharing@betches.com or leave us a voicemail at: (646) 363-6294


Dr. Caroline Leaf

Podcast 373: Do Beliefs About Aging Impact Our Health & Longevity?

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EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this podcastI talk to Dr. Becca Levy, an award-winning Yale professor of psychology and global health. We discuss the dangers of ageism, how positive and negative age stereotypes affect the health of older individuals, how to use the mind and brain more effectively as we age, age as a socially fluid construct, what happens to memory and the mind when we get older, and so much more!
Read the show blog here: https://drleaf.com/blogs/news/do-beliefs-about-aging-impact-our-health-longevity
Get Dr. Levy's book here: https://www.harpercollins.com/products/breaking-the-age-code-becca-levy?variant=39419497316386

NED: If you’d like to give Ned a try, Cleaning Up The Mental Mess

Therapy for Black Girls

iHeartPodcasts and Joy Harden Bradford, Ph.D.

TBG Library: Truth's Table

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly conversation with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed Psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia, about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

Are you looking for something new and insightful to add to your bookshelf? The Therapy for Black Girls Library has got you covered. Since so many of our community members love a good book, we'll be sharing interviews with the authors of some books we think you'll enjoy in these TBG Library episodes. 

This week we’re reading Truth's Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation. Truth’s Table is a collection of essays and stories documenting the lived theology and spirituality we need to hear in order to lean into a more freeing, loving, and liberating faith—from the hosts of the beloved Truth’s Table podcast. For this conversation I was j

Sleep With Me

Dearest Scooter

1081 - Father Figure Day with Ray

In the lulling words of the most relaxed and kindest man I know, “You don’t need a father’s figure to be a father figure”, this will be a chill trip report of a father figure’s day past.

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The Dr. John Delony Show

Ramsey Network

How Do We Talk to Our Kids About Sex?

Even good life changes aren’t easy for most of us. In today’s episode, we talk with a woman who’s waiting for the other shoe to drop because life has been great after starting new job, a mom struggling with how to tell the kids they’re moving, and a dad who doesn’t know how to approach the topic of sex with his growing kids. What do I do if my counselor is violating our confidentiality agreement? Life’s great but I have a sense of dread that something bad is about to happen Husband’s job is relocating us and we’re struggling to tell the kids How do we talk to our kids about sex? "Let's Talk About Sex" - Salt N Peppa Let us know what’s going on by leaving a voicemail at 844.693.3291 or visiting johndelony.com/show.  Support Our Sponsors: BetterHelp DreamCloud Churchill Mortgage Greensbury Resources: Questions for Humans Conversation Cards Redefining Anxiety Quick Read John’s Free Guided Meditation Listen to all The Ramsey

The Minimalists Podcast

Joshua Fields Millburn, Ryan Nicodemus

I Don't Have Home Internet

The Minimalists discuss why Joshua decided not to install an Internet connection in his new home. Listen to full episodes of The Minimalists Private Podcast: patreon.com/theminimalists FOLLOW THE MINIMALISTS: Instagram TikTok Twitter Facebook

Being Well with Dr. Rick Hanson

Rick Hanson, Ph.D., Forrest Hanson

Attachment, and Cultivating Nonattachment

You might have heard the line “attachment is the root of suffering.” It comes from the Buddha, but you don’t have to be a Buddhist to recognize that becoming overly attached to a particular outcome, person, or view of yourself can lead to a lot of suffering. At the same time, there are clearly things that are sensible to be attached to – like our loved ones, a basic moral compass, and fundamentals like food and shelter. So, what’s the problem with attachment?On this episode of Being Well, Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson discuss the problem with attachment, what differentiates healthy and unhealthy forms of attachment, and what we can do to relax attachment over time.Watch the Episode: Prefer watching video? You can watch this episode on YouTube.Key Topics:0:00: Introduction2:10: Learning from Buddhism without trying to be a Buddhist8:45: Two kinds of suffering12:00: Distinguishing healthy desire and unhealthy desire19:40: Markers of prob

Being Known Podcast

Being Known Podcast

S4E7 Sexual Trauma

Welcome to Season 4 of Being Known Podcast where we are looking at trauma through the lens of hope and not fear.  This week we are looking at the sensitive, hard and beautiful topic of sexual trauma.
What is it about sex that seems to make everything – especially trauma – so much more difficult?  Moreover, how is sexual trauma so much more debilitating than some other forms of our topic?  No matter how much we would like to wish otherwise, there is just no getting around the fact that few things shatter lives more than the events of trauma that surround our sexuality. 
This week we wade into this sensitive – and beautiful – topic.
It’s sensitive because it addresses the parts of what it means to be most fragile as human beings.  And beautiful because it addresses those same parts from which our greatest vulnerability and generativity spring forth.
If your story is being told through the lens of sexual trauma, Jesus

Drift Off - Bedtime Stories for Sleep

Joanne D'Amico

Bedtime stories to help you go to sleep. Join Joanne D'Amico from the YT channel "relax for a while" as she reads you a bedtime story with a gentle spoken voice that is restful to the ear and sends you to sleep. If you suffer from insomnia, anxiety or just need help winding down at bedtime, Drift Off Bedtime Stories will help you relax and get a restful night's sleep! Sweet dreamzzz...

A Mindful Moment

A Mindful Moment

167: Mental Health Spring Cleaning

More than our homes could probably do with a little spring cleaning.



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Chasing Life


Sometimes it's Healthy to Break the Rules

Not following rules and letting go might actually make you feel better. Just ask musicians who improvise and make up music on the fly. Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to surgeon and neuroscientist Dr. Charles Limb about his study on musical improvisation and its impact on the brain. Plus, “Saturday Night Live” jazz saxophonist Ron Blake shares life-changing lessons from music that we can apply to our everyday lives. And to top it off, Sanjay attempts some freestyle rap. Spoiler alert: he’s pretty good at it.

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The Overwhelmed Brain

Paul Colaianni

Pretending to be the person you're not

Pretending is draining. When you're unwell and you show the world you're doing great, you lose energy, dissolve relationships, and turn people off. This episode is about learning what a pretender is to help you avoid sabotaging your own path to happiness.

Sleep Wave - Meditations, Stories & Hypnosis

Karissa Vacker & Jessica Porter

Sleep Hypnosis - Self Love

In tonight's Sleep Hypnosis with Jessica, we are learning to recover self love.First, we'll start with some relaxing insight from Jessica (00:00-04:49)Before tonight's Sleep Hypnosis (04:49-38:08)Self love is a fundamental acceptance of self. The absence of the self-hate, self-denial and inner conflict we can get saddled with. Self-love is about re-establishing resonance within yourself, and finding a peaceful acceptance of your whole being.Love the Sleep Wave Podcast? Please subscribe & leave a review ⭐️How are we doing with Sleep Wave? Click here to let us know ?Let's get social? ?Stay up to date with all podcast news, share feedback and meet your hosts Karissa Vacker and Jessica Porter. Follow us on Instagram & Join our Facebook GroupAbout Sleep Wave ??The Sleep Wave Podcast has been designed for those that struggle to fall asleep, or wake in the night and struggle to get back to sleep. Th

ADHD Experts Podcast


406- Virtual Mental Health Providers: How to Get Quality ADHD Care Online

How can patients know whether they’re getting quality online care for ADHD that is safe and effective? Maggie Sibley, Ph.D., explores best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD and in the delivery of telehealth and teletherapy.

Women of Impact

Impact Theory

Relationship Expert Reveals The TRUTH BEHIND Attraction and How to BUILD DESIRE | Dr. Laura Berman

Go to https://www.radicalconfidence.com to get your copy of my book Radical Confidence! When you do, you’ll be getting a toolkit of 10 No-BS lessons on becoming the hero of your own life - and you’ll learn how to set better boundaries, live a life that lights you up, and give you the ability to boldly stare down ANY frikin’ thing that gets between you and the things you want from life! Once upon a time someone started telling stories about falling in love, being swept off your feet and feeling butterflies in your stomach was a sign this person must be the one. How many of you have honestly deceived yourself trusting those butterflies? What if we told you, those butterflies didn’t mean love and connection, but they are actually a red flag to pay attention to?Looking for physical and chemical attraction from kiss and the smell of your date may be more reliable than trusting butte

Heart of the Matter

Partnership to End Addiction

Award-winning screenwriter and producer Danny Strong and author Beth Macy on Dopesick and the Sackler family

When the miniseries Dopesick premiered on Hulu in late 2021, it was to a world reeling from the conclusion of Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy proceedings – a settlement that infamously absolved the Sackler family of any opioid-related liability. The show, based on author Beth Macy’s eponymous account of the opioid crisis and starring Michael Keaton in his Golden Globe-winning return to television, dramatizes the devastation left in the wake of OxyContin’s 1996 introduction to the market and is a powerful depiction of the consequences of corporate greed and government corruption.  Join Elizabeth as she goes behind the scenes with Beth Macy and award-winning screenwriter and Dopesick creator Danny Strong in a conversation about the research that made the show possible, the corruption at the heart of the opioid crisis, and the responsibility they felt to amplify victims’ stor

I Love You So Much With Kenzie Elizabeth

Dear Media, Kenzie Elizabeth

Navigating Friendships as an Adult, Panic Attacks and Anxiety & Being the Breadwinner in a Relationship as a Female with Bria Jones

Kenzie Elizabeth sits down with Bria Jones to talk about navigating adult friendships, dealing with anxiety and panic attacks & being the breadwinner as a black female in her relationship. Enjoy!      THE OH KIND: https://www.instagram.com/theohkind/ SHOP MERCH OUT NOW: https://shop.dearmedia.com/collections/ilysm SECRET FACEBOOK PAGE: https://bit.ly/2zEx3BM JOIN OUR GENEVA GROUP CHAT: https://links.geneva.com/invite/ab361e92-0405-41ad-9e12-b17b592365bc JOIN THE MAILING LIST: https://bit.ly/2uumkus Kenzie's Channel: https://youtube.com/kenzieelizabeth Kenzie's IG: https://bit.ly/298RzRn Kenzie's Twitter: https://bit.ly/2RdtJsE ILYSM IG: https://bit.ly/2vlwxXy   ILYSM YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/2UQ8DUj   KEBOOK CLUB: https://www.instagram.com/kebookclub/   Bria: https://www.instagram.com/heybriajones/   Visit Betterhelp.com/K

Burnout with Connor Franta

Lemonada Media

Burnout: You’ve read about it. You’ve heard about it. Heck, you’re probably living it. And you’ve probably tried everything to fix it. Levels of burnout are reaching new all-time highs, every single day. And the pandemic has only made things worse. This new series, hosted by Connor Franta, looks into how society reached a burning point and what we can do - really, actually do - to break the cycle. With his signature wit and charm, Connor explores the story of burnout, discovers how it affects your body and mind, and looks at why the easy solutions simply won’t work to solve a systemic problem. From Lemonada and Mindful.

I Have ADHD Podcast

Kristen Carder

ADHD Entrepreneurship Part 3: Honoring Your Capacity So That You Can Rest with Africa Brooke

In this DELICIOUS episode you will learn how rest and play are connected to your business's bottom line $. Africa Brooke is a coach, consultant, strategist and seasoned entrepreneur...and did I mention she's MY coach? She's here to teach you all of the things I've learned from working with her over the last year.Learn more about Africa hereVisit www.ihaveadhd.com/focused for more resources.Hang out with me on Instagram @i.have.adhd.podcast

Psychology Unplugged

Dr. Corey J. Nigro

Father's Day

Hacking Your ADHD

William Curb

Why We Make Decisions We Don't Understand (Rebroadcast)

Why do we make bad decisions in the moment?We've all done things that we regret doing right? yeah me, neither - but let's say hypothetically there was something that we regretted doing - something that we said or did that we feel like doesn't really reflect on as a person.Why is it I can have the best of intentions and still when it comes time I still make the wrong decision?Today we're going to be exploring the hot-cold empathy gap and why it can be so difficult for us to predict what we're actually going to do in the moment.Support me on PatreonConnect with me on:Twitteror ask me a question on my Contact PageFind the show note at HackingYourADHD.com/empathygapThis Episode's Top TipsThe hot-cold empathy gap occurs when we fail to predict how our emotions are going to affect our decision-making when we're in that state.This doesn't only apply to things like being angry or depresse

The Healing Trauma Podcast

Monique Koven

When You Haven't Experienced Empathy In Childhood

On today's episode Monique talks about the experience of growing up without having the felt sense of empathy and how that can impact your relationships to yourself and to others. 

This episode is sponsored by Dr. Arielle Schwartz and her brand new book Therapeutic Yoga For Trauma Recovery. Dr Arielle Schwartz is a licensed clinical psychologist,EMDR Therapy consultant, somatic psychotherapist, certified yoga instructor, and sought-out teacher. she is the author of six books, including Therapeutic Yoga for Trauma Recovery and The Post Traumatic Growth Guidebook. She is a leading voice in the treatment of PTSD and complex trauma. She specializes in applied polyvagal theory for trauma recovery. Her integrative, mind-body approach to therapy includes relational therapy, EMDR therapy, and therapeutic yoga for trauma. She believes that the journey for trauma recovery is an awakening of the spiritual heart.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation


This meditation is made for you with love. As a tool for you to fall asleep fast and with ease. Let our guided meditation become a part of your evening routine, for a tranquil sleep which will make you wake up totally refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated.
In this meditation we will first do some conscious breathing of a 4, 7, 8 pattern to slow down our energies. Then we will let our bodies become completely relaxed. Cleanse your energies and let a shield of light protect you so you can get a good night’s rest.
We hope this meditation will benefit you, and make it easier for you to fall asleep deep and fast.
Until next time my friend, we wish you great joy and peace. ?❤️
We would love to hear from you, and all of your ideas are welcome! ?
Is it

Sober Cast: An (unofficial) Alcoholics Anonymous Podcast AA

AA Podcast

ESH: Bob S from Inverness Scotland

Bob S from Inverness Scotland sharing at the Sunday Barnsley Big Book speaker meeting held in March of 2022.

Email: sobercast@gmail.com

Support Sober Cast: https://sobercast.com/donate

We have added a page of meetings that have moved online https://sobercast.com/online-meetings

Sober Cast has 1800+ episodes available, visit SoberCast.com to access all the episodes where you can easily find topics or specific speakers using tags or search.

Optimal Living Daily

Justin Malik | Optimal Living Daily

2392: How to Feel Your Feelings by Rachel Shanken of Mind Body Wise on Emotional Awareness

Rachel Shanken of MindBodyWise tells you how to feel your feelings
Episode 2392: How to Feel Your Feelings by Rachel Shanken of Mind Body Wise on Emotional Awareness
Rachel Shanken is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Yoga Instructor, and now a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner. Her philosophy is simple: what you seek is already within you. In the busy lives we lead, it's sometimes difficult to stop, listen and access the knowledge that resides deep inside of ourselves. Using a whole-body, client-centered approach, her passion is to: support you with listening to your own internal wisdom, assist you with connecting to what you really want and help to empower you in taking steps toward achieving your goals.
The original post is located here: https://mindbodywise.com/blog/feeling-the-feelings/ 
Visit Me Online at OLDPodcast.com 
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The Chalene Show | Diet, Fitness & Life Balance

Chalene Johnson

Shut Your Mouth | Nose Breathing for Improved Health - 845

Chalene has recently done a deep dive into mouth breathing and the serious health conditions that it can lead to. So today, she’ll bring you the data and explain why you should learn to breathe through your nose — especially when sleeping. She’ll also share the new habit (related to this topic) she and Bret have started to implement before bed — the results of which have her feeling very optimistic.   Links From Today’s Episode: Mouth Breathing vs Nose Breathing Photos Mouth Breathing Studies Physical, Mental and Emotional Consequences Investigation on the Effect of Oral Breathing on Cognitive Activity Using Functional Brain Imaging Influence of Mouth Breathing on the Dentofacial Growth of Children: A Cephalometric Study YouTube Videos Shut your Mouth and Change your Life | Patrick McKeown Chalene’s YouTube on Mouth Tape - COMING SOON     Download the Patreon App and Join The Chalene Show at patreon.com/The

OPENHOUSE with Louise Rumball and leading therapists

Louise Rumball

Episode 38 - ATTACHMENT / LIVE THERAPY - An anxious attachment style can be stressful AF (+ how to work on it)

Having an anxious attachment is stressful as f**k. And what’s even more stressful? When people don’t talk about how stressful it is. In this episode, we look at an anxious attachment style *in action* as Louise feels anxious about the new man she is dating. Dr Tari helps to talk her through what she is feeling, where the fear is coming from, how to handle the situation and more. In this OPEN(HEART) episode of the OPENHOUSE Podcast, Louise sits down with Dr Tari Mack for a live coaching session. Louise and Dr Tari explore⇢ What it means to have an anxious attachment style;⠀⇢ How to manage and regulate your anxious attachment style; ⠀⇢ How to communicate this with someone else; ⠀⇢ How to finally break your own attachment cycles once and for all. Louise also asks Dr Tari:⠀⇢ Whether you can fully heal the anxious attachment style; ⠀⇢ Who you should be avoiding when dati

The Mindvalley Podcast with Vishen


Bullying, Self-Belief, and Making the World a better place with Egyptian Model-Actress Tara Emad

In this episode, Vishen speaks with an Egyptian actress and model, Tara Emad. Starring in the Egyptian version of ‘Suits’, Tara is one of the most sought-after faces in French and Egyptian fashion, and in this wide-ranging interview, she discusses everything from self-care routines to taking a stand against bullying, to how women can change the world.      Tara’s first break was at the age of 14, and since then, she’ has featured in more than 20 movies and TV shows and has graced over 50 magazines across the Middle East and Europe. She’s built a 2.4 million following on Instagram, and during the pandemic, decided to use her platform to open up on her past experience of bullying - launching her own podcast ‘Bullying Explained’ to explore what bullying is, why it happens, and how it affects the people involved.    Listen out for: - The Routines you can follow to stay mentally and p

Well Balanced


How to support "kids these days"

Teens’ mental health is declining, with 44% of U.S. high school students now reporting "persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness,” according to the CDC. Determined to help, Ofosu recently co-led a meditation retreat for teenagers. He talks to Leah about his experience and shares what we can all learn from it.

Tot Talks


Hi tatertots! Welcome to our podcast!! So happy you are here. We are just 3 friends who put ourselves out there on social media and ended up finding each other. We have so much in common but realized so does everyone else, so why not connect together and that’s what we will do here. We will talk about mental health, toxic family, daily struggles with motherhood, infertility, depression and so much more. We have all been through so much but it’s how we get through things in the end. Stay tuned! Connect: IG- @ophelianichols TT- @shoelover99, @themessytherapist, @mellissaprice7 shoelover99.com

The Best of You

That Sounds Fun Network

What is narcissism really?

You’ve heard the word narcissist, but what does it really mean? In this episode we’ll discuss: 
1. What narcissism is— how it’s presented in the Bible and the criteria psychologists use to diagnose it 
2. The difference between labeling people vs. naming behaviors 
3. Different types of narcissism 
4. What it feels like if you’re in a narcissistic relationship 
5. How do I know that I’m not a narcissist? 
6. The antidote to narcissism  
You can find a list of all the resources mentioned in this episode at www.dralisoncook.com/the-best-of-you-podcast-what-is-narcissism-really/
Sign up to receive Dr. Cook’s weekly email at www.dralisoncook.com and receive 2 free e-books and a guided prayer reflection. 
Music by Andy Luiten

Matthias J Barker Podcast

Matthias Barker

AMA - happiness, LD relationships, nagging

Secure Spot For April 18th Live Webinar with Matthias J Barker!https://matthiasjbarker.com/pages/understanding-emotions?A podcast discussing various ways of measuring and conceptualizing happiness, the data on long-term relationships and dynamics to keep in mind, and what exactly "nagging is" and how to go about resolving it. Get an ad-free podcast feed here: https://www.patreon.com/matthiasjbarkerAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands

Real Pod

Dear Media

Everything You Need To Know About BOUNDARIES!! How To Set Them & What To Say With Renowned Psychologist Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu

"Boundaries" are the hot topic right now but what does it actually mean to set a boundary and how do we do it?! Well Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu is the Head of Emotional Fitness at Coa and she is here to break it down for us! Dr. V has over 10 years of experience as a clinical psychologist, facilitator, educator, and public speaker, working with teams at Lyft, Yelp, Twitter, and Reddit. She gives us easy templates to communicate boundaries to people in our lives, helps us understand how we can determine our true needs, Vic gets deep about the toughest boundaries she's had to set, and you're bound to leave this episode feeling confident about protecting your personal space... we love that for you! Athletic Greens:Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase.

Boring Books for Bedtime Readings to Help You Sleep

Sharon Handy

REWIND! Bacteria, by Sir George Newman, Part 1 (Remastered)

This week, while your reader is laid up with a certain virus, let’s revisit one of my favorite sleepy science reads. Enjoy this remastered intro to a brand new branch of study (in 1899), bacteriology!   Help us stay 100% listener-supported and ad-free for all! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/boringbookspod Buy Me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/d5kcMsW   Read "Bacteria” at Project Gutenberg: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/48793   Music: "Exit Exit” by PC III, licensed under CC BY   If you'd like to suggest a copyright-free reading for soft-spoken relaxation to help you overcome insomnia, anxiety and other sleep issues, connect on our website, boringbookspod.com.

Radio Headspace

Headspace Studios

How to Let Go

Mindfulness can help us be more introspective and see if certain relationships are doing more harm than good.Send Kessonga any general questions at askkessonga@headspace.com, or you can reach out on Instagram @kgiscombe.Try the Headspace app free for 30 days here!

In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips

Dr. Anita Phillips & Woman Evolve

Boundaries 101

It’s time to go to class. This episode is Boundaries 101. Nedra Glover Tawwab’s New York Times bestseller, “Set Boundaries Find Peace” is the textbook and Dr. Anita, along with her good friend and fellow therapist, Danae Wheatley are the students. Together they are testing the health of their own boundaries, reflecting on how they have grown, and making plans to keep flourishing from here. Join the class! Unlimited seating. No waitlist. Tuition-free. Clarity guaranteed.

The Verywell Mind Podcast with Amy Morin

Amy Morin

157 - How to Find the Courage to Be Yourself with TV Personality Craig Conover

Craig Conover is an attorney who stars in Bravo TV’s reality show, Southern Charm. He’s also the author of Pillow Talk: What’s Wrong With My Sewing?Craig could easily make it look like he has everything figured out. He’s successful in so many different ways. But, he chooses to talk openly about his struggles with mental health and his past Adderall abuse. Some of the things he shares on the show are how he’s been bullied, how not everyone understands his passion for sewing, and how he’s managing his mental health.

Black Girls Have Anxiety Too

Black Girls Have Anxiety Too!

Episode 25: How To Find The Perfect Therapist For You (ft. Dr. Xuan Stevens)

If you've ever struggled to find a therapist or maybe you didn't know where to start, this is the episode for you! We sit down with our favorite psychologist and podcast regular, Dr. Xuan Stevens, to get a step-by-step guide on how to find a therapist.
Dr. Xuan Stevens is a board certified licensed psychologist and the Program Director and founder for Ultimate Thinking Psychological Consultants. Dr. Stevens appears frequently on the podcast and is our invaluable "in-house" mental health professional!
Email: utpcpa@gmail.com
-------- Follow BGHA2 to stay up to date!
Instagram: @blackgirlshaveanxietytoo
Twitter: @anxiousblkgirls

Sleep Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Sleep meditations created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen 💗. Can’t sleep? Insomnia? Mind racing with worries and a never-ending to-do list? Tune in to the Sleep Meditation for Women podcast and let these guided meditations help you ease into sleep peacefully. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get comfy, press play and let yourself be guided into dreamland. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sleepmeditationsforwomen/support

The Boundaries.me Podcast

Dr. Henry Cloud

Episode 357 - The Dr. Cloud Show - Shorts - Practicing Happiness

What does happiness mean to you? 90% of it comes from things other than circumstances. We don’t have a lot of control over the circumstances in our lives, but we do have control over our practices and routines. No matter what circumstances happen to you, winning the lottery, buying something you’ve always wanted, whatever it is, you’ll come back to your set-point of happiness. Happy people put practices in their lives that lead to their set-point of happiness increasing, and you can too. So what are those practices? Dr. Cloud discusses the main factors that contribute to growing and lasting happiness.   Got a narcissist in your life? Not sure what to do? Then you're in luck! We have an upcoming workshop on Narcissism on June 28th at 5pm Pacific! If you can't attend live, don't worry, you can stream the recording as much as you like. To find out more about it go to https://Boundaries.me/Narcissism.   Get a free


Ian Morgan Cron

The Resilience of the Mind, feat. Dr. Caroline Leaf [S05-047]

This week we’re continuing our series on feeding the brain.  There’s an ample amount of research about the importance of tapping into the mind-body connection, or tuning into our emotional and mental states, to rewire our neuropathways and relieve anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts. Dr. Caroline Leaf joins me for a fascinating conversation about “cleaning up the mental mess” and taking back control over your thoughts and life.  In today’s episode, Dr. Leaf: explains the difference between the “mind” and the “brain” discusses how to use the conscious mind to connect with your nonconscious mind walks us through her neurocycle program to detox and rebuild the brain

Meditation Minis Podcast

Chel Hamilton | Meditation Minis

Self Care Mini Break

Did you know that self care can actually be as simple as taking a few minutes to purposefully breathe, and release? I for SURE needed to do this practice this week. Join me in a simple but powerful self care mini break today! ??

Lace up the Tree Flyer and get running today at http://AllBirds.com - comfortable, sustainable, and savvy too!

Due to multiple and ongoing requests I am once again offering one on one phone/video sessions. I am excited to connect with you! Visit http://ChelHamilton/com for more details, and to book your session with me today.

Lisa A Romano Breakdown to Breakthroughs

Lisa A. Romano

10 Ways to Heal Abandonment Trauma Caused by Childhood Emotional Neglect

Daily Meditation Podcast

Mary Meckley

Coping with Financial Stability, Day 7 Self-Care Coping Strategies

Reflect on achieving the financial stability you need most.
This week, you are venturing on a self-care journey! This week's journey has you exploring strategies to cope with challenges in specific areas of your life. All week long, you'll be guided using meditation techniques and key insight to cope with life's challenges.
This is day 7 of a 7-day meditation series, Self-Care Coping Strategies, episodes 2677-2783.
You're Invited To Take Part In a Coping Quest!
At the beginning of each day, reflect on challenges you may encounter during your day. Consider strategies to best manage the challenges.
Day 1: Visualization 
Day 2: Affirmation
Day 3: Breathing Technique
Day 4: Mudra Technique
Day 5: Chakra Technique
Day 6: Layer Meditation Techniques
Day 7: Reflection + Introspection

New Mindset, Who Dis?

Case Kenny

400 - My story (how your life feels vs. how it looks)

In this episode (episode 400!) I talk about how we got to this point and why my story can help you fall madly in love with YOURSELF. Visit betterhelp.com/newmindset for 10% off your first month of therapy. Get "The New Mindset Journal", "Single is your Superpower" and "UNBOTHERED"  (https://newmindsetwhodis.com/) Follow me on Instagram: @case.kenny https://instagram.com/case.kenny Text me! 312-584-4002

This Jungian Life Podcast

Joseph Lee, Lisa Marchiano, & Deb Stewart


The Garden of Gethsemane is the place of life crisis; it permits no escape or compromise. There, we suffer the agony of choosing between personal will or willing submission to something greater. Jesus’ companions could not stay awake, and God did not answer his prayers to be spared. We suffer dark and harrowing Gethsemanes alone. We may have to give up familiarity and safety for the unprecedented and unpredictable. We may ache from anguish and abandonment. Yet, to surrender voluntarily and consciously is to bow to a greater truth and yield to a higher power. In doing so, we transcend despair, resentment, and victimhood--and may find ourselves transformed. Gethsemane is a universal human story. If we can keep vigil and stay awake, we can hear the voice within. And say yes. Here’s the Dream We Analyzed: “I am on the youtube show, Good Mythical Morning. The two hosts are dumping buckets of spiders on me. They start with daddy long legs. I

Just Sleep - Bedtime Stories for Adults

Taesha Glasgow

Little Women: The Laurence Boy by Louisa May Alcott

Struggling to fall asleep? Quiet your mind with the continuation of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Published first in 1868, it follows the lives of four sisters - Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. In this episode, Meg and Jo attend a party, and Jo spends some time with the "Laurence Boy".If you'd like to support the podcast, you can buy me a coffee here ------> buymeacoffee.com/justsleeppodIf you like this episode, please remember to follow on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your favourite podcast app. Also, share with any family or friends that might have trouble drifting off.

The Brain Warrior's Way Podcast

Dr Daniel & Tana Amen

How Improving Brain Health Can Change The Way You Look, Feel, and Thrive with Dr Andrew Newberg and Dr Daniel Monti

 Dr Daniel Amen sits down with colleagues and friends Dr Andrew Newberg and Dr Daniel Monti to talk about their upcoming collaborative book Brain Weaver: Creating the Fabric for a Healthy Mind through Integrative Medicine.

Guided Sleep Meditation & Sleep Hypnosis from Sleep Cove

Christopher Fitton & Glassbox Media

Exploring Venice's Canals at Twilight

Explore Venice with this guided sleep story. You will go for a Gondola ride and explore the sounds, sights and tastes of beautiful Venice.

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Please listen in a pl

So My Mom's A Therapist Podcast

Trauma Psych Therapist, LMFT

Hi Dolls, Here we are! I hope this podcast is helpful in bringing insight into dating, dating apps, relationships, and why we do, feel, think and act the way we do! Most importantly, my hope is that this is a space where you feel loved, accepted, seen and that you belong. In this space you are just fine, you are more than fine. You are enough.

The Madhappy Podcast


54: FEWOCiOUS on Gender Identity, Art, and Mental Health

Welcome to Episode 54 of The Madhappy Podcast. This week we are excited to welcome Victor Langlois, otherwise known as FEWOCiOUS, onto the show to learn about the experiences that drew him to understand & create art, how his life has evolved since coming out as trans, and how he uses art to share his personal stories with the world.
We kick off the episode as Peiman asks Victor to speak more about his childhood experiences and the struggles he faced growing up with his parents and grandparents throughout his formative years (5:00). Victor talks about how art and the internet allowed him to understand a life outside his surroundings, sharing the inspiration and reasoning behind creating both physical and digital art (11:27).
The two get into a discussion about how Victor entered the NFT space and how he used his art to separate himself from the experiences and environment of his childhood once he turned 18 (22

Wake Me Up: Morning meditation and motivation

Tyler Brown

Morning Meditation for Self-Acceptance & Being Kind to Yourself

A meditation to accept all the versions of yourself.

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The Narcissists' Code

Lee Hammock

Welcome to my podcast. I am Lee Hammock a self aware narcissist and I'm known as Mental Healness all over social media. I have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and I've been dealing with this personality disorder for as long as I can remember. I have been in psychotherapy for the last 4 years and Therapy has helped me to figure out exactly why I do what I do and it has allowed me to get to this point where I can offer you the perspective inside the head of a person battling this personality disorder. You might get triggered, but you'll get validated. @mentalhealness everywhere Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mentalhealness/support

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Gina Ryan

831: 5 Healing Powers of Solitude

In today's episode, Gina discusses the great benefits of solitude and alone time.  Being alone allows one to reflect on their present condition, recharge emotionally, and make plans for improvements in one's life.  Listen in to learn the benefits and being alone and how to take some special alone time for yourself! Athletic Greens is giving you a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit https://athleticgreens.com/ACP Find even more peace and calm with our Supercast premium access membership! https://anxietycoaches.supercast.com/ Here's what's included for $5/month: ❤ New Ad-Free episodes every Sunday and Wednesday ❤ Access to the entire Ad-free back-catalog with over 600 episodes ❤ Premium meditations recorded with you in mind ❤ And more fun surprises along the way! All this in your favorite podcast app! To learn more go to: https://www.theanxietycoache

Love and Abuse

Paul Colaianni

Can depression be used for manipulation?

There can be some good excuses for hurtful behavior. With some excuses, it can be hard to differentiate between fact and fiction.  When someone uses their condition or illness to manipulate or control you, it can make it that much more difficult to get out from under their spell. 

Psicologia Al Desnudo | @psi.mammoliti

Marina Mammoliti

E73: ¡Siempre me pasa lo mismo! ¿Por qué repito patrones?

¿Por qué siempre terminamos en las mismas relaciones? ¿Por qué nos vemos repitiendo una y otra vez situaciones similares? No es aleatorio. Hay un porqué. Y en este episodio te cuento cuál es. ¿Me acompañás?

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Surviving Narcissism with Dr. Les Carter

Dr. Les Carter

Life with a narcissist is challenging, and Dr. Les Carter is here to assist. Whether you are feeling frustrated due to a narcissist's inability to blend well or you are feeling constantly invalidated by their need for control and their lack of empathy, Dr. C is your resource.  He is committed to helping people become part of Team Healthy, which focuses on DRC: dignity, respect, and civility.  In each of our episodes we will contrast the narcissistic patterns of life to the ways of Team Healthy.

پادکست آرامش


اپیزود 20 (پایان فصل اول پادکست آرامش) - افسردگی فصلی در بهار و تابستان

این اپیسود پایان اولین فصل از برنامه های پادکست آرامش هست. به زودی با فصل دوم و برنامه های جدید باز خواهیم گشت!


افسردگی بهاری رو جدی بگیرید!

بر خلاف تصور عموم که بهار رو فصل شادی میدونن، طبق تحقیقات انجام شده متاسفانه این فصل بالاترین آمار افسردگی و خودکشی رو در کل جهان به خودش اختصاص می ده. (لینک منابع در پست مربوط به این اپیسود، در وب سایت پادکست آرامش)


افسردگی بهاری، همه افراد رو با هر سن و سال و موقعیت اجتماعی تهدید می کنه.

این افسردگی لزوما ناشی از شرایط واقعا سخت زندگی نیست، بلکه تغییرات هورمونی در بدن و در نتیجه تغییرات خلقی، باعث حساس تر شدن فرد میشن، طوری که مشکلاتی رو که در شرایط عادی به نظرش چندان مهم و بزرگ نمیومدن ناگهان غیر قابل تحمل احساس می کنه.  


در صورت عدم درمان و رسیدگی سریع و تخصصی، این موضوع میتونه باعث بروز احساس شکست، ناکامی و یا بی ارزشی در فرد بشه. ا

Feeling Good Podcast | TEAM-CBT - The New Mood Therapy

David Burns, MD

297: Yuck! Homework!

297: Yuck! Homework! In today’s podcast, we discuss the important but dreaded topic of psychotherapy homework, and our featured guest is Alexis, whom some of you know from her fabulous work organizing beta tests for the Feeling Good App. Today, Alexis brings us a very special gift, by showing us how she "walks the walk."! At the beginning of the podcast, we discussed the two major reasons to do psychotherapy “homework:” First, the homework gives you the chance to practice and master the techniques you’re learning, so you can keep growing and strengthening your skills. And second, because it's an expression of motivation; motivation alone can have powerful anti-depressive effects and lead to rapid recovery. I also talked a research study I did with a friend and colleague who got depressed following the breakup of his relationship with the woman he’d been dating for several years. Each night he would partially fill out a Daily Mood Log, including

The Recovery Show » Finding serenity through 12 step recovery in Al-Anon – a podcast

The Recovery Show

Fireflies – Recovery of a Marriage – 378

Al Anon Courage to Change: “We all have dark times in our lives, but the journey to better times is often what makes us happier, stronger people. When we stop expecting instant relief, we may come to believe that where we are today is exactly where our higher power would  have us be.” Lea's world...
The post Fireflies – Recovery of a Marriage – 378 appeared first on The Recovery Show.

Sober Powered

Gillian Tietz, MS

E102: Alcohol and Your Dysregulated Nervous System With Beth Bowen, LMSW

Gill welcomes Beth Bowen, LMSW to the show. This episode is your guide to understanding why we use alcohol to attempt to regulate our nervous system and calm us down. Alcohol is a quick fix that brings down intolerable emotions, but drinking to cope makes us even less tolerant of big emotions in the future.In this episode you’ll learn:Beth’s experience working with veterans and in the emergency room as a social workerThe idea of “knowing better” better but not being able to change your drinkingThe risk to licensure for a medical or mental health professional struggling with substancesEmotion intensity and drinking to regulate emotionsHow our nervous system works and how it can become dysregulatedWhy we are so drawn to drinking alcohol to regulate our nervous systemWhat the window of tolerance is and how this can increase the risk of turning to alcohol to copeWhy morality (good/bad, strong/weak) has noth

رواق / Ravaq

Farzin Ranjbar

اطلاعیه‌ی ششم

لینک خلاصه‌ی رواقZil.ink/ravaqSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/ravaq/donations

Waking Up to Narcissism

Tony Overbay LMFT

Isolating, Monitoring and Manipulation, Oh My! Coercive Control In the Narcissistic Relationship

Tony Overbay, LMFT, defines "Coercive Control," as more than domestic violence. Courts across the country are now including isolation, monitoring one's movements, finances, daily behaviors, and more. Tony refers to the article "Does Your Relationship Include Coercive Control," by Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/5-types-people-who-can-ruin-your-life/202203/does-your-relationship-include-coercive-control

Tony mentioned his "Magnetize Your Marriage" workshop happening on April 7th. If you would like to sign up for the workshop, please visit http://tonyoverbay.com/magnetic

It’s not Normal It’s Toxic-rid your life of toxic people

It’s not Normal, It’s Toxic-ri

Why & How - The Escalation of Abuse

3 years ago I did an episode about how abuse escalates. It was with a dear friend of mine. A self defense instructor, domestic violence advocate, mother, friend, and pillar of strength to many. She allegedly lost her life last fall to the very thing she stood so strongly against. Rest In Peace My Friend. I promise when the time is right I will tell your story to the world.

21 Days of Abundance - Meditation Series

Deepak Chopra

Day 22: Happiness and Humanity (So Hum)

The divine light within me honors the divine light within you.
So Hum ♥
• • •

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Gregg Clunis

Repost: 102 - Do the Work, Forget Everything Else

In this episode we talk about:
- Why you need to focus on doing the work
- What it takes to achieve your goals
- How I almost screwed myself


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این نقطه

hosein Arabzadeh

اپیزود، شماره سه - تو افکارت نیستی

...تو این نقطه حسین خونه تکونی میکنه،  درمورد افکارصحبت میکنه، و تکلیف "لطفا راهکار بدید" رو مشخص میکنه


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A Sober Girls Guide Podcast

A Sober Girls Guide

Tessa Lowe: Sober Tik Tok

Tessa is known as the Sober Mom of Tiktok. She explains how social media communities helped her on her own sobriety journey and how she is helping inspire other women through her raw, real and very relatable videos.  Vist www.soberlink.com/asgg for your free guide to building confidence in early recovery.  

Listen To Sleep - Quiet Bedtime Stories & Meditations

Erik Ireland

#178 - Princess Bella-Flor

A sleepy fairy tale about a Celtic princess and the king who will do anything to marry her. 
Our local bear family spent a morning sunning themselves and eating lunch over on the hillside across the creek. Watching them got me thinking about how much life up here can be like the grownup version of the adventures of Christoper Robin and Winnie the Pooh and I made a video about that with some footage of the bears. If you'd like to see it, it's up on TikTok at https://www.tiktok.com/@listentosleep or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/listentosleep/. 
If the podcast helps you sleep, would you consider supporting it with $3 a month? You'll get new episodes a day earlier with no ads or introductions, an immediate download of the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland audiobook and you'll be helping me to get closer to realizing my dream of having Listen To Sleep be my full-time endeavor. You can join or find more information at http

I Can’t Sleep Podcast

Benjamin Boster


In this episode of the I Can't Sleep Podcast, fall asleep learning about opals. You're probably thinking I'm going to read to you about gems and the like, but let's be honest: an opal is a rock. Yep, you're falling asleep learning about rocks! Happy sleeping.


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The Anxious Truth - A Panic, Anxiety, and Mental Health Podcast

Drew Linsalata

EP 211 - More on Emetophobia (Fear of Vomiting)

Emetophobia - fear of vomiting - is a major driver of anxiety and even panic for many in the community.  Today on The Anxious Truth my old friend and collaborator Holly is back to share openly about her experience with emetophobia and what ultimately helped her get past what can be a crippling phobia.
For full show notes on this episode:
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Music Credit: AfterGlow by Ben Drake (with permission)

My Therapist's A Witch

Elizabeth Ferreira

On this podcast we'll be bringing together the best lessons from psychology with holistic approaches to mental health and healing. By bridging the gap between mental health and spirituality, we can find new opportunities to heal from trauma, live in loving relationship, and reduce our suffering. Specific focuses include complex PTSD, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and finding a personal practice that works for you. My name's Elizabeth Ferreira, and I'm a somatic psychotherapist in training currently earning hours toward my license. My approach is holistic, non-judgmental, and centered in the belief that all beings have the capacity to heal, grow, and reduce suffering.

Mindfulness For Beginners

Shaun Donaghy

Disturbing thoughts: not as disturbing as they first appear

Have you ever had an intrusive, unsettling thought pop into your head that just seemed to come out of nowhere? It may be fairly disturbing and you might wonder “where in the wide world of sports did that come from?” You might feel like a bit of a freak or a weirdo as a result. Well, guess what - you’re not!
Join my stress seminar - MfB live! https://forms.gle/Ufcvy373XQ2BvQiW7
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Think Positive: Daily Affirmations

Dachia Arritola The DogMom

Think Positive: Daily Affirmations

You've heard of affirmations, but have you used them successfully? Join me daily and I'll guide you through a very simple and brief activity where I'll give you 2 affirmations, a question to ask yourself and a quote to ponder. Also, now available is the Think Positive: Daily Affirmation's Podcast Companion- a simple little book to help you stay on track. Check it out at Dachia.com/think-positive .

Black Girl Burn Out

Amplify Voices

Black Girl Burnout is a podcast hosted by Kelley Bonner dedicated to helping black women manage the stress of daily living and preventing the detrimental effects of burnout. Black women often feel overburdened and undervalued, and this podcast offers palpable solutions for this undeniable phenomenon. Bonner is a licensed therapist with over 15 years of experience helping people and organizations transform, evolve, and heal burnout. Each week, she dives deep on topics around burnout including career burnout, relationship burnout, and how racism and sexism contribute to the acceleration of burnout-in just 15 minutes! Bonners helps listeners develop the tools to combat and overcome burnout. During each episode, she guides listeners through bite-sized and manageable practices that provide immediate relief by leaning into their own intuition and becoming more engaged and connected with themselves and their surroundings.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Mindset & Motivation

Dr. Stephen Cabral

The Mindset and Motivation Podcast provides a weekly dose of inspiration to keep you on track to reaching your highest goals and maintaining a growth mindset. This show will allow you to discover your passion and purpose for living life to the fullest with a weekly dose of Monday Motivation. After seeing over 250,000 client appointments in his private practice, Dr. Cabral has come online to share what he has seen to work in the real world - It’s now time to shift your mindset and gain the motivation you need to achieve your greatest good and potential!

This Morning Walk

Alex Elle + Libby DeLana

This Morning Walk podcast invites you to experience the transformative power of a simple walk.

Soul Sistas Sleep Meditations - Guided Meditations for Black Women

Tsipporah the Explorer

?Sakura Falls Meditation? // A meditation for negative thoughts

When things are falling, listen to this meditation. 
Check out the visual meditation on Youtube.
Chakra Affimation Cards are for Black Women, Black Yogis, Black Spiritual Healers, Black Meditators. Perfect gift to promote your emotional and mental wellness.
Use "HBD29" at checkout to get it for FREE!
Etsy Shop - https://www.etsy.com/shop/SoulSistasSleep
???Follow us on IG: @soulsistassleep
? Meditations created and recorded by @TsipporahTheExplorer
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Anxiety Slayer™ with Shann and Ananga

Shann Vander Leek & Ananga Sivyer

How to use Tapping to calm unwanted thoughts

596: This week on Anxiety Slayer, we’re sharing a guided Tapping Session for calming unwanted thoughts. Listen in and Tap with us to feel more peaceful and free from looping anxious thoughts.
You can find all our Guided Tapping Sessions and guided meditations on our Patreon at Patreon.com/anxietyslayer
Today’s Anxiety Slayer podcast is sponsored by Betterhelp 

BetterHelp wants to remind you that you matter just as much as everyone else does, and therapy is a great way to make sure you show up for yourself.   
BetterHelp is online therapy that offers video, phone and even live chat sessions with your therapist, so you don’t have to see anyone on camera if you don’t want to. It’s much more affordable than in-person therapy and you can be matched with a therapist in under 48 hours. 
Give it a try and see why over 2 million people have used BetterHelp online therapy. 

Therapy as a Christian

Anchored Media Network

142: 141. How to learn how to have more balance

On this episode of the podcast, Roslyn goes into detail about how we can begin to have more balance in our lives. She details 5 tips that can aid and help you in that process.

If you are someone that struggles with self-sabotage, procrastination, and find that you need help with time management because of it. Sign up for my free call this Thursday February 10, 2022 @7pm CST/8pm EST on the 4 Reasons Why Self-Sabotage and Procrastination are Impacting Your Discipline, Productivity, and Fulfillment.

How to practically give yourself grace, (Episode 124)

Ask Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew

Justin Bieber's Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, COVID Long Haulers, Paxlovid & Your Calls – Ask Dr. Drew – Episode 92

Dr. Drew answers caller questions and discusses Justin Bieber's Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and facial paralysis, Hailey Bieber's stroke, COVID Long Haulers, and Paxlovid. He also speaks to callers about grief after a spouse's death, palliative care, and monoclonal antibodies. [Originally broadcast on June 13, 2022. Watch at https://go.drdrew.com/3OisXnq] SPONSORED BY • GENUCEL - Using a proprietary base formulated by a pharmacist, Genucel has created skincare that can dramatically improve the appearance of facial redness and under-eye puffiness. Genucel uses clinical levels of botanical extracts in their cruelty-free, natural, made-in-the-USA line of products. Get 10% off with promo code DREW at https://genucel.com/drew Ask Dr. Drew is produced by Kaleb Nation ( https://kalebnation.com) and Susan Pinsky (https://twitter.com/FirstLadyOfLove). THE SHOW: For over 30 years,

Tales by the Fireside - Bedtime stories and sleep meditation

Joe Fireside

Weekly stories for both adults and children, Specially crafted to reduce anxiety and help you sleep. Old favourites, new creations, obscure stories and independent authors work, all carefully selected and lovingly read for you, with the crackling of the fire to soothe you, and the story to play out in your mind. Check out our website for to listen to all the episodes and join the mailing-list: www.talesbythefireside.com Support me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/talesbythefireside All Tales told are with the express permission of the rights holders, or are in the public domain. Support Tales by the Fireside and Get Bonus Content on Patreon! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Addicted Mind Podcast

Duane Osterlind, LMFT

185: Preventing Youth From Falling Into the Trap of Addiction with Maks Ezrin

Teenagers are normally withdrawn. But once you see some shifts in behavior or probably a liquor missing from the liquor cabinet, these could be red flags that your young adult is struggling with addiction.On today’s episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, Duane speaks with Maks Ezrin, certified recovery coach and co-founder of Youth Prevention Mentors, and shares what they’re currently doing to help mentor young adults so they don’t fall into the trap of addiction – striking addiction before addiction strikes.Maks had his own experience with early addiction. Born and raised in New York City, Maks was living with his loving parents and pretty much had everything life had to offer. But wanting to be perceived as the cool kid in the bunch, Maks pretty much began partying and experimenting with drugs and alcohol at 13 years old. And by the age he was 15, he tried cocaine and ecstasy. Maks did all that be



Morning motivation

Morning motivation

The Angry Therapist Podcast

John Kim

The Importance of Alone Time

In this episode, John talks about the importance of having alone time.Roughly ten minutes of self help in a shot glass. If you're looking for a wine glass, you've come to the wrong place. Marriage family therapist and best selling author, John Kim, shares his life and love revelations as well as insights from his sessions. He pulls the curtain back and documents his journey as a therapist but more importantly, as a human being.   See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Balanced Life

Robin Long

69: Steps I've Taken Toward Hormone Balance

Hello, hormones! Nice to meet you! This month, we’re talking about hormonal health. Hormones often get overlooked, yet they are at the heart of our lives and wellness. They are fundamental to how we feel each day and how our bodies function. And we need to normalize talking about hormones and learn about our hormonal health before we find ourselves out of balance.  In this insightful episode, Robin brings the conversation about hormones into light. She talks about getting to the root cause of our physical problems and dives into the key things she focused on over the last year, while overcoming hormonal imbalance. She shares actionable steps you can take to care for yourself and support healthy hormones. Stay tuned to learn what you can do to support hormonal health and maintain hormone balance!  Show highlights: what you can look forward to in this episode! Robin talks about the physical symptoms she was experiencing and what f

ASMR by GentleWhispering

Maria Gentlewhispering

? Relaxing Naturopath Visit ? ASMR ? Doctor RP

Hello sweetheart! :) Today I welcome you to my naturopathic medicine practice ? I will shortly give you an overview of your visit then at 03:00 I will perform a check up of your hair, your ears 06:30 , I'll put on my gloves and examine your skin 08:50 , your sinuses 11:25 , your lymph nodes 13:03 , neck muscles check 14:10 , I'll gently test your eyes reflexes with a flashlight 16:56 , I'll tell you about Eyeology 19:29 and check your eyes 22:26 , then I will perform a check of your tongue 29:55 after I explain how you can read your health by your tongue 27:47 ,  I'll tell you a bit about tension headache that you've been experiencing and how to deal with it 32:32 ,  I'll recommend you some essential oils 34:34 , and herbal supplements 36:16 that even sound good and at the end I will relax you deeper with gentle hand movements to help you doze off 38:29 . Enjoy ♥ Thank you for watching! :)



The BTR.ORG Podcast - Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Anne Blythe

How Do I Know If It’s Abuse?

Abusers condition victims to struggle with discerning reality. If you're here, you are trying to figure out if you are being abused. We can help.

Depression Detox Show

Malikee Josephs (Muh Leek - Jo Seffs)

322 | Jimmy Valvano: "Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things."

The late coach, jimmy V returns to show to share the three things needed to stay motivated every day.   Source: Jimmy V - Cutting Down the Nets   Connect with Jimmy Valvano:    Website: https://www.v.org   Book: Valvano: They Gave Me a Lifetime Contract, and Then They Declared Me Dead   Hosted by Malikee Josephs (Pronounced Muh leek Jo seffs)   Follow The Show On Instagram @DepressionDetoxShow.   Contact me: mj@depressiondetoxshow.com 

Therapy Chat

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C

335: Chronic Illness & The Brain - With Donna Jackson Nakazawa

On today's episode host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C speaks to Donna Jackson Nakazawa about her forthcoming book, The Angel and The Assassin: The Tiny Brain Cell That Changed the Course of Medicine.  Donna Jackson Nakazawa is an award-winning journalist and internationally-recognized speaker whose work explores the intersection of neuroscience, immunology, and human emotion. Her mission is to translate emerging science in ways that help those with chronic conditions find healing. She is the author of six books, including her most recent book, The Angel and The Assassin: The Tiny Brain Cell That Changed the Course of Medicine (Random House/Ballantine, January 2020), which illuminates the newly-understood role of microglia – an elusive type of brain cell capable of Jekyll and Hyde behavior. When triggered, microglia can morph into destroyers and take down synapses, causing depression, anxiety, and Alzheimer’s. But und

Neurodiversity Podcast

Emily Kircher-Morris

Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance with Harry J. Thompson

What is Pathological Demand Avoidance and how does it manifest among the neurodivergent? What can we do to educate parents, teachers, and counselors about how to approach it? Understanding demand avoidance can completely transform the way you look at a child. During World Autism Acceptance Month, we feature a conversation with Harry J. Thompson from 2019, on episode 121. ABOUT THE GUEST - Harry J. Thompson was born in Edgware and grew up in Barnet in north London. He is currently based in London, UK. An avid reader & researcher, Harry speaks publicly and is heavily involved in projects & research on all topics around neurodiversity and autism; namely, Pathological Demand Avoidance, a behavior profile within the Autism Spectrum. Harry began to write the first draft of his book in 2015. After connecting with many autistic & PDA families, he pivoted his direction and completed his book in about 6 weeks, a memoir

The Anxiety Guy Podcast

The Anxiety Guy

TAGP 335: Over-Stimulation And Anxiety, What's The True Link?

In today's podcast episode I will show you what the difference is between natural and artifical stimulation and what the connections may be to an anxiety filled life. Learn more about the #1 Health Anxiety Program Online today Here. 

زندگی مایندفول با مدیتیشن | مراقبه‌ی فارسی

مریم کاوه

رها کن آنچه را که کمکی به حالت نمیکند | مجموعه مدیتیشن رها کردن

در این مدیتیشن باهم تمرین میکنیم چیزی که دیگه به کارمون نمی آد و خدمتی به حال ما نمیکند را رها کنیم.خوب باشید.ناماسته See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Anxiety Chicks

The Anxiety Chicks

63. People Who Trigger Anxiety and How to Set Boundaries

Alison and Taylor don't hold back this week...The Chicks talk all about the people who have contributed to their anxiety over the years and why it was important to their healing that they learn how to set boundaries. But what are boundaries? How do you even begin to create them for yourself? Listen to find out!
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The SelfWork Podcast

Margaret Robinson Rutherford PhD

279 SelfWork: Special Guest Host! Ashley Stahl and The You Turn Podcast Interviews Tatyana Rae on The Art Of Loving

Today we’re doing something new! And it's the brainchild of the woman you're about to meet! Ashley Stahl is a counterterrorism professional turned career coach, spokesperson, and author of the bestselling book, You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, Design Your Dream Career. Through her two viral TEDx speeches, her online courses,and her podcast, the You Turn Podcast, she’s been able to support clients all over the world in discovering their best career path, upgrading their confidence, and landing more job offers. She maintains a monthly career column in Forbes, and her work has been also featured in outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, CBS, SELF, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, and more. Those are the facts about Ashley Stahl. But let me tell you what it’s like to talk with her. She’s quick, bright, compassionate – quick to laugh. And her advic

Uniquely Human: The Podcast


Unmasking Autism: A Discussion with Dr. Devon Price

An issue of increasing interest and concern in the autism community is that of masking. Masking or camouflaging is when an autistic person or neurodivergent person consciously, or subconsciously seeks to hide or minimize their autism or neurodivergent traits to fit in with the neurotypical world. Individuals with autism, especially ones who have a history of trauma, frequently feel they need to mask their autistic traits in order to fit in. Dr. Devon Price, a social psychologist and transgender autistic man shares his personal experiences as well as his expertise as a researcher and psychologist in exploring many issues related to masking. Drawing from his critically acclaimed book, Unmasking Autism, he provides understanding and practical guidance related to masking that will be of great value to autistic and neurodivergent individuals, and neurotypical individuals as well.

Counselor Toolbox Podcast

Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Making Peace with the Inner Critic

The Office ASMR - A Podcast to Sleep To

Sleepy Office Fan

The Office S06E21 - Happy Hour (Sleep Podcast)

I wear a tend to wear something low cut, get men to flirt with me... And Bob beats them up.
Connect over on Twitter: http://twitter.com/asmroffice
Don't miss Scrubs ASMR where I narrate every episode of Scrubs to help you fall asleep

HeartMath's Add Heart

Deborah Rozman, Ph.D.

The Add Heart® Podcast is designed to inspire connecting with our heart’s intuitive suggestions and guidance, while learning to balance and enrich our personal life and our day-to-day experiences and interactions. Each 30 minute episode features host Deborah Rozman, HeartMath President and CEO and an expert guest. They discuss a restorative heart quality and ways to apply it that can empower your life and help reduce stress and anxiety. Our mission at HeartMath is to help activate the heart of humanity and the purpose of the Add Heart Podcast is to inspire forward movement and heart-powered intention. The content shared draws on 25 years of scientific research, HeartMath books, HeartMath techniques and time-relevant practices. Each episode closes with a heart-focused meditation to create a reservoir of heart energy to support our personal and collective heart intentions. New episodes are published on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. The Add Heart Podcast is available on most podcast sites such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and many more. Be sure to subscribe so you can be notified when new episodes are available. Focusing on different topics and issues, Deborah and her guest highlight a restorative heart quality and how we can apply it. They'll draw from 25 years of scientific research conducted by the HeartMath Institute - and they’ll share time-relevant practices and HeartMath techniques. Each episode closes with a heart meditation to create a reservoir of collective heart energy that supports our individual intentions. The Add Heart podcast will help inspire and empower your life - and especially help you to minimize stress and anxiety.

Por el Placer de Vivir con el Dr. Cesar Lozano


Recupera tu dignidad después de una relación tóxica

A lo mejor te hicieron creer erróneamente que no valías la pena, a lo mejor te hicieron sentir culpable y entiendes que no deberías porque. En este episodio toamos esa fibra sensible para que renazcas emocionalmente. ¡Gracias por elegir el podcast de Por el Placer de Vivir, cuando termines este podcast vas a decir, qué bueno que escuche al Dr. César Lozano!

The "Hey Friend" Podcast

Ozley ASMR

ASMR bedtime positive affirmations

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The Inner Child Podcast

Gloria Zhang

#49: Codependency, High-Achieving, Growing Up As An Outcast: An Unfiltered Convo with Hiwa Alaghebandian

Let's mix things up, High Achievers! I invited my dear friend, Hiwa Alaghebandian, who is a Food Artist, Lawyer and Podcast Host of The Blush Pod. Today, we decided to have a totally unfiltered, all hands on deck conversation about codependent relationships, dating, and growing up feeling like an outcast. Stay tuned for this really fun and interesting episode!*Enrollment is open for the May 2022 cohort of Soulmate*  Calling all High-Achieving Professionals & Entrepreneurs who are elevate into thriving, secure relationships by healing their inner child ? Apply now: bygloriazhang.com/soulmate. Episode Highlights:Hiwa’s journey with inner child healing, surviving after being in a codependent relationship and discovering her true callingThe Inspiration behind Hiwa’s Podcast, The Blush PodOur candid but grounded take on which Sex in the City character we resonate wit

Daily Meditation Podcast

Declutter The Mind

Meditation for Sleeping and Deep Relaxation

Allow yourself to fall into deep relaxation, just before sleeping, with this 30 minute guided meditation practice. Gently unwind and clear the mind with relaxing prompts and mindfulness. #guidedmeditation #sleeping #mindfulness This guided meditation practice is from our app, Declutter The Mind. You can download it for iOS and Android for free. Declutter The Mind ▶ https://declutterthemind.com/ iOS app ▶ https://apps.apple.com/us/app/declutter-the-mind/id1465713447?ls=1 Android app ▶ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MindDeclutter Consider joining Declutter The Mind Plus on YouTube for $5/mo and support the channel, get access to guided meditation courses, and more. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZvMgbK5X8j-nCY5CR06xw/join

Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat

Terry Rubenstein - How to Discover Your Innate Well-being and Poke Holes in Your Premises

In this episode, I talk with Terry Rubenstein, founder of iheart Principles, a global non-profit organization established to help children uncover their innate wellbeing and resilience. True change begins with the education of future generations, and in that, Terry is doing the noblest of work. Since its formation a few years ago, iheart programs have reached and profoundly impacted over 25,000 young people in 22 countries, as well as countless parents, teachers and leaders. Terry is the co-author of the innovative iheart curriculum, which conveys the core principle of innate wellness that is creating a paradigm-shift in how schools understand and address mental health.She is also the author of the ground-breaking book, Exquisite Mind: How a New Paradigm Transformed My Life...and Is Sweeping the World, which tells the personal story of her journey from years of suffering to mental welln

The Carlat Psychiatry Podcast

Pocket Psychiatry: A Carlat Podcast

Breaking down Tarasoff and our Duty to Protect

We often hear about the “Tarasoff warning” and the “duty to protect,” but what do these mean, and who was Tarasoff? In today’s episode, we’ll break down the Tarasoff rulings and how you can navigate the legal ambiguities surrounding our duty to protect. CME: Take the Podcast CME Post-Test here. Not subscribed to earn CME credit for listening? Click here to start earning CME credit for podcast episodes!Published On: 04/14/2022Duration: 10 minutes, 47 secondsRelated Articles: “Tarasoff: Making Sense of the Duty to Warn or Protect,” The Carlat Hospital Psychiatry Report, January/February/March 2022Each State’s Laws Related to TarasoffVictoria Hendrick, MD, and Zachary Davis, BS, have disclosed no relevant financial or other interests in any commercial companies pertaining to this educational activity.

The Morning Ritual

Lilly Balch

Pre-Work Meditation

This meditation is designed to focus and concentrate your mind before starting your work day. Want to schedule your free discovery call? Book here: https://calendly.com/lilly-balch/discovery-call  Interested in The Countryside Retreat this June? Learn more: https://www.wetravel.com/trips/3-day-restorative-countryside-weekend-retreat-lilly-balch-sophie-hardy-thurgarton-27260342  ***The Morning Ritual is sponsored by BetterHelp. For easy, accessible therapy visit www.betterhelp.com/TheMorningRitual for 10% off your first month of therapy.

The Save The Marriage Podcast

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Some Truths for Every Couple

Many of my podcast episodes are really aimed at those in the midst of some marriage crisis. Maybe it is hanging on by a thread. Perhaps it is just in the beginning stages.

Today, I want to share some information that applies to every single marriage -- happy or hurting, starting or staying, even barely hanging on. If you are at the beginning of a marriage -- this applies! If you are struggling through -- this applies! If you aren't sure if it will survive -- this applies!

A few weeks ago, a reporter asked for some truths for couples. After nearly 3 decades of working with couples, and almost 30 years of marriage, those truths were pretty quick to come to mind.

And after I was done talking, I realized that I needed to share the information in my podcast, so that you could access it, too.

Please, feel free to share it with others who are married, so they know the truth about marriage -- and can build a gr

Real WW Talk

Real WW Talk

What Are You Focusing On?

This week, Erin and Rikki (Candice is taking a rest day) are chatting about focusing on behaviors that will get us through the Easter holiday and spring break! CONNECT  WITH USInstagram: http://instagram.com/realwwtalkFacebook: http://facebook.com/groups/realwwtalkYouTube: http://youtube.com/realwwtalkEmail: realwwtalk @ gmail.comFIND US ON WW CONNECTCandice: @candigirl_08Erin: @erinsworldRikki: @radiantlyrikki

Ask Dr. Julie Hanks

Dr. Julie Hanks

Bonus: Making Peace With Your Body Q&A with Dr. Hanks

In this bonus episode, I answer audience questions live about making peace with your body. I answer questions likeHow do you accept your body after weight gain?How can I expand my self definition beyond my appearance?How can I appreciate my body’s functions more than its form?How do I set boundaries with family members when they comment about my body or clothing?Our bodies are with us our entire lives, and they do a lot of things that we take for granted. If you want to continue this discussion with me, please join my membership where this month we are learning about making peace with your body. You’ll get access to:Group coaching with meA private Facebook group moderated by meDigital downloads including journal prompts, affirmations, and moreAll previous membership themes and contentAll of my coursesEarly access to events.Visit drjuliehanks.com/membership to learn more and sign up!Do you love the Ask Dr. Julie Hanks

Mood Ring

American Public Media

Don’t Ask For Help

Anna Borges interviews notOK app creator Hannah Lucas about how to get help during intense mental health moments. The conversation covers how the app works, how communication can deepen trust, and how it can be challenging to voice our needs.
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Mood Ring is a production of American Public Media and Pizza Shark.

Full Transcript
Anna Borges: There’s a word people associate with me a lot: vulnerable. Like, my work is vulnerable and thank you for being so vulnerable. And honestly? It couldn’t be further from the truth. I SUCK at being vulnerable.
If that’s surprising to hear, it’s not just you. I didn’t know that about myself for a really long time. My therapist was kind of the first one to float the idea and I didn’t really buy it.
She kept at it, though. She was not gonna take no for an answer. At some point in our work together,

Live Well and Thrive

Kaiser Permanente

This podcast recognizes the hard work, dedication, and diversity of our team at Kaiser Permanente Northern California. Live Well & Thrive acknowledges our shared struggles we’ve all experienced during these unprecedented two years and finding ways to move forward.

Light Up The Couch

Clearly Clinical

Affordable, relevant, and diverse Continuing Ed for mental health professionals… one year of unlimited CE courses for just $60. Clearly Clinical is an approved provider with the APA, NBCC, ASWB, NAADAC, CAMFT, & CCAPP; we support women and clinicians from other historically-marginalized populations, and donate to the Trevor Project. Our innovative CE presentations and interviews feature national experts and cover topics that help today’s passionate providers learn, grow, and shine. Visit us at www.ClearlyClinical.com to become part of the movement!

دارما مدیتیشن، پادکست مراقبه‌ی فارسی | Dharma Meditation Podcast

Ali Delshad Tehrani

مدیتیشن مهربانی (متا) - قسمت دوم (باصدای سارا)

این مدیتیشن برای هر دو حالت نشسته و خوابیده مناسبهمدیتیشن - "متا" به معنای انرژی مثبت و مهربانی نسبت به دیگران است. این روش به عنوان پراکندن مهربانی نیز شناخته می شود.در متا، ما مهربانی را به سمت خودمان سوق می دهیم و سپس، در یک تمرکز پر از ببخش و مهربانی، به سمت کسی که دوستش داریم خوبیها را روانه میکنیم. بعد دامنه ی محبتمان را گسترده تر کرده و کسی که نسبت به او بی طرف هستیم را نیز با محبت یاد میکنیم. و سرانجام نسبت به همه موجودات در همه جا و بدون تمایز.این تمرین میتونه تا حد بسیار زیادی کینه ها و سختی ها و تجربه های بد رو در‌وجودمون به آرامش برسونهاز اینکه افتخار همراهی شما را داریم، با تمام وجود خوشحالیماسپانسر این اپیزود خود شما هستید که ما را به دیگران معرفی می کنیدپیشنهاد می‌کنیم در کنار مدیتیشن‌های دارما، به دارما کلینیک که یک پادکست روانشناسی و پزشکی هست گوش بدید، چرا که این دو مکمل یکدیگر هستند:https://castbox.fm/vc/3505885پادکست انگیزشی و ژرف‌اندیشی دارما موتیویشن گفتگو با افراد موفق و ژرف‌اندیش هست



ADHD, irritability, and friendship (Jake’s story)

Help us make our podcasts better. Take our listener survey.Jake Lambert watched his mother thrive once she was diagnosed with ADHD and getting ADHD treatment. That pushed him to look for answers about his own struggles to pay attention. He wondered why he was so irritable, why he had trouble managing emotions, and why he struggled to keep friends. He figured they were just “bad” traits of his — but in reality, it was ADHD. Growing up, Jake did well enough in school that no one caught his ADHD symptoms. He’d have to re-read a page three times because he’d get distracted. And he constantly procrastinated on homework assignments. Jake and host Laura Key also talk about how ADHD can make you feel “crackly,” and coping strategies that help them.To find a transcript for this episode and more resources, visit the episode page at Understood. We love hearing from our listeners. Email us at ADHDAha@understood.org. Understood is a nonpr

The Terri Cole Show

Terri Cole

377 How to Create an Extraordinary Life with Tanya Dalton

Do you ever feel like you are too busy to create the life you really want? A lot of us always feel like we’re playing catch-up, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Today’s guest, Tanya Dalton, shares strategies that can help all of us live with intention by making truly fulfilling goals and sticking to them. Plus: Tanya shares the story behind her brand new book, On Purpose: The Busy Woman’s Guide to an Extraordinary Life of Meaning and Success. Read the show notes for today's episode at terricole.com/377

The Virtual Couch

Tony Overbay LMFT

How To Turn Big Emotions into Healing - Taming Your Trauma

Sometimes we don't realize how childhood trauma can show up in adulthood. Even the most supportive parents often tell children "not to worry about it," or "they didn't mean it," or "it's not that big of a deal." So it's not surprising that it can be difficult to sit with uncomfortable emotions. Tony goes through Dr. Andrea Brandt's article "9 Steps to Healing Childhood Trauma as an Adult," https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/mindful-anger/201804/9-steps-healing-childhood-trauma-adult

Go to http://tonyoverbay.com/workshop to sign up for Tony’s “Magnetize Your Marriage” virtual workshop. The cost is only $19. You’ll learn the top 3 things you can do NOW to create a Magnetic Marriage.

You can learn more about Tony's pornography recovery program, The Path Back, by visiting http://pathbackrecovery.com And visit http://tonyoverbay.com and sign up to receiv

Rain Sounds

Sol Good Media

Gentle Falls - 1 hour for Sleep, Meditation, & Relaxation

View our full collection of podcasts at our website: https://www.solgood.org/ or YouTube channel: www.solgood.org/subscribe

Heal, Survive & Thrive!

Stephanie Lyn

How to Become Your Authentic Self with Jenelle Annette

Jenelle is an Inner Work Guide and Empowerment coach. She helps women be confident, authentic, and attract healthy love. Check out Jenelle on Instagram @jenelleannette and her program Embodied Confidence Self Study! Use code "alchemy2022" for 15% off and start your journey to deeper self-love!
Enroll in Jenelle's Embodied Self Love Course HERE!
Stephanie is a Life and Relationship Coach focusing on healing from narcissistic abuse, codependency, and past wounds. She focuses her attention on teaching the strategies and simple practices to begin reprogramming your inner self. Stephanie’s philosophy is simple, “learn the basic principles you did not learn growing up that will allow you to become emotionally and mentally healthy."
**** PROGRAMS *****
9 Weeks to Emotional Healing (online program) -

Happy as a Mother

Erica Djossa

116: The Invisible Load of Black Birth with Psychiatrist Dr. Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu

In honor of Black Maternal Health Week, I am happy to welcome women's mental health and reproductive psychiatry specialist Dr. Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu. Black moms face health struggles and discrimination in the medical system, and they also carry an additional invisible load specific to women of color. Dr. Jennifer shares valuable insight into the world of Black maternal health.Show Notes: https://bit.ly/3rjGfH4

Translating ADHD

Shelly Collins and Cameron Gott

The Valuation of Time and Emotion with ADHD

Cam and Shelly go Big-Brain this week tinkering with the very structural elements of their Mt. Rainier Model (episodes 60-63). They introduce a concept not often considered in conventional ADHD conversations - language that often includes terms like interest, regulation, management and attention.  The term introduced this week is valuation, and valuation matters because it lives between attention and motivation. Valuation is simply the amount of value we place on something. Cam argues that those of us with ADHD struggle to see the value of something because of the disruptive nature of ADHD. You can’t value what you can’t access. You can’t access what you can’t sense. ADHD impacts our ability to both sense and access concepts like time and emotion.

Cam shares client examples that turn conventional wisdom on its head. Stories of clients challenging conventional takes on concepts like time and emotion. These clients

The Savvy Psychologist's Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health


What you need to know about substance misuse (Part 1)

With the additional stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people have turned to substances to help cope with their emotions. Are you concerned about your substance use, or wondering if you're at risk for addiction? In this episode, we discuss how substance use affects you so that you can make informed decisions and seek help if necessary.Savvy Psychologist is hosted by Dr. Monica Johnson. A transcript is available at Simplecast.Find Savvy Psychologist on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to the newsletter for more psychology tips.Savvy Psychologist is a part of Quick and Dirty Tips.Links: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/savvy-psychologist-newsletterhttps://www.facebook.com/savvypsychologisthttps://twitter.com/qdtsavvypsychhttps://www.kindmindpsych.com/ 

21 Day Positive Mindfulness Meditation Challenge

Kendal Maxwell, PhD; Ft. Black Wolf Sound

Day 15: Calm

10-12 minute guided positive mindfulness meditation with focus on the word calm. Soapygnome.com

The Papaya Podcast

Dear Media, Sarah Nicole Landry

The One About Letting Go Of Clutter With Megan of GoSimplified

We recently welcomed home organization team Go Simplified into our home to de-clutter, get organized and learn new skills. This process for me began with a lot of shame and fear, and landed me in a place of peace and awareness and compassion. So today as we took a break from the home organizing, I sat down with Megan Golightly, founder of GoSimplified to talk about how to start, some tips on a process, and ultimately - reasons we hold onto things. I hope this episode helps us unclutter our lives and minds and help us build new skills and release the shame! Clutter happens! You can follow Megan @GoSimplified on IG for her tips and tricks and visit www.go-simplified.com for more.   Go to www.dipseastories.com/papaya and get a 30 day free trial   Go to shop.simplyprotein.com and use code PAPAYA15 for 15% off   Go to www.gldn.com and use code PAPAYA at checkout   Produced by Dear Media

The Self Esteem and Confidence Mindset

Jonny Pardoe

Self Confidence and Overcoming Blocks with Hadi Haboobi

Today I welcome Hadi onto the show to discuss his work on high performance and overcoming blocks in relation to self confidence. You can find more from Hadi here: 
Facebook: @hadi.h.haboobi
LinkedIn: Hadi Haboobi
I'd like to thank our sponsor Athletic Greens today for all the work they are doing to boost people's health around the world. Also Athletic Greens is going to give you a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase.
All you have to do is visit athleticgreens.com/PARDOE. Again, that is athleticgreens.com/PARDOE to take ownership over your health and pick up the ultimate daily nutritional insurance!

The OCD Stories

Stuart Ralph

Jonny Say - Self-compassion, and building up psychological flexibility in OCD treatment (#334)

In episode 333 I chat with Jonny Say. Jonny is a UK based psychotherapist.  We discuss how he’s doing, Jonny’s mental health and how he practices self-compassion daily, we discuss shame around intrusive thoughts and in doing compulsions, the inner critic, self-compassion and how it can help, building up psychological flexibility skills before exposure and response prevention therapy (ERP), values based exposure, dropping anchor, a compassionate approach to ERP, and much more. Hope it helps.   Show notes: https://theocdstories.com/episode/jonny-say-334  The podcast is made possible by NOCD. NOCD offers affordable, effective, convenient therapy available in the US and outside the US. To find out more about NOCD, their therapy plans, if they currently take your insurance, or to download their free app, head over to https://go.treatmyocd.com/theocdstories

Inside Mental Health

Healthline Media

Autism Spectrum Disorder and Mental Health

Are you curious about autism? Do you wonder about its relationship to mental health conditions? You are not alone, as autism is one of the top search terms on PsychCentral.com. 
Common questions people ask are “Is autism a mental illness?” and “Are people with autism more likely to be violent or aggressive?” Today’s guest lives with autism spectrum disorder and has children who are also on the spectrum. Learn the answers to these questions — and more — on today’s episode with Juli C. Liske.
Guest Bio
Juli C. Liske is the president of Red Door Nonprofit Consulting, LLC, and consults with local nonprofits on improving their autism-related programs and services. She also currently serves on the Tennessee Governor’s Council for Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as the national SPARK for Autism Advisory Council. As a highly capable individual with autism, Liske has worked in the field of autism for over 19 years. She is a

وجدان مع أسامة بن نجيفان

Mics | مايكس

لماذا اختارت ريم البعد عن كل من حولها؟

في هذه الحلقة من بودكاست وجدان تحكي ريم عن مرورها بظروف عائلية صعبة، أجبرتها على اتخاذ قرار العزلة، فسافرت وبعدت عن كل من حولها، لكنها اكتشفت أن ذلك كان أسوأ قرار في حياتها، بعدما تسبب لها في خسارة معظم علاقاتها، وحولها من إنسانة اجتماعية إلى شخص انطوائي.

تحكي ريم أيضاً عن تعرضها للتنمر في الصغر، و مرورها بتجربة اكتئاب لم تُعالج منها، مما تسبب لها في تراكمات كانت سبباً في الحال الذي وصلت إليه، كما تشارك تعرضها لصدمة كبيرة تسببت في فقدانها لطموحها وشغفها وسعادتها.


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The HEAL Podcast

Kelly Noonan Gores

Kelly Noonan Gores: Author, Writer and Director of HEAL Discusses Mental Health, Work-Life Balance and Navigating a Crazy World

In this solo episode, I explain why I am pressing pause on The HEAL Podcast and also answer some of the most popular questions from the HEAL community. As much as I have LOVED continuing the conversations with the incredible experts we’ve had on the podcast, truth be told, the last 8 months have taken a toll on my mental and physical health. As such, I need to take a break to recharge my battery and focus on my family, because if I am not practicing what I am preaching, we’ve got problems! Thank you so much for all the amazing feedback you’ve given me since the launch of the podcast. I am humbled and grateful for all the love. Hopefully after a much-needed period of rest, I can pick up the podcast where I left off and continue to share the hopeful and empowering message of HEAL with the world.  And don’t worry! During my hiatus, the HEAL team will

The Anxiety Dr. Podcast

The Anxiety Dr

#44 Third Step to Getting RID of our ANXIETY

The third step to getting rid of our Anxiety.  REMINDER, continue to do what the previous episodes recommend.  Always remember I'm here to help.  I always welcome questions, comments, and suggestions.  

Interested in our upcoming group?
Email me at Lisa@drlisacortez.com or lisa@theanxietydr.com
Check out our NFT project, brining Mental Health Mindfulness to classrooms across the U.S.


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/theanxietydr/message
Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theanxietydr/support

Relax With Animal Facts

Stefan Wolfe

A weekly podcast that is dedicated to helping you unwind while you journey into the swamps, jungles, and seas to learn all about your favorite animals from all around the world. Sleep, relax, or be attentive; its all up to you. New episodes available every Friday. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Live Happy Now

Live Happy

Singing Through the Pandemic With The Marsh Family

Music is a great tool for bringing people together, and during the days of lockdown, the Marsh Family from the UK began sharing song parodies to express what they were going through. As it turns out they were exactly what the world needed, and their viral videos now have received more than 30 million views. They were dubbed the “Von Trapped Family” by the New York Times, and in this episode of On a Positive Note, parents Ben and Danielle Marsh talk about how their family’s humorous approach to the pandemic helped them keep their own sanity while turning their family into a global sensation. In this episode, you’ll learn: What inspired them to start doing parodies. How humor has helped them tackle tough topics. How singing together has brought them closer as a family.

Entiende Tu Mente

Podcast y Mente Studio | Spotify Studios

¡Nos vemos en directo! En Madrid y Barcelona.

¿Quieres celebrar con nosotros el quinto aniversario de ETM?En Entiende Tu Mente cumplimos cinco años a tu lado y, para celebrarlo, hemos preparado un evento presencial en el que podrás compartir un rato con Molo, Luis y Mónica y… ¡Asistir a la grabación de un podcast en directo! Más de 2 horas donde compartiremos ideas, charlas, preguntas y respuestas.Apunta las fechas: - 23 de abril en el Teatro Capitol de Madrid - 7 de mayo en el Teatro Borrás de Barcelona. ¿Te sumas al CLUB DE LOS IMPERFECTOS?Hazte con tu entrada en nuestra web: entiendetumente.info

The Men's Self Help Podcast

John D. Moore, PhD

Looking for a self help show? Hoping for insights on mental health and wellness? Dr. John Moore hosts The Men's Self Help Podcast - a show for men and the people who love them that focuses on psychology, mental health, relationships and guy issues. Therapy and coaching insights in easy to understand discussions.

Therapy in a Nutshell

Therapy in a Nutshell -Emma McAdam

Ketamine Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression

If you have severe depression, PTSD, or anxiety that just won’t go away despite therapy and medication you should know about Ketamine. 30-40% of people with depression have treatment-resistant depression (that means that you’ve tried at least 2 types of medication and it isn't helping). And scientists and doctors are really excited about the potential for ketamine as a new and effective treatment for mood disorders, PTSD, and chronic pain.
Ketamine has been approved by the FDA for anesthetic for operations for decades. And in the 80's and 90's it became a party drug known as special K. But scientists in the late 90’s started to realize that glutamate, a neurotransmitter in the brain, may play a huge role in depression so they started to look for a medication that impacted glutamate- and voila- ketamine was the drug.
Ketamine is known to modulate the glutamate receptors in your brain, glutamate is an amino acid tha

Feminist Survival Podcast

Emily Nagoski

63: How to Listen to Your Body (Addendum)

Is Emily Amelia's Loki Variant or is Amelia *Emily's* Loki Variant??
Sometimes your body lies to you, so it’s very on theme that it turns out we lied about this series ending last week. Mild spoilers for Loki, if you are planning to watch it.


Neuroplastic pain
Polyvagal Theory
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
Amelia’s Youtube channel
Come As You Are (signed by Emily)
Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle:
Penguin Random House
Feel free to drop us a line! See you soon.

The Connected Life

Justin and Abi Stumvoll

179: 8 Keys to Life with People You Don't Like

We’ve all had times where we’ve had to interact with people we don’t like. These experiences can feel uncomfortable and frustrating, but often short lived. But what happens when we can’t escape the person we don’t like because they’re a family member, part of a friendship group, or they’re employed at the same place we work? In this episode Abi and Justin share their own stories about dealing with difficult people they haven’t liked in the past. Together they break down 8 powerful keys to successfully navigating life with people you don’t like but can’t avoid while maintaining a lifestyle of love and connection. If you’ve ever had to interact with someone you don’t like on a consistent basis, this episode will help you move past plastic smiles and pleasantries to authentic exchanges and care for even the most difficult people! You won’t want to miss this massively empowering episode! Also, enrollment for The Pathway to Freedom 2

Calming Anxiety

Martin Hewlett Hypnotherapy

Calm your anxiety

Hello and welcome to Martin Hewlett's Calming Anxiety.More mental relaxation and control from Calming Anxiety. Do share with friends, family and colleagues so we can spread a bit more kindness around our beautiful World.Gift the app to a loved one, friend or colleague - https://www.martinhewlett.co.uk/shop/calming-anxiety-gift-subscription/Try out the new , beautiful and simple breathing challenge to help you relax. https://www.martinhewlett.co.uk/breathing-challenge/3 Hour sleep session - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt9980lDLugDon't forget to download app.... Calming Anxiety for IOS - https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/calming-anxiety/id1576159331Calming Anxiety for Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=digital.waterfront.calming.anxiety&hl=en-GBPlease download and enjoy. Our 3 minute meditation playlist on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIEHBjIeSUViM_0g-Lq_jQBcTc8kl1123After listening to today's show why not watch th

Good Grief

Lemonada Media

7: Paula — “The center of our universe is gone.”

Paula Edgar has spent the past 20 years conflicted about her grief -- does she take part in our country’s collective grieving on September 11th? Or does she simply mourn her beloved mother Joan in private, who she thinks of fondly whenever she hears a Broadway tune? 


Find Paula on Twitter at @PaulaEdgar and on Instagram at @thepaulaedgar. 


Comfort and community are key components in coping with grief. Participate in conversations and hear advice. Join our Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/goodgriefpod. Stay up to date with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @LemonadaMedia. 


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Real Talk Recovery

The Therapy Brothers

Brannon Patrick LSCW and Tyler Patrick LMFT are both therapists. But before they were therapists, they were brothers. In their podcast, they have the realest conversations answering the most difficult and uncomfortable questions related to recovery. This podcast is all about rebuilding trust in relationships, overcoming sexual addiction, and healing from trauma and betrayal. Call in to ask your question or share your stories of recovery with the Therapy Brothers! https://realtalkrecovery.com Join Us At Our Rising Son Men's Retreat: https://risingsonconference.com

The One Inside: An Internal Family Systems (IFS) podcast

Tammy Sollenberger

IFS and Coaching with Brian Jaudon

On today's podcast I chat with Brian Jaudon, an IFS-trained coach who works with a wide range of clients from executives and entrepreneurs to shamans and creatives. Brian has led two highly successful IFS and Coaching courses and has been around the IFS world for a long time. We chatted a few times offline when I started the podcast a few years ago so I love that he is the last guest for season 3. We have a sweet conversation- the best kind I think for the podcast- it has a lot of interesting information about IFS, Gift Development, asking good questions, Contracting, working with Parts. But the best part is the authentic connection and the conversation that flows so naturally from that. I'm so grateful to him and to all the guests and listeners who make this so fun and rewarding.  Check out all the great things Brian has coming up here- especially his own coaching institute! Brian Jaudon, Senior Team Development Coach, Greenville, SC Home

Morning Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Morning meditations created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen. 💗 Start your day with a moment of mindfulness with the Morning Meditation for Women podcast. Whether you’re new to meditation, trying to kickstart your meditation practice, or a seasoned meditator, you’ll love these quick meditations designed to start your day with intention, love and a deep sense of peace. Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and hosted by Katie Krimitsos. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

Never Binge Again

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

The Psychology of Restriction and Anti-Restriction

CLICK PLAY NOW TO DISCOVER THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RESTRICTION AND ANTI-RESTRICTION!(Transcript Coming Soon) NEED HELP? 5x/week LIVE support groups, daily email accountability, a step-by-step mastery challenge, personal […]
הפוסט The Psychology of Restriction and Anti-Restriction הופיע ראשון בNever Binge Again

Bore You To Sleep - Sleep Stories for Adults


Sleep Story 202 – Henry James at Work

Tonight’s reading comes from Henry James at Work. Written by Theodora Bosanquet and published in 1920, this story looks at the famed author, Henry James.
My name is Teddy and I aim to help people everywhere get a good night’s rest. Sleep is so important and my mission is to help you get the rest you need. The podcast is designed to play in the background while you slowly fall asleep.
It would also be amazing if you could. please leave a review and comment in iTunes or, leave the show a rating in Spotify. And if you’re not already, be sure to subscribe to the show.
If you would like, you can also say hello at Boreyoutosleep.com where you can support the podcast. I’m also on Twitter and Instagram @BoreYouToSleep. You can also find me on Facebook by searching Bore you to Sleep Podcast.
In the meantime, lie back, relax and enjoy the readings. Sincerely. Teddy


Support this podcast: https://ancho

Down To Sleep (Audiobooks & Bedtime Stories)

Down To Sleep

Down To Sleep is a weekly podcast of softly spoken book readings to help you fall asleep, audiobooks and bedtime stories. From Alice in Wonderland to Twilight, Pride & Prejudice to Coraline. Join our sleepy book club on Patreon to get access to every episode right now, vote on the next book, hear complete audiobooks, get two new readings every week and more. Support the podcast on Patreon to get 2 episodes every week, access to every episode so far, complete audiobooks and vote on what book is next. https://www.Patreon.com/DownToSleep Books read softly, calm and relaxing readings, an almost ASMR like softly spoken fashion to listen to and fall asleep with. Classic books like Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Wuthering Heights, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice and more. To hear more modern readings like Twilight, Jurassic Park, Coraline and more, join the Patreon. There are also rainy day versions of complete readings, with rain sounds and gentle storms in the background with the book reading. Complete and compiled episodes, you get to vote on books are read next, and get 2 episodes every week. Whether you love books or just need a soothing voice to help you get down to sleep, enjoy this sleep aid podcast with a free episode every week Happy sleeping. This sleep story podcast is here to help your problems sleeping.

The Lavendaire Lifestyle

Aileen Xu

186: Human Design: Make Better Decisions & Work Smarter w/ Erin Claire Jones

Want to stop getting frustrated when people don’t operate the same way you do? Erin Claire Jones breaks down human design as a tool to understand why people are they way they are, how to make the most of these differences at work and in your relationships, and what your human design type needs to feel empowered and in balance.

If you know your type already, I’m a Generator and Erin’s a Projector, so you’ll get extra insights from our personal experience. If you don’t know your type, see which one resonates with you while listening to this episode.

Erin’s also offering our listeners a discount on your Human Design Blueprint: a 55+ page, personalized guide to your unique design type! Go to lavendaire.com/blueprint and use code ‘LAVENDAIRE’ for 10% off your Blueprint.


2:36 — What your human design tells you (

Tell Me About Your Pain

Curable and Alan Gordon LCSW

What Is the Most Important Tool for Overcoming Pain?

Every chronic pain sufferer is searching for the key that will finally unlock their recovery. In the final episode of Tell Me About Your Pain, callers from all over the world share the tools that have been most effective in reducing or eliminating their symptoms. Alan and Alon also talk about the various techniques they’ve covered throughout the podcast, and Alan reveals the single concept that was most important in overcoming his own pain.

Daily Motivations


Be Careful with Believe Changers

Huge Thanks to MagicMind for sponsoring this episode If you’re like us and need to get a lot of things done in the shortest amount of time, go to https://www.magicmind.co/dailymotivations and use discount code   DAILYMOTIVATIONS  to get 20% off today. Magic Mind is your best choice when it comes to getting more done in less time through the power of the nootropics inside. Speakers: will smith Steve Harvey Jon Jones Conor McGregorTyrese GibsonCharles BukowskiKindly follow us onInstagram - @daily_motivationsorg       Facebook- @daily_motivationsorg Interested in sponsoring this show reach out to us via Dailymotivationsorg@gmail.comPlease Kindly support this show by clicking the link below Daily Motivations Support Thank you for your support, your name will be mentioned in the next episode description for supporting this show.Daily Motivations Merchvisit http://tee.pub/lic/daily_motivationsorg to buy some of this beautiful merchandiseSponsored b

Living Centered Podcast

Onsite Workshops

064 "Living Centered And Learning To Be A Beginner" featuring Shauna Niequist

Today our friend, New York Times Best-selling Author Shauna Niequist, returns! She sat down with Lindsey and Mickenzie to talk all about starting over, being a beginner, and the journey she has been on for the last few years to create a quieter, deeper life. Shauna documents this journey in her beautiful new book: I Guess I Haven't Learned That Yet: Discovering New Ways of Living When the Old Ways Stop Working. If you are in a season of transition (spoiler alert, we almost always are!), we hope this episode will inspire you to approach life through the lens of a learner!  If you want to hear more from Shauna, check out Episode 20 - "Living Centered in Authentic Community."  

Morning Affirmations Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Morning Affirmation Meditations that will infuse your day with calm, inspiration and connection. These daily morning affirmation meditations are short and easy to fit into your morning routine. Every morning, you’ll receive an episode that is dedicated to one specific affirmation, so you can have the space to reflect on it and receive the power within it. These morning affirmation meditations are created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen. 💗 Brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network and guided by Lauren Liebowitz. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

Emotional Badass

Nikki Eisenhauer

From I'm Sorry to Thank You

In this week's episode Nikki explores the hidden guilt, shame, and hiding behind overuse of the phrase, 'I'm sorry.' Learn how to shift this dynamic to break patterns of narcissistic attraction while growing self esteem, self worth, and upping your emotional IQ.  For exclusive episodes vist https://www.patreon.com/emotionalbadass  

The Skillful Podcast

Bay Area DBT & Couples Counseling Center

#49: Dealing with Fears of Abandonment

In this episode, Marielle and Ed answer a listener's question about fears of abandonment when conflict arises in relationships. These fears go straight to the heart of old wounds for many people.  Often, worry that conflict will destroy a relationship is rooted in our earliest relationships with our caregivers. If that early care was inconsistent, absent, or punishing in some way, it will be hard to feel secure when conflict inevitably arises in adult relationships. With skill use and a lot of compassion, you can learn to walk yourself through this common fear.   For full show notes, visit our website: https://bayareadbtcc.com/podcast/ DBT Skills Discussed Wise Mind Distress Tolerance Skills STOP Self-Soothing Radical Acceptance Check the Facts Opposite Action DEAR MAN GIVE Ask us a Question We’d love to hear from you! Where are you getting stuck with your skills application? Ask us a question for the chance to have it answered on

Cuida Tu Mente

Tec Sounds

Ep. 54 - ¿Debería darme tiempo para mí mismo?

José Luis Montes, psicólogo y director de la licenciatura en Desarrollo de Talento y Cultura Organizacional, nos cuenta sobre la importancia de crear espacios para nosotros mismos. Nos habla sobre cómo podemos realmente descansar y romper patrones de distracción, cómo podemos caer en burnout y los daños que esto puede generar en nuestro bienestar. Acompaña a Rosalinda Ballesteros a conocer un poco más. Un Podcast de Tec Sounds.

The Astral Hustle

Cory Allen

Find out how to live better, with less suffering, and more awareness. Join Cory Allen—author, meditation teacher, and music producer—as he asks leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, music, and philosophy to share their wisdom.

Therapy Talks

Switch Research

Therapy Talks Sessions Part 2/4 “I'm Constantly Afraid of Death" with Shelby T.

Watch Along on YouTube Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for a real therapy session? The wait is over. In this episode of Therapy Talks, licensed clinical therapist Joelle Rabow Maletis is joined by special guest Shelby Tessier. You all have VIP seats to sit in on Shelby’s therapy experience!In the first episode, we got to know Shelby and learned about thought stopping techniques she's using to combat her negative core beliefs. In this episode, we'll be learning more about Shelby's experiences with anxiety and stress, and how to use CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and breathing techniques to help cope.We hope that by sharing Shelby's story, we can help others who are struggling with similar issues. Thank you for joining us.Joelle is a well-known author, keynote speaker, podcast host and psychotherapist. Joelle's expertise includes trauma, PTSD, eating d

The FitMind Podcast: Mental Fitness, Neuroscience & Psychology

FitMind: Neuroscience, Meditation & Mental Fitness Training

#86: The Science of Spontaneity - Edward Slingerland, PhD

Edward Slingerland, PhD, is a Professor of Philosophy and Associate Member in the Asian Studies and Psychology Departments at the University of British Columbia. He's an expert on the cognitive science of ancient philosophies. On this episode, we discuss the science of ancient concepts like Wu Wei (”effortless action”), hot vs cold cognition, ways to alter consciousness, the paradox of trying not to try, and much more. FitMind Neuroscience-Based App: http://bit.ly/afitmind Website: www.fitmind.co SHOW NOTES 0:00 | Intro to Edward Slingerland, PhD 1:39 | Wu Wei & Flow State 9:34 | Hot vs. Cold Cognition 13:45 | How to Get into State of Wu Wei 17:35 | When to Not Use Wu Wei 19:30 | Paradox of Trying Not to Try 26:40 | Wu Wei in Daily Life 30:10 | Microdosing Psychedelics 32:28 | Alcohol and Ways to Alter Consciousness 38:06 | How Much Effort is Needed to Become Effortless? 40:00 | Rapid Fire Questions

Happiness Podcast

Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D.

#383 Happpiness - Losing Happiness

Good habits take time and effort to develop, and bad habits can be created easily and quickly and are hard to stop. How do we fall prey to bad habits, and are there things we can do to avoid them? Come explore how to create a beautiful life. ? Listen to all Episodes of the Happiness Podcast NOW! https://www.HappinessPodcast.org ? Did you enjoy today's video? Tell me all about it in the comment section below! ✨ And if you like this video, consider subscribing to Nom Nom Data using this Link! ⤵️ https://www.youtube.com/c/DrRobertPuff?sub_confirmation=1 ************* Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Dr. Robert Puff – Home of the Happiness Podcast ? Do you ever wonder what it takes to lead a peaceful, happy life? Are you curious about the specific steps involved in a self-actualized, limitless life? Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Or are you just plain tired and want some help? ➡️ I explore all these concerns and more

The Gabby Reece Show

Gabby Reece

Dr. Ghannoum - The Mycobiome & Key Insights to Total Gut Health

My guest today is infectious disease specialist and one of the world's leading microbiome researchers: Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum.
Working at the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals Medical Center has brought Dr. Ghannoum to find and coin the phrase Mycobiome which is where our fungi and bacterial communities live in our body. Mycobiome is different from our microbiome and important to our overall health.
Dr. Mahmoud Ghannoum was called "the leading microbiome researcher in the world" by The Washington Post. He just released a groundbreaking new article about the gut and its connection with COVID-19 and depression. According to the latest findings, organisms found in the microbiome may be able to predict depression in patients. Considering the mental health crisis brought on by the pandemic, this research couldn't have come at a better time.

Naturally Thin for Life

Laura Dixon

You don't need more willpower to be Naturally Thin for Life. It can be easy and effortless once you master 3 steps. Desiring the food that serves you, processing emotions productively and identifying as a naturally thin woman. I am going to show you how.

PetiteStacy ASMR


A place where you can simply ✨chill✨ Relax to some soft spoken and peaceful ASMR roleplays to listen to while at work, to help you fall asleep, or to just feel relaxed and less anxious. 😴 If you need a space to just be, this is the place for you. So come on in, take a seat, and sit back and relax. ASMR Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/PetiteStacy



Learning to Live My Truth, A Coming Out Story

Today’s episode is about learning to live your truth. Chris, of Detroit, shares the incredibly moving journey to affirm himself and how his Buddhist practice helped him find the courage to come out as a trans man. A foundational element of Chris’s experience was learning to believe that his life has unlimited value and worth, upon which he has been able to build a foundation for new dreams.CHEAT SHEET1:18 How Chris encountered Buddhism and why he started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo8:29 The experiences that lead to Chris affirming himself17:53 How Buddhism helped him find the courage to pursue happiness25:14 What it was like to come out 30:10 What it took to break out of lifelong limitations 33:16 Continually reaffirming himself through chanting36:17 Chris’s favorite Buddhist concept42:17 Building a foundation upon valuing your life45:05 Advice for anyone struggling with self-conflictReferences: 
December 2016

Grief Out Loud

The Dougy Center

Grief & Money - A Legacy Of Financial Fear

In the last of our three-part series on Grief & Money, we explore how fears about financial stability can be part of grief. When she was 13 and her father died of a heart attack, Shannon already had a narrative of insecurity when it came to her family and money. Even though they had access to more resources after her father died, this narrative just grew stronger. This legacy of financial fear continues to shadow Shannon, even as an adult living in a secure two income household. We discuss grief, money, and the importance of talking openly about finances and security with children and teens when someone in their family dies.   Big thanks to InRoads Credit Union for sponsoring this series on Grief & Money. InRoads is here for you.  Shannon mentions her friend Nicole who is a Death Worker - learn more about her work here & on Instagram @emeraldawakenings

The Dabble Co. Podcast

Dabble Co.

Neurosurgeon, Mom, Lambo driving badass Dr. Betsy Grunch (@ladyspinedoc)

If you’re looking to be inspired by a woman truly doing it all, Dr. Betsy Grunch is your girl.  She has grown a following on Tik Tok of over 130,000 by sharing educational, hilarious, relatable information.  Being a woman in medicine is difficult in itself, but women in Neurosurgery are a rare unicorn.  Dr. Grunch’s story of how and why she became, and hearing how she balances life as a busy mom and surgeon a neurosurgeon will inspire you. Today's episode is brought to you by: https://www.betterhelp.com https://www.thorne.com  

Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

TruStory FM

New Parent ADHD Primer with Dr. Marcy Caldwell

As our guest says it, a lot happens when you have a new creature to care for. The lessons that come when you’re facing the stressors of new parenthood might unlock some things you don’t know about yourself: ADHD.Dr. Marcy Caldwell (ADDept.org) is director and supervising psychologist at Rittenhouse Psychological Assessments and is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been specializing in the treatment and assessment of ADHD and learning disabilities for over 15 years. She joins us today to answer some of our frequent questions about parenting and ADHD, from hormonal changes to how moms and dads each understand how ADHD symptoms emerge under the changes of parenthood. 

The Daily Shine

The Shine App

Find Your Happiness Today

You deserve to feel happiness in the present moment. Today, join Joy Ofodu in learning about the “arrival fallacy” and how to root your joy in the present moment rather than leaving it up to the future.
Bring the employee wellbeing program based on Shine's award-winning app to your team, school or workplace with one simple step. Refer your HR leader to make Shine your newest wellness benefit and get a free year of Shine Premium for yourself. Learn more at theshineapp.com/work

Battle Ready with Erwin & Aaron McManus

Erwin McManus + Aaron McManus


Aaron and Erwin McManus sit down together to discuss the past, present and future. The topics that are covered during this episode are: The origin of Battle Ready A dive into the talk given by Erwin at ZOE’s Pastors Gathering As well as a sneak peak into a special event coming to LA this October! Don’t miss these incredible insights and exclusive info on this week’s episode of Battle Ready.
Apply now: https://origins.la

the beehive

Whitney Hanson

hi, i'm whitney hanson, author of "home." welcome to the beehive! what is the beehive? well, i like to use analogies to explain everything. i am a poet after all. in this podcast, the beehive represents our minds. this means that the bees are everything that goes on in side it: emotions, experiences, traumas, loves, losses and life. all of it is swarming in our minds all of the time. in this podcast, i'm going to be sharing my personal experience with the bees and hopefully learning a little bit about yours. if you'd like to get to know each other better: insta/tiktok: @whitneyhansonpoetry

Meditation for Women

Women's Meditation Network

Guided meditations created for those who identify as women or anyone who feels called to listen. 💗 Listen when you want to start your day with mindful intention, relieve stress or anxiety, fall asleep easier or simply tune into the wisdom of your inner voice. Each meditation is created with love to help you shine throughout all the seasons of your life. Hosted by Katie Krimitsos and part of the Women's Meditation Network. Get more meditation resources at https://WomensMeditationNetwork.com

ADHD Nerds

Jesse J. Anderson

ADHD Nerds is the podcast for Adults with ADHD to learn more about their unique brain through the stories of others. Learn tips and strategies for managing or hacking your ADHD brain and have some fun along the way. ADHD Nerds is hosted by Jesse J. Anderson, an ADHD Creative with a passion for writing, teaching, and raising awareness about ADHD. In 2017, he was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 36, and has made it his mission to help others better understand what ADHD really is. This podcast is a great place to learn more about Adult ADHD, whether you're officially diagnosed, self-diagnosed, stuck on a waiting list, or just want to know more about how your loved one's brain works.

The Narcissists' Code

Lee Hammock

Welcome to my podcast. I am Lee Hammock a self aware narcissist and I'm known as Mental Healness all over social media. I have NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) and I've been dealing with this personality disorder for as long as I can remember. I have been in psychotherapy for the last 4 years and Therapy has helped me to figure out exactly why I do what I do and it has allowed me to get to this point where I can offer you the perspective inside the head of a person battling this personality disorder. You might get triggered, but you'll get validated. @mentalhealness everywhere Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mentalhealness/support

Dare To Live Podcast

Shelley Blevins & Christine Griggs

Widow Ways: Coping, Dealing and Running Through It."We are going to get through this, overcome, and have a story that helps others in this world."

Good Mourning Grief Podcast

Sally Douglas and Imogen Carn

What Does ‘Acceptance’ in Grief Really Mean? With David Kessler

In today’s conversation with renowned grief expert and author, David Kessler, we explore the concept of “acceptance” and what it really means.No stranger to grief, David lost his son to addiction in 2016. He candidly talks about how to cope with feelings of shame and guilt that can accompany this type of loss. We discuss feeling pressure to create purpose from pain and pick David's brains about what finding meaning in loss actually looks like. Spoiler alert – it's much simpler than you think. ​​He also breaks down some of the misconceptions surrounding the ‘Five Stages of Grief’. Having co-authored books with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, who came up with the model, it’s fair to say he’s an expert on the theory. Other topics we cover are:How to cope when you're grieving differently from othersComplicated grief How to manage feelings of grief and guiltHow we grieve differently when we had an estranged relation

In Your Feelings

Thought Catalog

Lies Your Anxiety Is Telling You

Books by Bianca ➝ https://shopc.at/new-year

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Attachment Theory in Action with Karen Doyle Buckwalter

Karen Doyle Buckwalter: The Knowledge Center

Josh Carlson - Developmental Trauma & Attachment Institute - Part 2

Karen becomes the guest on her own podcast when she invites her colleague, The Knowledge Center Executive Director Josh Carlson back for the conclusion of their conversation on the importance of learning and growth in their field, and their upcoming Developmental Trauma & Attachment Institute.

Checking In with Michelle Williams

The Black Effect and iHeartPodcasts

Checking In w/ Dr. Serign Marong

Michelle and Dr. Marong are working past grief. Dr. Marong shares the story of losing his wife unexpectedly when she was only 35 years old. He also shares how that experience affected him as a human being and a doctor, and learning how to move forward with his life. CHECK IN to this episode to appreciate life and love. 


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Consciousness Explorers Podcast

Jeff Warren & Tasha Schumann

Addiction & Self-Compassion with Valerie Mason-John

Today we’re joined by the UK-based Valerie Mason-John, also known as  Vimalasara, a leader in the field of mindfulness for addiction and trauma.This episode is about the ways we get disconnected from our bodies and our lives, and the role self-compassion can play in bringing us home. We explore this in the context of our addictions – even addictions we don’t realize are addictions, like, in Vimalasara’s words, “stinking thinking” and technology. And we explore it in the context of contemporary challenges like coronavirus, and the institutional racism and violence directed to Black bodies. For Vimalasara, the medicine is self-compassion – delivered with fierceness and strength. She guides us into a 16-minute meditation she calls the “five basic needs of the heart.” And then at the end of our time together, she guides a sobering inquiry into what she calls the “five questions of the shaman.” One of them – “when did you st



Enamórate de ti - Walter Riso

Desde pequeños nos enseñan conductas de cuidado personal físico: lavarnos los dientes, bañarnos, comer, aprender a vestirnos... Pero ¿qué hay del cuidado psicológico y la higiene mental? ¿Le prestamos suficiente atención? ¿Lo ponemos en práctica? ¿Resaltamos la importancia del autoamor?
Una buena autoestima, quererse profundamente, incrementa las emociones positivas. Además, entre otras cosas, permite alcanzar mayor eficacia en las tareas, mejorar las relaciones con las personas, establecer un vínculo más equilibrado con los demás y ganar en independencia y autonomía.
La propuesta de este libro es a la vez simple y compleja: ¡enamórate de ti! Sé valiente, comienza el romance contigo mismo y cultiva un "yo sostenido" que te haga cada día más feliz y más resistente a los embates de la vida cotidiana.

MORNING, MAMA | Heal From the Past, Parent with Purpose, and Live Out Your Calling - Mental Health, Biblical Parenting, Chris

Brittany Wilson, MS | Christian Mental Health Coach

106. Confused About How to Discipline? How to Understand the Research on Discipline.

It is so difficult to navigate how to discipline in a world where our Bible and our culture are saying two different things. It can be easy to view scripture from the lens of culture or pick and choose what we want to believe out of the Bible based on what the current parenting movement is saying. But in order to read the Bible well, we can’t read it through the lens of 21st century thinking, but rather through how it would have been understood for centuries. Today we unpack a little bit about how to understand the current research on discipline. Remember we must view research through the lens of scripture and not the other way around.
P.S. Come say hi and share in our Facebook group! I would love to hear your story and know your name! https://bit.ly/MorningMamaFacebookGroup
Here is the all the information you need to enter into the Morning Ma

The Stop Binge Eating Podcast

Kirstin Sarfde

Ep #203 Practicing Thinking Thoughts

Are you being intentional about what you think? If not, you should be because what you think matters. Your feelings, actions, and outcomes depend on it.   In this episode, I’m breaking down the importance of your thoughts and what practicing thinking thoughts looks like and how to do it so you can create better outcomes in your life. This is a simple exercise for you to do and it’s going to be very impactful. So listen in to learn how to do it.   Interested in working with me? Go to http://www.coachkir.com/group to get all the information you need!   Find show notes and more information at https://coachkir.com/203

Vivasiti ASMR


Canadian ASMRtist helping you relax one tingle at a time. If you like my content don’t forget to leave a 5 star review! 💖

The Mindful Psychology Podcast

Geneviève Angela B - Island Yogi Therapist

The Mindful Psychology Podcast is designed to make mindfulness and psychology more accessible and relatable. Join me and brilliant guests from around the world as we explore Mindfulness, Psychology, Neuroscience, and Holistic Health to help you stay informed and intentional about your wellbeing. Learn to understand your mind and emotions, so you can cultivate resilience, and build healthy relationships with yourself and others. Wherever you are on your journey, I'll meet you there. Happy listening! Geneviève Angela B 🌸 Island Yogi Therapist Therapist • Yoga Teacher • Educator

Wellness + Wisdom with Josh Trent—formerly Wellness Force

Josh Trent

Leslie Manookian | Health Freedom: Your Bodily Autonomy, Informed Consent & How Your Choices Are Censored

We get to rebuild the world that we want to live in and we will. We'll start by doing that in our own communities. As scary and uncomfortable as that feels, we were born for this day and we get to actually create the world that you and I have been talking about and envisioning for so many years. - Leslie Manookian Are You Stressed Out Lately? Take a deep breath with the M21™ wellness guide: a simple yet powerful 21 minute morning system that melts stress and gives you more energy through 6 science-backed practices and breathwork. Click HERE to download for free. Is Your Energy Low? Get more superfoods to improve your energy, digestion, gut health plus also reduce inflammation and blood sugar. Click HERE to try Paleovalley's Apple Cider Vinegar Complex + Save 15% with the code 'JOSH' *Review The WF Podcast & WIN $150 in wellness prizes! *Join The Facebook Group Wellne

مع هبة حريري

د.هبه حريري

تجربة التعافي من المثلية الجنسية

حلقة اليوم حلقة تماما مختلفة عن اي حلقة قدمناها في البودكاست بمواسمه الثلاثة عادة نطرح قضايا في الصحة النفسية و نناقشها بعين البحث العلمي و الخبرة المهنية لكن هذه الحلقة الاخيرة من الموسم الثالث راح نناقش بعين التجربة تجربة فريدة لقصة آدم الي كان يعاني من الانجذاب لنفس الجنس و قصة رحلة تعافيه من المثلية الجنسية ننصحكم تستمعوا للحلقة بعيد عن الاطفال لحساسية محتوى الحلقةشاهدو الحلقة على الرابط**********هذه الحلقة برعاية يجوبيجوب يقدم منتجات فكرية و ترفهية تعزز من علاقة الوالدين مع أبنائهمhh10 و لمتابعين البودكاست خصم خاص لمنتجهم الجديد  (بان بو) كود الخصمبإمكانكم طلب اللعبة من متجرهم الالكترونيhttps://salla.sa/yajoob.co/%D8%A8%D8%...تابعوا حسابهم في الانستقرامhttps://www.instagram.com/yajoob.play/**************تابع الدكتورة هبة حريري في الإنستقرامhttps://www.instagram.com/hebajhariri/تابع المقدم صالح العوفي في الإنستقرامhttps://www.instagram.com/salehaloufi...إستمع أو شاهد الحلقات السابقة على الرابطhttps://withheba.buzzsprout.com/

Breaking Free from Narcissistic Abuse

Kerry McAvoy, Ph.D.

Are you in a toxic relationship—one that leaves you confused, feeling attacked, or walking on eggshells? Seven years ago, recently widowed psychologist, Dr Kerry McAvoy, found herself trapped in a second marriage. Her story, LOVE YOU MORE, a raw and graphic memoir, offers a vulnerable look at psychological abuse and its power to render someone helpless, even a trained clinician. Listen in as Dr. McAvoy unpacks how to break free from narcissistic abuse. Each episode is a replay of a TikTok live where she takes the audience's questions.

Healthy // Toxic: Relationships with Narcissistic, Borderline, and other Personality Types

Ars Longa Media

Treating "Borderline Woman-Psychopathic Man" Couples: Clinical Challenges

Healthy versus Toxic is a podcast where licensed mental health professionals explore what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy from a scientifically informed perspective.
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YouTube Channel
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Cluster B: A Look At Narcissism, Antisocial, Borderline, and Histrionic Disorders
Mental Health // Demystified with Dr. Tracey Marks
True Crime Personality and Psychology
Ars Longa Media
To learn more about us and this podcast, visit arslonga.media. You can leave feedback or suggestions at arslonga.media/contact or by emailing info@arslonga.media.

The information presented in this podcast is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as mental health advice.
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You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist

Stephanie Winn

You Must Be Some Kind of Therapist is a podcast for seekers, dreamers, and questioners that intimately explores the human experience. Your host, Stephanie Winn, distills years of wisdom gained from her practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She invites guests from a broad variety of disciplines and many walks of life, including researchers, writers, artists, healers, advocates, inventive outliers, and creative geniuses. Together, they investigate, illuminate, and inspire transformation - in the self, relationships, and society. Curious about many things, Stephanie’s uniquely interdisciplinary psychological lens tackles challenging social issues while encouraging personal and relational wellness. Join this journey through the inner wilderness.

Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather Astrology

Anne O Weekly Weather

Anne Ortelee's April 10, 2022 Weekly Weather

Mercury is super busy this week ~ he contunes to travel 15 degrees, and talks to every planet in the sky. On April 10, Mercury enters Taurus and slows the game down a bit.  Think fast breaking basketball game, shifting to a slower pace as the guard handling the ball, slows down as he travels down the court.

Mars enters Pisces becoming mellow and groovy.  He's chilling to the Jupiter in Pisces vibe. Mellow jazz!  Water, fluid and emotions flow!

Jupiter and Neptune meetup at 23:58 Pisces to start a new 12 year cycle on April 12, 2022.  The last time they met up in Pisces was March 1858 ~ the treaty ending the Crimean war was signed in February 1858.  The last time they recently met up was Dec 21, 2009 at 24 Aquarius ~about where Saturn is now.  Enings of a cycle marks the beginning of a new cycle that ends on March 24, 2035

Venus dances in the sign of her exaltation Pisces and encourages emotions to

Michelle's Sanctuary: Bedtime Stories & Sleep Meditations

Michelle's Sanctuary

Dream away with original sleep meditations and bedtime stories that will help you overcome insomnia, fall asleep fast, and relax at the end of the day. Reconnect with your imagination before crossing the bridge to your sleeping life with Michelle, the voice of your trusted friend and guide. Michelle's Sanctuary has been a popular channel on YouTube since 2016, with over 66,000 subscribers and 10 million views. Check out michellessanctuary.co! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/michelles-sanctuary/support

The Happy Times

Joey Kidney

Listen to this on your bathroom floor

You read that title right, grab your phone and let's go have a chat on the bathroom floor. Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-happy-times/exclusive-contentAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

Planned Parenthood Presents: TONE

Planned Parenthood

Welcome to Tone: the self-care experience inviting Black, Latina and nonbinary folks to reset, reflect, and Be Seen. Learn more at BeSeen.org and TuSigues.org

Dreamful Bedtime Stories

Jordan Blair

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Click your heel together and listen to part 3 of our reading of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz! So, snuggle up in your blankets and have sweet dreams.The music in this episode is Rain Pouring Down My Window by Magnus LudvigssonBetterHelp is an online counseling service offering licensed professional therapists without the inconvenience of a waiting room. Visit www.betterhelp.com/dreamful for 10% off your first month.Need more Dreamful?  For more info about the show, episodes, and ways to support; check out our website, www.dreamfulstories.com  If you love this podcast and want to help us make it even better; visit our Patreon page at www.patreon.com/dreamfulpodcast. Become a Patreon member to get access to bonus episodes, vote on future episodes, and more!To get bonus episodes synced to your Spotify app, subscribe to dreamful.supercast.comYou can also support us with ratings, kind words, & sharing this podcast with loved ones. Find us on Facebook a

The Hypnotist

Adam Cox

The Hypnotist is a show that gives you inside access to cutting edge hypnosis, with real clients, facing genuine issues. Brought to you by the hypnotherapist demanded by Celebrities, CEO’s and even Royalty – Adam Cox. These recordings took place live from Adam’s clinic in London’s World Famous Harley Street.

The Transforming Anxiety Podcast

Kelly McCormick

Would You Buy What You're Selling?

I know you've noticed that all day, every day, your mind is talking to you. It has ideas, stories, and opinions. And those ideas, stories, and opinions are pretty much the *same* ones from yesterday...and the day before...and the day before that. And just like the songs on the radio, if you hear something often enough, you start humming along. You start singing the words. Basically: you fall for it. You start to believe the latest Justin Bieber song is the best thing out there...and that your mind must be right about that whole, "you're not good enough" thing. So in this episode of The Transforming Anxiety Podcast, we're going to take a closer look... ...like, imagine you're walking down a city street and you pass a shop with one of those sidewalk signs out front. It's all cute with its chalk artwork, enticing you to come inside. You know the drill. Now: imagine your mind is that sidewalk sign. And one of those top 10 ideas that y

meditation podcast | پادكست مراقبه ي فارسي مدیتیشن پادکست

meditation podcast

صبح بخیر، روز خوب من!

بشنوید و روز خوب خوب خوبتان را خلق کنید.
instagram: meditation_podcast


Jaime Mahler and Ca Rhoades

Ep 5 Weaponizing Humor

Jaime and CA discuss humor as a tool for maintaining abusive power structures and deflecting criticism.

Alma y Psicología

Alma Lozano

EP44: Hablemos de el body shaming con Hassibe Morales

¡Espero que lo disfrutes!

She Persisted: Your Teen Mental Health Resource

Sadie Sutton

After a year and a half of intensive treatment for severe depression and anxiety, 19-year-old Sadie recounts her journey by interviewing family members, professionals, and fellow teens to offer self-improvement tips, DBT education, and personal experiences. She Persisted is the reminder that someone else has been there too and your inspiration to live your life worth living. 🤍 @shepersistedpodcast 💌 inquiries@shepersistedpodcast.com 🔗 shepersistedpodcast.com © 2020 She Persisted LLC. This podcast is copyrighted subject matter owned by She Persisted LLC.