ASMR •○(^.^)○• Exfoliation Relaxation

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Welcome to Silk Spa, today you will receive a relaxing skin treatment. ♥ We'll start by gently assessing your skin a bit 01:27 and applying a crinkly heating compress to warm up your skin 05:40. I'll place a warm towel over your face to sooth and comfort your beautiful face 15:00, and I'll carefully with gloves examine your pores upclose and make a few extractions 17:13. We will start our exfoliation with: silk cocoons 27:02 that will leave your skin supple and silky. I'll apply a peel off mask to remove any stubborn spots 37:47 and I'll finish by polishing your skin with silk fabric 47:37 and leave you to meditate to the sounds and visuals of the silky smoothness 49:49 . ♥ ENJOY! :)

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ASMR •○(^.^)○• Exfoliation Relaxation

ASMR by GentleWhispering
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