Films To Be Buried With with Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein

We are born. We die. In between we watch a lot of films. And some of these films shape the people we are. This is a podcast about those films. (And a bit about death.) Join comedian, actor, writer and swimmer Brett Goldstein and an extra special weekly guest as they go all the way into life and death by way of movies, to ultimately pick their Films To Be Buried With! Support this show Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

You Can’t Make This Up


Hear the incredible, real stories from the biggest documentaries & films on Netflix. Join host Rebecca Lavoie delves deep as she explores how they're made, their impact & uncovers new information. New episodes every other Wednesday.

I Hear Voices


Animated characters have befriended our imaginations since childhood, but have you ever wondered, "Who is the person behind that VOICE?" I Hear Voices is a celebration of our favorite VOICES in animation, video games, anime, and more! Hosted by the dynamic Kim Possible duo, Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens, Big Hero 6) and Will Friedle (Boy Meets World, Batman Beyond), this family-friendly podcast invites you to learn about the people behind your favorite characters. Join us every Friday to hear/watch the many amazing voices! From superheroes to the quirkiest characters, to the voices that entertain your toddlers, I Hear Voices is your weekly dose of hilarious conversation with a dash of nostalgia. Plus, each episode will feature a playful segment where Christy, Will, and their guests interact with the I Hear Voices audience and create voices for original characters! Beyond podcast episodes, I Hear Voices will also be offering opportunities for their listeners to connect with their characters, through community building, virtual live events, and other surprise opportunities that we have in store. Follow I Hear Voices on Instagram and Tiktok on @ihearvoicespodcast, watch the video version on Christy’s YouTube Channel.

The Process / Dispatch

Ryan Booth

*Notes on Directing* Long form conversations with some of today's most compelling film directors. The Process / Dispatch isn't your typical press tour interview, it's a deep dive into the granular elements and the highs and lows of bringing your first feature film to life.

The Big Thing

SEN Audio

A Pop-Culture show hosted by comedian Kristian Harloff with movie and streaming reviews, pop-culture talk, and a special blend of comedy.

HBO Max Movie Club

HBO Max and iHeartPodcasts

The official HBO Max Movie Club podcast provides a forum for fans of the service’s priority library films and new Saturday night theatricals via conversational host commentary, along with guest appearances from the folks who produced, directed, wrote, or starred in these very awesome movies. Hosted by comedian Matt Rogers (Las Culturistas), this fun (and often, hilarious) podcast that covers the freshest new releases and most beloved nostalgic films of the past is your one-stop-shop for all movies on HBO Max…and beyond.

Awards Chatter

The Hollywood Reporter

'Awards Chatter' is a podcast that features in-depth interviews with the most interesting and accomplished people in show business. Created and hosted by: Scott Feinberg. Produced by: Matthew Whitehurst.

Script Apart

Script Apart

A podcast about the first-draft secrets behind great movies. Each episode, the screenwriter behind a beloved film shares with us their initial screenplay for that movie. We then talk through what changed, what didn’t and why on its journey to the big screen. Hosted by Al Horner and produced by Kamil Dymek.

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood

Sonny Bunch

Sonny Bunch hosts The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood, a new podcast featuring interviews with folks who have their finger on the pulse of the entertainment industry during this dynamic—and difficult—time.

Screenwriters Need To Hear This with Michael Jamin

Michael Jamin

Michael Jamin has been a professional television writer/showrunner since 1996. This podcast is meant to help aspiring writers learn the craft of storytelling from a working screenwriter.

Phase Zero, Thor, MCU, Love & Thunder, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel

Phase Zero invites you to celebrate all things Marvel, hosting a weekly conversation of theories, speculation, and exclusive interviews. It’s the number one spot for MCU fans, welcoming those new to it all and those who think they know it all! Hosted by Brandon Davis with weekly guests from the staff and beyond.

Charles Band's Full Moon Freakshow

Charles Band

Join trailblazing producer, director, best-selling author and B-movie mogul Charles Band as he invites you into his weird world. Every week, Charlie sits down in the epicenter of the Full Moon universe in Hollywood, telling true tales from the front lines of strange cinema and welcoming a cavalcade of his favorite famous humans to share space and spill all! It’s the ULTIMATE pop culture sideshow; a funny, fascinating, insightful and often jaw-dropping exercise in un-PC fringe film culture banter, with one of genre film’s most iconic and enduring personalities serving as your ringmaster!

Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast

Focus Features

Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast is a brand new weekly re-watch podcast that is the place to be for fans of Downton Abbey in all its forms, from the television series to the upcoming film Downton Abbey: A New Era . Co-hosted by Rotten Tomatoes Awards Editor Jacqueline Coley and British broadcaster Anita Rani, Downton Abbey: The Official Podcast goes deep, starting with the iconic moments of Season 1 and taking fans all the way to the new film.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Podcast

NBC Entertainment Podcast Network

This is the official podcast for NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Join host Marc Evan Jackson for a deep dive into each season of one of television's biggest hit comedies with guests including co-creator Dan Goor, cast members Terry Crews, Joe Lo Truglio, Melissa Fumero, Stephanie Beatriz and more as they reveal behind-the-scenes stories, funny anecdotes, never-before-heard secrets and much, much more!

Behind The Screen

The Hollywood Reporter

In this podcast series, Carolyn Giardina, Tech Editor for The Hollywood Reporter, extends her coverage of the filmmaking crafts. She will be talking with the cinematographers, editors, production designers, composers, visual effects supervisors, and other leading artists that bring the magic of motion pictures to theaters. Subscribe now to receive episodes of this inspired new series that shines a light on the artists that spend most of their time behind the screen.

Making Movies is HARD!!!: The Struggles of Indie Filmmaking

Liz Manashil & Alrik Bursell

Liz Manashil and Alrik Bursell discuss independent filmmaking, everything from writing, producing and directing to working as crew. But this is not just a podcast about "making it," it's also about struggling with rejection, self-doubt and everything else that comes with pursuing a career in film. Follow along as we forge our own way through the industry and talk to guests who are also making it happen. Episodes 238-299 are available at our patreon page:

Skip Intro


Skip Intro with Krista Smith is a weekly show bringing you dynamic conversations with the exceptional people behind your favorite shows, films, specials, and documentaries on Netflix.

Disney Movie Insiders Presents

Disney Movie Insiders

Disney Movie Insiders Presents brings fans closer to the movies they love with interviews, interactive trivia, and more! We’re lifting the curtain to give you a behind-the-scenes look at new releases and classics from The Walt Disney Studios. Disney Movie Insiders celebrates and rewards Disney movie fans - just for being fans. Members can earn points, redeem rewards and discover perks. Visit for Terms & Conditions.

Coffee With Kenobi: Star Wars Community & Conversation

Dan Zehr

Star Wars community and conversation hosted by Star Wars author and expert, Dan Z. This is the podcast you’re looking for!

Hostage to the Devil

Chris Patterson & Marty Stalker

The Hostage to the Devil podcast will provide an opportunity for the filmmakers of the documentary to showcase interviews from contributors and Malachi Martin storylines that they couldn't use in the final film. Music by Andrew Simon McAllister. Podcast produced by Causeway Pictures and Scattered Images.

Ghostbusters Interdimensional Crossrip

Still Playing with Toys - Troy Benjamin

A podcast on everything Ghostbusters by two long-time fansite webmasters Troy Benjamin (of Ghostbusters HQ) and Chris Stewart (of Proton Charging). Join us for in-depth analysis of the latest news, commentary on goings on, and interviews with some familiar faces.

OnWriting: A Podcast of the WGA East

Writers Guild of America, East

OnWriting is a screenwriting podcast brought to you by the Writers Guild of America, East. It's a show about the stories we see on our screens and the people who make them happen. Each week, writers from the film, television, news and digital media industries talk to us about their work - from pitching to production, from process to favorite lines, and everything in between. Season 1 is hosted by Jordan Carlos. Seasons 2 & 3 are hosted by Caroline Waxler. Seasons 4-6 are hosted by Kaitlin Fontana. Seasons 7 - 10 are hosted by Geri Cole.

Just Shoot It: A Podcast about Filmmaking, Screenwriting and Directing

Filmmakers Matt Enlow & Oren Kaplan

Just Shoot It is a podcast about directing hosted by directors. Each week we interview filmmakers on writing, cinematography, development and acting to learn how to build a successful career as a filmmaker in the Hollywood industry. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Dagobah Dispatch: An EW Star Wars Podcast

Entertainment Weekly

This IS the podcast you are looking for! The Force is strong with Entertainment Weekly nerds Dalton Ross, Devan Coggan, Lauren Morgan and others as they geek out on all things Star Wars (the movies, the TV shows, the books, the toys) while humming bars to “Yub Nub” silently in their heads. Follow now, it’s not a trap! Theme Music by Brightarm Orchestra

The AwardsWatch Podcast


Podcasts from AwardsWatch on the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG and more.

The Producer's Guide: Todd Garner & Hollywood's Elite


Todd knows movies. For 30 years, the Hollywood veteran has overseen 170 films (and counting) - including XXX, Anger Management, 13 Going on 30, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Black Hawk Down, Punch Drunk Love, Con Air, and Hellboy. Join Todd as he shares tips and stories on the movie business and chats it up with A-list industry pals.

Decorating Pages: TV and Film Design

Kim Wannop - Set Decorator

Decorating Pages is a podcast dedicated to taking you behind the scenes of the designs of your favorite TV shows and Films.

The Rough Cut

Matt Feury

The Rough Cut features in-depth interviews with the film and tv industry's top post production professionals on the topics of film editing, video editing, sound design and more. Hosted by @MattFeury.

Really Famous with Kara Mayer Robinson

Kara Mayer Robinson

Real, genuine talks with famous people. Your favorite actors and celebrities feel like close friends as they laugh, reflect and connect with therapist Kara Mayer Robinson. It's like catching up with best friends or eavesdropping on a therapy session. Sure, they're famous. But with Kara, they're real.

Art of the Cut

Steve Hullfish

Conversations with Film, TV, and Documentary editors.

Act Two Podcast

Tasha Huo

Welcome to the Act Two Podcast where screenwriters Tasha Huo and Josh Hallman demystify what it means to be an everyday working Screenwriter. A podcast for Screenwriters, by Screenwriters.

HBO Docs Club


HBO documentaries keep us up at night, captivate our imaginations, and make us ask the big questions about what it means to be human. On HBO Docs Club, hosts Brittany Luse (For Colored Nerds) and Ronald Young, Jr. (Solvable) pull back the curtain on a wide variety of HBO Documentary Titles. Through in-depth conversations and interviews with filmmakers and experts, Brittany and Ronald unpack these stories with new context, exploring what they can teach us about the past, find out where these stories stand in the present, and how they may impact our future. 

Hollywood Gold

Hollywood Gold

Hollywood Gold is a new talk show podcast that will pull back the curtain on the making of some of the industry’s most iconic movies, through interviews with notable producers and filmmakers.

All The Asians On Star Trek


The podcast in which we interview all the Asians on Star Trek. Hosted by Phil Yu.

The Extras

Tim Millard

The Extras explores the behind the scenes extras of your favorite TV shows, movies, and animation, whether on digital, dvd/blu-ray and 4K, or your favorite streaming site.

Score: The Podcast

Epicleff Media

From the creators of the #1 documentary SCORE comes this award-winning podcast inviting you into the world of today's most beloved film composers and brilliant musical storytellers. Craving MORE SCORE? Our bonus show is year round! Support and subscribe today on Patreon, our Apple Podcasts page, or on all other platforms here:

Ever After with Jaleel White

Audio Up, Inc.

In his debut podcast, Ever After, Jaleel White, most famous for his portrayal of the irksome 90’s uber-nerd Steve Urkel, on ABC’s smash hit Family Matters, deconstructs child stardom with rare insight and empathy. Now a fully grown parent, producer, actor and comedian, he looks back fondly on his Mid-90’s fame and shares the microphone with a series of fellow child stars to see how their paths diverged from their early days of fame.

Just for Variety with Marc Malkin


Each week “Just for Variety” columnist and Hollywood’s most recognizable red carpet correspondent Marc Malkin sits down with today’s biggest stars to talk film, television, pop culture and the latest news. Plus, go inside the pages of Variety as Marc highlights the issue’s most talked about stories.

The Film Scorer

Nicholas Marcus

The Film Scorer Podcast features a wide array of long-form interviews with film composers, including up-and-comers, established veterans, and everybody in between. Learn first-hand from masters of the craft about the film scoring process, see behind-the-scenes, and hear all about the art of film and film music.

Behind The Wand: Stories From The Harry Potter Films


My name is Flick Miles and I was Hermione Granger’s double in the "Harry Potter" films. To mark 20 years since the release of the first film, I have decided to get back in touch with some of the most influential people involved in creating the film. They have shared their untold stories and amazing memories of what it was like to bring "Harry Potter" to life. If you want to know what life was really like behind the scenes of "Harry Potter," this is the podcast for you!

Best Actress

Kyle Brownrigg

Discussing Best Actress & Best Supporting Actress Oscar wins, the nominees, and a final reveal of who should have walked away with Hollywood’s highest honour. Hosted by award winning comedian Kyle Brownrigg and guest every two weeks.

Gold Derby Show

Gold Derby

Gold Derby is Hollywood's No. 1 source for awards expert predictions, news, analysis, gossip, and interviews with celebrity contenders throughout Oscar and Emmy season. Subscribe to the Gold Derby Show for the latest editor and expert slugfests and exclusive interviews.

The Gary and Kenny Show

Gary Kroeger and Ken Ceizler

A podcast hosted by Saturday Night Live alumnus, Gary Kroeger and co- hosted by TV Director Ken Ceizler. Their interviews are casual, witty and reflect their authentic curiosity about the guest area of expertise or experience. They also tackle serious issues like; who has the right of way? A person in a wheelchair or a mom pushing a stroller? Guest have included many notable figures in the entertainment world including: "Saving Private Ryan" Producer Mark Gordon, Actor/Writer/Director Brad Hall, The Producer of the "Despicable Me", and "Minions" franchises, Chris Meladondri, SNL Writer and Creator of the TV hit "MONK", Andy Breckman, Former Executive Producer of "Late Night With David Letterman" Robert Morton, Multiple Emmy winner for "Seinfeld", "Veep", "Curb", David Mandel, Actor/Comedian Cathy Ladman, and "Modern Family" "Malcolm in the Middle' "B-Positive" Actor David Higgins; You can listen to us on all the popular podcast platforms or watch us on our YouTube channel: You can contact us at We'd love your feedback!


KhamShow Podcast

برنامج خام هو سلسلة جلسات حبية مع فنانين وصناع أفلام نفهم من خلاله الإنسان خلف الأعمال الفنية ونعيش تجاربهم ونسمع وجهات نظرهم من تقديم محمد القرعاوي Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Opening Act

Blavity, Inc.

On Opening Act, some of Black Hollywood faves recount stories from their very first gig, big or small, and share how that single opportunity made them who they are today. Opening Act is a podcast hosted by Shadow And Act’s Deputy Editor, Trey Mangum and features behind-the-scenes stories of how these actors got introduced into film and television.

Close Up

ABC News

Veteran entertainment journalist Kelley Carter goes one-on-one with the biggest names in Hollywood as they open up about their journey to stardom, their creative process and the defining moments in their lives and careers. Kelley also invites fellow industry insiders to empty their notebooks and share expert insights and unique perspectives on the latest entertainment news.

Total Film's Last Picture Show

Total Film's Last Picture Show

It's the last time you can go to the cinema EVER...what four films would you programme and why? Total Film asks filmmakers and film fans to guide us through their choices and their love of the big screen.



《公視主題之夜SHOW》從電影出發的公共論壇實境秀節目,激發你對社會議題不同的看法,拋出思辨的第一磚。 每周五晚上22:00公共電視13台播出,主題之夜SHOW YouTube頻道同步播出。 ◾️ FB▸▸ ◾️ YT▸▸​​​ ◾️ IG ▸▸ ◾️ 官網片單▸▸​​ ◾️ 公視+紀錄片收看▸▸ Powered by Firstory Hosting

The Writer's Toolkit

Paul Kalburgi

In this podcast, Paul Kalburgi takes you inside the writing rooms of some of his favourite playwrights and screenwriters, for conversations that will leave fellow writers inspired and excited to write. *Paul Kalburgi is a playwright and screenwriter, and the author of* *The Writer's Toolkit* ( ) *, published by Nick Hern Books, London. Visit* ** ( ) *for information about his projects and writing workshops.* -- This podcast is fuelled by coffee. If you'd like to support the show, send some writing juice via the link below... * Buy me a coffee ( ) or Make a donation ( )

【金馬隨聲聽】TGHFF Podcast


【金馬隨聲聽】TGHFF Podcast 金馬隨聲聽,用聲音訴說電影事。 在【金馬隨聲聽】節目中,我們將獨家分享金馬影展/金馬奇幻影展/金馬經典影展,從精采片單到熱鬧活動的趣味故事,並邀請電影人、影評和影迷等共襄盛舉。歡迎和我們一起感受金馬影展的魅力。 ———​———​———​———​———​———​ 📌點選看更多「台北金馬影展」資訊! 官網: Facebook: Instagram:@goldenhorsefilmfestival Powered by Firstory Hosting

Virtual Production

Noah Kadner

Meet the filmmakers behind The Mandalorian, The Avengers, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, and more. Host Noah Kadner wrote The Virtual Production Field Guide for Epic Games and is a contributor to American Cinematographer magazine. Topics include remote collaboration, visualization, real-time game engines, in-camera compositing, and LED wall cinematography. Hear how movies and TV shows used virtual production techniques from directors, cinematographers, visual effects supervisors, production designers, and others. The Virtual Production Podcast is a co-production of The Virtual Company and AbelCine. Discover how the industry is pivoting.

Thanks For Coming In

Whimsical Entertainment

Thanks For Coming In is a weekly podcast hosted by actor/director Jillian Clare. Each episode features a new guest who shares their journey as an actor and one or two memorable audition stories.

The Babylon Podcast

Tim Callender, Summer Brooks, and Jeffrey Willerth

A place of analysis and discussion for a quarter of a million fans and geeks. A shining beacon in podcast space, all about one single show. The is the podcast about the history, the story and the impact of "Babylon 5" on us all. The name of this show is The Babylon Podcast.

Chucky Talks

Chucky Talks

Alex Vincent and Christine Elise discuss the legacy of Chucky with special guests, as well as episodic breakdowns of Season 1 of Chucky

The VFX Artists Podcast

The VFX Artists Podcast

The VFX Artists Podcast, hosted by Kofi Opoku-Ansah and Daniel Mark Miller is the spot for artists to share, learn and discover other artists in the VFX industry. We aim to bring artists from different levels and departments to discuss industry practice, software, processes, journey and more. We are a podcast made by artists for artists.

Indie Film Hustle® Podcast Archives: Film Distribution & Marketing

IFH Podcast Network

Welcome to the Indie Film Hustle Podcast Archives. The IFH Podcast has recorded hundreds of interviews with Oscar® & Emmy® winners, filmmaking & screenwriting legends, inspirational indie filmmaker and more. Our show covers every aspect of the filmmaking process, from creating the idea to film distribution. We are proud of being the #1 free filmmaking and screenwriting resources online so we wanted to create an archive of our best of past episodes that was easy to find based on what topic you wanted to learn. Each archival podcast will have back catalog episodes released weekly so you will have new content all the time. IFH Podcast Archives Film Distribution is podcast covers everything you ever needed to know about film distribution, film festivals, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, to how to get your films on Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax and more. We speak to top film distributors, sales agents, producer reps, film distribution insiders, film festival programers, platform owners and more. So subscribe, learn and of course keep on hustling. For more free filmmaking resources go to

Interviews with Anupama Chopra

Film Companion

Anupama Chopra is a film critic, television anchor and book author. She has been writing about Bollywood since 1993. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Hindustan Times, The Los Angeles Times and Vogue (India). Here you can find all of her interviews and conversations with Bollywood and Hollywood's leading actors and filmmakers. In short, everything you need to enhance your cinematic experience.

Twin Peaks Unwrapped

Ben Durant & Bryon Kozaczka

A weekly podcast where we unwrap each and every episode of Twin Peaks, oh and lots of pie.

Insightful Podcast (By:Khaleel Evans)

Khaleel Evans

I’ll be covering numerous topics regarding God, sports, global issues, relationships, mental health, promoting businesses, and giving day to day motivation at the same time. I’ll be interviewing a different person each episode, getting their personal opinions on current topics and experiences.

The Last Looks Podcast


A show where we catch up with Hairstylists & Makeup Artists, in the film and television industry, with your host Jaime Leigh.

Act One Podcast

James Duke

The official podcast of the Act One Program, the premier training program for Christians in the entertainment industry. Founded in 1999, Act One is a Christian community of entertainment industry professionals who train and equip storytellers to create works of truth, goodness and beauty. The Act One Podcast provides insight and inspiration on the business and craft of Hollywood from a Christian perspective.

The Official Trial of the Chicago 7 Podcast


The official podcast of the Netflix film, “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” written and directed by Aaron Sorkin, is hosted and narrated by Krista Smith. The series features conversations devoted to the significance of events in 1968 and the trial, and the parallels with what’s happening in America today, as well as discussions with Sorkin and the actors and creative minds that realized the world of the film.

Go Creative Show

Ben Consoli

Go Creative Show is a place for revealing and informative interviews with A-list filmmakers. Hosted by Producer and Director Ben Consoli, each week we feature cinematographers, production designers, directors and producers to share behind the scenes experiences from the hottest movies and shows. Whether you're a brand new filmmaker or a film industry veteran, Go Creative Show will entertain, inform and make you a better filmmaker.

The Miss C Podcast with Mindy and Mar

Miss Conception

Entertainment Meets Enlightenment Hosted by TV BFFS turned real-life BFFS, Melinda Shankar and Marline Yan where they focus on personal empowerment via self-development. Join M & M for real, raw, and unfiltered perspectives on all things entertainment, spirituality, and wellness, as they navigate their own unique paths into adulthood.

Hallmark Happenings Podcast

Hallmark Happenings Podcast

Hallmark Happenings is a podcast dedicated to bringing fans the latest info and an inside look at romcoms. Follow Hallmark Happenings to stay up to date with the show. XOXOXO

Reelism The Podcast

Christian Spivey

A show that's passionate about the film world and all the universes within it; whether it's with me Christian, Family or Friends, these conversations are led by all things cinema.

Radical Musings with Rosanna Arquette

Audio Up, Inc.

Filmmaker. Actor. Activist. Rosanna Arquette has led many lives, always driven by curiosity, truth and activism. She's been a lightning rod for some of the most innovative minds on the planet. Whether holding conversations with world leaders and tastemakers, inspiring pop songs, or documenting the state of affairs in Hollywood, Rosanna has always walked the walk. Now she's going to talk the talk! Join one of Hollywood's shrewdest and most outspoken advocates for female empowerment for a one-of-a-kind new podcast from Audio Up. Combining her love of music, connecting with the most creative thinkers of our time, Radical Musings with Rosanna Arquette features intimate chats and insightful interviews with today's newsmakers of politics, entertainment and social justice. Each episode finds Rosanna musing thoughtfully on themes aroused by guests across the spectrum of influence and infamy, diving deep into the defining moments of their youth, and the impact of art and music on their work. 485302

Designing Hollywood Podcast Show

Designing Hollywood

Designing Hollywood Podcast is dedicated to "All Things Movies' and all film industry professionals! Created & Founded By Designing Hollywood LLC High profile host's and guest's from costume designers, directors, producers, writers, actors & agents in the industry! Excited to be bringing you some fascinating (Q&A) behind the scenes stories and informative educational episodes! Designing Hollywood collaboration with Costume Designer Marilyn Vance. Marilyn's award winning costume designs have appeared in over 62 feature films, television films and mini-series. Vance set the trends of the time with her character designed portrayals in iconic films such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Pretty in Pink and Pretty Woman. Marilyn was also the first female to costume design for the action genre, designing costumes for iconic action blockbusters like 48 hours, Die Hard 1 & 2, The Untouchables, Predator 1 & 2, Time Cop & Road House. Host Robert Meyer Burnett is an American filmmaker, DVD producer and, online film pundit and YouTuber. Burnett directed Free Enterprise and the short film The Sacred Fire. He has also edited over 10 feature films, and worked as a Star Trek consultant for Viacom Interactive and Paramount Parks' Star Trek: The Experience located at the Las Vegas Hilton. Burnett has twice been a guest of honor at the science, science fiction, and fantasy convention, convergence. Host concept artist Phillip Boutte Jr. Phillip is known for his work as assistant costume designer for Mattel and Netflix’s upcoming “Masters of the Universe,” has also worked tirelessly for well over a decade to establish himself as a concept artist whom costume designers and studios are eager to work with. With credits such as “Black Panther,” “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Captain Marvel,” to name just three, Boutte has become one of the few people of color in a field in which directors and star talent can step in and make a difference by championing inclusion. Boutte recently worked on “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,” with costume designer Ellen Mirojnick tapping him for concept art. Founder CEO/Producer Martika Ibarra & The Designing Hollywood Team Subscribe to Designing Hollywood Podcast for weekly episodes! Find Us On Youtube Channel, Spotify, Itunes, Deezer & Stitcher! Also on Facebook & Instagram under Designing Hollywood Founded in May 2020 By Designing Hollywood LLC

The Film Design Podcast


A podcast for those interested in Film Design

TV Writer Podcast - Video

Gray Jones

The TV Writer Podcast, Partner of Script Magazine, features video interviews with TV creators, showrunners, producers, writers, authors, representation, and more.



Подкаст Кинопоиска обо всех профессиях в кино и рекламе. Ведущие Дарья Сафронова и Максим Матющенко каждый выпуск приглашают профессионалов индустрии, которые рассказывают, как устроена их работа. Звукорежиссерка — Лера Кусто, композитор — Кира Вайнштейн, продюсер — Елена Рябцева, редактор — Даулет Жанайдаров.

Blackmagic Collective: Filmmakers on Filmmaking

Blackmagic Collective

For filmmakers, by filmmakers: this podcast is a mix of panel interviews and one on one discussions on the craft and technique of Film & TV. Join the Blackmagic Collective, it's free! Events on the techniques in production and post-production, hands-on training sessions and workshops, a film festival celebrating new short works, initiatives to advance filmmakers' careers, networking with peers and so much more! Be a part of an exciting group focused on the art and craft of filmmaking! Join at


Roddenberry Entertainment

Fanaddicts is a weekly podcast that explores unique obsessions and the celebrities obsessed with them. Produced by Roddenberry Entertainment and hosted by Clare Kramer and David Magidoff, each week we follow a special guest down the rabbit hole of their favorite fixation – whether that be woodworking, puppetry, baking bread, or zorbing (yep, it’s a real thing). This is the podcast that understands everyone, even your favorite celebrity, is a Fanaddict about something.

This Is Your Life


A simple, yet classic premise - guest honorees, both famous and unknown, profiled through remembrances by family and friends. Debuting on radio in 1948, This Is Your Life is an early pioneer of all TV reality shows. Thanks to creator-producer-host Ralph Edwards, the long-running radio and TV series has aired around the world and is a landmark of philanthropy that enhances the lives of its honorees, guests, and audiences everywhere.

Lasting Looks

Jules & Meghan

We take you behind the scenes of pop culture's most iconic looks! We are set costumers who are obsessed with pop culture, fashion, and of course, costumes. We want to shine a light on costume designers and stylists to give them the credit they deserve!

Trek Untold: The Star Trek Podcast That Goes Beyond The Stars!

Matthew Kaplowitz

"Trek Untold" is the Star Trek podcast that goes beyond the stars! This show features guests including character actors, stunt performers, directors, writers, VFX artists, and the behind-the-scenes people who make the Star Trek universe boldly go where no sci-fi franchise has gone before. The Trek Untold podcast is not endorsed by, sponsored by, nor affiliated with CBS, Paramount Pictures, or any other Star Trek franchise

Wild Tapes Podcast

Wild Tapes

Film making today requires a team of minimum 100-500 people. Be it for commercials or films or TV shows, everything requires A CREW! While we have amazing platforms bringing to us stories and interviews from the actors, directors and writers we never hear of the other 100-500. These are the assistant directors, line producers, prop assistants, costume coordinators, gaffers and so many more. WILD TAPES will bring to you sides you never knew existed on a film, behind the camera will have a new meaning and most of all how a piece of cloth can make 500 people run for their lives. Let's hear what it takes to execute a film and everything in between!

Christian Keyes, David Banner & Clifton Powell Interviews Saints and Sinners Judgement Day

Jojo N Deezstreets

The Saints and Sinners Judgement Day Movie Premieres February 14th on Bounce TV Valentines Day at 9pm ET - Actors Christian Keyes, David Banner, Clifton Powell weigh in on what fans can expect, filming during COVID and hope being quarentine can challenge relationships

Zeo to Hero

Billy & Jimmy

Join Billy and Jimmy, the Bulk and Skull of Podcasting, as fans of Power Rangers, Anime, Movies, and everything else in between. They interview creators and fans of their fandoms. Follow along as they fiddle, fumble, and find their way into bringing you, to the fandoms.

Blissful Spinster

Cris Graves

Welcome to Blissful Spinster, a podcast where I’ll explore my place in the world as a happy single woman in her 50s, and how that intersects with my journey as I hustle to get my first narrative feature film, ALONE GIRL off the ground as a writer/director.

The Writers Room with Sam and Jim

Sam Ernst, Jim Dunn, JR Zamora-Thal

TV Writers Sam Ernst and Jim Dunn invite aspiring screenwriters into their writers’ room and give them writing tips to develop their screenplays and TV pilots. Discussions include script notes, screenwriting tools, Hollywood career advice, and tips on navigating the entertainment industry. Sam and Jim’s credits include HAVEN on SYFY, Marvel’s DAREDEVIL, and CARNIVAL ROW on Amazon Prime. Producer J.R. Zamora-Thal and Co-Producer Meagan Daine also talk about their experiences on TV writing staffs and add commentary on today’s issues facing Hollywood, including women and Latinos in entertainment.

Classic Conversations

Jeff Dwoskin

Pop culture influencers, TV stars, film actors, comedians, and musicians share inspirational stories about the road to success. Insightful conversations that are part comedy/part drama and always entertaining! With your host, described as “The Midwest Lounge Letterman,” Jeff Dwoskin.

Collider Ladies Night


Collider Ladies Night puts the spotlight on the need-to-know female voices in Hollywood through an entertaining, in-depth conversation. Who’s on the rise? Who’s changing the industry for the better? senior producer Perri Nemiroff sits down with these standout forces to cover their journey from early influences, current projects, and beyond. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Actual Facts

MovieMaker Magazine

Conversations about documentary films + interviews with the filmmakers who create them. Hosted by Eric Steuer and Jason Betrue. Produced in collaboration with MovieMaker Magazine. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Mentors on the Mic

Michelle Miller

What do you look for in a Mentor? Every Monday, NYC Native actress Michelle Miller talks to some of the most interesting Mentors in Entertainment, including Directors, Producers, Network executives, Actors, and more. Her guests share how they started, how they moved up and any advice they have for us today. Every path is different. A career in Entertainment is anything but linear. Let’s learn and be inspired together listening to Mentors on the Mic.

Mark and Me Podcast

Mark and Me Podcast

Join me, Mark, as I invite guests to talk openly and candidly about the world in which they have grown, thrived, or barely survived. From authors to actors, directors to writers, artists and musicians alike, come sit with us while we explore their own unique journey through life.

Indie Film Hustle® Podcast Archives: Cinematography

IFH Podcast Network

Welcome to the Indie Film Hustle Podcast Archives. The IFH Podcast has recorded hundreds of interviews with Oscar® & Emmy® winners, filmmaking & screenwriting legends, inspirational indie filmmaker and more. Our show covers every aspect of the filmmaking process, from creating the idea to film distribution. We are proud of being the #1 free filmmaking and screenwriting resources online so we wanted to create an archive of our best of past episodes that was easy to find based on what topic you wanted to learn. Each archival podcast will have back catalog episodes released weekly so you will have new content all the time. IFH Podcast Archives Cinematography is podcast covers everything you ever needed to know about the craft of cinematography. In these episodes we speak to Oscar® & Emmy® winning cinematographers like Dean Cundey A.S.C (Jurassic Park, Back to the Future), Jeff Cronenweth A.S.C (Fight Club, The Social Network) and Russell Carpenter A.S.C (Titantic, Avatar: The Way of Water). We cover everything you need to know about how to light and shoot a feature film, cameras, lenses and the latest film gear. For more free filmmaking resources go to

Hey Indie Filmmakers

Griffin Hammond & Nick Bodmer

"Hey Indie Filmmakers" is a podcast about DIY filmmaking, cameras and technology, hosted by documentary filmmaker Griffin Hammond and tech expert Nick Bodmer. Watch video versions of these episodes on YouTube.

In Motion Storytellers

Dan Parris

The In Motion Storytellers podcast goal is to inform and equip filmmakers to succeed from anywhere. Through interviews with top professionals in the film, TV and online distribution space, we will share advice on making a living as a filmmaker in the 'flyover states', conversations on what the most pivotal decisions that led to our guests success, and what it takes to have work/life balance as a filmmaker. This podcast will focus more on the business and entrepreneurial side of filmmaking in hopes of giving other filmmakers a roadmap for their own success.



这是一档影迷向播客,由JustPod出品。 我们会邀请众多影迷,一起聊影展,聊电影节,聊电影大师,聊片单,偶尔还会做一些有趣的专题策划。希望和大家一起从电影爱好者成长为资深影迷。 主持:重度影迷汪金卫、电影爱好者陆小鸟 每周二更新:还有人记得周二电影票半价吗?


Dario Tom

New podcast

TV Writer Podcast - Audio

Gray Jones

The TV Writer Podcast, Partner of Script Magazine, features video interviews with TV creators, showrunners, producers, writers, authors, representation, and more.

Respect The Process

Jordan Brady

One on one chats with filmmakers about commercials by the filmmakers and creatives that make them. Hosted by filmmaker Jordan Brady, director of over 1200 commercials, 4 feature films, 3 full-length documentaries and one Netflix special. Jordan is the Founder of Commercial Directing Film School.

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

True Tone Media Group

Brand new podcast series goes behind the making of the new film, Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song, and the legendary artist and song that inspired it. Interviews include Includes archival footage from Leonard Cohen, himself, and exclusive content from film-makers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine and journalist Larry "Ratso" Sloman. You will also hear from members of Cold War Kids, Old 97s, The Mountain Goats, Judy Collins, and a special appearance by Rita Houston (WFUV - New York, NY). Find the film in theaters near you at

Monday Morning Critic Podcast

Darek Thomas

My name is Darek Thomas and I am the host of Monday Morning Critic Podcast. My podcast is a labor of love created out of my passion for my guests, their work and a variety of shows, movies and people that have changed my life. Welcome to Monday Morning

Opening Credits Podcast

Opening Credits

In the Opening Credits Podcast, we meet the people behind the design of your favourite films and TV shows. We chat to film creatives about their experiences in the industry and how they apply their craft beyond the world of entertainment. Hosted by Stephen Nutley, founder of Opening Credits, we explore the unseen craftsmanship of filmmaking, and discover how brands are increasingly harnessing the imagination of film creatives to better connect with their audience. Go behind-the-scenes of your favourite films and TV shows like never before, and meet the people who, until now, have been hidden in the credits.

The Commentary Cast

The Commentary Cast

A podcast giving you the missing commentaries and first hand insights from the film makers behind the streaming content you love! Watch the film in sync with the episode or at your own leisure. Hosted by Grant Sputore and David McDonnell. You can find us on instagram @thecommentarycast and follow our hosts @grantsputore and @isthatyoudave

Watching Classic Movies

K Cruver

An interview podcast featuring conversations with fascinating guests who love classic movies. Support this podcast:

Hollywood Remixed

The Hollywood Reporter

”Hollywood Remixed” is a topical, diversity-focused podcast from The Hollywood Reporter, hosted by Rebecca Sun. Each episode will be dedicated to a single theme – a type of character or story that has been traditionally underrepresented or misrepresented in pop culture – and feature an expert co-host as well as a special guest whose latest work exemplifies a new breakthrough in representation. We’ll revisit groundbreaking classics and introduce listeners to hidden gems, in order to better understand how film and television in the past has shaped progress in the present. Hosted by: Rebecca Sun Produced by: Matthew Whitehurst

Smoked Meat

Brad Pittman

A random conversation with entertainers, authors, counselors and just good friends.

Go For Production with Brandon Riley: A Filmmaking Podcast

Brandon Riley

Film production veteran Brandon Riley does a deep dive with film industry leaders in the production sphere that work in Film, Television and Online Productions. Brandon's conversations focus on strategies, systems, technology, and overall best practices in creating media in the world of indie filmmaking and film production. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (

Be Kind, Rewind with Tim Nydell

Fenix Media

Go back in time with Be Kind, Rewind. Reflecting on the past has never been so much fun! Tim (your host) and Gary (your sometimes co-host) look back on the past fondly as they talk about their favorite movies, music, celebrities, and much much more. So dust off the VCR, get that Zenith remote control out, and get ready to press the rewind button … and go back in time with Be Kind, Rewind!


Paper Street Pictures

From the team behind Austin-based genre film production company Paper Street Pictures, ‘The PAPER STREET Podcast’ covers genre films, filmmaking, and the film industry, while touching on the theme of positivity and inclusivity in the genre community. The show also dives deep into all aspects of production -- from the workshopping of ideas and script, to on-set production, to the post-production process, to distribution. Hosts Becky Sayers and Shawn Talley get into the movie-making weeds, speak with industry professionals, and maybe even impress you with their respective knowledge of genre films along the way.

The Filmosophers Movie Talk Show

The Filmosophers

The Filmosophers Movie Talk Show, where we talk about films and filmosophy with the people who make and love movies.


Mohamed Abousoliman

دردشة عن كل ما هو عظيم في السينما المصرية والعالمية Mohamed Abousoliman, creator of the popular CINEMATOLOGY video series chats all things movies with guests from various backgrounds and with one thing in common- their passion for cinema!

That Scene with Dan Patrick

Amazon Music | Dan Patrick

In That Scene with Dan Patrick, legendary sports broadcaster Dan Patrick chats with celebrated actors and filmmakers to break down some of the most iconic scenes from their careers. Listen in as they share their early reactions to the script, details about how the scene actually got made, their response to watching it on screen for the first time, and reflections on the scene's impact -- both personal and cultural. With Dan Patrick’s humor and passion for movies guiding the conversation, listeners enjoy a journey with some of Hollywood’s biggest names through some of the most memorable scenes in TV and movie history. Featured guests include Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Lena Waithe, Bryan Cranston, David Harbour, Rosie Perez, John Cena, Ralph Macchio, Bill Burr, MJ Rodriguez, Patton Oswalt, and David Spade. Season 2 episodes release every Wednesday. Hear them first on Amazon Music.

Film Threat

Film Threat Podcast Network

The OFFICIAL podcast of Film Threat!

The St. Canard Files: A Darkwing Duck Podcast

Will Santana

An analysis of every Darkwing Duck episode and discussion of all things related to the masked mallard! Reviews, news, interviews and more!

Your Fave’s Faves

Three Percent Chance

Get ready to see a different side of the celebrities you know and love. Each week, NYT bestselling author and pop culture nerd Rachel Hollis sits down with celeb guests to get real about their ultimate “Top Five,” in any category they want - top five rom coms, top five bbq recipes, top five lessons learned, etc. The show melds pop culture exclusives with Rachel’s signature positive energy, resulting in the perfect mid-week treat! New episodes drop every Wednesday.

Real Conversations with Jacob Young

Jacob Young

Emmy Winning actor Jacob Young talks real life, current events, pop culture and tackles serious issues like mental health, relationships and more with celebrity guests, friends and experts. Support this podcast:


Chill Phil

Director film commentaries for educational purposes only. So you can listen on the go. New episode every day with an extremely wide breadth of films. I make no money from this and I don't take requests.

Visionary Voices

Diana Means

Conversations with Women and Non-Binary Filmmakers from around the world.

Slice of SciFi

Summer Brooks and Team Slice of SciFi

Interviews and discussion about science fiction, fantasy and horror in television and film, plus coverage of comics, independent features, science and much more

Directing Animation Livecast

Scott Wiser

In-depth conversations with top producers and directors in the Animation Industry. Join director / animator Scott Wiser on his journey toward directing his first animated feature film. See the originals at

Filmmaker’s Compass Podcast

D-man & C.P.

This podcast is dedicated to discussing movies, industry news, filmmaking, and telling stories. So tune in, comment, and join the community. Or more simply…if you love movies then this is the podcast for you! Hosted by D-man and C.P.

San Dimas Today: The Bill and Ted Podcast

San Dimas Today / We Own This Town

An in-depth look at and celebration of all things Bill & Ted.

The Real Cinema Podcast

Harsh Anandani

Welcome to The Real Cinema Podcast

Cracking the Code of Spy Movies!

Cracking the Code of Spy Movies /

James Bond! Mission: Impossible! Classic spy movies! New Releases - all "decoded" right here! Rated "Top 10 Spy and Espionage Podcasts" out of thousands – by FeedSpot and Spybrary! Subscribe! Listener: “If you’re a spy movie fan, you’re going to really enjoy these. The hosts make it fun and offer some fascinating trivia about the movies we all love.” Discover something NEW in every episode! Decoding spy movies from classics like The 39 Steps through James Bond, Mission: Impossible and current spy movie releases - means diving deeply into scenes, pre-title sequences and gadgets - to always uncover something new - examining how other movies influence the movie being examined and how real-world things influence spy movies too. Interviews with directors, actors, authors and more! Challenge us and see - you will discover something NEW in every episode!! Subscribe and don’t miss the monthly Spy Movie News episodes giving updates on movie releases, new movies, issues, related events and more. Know it all in 15 minutes! Cracking the Code of Spy Movies is in your favorite podcast app! Join Dan, Tom and Vicky who sometimes agree and sometimes do not! So grab your explosive eyeglasses and freefall into the back catalogue and current releases! Join the adventure! For a chance to have your idea featured on the show, email Follow them on • Facebook: • Twitter: • Instagram:

Film & TV · The Creative Process

Acting, Directing, Writing, Cinematography Producing Conversations · Creative Process Original Series

Film & TV episodes of the popular The Creative Process podcast. We speak to actors, directors, writers, cinematographers & variety of behind the scenes creatives about their work and how they forged their creative careers. To listen to ALL arts & creativity episodes of “The Creative Process · Arts, Culture & Society”, you’ll find our main podcast on Apple:, Spotify:, or wherever you get your podcasts! Exploring the fascinating minds of creative people. Conversations with writers, artists & creative thinkers across the Arts & STEM. We discuss their life, work & artistic practice. Winners of Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Pulitzer, leaders & public figures share real experiences & offer valuable insights. Notable guests and organizations include: David Rubin (Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences), Neil Patrick Harris, Matthew Libatique (A Star is Born, Black Swan), Martin Ruhe (The Midnight Sky), Alice Brooks (In the Heights), Jack Thorne (Harry Potter & the Cursed Child), George Pelecanos (The Wire, The Deuce), Neil Gaiman (American Gods), Alan Edward Bell (The Hunger Games), David Hollander (Ray Donovan), Marian Macgowan (The Great), Paul Hirsch (Star Wars, Mission Impossible), Morgan Neville (20 Feet from Stardom), Carter Burwell (Carol, Twilight), Joe Mantegna, Robert Nathan (Law & Order, ER), Jane Alexander, John Powell (Solo: A Star Wars Story, The Bourne films), Stuart Dryburgh (The Piano), Amy Aniobi (Insecure), Salvador Pérez (President Costume Designers Guild, The Mindy Project), Cindy Chupack (Sex & the City, Modern Family), Daniel Handler a.k.a. Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events), Howard Rodman (Sundance Institute, Fmr. President Writers Guild of America West), Tom Perrotta (The Leftovers, Mrs. Fletcher), Marcelo Zarvos (Wonder, Fences), Delia Ephron (You’ve Got Mail), Ian Seabrook (Jungle Cruise, Batman v Superman), Tema Staig & Allison Vanore (Women in Media), Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands), Jordan Kerner (Charlotte’s Web, Fried Green Tomatoes), Jonathan Furmanski (Search Party), Benh Zeitlin (Beasts of the Southern Wild), Harris Yulin, Denson Baker (Get Out), François Clemmons (Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood), James McDaniel (NYPD Blue), Trish Sie (Pitch Perfect 3), Peter Weller, Alan Jacobsen (The Lonliest Whale), Michael Maren (Shriver), Albert Serra (Last days of Louis XIV), Ante Cheng & Matthew Chuang (Blue Bayou), John Matysiak (Old Henry), Josh Pais, Linh Nga (Inside this Peace), among others. The interviews are hosted by founder and creative educator Mia Funk with the participation of students, universities, and collaborators from around the world. These conversations are also part of our traveling exhibition. For The Creative Process podcasts from Seasons 1 & 2, visit: or, which has our complete directory of interviews, transcripts, artworks, and details about ways to get involved. INSTAGRAM @creativeprocesspodcast

Short Hand: A guide to making a short film

BFI NETWORK x Film Hub South East

A new podcast from BFI NETWORK and Film Hub South East that will guide you through the process of making a short film, from development to post-production.

Latest Talks

Latest Talks

Welcome to the Latest Talks Podcast! Here we shmooze and try to cover all kinds of interesting topics, so you can enjoy top-quality Yiddish entertainment. For ad placements email:

Life Beyond The Lens

Kenneth R. Nelson Jr.

Filmmakers! It's time to take control of your film!! The Life Beyond The Lens Podcast will help indie filmmakers perform at the peak of their creativity and thrive in the indie film business. Each week guest filmmakers go deep into the process of filmmaking to unpack failures, success and how they push beyond obstacles to achieve their vision! Support this podcast: Support this podcast:

The Not the Final Girl Podcast with Lauren-Marie Taylor

Lauren-Marie Taylor

What happens when you get a role in a horror movie, eagerly search the pages of the script to see what your character is like and what scenes you are in only to find out you are not the "final girl?" You don't survive to be in the sequel. That happened to me a few times, most notably in Friday the 13th, Part 2 and Girls Nite Out. Those of us who were not the final girls in our films deserve our day of glory! Join us as we chat about what we could have done differently to change our fate. What about the guys who met with their unfortunate demise? They drop in along with the writers and directors in the horror genre who created us only to serve us with an early expiration date. As far as the final girls are concerned, tune in for their advice on how to outwit those wretched rogues. Wondering about the creepers responsible for sending us to an untimely dirt nap? They dare to join me and tell their side of the story. Thanks for giving The Not the Final Girl Podcast a listen. Keep your doors locked and stay out of the woods!

Hard Agree

Andrew Sumner

Hard Agree is a pop culture podcast hosted by Andrew Sumner about the things that connect and unite us, whatever those things may be, whatever our differences might be - the things that we can hard agree on.

Roger Moore‘s Cubby Hole

James Bond

L007K Up! L007K Down! L007K Out! Here comes the biggest Bond Podcast of All! Join Martin, Adam and Phil each week as they chat Bond, James Bond.

Force Five

Jason Kleeberg

A movie podcast with a new guest each show, hosted by ex-video store clerk and Telly Award winner Jason Kleeberg. Each guest comes up with a movie-themed ‘five list’ topic beforehand, and then the picks are discussed on-air. For more show info, head to

Lunch With Bruce


Bruce Bozzi sits down for lunch with Hollywood power players, talking about their careers and the industry, life, family, and more.



Par Impar son Juanma González y Dani Palacios, que comentan todas las películas, series y otros aspectos de cultura popular que se te puedan ocurrir. Todo con invitados, música, y mucho sentido del humor. 

The Call Sheet with Kris Tapley


THE CALL SHEET with Kris Tapley is a weekly show that dives deep into the craft of your favorite Netflix films and series with some of the most talented artists and artisans in the game.

Cinematic Heartland: A Filmmaking Podcast

Kevin Isaacson

Do you have a passion for filmmaking, screenwriting, directing, or acting? Do you live outside a major film industry market? This is the place to be. Kevin Isaacson and Mike Godfrey host filmmakers as well as offer their own insights, thoughts, and opinions on being an independent filmmaker located outside of a major film hub. Listen in as independent filmmakers from across the Heartland describe their journeys and offer insight into how you can be a successful filmmaker no matter where you live. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (

So, How'd You Get Here?

Paper Crane Productions LLC

The work of actors, publishers, SFX artists speak for themselves in the world of arts and entertainment. But has anyone actually asked these professionals, “So, How’d You Get Here?” The stories may be funny, over-the-top, and sometimes heartfelt; but the journey wasn’t always easy. The show is hosted by Tony Defrancesco and Angelo Restaino, and features experts in the arts and entertainment industry. Nestled in one of LA’s most prolific podcast spaces, Tony and Angelo spend an hour building conversations around this one simple question, “So, How’d You Get Here?”

My Creative Careers

Adam Leipzig and Tamika Lamison

My Creative Careers, hosts Tamika Lamison and Adam Leipzig draw on the hundreds of movies & TV shows they’ve worked on to open the doors of access through fun, funny, and deeply revealing interviews with award-winning movie & TV pros and emerging newcomers. Tamika writes on Amazon’s/ALLBLK “Monogamy", runs the AICP/DGA’s Commercial Directors Diversity program, founded the Make a Film Foundation and is currently producing and directing several projects as SVP of Development and Production at PhilmCo. Adam has been a senior exec at Disney, president of National Geographic Films, and has produced/supervised/distributed/financed 35 films including “March of the Penguins,” “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” “Dead Poets Society,” “Titus,” and “A Plastic Ocean.” Together Tamika and Adam ask their guests: “What do you really, really do and how did you get there?” Listeners will explore what goes on behind the scenes, discover creative careers they may never have heard of, and learn how to make their own paths, too. My Creative Careers (because creative people never have only one career!) showcases the diversity of people, arts, and professions in the entertainment industry, and shares behind-the-scenes insights so listeners can deepen their knowledge and activate their aspirations. Produced by – your online career accelerator.

The Femme Fatale Podcast


Femme Fatale Film Festival introduces... The Femme Fatale Podcast! A series of interviews featured some rad female-identifying folks in the film industry! Hear their stories, experiences, and advice, and find out what it means to be Femme in Film!

Bol Baby Bol - Rohini ke Saath

Film Companion

Radio personality Rohini Ramnathan is on Film Companion Local, bringing together the most fun, relaxed conversations with artists across the board. It’s Bol Baby Bol - Rohini ke Saath.


Madison Hallman

schiz interviews

Arc Lighting Podcast

Ryan Silber

This podcast covers motion picture and television lighting equipment and techniques.

The Second Sticks Podcast

The Second Sticks Podcast

The Second Sticks Podcast is the story of the names in the credits. We interview industry professionals about their experience working in Hollywood and beyond.

Historias que contar

Tamara Kassab

Historias que contar es un espacio que surge a raíz de la necesidad de dar a conocer relatos, biografías o memorias de personas que, como cualquiera de nosotros, tienen algo que decirle al mundo desde sus experiencias de vida y sus orígenes, y que nos permite entender: ¿De dónde venimos? ¿Por qué tomamos las decisiones que tomamos? ¿Cómo se forman nuestros valores y principios? Estas tres preguntas nos dan un contexto de nuestra formación como seres humanos y de nuestra esencia, de ser buena gente, lo que nos permite dormir con tranquilidad cada noche. Todos tenemos una historia que contar Support this podcast:

Filmmaking life Podcast


The Filmmaking Life Podcast is the audio channel of the biggest leading worldwide community of filmmakers on Instagram. Our podcasts feature talks and interviews with one of the best filmmakers and creatives from all around the world and we are trying to provide the most valuable information out there.

Making Docs

London Documentary Network

A resource for people who want to make a documentary film. Learn from experienced documentary film professionals about the many aspects of making a documentary film. Hosted by Karoline Pelikan (@PelikanPictures) and Paul Hulligan (@paulhully). *Recorded pre COVID*

The Deeper Into Movies Podcast


Conversations about cinema with host Steven T. Hanley

Filmwax Radio

Adam Schartoff

Interviews with luminaries from the indie & arthouse film industry.

WILDsound: The Film Podcast

Matthew Toffolo - Wildcard Pictures Corp.

In each episode, our host Matthew Toffolo talks storytelling and film. Conversations with film professionals and great storytelling moments.

Angels Costumes Behind The Seams

Angels Costumes

A series of interviews covering every aspect of the costume process including Angels work, training, our customers and working in the Industry. The aim of these is to inform and entertain and to give insights into the costume industry and the workings of the world’s largest costume house .

The Brett Allan Show

Brett Allan

Join Brett weekly as he chats with your favorite celebrities from film, television, comedy, music and more. Plus, you never know who will drop in! Thanks for listening and being a part of the show!

The Chaat Room

Keertana Sastry, Brown Girl Magazine, Nikitha Menon

A new podcast series, hosted by Keertana Sastry & Nikitha Menon — in partnership with Brown Girl Magazine — where we interview South Asians in Hollywood, on and off the screen. These are the people who turned their *cue disapproving auntie voice* hobbies and passions into careers, and we ask them the question we’re all wondering: how the f*ck did you do it?! In these times of tragedy and uncertainty, we need to find strength and optimism in our community and the art that gives us a reason to smile. We hope this podcast will be able to do just that.

Who's There? A Podcast About Horror Fans

Allison Broder

Horror movies are often misunderstood and so are the people who love them. Hosted by horror fan Allison, this is a podcast to talk to horror fans and see exactly why they love this genre the way they do. Support this podcast:

Interviews with Anupama Chopra

Film Companion

Anupama Chopra is a film critic, television anchor and book author. She has been writing about Bollywood since 1993. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Hindustan Times, The Los Angeles Times and Vogue (India). Here you can find all of her interviews and conversations with Bollywood and Hollywood's leading actors and filmmakers. In short, everything you need to enhance your cinematic experience.

Head Above Water - A Filmmaking & Mental Health Podcast

Jason Charnick

With Head Above Water, host and filmmaker Jason Charnick takes listeners on a deep dive with intimate and thought-provoking conversations with some of today's most influential independent filmmakers and creatives. In the vein of WTF with Marc Maron, each episode will focus on in-depth discussions with filmmakers, performers, and creators to discuss the mental challenges of expressing one's self creatively in such hypersensitive times. We get personal with our guests, talking about their fears and personal struggles, what they worry about when they go to sleep, and how they work overcome their own self-imposed limitations.

Next Question!

Next Question

Want to hear interesting interviews? With interesting interviewers? With interesting interviewees? Well Next Question is the podcast you have been looking for! A VIC Radio Ithaca production.

Factual America

Matthew Sherwood

Factual America examines America through the lens of documentary filmmaking. Guests include Academy Award, Emmy and Grammy-winning documentary filmmakers and producers, their subjects, as well as experts on the American experience. Find out more about the current and upcoming documentaries on Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Sky Documentaries and other platforms directly from the creators. Whether we discuss true crime, music, burning social and political topics, history, or arts, Factual America is your #1 documentary film podcast. Factual America is produced by Alamo Pictures, a London- and Austin-based production company that makes documentaries about the US from a European perspective for international audiences.

Love of Cinema

Himanshu Joglekar

Interviews and conversations centered on cinema and streaming shows. Discerning conversations; organic interviews.

Navigating Hollywood

Allen Wolf

Film and TV professionals talk about the ups and downs of navigating Hollywood and how they've worked to stay relationally and spiritually healthy in a demanding industry. Hosted by filmmaker, author, and game creator Allen Wolf.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Star Wars Conversation from a Female POV

Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado & Sarah Woloski

Three fangirls, Tricia Barr, Teresa Delgado and Sarah Woloski, join forces to talk Star Wars from their own point of view. From fashion to fandom, characters to story, we discuss everything. #fangirlflail! If you're used to hearing us on RebelForce Radio, you've come to the right place to keep listening on our own feed!

Scopophilia with Becky Teller

Next Chapter Podcasts

Scopophilia is defined as "deriving aesthetic pleasure from looking at something". Scopophilia: the Podcast a Millennial Movie Movement hosted by Becky Teller, a film-obsessed millennial with a master's degree.

Film in Minnesota

Alan Tracy & Rehana Power: Film Industry

All about Film in Minnesota as we interview those who are currently working in the industry. Music Courtesy of Oni Sakti / Geodesique / Ephedream

The Screen Chatter Audio Podcast

Tony Toscano - Host

Celebrity Interviews and more from the Emmy-Award winning syndicated TV show

Middle school girls


Fun podcast with my friends!

Movie Geeks United

Movie Geeks United

Movie Geeks United is one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts with a worldwide listening audience of close to 8 million. Includes more than 1000 original interviews with some of the brightest talents in the industry, including Jennifer Lawrence, Robert Duvall, Francis Ford Coppola, James Cameron, David Cronenberg, Brian De Palma, and more. Home of the internationally acclaimed The Kubrick Series.

Redeeming Love: A Movie Companion Podcast

Lasting Media

The Redeeming Love Movie Companion Podcast offers a home to exclusive behind-the-scenes content and interviews with the cast, along with a space to discuss the film’s themes with the bestselling author and screenwriter herself, Francine Rivers. For more information about the movie, Redeeming Love, please visit

House of Gucci: Interview Special

House of Gucci

Welcome to the House of Gucci Interview Special, a deep-dive into the luxurious world of one of 2021’s biggest movies, featuring conversations with stars Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek, Camille Cottin and Jeremy Irons, as well as acclaimed costume designer Janty Yates and the movie’s legendary director Sir Ridley Scott.  House of Gucci is inspired by the shocking true story of the family behind the Italian fashion empire. When Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga), an outsider from humble beginnings, marries into the Gucci family, her unbridled ambition begins to unravel the family legacy and triggers a reckless spiral of betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately…murder. House of Gucci is released globally from November 24th and in the UK November 26th Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Bleav presents On The List with Brett Gursky


Listen in as Writer/Director/Producer and Nightlife Impresario Brett Gursky talks with Hollywood's finest- who also happen to be his close personal friends- to discover how they got “On The List”.

Making It: Women in Film

Malin Evita & Redeeming Features

In this weekly podcast, writer and cinephile Malin Evita sits down with women working across the film and TV industry to have honest, introspective, and empowering discussions around their career journey, experiences, advice, and the importance of diversity - in front and behind the camera.

Docs in Orbit

Docs in Orbit

A film podcast featuring independent, creative documentary filmmakers whose films are making rounds in festivals ✨ We offer in-depth, artist moderated conversations exploring the diverse forms present in contemporary non-fiction cinema, the creative process, and the challenges filmmakers encounter as they work with the moving image in their distinct social and political context.  We operates ad-free. If you would like to support us, be sure to rate, review, and subscribe so that more film lovers can find us.


Mary Sweeney and Jonas Kaplan

Acclaimed filmmaker Mary Sweeney and neuroscientist Jonas Kaplan explore the creative place where art and science meet. FLOAT is a series of conversations with filmmakers, fine artists, musicians, technologists, and neuroscientists, investigating their common inspirations, motivations, and processes. Hosted by two USC professors, FLOAT takes you on a journey to the nexus of art and science.

Movies I Love That No One Talks About

Dan Benamor

Every week, host Dan Benamor interviews a guest who worked on an under appreciated hidden gem of a movie, or an industry figure that shares his love of these unheralded masterpieces.

Simply Indie Podcast

Marisa Carlson, Lynzi Carlson, & Nick Hodge

The Simply Indie Podcast is a show brought to you by the Simply Indie Film Festival in Edmond, Oklahoma. Each episode features a guest from within the Oklahoma film industry and creative scene. These conversations will focus on what's going on in the film world, as well as each guest's journey to where they are today.

Es Cine


Andrés Arconada y Sergio Pérez nos traen cada viernes la crítica de los estrenos cinematográficos, nos dicen sin cortapisas qué películas merece la pena ver y cuáles no. Además, entrevistan a los actores y directores del momento, tanto nacionales como internacionales. En Es Cine pueden encontrar asimismo la marcha recaudatoria de las producciones cinematográficas y los estrenos de DVD y Blu-Ray. Por supuesto no se olvida de las series de TV, del teatro, musicales, parques temáticos... en definitiva toda la cultura, el ocio y espectáculos. Para participar en nuestros concursos sólo tiene que escribir a con la respuesta y sus datos personales (nombre, dirección postal y teléfono).

Upodcast- Bollywood Edition

Upodcast- Bollywood Edition

Upodcast- Bollywood Edition Probably the longest running Bollywood Podcast in the world! Bollywood film reviews, the largest collection of interviews with your favourite stars on any podcast and filmy debates.

Filmmaking Conversations Podcast with Damien Swaby

Damien Swaby

Filmmaking Conversations with Damien Swaby is a small fraction of the critical conversations currently taking place across the indie film community. The podcast reaches out to the next generation of filmmakers, who continue to look for inspiration and guidance. Proud Member of the IFH Podcast Network (



We give you a look inside movies, with interviews and insights from the cast. We have interviews from the actors, directors, producers and we play clips from the films. We love movies and like to share any information and thoughts on the films we bring to you. We will never tell you to see a film or not, that's all up to you.

Fade to Black. Coyote.

Black Coyote

A behind the scenes look into our creative process at Black Coyote. Listen to our actors and producers talk about our movies, shorts and theatrical productions.

What's a Grip?

A. McGrath & J. Terwedo

On "What's a Grip?," Script Supervisor Jillian Terwedo and Development Executive/Producer Annie McGrath interview below-the-line professionals in the film & television industry in an effort to demystify the on-set and studio-side roles that contribute to the filmmaking process.

TV RetroVision

Ed Gross

The Classic TV and Movie podcast, where we celebrate all our yesterdays ... today, and tomorrow. Each episode features an interview with a celebrity, filmmaker, pop culture or television historian, reliving the great television shows and films from the Golden Age to 10 minutes ago.

The Britflicks Podcast

Stuart Wright

Screenwriter STUART WRIGHT hosts weekly conversations with indie, sci-fi and horror filmmakers about their process and craft and film fans about the films they love.

The Man Cave Chronicles w/ Elias

Elias Giannakopoulos

Join Host Elias as he talks to various guests each week where ”Everyone Has A Story” from the world of Pop Culture, TV, Movies, Comedy, and more.