Two Judgey Girls

Two Judgey Girls

Courtney & Mary reside in LA and the Bay, respectively. Though they live 400 miles from each other, their love for reality TV and pop culture never lets the distance get in the way. Join them weekly to discuss the latest shows and gossip with "Two Judgey Girls". Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Popcast With Knox and Jamie

Knox and Jamie / Wondery

A weekly pop culture podcast seeking to educate on things that entertain, but do not matter.

10/10 (Would Recommend)


Overwhelmed by choice in the Peak TV era? Join hosts and IRL friends Tolani Shoneye (of 'The Receipts' podcast fame) and Gena-mour Barrett (who works for Netflix) as they discuss what they're watching, and what they think * you * should be watching too. Each week they'll be accompanied by a guest from the world of Netflix, who'll share a recommendation of their own. From brand new shows to overlooked gems, 10/10 Would Recommend is a freewheeling, unfiltered review show that will help you spend less time choosing, and more time actually watching. Produced by Broccoli Productions and @NetflixUK. Follow the hosts: @smilegena, @tolly_t

Click Bait with Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation | Wondery

The juiciest news, hottest gossip, and the real story of what it means to live in the spotlight. Fan favorites Joe Amabile, Natasha Parker, and Tia Booth are spilling the tea and dissecting the wildest and most surprising headlines of the week in Bachelor Nation and pop culture. They’re breaking down the clickbait so you don’t have to. Every week, a Bachelor Nation fan favorite or celebrity guest joins to take us inside their world as we get to the heart of the hottest news stories in entertainment and Bachelor Nation! Click Bait is available on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can listen ad-free by subscribing to Wondery Plus in Apple Podcasts or the Wondery App.

TV's Top 5

The Hollywood Reporter

Welcome to TV's Top 5! Each episode features The Hollywood Reporter's West Coast TV Editor Lesley Goldberg and Chief TV Critic Daniel Fienberg breaking down the latest industry headlines. The podcast is broken into five segments, offering a deep-dive analysis of the latest TV news and a critical look at current and upcoming shows. Every episode of the weekly podcast includes an in-depth interview with one of the industry's most powerful showrunners or an up-and-coming new voice. Have an industry question you’d like to hear us address in a Mailbag segment? Email us at Stay tuned for future episodes and be sure to subscribe. Hosted by: Lesley Goldberg and Daniel Fienberg Produced by: Matthew Whitehurst

Pink Shade

Pink Shade

Pink Shade is the space to dish on 90 Day Fiance, Love After Lock Up, Real Housewives Recaps - and MORE from Bravo, TLC, and WeTV! We (Erin and Mary Payne) and our special guests talk about all the shows we're addicted to, plus the reality stars we love - even when we're giving them the side eye.

Deck The Hallmark

That Sounds Fun Network

Join Bran, Panda, and Dan (AND FRIENDS!) as they attempt to watch and review made-for-tv movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies. What could go wrong? Listen ad-free at Follow us: Instagram: @hallmarkpodcast Twitter: @hallmarkpodcast Facebook: Deck The Hallmark Podcast

The Rings Of Power With Mary & Blake: A Rings Of Power Podcast

Mary & Blake Media

The Rings Of Power With Mary & Blake is a podcast dedicated to the hit TV show on Amazon Prime Video, The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power In The Rings Of Power With Mary & Blake, hosts Mary and Blake dive in head first on character, theme, favorite moments, production, predictions, and every facet you can think of for The Rings Of Power on Amazon Prime Video. Mary has read The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings while Blake has not. Mary is a major fan of The Lord Of The Rings while Blake is a much more casual fan. Though we know that The Rings Of Power is not necessarily based on a book written by J.R.R. Tolkien, we firmly believe in the separation of book and show.  We do, of course, invite book knowledge, but we are analyzing this story from the television show on its own accord.

House Of The Dragon With Mary & Blake: A Podcast For House Of The Dragon

Mary & Blake Media

House Of The Dragon With Mary & Blake is dedicated to the hit TV show on HBO, House Of The Dragon In House Of The Dragon with Mary & Blake, House Of The Dragon podcast hosts Mary and Blake dive in head first on character, theme, favorite moments, production, predictions and every facet you can think of for House Of The Dragon on HBO. While we have read A Song Of Ice And Fire books, we have not yet read Fire & Blood. Furthermore, since we are podcasting one episode at a time, this will be a SPOILER FREE podcast. We firmly believe in the separation of book and show. While we do invite book knowledge, we are analyzing this story from the television show on its own accord.

Kinda Funny Screencast: TV & Movie Reviews Podcast

Kinda Funny

Weekly reviews and reactions to the latest in TV, movies, film, and streaming services. From Marvel Studios MCU shows WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Solider, and Loki to Star Wars shows The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch, to Invincible, to Game of Thrones, to everything else from Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, Paramount Plus, and more! Watch the free video version at

The Delta Flyers

The Delta Flyers

Join Garrett Wang and Robert Duncan McNeill each week as they re-watch and discuss Star Trek Voyager episodes. You will hear exclusive behind the scene stories from this dynamic duo. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TheDeltaFlyers We want to thank everyone who makes this podcast possible, starting with Megan Elise, Rebecca McNeill, and Jessey Miller. Additionally we could not make this podcast available without our Co- Executive Producers, and our Producers Thank you all for your support!

Pod Yourself A Gun - A Sopranos Podcast

Frotcast LLC

Comedians Matt Lieb and Vince Mancini watch every episode of The Sopranos and discuss it with friends, fans, actors, writers, TV critics, and anyone who loves The Sopranos as much as they do.

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Roddenberry Entertainment

Mission Log is a Roddenberry Entertainment podcast with the sole purpose of exploring the Star Trek universe one episode at a time. That’s right, this podcast will cover six different series and 30 seasons of television by journeying into every one of the 726 episodes with a single mission: to explore, debate and discuss one of the largest science fiction phenomena of all time, Star Trek. Starting with The Original Series’ initial pilot and continuing chronologically until we reach the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, each week our hosts will tackle a single episode, delving into the most historical and hysterical science fiction that Star Trek has to offer. Along with a variety of guests and interviews, Mission Log will attempt to reach Star Trek’s ethical subtext, understand it’s complex metaphors and finally figure out what was the trouble with those tribbles. Explore strange new details. Seek out new perspectives; deeper understandings. Boldly go where so many of us love to go, again and again. Join us for Mission Log!

MASH Matters

Jeff Maxwell & Ryan Patrick

Jeff Maxwell (Private Igor from M*A*S*H) and Ryan Patrick host a lively discussion of all things M*A*S*H, Hollywood, acting, and other jocularity. We will also feature interviews with super fans and creative geniuses who helped to create the greatest television show of all time. Step into the VIP tent, grab a heaping bowl of creamed weenies, and join the fun … because now, more than ever, M*A*S*H Matters.

The Bald & The Beautiful

The Bald & The Beautiful

The Bald & The Beautiful are comprised of @KevOnStage, @MrsKevOnStage, @ThatChickAngel, and @MarcusAintOnTheGram.

Drop Your Buffs: A Survivor Podcast

Sean Ross & Evan Ross Katz

Sean Ross and Evan Ross Katz take a deep dive into all things SURVIVOR. Drop Your Buffs takes a retrospective look at the greatest seasons, players and iconic moments from the reality show that started it all. Plus, we go straight to the source, interviewing legendary contestants of the game.

Altar Call: A Married At First Sight Podcast

Tayne & Ade

Every week, Tayne & Ade, two friends who love reality TV, will recap the Lifetime show, Married At First Sight. We break down each episode as each couple who have decided to put their trust in a group of experts and marry whoever they pick. They meet for the first time on their wedding day and we follow their journey to a possible happy ever after. There'll be laughs, there'll be serious talk and of course, there'll be shade. Join us for a for a fun conversation!

The Bake Down - Bake Off Reviewed

Bake With A Legend

The Bake Down is the go to podcast for those who can't get enough of the Great British Bake Off, form Bake With A Legend (the company that let's you bake alongside former contestants for brilliant online and physical events). Sarah Taylor is joined by former contestants Howard Middleton, Dan Beasley Harling and Jane Beedle for the duration of the 2022 series to digest the latest action in the tent. If you want the inside track and inspired insight, this is the podcast for you. Contact us at with all your questions! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Podcast

The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Podcast

Welcome to The Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Podcast - a show devoted to revisiting and honoring the world's greatest portrayal of the world's greatest detective. From 1984 to 1994, Granada Television produced what is arguably the best (and most complete) depiction of the legendary detective’s Adventures, Memoirs, Case-Books and many Returns. Spanning 36 episodes and 5 movies, producer Michael Cox created a Sherlockian experience like no other. This podcast will examine that timeless series with a specific eye on Jeremy Brett in the role he was destined to immortalize.

Beverly Hills 90210 Show

Beverly Hills 90210 Show

Producers Charles Rosin, Larry Mollin and Host Pete Ferriero explore a song by song, episode by episode look inside the making of the original Beverly Hills 90210!

The One Piece Podcast

Maji Media

A podcast dedicated to the manga and anime series One Piece. We've been discussing the latest episodes and chapters since 2009! The One Piece Podcast is created by the fans, for the fans.

Do You Watch What I Watch?

Jennifer & Josh

Is it ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Jingle Smells’? Join Jennifer and Josh as they recap and laugh their way through the highs, lows, and just-plain-awful moments from TV holiday movies!


Allen and Donna Stare

A week-by-week, episode-by-episode re-watch podcast spending time with America's Favorite Radio Station: "WKRP in Cincinnati". Extensive trivia, show background, performer background, hilarious commentary and a scene by scene rundown of all 88 episodes of "WKRP in Cincinnati". Hosted by husband and wife, Allen and Donna Stare. Allen started in radio at age 15 in 1980. When he walked into his first radio station, all he knew about radio came from watching the first two seasons of "WKRP in Cincinnati." WKRP launched a fun and successful 40 year audio production and advertising, it's time to talk about it!!

The Challenge Historian

Jacob Hollabaugh

Be it past, present, or future, if it's happening in The Challenge universe then I am here to document it. Covering all things The Challenge, this Historian brings you: episode recaps in real time as they occur, deep dives into past seasons, historical perspective and answers to the greatest of Challenge debates, cast interviews, and more!

What To Watch

Entertainment Weekly

What To Watch is Entertainment Weekly's daily guide to the shows that should be on your radar -- be it network, cable, premium or streaming! Hosted by Gerrad Hall.

The Bones Booth: A Bones Podcast

The Bones Booth

From obsessed fan to complete newbie, four friends with different experiences with the show Bones get together weekly to discuss every single episode of the hit television series. New episodes every Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter @thebonesbooth and find every episode at

Grey 17 - A Babylon 5 Podcast

Grey 17

Experience Babylon 5 for the first time all over again with the Grey 17 crew! Join a group of B5 super fans and complete newbies as we experience every episode of the landmark series. We will have spoiler free reviews of each episode, and then those rewatching the show can join us beyond the rim where we discuss spoilers and the show as a whole. Become a Patreon supporter!:

Hallmarkies Podcast

Hallmarkies Podcast

We at Hallmarkies Podcast are your romcom and Christmas movie experts! We love Hallmark movies and shows! Each week we give you our thoughts on the latest Hallmark movies and shows like When Calls the Heart. Plus we have bonus podcasts on Heartland, Sex and the City, and regular interviews with actors, directors and more

Richmond Til We Die: A Ted Lasso Podcast

Gin + Kerosene Productions

Richmond Til We Die is an episode-by-episode conversation about the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso where we discuss the characters, their relationships with each other, and how they're able to make us laugh until we can hardly breathe one moment and then feel with the deepest parts of our hearts the next. When you're here, you're a Greyhound!

The SNL (Saturday Night Live) Network

The SNL Network

Podcasts & media coverage of SNL (Saturday Night Live) from a network of hosts, superfans, and journalists!

90 Day Fiance Trash Talk

Tracey Carnazzo & Noelle Winters Herzog

Comedian Tracey Carnazzo and co-host Noelle Winters Herzog discuss all shows of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

The Sweet Smell of Succession

The Sweet Smell of Succession

In this unofficial recap podcast, David Chen and Tara Ariano break down every episode of the hit HBO original series Succession.

The Mandalorian Man is watching Andor

Fans Not Experts

"The Mandalorian Man Presents Andor with Candor" is a podcast special where Mike watches every episode of "Andor" and just hits record and talks about it. No research. No rehearsals. No editing. Just Talking. Check out "Mandalorian Man" everywhere podcasts are available! Support this podcast:

90 Day with MaryJane Kay & Sister Wives with MaryJane Kay

MaryJane Kay

My guilty pleasure is chilling with a nice wine, or lovely indica, shutting off my brain, & watching the car wrecks that are 90 Days & Sister Wives. I’ll give my commentary on Becoming Sister Wives, the Brown’s memoir, & Seeking Sister Wife, with a random viewer request, episode of Grey’s, or documentary, sprinkled in. I’ll recap new episodes of 90 Days, & offer insight on the crazy characters, the dysfunctional relationships, & the drama that ensues as a result. There are so many red flags. I’ll also untangle the web that is Sister Wives, covering old & new episodes, as I give my 2¢. Welcome! Support this podcast:

Unpopular with Jacques Peterson

Jacques Peterson

An unfiltered Australian take on American pop culture and terrible reality TV. Each week, entertainment reporter Jacques Peterson tackles everything from the Real Housewives and The Bachelor to cancel culture BS and stupid celebrity scandals. Famous (and infamous) friends stop by for in-depth interviews or just to talk trash. You probably won't agree with anything Jacques says, and that's okay.  

The Twilight Zone Podcast

The Twilight Zone Podcast

Join Tom Elliot in the Rondo award winning Twilight Zone Podcast. A journey through Rod Serling’s classic television series. With reviews, interviews and readings from The Twilight Zone…

Two Bandits Watching Bluey

Two Bandits Watching Bluey

Join us, Greg and Miek, two fathers who are chronologically jumping into every single episode, and find out why Bandit Heeler is the best father ever, in this world of Bluey!

LOST: Down the Hatch - A Spoiler Filled LOST Re-Watch

LOST fans Josh Wigler and Mike Bloom

LOST: DOWN THE HATCH, it’s hosted by Josh Wigler and Mike Bloom, and its a weekly spoiler-filled rewatch of ABC’s LOST

Scoops Ahoy: A Stranger Things Podcast

Whitney Danhauer and Collin Parker

Recapping, discussing, and dissecting the Netflix masterpiece one chapter at a time. Join us as we set sail on this ocean of Stranger Things flavor. We'll be your captain. Email us at Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@ScoopsAhoyPod)

Take the Black Podcast


From, the Take the Black podcast brings you the latest in news, reviews and discussion about all things fantasy, sci-fi and genre.

Worth The Calories - A Great British Bake Off Podcast

Matthew Vose and Cathryn Vose

Talking about the latest episodes and bakes of Love Production’s The Great British Bake Off. We talk about the star baker, who left, favourite moments, best tie-in advertising, and our attempts at the recipes.

Better With Glasses: A Summer I Turned Pretty Podcast

Slackie Brown Media

**Podcast contains spoilers** Welcome to "Better With Glasses," a podcast for fans of Prime Video's "The Summer I Turned Pretty." Join me as I recap each episode, share favorite moments, offer up little-known facts, dispute love triangles, and hopefully interview the cast/creative team that brought Jenny Han's book trilogy to life! Grab a pomegranate margarita, pick up a couple of the good muffins & gear up for a trip to Cousins Beach! Host: Vicky Pazzalia Co-Host: Casey Pazzalia Producer: Casey Pazzalia Presented by Slackie Brown Media Support this podcast:

Babylon 5 For the First Time - Not a Star Trek Podcast

Jeff Akin and Brent Allen

Two veteran Star Trek podcasters watch Babylon 5 for the first time. Brent Allen and Jeff Akin search for Star Trek like messages in this series, deciding if they should have watched it sooner.

A Date With The Bake

Kimberly and Katie

Hold onto your Chelsea buns! Kimberly and Katie, from A Date with Dateline, are branching out from their usual crime and punishment rough stuff to a more delicious type of rough puff. For this series we are delighting in the return of The Great British Bake Off, with sugar dusted recaps and discussion with just a pinch of snark. Not too much snark or you’ll have a snarky bottom. We're dishing on all the things you love about Bake Off— the properly British, mostly disguised (but sometimes not) innuendo, Noel’s perfect comic timing and choice of sweaters, and the always heart-stopping Hollywood handshake, usually following one or ten of his disapproving death stares. Join us in acting like we know what we’re talking about when it comes to flour choices (isn't semolina a country?), proving times for a proper loaf, and praising bakers along the way for their use of bold spices like our palettes might well be just as refined as the mighty Prue. What is a claggy frangipane genoise, you might ask, and am I in the emergency room or a patisserie if I am having one? Never fear, all the mysteries of pastry will be revealed, no they won't. But, that's why we are on the couch and not in the Bake Off tent. If you love American professional amateur podcasters intently watching a group of amateur British bakers compete in a competition for the glory of national pride and a really heavy looking cake platter trophy with both really just earnestly doing their best then this is the home for you. Fire up the ovens, er... earbuds and on your mark, get set... It’s A DATE WITH THE BAKE!

Seinfeld: The Post Show Recap | A Podcast About Nothing

Seinfeld Episode Reviews and Recaps from Seinfeld Experts Rob Cesternino & Akiva Wienerkur

Seinfeld may be over, but we've got a full Post Show Recap of the classic NBC sitcom. Rob Cesternino and Akiva Wienerkur discuss and analyze your favorite Seinfeld episodes and the adventures of Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza (Jason Alexander), Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss), Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) and of course... Newman (Wayne Knight).

Saturday Night Live (SNL) Afterparty

John Murray / Spry FM

A Peabody Award-coveting podcast review of SNL, featuring intimate, probing, aggressive—yet tender—conversations with fresh, young, supple voices from across the comedy landscape.

The Community Rewatch Podcast

Just About Write

Greendale is where we belong! Take a trip back in time and rewatch NBC's underrated comedy, "Community," with us. We'll talk about specific episodes, characters, ships, and so much more with some special guests along the way.

Always Hold On To Smallville

Zach Moore

Always Hold On To Smallville is a podcast dedicated to discussing every episode of the series that ushered in the renaissance of superhero TV...Smallville!

Secrets of Stargate

SQPN, Inc.

We explore the deeper meanings and hidden layers found in the Stargate movie and TV series, including SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, and whatever comes next, all from a uniquely Catholic perspective.

Submitted For Your Approval - A Twilight Zone Podcast

Twilight Zone | Brandon Cruz

From start to finish, the Twilight Zone remains one of the most compelling series in television history. In honor of the show, Brandon (of Apathetic Enthusiasm) and a variety of guests, both regular and special, watch the series from start to finish and discuss the characters, themes, and ideas Rod Serling brought to the screen. Submitted for Your Approval, we present to you, a Twilight Zone podcast.

Double P Podcasts

Double P Media @DoublePHQ

Audio Insight on great tv Including Hulu's Only Murders in the Building and Y: The Last Man, The Last Kingdom, Babylon Berlin, The Crown and Dark on Netflix, HBO's Lovecraft Country, AMC's The Terror, Dublin Murders, The Rook, American Gods, Emerald City!

Cabot Cove Confidential

Cabot Cove Confidential

A married couple recapping, conversing and goofing off while discussing episodes of 'Murder, She Wrote' every other week or so.

Time Enough Podcast: A Twilight Zone Podcast

Matt Comegys

Matt Comegys and one of a revolving cast of the groovy people dive deep into those trippy philosophical and metaphysical thoughts that accompany anthology shows such as the original Twilight Zone.

soy trek

Britain Ryan Strah & Pat Hoey

dirtbag leftist star trek podcast

The Bloody Disgusting Podcast

Bloody FM

A horror discussion podcast about our favorite things in horror. Featuring lead critic for Bloody Disgusting Meagan Navarro, horror blogger and youtuber The Real Queen of Horror Zena Dixon, and creator of the horror narration podcast "Creepy" Jon Grilz. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Secrets of Star Trek

SQPN, Inc.

We explore the deeper meaning and hidden layers found in the Star Trek universe, including all TV series and movies, as well as the ancillary media.

Bob's Burgers: Reheated

Sydney, Erin

Two midwest, middle school besties, discussing the antics of the Belcher family episode by episode.

Henry Danger Universe With Maralyn Negron

Maralyn Negron

I Will Be Taking About About All Things Henry Danger And Danger Force And Also Talk About Your Favorite Memories And Episodes And Also Your Favorite Cast Members Of The Shows This Is All About Danger Universe

Buffcoat and Beaver - A Beavis and Butt-Head Podcast

Buffcoat and Beaver

A weekly podcast celebrating the brilliant idiocy of Beavis and Butt-Head, hosted by idiotic idiots Adam Kurtz and Clay Cunningham. Support this podcast:

Talking Fast: A Gilmore Girls Podcast

Talking Fast

Hosts Alexis and Suzanne break down each episode of the beloved show, Gilmore Girls. This is not a spoiler-free podcast.

Spilling the G&T: Rupauls Drag Race

Paulo & Dr Tom

Welcome to Spilling the G&T. A podcast where two professionals, a Performer and a Psychiatrist, break down each episode of Rupaul's Drag Race and other popular culture topics. Be sure to expect entertainment, banter, and wit, with a key look into going deeper into performance technique and psychology. Always with fun. And always with a G&T. Hosted by Paulo (the performer), and Dr. Tom (the Psychiatrist).

Walnut GroveCast

Walnut GroveCast

Walnut GroveCast is a commercial-free podcast that discusses every episode of Little House on the Prairie. We also interview previous cast members such as Alison Arngrim, Dean Butler, Lucy Lee Flippin, Hersha Paraday, Wendi Lou Lee and more are coming on all the time! We are THE Little House on the Prairie Podcast!

Challenged: A Podcast About The Challenge on CBS, MTV, and Paramount+

Bryan, Amanda, and Tim

Challenged is a podcast all about Challenge. Whether that Challenge be on CBS, MTV, and Paramount+. Every week Bryan, Amanda, and Tim get together to discuss the current season as well as reminisce about old seasons. We talk gameplay, strategy, drama, eliminations, challenges and make guesses as to who will go far in the show. We're a spoiler-free podcast, so enjoy without worrying about spoiling!

Advent Calendar House - TV Holiday & Christmas Specials

Mike Westfall

A salute to all TV holiday specials, but mostly the Christmas ones. Revisit 12 holiday classics and not-so-classics each December and July.

80s TV Ladies

Susan Lambert Hatem

80s TV Ladies is dedicated to the beloved female-driven shows of the 1980s! Join hosts Susan Lambert Hatem and Sharon Johnson as they talk about the ladies of 80s television, from Laura Holt of Remington Steele to the Golden Girls. We interview special guests, TV makers, creators and stars! Do these shows we hold so dear hold up? Are they truly feminist? Tune in every other week and find out. And tell us your favorite 80s TV Ladies show!

I Think You're Interesting


The entertainment industry is brimming with interesting people who are responsible for your favorite movies, TV shows, and more. Join Vox’s critic-at-large Emily VanDerWerff every Thursday as she speaks with the very well known, up-and-coming and need to know folks responsible for the most exciting projects in art, entertainment, and pop culture – diving deep into their influences, inspirations, and careers in a frank, uncensored fashion. The series finale aired in December 2018.

Beneath Twin Suns: A Star Wars Podcast

Massive Breakdown Podcasts

Join Mercules and Kyt Kutcha for weekly breakdowns of Star Wars media! We go over connections between the shows, movies, comics, games, and books (both Legends and Canon), as well as behind the scenes trivia and stories from production. Let's talk about Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch, Mandalorian, Boba Fett, and more!

Dragonball Speak


Two dudes reviewing every episode of Dragonball Z, 3 episodes at a time! One expert and one first-time watcher share their thoughts.

Rings & Dragons: Lord of the Rings

Hypercritical Heroes

Welcome to our discussion on Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power and the innevitable discussion of The Rings of Power versus House of the Dragon; two tales of fantasy that took different approaches from one another but still can be compared. We will also be speaking on some of the most popular fantasy films and television shows of all time. Comparing them to the modern version of themselves.

We’re Listening: A Frasier Podcast

We’re Listening: A Frasier Podcast

A podcast dedicated to all things Frasier

The Yellowstone and 1883 Podcast

Pod Clubhouse

Pod Clubhouse digs into each new Yellowstone and 1883 episode every week and tries to unwrap the Dutton family's latest intrigues and exploits. Join them every week for an in-depth discussion and exploration of the show's story!

A League of Their Own Recaps | LezCast: Queer & Lesbian Podcast

Amanda Costner

A League of Their Own Recaps | Amazon Prime's reboot A League of Their Own looks to showcase a cast full of women as well as multiple queer characters. The tv show is different from the movie, yet manages to pay homage to many of the iconic moments from the cult classic 1992 hit. Each episode will be covered and recapped by host Amanda Costner and an LGBTQ guest. They will breakdown what happened and discuss big moments from the episode. Character discussions as well as light-hearted debates on plotlines from the season make each episode an enjoyable listen.

Secrets of Doctor Who

SQPN, Inc.

A Doctor Who fan podcast in which we analyze the themes, stories and symbolism of the BBC TV Series 'Doctor Who'.

The Great British Baking Pod


On your marks, get set, bake! Join comedians Tessa Hersh, Jonathan Braylock, Jenson Titus Lavallee, and Nicholas Scheppard every week as they recap and review each new season of The Great British Baking Show!

Above Deck

with Sarah & Kelli

From the girls that brought you the Socks with Sandals radio show in the 90's, comes a new podcast: Above Deck, a Below Deck breakdown podcast. Each week we'll recap the latest episode of Below Deck, share what wisdom we learned from our favorite yachties and discuss what's new in the broader Bravo universe. Get in touch on Instagram @abovedeckpod Send us an email or voice memo: . We are supported by Sailormade! For 15% off your order go to and use discount code ABOVEDECK We are supported by Waterlust!

Sandman Podcast

Sandman Podcast

The Sandman Podcast, a product of DC TV Podcasts, is dedicated to Netflix's The Sandman TV series, hosted by Carolyn, Wendy, and Toni. Each episode, the hosts give an in-depth analysis of every episode while covering the latest news about the TV show as well as take listener feedback about each individual episode. Netflix's The Sandman stars Tom Sturridge as Dream and is executive produced by Allan Heinberg, David S. Goyer, and Neil Gaiman. "The Sandman", all the logos and images are trademarks of DC Comics. The podcast is not sponsored or affiliated with DC Comics, Warner Bros. TV, or Netflix.

MASH 4077 Podcast

Geekyfanboy Productions

This is the first podcast dedicated to one of the most well known and highly successful series in television history. Hosted by Kenny from Knight of the Guild Podcast, Alien Nation The Newcomers Podcast & The Geek Roundtable and Meds from Waffle On Podcast. Each episode will cover a single episode of MASH starting at the beginning with the pilot. We hope to share with our listeners our thoughts on the episode, some cool and informative behind the scene information, fun trivia and little know facts about this wonderful TV series.

The Podcast of Power: A She-Ra Companion Podcast


Join Nero and Jane as they rewatch Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, diving deep into the tight plot writing, character work, voice acting and more that make the show work so well.

The Columbo Podcast

Heard Yet Media

Welcome to the Columbo Podcast, hosted by Gerry and Iain. This franchise show is an informal retrospective of both Columbo’s original run and the subsequent revival, as well as other related areas of interest. Hosted by a long-term fan of Columbo and a newcomer to the stories, the Columbo Podcast takes an affectionate look back at the detective’s investigations - from his first case to his last.

Walford Weekly

Walford Weekly

Welcome to Walford Weekly, The only weekly podcast all about Eastenders.

OverBoard: A Below Deck Podcast

Sean Cole

The “Below Deck Boys” John Farley and Sean Cole breakdown every episode of Bravo’s Below Deck, Below Deck Med, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The Overboard Network also features “Sports Banter with John & Sean” which focuses on the NFL and the big sports topics of the week.


Mike Lewis

Mike Lewis Podcast is a pop culture podcast that dives head first into the world of entertainment with stars consisting MTV’s The Challenge, MTV’s The Real World, Nickelodeon shows, Actors and actresses, athletes and other personalities as well. Mike dives into the mental health aspect that comes with being in front of the public eye, as well as their experiences on their respective shows, their upbringings, etc. My goal is to make these feel more like conversations than ‘interviews’ FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Twitter: @mikelewispod IG: @mikelewispodcast TikTok: @mikelewispodcast

Dramas Over Flowers

Saya, Anisa, and Paroma

We’re Saya, Anisa, and Paroma. Three women of South Asian descent, brought up in three different continents, as diverse in our cultural outlooks as we are in our accents. With our powers of drama analysis combined, we formed Dramas Over Flowers: a podcast that lets us work through our joys and frustrations of drama watching.

Wheel of Time: A Post Show Recap

Josh Wigler and DM Filly recap "The Wheel of Time"

Josh Wigler and DM Filly recap "The Wheel of Time," the Amazon Prime TV series based on the epic fantasy novels of the same name.

Parks And Rewatch

Joy Blue & Joe Patterson

A weekly Parks and Recreation rewatch podcast that is lighthearted, curious, informative, and silly. Hosted by Joe Patterson & Joy Blue.

Daebak K-Rambles Podcast: Kdrama Reviews

Daebak K-Rambles podcast

This is ATC Presents Daebak K-Rambles, where a couple of friends review Korean dramas. Jess is a K-drama veteran, and Rico is a just getting started. Join us as we watch and review K-dramas from all different genres from romance to action, Hallyu name it! (Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & TikTok @atcdaebakpod!! Jess runs wild sharing all things K-pop and K-drama OSTs, quotes, video edits, and more!) Support this podcast:

A Dream Given Form: A Babylon-5 Podcast

We Made This

It was the dawn of the third age of podcasting... A DREAM GIVEN FORM... Your hosts, Luke Winch & Baz Greenland, joined by special guests, discuss every episode of J. Michael Straczynski's classic 1990s science-fiction saga BABYLON-5, extended media and much much more. A proud part of the We Made This podcast network.

The Classic Red Green show Podcast

Aj Stewart

The official podcast of the Classic Red Green Show website. We are committed to reviewing all 300 episodes of the Canadian cult classic, the Red Green Show. This was the first podcast about the Red Green show and the only fan podcast!

K3 KDrama Coffee Break

The KThree

Come and take a KDrama Coffee Break with The KThree ☕️We're KDrama fans - just like you. We love talking KDramas so much we do it every week! Here on the podcast we will be DeepDiving our Favorite KDrama Actors and Finales in our Podcast Series. And every other Sunday on our YouTube Channel it's a LIVE KDRAMA COFFEE BREAK. Come hang out with us and all our Kdrama Bffs as we discuss, gush & quibble about the currently airing KDrama lineup []

Hallmark Channels’ Bubbly Sesh

Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook and Jacklyn Collier

Hosted by Jacks and Shawl, The Bubbly Sesh is the official Hallmark Channel podcast. The ladies breakdown your favorite Hallmark movies all while exploring romance, relationships and movie-making. Look out for special guests and exclusive interviews. New episodes launch every week. Instagram/Twitter @thebubblysesh 

Dawson's Darlings

Kim Moffat and Ashley Zazzarino

When’s the last time you watched Dawson’s Creek? When’s the last time you watched it along with two grown women, who are obsessed with each other (in a healthy way!). Kim and Zazz are watching Dawson’s Creek from the very beginning, and we want you to join. For Kim, Dawson’s Creek was a formative part of her young teen years, and since then has watched it all the way through a couple of times before this. Meanwhile, Zazz missed it on the first run and is now watching it all for the first time. After meeting on another WB/CW show (aw) and working in TV production for almost a decade (yikes), we’re using this incredibly weird time in our lives to rewatch and discuss every episode on a podcast - you know, just like our grandparents did.

Anime And More!

Jada Bennett

Show by Jada :) Here in this podcast, we talk about anime and more every week/month is a new episode with your host Jada Bennett where we go through different types of anime that could be funny bad or really good with some special guests tagging along we discuss if the anime is right for you or if it is not so if you liked what I just said tag along every week/month for new episodes, this is Anime And More! Peace out! email me @ Instagram: anime_andmore11 YouTube: Anime And More! Support this podcast:

Diva of DOOL

Diva of DOOL

The Diva of DOOL discusses Days of our Lives on our weekly show. We have also interviewed many Days actors.

The LoudCasa Talks

Fanpage Of The Loud House

From The Fanpage of The Loud House comes our very first podcast, The LoudCasa Talks! Hear the admins of the fanpage talk about all things Loud House and The Casagrandes! A weekly podcast to all the great Loud House and Casagrandes fans out there!

Naruto Shippuden

Callum Solomon

Commit Or Quit

DIVE Studios & Studio71

What do you do when you’re stuck at home in self-quarantine and have a lot more free time on your hands? You find something good to watch, of course. Join K-pop singer and personality Eric Nam, along with his brothers Eddie Nam and Brian Nam, as the three watch and review popular K-dramas, TV shows, and films. Except, there’s one caveat: They must discuss and debate whether to continue watching after only sampling the beginning of a TV series or film. In short: Do they COMMIT or QUIT? Tune in for your weekly dose of Nam Brothers mayhem plus some great TV and movie recs. Patreon members receive special perks like ad-free listening! To learn more, visit Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @thedivestudios for more life-changing content. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:

Criminal Minds: Cracking the Case

Chloe Collins & Jessie Keene

As you may have heard, Criminal Minds is returning for a 16th season and a docu-series. In the months leading up to the show, join “Partners in Crime” Chloe Collins and Jessie Keene as we take a deep dive into each episode with a few very special guests along the way. Theme Song: "Partner in Crime" by Chloe Collins

The Audio Guide to Babylon 5

Chip, Erika and Shannon

This is a book club without books, an episode-by-episode walkthrough of one of the most influential and important modern SF series. Each podcast begins with a spoiler-free discussion of the episode for new viewers, then we give listeners a jumping-off point and switch to a discussion of how the episode fits into the five-year history of the show.



The creators of ABCDEVO are back, but this time they're talking about Star Trek. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.



WE Are SQUAWKING DEAD ...a podcast, pulverizing episodes of The Walking Dead UNIVERSE: The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Tales of The Walking Dead, Isle of the Dead, and so much more to follow!

Ordering Bob's Burgers


A podcast where I review every episode of Bob's Burgers. Support this podcast:

Discussing Comics: A Comic Book, TV, and Movie Podcast

Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford

Discussing Comics is a podcast covering the latest in the worlds of comic books, TV, and movies. We discuss our favorite comic book characters from Marvel, DC, Titan, IDW, Boom!, and more! No hero or villain is off-limits from the printed page to the big screen. Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, Ronald Stephens, Ryan Kent, and other guests. Special guest appearances by Lee Shackleford. Discussing Comics is a part of the Discussing Network.

The Ma and Pa Cast.

A Little House on the Prairie Podcast

Join a couple modern day parents as we watch and discuss every episode of Little House on the Prairie, and try not to feel like parenting failures in the process. If you’re in search of a simpler time or just a break from the craziness that is 2020 and beyond, you’ve come to the right place.

הקלט כסדרה

הקלט כסדרה

הקלט כסדרה: פודקאסט הדרמה של קשת 12. מני אבירם מארח לשיחה את האנשים הכי מעניינים בטלוויזיה  וצולל אל הדרמה האמיתית מאחורי הסדרות המובילות בישראל

Tiempo de Series: El programa


El Podcast que evita que pierdas tiempo buscando que ver en las plataformas de streaming. Conduce: Catalina Serrano

Hot Dummies on Islands RHAPup Podcast

Reality TV RHAPups

Kirsten MacInnis and friends recap Love Island USA, Too Hot To Handle, FBoy Island, and Temptation Island!

Chuck Rewind

TV Rewind Network | Stephanie Zimmer

The Celeb Talk Guy

Max F.

Welcome to the podcast on all things pop culture & reality TV! The gossip. The tea. The rumors. Whatever it is…we talk about it! So take a seat and get your popcorn because it’s going to be a good one!


Mangum Talks

This is a review podcast of HBO's "The Nevers"

Survivor Whispers


Join Missyae in a friendly discussion about Survivor and Big Brother. Talk about players, spoilers, and where the shows appear to be heading

Friends Watching Friends Podcast


We are three friends talking about Friends on a weekly podcast. One of us is an expert, one is a casual fan and one is a novice. Dive into FRIENDS with us!

The Equalizers

The Equalizers

The Equalizer aired on CBS from 1985 to 1989. It inspired two Denzel Washington movies and a reboot with Queen Latifah, but the original series with Edward Woodward is largely forgotten (It can be streamed on or the NBC Roku app. Your move, Peacock). In a perfect world, it would receive all the nostalgic love of your MacGyver, your Magnum PI, your A Team, your Knight Rider. The premise - a retired special agent puts an ad in the paper to help those who feel the odds are against them (take that, paper clips and talking cars). Never heard of it? Not a problem. Vince, Chris, and Chuck take a deep dive into the show one episode at a time - incredibly absurd plots, well-known guest stars in every episode (sometimes 4 or 5!), and all other aspects of this show that make it a true hidden gem. Note: This is pure episodic TV, very few larger plots and themes, so no need to listen in order. This podcast, like say the celebrated show Parks+Rec, had a gestation period, and our full crew kicked in on season 1 episode 16, so you might want to skip ahead. Photo Credit: Bill Heck

Strong Creatives Welcome: The NOS4A2 Podcast

Pod Clubhouse

Take the Shorter Way every week to dissect and dismember each new episode of AMC's adaptation of Joe Hill's NOS4A2! Join Pod Clubhouse's favorite strong creatives Mike and Anna as they try and find their way to Christmasland!

Bola de Drac Podcast

Jaume Estruch

Podcast en català sobre Bola de Drac fet per i per a fans de la sèrie. Per @jaumeestruch

Drinks at The Dal: A Lost Girl Podcast

ASK Genre TV

Drinks at The Dal is a podcast for all things Lost Girl, Showcase’s hit supernatural television series. It’s a podcast by fans for fans that strives to have balanced, lively discussions and episode reviews. We invite you to join the conversation about the stories, characters, mythology, themes, and more.


Damn Podcast

I GIFT I TV taler vi om 8. sæson af "Gift ved første blik" på DR 1 og skruer helt op for den analyserende kommentatorboks, når de 5 par møder hinanden, bliver uvenner, tager på bryllupsrejse og når det bliver bizart, tåkrummende, akavet og måske helt igennem romantisk. DIne værter er Freia Dam og Martin Martensen-Larsen hhv. sprudlende journalist og tør jurist. Martin laver også noget kunst. Nogle gange. Har du kommentarer til programmet eller vil du bare lige komme med din egen analyse? Skriv til os på instagram: @giftitv_podcast Vi vil rigtig gerne høre fra dig!

Psych Rewind

TV Rewind Network | Stephanie Zimmer | Fred Firestine | Anna Synder | David Handlos