The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens

Nate Hagens

Jamie Wheal: “Neuro-anthropology and Culture Architecture”

On this episode, we meet with Executive Director of the Flow Genome Project, Jamie Wheal. Jamie discusses the evolutionary importance of music as a coping mechanism, how the United States’ university system fails to prepare students for the crises of the coming decades, and how to find hope in this time of tumult.  About Jamie Wheal: Jamie Wheal is the Executive Director of Flow Genome Project. His work ranges from Fortune 500 companies, leading business schools, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), to Red Bull and its stable of world-class athletes. He combines a background in expeditionary leadership, wilderness medicine and surf rescue, with over a decade advising high-growth companies on strategy, execution and leadership. He is a sought-after speaker, presenting to diverse and high-performing communities such as YPO, Summit Series, MaiTai Global, TEDx, and the Advertising Research Foundation.


Randall Carlson

Episode #081: Swept Bare by Giant Broom of FIRE / Peshtigo & Hinckley, BIG BURN

After a brief introduction to the next Randwulf tour into the Middle Cumberland Plateau region – home of deep gulfs, canyons, and cataract waterfalls incised into the heavily forested landscape, RC returns to the descriptive personal accounts of the 1871 firestorm that swept across Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Then jumping forward to the Hinckley, Minnesota wildfires of 1894, and the Big Burn conflagrations in northern Idaho and western Montana in 1910, a pattern of similar reports emerge – leading to speculation about the source of the mysterious concentrations of atmospheric gasses. Kosmographia Ep081 The Randall Carlson Podcast with Brothers of the Serpent – Kyle and Russ, Normal Guy Mike, and GeocosmicREX admin Bradley, from 2/27/22. LINKS:  Announcements about events, tours and more:  (Monthly) New “Tours/Events” page:

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

John Kempf

Episode #80: Kelly Mulville

Kelly Mulville, a veteran agricultural consultant, is the Vineyard Director at Paicines Ranch in San Benito County, California. For more than 25 years, Kelly has been obtaining impressive results by merging his experience in viticulture with his understanding of Allan Savory’s holistic grazing management techniques. His approach to extended-season vineyard livestock grazing and other ecological practices continue to capture an audience of vineyard managers around the globe. Kelly and John discuss in this episode: How Kelly developed practices around incorporating sheep into his vineyard management. Flooring a wildlife biologist with the bird population data on Kelly’s vineyard after implementing new practices. The role plant-grazing animals play in reducing insect pressures. Kelly’s cover cropping strategy and how it has led to a diversity of 50 species of plants growing in the vineyard. The specific holistic management techniques inspired by All

How to Save the Planet

Friends of the Earth

How 17,000 people took Shell to court - and won

This summer, in a ground-breaking ruling, a Dutch court ordered Shell to reduce its emissions. This is the first time a company has been made to take action to prevent climate breakdown.  The case was brought by Friends of the Earth Netherlands, alongside 17,000 co-plaintiffs and other organisations.In this episode Fran and Finn speak to Nine de Pater, from Friends of the Earth Netherlands, to hear more about the case and how these changes can have a wide impact on our planet. This is the last episode in the current season, How to Save the Planet podcast will be taking a break until the new year. Thanks for listening! Support the show (

Weather with Cliff Mass

Cliff Mass

The Origin of Turbulence While Flying

Why do planes sometimes bounce around in the air?  What are the causes of the turbulence you experience while flying?  In this podcast, I will explain the several causes of these sometimes unpleasant motions.

Climate One

Climate One from The Commonwealth Club

REWIND: Climate Miseducation

Climate change science isn’t taught accurately — or equally — across the country. Investigative reporter Katie Worth dug into textbooks and talked with dozens of children and teachers to find out why. In her book, Miseducation: How Climate is Taught in America, Worth unpacks the influence of the fossil fuel industry, state legislatures and school boards on school curricula in their effort to spread confusion and misinformation about the climate crisis. 
Some organizations skip the textbook battle entirely and try to reach children directly through assemblies and social media. How do teachers navigate these dynamics in the classroom? How can we ensure our children are learning to be engaged, educated and climate-aware citizens?
For transcripts and other information, visit: 
Katie Worth, investigative journalist, author, Miseducation: How Climate is Taught in America

Geology Bites

Oliver Strimpel

Phil Renforth on Carbon Sequestration

For many years, efforts to limit climate change have focused on curtailing anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.  But it is increasingly clear that such curtailment will not, on its own, be able to prevent the damaging effects of global warming.  Therefore, more attention is now directed to mitigating climate change by enhancing the removal or sequestration of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.  As a result, our climate change goals are now often specified in terms of when we plan to reach net zero emissions rather than on when we can just reach emission reduction targets.
Phil Renforth is an expert on carbon sequestration.  He is especially interested in enhancing the weathering of rocks and has performed in-depth investigations of geochemical techniques of removing atmospheric carbon dioxide.  He is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Herriot-Watt Universi

The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast

Nick Zentner

#89 Peshastin Pinnacles

Randy Lewis shares the Native American story of the Pinnacles.

It's Sedimentary, My Dear: A Geology Podcast

Ellen & Jane

Are curious about your home — your home planet, that is? Welcome to the podcast that explains it all, It’s Sedimentary, My Dear. Every other week, hosts Jane and Ellen “dig deep” into the secrets buried in the rocks and minerals that make up planet Earth.

Teens Talk

Teens Talk

STEM AND SELF STANDARDS ft. lauren zaidel

Host Amber Fink is joined by Lauren Zaidel to discuss disadvantages of being a woman in STEM, setting goals and female empowerment. |edited by anneka mclaren, music by amber fink, cover image by nadia most|


Sustainababble: comedy, nature, climate change.

#253: Badverts

The babble, it must be said, has a problem with authority. Probably cos of our upbringing or something. But this week, The Authority – specifically the Advertising Standards Authority – shot up in our estimation after it said NO, PURVEYORS OF SH*T LAWNS, YOU CANNOT CALL SH*T LAWNS ECO-FRIENDLY.


BUT, they simultaneously stamped on vegan ads, so The Authority is firmly back in the bastards column again. We think.

Also this week, Joe ‘Hey! I’m still alive!’ Biden gets all militaristic about heat pumps and Dave gets all heat pumped about Rishi Sunak.

Sustainababble is your friendly environment podcast, out weekly. Theme music by the legendary Dicky Moore – @dickymoo. Sustainababble logo by the splendid Arthur Stovell at Design by Mondial. Ecoguff read out by Arabella.

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Permaculture for the Future

Josh Robinson

Regenerative Livelihoods

Episode Highlights:How Deanna started her career in studying indigenous culturesTraveling to Africa during Deanna's Prescott College days to research about chocolatesDeanna's experiences with her business selling chocolatesBusiness as opportunity to do goodAbout Deanna Moore:Deanna Moore is committed to helping people spread their message and activate their vision toward a just, sacred and sustainable culture. She has a background in Permaculture, Ecology, Holistic Health & Education. She has an MA in Ecology & Education from Prescott College and is a published co-author of “The Green Intention”. She is a food entrepreneur and collaborator with values-based for profit and non-profit businesses alike. She loves surfing, primitive skills, mezcal and mushrooms! She is co-founder of Remarkable Wellness Show Links:Check out MyRemarkableWellness.comThe Online Permaculture Design Course

Geology On The Rocks

James Hobbs

It's Morphin' Time

Episode 41
It’s snowing down here in the Lone Star State, and geomorphology is the name of this episode’s game, which is fitting as there is a shift in the landscape here at Geology on the Rocks! Geomorphology, simply put, is just the study of Earth’s landforms and landform evolution. Traditionally, the subject has been studied qualitatively, which is the description of landforms, and quantitatively, which is process-based and aims to describe forces acting on Earth’s surface to produce landforms and landform change. And like every other branch of geology, many sub-disciplines within geomorphology include tectonic, fluvial, storm, aeolian, floodplain, glacial, groundwater, climate, tsunami, and many others. Geomorphologists interpret multiple forms of information from various sources to create a logical and rational argument that is appropriately supported by evidence. 
But, of course, much of that is going to depend upon the experience and

What About Water? with Jay Famiglietti

Global Institute for Water Security

Tasha Beeds: Walking With Water

On this episode of What About Water? we’re learning from traditional knowledge.   Jay sits down with Tasha Beeds, a grassroots Indigenous academic and Water Walker.   She takes us through the origins of Water Walking - an Indigenous ceremony recognizing and connecting with water. Beeds enters into ceremony for the water - discussing what it means to raise consciousness about water as a living entity.   On the Last Word, we hear from Josée Street, a young Indigenous woman who shows how scientists can bridge the gap between traditional ways of knowing and western thinking.

The Hydrogen Podcast

Paul Rodden

Stop Asking Elon Musk His Thoughts On Hydrogen. He Doesn’t Know What He Is Talking About. And I’ll Explain Why…

Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast!In episode 115, Elon Musk gets interviewed again about hydrogen. I'll go through the article and give you my thoughts on his viewpoint all of this on today's hydrogen podcast. Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the podcast. Please feel free to email me at with any questions. Also, if you wouldn't mind subscribing to my podcast using your preferred platform... I would greatly appreciate it. Respectfully,Paul RoddenVISIT THE HYDROGEN PODCAST WEBSITEhttps://thehydrogenpodcast.comCHECK OUT OUR BLOG TO SPONSOR THE PODCAST? Send us an email to: info@thehydrogenpodcast.comNEW TO HYDROGEN AND NEED A QUICK INTRODUCTION?Start Here: The 6 Main Colors of Hydrogen

Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition

The Institute for Science & Policy

BONUS: Energy Markets & More w/ Duane Highley (President & CEO, Tri-State)

In our latest bonus episode, Tri-State President & CEO Duane Highley shares insights about regional energy markets in the West, renewable integration, and more. Coal at Sunset: A Colorado Town in Transition was created by the Institute for Science & Policy at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and produced in partnership with House of Pod. For more, visit

Real Organic Podcast

Real Organic Project

Paul Hawken: Regenerating "Take, Make, Waste" Systems

#056: Author and climate activist Paul Hawken joins us once again to discuss the historic role of capital in the degeneration  of our planet and food systems, as well as a deep consideration of what we as people can do to move forward with environmental and societal healing.Paul Hawken is a best-selling author, climate activist, and entrepreneur with deep roots in the organic food movement. He was a founding member of OM (Organic Merchants) and the longtime owner of Erewhon Foods in Cambridge, MA. His books include, Blessed Unrest: How the Largest Social Movement in History is Restoring Grace, Justice, and Beauty to the World;  Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution; and Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming. His latest book, Regeneration: Ending the Climate Crisis in One Generation, is accompanied by an interactive website that serves as a network of

How We Got Here

Stephanie Spera and Rachel Lupien

Our climate is in crisis. We all want to help. But we might not know how. We’re talking to people who have figured out how to use their talents to combat climate change, in the hopes that their journeys might inspire your own. Sustainability In Your Ear

Earth911 Podcast: Digging Into Del Monte Foods' Sustainability Programs

Molly Laverty, Senior Manager of Environmental, Social and Governance at Del Monte Foods Inc., joins us to discuss the company's climate response goals, which include using 25% recycled plastics in packaging. Del Monte Foods is one of the largest food packaging companies in the U.S. and is working to become a sustainable provider of fruits and vegetables through investments in regenerative farming. We talk about the recently released Del Monte sustainability report and its plan for environmental progress, and how the food supply chain may change in coming years. Del Monte's CropTrak system, for example, could provide consumers end-to-end transparency to see into the source and distribution of their food. On the plastics front, only 4% of Del Monte’s total packaging by weight remains plastic-based—the rest is made of paper, metal and glass. By 2030, Del Monte aims to make 100% of its plastic packaging rec

Third Pod from the Sun

American Geophysical Union

Staff Picks: Chasing Narwhals

University of Washington biologist Kristin Laidre travels to the Arctic to study animals many of us have only seen in pictures. She has successfully tracked down the elusive narwhal and been up close and personal with a polar bear seeking to understand how the loss of sea ice and the effects of climate change are altering Arctic ecosystems.In this episode, part of our Staff Picks series, Kristin talks about what it is like to study these creatures, including the first time she saw a narwhal, what polar bear fur actually feels like and how climate change is impacting these animals.This episode was produced by Nanci Bompey and mixed and Shane M Hanlon.

Cutting Carbon

GE Gas Power

Ep. 25: Around the World: U.S.

On our final episode of Season 4, we are focusing on U.S. policy with Roger Martella, Chief Sustainability Officer at GE. We'll discuss current policies with a U.S. lens as the country is moving towards their aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse emissions. Roger Martella Bio GE Sustainability Website GE Energy Transition Website For more information, please visit and follow GE’s Power business on Twitter and LinkedIn. You can learn more about the Cutting Carbon podcast here and please consider subscribing to the podcast on your player of choice.

Age of Plastic

Andrea Fox

How to have a holiday that's better for the planet...

How to travel with a light touch, with Explore Worldwide Managing Director Michael Edwards. They’ve launched an industry first Carbon Rating Scale for their trips.Find out how the scale works  - what they can’t include yet - how many people are thinking of their environmental impact when travelling - and the most environmentally friendly holiday! out more about Tourism Declares news… BIG PLASTIC COUNT 16th - 22nd May IN TOUCH!

Christian Flat Earth Ministry

James Edwards

The Non-Revolution of the Earth

The motion of the earth in space can be disproved
by a comparison between the supposed speed of the
earth and that of the other planets, if we base our
considerations on the principle that a body in motion
creates an apparent speed equal to its own, in bodies
it encounters, which is usually demonstrated by the
experiment of a moving vehicle, such as a train. It is
difficult to judge at first sight whether it is the train,
or what can be seen outside which is moving away,
but one fact is certain, i.e. that the two speeds, one of
which is real and the other apparent, are equal. For
this reason, if the earth were in motion, it would
create in the planets and constellations an initial
apparent speed equal to its own. Consequently, there
can be no speed in the heavens lower than that of
the earth’s, since it represents a basic speed from
which the apparent motions would

Geography Explained


Geography Explained - Season 7 Episode 1 - Fish Explained

This episode gives a detailed explanation of the world's fish species, brought to you by GeographyGenius267. 
Check out the YouTube channel! We're trying to get to 50 subscribers, and it would mean the world to us if you could go and hit the sub button :)

Marine Biology Vol. 1

Aquarium of the Pacific

Bruce Robison

Bruce Robison recorded this Aquacast at the Aquarium on August 13, 2013. Robison is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences.


Jen Gale


DID YOU KNOW?We have lost over a million acres of wild landscapes in the UK since the end of WW2The total garden space in the UK is greater than all the nature reserves!Our gardens have huge potential to be havens for wildlife and pollinatorsI'm very much not a gardener, but I'm super aware that our […]

PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

Chris and Jesse

What is a Critical Mineral? Dr. Nedal Nassar

Today we have the great pleasure of talking about a very important topic, while interviewing one of the best! Dr. Nedal Nassar is the Chief of the US Geological Survey’s Materials Flow Analysis Section, he has a PhD in Industrial Ecology from Yale and is a Leading member of the US National Science and Technology Council.  In addition, he was awarded the 2019 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, which is a very VERY big deal!  Join us next week to hear more from Dr. Nassar!** Just a quick note - Dr. Nassar slightly misspoke in this episode when talking about Tantalum and corrected himself later.  Tantalum is actually combined with niobium, vanadium, and zirconium. Tellurium is combined with elemental boron.——————————————————Instagram: @planetgeocastTwitter: @planetgeocastFacebook: @planetgeocastEmail: planetgeocast@gmail.comWebsite: 

Acres U.S.A.: Tractor Time

Tractor Time by Acres U.S.A.

Tractor Time #66: The Most Famous Farm in the World

On this episode we welcome Anneliese Abbott.

Her name may be familiar to Acres U.S.A. readers. She writes a monthly column called History of Organic Agriculture in America. It’s a must read that’s always full of surprises — and so is her first book, Malabar Farm: Louis Bromfield, Friends of the Land, and the Rise of Sustainable Agriculture.

The book explores the life and legacy of a famous, Pulitzer Prize-wining novelist who became an Ohio-based, hard-partying prophet of a new kind of agriculture in the post-war era. It’s fascinating story that involves everything from Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall to wild parties, boxer dogs and techniques that now make up the foundation of sustainable agriculture.

Abbott studied plant and soil science at The Ohio State University. She ran a Michigan CSA for four years. She’s now a graduate student in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at th

Water Women

Water Women

100 - Stay Salty Forever - Jill Corey

Water Women has been some incredible. This is not goodbye, but a stay salty until we meet again soon. <3 

Be The Coral

Be The Coral

Be the Coral is the realization of a lifetime of passion and experience in environmental activism. We’re launching our podcast to begin the conversation on our plan for regenerating the Ozone layer. Thank you for listening!

The Mineral Rights Podcast: Mineral Rights | Royalties | Oil and Gas | Matt Sands

Matt Sands

MRP 141: Bitcoin Mining to Monetize Stranded Gas with Jacinda Brown

In this episode, I talk with Jacinda Brown, co-founder of CryptoKnight Energy about bitcoin mining using stranded or flared natural gas and how this presents an opportunity for mineral and royalty owners.    We talk about some really interesting topics, including recent regulations that prevents the routine flaring of natural gas, the locations that are suitable for bitcoin mining, the types of agreements between bitcoin miners and oil and gas operators, the details around mining bitcoin at the well site, and how she sees this nascent industry developing.   As always, show notes can be found at    

The MapScaping Podcast - GIS, Geospatial, Remote Sensing, earth observation and digital geography



FOSS4G is the acronym for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. It is the annual recurring global event hosted by OSGeo, the non-profit organization that supports and promotes the collaborative development of free and open-source geographic technologies and open geospatial data.
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In Over My Head

Michael Bartz

Planet Saving Superstar - Rain Chen

In this new segment, Michael talks with everyday people who are doing amazing things when it comes to Environmentalism. These Planet Saving Superstars are here to inspire you to take action! Get Thrifty Business Plan 

Storm Front Freaks

Storm Front Freaks | Weather | Chasing | Tornado

#159 - Jennifer Narramore - Survey Says... ”Nope”

In This Episode
Guest: Jennifer Narramore, Meteorologist - The Storm Report, Tornado Talk and Weather Brains
Drive Weather App
Tracker Chat - Favorite Video/Photo Editing Apps
Lightning Round - Weird Things People Search For
5% Discount at
Tornado Talk - June 20th Fargo F5
#weatherfools - We present the fools doing stupid things in weather situations
Weather Trollbot 5000 - Our repurposed robot interprets what our weather friends were actually thinking when they got trolled

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Our Guest: Jennifer Narramore - Meteorologist with The Storm Report, Tornado Talk and Weather Brains
Jennifer Narramore has been working as a radio broadcast meteorologist for over 20 years. She began her career at the Weather Channel

Backyard Geology


BYG Canada ep. 9 – Chronostratigraphy

4.6 billion years is an incredibly long time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed even thinking about how long that is, and where geologic events fit on it, have no fear. In this bonus episode of Backyard Geology, Serena talks about the geologic time scale and how famous geologic processes and structures across Canada fit into it. The study of time and rocks, known as chronostratigraphy, details the history of the Earth based on clues left behind on the surface, and in the subsurface, of today’s planet. Learn how to tell time in geology and about some of the major subdivisions of geologic time.

On The Environment

Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

The Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy, a joint undertaking between the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the Yale Law School, seeks to incorporate fresh thinking, ethical awareness, and analytically rigorous decisionmaking tools into environmental law and policy. Our podcast series, hosted by Center staff and student research assistants, engages leaders -- from government, practice, NGOs, and academia -- in conversation about key issues in environmental science, law and policymaking.


USDA Forest Service

Searching for Cicadas in the Chattahoochee (Field Notes)

Mac Callaham, a research ecologist, goes searching alone in Georgia’s Chattahoochee National Forest for one of Brood X’s most-southern cicada emergences.   Scientist: Mac Callaham, Research Ecologist, Southern Research Station, Athens, Georgia   Produced by the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station.   Want more information? More at:   Any questions? Connect with us on Twitter!

Bionic Planet: Reversing Climate Change by Restoring Nature

Steve Zwick

Why the Global South Needs Voluntary Carbon Markets

We kick off Season Seven with a look at the  Voluntary Carbon Market Global Dialogue and the six keys to making sure voluntary carbon markets work for the Global South. Guests: Adriaan Korthuis, Paul Butarbutar, Kuki Soejachmoen, and Annie Groth. Related Links:  

Minds Behind Maps

Maxime Lenormand

1 Year of Podcasting

A year ago, I started this podcast, not knowing where it would go. 18 interviews later, I'm more excited than ever to keep doing more of these, and get even better at it. This episode is also on Youtube if you'd like to see the video too Reach out and let me know who you'd like to see on the podcast!- On the website- On Twitter Timestamps:00:00 - Episode also on YouTube00:18 - Introduction00:41 - Quick look back on 1 year02:14 - Future of Minds Behind Maps03:18 - The Goal of this podcast04:22 - Who would you like on the podcast?05:53 - Thanks07:08 - Working with Sponsors09:16 - Conclusion Thanks for listening!

Our Changing Climate

Maizie Edwards

A podcast covering all things climate and what it means for the planet.

GEO Podcast

Gary Lewis,

Why are some volcanic eruptions, like Tonga and Krakatoa, so explosive?

In this episode I discous how magma chemistry and water work together to create the massive explosive eruptions of Tonga (January 15th, 2022) and  Krakatoa (1883).Support the show (

پادکست فارسی ناکجا NakojaPod


قسمت دهم : گرنادا

کشوری خوشبو
که از فرهنگ های مختلف ساخته شده
معروف به جزیره ادویه
لیست آهنگ های استفاده شده در این قسمت به ترتیب
Grenada National Anthem (Instrumental)
Sweet Grenada
Mr Killa - Soca Storm
Grenada belongs to we
Ajamu - Love thy Neighbor
Brother B - karma
Blaka Dan - Relation Fabrication
Four Kings (Grenada Calypso
Spikey Vybz - Just As Bad (J.A.B)

The Weather Junkies

Weather Junkies

Ep. 117: Eyewitness Testimony of the Dallas Tornado Event

Support the podcast:
More info about the show at
Audio used for opening, transitions, and closing are from Broke For Free, Riot, Weather Channel, AccuWeather, National Weather Service, Brad Guay, and ABC 33 in Tuscaloosa.

The SciManDan Podcast


Wolfie the Pilot & The Friends Paradox

Wolife6020 joined us this week to chat flying and flat Earthers. What a legend!You can find his channel here: a great Xmas and we'll see you again in January

Watts Up

Watts Up by GRNE Solar

Discussing CEJA with Representative Ann Williams

Representative Ann Williams joins the Watts Up team to discuss her role in the passing of Illinois CEJA - Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. 

From the Show: 
Representative Ann Williams:


Send in a voice message:

Wild Plant Culture

Jared Rosenbaum

Episode 016 - Restoring Streams with Drew Altland

Drew Altland is a Senior Manager of Water Resources at RK&K. I saw him talk a few years ago on stream restoration and was fascinated by his historical perspective on streams and wetlands in Eastern North America. We talk about stream conditions prior to European arrival, about the impacts of the colonial area, about reading streams in the present day, and various restoration methods. I never thought about streams the same way after hearing Drew talk and I hope this podcast is just as revelatory for you.

Sustainability, Climate Change, Politics, Circular Economy & Environmental Solutions · One Planet Podcast

Environmental Solutions · One Planet Podcast · Creative Process Original Series

The story of our environment may well be the most important story this century. We focus on issues facing people and the planet. Leading environmentalists, organizations, activists, and conservationists discuss meaningful ways to create a better and more sustainable future. Participants include EARTHDAY.ORG, Greenpeace, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, PETA, European Environment Agency, Peter Singer,, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Earth System Governance Project, Forest Stewardship Council, Global Witness, National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership, Marine Stewardship Council, One Tree Planted, Polar Bears International, EarthLife Africa, Shimon Schwarzschild, and GAIA Centre, among others. Interviews conducted by artist, activist, and educator Mia Funk with the participation of students and universities around the world. One Planet Podcast Is part of The Creative Process’ environmental initiative. INSTAGRAM @creativeprocesspodcast INSTAGRAM @oneplanet podcast


GIADA | Tatler

本节目是由意大利奢侈品牌GIADA与圈层媒体Tatler联合为成熟高知女性推出的一档播客节目。见识过世界也体味过生活的成熟女性聚集在这里进行自由表达,交流人生思考,讨论专属于这个人生阶段的女性议题,传递出坚韧与温柔并存的女性力量。本节目由GIADA X Tatler出品,JustPod制作。

Here Weed Go!

Here Weed Go!

The Here Weed Go! podcast aims to educate the canna-curious, informing the unfamiliar about the culture surrounding cannabis, while still engaging the initiated with the latest news surrounding this exciting industry, all while fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and spotlighting those who have laid the groundwork for the cannabis community we know today.

The PDS Podcast

The PDS Podcast

Episode 9: Mike Olbinski

Mike Olbinski is an Emmy Award-winning structure hippie, storm chaser, photographer and filmmaker based in Phoenix, Arizona. His work has been seen around the world in Feature films such as “Thor: The Dark World, Multiple Documentaries, TV shows, and more!


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Big Brains Media LLC

WeatherBrains 839: Broomstacking

Tonight's Guest WeatherBrains are a husband and wife weather team.  He is an award-winning meteorologist for The Weather Channel.  He's an Ohio native and earned his Bachelor's Degree in Atmospheric Science from Ohio State University.  He's been with The Weather Channel since 2003.  She's been a CNN  and HLN on-air broadcast meteorologist since 2015.  She graduated with a degree in Atmospheric Science from Ohio State and received an Emmy nomination for her coverage of Hurricane Dorian in 2019.  Mike Bettes and Allison Chinchar, Welcome!

SolarPunk Permaculture

Sam Betteridge

Carbon Gardens: Part 8 - Community


I’m writing this text for Community. I’m writing this text for the Earth System.

I’m writing this text for the gardeners, market growers, forest fillers, regen rangers, loggers, land clearers, guerillas and grand scale permaculturalist of our planet.

Without community, we have nothing in common.

In this tale of forest thoughts, we have relished in the joy and wonder of abundance that be
by-products of our carbon gardens.
In learning to create from scratch, we have created a garden to which others are no match.

The gardener as archetype has been discovered.
For no longer do you mine country.
You cultivate country for community using the tools of nature.

It is common to bring produce produced in pounds to market places and areas of gathering. The foods and abundance we create in our carbon gardens fills our soils with the beautiful gases necessary

The BioAg Podcast


Welcome to The BioAg Podcast! BioAg was founded in the early 1980's by the Faust family with the goal of changing the agricultural world through the use of organic biostimulants. This podcast will focus on the agricultural experience of Dr. Johann Buck, Bill Riddell, and Josh Hedberg. Combined, the three of them have over 80 years of experience in the field. Episodes are released once a month.

The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast

Nick Zentner

#94 Daniel Coe

Nick shares the stunning work of Daniel Coe.

Geology Podcast Network


BYG Canada ep. 9 – Chronostratigraphy

4.6 billion years is an incredibly long time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed even thinking about how long that is, and where geologic events fit on it, have no fear. In this bonus episode of Backyard Geology, Serena talks about the geologic time scale and how famous geologic processes and structures across Canada fit into it. […]

EcoRight Speaks


Full Ep: American Conservation Coalition's Quill Robinson

American Conservation Coalition VP of Government Affairs Quill Robinson joins host Chelsea Henderson this week to share perspective from their young and energetic conservative perspective. As a conservative, Quill shares how he got involved working on environmental issues and the exciting prospect for continued change in 2022. And don't forget to listen in for more on our brand new, weekly contest starting on next week's episode! Hear it all on the latest "EcoRight Speaks!" and make sure to follow/subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, etc.!!

Flat Earth Research

Flat Earth Research

Talkin' Flat Earth ft. We Only Do One Take Podcast

In this episode, the good people from WODOT podcast had me on their show as a guest and interviewed me about the true shape of the world and the implications of a flat, stationary Earth. Check out their platform - @weonlydoonetakepodcast.

The Uptime Wind Energy Podcast

Allen Hall & Rosemary Barnes

EP106 – U.S. Tech Buys Massive Purchase Power Agreements; Plus, GE Turbine Falls in Lithuania

We discuss how Amazon, Google, Meta and other U.S. Tech companies continue to purchase Gigawatts of power in purchase agreements. Plus, Allen and Rosemary discuss a fallen GE turbine in Lithuania and LM Windpower produces a 62m thermoplastic blade in Spain.

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Ag Future: Innovation in Agri-Food


#196: How can producers overcome labor shortages? | Jennifer Bentley & Jorge Delgado

Attracting and retaining workers is one of the biggest challenges facing the dairy industry. Jennifer Bentley, dairy field specialist with the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Program, and Jorge Delgado, Alltech on-farm specialist, join the Ag Future podcast to discuss an exciting new program that provides producers and employees with valuable resources to attract and retain employees.

Deep Convection

Deep Convection

Episode 5: Jane Baldwin

Jane Baldwin has just completed her first year as an Assistant Professor at the University of California Irvine. Her combination of interests is non-traditional, at least for someone coming up through the places and programs that she has. For one thing, Jane does straight up climate dynamics. One of her recent projects, for example, is about how mountains affect various aspects of the tropical climate.
But Jane also has a strong interest in how climate affects people, and that leads her in some diverse and interdisciplinary directions. One thread of her research involves extreme heat events, and in that work she’s collaborating with experts in public health to understand the human impacts of those events.
In another thread, one that she started during a postdoc in Adam’s group at Columbia University, Jane is looking at tropical cyclone risk. In particular, she is trying to translate tropical cyclone hazard, which means the probabilities of s

Nauka To Lubię

Tomasz Rożek

Zakazana broń na stanie rosyjskiej armii

Sprawia wrażenie nieziemskiego efektu, ale jest śmiertelnie groźne. Wygląda jak śnieg, tyle że płatki śniegu nie świecą. To fosfor - bardzo aktywny chemicznie pierwiastek. Fosfor pali się bardzo jasnym płomieniem, a temperatura jego spalania jest bardzo wysoka i wynosi około 1300 st C. W efekcie podpala i niszczy absolutnie wszystko na co spadnie. Co gorsza, nie można go gasić…

Dlaczego broń fosforowa jest zakazana? Czego jeszcze używa rosyjska armia, łamiąc Konwencje Genewskie? Posłuchajcie

Challenging Climate

Jesse Reynolds and Pete Irvine

Roger Pielke on the politics of climate change, scenarios, and extreme weather

Roger Pielke Jr. is a political scientist who writes on a diverse range of policy and governance issues related to science, technology, environment, innovation and sports. He is most famous (or infamous?) for his work on climate change. We cover his Iron Law of climate policy, his views on the problems with business-as-usual climate scenarios, and the challenges of attributing extreme weather. We also touch on the extent of his relationships with climate change skeptics and the efforts to discredit him, including the congressional investigation into his funding.Roger is a Professor at the Department of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He is the author of The Climate Fix: What Scientists and Politicians Won’t Tell you About Global Warming, The Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics, and The Rightful Place of Science: Disasters & Climate Chan

যন্তর মন্তর

Pineapple 3.0

অজানাকে জানতে

The Facts

Sayid Cali

The Facts is a blogger . This site about the facts of the our planet. And we're working 24/7/365 to Satisfy our beloved customers . Welcome to the The Facts

The Rogue Agronomist

Stull Agronomy

Join Kyle Stull as he talks about agronomy and farm business topics. The Rogue Agronomist is based on Kyle’s past in Ag retail and his current venture as a crop consultant running his own business in the Midwest helping clients improve profitability and sustainability.

Popular Volcanics

Popular Volcanics

A podcast about volcanoes hosted by Dr. Erik Klemetti and Dr. Janine Krippner. Each month we'll talk about eruptions going on around the world, banter about volcano research and talk to a guest about the world of magma (and other stuff, too).


Sans Nom

Is it too late to stop climate change? Well, it's complicated

Global climate change should be stopped.

The Sustainability Agenda

Fergal Byrne

Episode 146: Interview with Mark Campanale, Founder of the Carbon Tracker Initiative

Carbon Tracker Initiative’s Mark Campanale provides fresh insights into the dangerous phenomenon of stranded assets –according to the IEA: “ investments which have already been made but which, at some time prior to the end of their economic life, are no longer able to earn an economic return.” Mark explains why it is taking so long for capital markets to reflect the real value of fossil fuel companies—and what’s at stake here-- how we are funding climate chaos through our pension schemes and banking system.  Mark discusses the economics of investment in fossil fuel compared to renewables, the power and influence of the fossil fuel industry, and his latest work focus, including important work on the Fossil fuel Non Proliferation Treaty.  Mark Campanale is the Founder of the Carbon Tracker Initiative, a non-profit think-tank launched to pin-point with clarity how global capital

The Schist of It with Cate Larsen

Cate Larsen

Making geoscience make sense so you can get the *gist of it. Geologist Cate Larsen deciphers newly published research, breaks down complicated concepts, and talks with professionals across the many fields of geoscience.

Farming Together

Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Family Share farming: A way to look after your parents while following your dream

In this episode Amanda speaks to Victorian dairy farmer Stuart Crosthwaite about the delicate situation of sharing a farm with your family. He talks about how the right succession planning strategy has given him the freedom to invest and grow the farm -- and importantly ensure his parents are well looked after.

What If, discussed.

Raphael F

What If You Explored the Deepest Points of Earth? - with George Kourounis

Let NetSuite show you how they’ll benefit your business with a FREE Product Tour at

We've explored a lot on this planet, but how deeply have we truly gone? The Earth's core is over 6000km deep...and the deepest we've drilled is roughly 12km! Not even 1%, and we haven't talked about the Earth's Oceans. Join Peter and Richard as they welcome long time host of "Angry Planet" George Kourounis, and they take their deepest dive yet with "What If we explored the deepest parts of the Earth?" on What If Discussed.

Show notes:

Join hosts Peter Schmiedchen and Richard Garner with some of the world’s top thinkers in science, astronomy, technology, academia and futurism to ponder some of your most popular What If videos. Subscribe to this podcast and please rate & review us. Thanks for being part of the What

Climate Curious


Are you Climate Curious? If you care about the world, but find the current conversation about climate change confusing, scary or boring – then this might be the podcast for you. Join TEDxLondon and hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst as we lift the lid on the climate emergency by speaking to the world’s leading and most relatable climate pioneers. Find out why cities are key to the climate fight, why we need to tackle systemic problems (and not just plastic straws), and why we’re all a bit crap at sustainability.

Forward Talks


The alliance to end hunger, with Paul Newnham

Tatiana is joined on this episode by Paul Newnham, Chair of the Public Engagement Task Force for the UN Food Systems Summit and Vice Chair of the Food System Champion Network. He is also Director of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub Secretariat and the Chefs’ Manifesto Coordinator. Paul heads up the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 Advocacy Hub as Director, an initiative bringing together NGOs, advocacy groups, civil society, the private sector and UN agencies to coordinate global campaigning and advocacy to achieve SDG2. To this end, the Hub has worked with a community of 240+ chefs from 38 countries to create a Chefs’ Manifesto–a framework outlining how chefs can contribute to the SDGs. Tatiana met him in Dubai when Paul came to release the Hub’s Chef Manifesto in Arabic alongside some powerhouse local chefs. 

SDG2 Advocacy Hub

Chef’s Manifesto

Good Food For All

Geografia em Meia Hora

Educação em Meia Hora


??? Rússia ???
?? A Rússia tem problemas só com a Ucrânia? O Putin realmente vai ficar até morrer? Do que que a Rússia vive?
?️História em meia hora - Putin
?️História em meia hora - OTAN
?️Geografia em meia hora - Rússia x Ucrânia
?️ Nesse episódio do G30 o Vitin (@vitingeo) trabalha com os seguintes tópicos:
✅ Localização e dimensões
✅ Política e geopolítica
✅ Economia russa
✅ Imbróglios internos
✅ Imbróglios externos
?️? Sugestão de compras:
? Os russos - Angelo Segrillo

Polar Podcasts

Julie Hollis

In Polar Podcasts, you'll hear stories from geologists who've spent their careers - their lives - exploring and studying the remarkable and remote geology of Greenland. Why did they become fascinated with Greenland? What were the problems and the discoveries that drove them? And what was it like working in these remote places, where few people venture - even now?

Museo Del Desierto

Museo Del Desierto

Características de los minerales

Audiogía 12

Rock the Mic

British Geological Survey

Welcome to the British Geological Survey podcast, Rock the Mic. In this monthly podcast we'll be talking to a whole range of experts from the field of geology to explore the intersection of geoscience and modern life, and to interrogate how the Earth Sciences can address issues people really care about. 


Heated, Limina House

Things we learned

Over six episodes, HEATED explored how the emerging coronavirus pandemic and the long-growing climate change crisis were overlapping existential threats. HEATED founder Emily Atkin and Mikel Ellcessor, her co-Executive Producer for the HEATED podcast, dig into the tape to highlight the things we all learned - and what we need to do if we want to keep things from getting worse. Also...we show you what you can do if you want MORE EPISODES of the HEATED podcast!

Soul Soil: Where Agriculture and Spirit Intersect with Brooke Kornegay

Brooke Kornegay

046, Seán Pádraig O'Donoghue

“Our sense of ‘the individual’, which really began with the rise of capitalism and the forceful severing of people from land and community, led to the concept that there are categories of being that do and do not have consciousness, that are and are not alive, that do and do not have their own right to existence…and when we actually drop into our senses and allow ourselves to experience the living world, we discover that so many of the things that were not supposed to be intelligent, or sentient, are speaking to us and with us. And that changes everything.” Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue is an herbalist, writer, and teacher, and an initiated Priest in two traditions. He lives in the mountains of western Maine. Seán’s approach to healing weaves together the insights of traditional western herbalism, animism, and contemporary science. He regards physical, spiritual, and emotional healing as deeply intertwined. He is the author of The Forest Reminds Us Who

Mycotoxin Matters


#13 Mycotoxin Risk from 2021 Global Grain Production | Dr. Max Hawkins

Welcome to 2022! To kick off the year, we are once again joined by Dr. Max Hawkins to review some of the key results from Alltech's annual harvest analyses programs. 

مد وجزر | Mad wa Jazr

Sowt | صوت

البيئة ومؤتمر الأطراف COP

تتخذ الحلقة الأخيرة من بودكاست «مد وجزر» شكلا مختلفًا، حيث نجري مناقشة مفتوحة مع ضيفين حول دورنا كأفراد في الحفاظ على البيئة ونستكشف معهما أهمية المؤتمر السنوي للأطراف COP، الذي يجمع دول العالم لإيجاد طرق يمكن للبلدان من خلالها تقليل انبعاثات غازات الاحتباس الحراري لتجنب كارثة مناخية.

هذه الحلقة من إعداد وتقديم علي عطاري، تحريرعزة جرجس، هندسة الصوت محمود أبوندى ومن الإنتاج بسنت سمهوت.

بودكاست «مد وجزر» يسرد قصة بيئتنا وتقاطعها مع حياتنا اليومية وخصوصية منطقتنا العربية.

الآراء المطروحة في هذا البودكاست لا تعبّر بالضرورة عن آراء مؤسسة فريدريش إيبرت التي أُنتج هذا العمل بالشراكة معها.


Wendy John

Disaster Round-up

The ultimate question - do I have to learn to like Spam? - answered now; it's a Round Up of all the doomsday scenarios researched over the past year. Kick on in!

Women In Environmental Science

Saranya Anantapantula

Dr. Eri Saikawa talks about Atmospheric Chemistry, Air Pollution, and Education to Everyone

Dr. Eri Saikawa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Emory University. She is the Director of both Graduate Studies and the Emory Climate Talks Program in the department. She is jointly appointed in the Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health and is also an affiliated faculty in the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods, the East Asian Studies Program, as well as in the Center for Study of Law, Politics and Economics. She received a Bachelor of Engineering and studied chemistry and biotechnology at the University of Tokyo. She then received Master of Public Affairs at Indiana University, Bloomington, studying environmental policy and natural resource management. She pursued her Ph.D. in the Science, Technology and Environmental Policy program at Princeton University. She was a Postdoctoral Associate and a Research Scientist at Massachus

Secrets in Nature

Rachael Amato & Lexi Bodnar

Hang out with Rachael and Lexi while they talk about how humans affect nature and how nature affects us, in case you needed some late-night talk inspiring content for your week.

Your Brain On Climate

Dave Powell

Pluralistic Ignorance, with Deborah Prentice

In the last episode of Season 1 we learn all about one of the weirdest but most important of all human brain-oddnesses: pluralistic ignorance. When you think something and lots of other people also think that thing but none of you think anyone else agrees with you, so nothing changes. Got that?Dave is joined by Professor Deborah Prentice from Princeton University to get his noggin around this deeply human trait. On the menu: just how common is it that we think we’re alone in an idea when we’re not? Is pluralistic ignorance to blame for imposter syndrome? And should climate campaigners  fear or embrace it?Extra reading as highlighted by the owl noises: -- 05.07: Deborah's 1993 study into drinking and pluralistic ignorance -- 18.37: Racial attitudes and pluralistic ignorance (1976 study) -- 22.01: Nudge theory explainer Your Brain on Climate is a podcast about human psychology vs the climate crisis: what we think, why we think

The India Energy Hour


Episode 21 - Role of Mini Grids in Mega challenge of Energy Access

In the last few years, India electrified nearly all its households by extending the  national grid. Yet, reliability of available power is still a major concern. Some rural and remote areas still face power cuts of nearly 10-12 hours a day. Lack of reliable power prevents local economic development as factories and shops cannot function efficiently. Domestic expense also increases as households rely on expensive alternatives such as diesel run generators.
While the centralised power grid will see improvements over time and might be able to provide more reliable power, decentralized renewable energy based mini-grids can also be an effective supplementary solution.
To understand the role of distributed renewable energy in the future of India’s electricity systems, we interviewed Saugata Datta, India Country Director of Husk Power Systems, a company that operates 100s of mini-grids across India an

Garden America Saturday


Australian Native Plants

Join Garden America LIVE every Saturday from 8-10 AM Pacific Time.Tune in to ask questions, converse with fellow gardeners or just enjoy the show. Go to to watch via Facebook Live.Garden America can also be heard on your local radio stations via the Biz Talk Radio network at Live Recorded on 1/29/2022

Farm Food Facts


The Impact of WIC on Farmers

USDA Deputy Undersecretary Stacy Dean and several members of Congress provided updates on emerging and pressing food/nutrition and WIC policy issues at the National WIC Association’s National Policy Conference. A number of these issues affect grocers and others in the retail food industry, including a tripling of funds for vegetables and fruits for low-income families through WIC, a once-in-a-decade update to the WIC food packages expected in early 2022, child nutrition reauthorization getting underway in the House of Representatives, proposed regulations for online shopping expected in April 2022 and more. With more on the effect for farmers and ranchers, our guest is Brian Dittmeier, Esq., the Senior Director of Public Policy at the National WIC Association. Brian advocates for key WIC priorities, including efforts to secure WIC funding, expand access to nutritious foods, and address maternal health disparities. Brian manages NWA’s relationship

The Biochar Podcast


Season 2: Ep 1 - Carbon Markets, Credits, Removal & Biochar

Philip Link and Michael Hallam from EnergyLink Services discuss the key changes to the biochar carbon removal methodology, the implications and opportunities of these changes, market dynamics, the role of verification and how they see the market evolving on the supply and demand side.
To find out how your project can be verified reach out to Philip at EnergyLink Services.
Contact Details: E:, W:

We Are Carbon

Helen Fisher

We Are Carbon is the interview show that helps us to recognise that the future of both our planet and our societies can be incredibly beautiful - and that we all play a role in getting there! There's a new episode every Thursday, and they'll average 1 hr long. We see endless headlines warning us of the horrific impact that we're having on the climate and how dire the outlook is, but we're going to re-frame this crisis and start putting the solutions into our own hands. I'm inviting in voices from science, agriculture, business and more, to help us gain an understanding of how we might live in greater harmony with the world around us. How we can build a society where our everyday choices have a positive impact on regenerating and stabilising the planet that we depend upon. Because when the planet and nature are thriving; that's when we can thrive! That's when we can live in a world less focused on fear and restrictions. I don't think that real solutions are ever found until we zoom out, see the full picture and recognise how it all connects together. We can't view climate change as an isolated issue. Our health, our food security, stability of economies and the way we interact with one another, they're are all tied in. The topics can seem expansive, so we're using carbon as a focus. We're exploring some important, and at times complex subjects here. But the whole point is to make this info accessible and transparent to us all. So let me know if there's ever anything that you'd like breaking down or exploring further. Or if there's related topics that you feel should be discussed. Reach out and let's keep this project expanding! And if you're a visual learner, look out for the animations! I'm creating short digestible videos to illustrate some of the key concepts that we're exploring. Find them at Follow on Instagram Let's keep learning together!


the Marine Conservation Society

A podcast from the UK's leading marine charity, the Marine Conservation Society looking at the issues facing our seas & offering advice and tips on how we can all make changes in our daily lives that will help ease the pressures on our global ocean. Oceancast will introduce you to experts in their field from the Marine Conservation Society as well as special guests who love the sea and love talking about it! This is not a science podcast, it's a passion podcast and we hope you'll join us on a voyage of discovery. Oceancast is kindly sponsored by SF Stefan

Asmus Farm Supply Podcasts

Michele Wigern

Asmus Farm Supply will bring it's wealth of agricultural knowledge to you. Join AFS podcasts for ag tip, new products, and much much more.

The Big Blue Rock Pod

Kentucky Geological Survey

Welcome to the Big Blue Rock Pod, produced by the Kentucky Geological Survey, at the University of Kentucky. This podcast is a fun, conversational approach to discussing all things geology and earth processes. We primarily focus on Kentucky. We talk emerging ideas in research, along with classic topics in earth science for all levels of interest.

Eat For The Planet with Nil Zacharias

Eat For The Planet

#159 - Rachel Dreskin: A Better (and Plant-Based) Food System Is Possible

Rachel Dreskin is the CEO of the Plant Based Foods Association, the first and only trade association representing the nation’s leading plant-based food companies, as well as the Plant Based Foods Institute, PBFA’s sister nonprofit dedicated to driving transformation to a plant-based food system.
Show page:
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Under Our Feet

Rudy Molinek

9: Dreams of the Driftless

The final full episode of our first season delves into the unique "Driftless" area: the one part of Wisconsin that was never glaciated. Curt Meine and Eric Carson provide insights on the geology, history, and culture of the region. 

Support the show at or find more info at 

Music is the song Arizona Moon, by the Blue Dot Sessions.

The Soil Health Podcast from Menoken Farm

Menoken Farm

Episode 009 - Future Directions & Challenges for Ag

Retired USDA laboratory director Dr. Jerry Hatfield discusses future directions and challenges for agriculture.

Biosphere 2 Podcast

Biosphere 2 University of Arizona

#021: Microbial Ecology - Dr. Steve Allison

In this episode we are joined by microbial ecologist and climate scientist, Dr. Steve Allison. Dr. Allison is a Professor of Ecology in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of California Irvine. He holds a PhD in Biological Sciences from Stanford University and in 2013, Dr. Allison was named an Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America.  His research addresses the resilience of microbial communities to drought and climate change in southern California ecosystems. His lab studies how microbes function in ecosystems by using both experiments and mathematical models to predict what might happen to microbes as the climate gets warmer and drier.   Steve talks about micro-biomes, climate change, and how his lab group studies microbial communities in a variety of field sites across California with a focus on climate and drought.

The Environmental Transformation Podcast

Sean Grady

Divirod deploying the most comprehensive, scalable water data network in the world with CEO and Founder Dr. Javier Marti.

Divirod deploying the most comprehensive, scalable water data network in the world with CEO and Founder Dr. Javier Marti. Learn how Divirod can be deployed to support communities needing to better evaluate their infrastructure needs, or how their data network can be used to monitor tidal water levels for maritime transportation logistics. More importantly you will learn how easy it is using their products to better design Resiliency plans, monitor for natural disasters, and measure climate change affects over time.
Thanks to our Sponsors: Pace Labs, Regenesis, and E-Tank
#resiliency #water #waterindustry #climatechange #data #environment #sustainability

天氣豆 WeatherDuo

天氣豆 WeatherDuo

EP.19 大氣遊記隨筆 記錄研究生活點滴 陳毅軒博士

「你要知道你喜歡什麼?不喜歡什麼? 這樣未來你才能清楚自己想做什麼以及想達到什麼樣的結果」




Instagram :@weather.duo
Facebook :天氣豆 WeatherDuo
寄信給我們 or 私訊IG小盒子


Shangwei, MInghao


我们这期节目邀请到了哈佛大学的博士生李垚纬来和我们讨论平流层科研研究和地球工程的问题。气候变化的解决方案大概可以分为三类:减排(mitigaion)、适应(adaptation)和地球工程(geoengineering)。地球工程主要通过大规模的改变地球环境来应对各类环境问题,我们这一期讨论地球工程主要是通过在平流层上泼洒气溶胶颗粒物的方式来给地球降温。我们这期讨论了在距离大地一万米之上广阔天空发生的各种故事,以及地球工程这种方案是什么、靠谱么?01:40 嘉宾背景:为什么对现在这个研究方向感兴趣第一部分:平流层及科学研究 07:20 什么是平流层?平流层上有什么东西?09:49 平流层上也有雾霾?15:30 火山等活动对平流层有什么影响?这些PM2.5去哪了?19:52 为什么我们要关心平流层的气溶胶?有关平流层现在最大的科学未知(grand question)是什么?23:30 在那么高的平流层,科学家怎么开展他们的研究?第二部分:太阳地球工程35:42 能否简单介绍一下太阳地球工程背后的原理?太阳地球工程的技术可行性如何?42:27 太阳地球工程的“收益”都有哪些方面?我们对其降温效果认识如何?有哪些不确定性?46:22 太阳地球工程可能的“副作用”都有哪些方面?科学认知上有哪些不确定性?第三部分:地球工程和人类应对气候变化50:45 我们该怎们认识“地球工程”和碳减排、负碳技术之间的关系?57:52 地球工程是气候变化的镇痛剂吗?59:18 不同科学家对于地球工程实施和地球工程研究的看法?63:05 地球工程的道德风险?会阻碍气候减排吗?68:28 地球工程的全球治理难题?75:39 我们如何认识争议问题?

Carbon Farming Podcast

Agoro Carbon Alliance

The Carbon Farming Podcast with Agoro Carbon Alliance brings you the latest news and insights from the world of agricultural carbon. Hear from industry experts, farmers, ranchers and agronomists about the carbon market and farm-based carbon credits in this ad-free podcast. Farmers and ranchers across the United States are increasingly making sustainable practice changes including: transitioning to strip/no-till, adding cover crops, managing nitrogen, and pasture and rangeland management. Now, with the addition of carbon credits − financial products that represent 1 ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere − these practices also provide a new revenue stream. Join us, we're creating a solution that is grounded in soil.

The Biofriendly Podcast


Squid Coffee, People Power, Lunar Panels, and Food Animals

For 'This Week in Green' we've got the latest and greatest environmental good news with containers heated by squid technology, the individual actions of people DO make a difference, using solar panels at night and how children view animals and food. We close out the show by asking you to do too much this Earth Day! 

A Woman in Arboriculture

Jacqui Waring

A Woman In Arboriculture offers entertaining insight into what it's actually like to operate as a professional female Tree Champion

regenagri podcast


Small changes, big differences – exploring the role of cover crops in regenerative farming systems

The regenagri podcast explores the future of farming and the hot topics surrounding the global movement of regenerative agriculture, with industry experts.
In episode 15, Harry Farnsworth, sustainable agriculture projects lead at Control Union UK, speaks to Ian Gould from Oakbank, a consultancy which works closely with farmers and landowners to make the best use of agri-environment schemes to improve wildlife habitats.
They are also joined by Toby Simpson, a regenerative arable farmer in Cambridgeshire, who has worked in partnership with his Dad over the last few years to transition their farm from ‘scratch’ tillage to no tillage. He has been awarded a 2022 Nuffield scholarship to look at cover and catch cropping opportunities for UK arable farmers.
They consider the benefits of cover and catch crops to soil health and pest management and explore how to measure

The Rice Stuff

USA Rice

#47 Innovations That Have Revolutionized the Rice Industry

Agriculture is at the intersection of science, determination, and good fortune – and innovation keeps everything moving forward. Two renowned rice scientists, Dr. Eric Webster and Dr. Steve Linscombe, join this episode to talk about important rice innovations. From the way rice is planted to the environmental impact of raising a crop, and even to how new varieties are developed, the Clearfield and Provisia rice systems have revolutionized the U.S. rice industry. With special guests: Dr. Eric Webster, Director, Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station and Dr. Steve Linscombe, The Rice Foundation Hosted by: Michael Klein and Lesley Dixon

Know Your Well

National Ground Water Association

Well Construction (with Thom Hanna) | Know Your Well

On this episode of "Know Your Well," we're discussing well construction. What all should a homeowner know about the ins and outs of construction, and what should be left to professionals? This episode will help you understand what it takes to get from Day 1 of construction to a running water well.Today's guest is Thom Hanna. Thom is the technical director of water well products and hydrogeologist for Johnson Screens. He is also the author of the “Guide for Using the Hydrogeologic Classification System for Water Well Boreholes,” which you can buy in the NGWA online bookstore.Website: WellOwner.orgFacebook: @WellOwnerTwitter: @WellOwnerInstagram: @WellOwnerGo to for more tips and educational tools and to find a qualified professional in your area for water well maintenance.“Know Your Well” is a production of the National Ground Water Association. This podcast was created and edited by NGWA’s

The Backpacker's Guide To Prehistory

David Mountain

The podcast that provides top travel tips for time travellers. Each episode host David Mountain will be asking experts in palaeobiology about the most interesting, exciting and important aspects of prehistory.

Pinheads: The GeoGuessr Podcast

DouceRulz Media

Deja Vu in Turkey

The real penultimate!!!  The dudes catch up with the leader of the pack and learn a few tricks.

Mined: Lignite Energy in America

Kate Muggerud

Each week, host Kate Muggerud explores the world of all things lignite energy, energy resources and emerging markets. Kate partners with the Lignite Energy Council based in North Dakota. Join her as she interviews the top movers and shakers in the energy market.

Bigger Than Us

Nexus PMG

#186 John de Souza, Co-founder & President of Ample

A serial entrepreneur and a strategic investor, John has 20 years of experience founding and investing in technology-enabled companies in the communications, healthcare, finance and energy industries. Before co-founding Ample, John was a co-founder, president, and CEO of MedHelp, the largest consumer health platform offering tools, device integrations, and communities to millions of people empowering them to manage their own health. MedHelp’s platform powered online offerings of companies such as Walgreens and GE, until it was acquired by Merck Pharmaceuticals mid 2014. Following the acquisition, John served as the President of the Consumer Health and Healthcare Solutions Division of Aptus Health, a subsidiary of Merck. Prior to MedHelp, John led the Technology Practice of the Private Equity Group at Goldman Sachs, focusing on software and technology companies. Earlier, John co-founded Flash Communications, an Internet

Tilth Talk Radio

Tilth Agronomy Studio

Micromanaging Your Micros: Boron

Micromanaging Your Micros: Boron

For What It's Earth

Emma Brisdion & Lloyd Hopkins

Environment, climate and sustainability podcast. We make big green issues bite-sized and explore the things that we can do to help out. Hosted by Emma Brisdion and Lloyd Hopkins.

PFAS Pulse Podcast

HRP Associates Inc.

January 6, 2022 – Cracking Down on PFAS: Why Metal Finishers Need to Be Prepared (Webinar Alert)

Laurel Pickard, Senior Engineer at HRP, gives an overview of the upcoming webinar on PFAS Regulation for Metal Finishers. Click here to register for the webinar.

Geographical Thinking

Esri Canada

Management Perspectives with Matt Lewin

Ian Williams with the Toronto Police Service on how the police have evolved their use of GIS.

Geology Bites

Oliver Strimpel

What moves the continents, creates mountains, swallows up the sea floor, makes volcanoes erupt, triggers earthquakes, and imprints ancient climates into the rocks? Oliver Strimpel, a former astrophysicist and museum director asks leading researchers to divulge what they have discovered and how they did it. To learn more about the series, and see images that support the podcasts, go to Instagram: @oliverstrimpel Twitter: @geology_bites Email:

Discovery to Recovery

Society of Economic Geologists

Episode 25: Tales of Giants and Trailblazers - 100 Years of SEG

Join us for a Fireside Chat full of inspiring and quirky stories, first presented at #SEG100. We  are celebrating 100 years of SEG as 2021 comes to a close. These are stories worth hearing!Russell Meares, a long time SEG volunteer and well known exploration geologist shares what he has learned through his years of digging up the less well known stories of the founders of the Society. Anne Thompson has also worked to unearth the lesser known members and find out the stories behind our early women members. We hope you enjoy and wish all of you a happy holiday season.This is the last episode in Season 2 of Discovery to Recovery.  We will take a break for a few months and then plan to be back again with a new season in 2022! Many thanks to all our listeners. We appreciate you.

Геодезия и Отвага!

Elena Zhuravleva

Подробный рассказ о Французской Геодезической Миссии в Перу. Как ученые доказали, что Земля - сплюснутый эллипсоид, а не просто шар. Эпоха Просвещения, экватор. Восемь лет измерений, безденежья и опасностей: лихорадка, индейцы, убийства. Короче говоря, обычная работа астрономов.

In Deep

American Public Media

Make Me Care

After months of research, In Deep reporters and editors have become fascinated with water infrastructure. But can they convince a Gen Zer to care? In this episode, Todd Melby, Annie Baxter and Dan Ackerman go head to head to persuade Erianna Jiles that she should care about water infrastructure. Who will succeed? We also answer listener questions on lead service lines and bidets!
Photo: Erianna Jiles


Sam Santoso

Episode 2: Terms No.2

Episode 2 covers terms previously covered and additional terms trying to give two explanations.

Green Tech Today (Video)


GTT 26: First Wind

Top 25 Green Tech Innovators Series: First Wind
First Wind is an independent wind energy company based in Boston, that has developed and currently operates wind energy projects in the Northeast, the West, and in Hawaii, with total installed capacity of 534 megawatts (MW).
Host: Becky Worley
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The Global Energy & Environmental Law Podcast

The International Environmental Law Committee of the American Branch of the International Law Association

The Amazon is burning – is Paris too?

Professor Myanna Dellinger interviews law professor and Brazilian attorney Dr. Carolina Arlota of the University of Oklahoma College of Law, who compares climate change action in Brazil to that in the United States.  Among other things, she promotes the view that litigation may help advance the agenda even if positive outcomes are not achieved at the judicial scale because of, among other things, the “poltical question doctrine.”  Professor Arlota also discusses the Brazilian Constitution, which promotes environmental protection.

This interview is based on Dr. Arlota’s article "The Amazon Is Burning—Is Paris, Too? A Comparative Analysis Between The United States And Brazil Based On The Paris Agreement On Climate Change" published in the Georgetown Journal of International Law, Vol. 52, 2020.

The findings demonstrate that, given the silence of the U.S. Constitution on environmental matters and the decades-l

Down To Earth: A podcast for Geoscientists by Geoscientist


S2 (Ep2) Down to Earth: Combating Climate Change Through Data Presentation

"Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts". This is sustainable development goal 13, which is set to be realized nine years from now. How are remote sensing scientists addressing this goal, and how close are we to achieving it? We talk to Dr. Beth Tellman, to find out, and she gives us some surprising answers!

Rock Logic with Sean Kenny

Rock Logic with Sean Kenny

Ukraine Vs Russia and the Nuclear Power Plants | American Nuclear Society | Red Cross Relief

American Nuclear Society: 
Red Cross: 
The American Nuclear Society is keeping an eye on the situation with the nuclear power plants involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Rock Logic will keep you updated as we learn more. Please consider donating to the American Nuclear Society or Red Cross to assist Ukrainian citizens caught in the conflict.   
Check out our community tab for channel updates: 
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Contact us on social media or here on our website: 

Principio de Incertidumbre

Canal Extremadura

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]



Episode 287. Seaweed & Ancient Grain

LINKS The ChangeUnderground Academy No-Dig Gardening Course: FREE eBook: email: Facebook Page: Transcript Victoria's first seaweed farm aims to reduce livestock emissions Asparagopsis feedlot feeding trial SOUTHERN OCEAN CARBON COMPANY Native grains harvest brings culture, food, and regenerative farming together Were Indigenous Australians the world's first bakers? htt

The IcePod

The IcePod

This Time A Guest – The IcePod with Kirstin Werner, Former Head of PPP's Coordination Office

What do Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev have to do with the Polar Prediction Project? In the very last episode of The IcePod, things get turned upside down. When Kirstin Werner, former head of the PPP Coordination Office, moved on last fall, someone got the idea to grill her about her work with the Polar Prediction community before she left. Here, Kirstin talks about her experiences with the Year of Polar Prediction, but also gives insights into her background in Arctic research, her previous work as a journalist, and takes us back to that moment in her childhood when she saw Ronald Reagan and Michael Gorbatshev on TV and realized that Iceland might be an interesting spot for her to explore...
This time, Lorraine Youds, Scientific Officer for WMO's World Weather Research Program, asks the questions. For this and all previous episodes of The IcePod go to e.g. Spotify, Ap

Ryzzun Energy

Luis Angel | Ryzzun

Tesla Powerwall Cost and Price [Worth It?] | Solar Power Home Battery Backup in Puerto Rico Sunnova

Tesla Powerwall Cost and Price [Is it Worth It?] | Solar Power Home Battery Backup in Puerto Rico Sunnova. Get your Free Solar Power Design: . You can also Call or text: 787-922-1098 to get a design with the Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup.


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A Voyage to Antarctica


From Seals to Stormzy

In the final episode of series 2, Alok Jha talks to Polar Conservationist and explorer Prem Gill to find out what Antarctic seals and Grime music have in common. Prem is a PhD candidate leading the "Seals from Space" project with the Scott Polar Research Institute, British Antarctic Survey & World Wildlife Fund, and a researcher working on Frozen Planet. Outside of this, Prem is interested in increasing opportunities for underrepresented and disadvantaged groups in polar and conservation science. As the founder of Polar Impact and British Antarctic Survey’s Diversity Champion, he has used his research to spearhead projects which attract and retain talent from non-traditional backgrounds. Additional music featured in this episode is by Marzmanj. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Merschman Seeds Cup of Joe

Merschman Seeds

Wheat Spring Green-Up, Double Cropping, Tight Supply of Seed Treatment & the Marketplace

Watch the video version here: this episode:?Ben talks about applications of herbicides and nutrients to keep in mind during wheat spring green up. Hear one of our Farmer’s experience of double cropping Merschman soybeans and wheat in the video link below?Seed treatment is in tight supply, but not at Merschman Seeds?There is excitement in the markets, did you know we are in the 98th percentile of commodity prices?Nolan Wilkens' Experience with Double Crop: through the Merschman Seeds 2022 Product Guide: out all of our social media links, website, Blue Water Outlook and more:

Forerunners: The Surfline Podcast

The Surfline Forecast Team

The Surfline Forecast Team provides a detailed look at all relevant storms and swells for the Atlantic and Pacific Basins, plus highlights of significant international swell events. Whether you’re just looking for a heads-up on upcoming surf at home or a range of options for a surgical strike abroad, Forerunners will help put you where you want to be.If you're not already a Surfline premium member, go to for a free 15-day trial.


ICL América do Sul

o PlantCast é o primeiro podcast brasileiro exclusivamente sobre fisiologia e nutrição de plantas. Apresentado pela ICL América do Sul.


David De Vleeschouwer

showcasing work by early-career researchers that is of relevance to the cyclostratigraphic community

The Eurasian Climate Brief

Eurasian Climate Brief Team

Crypto's carbon costs: Eurasia feels the heat

On 25 January, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan suffered from a mysterious series of electricity power outages, plunging the region into chaos. For several hours, skiers lay perched on lifts and planes grounded while traffic lights, heating district and tap water pumps ran idle. The incident comes after Kazakhstan, the world’s second largest bitcoin producer, faced a similar outage in November 2021. The culprit according to the government? Unregistered cryptocurrency miners.While the exact cause of the 25 January power shortage has yet to be pinpointed, it is now established crypto-mining is piling pressure on the countries’ creaking soviet energy infrastructure.Join us as we discuss the carbon footprint of crypto in Central Asia and the rest of Eurasia. Our reporter Stephen Bland talks to residents and experts about the industry’s impact on Kazakhstan, while Boris Schneider asks economist and campaigner Alex de Vries whethe



Plate Tectonics (part 1)

We exhaust our repertoire of tectonic plate jokes while introducing the following topics: the earth’s layers, what are tectonic plates, three types of plate boundaries, plate boundaries vs faults, and how earthquakes happen. This is a brief overview to lay the groundwork. (… pun intended!) Future episodes will dive deeper. INTERACTIVE LESSON We explain how to use the QuakeFeed app to locate plate boundaries and faults on the Quake Map. Download QuakeFeed from the App Store ASK THE SCIENCE KID We answer an interesting question about earthquakes in Antarctica. Our goal is to inspire CURIOSITY! We hope you and your family enjoy our lighthearted humor while learning something new about this AWESOME planet we call home. LINKS TO LEARN MORE The Great ShakeOut: Join 14+ million people on October 21st by practicing how to be safer during earthquakes. IRIS Earthquake Science: Earthquake Faults, Plate Boundaries, & Stress https://www.

Ocean sounds

Julie Mercier

Bob Mills Mitsubishi track ?

Best commercial ever

Con plantas se vive mejor


El podcast para los amantes de las plantas y la jardinería urbana.

The Watershed

We Are Water MN

05 | Honoring the Water

In honor of the stories shared during our 2020 to 2021 tour, and in anticipation of new journeys to come, The Watershed will be presenting a series of six episodes drawing upon generous storytellers from Morris, Mankato, St. Paul, Rochester, Chisholm, and Pipestone, Minnesota. Throughout these episodes, we'll recognize the multifaceted ways we can understand water, deepening our relationship and perhaps shifting the way we interact with water in the process.
Today, our storytellers share ways that we can honor the water - how we can give back to the waters that nourish, sustain, and inspire us.
Explore these prompts for further reflection and discussion.
We are Water MN is led by the Minnesota Humanities Center in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; the Minnesota Historical Society; the Minnesota Departments of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources; and University of Minnesota Extension, with support from the C

Water We Doing?

David Evans

Discover how our most precious commodity impacts our lives in so many fascinating ways. That's right! We're talking about water, but not like you've ever heard it before. Join us as we explore social, environmental and economic issues around the globe as we ask the questions: what are we doing, and how can we do better? The "Water We Doing?" podcast is a production of the Aquatic Biosphere Project. The podcast is produced and hosted by David Evans (P. Biol), the Project's Director of Conservation. For more info please check out

The Sound Environment

Radio Goolarri

Environmental news from Broome and the Kimberley. Tune in Mondays 6pm to 7pm WST. This podcast is made possible with support from an SGIO Community Grant and People's Choice Award.

Fossil Huntress — Palaeo Sommelier

Fossil Huntress

Palaeontology Lecture Series — Spring 2022

2022 Palaeontology / Paleontology Lecture Series with all of you. Zoom Link:
Kicking off 2022 is Danna Staaf, the Cephalopodiatrist with Cephalopods are the New Dinosaurs, Sun, February 12, 2022 at 2PM PST. Cephalopods, Earth's first truly substantial animals, are still among us. Their fascinating family tree is a whose-who of squid, octopus, cuttlefish, nautilus, and their brethren. Cephalopods number more than 800 species with new species still being found. As the inventors of swimming, cephalopods presided over the sea for millions of years. When fish eventually evolved jaws, the cephalopods had to up their game.  
Sunday, March 20, 2022, 2PM — Kirk Johnson — A Lucky Paleontologist & the Tale of Three Splendid Canadian Fossils. Join us for a talk with the Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History & Paleontologist who has led expedit



35. 越烤越糊串台:“保护区不就是家庭主妇吗?!”



Erosion:Essays of Undoing(2020):Terry Tempest Williams作品,人与自然的联结多元且丰富,自然的力量壮丽且永恒。

主播|柯紫  嘉宾|虎头 烤芬

|song list|
Lu1-风(feat. 文智涌)


Professor Collins

Mini lectures on various Meteorology topics Support this podcast:

Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story

Deep Isolation

Designing Safe and Secure Nuclear Waste Solutions in Deep Geology

In this episode, Stuart Haszeldine unravels the complexity of designing underground tunnels for the purpose of nuclear waste disposal and relates it to the processes used for carbon capture.


Indra Shekhar Singh, The Greenhorns

Indra Shekhar Singh

In this interview we learn from Indra about the millions of farmers who have shown up to protest and those who remain (mostly white haired!) occupying the roads entering Delhi living in their trolley wagons pulled by tractors to protest the International Ag Business-friendly laws of the Modi government. This law removes critical protections and prices supports and puts the already marginalized and precarious farmers at tremendous dis-advantage with large international grain buyers. The proposed laws would normalize ‘contract growing’ and a race to the bottom.Indra is a writer and a wonderful thinker, who helps us all remember the shared colonial history of the US and India. He recalls the Salt march, the East India Company, the longstanding Ghandian traditions of standing up, non violently, for human dignity and self determination. He tells about the kindness and the valor expressed by the protesting farmers, about the lineage of this behavior, as these f

Geoscience Futures

Geoscience Futures group

Chris Jackson

Geoscience unquestionably has a diversity problem. As one person we spoke to said: “We are the whitest of the white”. Now, if you happen to be white then you'll probably acknowledge that this is an issue of concern. But if you’re a Black geoscientist, it's likely that the simple fact of your skin colour is going to be an inescapable and daily preoccupation in your professional life. Few people have spoken about this issue more eloquently, or with more passion than Professor Chris Jackson, of Manchester University. As a discipline, this is a conversation that we urgently need to have: no discussion about the future of geoscience can afford to ignore the need to diversify its appeal. Chris doesn’t pull his punches, but his thoughts are always constructive and full of humour. He starts off this conversation - also involving my colleague Cam McCuaig - by highlighting the challenges facing geoscience today.

You've Been Warmed

Dragos Stefanescu

How can each of us help tackle climate change? Which businesses are bringing innovative solutions to the market to reduce our impact on the planet? And what political & social changes do we require for a true paradigm shift? By interviewing the top scientists, entrepreneurs, activists & politicians, we seek to find answers to all of the above while uncovering the leaders behind our fight for the preservation of our planet.

Lewis Crop Situation

Richard Edward Turner

Discussion of crop products, issues and solutions that are common or of interest in the Southern Midwest (Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois).

AgroConsciencia Podcast

Richard Huntley & Ian Jimenez

Ep.9 - Jardínes de Cáñamo & Conferencia Regenerativa con Ian y Richard

En este episodio, Ian y yo, hablaremos sobre nuestro proyecto Jardines de Cáñamo. Adicionalmente,  cuentan sobre su viaje a Humboldt, California donde tuvieron la oportunidad de conocer personas que consideran  mentores en temas relacionados a la agricultura regenerativa.  Los temas que tocaron son:Jardines de Cáñamo antes, durante y su futuro.  Implementación de KNF RetosViaje a California , Conferencia Regenerativa Conferenciantes como; Christ Trump (IPMO)Susan “BugLady” WainwrightDr. Elaine InghamKevin Jodrey & Eric Bradstad  Entre Otros Anfitriones : Richard Huntley (Instagram @richardhuntley0) e Ian Jimenez (Instagram @ian_jo16)Auspiciador de episodio: Jardines de Cáñamo - para más información y contacto en Instagram @jardinesdecanamo o a su email jardinesdecanamo@gmail.comProducido por;  ELT Production LLC ( Email:, Instagram @elt_production_llc)Para más informació

Make Climate Cool Again

Sustainable Sara

RE:REPORT on Warby Parker

Warby Parker is known as one of the OG social impact companies. But how are they reallllly doing? What does their report say? Are they misleading consumers or are they actually a good company. I was actually surprised at the significant amount of data that Warby had and could share. Not only did they share data from 2021 but also over the past five years so you could track progress. There were points where you noticed Warby Parker had to backtrack due to the COVID pandemic but I do think they tried to make up for it in other areas. I would say the biggest learning opportunities for other companies surround people and DEI opportunities. I would be interested in some of their updates in net years report on how some of their people initiatives are working out but all really progressive and designed to invest in the culture of the company. I always quote Cardi B in my presentations to college kids, "Kulture is Expensive". BUt it's so valuable

The Dirt on Turf Podcast

Christopher Toppings

Nicole Sherry / Baltimore Orioles Field Manager / "Never Let Them See You Sweat"

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Netting Professionals
Benchmark Tool & Supply
Turf Mend
The Toro Company


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Weather or Not?


From Tropical Talk to Space Chats, Climate Change, and Environmental Concerns, will any of them impact you?

The EF-Show

AJ Raber Meteorology

The EF-Show discusses everything from Weather to Astronomy. Every episode we dive deep into the topic, along with facts and rich discussions boosting your knowledge of our world.

Farming For Change

James Smith

A monthly podcast where two Nuffield Scholars - James Smith, a fifth-generation farmer, and Ben Taylor-Davies, a bioagriecologist, chat about all things regenerative farming, rewilding, biodiversity and more, occasionally joined by special guests from the field (no pun intended).

Ground Cover

Regenerative Ag Alliance and Southern Cross University

Leading a movement with Lorraine Gordon

Today, on Ground Cover, Kerry is joined by Lorraine Gordon, a beef cattle trader from Ebor who is also Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University, founder of the National Regenerative Agriculture Alliance based out of Southern Cross University and currently working on her PHD in Regen Ag.In this conversation we explore what drives in this incredible woman to take on so many challenging projects and we announce a world first University degree in the Regenerative Agriculture space. Enquiries about the Bachelor of Science in Regenerative Agriculture should be sent to about Lorraine Gordon:Lorraine is the founder of the National Regenerative Agriculture Alliance based out of Southern Cross University. As Director of Strategic Projects at Southern Cross University and Associate Director of the University’s Centre for Organic Research, Lorraine acts a

Field Ready Podcast

Hurrdat Media

New Enlist Herbicide Labels? We’ve Got You Covered.

This week on Rob-See-Co’s Field Ready podcast our host Jim Robinson, Rob-See-Co Chief Technology Officer, breaks down the Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicide label changes. Listen in as Jim summarizes the EPA’s renewed registration of these products that resulted in additional controls and restrictions. Tune in to learn why Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicides were re-registered, what the label changes are, who it impacts, and how you can plan ahead. A Hurrdat Media Production. Hurrdat Media is a digital media and commercial video production company based in Omaha, NE. Find more podcasts on the Hurrdat Media Network and learn more about our other services today on

Volcano Watch

Corin Jorgenson and Alessandro Musu

14/02/2022 - Volcanoes in love

News + volcano myths with some dramatic love stories. <3 

We Measure The World

METER Group, Inc. USA

Episode 11: How to Meet Changing Water Demands in a Growing Population

Neil Hansen, PhD, is an environmental science professor at Brigham Young University.Links to learn more about Dr. Neil Hansen:Neil's curriculum vitae and publicationsNeil's LinkedInSubscribe: us: views and opinions expressed in the podcast and on this posting are those of the individual speakers or authors and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by METER.

Back to Blue by Economist Impact

Economist Impact

Registration and regulation of chemicals

In the second podcast of this series, we look at the extraordinary number of chemicals that have been created, produced and in use, what inventories exist on these chemicals, how much we know about their toxicity and potential for harm, and how well they are regulated. We’ll also explore the legislative, regulatory and other interventions needed to better manage, reduce and prevent chemical pollution. This episode is hosted by Charles Goddard, editorial director at The Economist Group, he is joined by Dr Zhanyun Wang, scientist at the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, and a leading thinker on this issue. To learn more, watch Dead zones: how chemical pollution is suffocating the sea, or listen to other Back to Blue podcasts. Back to Blue is an initiative of Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation.

100 Climate Conversations


As Australia’s most ambitious climate-focused cultural project, 100 Climate Conversations aims to inspire action by presenting an evidence-based and empowering vision of the future. The program showcases 100 visionary Australians, taking effective action to respond to the most critical issue of our time, climate change. Featuring Mike Cannon-Brookes, Victor Steffensen, Ronni Kahn, Clover Moore, Rebecca Huntley, Grace Vegesana, Ross Garnaut and Ketan Joshi in conversation with some of the nation’s most respected journalists.


Waukesha County Green Team

Sustainability Fair Mini Series: This Not That

In this episode we talk with Laureanna Raymond-Duvernell, our first ever guest on GreenCast.  Laureanna has written an amazing book for kids called "Under in the Mud"  that we discuss a bit here as well as her involvement with the Sustainability Fair this year.Link to her book: the show (

Conservation Today

Francis Eatherington

Patrick Starnes talks about Oregon state issues.

This is a conservation with Patrick Starnes, long time environmental activist, and now a candidate for governor of Oregon. We talk about some recent environmental victories, then a conversation on health plan options for Oregonians. We also chat about campaign finance reform, the housing crisis, renewable energy possibilities, and a bit about forestry in Oregon.
For more information on Patrick Starnes, see:, and
Ending music is “Vote Republican” by Roy Zimmerman, from his “You’re Getting Sleepy” album.,

Kukkuv õun

Kuku Raadio

Kukkuv Õun: Kord ja korratus magneetikutes – lihtne jutuna aga kuulake, mida räägivad füüsikud enda tööst ja saate aru, et lihtsusest on asi kaugel

Selle aasta täppisteaduste riikliku preemia said Keemilise ja Bioloogilise Füüsika Insitituudi teadurid Raivo Stern ja Ivo Heinmaa ja just korra ja korratuse uurimistööde eest. Sellest valdkonnast süviti saab aru ehk 250 inimest maailmas, nii arvab Ivo Heinmaa.
Mõlemad teadlased on ka saatekülalisteks. Paljudel nähtustel, mida magnetismi vallas uuritakse, pole täna aimatavat rakendustki silmapiiril. Aga kujutage ette materjale, mille struktuur muutub kui neile rakendada tugevat magnetvälja või siis materjale, mida magnetvälja rakendamine ei kõiguta ühelgi moel. Kui küsida, kas neist materjalidest võiks saada tuum tuleviku kvantarvuteile – vastab teadlaspaar, et võimalik, et saabki, aga keegi täpselt ei tea. Vaatamata sellele, et paljust räägitust täpsem arusaamine nõuab kõvasti lisalugemist on n

VoizDAO Sustainability

Voiz Reviews

We are the voices of Gen-Z’s. We are a diverse team of college students who review and rate the sustainiability of products. We deliver our reviews to any e-commerce site. Our language is transparent, direct and understandable. We review the sustainability of all products - from cosmetics to food, from fashion to finance. Making the decision to buy sustainably easier than ever. At Voiz, we believe everyone should understand and know the impact they have with every single purchase they make. Join Us and the evolution of truth.

El Universo

Gonzalo Amaro

El universo

The Weather Lounge


Mid Winter Mash-up

We're roughly halfway through the winter season and if you believe the groundhog's prediction, we aren't done yet! We discuss what transpired over the past two months, as well as how the remainder of winter is looking. Plus, we talk a little bit about a certain Superb Owl. You won't want to miss it! 

For more information about WeatherWorks, visit us here: 

Certified Snowfall Totals

Past Weather Reports

Also, check us out on Social Media!





People, Places, and the Climate Crisis

Resilienz Climate Trust

“People Places and the Climate Crisis”, a podcast series in which 16 experts from very different fields explore the climate crisis and how it relates to local government.

SICOP Talks Winter Ops

Rick Nelson

Episode 57: Keep your snowplow in service through defensive driving

When a snowplow is involved in a crash there can be injuries to drivers and other motorists as well as damage to the snowplow that can take it out of service.  In winter some agencies can experience up to 10% reductions in equipment and operators.  To help address this Montana DOT advanced a project through Clear Roads Pooled Fund Project to look at the causes of crashes involving snowplows and develop a training program to help operators hone their defensive driving and safe driving skills when operating snowplows.Doug McBroom, Operations Manager for the Montana DOT discusses a project funded by the Clear roads Pooled Fund Study that looked at the types of crashes impacting snowplows and suggested strategies that made their way into a training program for snowplow operators.  The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute conducted surveys and analysis of snowplow crashes and created two easy to implement train

The Geology Vlog Podcast

Neal S. Turluck

A series of interviews of people related to geology, including the oil and gas industry, mining and minerals, environmental consulting, and academia. Support this podcast:

Carton vert

Le Point

Avec eux, le changement c’est maintenant ! Partez à la rencontre d’écoentrepreneurs et de patrons engagés qui ont réussi la transition écologique de leur entreprise. Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

Watts Up With That?

Watts Erb

Here is where I talk about anything and everything that I find interesting and hopefully talk to cool people about cool things.

Storybook Earth


Storybook Earth ep. 8 – Lost and Found in Tibet

Episode summary introduction: In this episode of Storybook Earth, Jess brings us a beautiful tale of her time spent exploring the wonders of Tibet, and how she unraveled her path to geology. Listen as she shares memories of her father and how his connection to his daughter led Jess to embark on a trip through the mountains of Tibet as a young graduate student. From this incredible experience, Jess is now able to explain some of the complex geology that characterizes the Himalayas, one of the most famous mountain ranges in the world. Join Jess for the most thrilling and moving episode of Storybook Earth yet, as Season 1 comes to a dramatic end in the mountains of Tibet.

Resources associated with this episode:

Kapp, P., and Peter G. DeCelles, 2019, Mesozoic-Cenozoic geological evolution of the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen and working tectonic hypotheses. American Journal of Science March

A Rock and A Hard Place

Mineral Choices

Suzanne Green

In the final episode of Series 1, Suzanne Green joins Dr. Saleem Ali to discuss the circular economy and the lifecycle carbon trade-off between using plastic, metals & glass. They also speak about how universities & scientific institutions can better assist mineral-reliant industries as they work together to create a more sustainable world.

Hora Verde

José David Millán

#9x02 | Blockchain, ¿aliado o enemigo de la sostenibilidad?

La inteligencia artificial está presente en todas partes, incluso en nuestra mano a través del teléfono móvil. En los últimos tiempos, se viene hablando de "blockchain", un término que hace referencia a una gran base de datos descentralizada, que contribuye a lograr una mayor transparencia, trazabilidad y seguridad en nuestro día a día. El "bitcoin" es uno de sus principales exponentes. Pero, ¿cuáles son sus pros y sus contras? ¿Qué impacto sobre nuestro planeta tiene esta tecnología? ¿Cómo podría ayudar al servicio de la sostenibilidad? Las respuestas vienen de la mano de Juan Bautista Tomás, fundador y CTO de Cubic Fort, empresa consultora en servicios avanzados de inteligencia artificial y blockchain.
Música: Kevin MacLeod

the zevel rebel podcast.

zevel rebel

trash and trees.

In today’s rebellious episode, Talya interviews Tammy Gannot Rosenstreich, Attorney and Deputy Director at Adam Teva V’Din. We talk about pushing for climate legislation, the drastic impact of climate change on urban populations, and why we should all prioritize taking action now.
To connect with Adam Teva V’Din on Instagram check them out here:
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Next episode join Talya as she speaks to Meital Peleg Mizrahi  about  sustainable fashion.
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Until then, stay rebellious :)

Inside Seaweed

Federico De Gobbi

This is the podcast where we talk about the incredible world of seaweed and how this growing industry is bringing innovation and solutions to address climate change and the environmental crisis.


Anthony Scarlata

GeoEngineering and Marine Cloud Brightening

Obsessed With the Weather

Steve Maguire, M.Ed

79: Weekly Weather Preview for April 10 - April 17, 2022

What is Graupel?  How long does our weather stay seasonal? And how many days are remaining in Spring… Answers to this and the weekly weather preview… on episode #79 of Obsessed With The Weather! 

Level Up Audio Project

FEMA Region IX and Georgetown Climate Center

Behavioral Science and Flood Risk Mitigation

Discover how practitioners can encourage mitigation action by understanding how our minds tick.
Episode Notes:
Availability Heuristic: If a threat has never happened or happened too long ago, people will discount it. We believe what comes to mind most readily that we were impacted by.
Optimism Bias: We overestimate our chances of winning and of avoiding natural disasters. This mentality leads to inaction or even a disbelief that they are at risk.
Confirmation Bias: We accept only evidence that confirms our current beliefs.
Status Quo Bias: We prefer to keep existing conditions, even when an alternative option might be better. The longer a condition exists, the more ingrained it becomes.

Living With Fire Podcast

Living With Fire

Chief Clive Savacool on the Caldor Fire Evacuation

On August 3, 2021 the City of South Lake Tahoe’s city council approved their new wildfire evacuation plan. Clive Savacool, Fire Chief with South Lake Tahoe Fire and Rescue, led the effort to draft the new plan, not knowing that it would be put into action for real a few weeks later when the Caldor Fire would threaten South Lake Tahoe.On Episode 9 of the Living With Fire Podcast, Chief Savacool talks about writing and executing the evacuation plan. "When I was putting it together with help from others, I honestly never envisioned putting it into play on my own, during my career," Savacool explains.But, on August 30, 2021 at 10:59 am, the very active Caldor Fire was spreading toward South Lake Tahoe. As a result, agencies began evacuating people. About 22,000 people were issued evacuation orders and told to leave their homes.Later that night, the Caldor Fire crossed Echo Summit and entered Christmas Valley, a seclud

Sustaining Soils

Valent BioSciences

This podcast series is sponsored by Valent BioSciences and features guests that provide listeners with insights into the evolving soil health sciences, technologies, economics, and policies that are rapidly shaping the future of agriculture.

The Biochar Talk

Jessica Kouvo

Community & Small-Scale Biochar with Seaton Tarrant

Join in on a conversation about making biochar on a small scale at home, involving community in sustainability efforts, and applying biochar in a garden. I interview my professor, Seaton Tarrant, and glean information and inspiration from his stories and personal experiences with biochar.

Music by Joystock -

Agriculture Adapts by ClimateAi


One of the greatest humanitarian creations of all time is also one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters. Here’s how we fix that.

Between 40 to 50% of our population is alive on this planet today thanks to fertilizers. However, fertilizers are also one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters and when managed poorly, can also contribute to the nutrient pollution of lakes, rivers and streams.  This week, we sat down with Pablo Barrera Lopez, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Communications at Yara International, a leading Norwegian agribusiness and chemical company on the forefront of the sustainable and ethical production of several types of fertilizer. Lopez takes us through the history of the fertilizer industry (hint, modern fertilizers were invented at Yara), how the invention of fertilizer prevented mass hunger, and the complicated relationship of the life-saving product with climate change. Lopez also walks us through the top innovations taking place in the indu



S3:E5 - Part 2 of 5 on The Controversy over a Hydropower Energy Project in Maine

Welcome to the 2nd episode in our 5-part series covering a controversial clean energy project in Maine. It’s a hydropower initiative that initially got approved by state and federal agencies, then voted down in a public referendum, and now being determined in Maine’s courts. While the project was is taking hydropower from Canada and moving it into the New England electricity grid via a commercial deal with Massachusetts, it relies on moving all that energy through the state of Maine.
We are not going to answer if we think the project should move forward or not. Rather, we are using the Maine story to provide a lens into 3 distinct themes that are playing out all over the country in our shift to renewable energy.
You will hear from folks who both support and oppose this project throughout the series. A reminder that Episode 1 provides a detailed timeline of what happened in Maine, so if

חזית המדע

גלובס - Globes

לנצח את הפחד

כולנו סובלים לעתים מלחץ וחרדה ותוהים מהי הדרך הכי טובה להשתחרר מהמועקה. כיצד אפשר לחזק את החוסן הנפשי? גלי וינרב מביאה את מיטב הגילויים ממיטב המחקרים. 

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Energy Sense

Chris Rawlings

Energy Contracting: Entrepreneurship, Evolution and Opportunities in the New Year with Bowerbird Energy CEO Chris Rawlings

Thanks for listening. Visit Bowerbird Energy online at Please stay in touch and send us ideas about guests and future episode topics of Energy Sense at You can follow Chris Rawlings on LinkedIn and Bowerbird Energy on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Agronomy Works

Agronomy Works

Episode 20: The Future Looks Sonny

In our final episode of the 2021 planting season, the 81st Governor of Georgia and former United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue joins us to discuss his life, career and the future of global agriculture.

Wild Minds Podcast

Nick Donavon, Mike Stoess

Faced with a world of increasingly complex legal, industrial, and social systems, it can feel paralyzing to attempt to make any meaningful ecological impact on the world. Hosts Mike Stoess and Nick Donavon break through these monolithic challenges that the world faces, seeking simple, attainable solutions for the average person that focus on backyard issues, rather than global dilemmas. On top of tackling ecological issues, Nick and Mike explore ways to better enjoy the outdoors and take in depth looks at the flora and fauna of the South East U.S. Listeners are invited to join their journey of learning and self improvement as they take steps to get a little closer to the world around us, and maybe even becoming a bit more wild minded.





The SustainUW Podcast

UW-Madison Office of Sustainability

Green Paths: Tim Lindstrom, Office of Sustainability Intern Program Manager

In our first episode of the Green Paths series, host Eliza Lindley speaks with Dr. Tim Lindstrom, who is the intern program manager for the UW–Madison Office of Sustainability as well as an instructor in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. We'll hear about Tim's journey from Kansas City to Sweden to Madison, and how Tim's varied experiences, educational background, and personal interests finally landed him in his current position. 
About the Green Paths series
There a million options when it comes to where to work, what kind of work to do, and which of the countless, pressing environmental issues to focus on. When it all feels so fuzzy and overwhelming, where we do we even begin? In this series, host Eliza Lindley talks with people who have built successful environmental careers in their own lives. How did they start out in their field? Where are they today? And what was t

Growing Impact

Institutes of Energy and the Environment

Visualizing history's future

As sea-levels rise due to climate change, historical monuments and landscapes near bodies of water are at risk. A new research project will provide decision makers with information on what that could look like for their site. Specifically, the project is focused monuments and landscapes that are significant to African American, Indigenous, and other minority communities.

Global Alert News Podcast

Global News Alert

February 12, 2022

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Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell

74: The Science of Christmas

Rob and Joseph wax eloquent and speculative on various aspects of the Christmas story. Have you ever wondered who the Magi were, where they came from, and what was the nature of that star that they saw? Fear no, they go there. What about the genetics of Jesus? Yeah, they speculate about that also, hopefully without getting into too much heretical hot water. Finally, they discuss the physics of Santa Claus, attempting to cast doubt on that aged story, but then they bring in the big guns: four physicists who defend the Santa story using science…or did they?

Eco Alarm

Eco Alarm Podcast

Ep. 9: Sustainable Investing with Carbon Collective

This week we talk to USC alum Breene Murphy about his role as the VP of Strategy and Marketing at Carbon Collective, a sustainable asset manager. Buckle in for an exciting episode discussing all things sustainable investing including an inside look into Carbon Collective's climate index. Breene also offers some great career advice on balancing your passions with your skillset!
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The Bright Idea

Stanford Law Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program

The Colonial Climate Crisis

In this episode of "The Bright Idea," 2021 Stanford Bright Award Winner India Logan-Riley details the impacts of the colonial climate crisis and outlines a path forward that incorporates Indigenous rights and knowledge. India is a young Māori climate activist and the co-founder of Te Ara Whatu, a group of indigenous youth from the Pacific and Aotearoa (New Zealand) working for climate action and indigenous sovereignty.


Sam Scher

Every geoscientist is capable of understanding and applying geochemical data, however, at GeocHemiSTea we understand that there is an incredible amount of nuance and accumulated knowledge. We are here to break down the impediments towards geoscientists learning more about this exciting field! Are you a student wanting to break into the field? Listen to each episode to see how reknown geochemists got to where they are today. Are you intrigued by integrating geochemistry, but don't know how? Stay tuned! Lastly are you looking for some Tea/good gossip? We got it. Support this podcast:

Green Tech Today (Audio)


GTT 26: First Wind

Top 25 Green Tech Innovators Series: First Wind
First Wind is an independent wind energy company based in Boston, that has developed and currently operates wind energy projects in the Northeast, the West, and in Hawaii, with total installed capacity of 534 megawatts (MW).
Host: Becky Worley
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Radio Amazonía

Radio Amazonia Podcast

Deforestación y posconflicto: los retos de la paz ambiental en la Amazonía

En este episodio exploramos la relación entre la firma del Acuerdo de Paz con las FARC y el aumento de la deforestación en la Amazonía colombiana. A través de distintas historias, los protagonistas nos cuentan sobre las principales transformaciones en el territorio amazónico tras la desmovilización de las FARC y los principales retos que enfrenta la región para consolidar una paz ambiental.

La Biblia en Audio

Radio Ebenezer RD

Esta es una colección de lecturas bíblicas en podcast, producidas por el pastor Smaily Rosario. Para más información visita

The Geography of Everything

Ronni Ravid & Zenne Hellinga

Welcome to the geography of everything, the podcast where we try to figure out the geography of, well, everything. Stephen Hawking spent his life trying to come up with one equation that could describe everything in the universe. But geography, well, doesn’t really work like that. Because, in its simplest form, geography advocates for the connectivity of everything. It believes that there are a million different versions, realities, and perspectives on any phenomenon, depending on how you look at it, and from where. And more than anything, geography believes that nothing exists in a vacuum, but instead, that our world is comprised of countless chain reactions, interactions, and connections that weave together the fabric of our world. From sea turtle migration to technological innovation, pandemics to veganism, geography is everywhere, and the connections are limitless.  Each episode of this podcast will cover a different phenomenon from big to small, silly to scary, humanities to biology, with the hope of discovering the geographies of it all. Twitter: @geoofeverything Instagram: @geographyofeverything This podcast is recorded at and made possible by Utrecht University. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sustain267 Podcast


#GSWF2021 The Rise of Disaster Capitalism: Climate change, COVID-19 and the Green New Deal

This episode unpacks “The Rise of Disaster Capitalism: Climate change, COVID-19 and the Green New Deal”. The current gap in discourse between affected communities on the ground, governments, and multilateral organisations on the impacts of extreme weather events requires that national communities are visible in regional and international political and climate spaces and that their narratives are shared and voices are heard. Marginalised communities are systematically excluded from these spaces, so it is vital to promote their participation in creating, developing, implementing, and monitoring policy responses to and plans on climate change and disaster relief that support their needs. Most of these policy pronouncements do not yet directly address the issues through an inclusive and intersectional approach. Ensuring the inclusion and engagement of women, youth, and others representing