Little Curiosities With Kendall Long


What is the color “green” and how does it help give life to so much on our planet? Can trees talk to each other? Every week, Kendall Long (Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise) embarks on a mission to answer life’s most interesting little questions through independent research and conversations with experts. Join her as she strives to solve life’s little curiosities. 

The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens

Nate Hagens

The Great Simplification with Nate Hagens explores money, energy, economy, and the environment with world experts and leaders to understand how everything fits together, and where we go from here.

Climate One

Climate One from The Commonwealth Club

We’re living through a climate emergency; addressing this crisis begins by talking about it. Host Greg Dalton brings you empowering conversations that connect all aspects of the challenge — the scary and the exciting, the individual and the systemic. Join us.


Randall Carlson

All the Randall you can handle

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast

John Kempf

This is a show for professional growers and agronomists who want to learn about the science and principles of regenerative agriculture systems to increase quality, yield, and profitability.

PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

Chris and Jesse

A Geology and Earth Science Podcast. Join Chris, an award-winning geology teacher, and Jesse, a geoscience professor, in discussing the amazing features of our planet and their impact on your everyday life. No prior knowledge required. New episodes coming at you every week. Listen, subscribe, share with someone you know!

The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast

Nick Zentner

Geologic stories from the Pacific Northwest.

Women In Environmental Engineering & Science

Saranya Anantapantula

This podcast is to inspire other people and to educate them about the work researchers in environmental engineering/science are doing: the issues they face in the industry, the solutions they make, the roadblocks they push through, and what they learning to teach the society to keep the environment clean!

It's Sedimentary, My Dear: A Geology Podcast

Ellen & Jane

Are curious about your home — your home planet, that is? Welcome to the podcast that explains it all, It’s Sedimentary, My Dear. Every other week, hosts Jane and Ellen “dig deep” into the secrets buried in the rocks and minerals that make up planet Earth.

Crazy Town

Post Carbon Institute: Sustainability, Climate, Collapse, and Dark Humor

With equal parts humor and in-depth analysis, Asher, Rob, and Jason safeguard their sanity while probing crazy-making topics like climate change, overshoot, runaway capitalism, and why we’re all deluding ourselves.

What About Water? with Jay Famiglietti

Global Institute for Water Security

"What About Water" connects water science with the stories that bring about solutions, adaptations & actions for the world's water realities. Hosted by Jay Famiglietti and presented by the Global Institute for Water Security and The Walrus Lab. Formerly known as "Let's Talk About Water".

Real Organic Podcast

Real Organic Project

Farmers interview scientists, activists, politicians, and authors engaged in protecting USDA organic food against an active corporate takeover. As the Real Organic Project releases its add-on food label in stores and markets in 2021, we want to introduce eaters across the United States to our movement and its allies. In this podcast series, you'll meet the best organic and regenerative farmers around, as well as journalists, climate experts, policy makers and chefs (former VP Al Gore, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Paul Hawken, Leah Penniman, Bill Mckibben, Alice Waters, Dan Barber, Karen Washington, Eliot Coleman - to name a few!) who support our mission and have lent their voices and insights to explaining the importance of keeping corporate cheaters out of the real food movement. As bad players aim to redefine what food is for the sake of their own profits, we believe there is too much at stake for both human and planetary health today and into the future. Feed the soil, not the plant!!

Geology Bites

Oliver Strimpel

What moves the continents, creates mountains, swallows up the sea floor, makes volcanoes erupt, triggers earthquakes, and imprints ancient climates into the rocks? Oliver Strimpel, a former astrophysicist and museum director asks leading researchers to divulge what they have discovered and how they did it. To learn more about the series, and see images that support the podcasts, go to Instagram: @GeologyBites Twitter: @geology_bites Email:

The Mineral Rights Podcast: Mineral Rights | Royalties | Oil and Gas | Matt Sands

Matt Sands

Welcome to The Mineral Rights Podcast! I'm here to help you to make the most out of your oil and gas mineral rights and royalty interests. From the latest mineral rights news to featured guests, get the knowledge and resources you need to manage your minerals and royalties.

Age of Plastic

Andrea Fox

An environmental podcast with tips on how to live plastic free! Host Andrea Fox tackles big ethical issues with her knowledgeable guests, all in the hope of overcoming the climate change overwhelm and battling the single-use plastic guilt.

Cutting Carbon

GE Gas Power

Climate change is the dialogue of our future. With the “Cutting Carbon” podcast series, GE Gas Power joins the conversation in a meaningful way. We provide the basics of decarbonization, the technologies behind and how we can implement them into how we generate electricity in the future. Join our host Jeff Goldmeer, GE’s fuel guy, as we bring various guests and exciting perspectives together. Questions or ideas? Email us at

The Green Divas

The Green Divas

The Green Divas is the original green podcast and has been sharing low-stress ways to mitigate and adapt to our climate reality since 2006. Founding Green Diva Megan McWilliams Bouchard and Green Divas Lynn Broderick and Lisa McWilliams are refreshing the brand for the 2022 reboot. All have been involved in the Green Divas and other forms of media for decades and are committed to bringing solutions, hope, humor and of course credible information in an engaging format. Stay tuned for the best content for green, natural living, climate hope, stories of resilience all with The Green Divas often humorous approach.

The MapScaping Podcast - GIS, Geospatial, Remote Sensing, earth observation and digital geography


A podcast for the mapping community. Interviews with the people that are shaping the future of GIS, geospatial and the mapping world. This is a podcast for the GIS and geospatial community

The Uptime Wind Energy Podcast

Allen Hall, Rosemary Barnes & Joel Saxum

Uptime is a renewable energy podcast focused on wind energy and energy storage technologies. Experts Allen Hall, Rosemary Barnes, and Joel Saxum break down the latest research, tech, and policy.

Teens Talk

Teens Talk

Teens Talk is a podcast for teens and by teens, encouraging gen z to take charge of their futures and make change in their community. This podcast is now hosted by Georgie Allan and Amber Fink. You can follow our Instagram @teenstalkpodcast

A Voyage to Antarctica


Journalist and broadcaster Alok Jha talks to leading explorers, scientists, conservationists and artists about Antarctica’s fascinating past, present and future, to discover why the icy continent matters to us all. Created by the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first sighting of Antarctica. UKAHT champions public understanding of, and engagement with Antarctica through the history of human endeavour in the region. UKAHT looks after British historic sites and artefacts in Antarctica and invests in global public programmes and education enabling more people to discover, understand, value and protect this stunning and important part of our planet. The podcast is part of the UKAHT's ‘Antarctica In Sight’ programme, supported by Arts Council England, the Garfield Western Foundation and the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Sustainability, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Politics, Activism, Biodiversity, Carbon Footprint, Wildlife, Regenerative

Environmental Solutions · One Planet Podcast · Creative Process Original Series

The story of our environment may well be the most important story this century. We focus on issues facing people and the planet. Leading environmentalists, organizations, activists, and conservationists discuss meaningful ways to create a better and more sustainable future. Participants include EARTHDAY.ORG, Greenpeace, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, PETA, European Environment Agency, Peter Singer,, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Earth System Governance Project, Forest Stewardship Council, Global Witness, National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership, Marine Stewardship Council, One Tree Planted, Polar Bears International, EarthLife Africa, Shimon Schwarzschild, and GAIA Centre, among others. Interviews conducted by artist, activist, and educator Mia Funk with the participation of students and universities around the world. One Planet Podcast Is part of The Creative Process’ environmental initiative. INSTAGRAM @creativeprocesspodcast INSTAGRAM @oneplanet podcast

Geology On The Rocks

James Hobbs

James the Geologist and Bryan Baggins dive deeper into various geological topics with rock hammers in one hand and a whiskey on the rocks in the other. Grab a drink, take a seat, and enjoy the conversation with our hosts and esteemed guests. Stay cool, tune in, and keep it on the rocks! Support this podcast:

Third Pod from the Sun

American Geophysical Union

Third Pod from the Sun is back, and we’re going weekly! We’re breaking things up into six-week mini-series and our first series is all about the true, personal stories from scientists, for everyone. Join us as we combat misconceptions about sharks, learn how to lasso lizards, hear from a Martian here on Earth, spark science joy via TikTok, journey to Antarctica, and fight over food with some capuchins!

How to Save the Planet

Friends of the Earth

This podcast series by Friends of the Earth brings you inspiring stories from the frontlines of the climate movement, frank discussion of the issues and solutions at play and takes a look at how anyone can have an impact.

Tracking The Tropics

Eric Burris

Welcome to 'Tracking The Tropics', a new podcast hosted by WJCL 22 Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Nelson and WESH 2 Meteorologist Eric Burris. Join them as they discuss the state of the tropics, and look at long range patterns for tropical development.

The Nick Zentner Geology Podcast

Nick Zentner

Geologic stories from the Pacific Northwest.

Weather & Whatever

Jacqueline Waters & Matthew Schall

Weather and Whatever is a podcast about daily life affected by weather, weather myths, cool weather phenomenon, big weather events, your weather questions and literally whatever else y’all want to hear! Your hosts are Jacqueline Waters and Matthew Schall who fell in love very quickly after having to quarantine together shortly after matching on tinder. We have big dreams together and are open to all feedback on our first ever podcast! Support this podcast:

The Hydrogen Podcast

Paul Rodden

Welcome to The Hydrogen Podcast! This show is for energy investors and analysts who want to learn about how hydrogen is driving the evolution of energy. We will drill down into the hydrogen market and discuss where capital is being deployed and where financial opportunities are developing. Learn from Paul Rodden, the hydrogen consulting expert that is on the speed dial of billionaire oil magnates and is dialed in to the advances and financial opportunities that hydrogen presents in the energy market. Inside each episode, Paul interviews thought leaders who are invested in the future of energy and driving the hydrogen market to new heights. He also shares his insights on the current opportunities and developments with complete transparency. From overall strategy, to future casting, to lessons learned, Paul will be your guide as you explore the concept of hydrogen as a fuel source, the advancements in the industry (present and future), and the economic opportunities that are available for potential investors.

Wild Plant Culture

Jared Rosenbaum

Interviews exploring connections between people and wild plants, with botanist Jared Rosenbaum. Native plants, ecological restoration, field botany, foraging, herbal medicine, and more.

Inside Seaweed

Fed DeGobbi

This is the podcast where we talk about the incredible world of seaweed and how this growing industry is bringing innovation and solutions to address climate change and the environmental crisis.

Geology Podcast Network


The Geology Podcast Network is a source for geology news, career highlights, and insights by experts in the field from around the world.

The Dr. Sky Experience

WABC Radio

Join Radio/TV personality, Steve Kates / Dr. Sky, as he brings to life many great interviews from the world of Astronomy, Space, Aviation, Weather. World class common sense interviews with scientists, astronauts, celebrity guests, as well as those that talk about American exceptionalism and our freedoms. A native New Yorker at heart, Steve Kates / Dr. Sky had his start in New York City television and modeling in the 1960's and started in broadcasting in his teens. Enjoyed having Dr. Clyde Tombaugh as his instructor in college in New Mexico, Steve Kates/ Dr. Sky has been producing his own radio shows on News 92.3 FM/ KTAR in Phoenix as well as a long television career starting with New York City./ Fox 10 Phoenix and AZTV. He has been a regular on the largest nighttime radio show, Coast To Coast AM, with his weekly updates. E mail:

AcresUSA: Tractor Time

Tractor Time by Acres U.S.A.

The #1 podcast in Eco-Agriculture. From your friends at Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture since 1971, Tractor Time is a conversation between farmers, authors, advocates and legendary voices in the world of eco-agriculture. Hosted by Ben Trollinger, editor of Acres U.S.A. magazine. Since it started in 2017, this podcast has been downloaded more than 120,000 times around the world.

Sustainable Asia

Sustainable Asia

Stories about Asia and the environment...that you probably haven’t heard yet.  A new perspective on how different countries in Asia are tackling a changing planet.'s Sustainability In Your Ear

Mitch Ratcliffe

Earth911's Mitch Ratcliffe interviews activists, authors, entrepreneurs and changemakers working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, post-carbon society. You have more power to improve the world than you know! Listen in to get started saving the planet!


Sustainababble: comedy, nature, climate change.

Sustainababble: a weekly comedy podcast about the environment. Visit us at, on Twitter @thebabblewagon, or search for 'Sustainababble' on Facebook. Contact at


Shangwei, MInghao


Bionic Planet: Reversing Climate Change by Restoring Nature

Steve Zwick

We've entered a new epoch: the Anthropocene, and nothing is as it was. Not the trees, not the seas – not the forests, farms, or fields – and not the global economy that depends on all of these. What does this mean for your investments, your family's future, and the future of man? Each week, we dive into these issues to help you Navigate the New Reality.


Jen Gale

If you feel like you're drowning in plastic and need to use a small child to jump up and down on top of your black bin each fortnight to get the lid to shut, or you want to save the planet but you're exhausted at the very idea, then this is the podcast for you! Sustianable(ish) isn't about austerity, or deprivation, or needing to live off grid in a yurt (although if that's your bag you're also very welcome!) - it's about you, and me, and the power of our actions. The small tweaks we can make, the baby steps, and how they add up to change the world.



Thomas Rashad Easley, the Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (FES), hosts the Heartwood podcast recorded on the FES campus in New Haven, Connecticut. Thomas meets with guests spanning the environmental spectrum, in pursuit of one goal: understanding how the heart impacts the woods, and the woods impact the heart.

Jeranism Podcast

Jeranism Podcast

Welcome to the Jeranism Friday Lounge, Thursday LIVE (DITRH Stein And Me)... [Audio Podcast Edition] a new show... with no specific topic, let's see how it goes. Enjoy the show. Some links will be listed below following the live stream! IF YOU CANNOT FIND THE LATEST EPISODES OF JERANISM PODCAST ON YOUR PODCAST PLATFORM GO TO FOR ALL EPISODES

The Biochar Podcast


The Biochar Podcast presented by ANZBIG features experts speaking about Biochar,  how it's made, its uses and applications, and the impacts it has socially, economically and environmentally. ANZBIG is a not-for-profit industry group, and as a global leader in biochar, assists companies, governments, and institutions in the effective production and use of biochar. ANZBIG works to streamline education, research, collaboration, and the commercial uptake of biochar. Our aim is to help create a more sustainable future, greater economic prosperity and an improved quality of life for all of us.

Geography Explained


Are you unsure about the wonders of Planet Earth? Do you wish that you could get frequent information on geography? Then listen to the Geography Explained podcast regularly and you will find that geography is highly straightforward.

100 Climate Conversations


As Australia’s most ambitious climate-focused cultural project, 100 Climate Conversations aims to inspire action by presenting an evidence-based and empowering vision of the future. The program showcases 100 visionary Australians, taking effective action to respond to the most critical issue of our time, climate change. Featuring Mike Cannon-Brookes, Victor Steffensen, Ronni Kahn, Clover Moore, Rebecca Huntley, Grace Vegesana, Ross Garnaut and Ketan Joshi in conversation with some of the nation’s most respected journalists.

GEO Podcast

Gary Lewis,

A place to learn about geology for teachers, students, rock hounds, and geology enthusiasts - that comes out on Fridays!Gary Lewis is an Australian-born geologist who loves to share his passion for all things 'geology'. In the GEO podcast, Gary takes you on a journey to learn about rocks, minerals, earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers and so much more. It does not matter if you have no experience in geology, Gary will help you to understand the fundamentals of our planet so you can have a greater understanding about when you see when visiting your backyard, your local creek, cliff or beyond. You can also join Gary as he runs Field Adventures (specialist travel experiences) to see parts of the world through the eyes of a passionate Earth scientist.  Find out more at

Geographical Thinking from Esri Canada

Esri Canada

Tune in for inspiring stories from thought leaders and GIS users across business, government and education in Canada. Get practical tips for applying geospatial thinking to tackle challenges -- from simple ones encountered in everyday life to the most complex issues our world faces today.

The Response Force Multiplier

Oil Spill Response

Welcome to The Response Force Multiplier, the OSRL Podcast. On The Response Force Multiplier, we explore all aspects of emergency planning and response, through conversations with compelling experts and thought leaders, providing a fresh take on key issues and cutting-edge techniques in this field. In each episode, we’ll dive into one aspect of emergency planning and response using OSRL’s unique pool of experts and collaborators to gain new insights and to distil these down into actionable tools and techniques for better preparedness and response to crisis incidents and emergencies.Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Emergency PlanningPlease give us ★★★★★, leave a review, and tell your friends about us as each share and like makes a difference.

PCPG's A Poorly Sorted but Well Rounded Series

Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists

To most folks, this may seem an odd title but it best describes the range of topics this podcast series delivers to practicing geologists, geoscientists, or anyone with an interest in Pennsylvania’s geological environment. Produced by the Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists (PCPG), the series includes practical and timely topics, technical and social matters, trends and tips for the office or the field, and interesting subjects and interviews that may remind you of why you chose (or should have chosen) a career in geoscience. So, if you’d like to learn something new, listen to a geologist talk about something they love, or you just need a break from the routine, please join us and listen in!


Sans Nom

Global climate change can be stopped, or can it?

The Water Resources Podcast

Bridget Scanlon

The Water Resources Podcast is designed to conduct interviews with experts to discuss challenges with water resources related to climate, such as droughts and floods, and overexploitation by humans. Potential solutions to these challenges are also discussed. Regions covered range from local to global scale, and approaches considered include satellite and ground-based monitoring, and global to regional modeling. The podcast is hosted by Bridget Scanlon, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin. The Water Resources Podcast is a production of the Bureau of Economic Geology, The Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin in partnership with the National Academy of Engineering. The podcast is supported by the Fisher Foundation.

Climate Change Corner

Gracie Tulgestka

In this podcast you will learn about the greenhouse affect and solutions for climate change.

A Climate Change with Matt Matern

Verified: Matt Matern's Environmental Advocacy Podcast

A Climate Change with Matt Matern is a weekly show featuring influential guests from government, business, activism, academia, and culture. The show serves to inform its audience with a focus on environmental and climate issues. Join us as we commit to making "a climate change." Similar to these great podcasts: TED Climate, Reversing Climate Change, Climate Change and Happiness, My Climate Journey, Volts, America Adapts, & Climate Vision 2050.

The Plant a Trillion Trees Podcast

Eva Monheim

The purpose of our podcast is to encourage tree planting and proper tree care for our urban forest which includes neighborhoods, parks, and other open spaces. We will also cover a myriad of tree topics including the important role trees play in relationship to the climate crisis. The show is hosted by Eva Monheim and Hal Rosner certified arborists through the International Society of Arboriculture. Support this podcast:

The Land Before Podcast: Fossil Histories and Paleo Mysteries

Dinosaur Ridge

From the team at Dinosaur Ridge in Morrison, Colorado exploration of the fossil histories and paleo mysteries found on-site and around the world. Expert discussion on old and new discoveries and why they are relevant to human life today.

Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival

Post Carbon Institute: Energy, Climate, and Collapse

How have humans become powerful enough to disrupt the world's climate, trigger the sixth mass extinction, and cause serious harm to the biosphere? And with all the abilities and technologies we've accrued, why do we so often oppress instead of uplift one another? Join us as we explore the hidden driver behind the converging crises of the 21st century. It all comes down to power - our pursuit of it, overuse of it, and abuse of it. Learn how different forms of power arose, what they mean for us today, and why giving up power just might save us. This podcast is based on the groundbreaking book, Power: Limits and Prospects for Human Survival by Richard Heinberg, one of the world's foremost experts on energy and sustainability. For more information, please visit

Popular Volcanics

Popular Volcanics

A podcast about volcanoes hosted by Dr. Erik Klemetti and Dr. Janine Krippner. Each month we'll talk about eruptions going on around the world, banter about volcano research and talk to a guest about the world of magma (and other stuff, too).

The Sustainability Agenda

Fergal Byrne

The Sustainability Agenda is a weekly podcast exploring today’s biggest sustainability questions. Leading sustainability thinkers offer their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working --and what needs to change -- and think about the future of sustainability.

The Backpacker's Guide To Prehistory

David Mountain

The podcast that provides top travel tips for time travellers. Each episode host David Mountain will be asking experts in palaeobiology about the most interesting, exciting and important aspects of prehistory.

Rock and Ramble


Podcast about geology and how it relates to other topics.   

Back to Blue by Economist Impact

Economist Impact

Back to Blue is an initiative by Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation that aims to improve evidence-based approaches and solutions to the pressing issues faced by the ocean, and to restoring ocean health and promoting sustainability. The initiative will focus initially on aspects of the vexing challenge of pollution. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Yale Environmental Dialogue

Yale Environmental Dialogue

Sustainability has emerged as a global priority in recent years. In the U.S., however, partisan divides, regional disputes, and deep disagreements over core principles have made it nearly impossible to chart a course toward a more sustainable future. The Yale Environmental Dialogue, a new podcast from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies (F&ES), is trying to do something about that. During each episode, leading environmental thinkers from a range of disciplines, sectors, and political perspectives will share their ideas for addressing critical environmental threats and lead a discussion with colleagues and other experts about the potential for these ideas and innovations to achieve meaningful change. Each of these ideas are published in a new book, “A Better Planet: 40 Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future,” edited by Daniel Esty, Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at Yale. The book is a product of the Yale Environmental Dialogue, a new F&ES initiative that is promoting important discussions on environmental issues. It is published by the Yale University Press.

The Rogue Agronomist

Stull Agronomy

Join Kyle Stull as he talks about agronomy and farm business topics. The Rogue Agronomist is based on Kyle’s past in Ag retail and his current venture as a crop consultant running his own business in the Midwest helping clients improve profitability and sustainability.

Bedrock: Earth's Earliest History

Dylan Wilmeth

This podcast starts at the beginning of Earth's prehistory and works forward through time. Bedrock will explore the first 90% of Earth’s past, a time known as the Precambrian Era. Before humans, before dinosaurs… there was the Precambrian. The Earth was an incredibly alien world, but not a dead one. Along the way, you will build a mental toolkit to see the world like a geologist. You will never look at a mountain, the moon, or pond scum in quite the same way again. Welcome to Bedrock. For transcripts, visuals, and references, check out

Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story

Deep Isolation

At Deep Isolation, we believe that listening is one of the most important elements of a successful nuclear waste disposal program. A core value of the company is to seek and listen to different perspectives on the matter of nuclear waste, nuclear energy, and disposal solutions. We have created this series to interview experts and stakeholders that represent aspects of nuclear waste. Our hope is to bring clear picture of Nuclear Waste: The Whole Story.

Carbon Farming Podcast

Agoro Carbon Alliance

The Carbon Farming Podcast with Agoro Carbon Alliance brings you the latest news and insights from the world of agricultural carbon. Hear from industry experts, farmers, ranchers and agronomists about the carbon market and farm-based carbon credits in this ad-free podcast. Farmers and ranchers across the United States are increasingly making sustainable practice changes including: transitioning to strip/no-till, adding cover crops, managing nitrogen, and pasture and rangeland management. Now, with the addition of carbon credits − financial products that represent 1 ton of carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere − these practices also provide a new revenue stream. Join us, we're creating a solution that is grounded in soil.

Permaculture for the Future

Josh Robinson

The world is full of negative news and the planet is in crisis. This it can be downright disheartening and you feel that there is nothing that you can do. I am here to provide a different perspective. The Permaculture for the Future Podcast is about spreading positive and impactful stories, tips, and ways that each one of us can transition into a regenerative lifestyle. We talk about simple ways to make lifestyle changes and interview authors, teachers, and other folks that are collectively healing ourselves and the planet.If you want to make an ecological impact, stick around because this podcast is for you.

Trash Magic!

Oakley J-Fast

Change the world one purchase, one piece of trash at a time. Your hosts: Oakley J-Fast, a chemical engineer, and Sara Fuentes, a waste and recycling expert, are here to demystify the circular economy. There is so much potential in what others see as disposable - that's what we call Trash Magic! Support this podcast:

On The Environment

Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Sustainability In Progress (SIP)

Sustainability in Progress (SIP)

Welcome to Sustainability in Progress (SIP), a podcast brought to you by John George, Laura Negre, and Aliyah Elfar, Program Directors for Columbia University's Journal for Sustainable Development. This series brings together industry experts to discuss the most challenging issues facing our world today but, more importantly, the opportunities to address these challenges and make tangible impacts! The Sustainability space is constantly evolving so we’ve decided to call this podcast Sustainability in Progress, or SIP. To suggest topics for future episodes, email us at

The Geography of Everything

Ronni Ravid & Zenne Hellinga

Welcome to the geography of everything, the podcast where we try to figure out the geography of, well, everything. Stephen Hawking spent his life trying to come up with one equation that could describe everything in the universe. But geography, well, doesn’t really work like that. Because, in its simplest form, geography advocates for the connectivity of everything. It believes that there are a million different versions, realities, and perspectives on any phenomenon, depending on how you look at it, and from where. And more than anything, geography believes that nothing exists in a vacuum, but instead, that our world is comprised of countless chain reactions, interactions, and connections that weave together the fabric of our world. From sea turtle migration to technological innovation, pandemics to veganism, geography is everywhere, and the connections are limitless.  Each episode of this podcast will cover a different phenomenon from big to small, silly to scary, humanities to biology, with the hope of discovering the geographies of it all. Follow us on Twitter @geoofeverything and LinkedIn and feel free to contact us for any suggestions or questions via This podcast is recorded at and made possible by Utrecht University. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Geology Bites

Oliver Strimpel

What moves the continents, creates mountains, swallows up the sea floor, makes volcanoes erupt, triggers earthquakes, and imprints ancient climates into the rocks? Oliver Strimpel, a former astrophysicist and museum director asks leading researchers to divulge what they have discovered and how they did it. To learn more about the series, and see images that support the podcasts, go to Instagram: @GeologyBites Twitter: @geology_bites Email:

Coffee Talk With Eric Burris

Eric Burris

Central Florida's best way to wake up and get weather information. Let's chat! Live on every day 8am. Join us!



Talk+Water takes a deep dive into the world of water with those making the waves. Todd H. Votteler, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Water Journal & Texas+Water, interviews a special guest making a unique contribution in the water profession.

The AGvisorPOD

Robert Saik

Welcome to The AGvisorPOD! It's a monthly show hosted by Rob Saik, CEO of AGvisorPRO. The AGvisorPOD is your direct route to interesting and insightful conversations about agriculture. From deeper digs into the details of soil health, to high-level conversations about our globalized food system, AGvisorPOD takes material from AGvisorPRO's monthly webinar series, and transforms it into a show you can listen to on the go!

A Rock and A Hard Place

Mineral Choices

Welcome to A Rock and A Hard Place, a podcast brought to you by Mineral Choices. In each episode, Dr Saleem Ali and Thomas Hale speak to experts about the integral but too often hidden role of minerals in our modern world. From complex communications infrastructure to next-generation clean energy solutions, minerals are the key to unlocking a brighter and sustainable future. However, supplying enough minerals to meet the world’s ever-increasing demand is a significant challenge. Stuck with a choice between accelerating conventional mining activities and finding new alternative mineral resources, what is the global solution to this global problem?

Daugherty Water for Food Podcast

Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute

Welcome to the Daugherty Water for Food Podcast! Since 2010, the Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute at the University of Nebraska has worked toward one goal: a food and water secure world — one in which global food security is ensured without compromising the use of water to meet other essential human and environmental needs. It’s a daunting vision, but one that is vitally important. This podcast amplifies the voices of those making waves in this space.

Across the Sky

Lee Enterprises

The Lee Weather Team hosts a fast-paced weekly podcast that tackles hot topics (and cold!) plus what’s trending in meteorology, science and climate. The show isn't limited to hard science as our hosts and guests tug at your emotions from stories out in the elements. The Lee Weather team features Matt Holiner of Lee Enterprises' Midwest group in Chicago, Kirsten Lang of the Tulsa World in Oklahoma, Joe Martucci of the Press of Atlantic City, N.J., and Sean Sublette of the Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia.

A Penney for your thoughts

Sean Blomgren & Andrew Penney

Welcome to a Penney for your thoughts, a podcast brought to you by Sean Blomgren and Andrew Penney, live from central Iowa. A show where we discuss all things agronomy, and high yield management, give you real-time updates on what we’re seeing and hearing about in the field, and gain insight from industry professionals as we bring you relevant and timely information on current agronomic management practices.

Level Up Audio Project

FEMA Region IX and Georgetown Climate Center

Audio stories of community resilience planning and hazard mitgation.

RSM River Mechanics Podcast

Stanford Gibson

Conversations about River Mechanics, Sediment Transport, and Fluvial Geomorphology

Minds Behind Maps

Maxime Lenormand

Maps Are Everywhere. These are conversations with those building them.

Your Brain On Climate

Dave Powell

Psychology vs climate change: what we think, why we think it, and how it all adds up to a planet-sized emergency. Each episode host Dave Powell interviews experts in how our brains work - from PhDs in psychology to writers, activists and beyond. They'll talk about how their brains and our brains do (and don't) work, and how all of that might help make sense of the climate crisis - and possibly what to do about it.

NSF Live

NSF Live is a weekly discussion show about spaceflight from NSF is not affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The initials in the URL are used with permission from NASA.

Climate Correction™ - A Climate Change Podcast

Shannon Maganiezin

Looking for our Spanish Podcast? Listen here: David S. Vogel is a world-renowned data scientist and predictive modeler. He has won the prestigious KDD Cup several times and the Heritage Health Prize in 2013. His wife, Thais Lopez Vogel, an attorney, manages VoLo Foundation. Together, they are raising six kids. David's research led them to become aware of the devastating economic impact of human reliance on uncapped fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases. They knew they had to do something - for their kids and future generations. VoLo Foundation exists to be the bridge between the science community and everyone else. The Foundation's work accelerates change and global impact by supporting science-based climate change solutions, enhancing education, and improving health. Climate Correction™ is the premier climate solutions event in the Southeast. The mainstage event brings top minds in climate solutions to one stage. Now, their cutting-edge research and solutions-focused education are available for streaming all year long on VoLo's Climate Correction Podcast. Podcast Host Shannon Maganiezin is part of VoLo's robust and talented Communications team. She previously hosted GIVE - A Philanthropy Podcast. Learn More

Weather with Cliff Mass

Cliff Mass

Atmospheric scientist Cliff Mass provides a weekly weather forecast for the Pacific Northwest, details current and future weather topics, and discusses related topics. Podcast is released every Friday at 9am. Support this podcast and ensure it remains ad-free on Patreon!

Storm Front Freaks

Storm Front Freaks | Weather | Chasing | Tornado

The Storm Front Freaks are a group of storm and weather enthusiasts from the amateur and professional weather community. The award winning Storm Front Freaks Podcast is a bi-weekly show featuring lively and entertaining weather discussion with exciting guests from the weather community. You can also join us at

How to Save the World | The Psychology & Science of Environmental Behavior

Katie Patrick

What *really* gets people to take action for the planet? Environmental engineer, designer, and author, Katie Patrick, takes you on a wild intellectual journey into the heart of the environmental psyche. Katie hunts down the latest behavioral science literature from top universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford to unearth the evidence-based teachings you can use to get more people to adopt your environmental campaign, product, or behavior. Warning: Best for deep sustainability nerds. Sign up for Katie's free course on climate action + gamification design at

Generation Anthropocene

Generation Anthropocene

Exploring the connection between humans, nature, and the powers shaping our new geologic age. Hosted by Michael Osborne and produced by 14th Street Studios.

Deep Convection

Deep Convection

Deep Convection is a podcast featuring real conversations between climate scientists (or sometimes those working in areas adjacent to climate science). The goal is to capture what it is like to work in our field at this moment in history. We talk about our lives, how we came to do what we do, what the work means to us, and how that is changing, or isn’t – and sometimes about science. Our top priority is to capture good conversations, but if some learning happens that’s fine too.


Big Brains Media LLC

The world's oldest and greatest weather podcast. Join weather geeks James Spann, Bill Murray, Kim Klockow-McClain, Dr. Neil Jacobs, Rick Smith, Aubrey Urbanowicz, Jen Narramore, and Troy Kimmel along with some of the most brilliant minds in the weather enterprise every week!


USDA Forest Service

As a daily weather forecast evaluates current atmospheric conditions and predicts if it’s likely to rain in the near future, Forestcast shows you what’s happening in the forests of the Northeast and Midwest, and where those forest ecosystems might be headed. From the forefront of forest research, the Northern Research Station invites you inside the largest forest research organization in the world — the USDA's Forest Service. In each episode, you’ll hear stories, interviews, and special in-depth anthologies of the science that's studying, questioning, and solving some of today's most compelling forest issues.


Dr. Rob Carter and Joseph Darnell

Dr. Robert Carter and producer Joseph Darnell explore the world from a Christian perspective. On our quest, we will discuss science, but a little history and philosophy as well.

Christian Flat Earth Ministry

James Edwards

The plane truth about the flat earth!

Backyard Geology


Like it or not, geology is everywhere. Whether it be deep on the ocean floor, high in the Andes, or in your backyard. As field geologists, we often pine for expeditions in remote places and foreign countries. But there is often amazing geology right in our backyards. Don’t let the Kentucky Bluegrass and your mother’s geraniums fool you. There is exciting geology even in your backyard. In this podcast we explore the amazing discoveries and geologic events that happened right in someone’s backyard.

"Get the Lead Out" with Doctor Chuck Stead

Doctor Chuck Stead Phd.

Dr. Chuck Stead was raised in the Village of Hillburn, in the Ramapo Mountains of Lower New York. Get the Lead Out is a chronical of the environmental degradation of a water shed and its deadly impact on an indigenous population. A skilled storyteller, Dr. Stead studied at the Vermont Institute of Social Ecology and received his PhD at the Antioch New England School of Environmental Studies. This podcast follows his journey from boyhood, hunting and trapping in the Torne Valley of Ramapo where he first discovered Ford Motor Company’s pollution of the watershed, and on to the culmination of a Forty-million-dollar clean-up. Along the way we are introduced to members of the Ramapough Lunaape Nation, as well as citizen scientists, archaeologists, herpetologists, engineers, politicians, journalists, and Dr. Steads students who experienced what it means to speak truth-to-power. We are looking into Traditional Ecological Knowledge and its application to our contemporary environmental crisis.

AccuWeather Daily


AccuWeather Daily brings you the top trending weather story of the day – every day.


Heated, Limina House

The HEATED podcast is a limited run series that demonstrates that COVID-19 and the climate crisis cannot be separated. In a series of up-to-the-minute interviews, HEATED's Emily Atkin connects the dots on how two of the most pressing conversations of our time are really one and the same.

Climate Curious


Are you Climate Curious? If you care about the world, but find the current conversation about climate change confusing, scary or boring – then this might be the podcast for you. Join TEDxLondon and co-hosts Maryam Pasha and Ben Hurst as we lift the lid on the climate emergency by speaking to the world’s leading and most relatable climate pioneers. Find out why cities are key to the climate fight, why we need to tackle systemic problems (and not just plastic straws), and why we’re all a bit crap at sustainability.

From the Ground Up


Looking to explore the complex and vital intersection of extractive industries and modern, sustainable economies? Look no further than From the Ground Up, a riveting new podcast series featuring passionate University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy students. Guided by Christian Gaona, an alum of the Colorado School of Mines, former underground mine operator, and industrial electrician, our team delves deep beneath the surface to examine the intricate processes through which the minerals beneath our feet fuel the global economy. Join us for a journey underground and discover the most pertinent issues shaping the future of our world. From the Ground Up is proudly presented by the University of Chicago Public Policy Podcasts.