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Shawn Stevenson

TMHS 548: How To Improve Your Metabolic Fitness - With Dr. Casey Means

For most of human history, folks didn’t put much thought into what was going on with their blood sugar unless they had a diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes. But that’s changing—more and more people are becoming aware of the impact that blood glucose has on metabolic health and overall health. One of the leading experts in this area is our guest today, Dr. Casey Means.  Dr. Means is a Stanford-trained physician and the co-founder of the revolutionary metabolic health company, Levels. Her mission is centered around optimizing health through blood glucose levels, disease prevention and reversal, and empowering patients in their food and lifestyle choices. On today’s show, we’re taking a deep dive into the world of blood glucose levels. You’re going to learn about the multitude of factors that can impact your blood sugar levels, and how this biomarker affects other important processes in the body. We’re goi


Rip Esselstyn

Ep. 126: Dr. Dean Ornish - UnDo Chronic Disease with These Four Simple Steps

“What you will gain is so much more than what you will give up.” - Dr. Dean Ornish Dean Ornish, M.D. is highly regarded as “The Father of Lifestyle Medicine,” which is the fastest-growing trend in medicine today, and today's discussion with Rip dives deep into the vast body of work and groundbreaking research that Dr. Ornish has conducted for decades. As the founder and president of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute (PMRI) for over 40-years, he and his team of researchers have demonstrated time and again how lifestyle medicine can reverse, treat, and prevent chronic disease.  How is this possible? Eat Well, Love More, Stress Less, and Move More – all of which are outlined in Dr. Ornish’s latest book, “UnDo It - How Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Most Chronic Diseases,” which has just been released in paperback.  From the beginning, Dr. Ornish was met with criticism and skep

Food Heaven Podcast

Dear Media, Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez

Working In the Office Is a Scam with Dr. Devon Price

Today we’re talking with one of our favorite people on IG, Dr. Devon Price, about these companies scamming us into going back to the office to work. Did you know that there has been a significant increase in productivity since the pandemic started? It’s probably because many workers have had the opportunity to work from home and maintain a healthy work-life-home-life relationship. With that being said, isn’t it weird that many managers are asking folks to come back to the office? Why?    Today we go on a deep dive with author & social psychologist Dr. Devon Price about all things work place. Listen as we talk about research and STATISTICS on productivity, creating boundaries, tools to be an advocate for ourselves at work and MORE!   In This Episode We’ll Cover: How Devon feels about internet stardom  Devon’s newest book, Laziness Does Not Exist  Productivity during the pandemic  The MANY benefits of working from home &

The Exam Room by the Physicians Committee

Physicians Committee

Rethinking Olive Oil (Again): Fatty But Healthy? | Drs. Neal Barnard and Josh Cullimore Live Q&A

Olive oil is loaded with fat and calories, but should that stop you from including a healthy dose of it in your diet? New research suggests it is not just good for your heart but can also lower your risk of dying from cancer and other diseases.   Dr. Neal Barnard joins "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll to examine the data to discover whether you should forget about the fat and feel good about fueling up on olive oil.   Also on The Exam Room Live, Dr. Josh Cullimore debuts to help answer questions sent to The Doctor's Mailbag.   - Is the fat from dairy heart healthy? - Why is cheese so addictive? - What are some healthy vegan snacks? - Is coconut milk healthy? - And many more   Chuck also has details about the alarmingly low number of doctors who refer their patients to dietitians and nutritionists.   This episode of The Exam Room™ Podcast is sponsored by The

The Fasting Method Podcast

The Fasting Method

Fasting Q&A: Ending an Extended Fast, OMAD, Keto and Low-Carb, and More

Episode #005 In this Fasting Q&A episode, Megan and Nadia answer your fasting questions: 1. When should you end an extended fast? [00:30] 2. I am starting a 30:16 cycle and hope to move onto a 3x42. I have about 10 pounds more to lose. I feel very satisfied with one meal a day and 800 calories, but I am concerned that I might damage my metabolism if I go very long on OMAD (one meal a day). Is that something that is OK or should I make sure I get more calories 3 or 4 days a week? [09:08] 3. When doing one-meal-a-day, how much should you eat and/or how long should you eat? [17:50] 4. When it is said, “Intermittent fasting is not about diet,” why are we told to do keto or low-carbohydrate diets? [24:56] Have questions you want us to answer? Please email them to Blog post by Jason Fung, MD:  The #1 Rule of Fasting Learn More A

Delicious Ways to Feel Better

Deliciously Ella

Understanding Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

Ella and guest, Karl Deisseroth on understanding anxiety, depression and mental health. From the depths of human emotion to why the science can expand our empathy and connectivity; why our view of mental health needs updating; the hidden realms of the mind and the ways in which we can expand our connectivity.Karl Deisseroth - Connections: A Story of Human Feeling See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Dr. Gundry Podcast


Brainwashed By Fruit? | Ep190.5

On this episode, I answer your questions about following the Plant Paradox program – including why you should give “fruit the boot” and tasty ways to feed your good gut buddies.

Full show notes and transcript:

The Dear Body Podcast

Jessi Jean

123 - What To Do When You're Stretched Thin

Join Jessi Jean for a solo episode today all about What To Do When You Feel Stretched Thin in life. Jessi shares practical tips on how to manage your emotions, move through this challenging season and not slip into negative patterns. It's not the typical “find balance” advice — quite the opposite actually!   Links: Check out The Food Freedom Online Program - A Four-Month Online Program That Reprograms Your Behaviors With Food

Half Size Me

Heather A. Robertson

How To Get Out of the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle and Still Eat the Foods You Love | HSM 519

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In episode 519 of The Half Size Me™ Show, Heather talks with Patty about how she’s beating the yo-yo diet cycle and has lost over 50 pounds, plus

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why she’s still struggling with treats
how she’s going to set her meal plan to include the foods that she enjoys (including wine and chocolate)
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Wake The Fake Up


#16 - Communicating With Our Loved Ones After They’ve Passed with Serena Dyer

Join us this week for a beautiful conversation with Serena Dyer and Chervin as they share with open hearts how they connect with their fathers even after they’ve passed from this physical realm.

Serena Dyer is the sixth of Wayne and Marcelene Dyer's eight children. Serena attended the University of Miami, where she received bachelor's and master's degrees, and now lives in South Florida with her husband and three children.

Serena co-authored her first book with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer in 2014, and her most recent book, “The Knowing” was coauthored with her sister Saje and released in May of 2021.

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Instagram: @serenadyerpisoni
Facebook: @officialserenadyer
Website:, sa

Biceps After Babies Radio

Amber Brueseke

169: “Does the best version of myself have to be skinny?” With Erika Theide

In today’s episode, Erica shares about how to rationalize and set goals with regard to your values and what’s important to you. This kind of understanding will be a powerful shift in your journey So, let’s dive into the interview with Erica Theide.   Find show notes at Follow me on Instagram!

High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel, MS

Author Mike Mutzel interviews Jeff Bland, Datis Kharrazian, Ben Greenfield, Abel James, Dave Asprey, Ben Lynch, Jade Teta and Corey chuler

Vitamin D, Sleep & Your Brain: Important New Connections

A large body of research suggests vitamin D impacts sleep quality and sleep duration as well as neurotransmitter levels in the brain. Here's an overview of the latest science--which is timely if you live in norther latitudes. Support your Vitamin D levels this winter with Unique Vitamin D Blends by MYOXCIENCE Nutrition: Save with code podcast at checkout Link to images, science and video: Episode Time Stamps: 0:00 Intro 1:37 Vitamin D and Sleep 2:07 Dr. Stasha Gominak, MD Vitamin D and Sleep Podcast 2:16 Vitamin D and Gut Health 2:31 Vitamin D Metabolism Basics  4:56 Factors that impact vitamin D levels 5:54 Optimal Vitamin D levels 6:42 Classical VS Non-Classical pathways linked with Vitamin D  8:05 Vitamin D and sleep details 8:31 Vitamin D and sleep disordered breathing 9:05 Vitamin and sleep details 10:16 Vitamin D and Circadian Rhythms 11

Choose You Now

Julieanna Hever

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

EmPowered Radio

Emma Montgomery

Welcome to EmPowered Radio, a podcast dedicated to educating listeners on all things nutrition, training, mindset, and personal development. Each week, join host Emma Montgomery, founder of Macros with Em, as she empowers you and gives you tangible takeaways to take the guesswork out of your fitness and nutrition.

Diet Culture Rebel Podcast

Bonnie Roney

Can I Eat Vegan and Have Food Freedom? with Taylor Wolfram

In this week's episode, Bonnie is joined by Taylor Wolfram where they will have a discussion on understanding how to be vegan and still be in recovery from your eating disorder. Bonnie & Taylor will touch on topics such as: The misconception around veganism.  How being vegan extends far beyond what we eat?  Being a vegan can be a healthy lifestyle if it is for the right reason.  Learn how to not feel deprived and restricted with Vegan Foods.  The dangerous side of eating Vegan.  Our guest today is Taylor Wolfram, Taylor is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and private practice owner specializing in vegan nutrition and an anti-diet, weight-inclusive approach to health. Social justice and inclusivity are at the core of her work. She practices from a Health At Every Size® perspective and believes everyone has the right to body autonomy and respect. She helps folks improve their relationship with food, exercise, and

GUT TALK with Jill and Jenna

Jill and Jenna

Two sisters on a mission to help make gut health more ~digestible~ for the every day person. Through interviews and personal experiences, Jill and Jenna break down the importance of gut health, how to get started on your gut health journey and how to make sustainable, realistic changes.

Longevity by Design


Dr. Vera Gorbunova — Applying Lessons From Long-Living Animals to Combat Human Aging

Did you know that there are species of whales that can live to be over 200 years old? Or that naked mole rats can live up to ten times longer than other mice? These facts and more led scientist Dr. Vera Gorbunova to investigate the mechanisms behind long-lived species and how these can be applied to what we know about aging in humans. In the latest episode of Longevity by Design, our co-hosts, Dr. Gil Blander and Ashley Reaver, are joined by Dr. Vera Gorbunova, Professor of Biology at the University of Rochester and co-director of the Rochester Aging Research Center. Tune in as Dr. Vera Gorbunova discusses commonalities between long-lived animals and how humans can apply these principles into their lives today. To learn more about science-backed ways to live a healthier, longer life, download InsideTracker's InnerAge eBook at

Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Stephen Cabral

Burn Fat & Boost Metabolism Through Intermittent Fasting

Today’s podcast is a deep dive on how to use the science of intermittent fasting to safely burn more fat and boost metabolism while not damaging long-term hormonal health…   The problem with how many fasting programs are being implemented is that they overlook the long-term consequences to favor the short-term results…   This causes unnecessary metabolic health issues, which usually leaves you worse off from where you started initially…    That’s why on today’s #CabralConcept 2126 we’ll look at how to scientifically burn fat and boost metabolism through intermittent fasting (without the side effects) - Enjoy the show and let me know what you thought in the comments! - - -   Show Notes & Resources: - - - Dr. Cabral's New Book, The Rain Barrel Effect - - - Join the Community & Get Your Questions Answered: - - - Dr. Cabral’s Mo

Align Podcast

Aaron Alexander

Shawn Stevenson: Vaccine Mandates, Zombie Wasps and Psychoneuroimmunology

Today’s science & technology allows us to cross planets and modify genes, yet chronic diseases still shoot us down. If our systems are so advanced, why are we still the sickest nation in history? That’s a question addressed by Shawn Stevenson in this eye-opening episode. Here, Shawn unveils the faults in our healthcare system and the role of the government and media in perpetuating fear among us. He explains that the fear that helps us spot a threat is the same fear that makes us commit bad decisions for ourselves and others. While fear serves as our mechanism for survival, Shawn argues it has also been a tool that corporations, politicians, and capitalists use as a form of control…and a source of billon-dollar profits! As long as we’re afraid to take charge of our own lives, they will continue to feed on us, and we will continue to grapple with the crisis of fear. From the hyperbolic COVID-19 media co

The Nutrition Diva's Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

Can Nutrition Heal Your Thryoid?

A controversial diet called the Auto-Immune Protocol is purported to help with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and other auto-immune conditions. Clinical Nutritionist Sunny Brigham joins Nutrition Diva to discuss the role of nutrition in supporting a healthy thyroid.

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The Keto Diet Podcast

Leanne Vogel

#349: Keto and Your Hormones: What You Need to Know with Dr. Anna Cabeca

How to use the keto diet to support your hormones. RESOURCES 21-page guide to achieve weight loss on your keto diet: Get The Keto Beginning use code, KETOPODCAST for discount: FREE guide on how to start keto: Keto question? Need help? Send me a message: Connect with Dr Anna Cabeca: PARTNERS Use the code KETODIET for 20% off Eaton Hemp: Thesis nootropics code KETO for 15% off:

Weight Loss For Women: eat more, train less, get results

Kitty Blomfield

Are you a woman who’s obsessed with her weight? Have you jumped from fad diet to diet only to fail when your willpower gave out? Have you cut dairy, sugar and entire food groups to try and lose weight? Do you wonder if you can ever be free from food obsession? Do you suffer one or more of these issues: inability to lose weight, hormonal imbalances, PMS or menopausal symptoms, hair loss, sleep issues, low sex drive, fatigue or bloating/digestive issues? Welcome to the Weight loss for women: eat more, train less and get results podcast. Kitty Blomfield and Craig McDonald, alongside various experts, explore the truth about fad/restrictive diets and why they never work, as well as education on metabolism, hormones, pro-metabolic nutrition, training and mindset so you can eat more, train less and get results. Kitty and Craig are all about empowering women and providing them with the right knowledge, tools and resources to help them restore their metabolisms, lose weight and tone up in a healthy and sustainable way.

The Melanie Avalon Biohacking Podcast

Melanie Avalon

#128 - Dr. Michael Platt: Using Progesterone Cream, Adrenaline Dominance, Decreased Hormones Levels In Aging, Bioidentical Hormones, PCOS, PMDD, & Fertility, Estrogen, & Testosterone, And More!


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2:30 - IF Biohackers: Intermittent Fasting + Real Foods + Life: Join Melanie's Facebook Group At For A Weekly Episode GIVEAWAY, And To Discuss And Learn About All Things Biohacking! All Conversations Welcome!

2:45 - Follow Melanie On Instagram To See The Latest Moments, Products, And #AllTheThings! @MelanieAvalon

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5:30 - FOOD SENSE GUIDE: Get Melanie's App At Melanieavalon.c

The Key Nutrition Podcast

Key Nutrition

KNP310 - It’s Time to Bet on Yourself and Take Some Chances!

On today's show, Michelle and I discussed taking risks in your life to create more fulfillment, joy, success, and happiness. I recently got back from a men's coaching retreat weekend in which I took a jump off a 300+ foot cliff. The jump in this swing represented more than just doing something cool; it was a metaphor for life. This episode was special for me to record, so I really hope this finds you well and gets you motivated to take a leap and bet on yourself in 2022.   Discount code: keynutrition for 20% off your first Legion order. Order Legion Supplements ->   Connect with us on Instagram Host Brad Jensen – @thesoberbodybuilder Co-Host Michelle Raines  – @thebreathwithinyou Key Nutrition – @keynutrition


Courtney Swan

Welcome to the Realfoodology podcast with your host me, Courtney Swan! I’m an Integrative Nutritionist living in LA on a mission to change the way we eat in America.  Each week I’ll be talking to doctors, food experts and health professionals to bring you the best info so you can thrive. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of how powerful our food choices are. But it’s never too late to start.  You’d be so surprised how resilient our bodies are when we start taking care of them.  Trust me, I know it’s overwhelming.  Thats why I’m here.  I’m going to break it down with you, make it more digestible and easier to navigate.  Let’s get back to real food! For more info, visit ( and follow me on ig @realfoodology

Everyday Wellness

Everyday Wellness: Cynthia Thurlow, NP

Ep. 186 Greenwashing: The Unfortunate Truth about Personal Care Products with Gin Stephens

Today, I am super excited to welcome Gin Stephens back onto the podcast for the third time! She was with me before in episodes 81 and 104, where she spoke about strategies for intermittent fasting. 
Gin is an intermittent fasting expert who has been living the intermittent fasting lifestyle since 2014. She’s the New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author of Fast. Feast. Repeat, and author of the Amazon number one bestseller in the weight-loss category, Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle. Gin has just written a new book, Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body’s Natural Ability to Self-Clean, that will be coming out in early 2022. 
Gin’s lifestyle shift in 2014 led her to lose more than 80 pounds, launch her intermittent fasting website, self-publish four books, and start three top-ranked podcasts. (Intermitte

Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels | Wondery

The Game-Changing Impact of Regenerative Agriculture on the Environment and Our Overall Health, with Farmer Lee Jones

Farmer Lee Jones, regenerative agriculture specialist, joins Jillian to discuss the power of farming efficiently, ethically, and effectively. The way our food is farmed impacts our health in a myriad of ways! Chemicals sprayed on crops affect not only our physical health, but the health of our environment. Food grown in the proper climates with regenerated soil has far more nutrients. Sustainable farming creates sustainable jobs. Learn how to make healthy, sustainable, ethical choices with your food shopping!Guest Links:Instagram: @farmerleejones and @farmerjonesfarmHome Delivery: farmerjonesfarm.comFor 25% off The Fitness App by Jillian Michaels, go to us on Instagram @JillianMichaels and @MartiniCindyJillian Michaels Community:

Optimal Protein Podcast with Vanessa Spina

Vanessa Spina

OMAD, Animal Protein vs Plant Protein, Protein Requirements, Antinutrients and More with Dr. Angela Stanton

Hi friends! Happy New Year! Introducing the brand new TONE Device! Struggling to lose weight or reach your fitness goals? The TONE is a new breath acetone meter which lets you know if your body is burning fat! Pre-order the TONE here. Now shipping worldwide!!  Pre-order the Black & Gold TONE HERE Pre-order the Black & Rose Gold TONE HERE This episode is all about Protein, the cons to eating One Meal A Day (OMAD), Animal Protein vs Plant Protein, Protein Requirements, Antinutrients and More with Dr. Angela Stanton! "My doctorate is in a field of neuroscience that incorporates several specialties with the focus on neurotransmitters associated with decision-making. Economic games and heavy mathematics are used in this field of research. My official degree is doctorate in Economics with dissertation in neuroscience. This field is referred to as Neuroeconomics.  I n

Eat to Live

Jenna Fuhrman, Dr. Fuhrman

Sugar, sugar, and more sugar

ReferencesKanoski SE, Davidson TL. Western diet consumption and cognitive impairment: links to hippocampal dysfunction and obesity. Physiol Behav 2011, 103:59-68.Kroner Z. The relationship between Alzheimer's disease and diabetes: Type 3 diabetes? Altern Med Rev 2009, 14:373-379.Kodl CT, Seaquist ER. Cognitive dysfunction and diabetes mellitus. Endocr Rev 2008, 29:494-511.Starr VL, Convit A. Diabetes, sugar-coated but harmful to the brain. Curr Opin Pharmacol 2007, 7:638-642.Ye X, Gao X, Scott T, Tucker KL. Habitual sugar intake and cognitive function among middle-aged and older Puerto Ricans without diabetes. Br J Nutr 2011, 106:1423-1432.Knuppel A, Shipley MJ, Llewellyn CH, Brunner EJ. Sugar intake from sweet food and beverages, common mental disorder and depression: prospective findings from the Whitehall II study. Sci Rep 2017, 7:6287.Beilharz JE, Maniam J, Morris MJ. Diet-Induced Cognitive Deficits: The Role of Fat and Sugar, Potential Mecha

Veggie Doctor Radio

Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO, MPH, MS, FAAP

179: Why nutrition is important now more than ever

In this episode, I discuss why nutrition is important now — more than ever, why we should care about nutrition, and why we should eat more whole plant foods. This episode is going to be a great one to share with friends and family.   Disclaimer: The information on this blog, website and podcast is for informational purposes only. It is not meant to replace careful evaluation and treatment. If you have concerns about your or your child’s eating, nutrition or growth, consult a doctor.     Mentions:  Send me an email to with questions and topics   Sign up for my newsletter   My enriched food reel:   The episode with Dr. Neal Barnard — 84: How Diet Can Affect Your Hormones:   Study mentioned:  Plant-based diets, pescatarian diets and COVID-19 severity: a pop

Fueled for More

Starla Garcia, M.Ed, RD, LD

Hey runners! Want to enhance your performance through balanced, intentional nutrition? Welcome to Fueled for More, a podcast where we help new and experienced runners alike improve their nutrition and fuel their bodies. We believe in showing up–for your run, for your life, and for yourself–at full capacity. And when you fuel your body well, you set yourself up for success in your sport and beyond. Whether you want everyday nutrition advice, gut health guidance, advice for fueling on long runs, or just to improve your mindset around food, we’re here to help. Want to learn more? Come visit us on Instagram @starla_shines or on our website at Ready to jumpstart your nutrition? Click here to download my FREE grocery guide for endurance athletes.

Healthy Eating For Busy Women

Kat Rentas

Normal Eating

Many of my clients in the beginning of our time together have a goal of “eating normally”. Usually, this means they’re having judgements about themselves as an eater now and seeing themselves as “abnormal”. The truth is, you will always have legitimate reasons for your food struggles now. Nothing has gone wrong. It’s all solvable. In today’s episode, I’m teaching you how to change your relationship to your current food struggles, so you can move forward and learn to “eat normally” in the way you’ve always wanted. Learn more at: –– Ready to change your eating habits without restriction or overwhelm? I can help. Click here to learn more about the Own Your Eating Habits program.  Find yourself overeating and you’re not sure why? I’ve created a free video master class, where I share the two reasons why you’re overeating now and what you need to do to stop overeating forever. Click here to access the free master class.  H

Well-Fed Women

Noelle Tarr

How Nutrient Imbalances, Copper Toxicity, and Methylation Impact Your Brain with Samantha Gilbert

Here are the notes for episode #349 of Well-Fed Women. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher to subscribe!To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: this episode, Noelle and Samantha Gilbert discuss how nutrient imbalances, copper toxicity, and methylation impact your brain.Got a question you’d like us to answer? Email us at of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Thistle Farms, a place where women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution receive help and support through residential programs, therapy, education, and employment opportunities. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Thistle Farms by downloading our podcast each week.Topics![04:25] How Nutri

Cutting Against The Grain

Laura Spath and Judy Cho

Cutting Against the Grain is a podcast by Judy Cho (Nutrition with Judy) and Laura Spath. Both Judy and Laura understand the struggle when it comes to ideal eating and real-life. In this podcast, these two friends share real talk about the world around them, especially topics around diet, wellness, mental health, and community. Weekly, they explore hot topics in the nutrition and wellness space while sharing their own, real experiences. If you're craving some real talk without any online filters, this podcast is for you.

15 Minute Matrix

Andrea Nakayama

#272: Mapping Trauma with Dr. Robert Kachko

When we hear the word “trauma”, our first thoughts are usually related to something big that’s occurred in life. But trauma encompasses any experience that leaves the body feeling unsafe. Join me today as I discuss trauma and trauma-informed care with Dr. Kachko and how we as providers can offer slow and steady resolutions for […]
The post #272: Mapping Trauma with Dr. Robert Kachko appeared first on Functional Nutrition Alliance.

Food Freedom Fertility: HA Recovery and Beyond

Lindsey Lusson

Welcome to the Food Freedom Fertility Podcast! Here we discuss the challenging, rewarding, and life changing process of recovering your period and finding freedom with food and exercise. Whether you’re hoping to regain your cycle and get your health on track or ready to become a momma- this podcast is for you. While the recovery process isn't always rainbows and butterflies, it’s my hope to bring you both information and inspiration during your own recovery journey. I’m your host, Registered Dietitian and fellow HA woman Lindsey Lusson.

The Consistency Project

OptimizeMe Nutrition

on Offering Nutrition In Your CrossFit Gym

If you own a gym, should you be offering a nutrition service? We're talking about why nutrition is uniquely difficult compared to fitness, focusing on the "doing" and not the science, events, one-on-ones, on-boarding, and more.
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Nutrition with Judy

Judy Cho

Expert's Finding on the Cause of Insulin Resistance - Dr. Ben Bikman

I’m super excited to share this interview with you. I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Benjamin Bikman. We talked a lot about insulin resistance and the concerns going on right now.Dr. Ben Bikman’s research focus is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms that mediate the disruption that causes and accompanies metabolic disorders, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and dementia. Driven by his academic training (Ph.D. in bioenergetics and postdoctoral fellowship with the Duke-National University of Singapore in metabolic disorders), he is currently exploring the contrasting roles of insulin and ketones as key drivers of metabolic function. He frequently publishes his research in peer-reviewed journals and presents at international science meetings.Dr. Bikman spends most of his time tending to his responsibilities as a professor and researcher in the Department of Physiology and Developmental Biology at

The SociEATy Podcast

Colleen Christensen

Leaving an MLM Coaching Biz for Intuitive Eating [feat. Mindi Garcia]

You might recognize today's guest’s voice from a previous episode in which she and Nicole talked about what it's like to be in The SociEATy, and if you haven't listened to that conversation yet, I highly recommend that you bring that episode up next because we had such a fun time having that conversation! Mindi joins me today, though, to more specifically discuss her story and her intuitive eating journey! Mindi is a self-care practitioner with a passion for helping women connect to what she calls their power within. Her background is so interesting and fascinating, having gotten her college degree in Psychology but eventually becoming a dieting coach. She enthusiastically reflects on various aspects of her journey and topics such as people's struggles during the pandemic and how and why she found intuitive eating and married that with her love for coaching. We also talk about what it was like for Mindi to

RP Strength Podcast

Nick Shaw

RP Coach, Dr. Jake Reed

0:17 RP coach Jake Reed introduction 3:51 Dr. Mike's early diet and nutrition experiments 6:42 Jake's background 14:04 Athlete monitoring in collegiate football 19:50 Do high level athletes work harder than everyone else 27:07 How well do athletes listen to the data collected from monitoring 34:31 Blood Type diets 41:37 Periodization 43:27 Studying habits 49:37 Standout RP client transformation stories 57:46 How to work with Jake

Veggies & Virtue: Flexible Meal + Snack Strategies for Moms

Ashley Smith - pediatric dietitian + Christian mom

In this podcast, you will find simple menu ideas, kitchen organizational systems that are spelled out for you, and feeding tips and tricks that are both evidenced-based and yet grace-laced.

Dishing Up Nutrition

Nutritional Weight & Wellness, Inc.

Reduce Anxiety With Food

If you have been experiencing more anxiety over the past 20 months than you ever have in the past, you are not alone, because according to a new study by the CDC (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention) about 42% of U.S. adults reported having symptoms of anxiety and depression during this COVID-19 pandemic. That is almost half of the adult population! So what can you do personally to relieve some of your anxiety and depression? Today, as dietitians and nutritionists, we want to focus specifically on the anxiety piece to share at least three biochemical reasons your food choices have a major impact on your mental health.

We Only LOOK Thin

Catherine and Donald Wygal

Episode 206 – Silent Night, Breadly Night

You might think that the holidays stop people from having questions, but it turns out the holidays create even more questions for some.  Questions about navigating this festive time of ...

Bright Line Living™ - The Official Bright Line Eating Podcast

Susan Peirce Thompson


The episode is early this week because today is a very special occasion. Today is the publication day of BLE's third book!!! Rezoom: The Powerful Reframe to End the Crash-and-Burn Cycle of Food Addiction is finally available in bookstores everywhere. If you pre-ordered, has it arrived yet? If you haven't, there's a convenient link to order below the episode. This book has a huge job to do in the world right now, both in our BLE community and beyond. Listen to the episode to hear all about it.

Episode: REZOOM IS HERE!!! | Bright Line Living | The Official Bright Line Eating Podcast

Ask The Health Expert

JJ Virgin

Busting Fasting Myths with Dave Asprey

Join JJ as she chats with one of her very best buddies, founder of Bulletproof Coffee and fasting expert Dave Asprey. Dave will take you on his trial-and-error journey of weight loss. Once hitting 300 pounds, having arthritis, high risk of heart attack and stroke, cognitive dysfunction, prediabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome - all by the age of 30 - Dave was desperate for change. Trying everything from daily gym workouts to the most stripped down diets he could imagine, nothing was working for him. Dave found that by simply doing one thing less, he was able to drop the pounds easily; eating less. Fasting helped Dave start dropping fat while maintaining energy levels, getting good sleep, feeling more excited about life, and actually lowering his biological age. Dave and JJ discuss the important signs for both women and men that your fasting cycle might need a change. It’s not a one-size-fits-all system, but once you can get your perso


Dotsie Bausch and Alexandra Paul

159 - Weight Loss Success Story with Alishea Basson

Our guest today is living proof that anyone can change their life. Alishea Basson was a mom of four and creeping into dangerous territory in regards to her health by the time she was 30 years old. Severely overweight and plagued with seizures and high blood pressure, Alishea decided she couldn’t live with her emotional eating self any longer. She educated herself on how to eat healthfully and exercise, eventually adopting a whole foods, plant-based diet. While her family didn’t support this choice, Alishea stuck with it. Now 125 pounds lighter and full of energy, Alishea is an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can’t. Listen in to learn how this everyday hero made the switch for good, and how you can, too.  What we discuss in this episode:   - Alishea’s journey to her rock bottom   - How binge eating stretches your stomach   - How to deal with feelings without food   - Learning what foods are actually healthy   - Transit

Revero Animal Based Nutrition | Carnivore Diet

Carnivore Success Story by Coach Gina P - Revero

"I was able to not only stop the progression of Lupus, Sjogren's, and Hashimoto's, but reverse it, as well as, put mental health issues in remission, and lose 70 lb." - Coach Gina This episode is hosted by Revero coach Brooke. Find her at Donate to the Carnivore Diet Clinical Trial:

The Primal Kitchen Podcast

Mark Sisson & Morgan Zanotti

12: Crohn’s, Acne, Hormones and Health: Unique Hammond Shares Her Journey

This week, Morgan sits down with Crohn's Disease Survivor and Holistic Health Coach Unique Hammond as she walks us through her journey to health with an unlikely hero: beans.  She discusses in-depth her scary health decline and not feeling heard in Western Medicine. Unique tried almost every diet under the sun to get better, it wasn't until she discovered that beans and fiber she cracked the code to long-lasting gut health. Unique and Morgan myth-bust beans and answer all of the questions you're dying to know! Find Unique's book, Your Tastebud's Are A**holes on Amazon & get $25 OFF any of Unique's courses on when you use code PRIMAL25 at checkout. 

What You're Craving

Dear Media, Molly Carmel

Are you in an unhealthy relationship with food - caught in the cycle of binge eating, diet culture, and obsessive food thoughts? Molly Carmel, author and leading eating disorders and addictions therapist, is here to help. Each week, you’ll hear from folks who’ve overcome their struggles with food and weight. You’ll learn how to heal your relationship with food and ditch diets once and for all. Molly Carmel is fiercely devoted to your freedom so that you can show up for yourself and the life you deserve.

Unlock the Sugar Shackles Podcast

Danielle Hamilton, FNTP

How Limiting Beliefs & Self-Sabotage keep you from sticking with a Sugar Free Lifestyle with Danielle Daem | Episode 78

The sponsor for today's show is RASA! Rasa coffee alternative is a delicious, healthy coffee substitute made from adaptogenic herbs. Coffee steals energy from tomorrow to use today. Drinking coffee doesn't actually GIVE us energy. It's just borrowed. This is why I love RASA. The adaptogenic herbs in these blends actually support and boost your body's adrenal glands helping to restore your body's natural energy. They also help boost your body's resiliency to stress as well. You can brew these coffee alternatives in a french press for 10-15 minutes. You can have them any time of the day or in place of coffee for an extra boost and increase in mental clarity and alertness. Personally I find that if I consume RASA every day, my overall daily energy improves, my sleep improves, and so many of my clients who have blood sugar cras

Peak Human - Unbiased Nutrition Info for Optimum Health, Fitness & Living

Brian Sanders - Filmmaker of Food Lies & Health Coach

Part 148 - Dr. Chris Palmer on Incredible Cases of Diet & Lifestyle Reversing Depression, Bipolar, and Schizophrenia

Carnivore Cast

Carnivore Cast

Keith McDonald - Fasting and Carnivore to Lose 100s of Lbs, Fix Libido and Increase Testosterone

Keith McDonald (@_keithmcdonald) was overweight, unhappy, had low libido, and riddled with chronic illness including celiac, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, platntar fascitis, and more before taking his health into his own hands. With carnivore and fasting, he’s been able to lose 100s of lbs, take control of his life, and relieve many of those conditions without the use of medication.   Looking for the best beef for carnivores at a great price? Check out the incredible boxes from Colorado Craft Beef (the Steak Lover's box is my personal favorite!) and use code CCAST to save $ and support the show. They're a 5th-generation family-owned operation that offers Dry-Aged, Grass-Fed, Craft Beef at great prices and delivers nationwide. I personally eat their meat every single day and love the rich, delicious taste of their fattier cuts - perfect for carnivores looking for extra fat

Real Life Weight Loss

Corey Little

Welcome to the Real Life Weight Loss Podcast where we cut through the confusion and get down to the truth - down to what really works for REAL people when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off. We're diving into the most doable, sustainable weight loss strategies. This podcast is all about busy moms, dads, husbands, wives who are working, raising kids, and trying to juggle everything life’s throwing at them … but also want to be the best they can for their family and friends and loved ones. I’m your host Corey Little, a nutritionist and weight loss specialist with 2 degrees, 3 certifications, and 20 years of experience. I've been a champion bodybuilder with 3% body-fat and I’ve also pigged out at all-you-can-eat buffets and have a deep love of food and enjoying life like crazy! So, I’m not some Nutrition Robot or extremist. I’m a real person just like you who loves the good things in life - friends, family, and all the delicious food that comes with it. So, make no mistake - this podcast is NOT about how to get six-pack abs or how to drop as much weight as possible in 8 weeks. There’s more to life than abs and there’s more to your body than how much you weigh. Honestly, weight loss is not really about losing weight … it’s about gaining life! Doing things you never thought you could. Having renewed confidence. And enjoying your body and your health more than ever. Week by week, I’ll provide bite-sized guidance - 15 to 20 minute episodes that pull back the curtain and reveal the truth about what it takes to lose weight and gain life - what strategy and approach real people are using to get results without giving up their day-to-day life. And here’s the really cool part … It’s really not as hard or confusing as you might think. Changing your body, getting crazy healthy, and demanding success from life is do-able for everyone - and it can be fun - and I’ll show you how.

Crushing Iron Triathlon Podcast

Crushing Iron

#536 – Age Is A Mindset

We all know the mind plays a big part in training and racing, so it’s really up to us to get the negative voices out of our heads. Today, we look at great accomplishments as we get older and how age is being re-defined. We talk about how people and news can pollute our belief system, and ways to get past our limiters. We look at why so many people put off the next phase in pursuit of perfection, but why it’s so important to dive in and go now. Fill your voids with the right fuel. Also, a CLASH Daytona recap.  Topics:  Training Mistakes?  Going too hard vs. too far 5k vs. Marathon Commit to a walk Walk/Run alternative Strength Building When we hurt ourselves on purpose Filling a Void CLASH Daytona Indian Wells Next Year will be an exciting Pro Season Human Optimization for the Metaverse  It’s not too late Age is a Mindset Committed to live vs. Accepting the Dying Process Unsolicited Advice  Doctor Speak  It’s all up to YOU People Dragging your into th

The Bone Coach Osteoporosis & Bone Health Podcast

Kevin Ellis

The Bone Coach Osteoporosis & Bone Health Podcast is dedicated to helping you understand all things related to diet, lifestyle, bone health, and how you can live and thrive with low bone density, osteopenia and osteoporosis. Podcast host, Kevin Ellis, is a Certified Health Coach, Health & Wellness Speaker, and the Founder of Kevin was diagnosed with osteoporosis in his early 30’s and has since worked to help his Bone Coach clients and community members get the conditions right in their bodies to better their bones.Through research, expert interviews, tips from his own health coaching practice, and through answering questions from our Bone Coach Community, you'll learn why this is a "must listen" if you're just getting started on your bone health journey.Hit “subscribe” to be notified of each new episode.

Lean With Plants

Chelsea Mae Cullen

How to handle criticism

Wondering how to navigate criticism and judgement for your food choices? Listen up!!Criticism sucks, and we can't avoid it... but we can get better at dealing with it and even seeing it as a necessary and normal part of life.Here's how I've made peace with differing opinions and judgement and some practical hacks to make it easier for you too.Get on the waitlist for the Lean with Plant's program opening soon!! I love hearing from you guys! So, PLEASE DM me, email me or send me a message in a bottle so I can hear your thoughts.? Find me on:My Website ➔ https://www.chelseamae.comInstagram ➔ ➔ and see you next week.

Curious Me Podcast

Emily Frisella and Mindy Musselman

CM39 Breaking Up with Unhealthy Daily Habits- Favorite Tips from Atomic Habits by James Clear

It's time for a break up with your unhealthy habits.  We have talked about one of our favorite books in past episodes and today we are sharing our favorite tips from Atomic Habits by James Clear.  Learn his tips for identifying daily habits and the laws of habit change to aid in your “break-up”

The Plant Centered and Thriving Podcast: Plant-Based Inspiration

Ashley Kitchens: Plant-Based Registered Dietitian and Virtual Nutrition Mentor

Welcome! If you're looking for plant-based inspiration, you've come to the right place! This podcast is here so you don’t have to feel alone on your plant-based journey. You'll hear from individuals who have taken the leap to go plant-based, why they did it, the struggles they faced, their words of wisdom for you, and how they're thriving now.


Dawn Kernagis and Ken Ford

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

How to Love Your Body

The Body Love Society

Ep 187 - How Diet Culture Conditioning is Keeping You Stuck

In this episode Lauren McAulay and Jenna Free discuss the obstacles that come with being conditioned to think like a dieter. This includes being conditioned with beliefs around fat phobia, healthism and the many problematic habits we adopt as dieters.

Learn how to begin shifting this conditioning so you can move forward in your Intuitive Eating Journey!

Be sure to look into our UnDiet Your Mind app if you want to continue working on undoing the conditioning that Diet Culture instilled in all of us! You can learn more at

The Keep Going Podcast – Powered by TB12


Dan Buettner on Investing in Longevity and Learning from the Blue Zones

Dan Buettner is an explorer and New York Times bestselling author who discovered the five places in the world – dubbed “blue zones” hotspots – where people live the longest, healthiest lives. If you’re unfamiliar with the blue zones, the term refers to the five areas of the world with the highest number of people per capita who live to over 100 years old. Dan’s extensive studies of these unique populations led him to develop what he calls “power 9” – the 9 diet and lifestyle habits that he observed as a common thread that powered their longevity. Dan’s work centers on the idea that we largely control our own fate when it comes to longevity. By making the right lifestyle choices, we can set ourselves up for a longer and more vital life. His philosophy echoes what we say all the time here at TB12 – we each have a responsibility to take control over our own health & wellness. Dan has expanded his initial bl

The Happy Sober Podcast

Craig Beck

Ready to quit drinking? Or perhaps you are already sober but need a few pointers to help you stay on the wagon. Join The Stop Drinking Expert Craig Beck for a live support and coaching session. Discover how to stop drinking without AA, rehab, medication or silly gimmicks.

Energetic Health Radio

Dr.Henry Ealy

America Out Loud Network © – Energetic Health Radio is here to Unlock America’s Core Energy. Who Are We At Our Core? Our DNA is that we are a people of principle and integrity. Tune in and find out how!

A Sense of Well-Being with Shayna Taylor

Shayna Taylor

Shayna Taylor is a wellness influencer and entrepreneur transforming the self-care industry with a radically compassionate approach. Whether she is in a kitchen, a boardroom, a fitness studio or a product development lab, Shayna is most at home when she is helping people improve the wellbeing of their body, mind and spirit. Her work is informed by a dynamic background that includes modeling, culinary training, global travel and mentorship from some of the world’s leading specialists in fitness and nutrition. Ever the curious change-maker, Shayna pours her boundless passion for natural health and healing into entrepreneurial ventures that allow her to directly address her followers’ most pressing problems. A Sense of Well-Being will cover all topics related to health and wellness and empower her listeners to better their mind, body, and soul.

The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

JImmy Moore

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore presents interviews with the movers and shakers in the world of Low-Carb/Paleo science, medicine and living. We’re here to help, encourage, inspire, motivate and rattle some chains.

The Laura Theodore Podcast

Mind Body

 You are familiar with Laura Theodore from her popular PBS television show, Jazzy Vegetarian, and her many bestselling vegan cookbooks. Now join Laura each week for The Laura Theodore Podcast, where she will feature easy and delicious recipes, as well as tips and strategies for living a kinder, happier and positive plant-based life. Laura will welcome amazing guests to share upbeat, engaging, and informative conversations featuring motivational lifestyle advice and nutritional guidance–all served up with sensational music on the side!  

Fuel for the Sole

Fuel for the Sole

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Platinum Performance® Podcast

Platinum Performance

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Sigma Nutrition Radio

Danny Lennon

#415: Prof. Bruce Neal – Can Salt Substitutes Reduce Cardiac Events & Death?

Bruce Neal is Executive Director at The George Institute for Global Health Australia; and Professor of Medicine, UNSW Sydney. Prof Neal is a UK-trained physician who has 25 years’ experience in clinical, epidemiological, and public health research with a focus on heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Bruce has a longstanding interest in high blood pressure and diabetes and the potential for both clinical interventions and changes in the food supply to deliver health gains. His work has been characterised by its focus on collaboration, quantitation, translation and impact. He holds professorial appointments at UNSW Sydney, Imperial College London, and an honorary appointment at the University of Sydney. He has published some 450 scientific papers and since 2016 has been identified by Thomson Reuters as one of ‘The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds’, an acknowledgement provided to just a few

Chomping Down the Dietetic Exam

Dietitian Feraz, MS, RDN

Studying for the Dietitian exam or the Dietetic Technician exam? Then partner up with Dietitian Feraz, MS, RDN, as he implements his multiple years of experience as university nutrition faculty to review and chomp down dietetic concepts into digestible bites! You'll be provided with strategies, critical thinking techniques, and exclusive prep questions to assist you in conquering your exams., remember, you got this! To access extra content, ask questions, and make episode requests, follow on IG @rdexampodcast

Keto Answers Podcast

Chris Irvin

The Keto Answers Podcast interviews the top minds in health and wellness to provide you with education and actionable information you can use to improve your health. The Keto Answers podcast is hosted by Chris Irvin, a low-carb science writer and educator known as The Ketologist on social media. The Keto Answers podcast is created by Perfect Keto, a low-carb food company that serves the keto community by providing quality keto supplements, food products, and education to help make keto dieting easier and more accessible.

Keto For Women Show

Shawn Mynar

The Keto For Women Show is designed to help women thrive on a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet in a safe and effective approach. The keto diet can be an extremely powerful and healing diet for women, but needs to be approached differently than men in order to get these benefits! Holistic nutritionist and passionate health-seeker, Shawn Mynar of, provides you with the tips and tricks you need to feel amazing, have great energy, find your happy weight, and heal your body.

The Keto Savage Podcast

Robert Sikes

Building and Scaling a Successful Business by Filling a Crucial Need with Will Nitze

Do you have an idea for a great product that will help to fill a need in your life and the lives of others? Will Nitze, founder of IQBAR, created his product to address a crucial gap in his nutritional protocol.

Skin From Within

Chloe Wilkinson BHSc.

This podcast is here to educate you on how you can have the skin you want, for good. Good skin comes from within and this podcast is here to educate you on just that. The sky is the limit and we cover everything. From skin care to specific skin conditions. This is your one stop shop for all things skin.

Mastering Nutrition

Chris Masterjohn, PhD

Strategizing Against Vaccine Mandates with Angela McArdle

In this episode, Chris Masterjohn interviews Angela McArdle on strategies to defeat the mandates. McArdle is the current chair of the Los Angeles Libertarian Party and is spearheading an effort to amend the New York City charter to prohibit the mayor from making mandates. We discuss the ethics of mandates, steelmanning the case in favor of them, and then justifying our opposition to them. We discuss strategies to defeat them, as well as strategies for employees to keep their jobs when faced with them. Angela has worked as a paralegal and legal aid for over eleven years.  Angela currently works in litigation and also has a private practice where she provides self help legal services to low income clients. The bulk of Angela’s practices focuses on real estate and constitutional law. She was a key organizer for the Los Angeles 2013 protest against a ban on feeding in public rights of way, which was a major obstacle to fe

The Carnivore Yogi Podcast

Sarah Kleiner

Why most people should not take calcium supplements and the real reason that taking vitamin D3 could be causing you more harm than good - Barton Scott - Upgraded Formulas

This episode is sponsored by Upgraded Formulas - Get your HTMA with Upgraded Formulas - use my code YOGI12 for a discount!  -
Join my private membership group here -
My previous episode with Barton Scott all about minerals -
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Sperti Vitamin D lamp -
EMR TEK - Red light therapy device - code carnivoreyogi30

Life After Sugar


Welcome to Life After Sugar: Stories to Inspire, with Netta Gorman. The podcast that's not just about sugar, but about your relationship with it, and especially with yourself. This podcast is for you if you know that you need to cut down sugar, but you're not sure where to start, and you're feeling tired, sluggish, and overwhelmed because sugar seems to be everywhere. Get back your energy, lose your extra weight and the stiffness in your joints, get your digestion back on track, without feeling like you're depriving yourself of anything or being on a diet! Here you'll hear inspiring stories of people who cut out sugar in their own way, at their own pace, and for their own reasons. I hope that this podcast will inspire you to discover your life after sugar too! For more details, visit the Life After Sugar website at

Alcohol-Free Lifestyle

James Swanwick

Helping high performers feel & perform better by reducing or quitting alcohol. Maybe you're considering to quit alcohol and go completely sober. Or maybe you wish to simply change your relationship to alcohol and stop drinking. Maybe you wish to do moderation. Whichever way you choose, this podcast will give you the process to succeed. Alcohol-Free Lifestyle is for high performers including entrepreneurs, executives, investors, athletes and top professionals.

Fit Cookie Nutrition Podcast

Holley Samuel

Fit Cookie Nutrition podcast will provide you with nutrition knowledge for all things running, endurance sports, preventing injury and burnout and more. I’ll interview every day runners and athletes making it happen-just like you- and chatting about their experiences as a runner. We’ll chat about how nutrition and fueling impacts training, performance, and your overall health and adjustments you can make to be the best runner you can be! Want to learn more about working with me? Check out and follow my Instagram @fitcookienutrition to learn more!

Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Nathalie Niddam

Episode # 71: How to Boost the Effects of Anti-Aging Skincare and Light Therapy

My guest this week is Amitay Eshel, the co-founder, and CEO of Young Goose, the biohacking skincare brand. After serving in leading roles in Israel's special forces community, he has held executive roles in the health, wellness, and beauty industry for over a decade.  Young Goose embodies his two passions, performance optimization, and skin health, with products that boost the functions of natural rejuvenation processes in the skin. We're discussing anti-aging, biohacking for the skin and whole body, and red light therapy.  Guest Offer: Save 20% on your purchase of Young Goose SkinCare: Code: SUPERHUMAN20 Follow Amitay   Sponsor: Thanks to our Episode Sponsor BiOptimizers. BiOptimizers make the only full-spectrum and most bioavailable Magnesium Supplement on the market called Magnesium Breakth

Less Stressed Life: Anti-inflammatory Functional Medicine

Christa Biegler

#209 The Neuroscience Behind Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Breaking the Habits Holding You Back with Julia Arndt

This week on the Less Stress Life Podcast, I talk to Julia Arndt about overcoming limiting beliefs and breaking habits holding you back. She shares her personal experience of burnout and the road to recovery. Julia explains how to retrain neuropathways by identifying limiting beliefs and finding flexibility to create better, more intentional habits.KEY TAKEAWAYS:Julia shares her personal story Who are peak performersLittle habits slowly slipping can add to or facilitate burnoutBuilding healthy habits and routineNeuro pathway development- stop running on autopilot and be intentionalThe science of limiting beliefsGUEST SHARED HELPFUL TIPS ON:How to sustain performance over time without the sacrifice of burning out and leaving the job?What are 3-5 steps on how to get startedImportance of self-care and what exactly that meansMorning routine- does yours help you to

The Thorne Podcast


With so much happening in the world of health and wellness, how can you separate fact from fiction? Listen to Thorne’s medical experts as they bring you the latest insights, access to exclusive interviews, and much more as the Thorne Podcast navigates the complex world of health and wellness. Here you’ll discover the newest research on diet, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle approaches to unlocking your best self.

The Body Image Podcast

Corinne Dobbas

The Body Image Podcast is a podcast about body image and the many layers that go into making peace with our bodies. Like intuitive eating, self-compassion, mental health, self-care, body and size acceptance, embodiment, rejecting diet culture, and more. Podcast host, registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, and certified intuitive eating counselor, Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD, talks with guests to help unpack these layers while discussing what positive body image means and looks like in real life. The goal of The Body Image Podcast is to help listeners better their understanding of what it means to make peace with food, heal their body image concerns, and reconnect with who they are as a WHOLE person. You can learn more and get full show notes at

Keto Lifestyle with Jessica Tye, NTP

Jessica Tye, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Episode 114: Top 10 Weight Loss Tips that you may have never thought of before!

Jessica's Top 10 Weight Loss Tips you may have never thought of before! 

1. IR Sauna

2. Cryo

3. Castor Oil packs

4. Get good sleep 

5. Grounding/Earthing

6. Vibration Plate

7. Coffee Enema

8. Drink Plenty of Water

9. Dry Brushing

10. Eat whole, single ingredient foods

Listen to the episode for details and thanks for tuning in!


A Gutsy Girl

Sarah Kay Hoffman

Hey there, I’m Sarah Kay Hoffman, a holistic health coach and chief gutsy of I went from bloated, gassy and infertile to living my best life with a strong microbiome and a very full house. On this show, no topic is too stinky to discuss and everything can be broken down into practical, digestible takeaways. So grab a cup of bone broth, veggie broth, or a soothing golden latte if you prefer and come along as I show you how the number two might just be your new number one.

Sam Miller Science

Sam Miller

S 294: 5 Lesser Known Effects of Birth Control

We've covered birth control from many angles and perspectives on previous episodes but I think there are 5 lesser known effects of birth control you would benefit from knowing. I will stay as unbiased as possible, relaying the science to you. Topics include:   - Lesser Known Effects of Birth Control - The Origin of Birth Control - Staying Unbiased Focusing on the Science - Oxidative Stress and Micronutrient Deficiency - Micronutrient Mastery Series - Oral and Gut Microbiome Considerations - Gut Dysbiosis - Autoimmune Disease Risk - HPA Axis - Cardiovascular Effects - Wrapping Up the 5 Effects - Share, Rate, and Review ---------- Sign up for my Free Metabolic Adaptation Masterclass: A Crash Course on the Consequences of Chronic Dieting ----------  Stay Connected: Website for Coaching Education: Instagram: @sammillerscience  Audiobook for Coaches: ---------- Join our no-co

Nutrition Rounds Podcast

Dr. Danielle Belardo

Episode 4- Eminence versus Evidence Based Nutrition

Hosted by: Dr. Danielle Belardo Instagram: @daniellebelardomd Twitter: @dbelardomd Facebook: Dr. Danielle Belardo, MD Danielle Belardo is a Preventive Cardiologist in Newport Beach, CA Learn more about Dr. Belardo here Read Dr. Belardo's Blog here: Produced by: Dr. Kasey Johnson Instagram: @drkaseyjohnson 
A discussion on evidence based nutrition with Kevin Klatt, PhD, RD
Before todays episode starts, we want to acknowledge the 122,000 Americans who have lost their lives to COVID19.  We acknowledge the great challenge that those in healthcare and others on the front lines are facing, as well as the many individuals who have lost a loved one to COVID19.  Our hearts also go out to the many lives affected by the sequelae of the pandemic, including the many individuals who have lost their jobs, and have been under financial and psychological stress.
We DENOUNCE incidents of racism

Renee Belz & Lauren Sambataro

Biohacker Babes

We're sisters and the Biohacker Babes! We want to empower you to become your own biohacker and upgrade your life. The Biohacker Babes podcast aims to create insight into the body's natural healing abilities, strengthen your intuition, and empower you with techniques and modalities to optimize your health and wellness.

The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast

Dr. Janean Anderson

Episode 67: Food - Beyond Diet Cultures Perspective

Today Dr. Anderson reflects on how people can expand their perspective of food. Diet culture and eating disorder voice lead people to think of food in limited ways. She discusses how food offers so much more than diet culture and eating disorder-perspective can. She talks about: Ways diet culture narrows our thoughts on food Calculator model Good/Bad food Moralizing eating Without diet culture, we can appreciate so much more about food How food is created, makes its way to our plates What food does in our bodies How food can be pleasurable, meaningful, and emotional Food facilitating connection with others Food passing along family traditions Food as a part of cultural or religious practice Preparing food as enjoyable itself  COVID and what’s really important about food Always, but even more so during the pandemic, people experience hunger, food insecurity by no fault of their own Diet culture pressures people t

The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dr. Anthony Gustin

143: James Connolly - The Real Issues That Need to Be Addressed With Our Food System

James Connolly, producer of two documentaries, Sacred Cow and Death in the Garden, comes on the show to discuss the problems with our food system, how they’re only getting worse, and what we can do to fix things. James first revolutionized the food system in some inner-city schools in New York and eventually went on to produce documentaries that highlight the true reality of the situation. In this episode, you’ll learn about how our food system evolved, the issues it faced back then and today, what’s really driving these issues today, and what it’s going to take to fix this. James also tackles the environmental issues with our food system, why he was a vegan for nine months and what happened as a result, and what’s going to happen if we don’t properly address these issues. James also shares more about the research behind vegan documentaries and how his research is different and he wraps the

Food Freedom and Fertility Podcast

Caitlin Johnson | Sophia Pavia

Transitioning from Fertility to Maternity Care with Rachel Mast

On this week’s episode of Food, Freedom and Fertility. Sophia Pavia is a solo host as her co-host Caitlin Johnson has given birth to a baby boy! Stay tuned for Caitlin’s birth story in a future episode. This week’s guest is Rachel Mast who is an Idaho Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife. She graduated from Birthwise Midwifery School in 2012 after completing her clinical training at New Beginnings Birth Center. Today Sophia and Rachel discuss the Transitioning from Fertility to Maternity Care. They also discuss exactly what a midwife brings to the table for maternity care. They discuss the differences between traditional hospital care vs homebirths or births with a midwife. Rachel and Sophia also discuss how to make the most informed decision regarding your maternity care, the importance of weighing your personal pros and cons.  They also give excellent advice on how to find the right midwife for

MetFlex and Chill

Rachel Gregory

Rachel Gregory (@rachelgregory.cns) is a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and Author of the best-selling book, 21-Day Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Challenge. She received her Master’s Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology from James Madison University and Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Miami. Rachel helps her clients transform their lives by starting with the physical (body), realizing the power of the mental (mindset), and ultimately gaining massive confidence that bleeds into every aspect of their lives (family, relationships, work, etc.).

Clean Eating for Women with Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition

Welcome to Clean Eating for Women, a podcast to inform and inspire YOUR journey to health, with a focus on nutrition and holistic healing. Please note that the information presented here is for educational purposes only. Consult your healthcare practitioner before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle. Hosted by Carrie Forrest, MPH in Nutrition, and creator of the Clean Eating Kitchen website.

Real Soulutions Podcast

Sarah Grace Meck, MS, RD

Here at Real SOULutions you'll find unfiltered and authentic conversations about hormone health, nutrition, birth control, and all things relating to a healthy, more holistic lifestyle with registered dietitian Sarah Grace Meckelberg. We don’t pretend to have it all figured out ourselves, but what you’ll find is an outlet for soul restoration, holistic wellness, natural healing, and practical solutions, to live out your best life, in your relationships, career, personal life and health. Each episode, Sarah Grace will be bringing you a special guest or message from her, about real-life barriers standing in the way of our best lives. We hope to help you reignite your soul & health inside and out, so you can live out the life you were created for!

The Love Food Podcast

Julie Duffy Dillon RDN

Season 5 Finale--I was scared to use my voice

Go to for transcripts! Six years ago, Love Food was being born. I was sweating bullets the first time I published an episode mostly because I was so scared to use my voice. But I really wanted to help you feel less alone on your Food Peace Journey so I did it anyway! Thank you for helping me to grow. In this season finale, I share the hits and misses I have made over the years recording this show. I announce changes to expect in 2022. Thank you for joining me so far and looking forward to continue to grow together in Season 6! Subscribe and leave a review here in just seconds. Mentioned in this episode: Dapy Levy's Love Food Podcast Episode Food peace resources: Julie Dillon RD blog / PCOS + Food Peace Free Roadmap / PCOS + Food Peace Course / Food Peace Syllabus / 6 Keys To Food Peace / My PCOS Manifesto If you're curious about what it looks like to stop pursuing weight loss, click here for some fabulous freeb

Sound Bites A Nutrition Podcast

Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RD, CDE

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Bobby Approved - The FlavCity Shopping Experience

Bobby Parrish

Shop along with me as we go to different grocery stores and I tell you what to buy, avoid, and why! Costco, ALDI, Trader Joe's, Walmart, Whole Foods, and more. I want to make you a better shopper and help you pick the best quality products at the store.

The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience

Drew Manning

EP323: Become a Female Jason Bourne with Kwame Stephens and Lynn Nordstrom

Kwame Stephens has over 25 years involvement in Muay Thai and is a four times Muay Thai Champion. He is also a prolific and well-known coach who turns professional fighters into world champions, and can turn any woman willing to work into a female Jason Bourne. In this episode, Drew sits down with Kwame and his ex-wife, Lynn, to discuss the importance of practical self-defense skills, why they are a growing need, and Kwame’s new program that is launching under the Fit2Fat2Fit umbrella. Be sure to welcome Kwame to the amazing F2F2F family, and check out his new program which can be found here:   A.W.A.R.E Tactical Program   HIGHLIGHTS:   [06:45] How Kwame discovered Mui Tai, what he loves about it, and what pushed him to pursue martial arts as a career.   [15:33] How Lynn met Kwame, how he transitioned from a lucrative fighting career into the world of coaching and teaching, and why he prefers coaching

The Conception Method

Lacey | Fertility Nutritionist

Welcome to the Conception Method Podcast, I'm your host Lacey Maddern and as an accredited fertility Nutritionist and TTC mentor, it’s my mission to help bring you closer to your future baby. Navigating the preconception phase can be super overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be when you’ve got the knowledge and tools to help you succeed. This podcast is your go-to resource for all things TTC, covering topics such as fertility-friendly nutrition, cycle tracking/optimisation and so much more! Disclaimer: The content in this podcast is general in nature and should not replace the advice of your healthcare professional.

Breaking Up With Binge Eating

Georgie Fear and Maryclaire Brescia

Binge eating and emotional eating keep millions of people from living their best lives. If you're one of them, this podcast is for you. Hosts Georgie Fear and Maryclaire Brescia share insights and key lessons from their wildly successful Breaking Up With Binge Eating Coaching Program. Their methods integrate Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, nutritional science and change psychology -- but what you'll notice is that it works and feels good. Step off the merry go round of dieting and binge eating and into a healthier, happier body and mind.

RD Real Talk - Registered Dietitians Keeping it Real

Heather Caplan

191: What are the Foundations of Anti-Diet Work?

This is a brief preview of the virtual Anti-Diet RD Program I host via Teachable. Registration opens back up in September 2021, via  In this short episode you'll hear about half of the first module, the Foundations of Anti-Diet Work! Obviously you can't see the slides, but hopefully you'll still "get the gist", as they say.  Article mentioned, differentiating fatphobia from anti-fat bias, can be found here.  Check out HeatherCaplan.Teachable.Com to learn more about what's offered in the course, and to join the course email list so you know when registration opens later this year! More Resources:  Resources mentioned:  Anti-Diet RD Training with Heather Caplan: Holding Space for Weight Loss Conversations — WIND Webinar with Bri Campos LPC RD2RD store: Download the NEW Anti-Diet RD Guide to Weight Loss Conversatio

Behind The Binge

Marissa Kai Miluk, MS, RDN, LD

#24 Do you have to restrict carbs to manage blood sugar with diabetes? [Intuitive diabetes management with Amanda Ciprich, RD]

Are you trying to manage diabetes with your diet? What if I told you that you could ditch dieting and lower your blood sugar at the same time? 

That sounds crazy, right?  You are probably thinking "yeah -  I could do that but my numbers would be crazy and my medical team would NOT be happy with me!.”

Well, what if I told you that you could eat what you want when you want…including sugar... WHILE reducing your A1C and enjoying the freedom to enjoy your life again!

On the show today, I’m talking with a fellow intuitive eating dietitian, Amanda Ciprich about how to manage your diabetes intuitively!

Amanda Ciprich is a registered dietitian who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes almost 10 years ago. During the early stages of her diagnosis, she felt herself going down a path of restriction an

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

Leslie M. Thornton

As a Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss Coach, I know how hard constantly dieting and exercising can be. That’s why I’m giving you my top tips and tactics for getting free from the traditional diet mentality. Whether you’ve just started your journey to self-awareness, or you’re already established and looking for new ways to let go of your anxieties and stress around food, you’ve come to the right place!

Wellness that Works


What does wellness mean to you? Hosts Sam and Lily openly chat with a variety of guests about their inspiring, life-changing experiences. Join us every Wednesday for real people, real lives and real talk.

The Vegan Fitness Podcast

Fritz Horstmann

#252: How To Build Successful Habits - Part 2 with Vassil

Listen in to Fritz's "Mindset Talk" with Vassil who is the  Mindset Coach in the GCA.  In this episode Vassil & Fritz deep dive into how to build successful habits part two!Mindset Coach Vassil WebsiteVassil's InstagramHi, I'm Fritz, and after helping hundreds of Vegans achieve that lean & muscular look they desire, representing their values with confidence, I created The Vegan Fitness Podcast to help you do the same thing.Book Your Free Vegan Vision Call to talk CoachingWant to learn how to become a Fit Vegan for FREE?Get access to my Fit Vegan Masterclass - Free Video CourseIf you found this content valuable, here are 3 more ways for me to help you become a Fit Vegan: 1. Join My Free Facebook Group and connect to other Vegans: - when you join ask for the "Perfect Vegan Meal Template" and you'll get my Ebook for FREE!2. Follow me on Instagram: @fritz_hor

Grace Filled Food Freedom

Brandice Lardner

The Best Foods to Eat for Weight Loss

With so much contradictory information out there, it's hard to know what to eat! What ARE the best diet foods to eat for weight loss?
In this episode, you'll learn the 3 essential dieting questions to ask yourself when choosing what foods to eat. If you miss these, you're going to end up spinning your wheels and losing your motivation!
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Links mentioned:

Overcoming Weight Loss Idols
For a deep dive, check out Grace Filled Plate Platinum and be sure to get on the waiting list

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Episode 14: The Deets on Weight Loss Goals
Episode 17: What you NEED to Know About Christian Body Image


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The Wellness Wake-Up

Carolyn Brown & Marissa Meshulam

We get it, wellness seems confusing, contradictory, and expensive. But not anymore! Hosts Carolyn Brown and Marissa Meshulam are registered dietitian nutritionists who have counseled thousands of clients towards their healthiest selves and are now opening up the conversation to empower and inspire you! If you’re starting each week with a new fad diet or are just looking to level up your nutrition knowledge, The Wellness Wake Up is your official wake up call. Join Carolyn & Marissa every Monday morning!

Fast To Heal Stories

Shana Hussin, RDN

Shana Hussin, RDN shares the stories of those who have successfully implemented Fast To Heal concepts outlined in her book, challenges, and programs. In addition, Shana brings in leading experts on intermittent fasting and related topics to help you lose weight and balance hormones by understanding strategic meal timing and eating real foods that promote satiety.

Fuel Her Awesome

Jessika Brown- Registered Dietitian Sports Nutritionist & Intuitive Eating Mentor

Can you dislike your body AND live comfortably in it? Positive Body Image: What is it and how to get there interview with Dr. Erica Castleberry

Today I have a very special guest returning to the podcast: Dr. Erica Castleberry! Dr. Castleberry joins Fuel Her Awesome for a second time to continue our conversation about body image. Last time we chatted about the body image spectrum and coming to a place of "body neutrality". Today we finish the conversation by talking about body positivity!

What is body positivity and how do we get there? 

Having a positive outlook on your body seems almost impossible at times, especially in our society. Today we are here to declare not only is it possible, but you can get there TODAY! Dr. Castlberry and I have 3 mindful exercises that you can practice to find that space of body positivity, and over time be able to have that self confidence that you've been seeking for (even when you don't love everything about y

DEATS with Deanna: Discussions around Food & Entrepreneurship

Deanna Wolfe

17. Food Freedom Breakthrough Q&A

This episode is sponsored by Food Freedom Breakthrough, my three month transformative online group coaching program. Join TODAY for an exclusive Cyber Monday discount ($250 off the entire program). Enroll now:  In today’s episode, I’m changing it up a bit and taking the time to do a quick Q&A about Food Freedom Breakthrough, a 12-week transformative online group coaching program. This program teaches you what true physical hunger and fullness feels like, and identifying emotions around food.  During this episode, I explain the main principles of food freedom, how you can finally get behind toxic body image, and limiting beliefs and. I also share more details of an exclusive Black Friday Deal and how you can get involved!  In this episode, we cover: What is the Food Freedom Breakthrough program [2:45] Who is this program for and what can you expect? [5:27] The three phases we walk th

Dish On Ditching Diets

Megan Olson

55: Hormonal Weight Loss Coaching

Hormonal weight loss for women over 35 and why it's so important as well as how the hormonal weight loss coaching program works and who is a great candidate for the program! Free Weight Loss Class: Schedule a weight loss consult:

Designed To Heal Podcast: Your Body's Amazing Healing Power

Achieve Wellness

Your body is the most incredible healing system ever created. The Designed To Heal Podcast shares stories, tips and research weekly on how to live better, both physically, mentally and spiritually, and sharing insights and helpful information in the world of health and wellness. The show is intended to provide encouragement for the listener but is for entertainment purposes only and NOT a substitute for proper treatment or to be used in any legal capacity whatsoever. Please seek help from a qualified provider.

Spot On!

Joan Salge Blake

What is Intuitive Eating?

Is Intuitive Eating the key to a balanced nutrition plan?
Our guest today, Elyse Resch, MS, RDN is a nutritionist therapist with 39 years of experience, specializing in eating disorders, Intuitive Eating, and Heath at Every Size. Through her work with the prevention and healing of eating disorders, Elyse will guide us as we learn to love our own bodies. Let's discover our connection with food and ways we can improve this relationship to stay healthy.
Thank you for listening!
Find us on Social:

Lane 9 Project Podcast

Lane 9 Project

Lane 9 Project is a community dedicated to educating active womxn, and their support systems, on issues including reproductive health, eating disorder treatment and recovery, and sport.

Be Sexy Eat Plants

Your Super's Michael Kuech and Kristel de Groot

Your Super co-founders Michael and Kristel are on a mission! They are part of a plant-based movement that’s changing the world one person at a time. Join them as they deep-dive with vegan celebrities, athletes, changemakers, thought leaders and industry pioneers. Receiving exclusive insights from these #plantlebrities, will inspire you to live #YOURSUPER life!

"We Do Science" - The Performance Nutrition Podcast

Dr Laurent Bannock, Institute of Performance Nutrition

For current and aspiring sports nutritionists! The Institute of Performance Nutrition's "We Do Science" Podcast, hosted by Dr Laurent Bannock, features a wide variety of leading guest experts (elite practitioners and scientists) with expertise in sport and exercise nutrition, and related fields relevant to 'real-world' practice.

Dropping Into Happiness

Rachel and Maggie

Maggie and Rachel live on opposite sides of the United States. They are 11 years apart in age. Rachel is married with kids, and Maggie is a wonderful dog mom! But during one of the toughest years this world has ever seen, they both were able to lose over 100lbs. And they want to tell you all about it. What worked for them, how they were able to get past obstacles, and so much more. Swing by each week to see how they were able to drop into happiness.

The Psychology of Eating Podcast

Marc David

In Session With Marc David: A 35-Year-Old Woman Works with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

A 35-Year-Old Woman Works with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction What’s the role between stress, pelvic floor dysfunction, and gut issues like constipation? That’s what we explore in this episode, where Marc David, Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, speaks with 35-year old Angela from Australia. Since the age of about 20, Angela has been dealing with constipation and pelvic floor pain, and a prior diagnosis of endometriosis. She’s tried every diet she knows to try to improve her condition, but with very limited success. Angela has recently realized that pelvic floor dysfunction may be playing a role in her chronic constipation and has started seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist. Through the course of their conversation, Marc talks with Angela about the role of stress and trauma in pelvic floor dysfunction and coaches her on non-dietary solutions for her condition. Tune in no

LowCarbUSA Podcast

Doug Reynolds and Pam Devine: Low Carb Podcasters

Tekla Back Revolutionizing Food Labels - A Citizen Petition: Ep 83

At our last in-person event in Boca Raton in January 2020, Tekla did a great presentation on food labels and all the ways she felt they came up short, not only in terms of content but also on what foods had labels on them.  For instance, why shouldn't we see labels on apples and bananas.  Maybe not on each one but at least at the display in the grocery store.  If people saw how much sugar was in these fruits they might reconsider eating them.  And that's another thing I didn't know and that is that food labels don't always show the amount of sugar in an item other then the added sugar.  So orange juice, for instance, often comes with a label showing zero grams of sugar as there is no added sugar. But we all know how frighteningly high OJ is in naturally occurring sugar and as we also all know, sugar is sugar, naturally occurring or not. She also feels the labels should highlight the quality of protein.  Just

The Wellness Revolution Podcast with Amber Shaw

Amber Shaw

Are you over 40 and sick and tired of feeling miserable in your skin? Have you tried every single diet on the planet and nothing seems to work? Well, if you answered yes to any of these, you’re in the right place. At 41, Amber found herself as a divorced single mom searching to find myself and my passion. She realized her purpose is to help women with some of the same struggles she suffered with for most of her life: yoyo dieting, hating her body, lacking confidence, and the overwhelming feeling that she would never love what she saw on the mirror. Until all that changed… she drew a line on the sand and said yes to me. She ditched all the dieting, started to heal her body from the inside out, and learned to love herself again. In this podcast, you’ll get solutions that actually work, straight-to-the-point advice, lots of compassion, and support from a coach who actually gives a damn. Are you ready, mama?!

Luxury IBS with Becky Rashidifard

Becky Rashidifard

Trying to heal irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most painful and confidence-killing tasks you can face. Join soon-to-be registered dietitian, Columbia University nutrition graduate, and 16-year IBS veteran Becky Rashidifard, to learn nutrition and lifestyle pro tips for IBS. If you’re ready to master the IBS formula, find comfort in your body, and step fully into the elevated life you’re meant to live, then you’ve come to the right place. Let's dive in.

The Good Clean Nutrition Podcast

Sponsored by Orgain

Stay in-the-know on the hottest trending topics in health and nutrition with The Good Clean Nutrition Podcast, sponsored by Orgain. Join host Mary Purdy, MS, RDN, an integrative dietitian and nutrition educator, as she speaks with some of the most inspiring and passionate subject-matter experts in nutrition, health, and wellness. Each episode explores the science behind popular trends in nutrition and health, debunks common myths, and provides healthcare professionals and health-minded consumers with practical insights from trusted experts.

The Mama Well Podcast

Alyssa Miller & Brooke Miller

You don't have to eat less, move more and be miserable to get healthy. You can find health right now without putting your life on hold. We help busy moms create a simple and peaceful wellness journey without the chaos of on and off again dieting. Tune in each week to learn from two registered dietitians how to move forward on your journey and stop putting yourself last.

Not Another Nutrition Podcast

Martin MacDonald

#57: NUTRITION - Does WHEN You Eat Matter for Fat Loss, Health or Muscle Gain?

"Does it matter when I eat?” is a very common question I am asked. So in this episode, I demystify the evidence behind the timing of your food intake, and give an overview of the impact of timing on fat loss, health, muscle gain and performance. The podcast mentioned in this episode is titled #49: NUTRITION - Fat Loss Methods: Understanding The Magnitude of Effect. References and links discussed can be found at TOPICS 02:17 - How your goals dictate the importance of nutrient timing 05:09 - What people get wrong about nutrient timing 07:28 - When nutrient timing really DOES matter 09:21 - Why considering your individuality is crucial

MIND your hormones

Corinne Angelica

MIND your hormones with Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist Corinne Angelica, is all about health, hormones and mindset! Each episode will be full of education, empowerment, real talk and simple strategies you can start today to find inner peace & overall wellbeing.

The Gut Loving Podcast: All about IBS & the low FODMAP diet

Laura Tilt (MSc, Dietitian RD) and Huelya Akyuez (sezamee - gut loving food)

#10|Season 4 - IBS: What we knew back then, and what we’ve learned since

Links for this episode   → Study that Laura mentions: Maagaard, L., Ankersen, D. V., Vegh, Z., Burisch, J., Jensen, L., Pedersen, N., & Munkholm, P. (2016). Follow-up of patients with functional bowel symptoms treated with a low FODMAP diet. World Journal of Gastroenterology, 22(15), 4009–4019. or        -------   Background to the show  Around 1 in 7 people suffer with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) globally, making it the most commonly diagnosed GI condition worldwide.  ​ The Gut Loving Podcast aims to educate, empower and inform through conversations about the tools and therapies which can be used to manage the condition and it's symptoms.   About this podcast: The Gut Loving podcast is hosted by Laura Tilt (an experienced Dietitian specialising in IBS and the low FODMAP diet) and Huelya Akyuez, who has lived with IBS for over 20 years

The Female Health Solution Podcast

The Female Health Solution Podcast

393. Functional Fitness for Females with Rachel Katzman & Dr. Amy Hoover

Rachel Katzman is the Co-Founder of P.volve and Co-Founder and former CEO of Cuvée Beauty, a hair care line that she sold in 2019. P.volve is an omnichannel fitness brand with a global on-demand platform, a growing line of patented equipment and studios in NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles. The wellness-forward startup is known for teaching you to “Know Your Body Better” and has garnered attention from major media outlets—such as Vogue, The Today Show and Vanity Fair—for flipping traditional fitness on its head. Celebrities including Kate Bosworth, Iskra Lawrence and Venus Williams credit the functional method and its purposeful, low-impact movements for helping them achieve their fitness goals. After years of breaking down her body and feeling a constant state of pain from high-impact workouts, Rachel discovered the ‘mind-to-muscle’ training method cured her scoliosis. The method forever altered Rachel’

Female Athlete Nutrition

Lindsey Elizabeth Cortes MS RD CSSD

55: Brittney Reese - Fueling breakthrough performances

In this episode, I talk with 4x Olympian and multiple time World and Olympic medallist Brittany Reese. We touch on her recent experience in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympic Games, and how she embraces different cuisines and foreign food cultures when frequently competing abroad. Brittney speaks about the diverse athletic background she developed, pursuing team sports before finally specializing in track and field after playing collegiate basketball! From being encouraged by her mother to pursue collegiate track and field, to having her college coach persuade her to turn pro early, Brittney shares the importance of having people that believe in you and the power of role models. Disappointment at the 2008 Olympics was the catalyst for Brittney exploring the role nutrition has to play in performance, seeking professional help from the on-campus sports dietitian. Brittney attributes her nutrition changes and gained muscle mass to h

The Joyful Health Show

Kasey Shuler and Aubrey Golbek

Cut through the weeds of wellness rules and learn to trust God's good design for your body. Discover joyful health by grace: intuitive eating, joyful movement, embodiment and mental well-being for Christians. If you feel distracted by all the wellness advice out there, drained from trying to do it all, and discouraged when you feel further from health than where you started, we see you. As a registered dietitian and a personal trainer with over 15 years combined experience, we get it, we've been there ourselves. Now, we’re on a mission to help you cultivate rhythms for your health that are no longer stressful, but joyful. Each episode we interview intuitive health professionals and Christian leaders to answer your biggest questions about joyful health. We talk research and practical application while exposing the lies you might be believing and pointing you back to Jesus. This podcast will help you learn to rest in God's grace as you follow the Joy of the Lord for your health. Welcome, we're so happy you're here. Learn -> Connect -> Community -> Instagram -> @joyfulhealthco If you're ready to discover joyful health by grace, start here: Step 1: Ditch the diets with our free masterclass: Step 2: Discover intuitive health by prayer with our Body Blessings journal: Step 3: Grow a foundation of body freedom with our signature course:

Crying Burns Calories

Katy Saltsman

Crying Burns Calories with nutrition coach + personal trainer Katy Saltsman, is all about having honest and real conversations around health, fitness, relationships, mindset and everything in between. Get ready to embrace who you fully are and how to show up in life as your happiest, healthiest and most authentic self. But most of all, get ready to laugh, learn, heal and understand that we are all in this together.Life isn’t perfect and its not meant to be- and that’s what I’m here to show you.

Keto Naturopath

Dr. Karl Goldkamp

Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Chinese herbal medicine, areas of specialty Environmental medicine, nutrition, and nutrigenomics. Clinical practice 16 years.

The LoCoFit Show

Team LoCoFit

Welcome to the Team LoCoFit Show! Each week the Team LoCoFit coaches, our mental health counselor, or guest will cover topics and trends we’re seeing in areas of nutrition, mental health, habit building, training, and more!

BiOptimizers - Awesome Health Podcast

Wade Lightheart

#166 - This Heart Surgeon Uses Regenerative Biologics for Peak Health - with Jason Chiriano

They say when you only have a hammer - everything looks like a nail.  This expression doesn’t apply to our guest today. He has a toolbox full of healing modalities that are cutting edge, tested, and, here’s the best part: proven to work!  First of all, Dr. Jason Chiriano has an extensive resume as a surgeon: President of the Southern California Vascular Surgery Society, and a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons.  If you need vascular surgery, he’s your man!  But what makes Dr. Jason so unique is that his resume continues into the exciting field of regenerative biologics (a.k.a. regenerative medicine.) Buckle up as Dr. Chiriano shares why he started the Vivalife Healing Centers - a destination for those suffering from chronic ailments who cannot find results in the allopathic matrix. Dr. Chiriano’s approach to healing includes powerful, non-invasive regenerative-based treatments

Food Matters Podcast

James Colquhoun

Vitamin C for Immunity & Disease Prevention with Dr. Andrew Saul

Vitamin C has been known to treat over 30 major diseases for over 70 years. So why haven't you heard more about it? Especially with the current state of the world. In today’s eye-opening episode with Dr. Andrew Saul, we’re going back to learn all about the history of orthomolecular medicine. He discusses Vitamin C therapy for disease treatment and how to build a robust immune system, plus how to best prevent sickness. Dr. Andrew Saul has more than 40 years of experience in natural health education and is the author of Doctor Yourself and Fire Your Doctor, editor of the award-winning book The Orthomolecular Treatment of Chronic Disease, and filmmaker of That Vitamin Movie. As a researcher, he is committed to sharing free, unregulated health information with the world. In this week's episode with Dr. Andrew Saul you’ll discover: How good health makes a lot of sense, but not a lot of money. The history of or

Health Coach Power Community

Michelle (Pfennighaus) Leotta

Hello health coaches! I'm here each week, candidly answering your questions based on my decade of experience in the field. Topics include identifying your target market, list building, earning income, mindset and technology know-how. Ask YOUR questions at

Thinking Nutrition

Dr Tim Crowe

Can curcumin help with PCOS?

Curcumin is the bioactive ingredient found in the popular spice turmeric. Medical science is backing up many of the traditional health claims made about turmeric and the compounds it contains. Conditions such as arthritis, high cholesterol, exercise recovery and even depression all have a growing positive evidence base of research behind them. Now a new research review has looked at the evidence for curcumin supplementation in treating some of the symptoms of PCOS. In this podcast, I give an overview of the use of curcumin in different conditions and explain how it may be effective in PCOS too.Links referred to in the podcastSystematic review of curcumin supplementation for PCOS with meInstagram: doctimcroweFacebook: Thinking NutritionTwitter: CroweTim

Live Purely with Elizabeth

Elizabeth Stein

Fueled by Fungi, Movement, and Mother Nature: Dr. Sandra Carter of OM Mushroom

Think it’s time you found out what all the fuss on fungi’s is all about? This week, Elizabeth is joined by Dr. Sandra Carter, health and wellness expert with a PhD in preventive medicine, and the founder of OM Mushrooms, the fastest growing brand of organic whole food functional mushrooms. Sandra talks about how her early career as an epidemiologist led her down the mushroom path, and what makes them one of the healthiest healing foods in the world. She talks about OM’s commitment to quality and transparency, and why certain mushroom blends are in particular products. Sandra gives us all the details on how mushrooms are grown, her favorite OM products and what’s next for the brand, and the moments at OM that have deeply moved her with gratitude and pride. Mentioned: OM Mushrooms Steve Farrar Dr. Oz Master Blend Energy+Fantastic Fungi Wolfdale’s   Dr. Sandra Carter: LinkedIn | Instagram Say Hi To E

Bariatric Surgery Success

Dr. Susan Mitchell, registered dietitian nutritionist

#75 Feeling Hangry? 5 Tips to Stay on Track During December for free samples. Use Code: Susan10 to save 10% Festive Holiday Meal Plan Freebie: Podcast #74 on sports nutrition: Podcast #30 on alcohol: The holidays are here with all their fun festivities, family and friends, and of course… food. Ok, let’s be real. There’s also a to-do list that’s way too long coupled with too little sleep, too many commitments, very little down time, food everywhere you turn and what did I leave out? It’s a recipe for feeling hangry and overwhelmed. Are you with me? Let’s kick that hangry feeling to the curb and stay on track the entire month of December. I have five tips to help you stay on track now and go into the New Year feeling strong.Hi, I’

Nutrition Matters Podcast

Paige Smathers, RDN, CD

182: Goodbye — context, thank you, parting advice and some social commentary

After 5 1/2 years, I'm ending the podcast! It's been so rewarding to put this podcast on, but the time has come for me to move on. This last episode of the podcast gives context for this decision and hopefully helps you know how grateful I am to you for listening through the years! Consider joining one of the courses in the Positive Nutrition Academy:

Muscle Maven Radio

Ashleigh VanHouten

Hosted by health coach, writer, and food and fitness adventurer Ashleigh VanHouten (aka The Muscle Maven), Muscle Maven Radio aims to expand our knowledge and competence around wellness, fitness and living a happy, healthy life. It’s all about taking our health into our own hands through research, experimentation, and curiosity, learning with an open mind and avoiding dogma and quick fixes. Through Muscle Maven Radio, we aim to approach the health journey as a fun and exciting experience, rather than a daunting and overwhelming chore. Join Ashleigh as she interviews athletes, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and experts in all areas of health and wellness, and have fun with your health journey!

Leanne Ward Nutrition

Leanne Ward

108. Nutrition, Food Safety & Healthy Weight Gain During Pregnancy, with Dietitian & Nutritionist Stefanie Valakas

Today I chat with Stefanie Valakas who is recognised as a leading fertility and pregnancy dietitian and nutritionist and is the founder of The Dietologist.  

Stefanie, and her virtual practice, are dedicated to excellence in nutrition for reproductive health concerns, fertility and pregnancy. You can learn about how you can work with Stefanie and The Dietologist team at or follow them on Instagram. You can also tune into Stef's podcast, Fertility Friendly Food.

In today’s episode, Stefanie and I discuss all things food safety and pregnancy including:

foods you should eat, and should avoid, when pregnant or trying to conceive;

Omega 3 intake for pregnancy;

the safety of consuming caffeine, protein powders and hummus during pregnancy;

what is a healthy weight gain durin

Eat This, Not That!

ETNT, LLC and Cadence 13

What’s Next?

Big things are on tap for Eat This, Not That! in the coming days, weeks, and months  - Including, the first new Eat This, Not That! book in 12 years!!!

Jon and Megan look ahead at where Eat This, Not That! is heading and where the podcast has been as it gets set for what’s next.
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Get Loved Up with Koya Webb

Koya Webb, Get Loved Up Podcast

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Reverse The Relapse After Weight Loss Surgery

Georgie Beames, Psychologist Weight Loss Surgery

Reverse The Relapse is for women who have had a Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve or a Lapband in the past, who are now seeking support, strategies and tools to avoid self sabotage and weight re-gain after weight loss surgery. Georgie is a Psychologist who works in a WLS clinic and will be having a conversation that no one has had with you about what happens after the honeymoon period ends.

Weights and Plates Podcast

Robert Santana

Starting Strength Coach and Registered Dietitian Robert Santana shares his knowledge of all things diet, training, barbells, and more.


Lauren Slayton

This weekly show from NYC-based registered dietitian Lauren Slayton provides real-life solutions to your wellness questions, while keeping things light and fun. In under 30 minutes, this show will provide you with nutrition info you haven’t heard and help you feel your absolute best.

Rebel Weight Loss & Lifestyle

Cristy Code Red Nickel

Cristy “Code Red” Nickel, author of “The Code Red Revolution,” is a speaker, #2 world-ranked boxer (retired), celebrity nutritionist, award-winning personal trainer, and elite-level athlete. In this podcast, I am going to share everything I've learned over the past 25 years in the health and fitness industry. I'm going to leverage my experiences as a professional boxer, NPC Figure competitor, MTV MADE Coach and celebrity trainer to share only the best and most effective tactics to ensure you achieve all your health and lifestyle goals in record time. Be sure to check the website to learn more about how you can join the Code Red Revolution.

Dietitian Dad

Michael Murphy

Everyone needs a dietitian just like they need a doctor, lawyer, and auto mechanic. Let me be your father of the nutrition world and help you maneuver through the complicated world of weight loss and diets!

The Good Gut Girl Podcast

Sharon Hespe

All about gut health, the who, what, why and how from the expert in gut health.

Main Street Vegan

Unity Online Radio

Healthy New Year with Plant You + Hashimoto’s Hero Mastery

Carleigh Bodrug of now has a cookbook that makes the dietary straight and narrow delicious; and Brooke Ali and Patricia Thomson, Ph.D., of Wellness20 and the Food as Medicine Summit share about healing thyroid disorders.

Your Longevity Blueprint

Dr. Stephanie Gray

CIRS 101 with Dr. Aaron Hartman

Feeling exhausted, having difficulty breathing, experiencing brain fog, and having trouble sleeping are just some of the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. But did you know they’re also symptoms of Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome? I’m joined by Dr. Aaron Hartman, the leading expert in CIRS and Long COVID-19, to talk about these lung diseases, how we can diagnose them, and finally health from them so we can live fuller, happier, healthier lives again.   Steps to Treating Someone with CIRS Make a diagnosis Use a binder to get the toxins out of the system Nutritional analysis Increase fiber in the diet   About Dr. Aaron Hartman Dr. Aaron Hartman's journey with functional medicine started when he and his wife adopted their first daughter from foster care. She has cerebral palsy and countless dietary issues. They went from specialist to specialist and, even as a physician, he felt let down and confused. His daughter's health str

Inside Sports Nutrition

Bob Seebohar and Dina Griffin

So you think you know a lot about sports nutrition? Think again. Inside Sports Nutrition is for all ages, genders and abilities of athletes, from the recreational to the Olympic level, who want to learn real life nutrition implementation strategies to improve health and athletic performance. If you’re a coach, nutritionist/dietitian, or parent/guardian of a youth athlete, you’ll also find plenty of nutrition nuggets here to better support your athletes. Hosts Bob Seebohar and Dina Griffin, renown Registered Sport Dietitians and Board Certified Specialists in Sports Dietetics, will entertain

Burn it Nutrition Podcast

Joseph Navarro Fitness, Nutrition, Ketogenic, Paleo, Keto, Diet Coach

Ep118: Anesthesia, Epidurals, Ketamine & Pain Management with leading two leading Anesthesiologists

Epidurals from an Anesthesiologists perspective Science and history of anesthesia How different people tolerate anesthesia How anesthesia risk is managed Day to day responsibilities of Anesthesiologists New Ketamine therapy being used to help pain and mental disorders Much much more! Links mentioned in this episode! . Discounts mentioned on this show at . . Dry Farm Wines 1 Penny Bottle Here . . Magnesium Breakthrough from BiOptimizers - 10% Off and free gifts with code BURNIT at: . . Ned Full Spectrum De-Stress Blend - 15% off  orders over $40 plus FREE De-Stress Blend Sample at use code “BURNIT” . . Tonal Home Fitness System at promo code "BURNIT" for $100 OFF smart access

The WAG Podcast

Working Against Gravity

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Sunny Side Up Nutrition

Anna Mackay, Elizabeth Davenport & Anna Lutz

A series of conversations about all things nutrition-related for parents or caregivers of toddlers, teens and everyone in between.

Hope & Health with Drs. Mark & Michele Sherwood

Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood

A weekly podcast with interviews and insights to help you enjoy optimal health. Founders of a successful medical practice, Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood bring clear, scientifically-informed ways for you to live a richer life: physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and financially. They help people from around the world find the hope and health they were created to enjoy, with simple, actionable insights to help you see results.

Greenletes Podcast

Natalie Rizzo, MS, RD

The Greenletes Podcast is hosted by Registered Dietitian Natalie Rizzo and features experts from the sports nutrition and fitness industry. Each episode provides plenty of practical nutrition and fitness information for everyday athletes, with a plant-based twist. Natalie interviews dietitians who work with pro athletes, editors for health & wellness magazines, pro trainers, plant-based athletes and more. Whether you're interested in learning how to use nutrition to maximize performance, you're looking for tips on going plant-based or you want to up your fitness game, the Greenletes Podcast has you covered.

Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian

Melissa Groves Azzaro RDN LD

Hormonally Yours with The Hormone Dietitian Hi, I’m Melissa Groves Azzaro, an award-winning integrative women’s health dietitian. I’ve helped thousands of women struggling with hormone-related issues and helped them identify and address the root causes of THEIR hormone imbalances, so they can have regular, symptom-free periods and optimize their fertility naturally. My mission is to be the no-BS hormone nutrition education resource for smart, busy women struggling with hormone imbalances. Most of the women I work with are bosses in every area of their life except their own hormones. And they appreciate learning the science and wanting to understand they WHY behind their symptoms… but what they don’t have is TIME to do their own research. And there’s so much misinformation out there around what actually works. As a licensed healthcare practitioner, my hope with this podcast is to dispel some of those myths and give you the information you actually need to feel better and thrive by living a more balanced life. A little disclosure – the information I share on this podcast is for educational purposes only and not intended to be taken as medical advice. Yes, I’m A dietitian, but I am not YOUR dietitian. Always consult with YOUR healthcare provider before implementing diet, exercise, or supplement changes. Join me each week as I share science-based information about PCOS, fertility, and other hormone imbalances, interview guest experts who specialize in this field and talk with women just like you. Be sure to subscribe and leave a review so you don’t miss an episode, and you can find all of the episodes & links at

Let Us Eat Cake

Ali Eberhardt & Hannah Robinson

episode 67: the one about honoring your health with gentle nutrition

In this week’s episode, Hannah and Ali talk all things Intuitive Eating Principle #10: Honor Your Health with Gentle Nutrition. In this week’s episode, Hannah and Ali are joined by nutrition therapist and Registered Dietitian Rachael Hartley. Rachael is a nationally-recognized food and nutrition expert who is passionate about helping others rediscover the joy of eating and foster a healthier relationship with food. Rachael is author of Gentle Nutrition: A Non-Diet Approach to Healthy Eating, which explores the role of nutrition in intuitive eating, so she was the perfect guest to answer all your listener questions about gentle nutrition. Why isn’t it important to eat healthy if it could contribute to reducing morbidity later on? As practitioners, how do we help patients both have freedom with food and make choices that they like and are satisfying, while also stabilizing their blood sugars?  Is it possible

The Nourished Child

Jill Castle, MS, RDN

Raising Plant Based Kids with Plant-Based Juniors

Learn how to raise and feed plant based kids with Alex Caspero and Whitney English of Plant Based Juniors. Get full show notes and information here:

Prep Life

Glam Girl Bikini

Prep Life and Post Show Blues with Coach Brittany Gabel

Meet @glamgirlbikini 's newest coach, Brittany Gabel @brittanygabelfitness During this interview with Bikini Coach @amyehinger she shares her competition journey and experiences. Throughout the interview Brittany shares Prep Life hacks and lessons she's learned through her experience over the last five years of competitions she has done. Along with this, she talks about Post Show Blues and how to navigate after a post show rebound.

She is Precision Nutrition Lvl 1 Certified Nutritionist and an NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutrition Specialist in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Brittany owns The Rack Gym with her boyfriend Matt where they share their love of fitness with others. Brittany also is a 5x nationally qualified bikini competitor working towards becoming an IFBB Pro some day.

While working towards her own dreams and goals in the competition world; she also works with others to help them


Ali Bonar

The #1 tip that helped me heal my relationship with food ?

How's that for a 'buzzfeed' title?! I promise this episode is a JUICY ONE. Quick, spicy and jam-packed with valuable info.The number one tip that helped me heal my relationship with food is.... you'll have to listen to the episode ? Would love to hear your feedback — DM me, email me, call me, beep me.If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review! We pick one review each week to win some free GRANOLA BUTTER.

Gluten Free You & Me

Coral Barajas

Hello There, I am so glad that you are here- and I am so glad that I am here… Welcome to the Gluten Free You and Me Podcast!!! Where we learn to navigate and simplify our lives in this gluten filled world. My name is Coral Barajas and I am the founder of Serving Celiacs. I started our Celiac Journey about 4 years ago when my 3 year old daughter Chanelle was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Since her diagnosis my youngest daughter Sadie and I have both been diagnosed. That means 3 out of 6 of our family members have Celiac Disease. I live a 100% gluten free lifestyle and I have to tell you that I have come to I love it! I have come to realize that I am happier and healthier than I have ever been. After years of suffering, I now have learned to listen to my body, be strong in my will power and not let Celiac disease control my life or more importantly my mind. It hasn’t always been easy, I remember the first time I walked into the grocery store and after 3 1/2 hours I left the store with only 2 things in my cart. Crying the entire way home… I quickly realized that I just needed to find my gluten free groove and fast. In this podcast I will be sharing exactly HOW I came to find my groove and in the process created an educational gaming app, a cookbook, the Celiac Coach eCourse, countless webinars and a strong presence on social media. For the past year I’ve been having this crazy feeling that I just can’t seem to shake, the feeling that I needed to share my voice, share my stories and share my hope with all of you In a deeper and more intimate way. And that is what has inspired me to start this podcast. And I am more pumped than ever to share my greatest gems with all of you! I will be featuring and interviewing incredible people, organizations and brands that are making our gluten free world just that much better. We will be talking about things that really matter. The day to day living and situations that we can learn and overcome together. Wether YOU have celiac disease, someone you love does or you eat gluten free for any reason, this is the podcast that will motivate, inspire and teach you the ways without losing your mind! My hope here with the Gluten Free You and Me Podcast, is that every time you finish an episode- you will leave feeling more informed, positive, uplifted, and inspired to overcome any obstacles you are facing and know that you are not alone in this journey. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode cause believe me you are going to love the content we share here! And when you do hear something that has helped you, please leave a comment review and share with us how you feel about the episode you are listening to and what golden nuggets you are taking away after listening.

The Meta Health Podcast

Ronesh Sinha, MD

The Meta Health podcast simplifies the science of health, nutrition and metabolism by sparking your imagination through creative storytelling and visualization. You'll gain a deep understanding of your body to help you make informed and personalized lifestyle choices. The host, Dr.Ronesh Sinha, is a physician, author, speaker, and teacher who runs a lifestyle clinic focused on reversing insulin resistance in diverse ethnic groups, and designs wellness programs for top Silicon Valley companies.

Gut Health Gurus Podcast

Kriben Govender

Chris Burres on Carbon 60 (C60) Fullerene for Sleep Enhancement and Immune Health

A fun discussion with Chris Burres on the amazing attributes of Carbon 60 Fullerene (C6O), from its discovery, to anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, sleep enhancement and so much more.     Bio:    Chris Burres is an engineer and owner of SES Research who confirmed findings on Carbon 60, a Nobel Prize-winning technology.   Topics discussed:   - 1:45 Who is Chris Burres - 4:20 Dancing and Acting for the body - 5:10 Meisner Acting Classes for Mental Health - 9:12 Discovery of C60/ ESS60 - 14:40 Uses of c60 Bucky Ball - 17:35 What is C60 not well know? - 17:45 Production of C60 - 22:09 How was C60 first used as a food supplement? - 23:55 Anti-viral activity of c60 - 24:27 Toxicity study on C60 resulted in increased longitivtiy and anti- tumour activity - 26:46 ESS60 vs C60 - 28:26 What does ESS60 stand for? - 29:32 C60 products on the market - 32:19 C60 dose for benefits - 33:25 Huma

The Proof of Plant-Based Living

Brittany Absher

Is cancer genetic? Can you reverse heart disease? How can you take charge of your own health without prescriptions, surgeries, and supplements? Welcome to the Proof of Plant-Based Living Podcast where Journalist, Brittany Absher, in collaboration with the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, unravels the complex mystery of why health eludes some and embraces others. Through expert interviews (Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn) and success stories of those who cured their diseases, we'll show you the proof of plant-based living.

Reshape Your Health with Dr. Morgan Nolte

Dr. Morgan Nolte, PT, DPT, GCS

97. How to Reduce Inflammation & Increase Energy by Optimizing Mitochondrial Health with Carrie B

Watch this interview with Carrie B to learn how to reduce inflammation, increase energy, and increase fat loss by optimizing your mitochondrial health. Mitochondria are your energy producing factories inside each cell of your body. In this interview we discuss the structure and function of mitochondria including the vital electron transport chance (where energy actually comes from!). You’ll learn how to improve mitochondrial health, reduce mitochondrial inflammation, and improve your circadian rhythm for better sleep for increased fat loss. CoachingIf you’re ready to lose the weight for good, you’ve come to the right place!Join my online course, Weight Loss for Health, to learn the science behind weight loss and habit change so you can lose weight, get healthy, and prevent disease. Also included with the program are weekly office hours with me and a membership site for encou

Fit Strong Women Over 50

Becoming Elli with Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin

Welcome to the Fit Strong Women over 50 podcast where the cohosts from the Becoming Elli Community, Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown, interview experts and share their insights about losing weight, keeping it off, working out and becoming fit and strong. Hear from others who are making it work, become inspired and motivated. For more information find Becoming Elli on Facebook and Twitter or visit our website at for more motivation, work-out ideas, recipes, tips and inspiration.

Nutrition for Littles

Alyssa Miller

Are you a mom, dad, or caregiver that struggles with mealtime battles? Do you have a "picky eater", or do you worry that your child is getting too much food or maybe not enough? Join Alyssa, your mama and me RD, in tackling your biggest meal time woes, answering your real life nutrition questions, and walking you through feeding strategies to help raise healthy, adventurous, and intuitive eaters. This podcast will cover how to handle picky eating, mealtime meltdowns, building a healthy relationship with food and so much more. If you have young children and mealtimes look more like a battlefield than a peaceful family meal make sure to tune in, subscribe and share this podcast with all your mom friends. Nutrition for Littles is a podcast hosted by Alyssa Miller, registered dietitian, mom of two and your @mama.and.me_RD. Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for seeing a pediatrician or other health care provider.

Diet Disruptors Podcast

Carrie Lupoli

Hate diets, love carbs but still want get healthy and look freaking fit? You can. The Diet Disruptors Podcast is hosted by Carrie Lupoli, nutrition coach and founder of Disruptive Nutrition where she and her team are on a mission to disrupt everything you have been taught about what it takes to get healthy and lose weight. Before you keep trudging along with the yo-yo dieting lifestyle, join Carrie has she shares the simple, sustainable and satisfying approach that will make you proud to be a Diet Disruptor, too!

Be Organic

Powered by Clean Juice

Food, Faith & Fulfillment With Tim Tebow

Our special guest, Tim Tebow, joins us on today's show to talk to us about healthy eating (beyond sports), transparent ingredients (choose organic!), keto, body positivity, faith & more!  Plus - find out Tim Tebow's go-to smoothie & juice.  "We have the ability to change our life by the way that we eat, the way that we sleep, the way that we take care of ourselves." - Tim Tebow Tim Tebow is the founder and chairman of the board of the Tim Tebow Foundation, which operates ministries that are dedicated to serving and celebrating people with special needs, caring for homeless and abandoned children, providing physical and spiritual care to children with profound medical needs, and fighting human trafficking. Join us as we discuss his passion for this amazing foundation! 

Homestead Stories

Frank Forman

Our podcast is focused on understanding today's modern homesteader's 'Why'.Why have they chosen to step away from the comfort's society has crafted for every whim? Why choose a life where trials and tribulations abound?This show brings to light the dreams and desires to reconnect with the land, to be actively engaged with the food we bring into our bodies, and to build a legacy for our children and our children's children to thrive and embrace life at the speed of nature.Homestead Stories is here to build a community that is focused on like values, hard work, and a return to what matters to us in this chaotic world - family.

The Modern Ancestral Mamas Podcast

Corey Dunn and Christine Muldoon

Bringing ancestral food, cooking, eating, and living to the everyday, modern mom.

Food, We Need To Talk


A Message From Juna And Eddie + Anything For Selena

Hosts Juna Gjata and Dr. Eddie Phillips return with a special message, and another great podcast recommendation. Juna and Eddie are hard at work making the second season of Food, We Need To Talk, but in the meantime be sure to check out Anything For Selena.

In Anything for Selena, host Maria Garcia takes listeners on a deeply personal journey into the life and legacy of the Mexican-American popstar Selena Quintanilla. She shares how Selena's music and unapologetic sense of identity helped her find her own place in the world. And it explores how Selena's legacy continues to spark important conversations around race, class, and body politics.

Food For Thought

Rhiannon Lambert

Managing Our Size & Shape

Genes have a crucial role in how we look and feel. But, is what we are born with fixed or is there some room to change our DNA through our behaviour and environment? This week’s Food For Thought sees registered dietitian Rachel Clarkson and I delve into DNA, the importance of all being unique and how we can harness it to be the best version of ourself. Plus for more information, visit and See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Ketogenic Nutritionist

Temple Stewart

Join Temple Stewart, Registered Dietitian, to stay informed on the ketogenic diet. This podcast is aimed to help you continue your health journey with "all things keto." We will discuss tips/tricks for weight loss, health news updates, research updates, favorite recipes, etc. It's a practical way to further your knowledge on the ketogenic diet. Support this podcast:

Meathead Test Kitchen

Hurrdat Media

Welcome to Meathead Test Kitchen, with Sausha Durkan and Sadie Gray; where food, fitness, and fun come to hang out. We're here to help your fitness journey suck less.

Weight Loss for Life

Keri and Dr. Matthea at The WLCC

This is THE podcast where you'll get past the diet mentality and start to lose weight the way you want to live your life. You'll learn the secrets to life long weight loss here that the diet industry never taught you. Join the hosts; Advanced Certified Life and Weight Loss Coaches; Keri and Dr Matthea to start your journey to life long weight loss.

The First Lady of Nutrition Podcast with Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Beyond GMO – Episode 103: Melissa Diane Smith

For the past 25 years, Melissa Diane Smith has been a pioneering health journalist and holistic nutritionist counseling clients and reporting on health-impactful nutrition topics that are not covered by mainstream media.  Join the First Lady of Nutrition and Melissa as they address head on the crisis caused by genetically modified foods (GMOs) beginning with a rundown of the two main types of GMOs on the market (herbicide-resistant and pesticide-producing), the Big Five (corn, cotton, canola, soybeans, and sugar from sugar beets), the main risks – and how people can learn more key points in Melissa’s book, Going Against GMOs. In addition to buying non-GMO and organic as much as possible, Melissa is passionate about going beyond and taking action to support regenerative farming.  This includes organic meat products from animals raised holistically through managed grazing that actually improve soil health. Improved soil health, in



Aloe Vera

This is for educational purposes only

Nourishing Autism

Brittyn Coleman

Brittyn Coleman, MS, RDN/LD, CLT, or as you might know her: the Autism Dietitian™, has helped thousands of parents with kids with autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental disorders take the guesswork out of nutrition. She dives into the research connecting diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help kids feel their best and reach their full potential. Brittyn has been a part of the autism community for over 20 years, as her younger brother was diagnosed on the spectrum at a young age. She uses her personal and professional experience to guide families on their own nutrition journey that fits their child's unique needs.

Meal Prep Monday Podcast™

Allison Schaaf

Meal Prep Monday Podcast™ brings you 10 minutes of actionable meal prep advice, helping you answer the dreaded "What's for Dinner?" question with ease. Host Allison Schaaf is a personal chef, dietitian, mom and founder of meal planning website Listen along as she teaches you how to save time, money & energy through meal prep. Her healthy gluten free, paleo & keto meal plans have helped thousands! And in this podcast, she's sharing all of her time saving tips and tricks with you! Tune in every Monday to up your mealplan and mealprep game!

Binge Eating Dietitian Podcast

Jo Moscalu MSc RD LDN


Repost of a favourite episode! I want to acknowledge how down binge eating can make you feel and how sometimes it feels like no amount of 'top tips' will help.BINGE EATING RECOVERY PROGRAMME: TO TELL SOMEONE YOU HAVE AN ED:  How to Tell Someone You Have an Eating Disorder - Beat ( EATING TREATMENT IN UK: Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder - Beat ( (USA) HELPLINE, CHAT & PHONE: Contact the Helpline | National Eating Disorders Association1-1 PRIVATE COACHING WITH ME: 1-1 Anti-Diet Coaching With Jo, Binge Eating Registered Dietitian & Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor | Binge Eating DietitianBOOK FREE 15MIN NO OBLIGATION INTRODUCTION HERE: Calendly - Jo Moscalu @binge.eating.dietitianMy website: Binge Eating Dietitian | Smashing The Taboo of Binge EatingMore About Me: Abo

Straight Talk - Mind and Muscle Podcast

Straight Talk- Mind and Muscle

I interview world leaders in health, fitness and all things mind and muscle- without the fluff- we tell it straight.

Going Beyond the Food: Intuitive Eating, Body Neutrality, Diet Culture, Mindset and Anti-Diet Podcast

Stephanie Dodier Clinical Nutritionist CNP

307-Greatest Hits: How to Upgrade Your Body Image

Upgrade your body image with body neutrality so that you can free yourself from all-consuming negative body image. Your body image is not uni-dimensional. Rather, it’s the sum of how you see, think, and feel about your body. And as a result, how you treat your body. The goal of body neutrality is to dial down the enormous significance that’s being given to physical attractiveness in our society. Body Neutrality pushes back on all aspects of society that continue to promote beauty ideals as the ultimate accomplishment. As such, it also rejects the idea that a person’s appearance is indicative of their worth. What you’ll learn listening to this episode: The 4 components of body image The Body Image Scale Why you shouldn’t aim to be body positive The feminist approach to body image Body neutrality in real life Mentioned in the show: Undiet Your Life Course Podcast Roadmap Quiz: Is it me or my diet? Rebellious Eating Solution M

The Art of Living Well Podcast

Marnie Dachis Marmet & Stephanie May Potter

The Art of Living Well Podcast was created to empower you to live your happiest, healthiest and most authentic life. Each week we will bring you inspiring and motivating conversations covering health and wellness topics including Food, mindset, travel, product reviews and strategies from a variety of experts including our own bank of knowledge. We will also discuss and share information to address the confusion out there in the health and wellness space. Our intention is to help you decode the concepts and the controversy flooding the media and enable you to find your art of living well. We are so excited to educate, motivate and inspire you to change the way you perceive health and discover YOUR art of living well. Marnie and Stephanie do not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner any disease, condition or ailment of the body. They serve as trainers, educators, coaches, mentors and guides who provide training, education, support, resources, guidance and information.

A Gluten Free Podcast

Ben Hampton

Are you gluten free or know someone who is? Well you've come to the right place. Welcome to A Gluten Free Podcast! I'm your host Ben and in this show we’ll be exploring all things gluten free. Whether you have coeliac disease like me, you’re gluten free for other reasons or you just want to learn more about the gluten free diet then this podcast is for you!

Nutrition & Diet Solutions

Owner Name Dr. Stephen Cabral

The Nutrition and Diet Solutions podcast by Dr. Stephen Cabral goes in depth on how choosing the right foods and nutritional supplements could be the key to changing your life & health forever. There is no one diet (Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Carnivore, etc.) that fits all and this podcast will explain exactly why fad diets and short-term fixes are never the long-term solution for losing weight, getting well, and finally feeling alive again. After seeing over 250,000 client appointments in his private practice, Dr. Cabral has come online to share what he has seen to work in the real world - It’s now time to truly understand how proper nutrition & diet can rebalance your body and mind once and for all!

The Metabolic Classroom

Insulin IQ

Welcome to The Metabolic Classroom, a nutrition and lifestyle podcast focused on metabolism, which is how our bodies use energy, and the truth behind why we get sick and fat. Every week, we’ll be sharing valuable insights from experts that you can apply in your own life and share with friends and loved ones. The Metabolic Classroom is brought to you by Insulin IQ and HLTH Code. See for privacy and opt-out information.

Aligned Nutrition Podcast

Erica Drewry

The Aligned Nutrition Podcast is a place where food doesn't get in the way of living. Your host, Erica Drewry is a certified eating disorder dietitian and intuitive eating counselor. We expand into your relationship with food no matter the complexity of your eating struggles. This podcast is for anyone who would like to improve their relationship to food and their bodies. Erica shares strategies, stories, concepts, and mini-trainings on her methods and what she has learned helping clients for the last 10 years. Learn how to feel connected to your life physically and socially and feel pleasure around food in ways you never imagined. Let's bridge nutrition science with the art of therapeutic skills so that you can become the expert of your own body.

The Fasting Reset Podcast

Chantel Ray

Learn how to release the healing powers of fasting and discover the secrets to a healthier lifestyle! This podcast dives deep into EVERYTHING fasting related. Learn from world-class experts, leaders, doctors, and nutritionists on how fasting can completely transform your mind, body, and spirit!

The Happy Eating Podcast

Carolyn Williams PhD, RD & Brierley Horton, MS, RD

The “Happy Eating Podcast” was created after we couldn’t find the information that we needed for ourselves and our families. Join us as we break down the connection between food and mental wellness as we explore how food, diet, supplements, and daily habits can make for truly Happy Eating.

Nail Your Nutrition Podcast

Nail Your Nutrition

Helping endurance athletes learn to fuel their activities with two sports dietitians and fellow endurance athletes, Sarah and Marita.

The Doctor Is In Podcast

Dr. A.W. Martin and Dr. A.P. Martin

Renowned authors and experts Dr. A.W. Martin and Dr. A.P. Martin of the Martin Clinic share advice on how a back to basics approach to nutrition can have you feeling better and prevent disease.

Mastering Menopause

Kathy Cote

I'm Kathy Cote' from Katalyst Fitness and Nutrition and I will show you how to use nutrition, fitness, lifestyle and mindset to master perimenopause and menopause and rock your midlife with style and grace.

Afternoon Snack

Meredith Root and Alex Parker

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Made For Living Well

Alexa Schirm

Simple Roots Radio is hosted by Alexa Schirm. A nutritionist by trade, Alexa has rebelled against common misconceptions about nutrition, and has, instead, created a realistic health-style that will allow you to live a healthy, satisfied and more simplistic life. Forget dieting for good as Alexa interviews health experts, lifestyle influencers and every day people on what strategies have worked for them and help you implement a plan that can be achieved for life. It’s raw, its funny, its real and unfiltered. It is Simple Roots Radio.

The Millennial Nutritionist

Illa Garcia, MS, RDN

Hi! I’m Illa (MS, RDN) and I am a Registered Dietitian who provides weight loss coaching for millennials. There are so many health companies and fad diets out there that want to convince you to buy their products, but I’m here to show you that you don’t need any products to lose weight! It just takes a little behavior change and food tracking. If you want science-back nutrition information and a sustainable approach to weight loss from a professional, this is the podcast for you!

Straighten Your Crown

Jamie Lynge: post bariatric patient

If you thought the battle would be over once you had weight loss surgery, think again. Autumn and Jamie are 2 lifelong friends that went under the knife to battle the bulge. This podcast includes their every day struggles, how they have maintained their weight and the mental and physical transformations they have had to undergo to keep the weight off.

Science and Saucery

Ray Cronise

E046 - Deep Dive Into Oxidative Priority

 Grab your copy of Oxidative Priority Paper ( and let's take a closer look at it together. We'll debunk some myths about fat storage and loss. We will discuss how metabolism is measured and why all calories count if you count all the calories. It's going to be a little nerdy, but a lot of fun.