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Lex Fridman

#296 – Douglas Murray: Racism, Marxism, and the War on the West

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Darknet Diaries

Jack Rhysider

119: Hot Wallets

In this episode we interview journalist Geoff White to discuss some of the recent crypto currency heists that have been happening. Geoff has been tracking a certain group of thieves for some time and shares his knowledge of what he’s found.

Much of what we talk about in this episode has been published in Geoff’s new book The Lazarus Heist: From Hollywood to High Finance: Inside North Korea’s Global Cyber War (https://amzn.to/3mKf1qB).

Support for this show comes from Axonius. Securing assets — whether managed, unmanaged, ephemeral, or in the cloud — is a tricky task. The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform correlates asset data from existing solutions to provide an always up-to-date inventory, uncover gaps, and automate action. Axonius gives IT and security teams the confidence to control complexity by mitigating threats, navigating risk, decreasing incidents, and informing business-level strategy — all while e

TED Radio Hour


Listen Again: Saleem Reshamwala: Far Flung Places

Original broadcast date: July 30, 2021. This hour, journalist Saleem Reshamwala gives us a tour of surprising people and places — Lima, Nairobi, and prehistoric New Jersey — to inspire new perspectives on travel and cultures.

web3 with a16z

a16z crypto, Sonal Chokshi, Chris Dixon

"web3 with a16z" is a show about the next generation of the internet, and about how builders and users -- whether artists, coders, creators, developers, companies, organizations, or communities -- now have the ability to not just "read" (web1) + "write" (web2) but "own" (web3) pieces of the internet, unlocking a new wave of creativity and entrepreneurship. Brought to you by a16z crypto, this show is the definitive resource for understanding and going deeper on all things crypto and web3. From discussing the latest and leading trends to sharing research, data readouts, and insights from top scientists and makers in the space, this is a variety show with a variety of formats and topics listeners can pick and choose from. It is hosted by the longtime showrunner of (and original team behind) the popular a16z Podcast. Learn more at a16zcrypto.com.

This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell responds to NYT hit piece and breaks down the state of crypto + Alexander Olesen CEO of Babylon Micro-Farms | E1487

Today, we recap the Warriors' finals win (2:50) with some potential takeaways for founders (14:00). Next, Jason speaks with Jesse Powell: founder, and CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, and they discuss the state of crypto and the recent hit piece the NYT published on him (48:06). For this week's OK Boomer segment, Producer Rachel sits down with Alexander Olesen, co-founder, and CEO of Babylon Micro-Farms (2:07:41).

The Vergecast

The Verge

Dish says their 5G network is available ? Apple will stream every MLS match ⚽️ Google suspends engineer who claims its AI is sentient ?

The Verge's Nilay Patel, David Pierce, and Alex Cranz discuss Dish Network's 5G network (@11:07), Google's LaMDA AI (@ 32:32), Apple streaming Major League Soccer (@47:38), and more.
Stories mentioned on this show:

Watch the trailer for The Verge’s first Netflix show, The Future Of

Dish Network’s Project Genesis 5G service is live in more cities

Dish says Project Genesis 5G is available in 100 cities, so we tried to sign up

T-Mobile can now use three-channel aggregation for even faster 5G

The Google engineer who thinks the company’s AI has come to life - Washington Post

Google suspends engineer who claims its AI is sentient

Apple will stream every Major League Soccer match for 10 years starting in 2023

Apple reportedly wants in on NFL Sunday Ticket<


Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

The Playbook: Lessons from 200+ Company Stories

When Patrick O'Shaughnessy and Brent Beshore asked us to give a talk at their incredible Capital Camp conference, we knew we had to bring something special. So we spent months combing through the Acquired back catalog and cataloged our 12 favorite lessons from the 200+ stories we’ve told over the past 7 years. From Sequoia through Sony, TSMC, Nvidia, The New York Times, the NBA and Oprah — we revisited all the classics and pulled out the common threads that weave the tapestry of great companies we’ve covered on Acquired. This episode was truly a joy to put together… huge thank you to Patrick and Brent for giving us the perfect stage on which to present it! This episode has video! You can watch it on Spotify (right in the main podcast interface) or on YouTube. Sponsors: Thanks to the Solana Foundation for being our presenting sponsor for this special episode. Solana is the world’s most performant blockchain, the BEST place fo

WSJ’s The Future of Everything

The Wall Street Journal

Waste Not, Want Not: A Future Without Food Waste

Every year, even as millions struggle with food insecurity, about a third of all the food produced for humans in the world is thrown away, according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. That not only means wasting water and energy resources. The food, rotting in landfills, also emits methane gas linked to climate change. Attorney Emily Broad Leib, the director and founder of the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic, has dedicated her career to researching ways to end food waste. In this episode, she explains why food waste is such an issue around the world, how laws and regulations inadvertently lead to more food being wasted, and the simple changes to food labeling she says will make for a less wasteful future.

Further Reading: 

The Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic 

Recent WSJ Food Coverage: 

Sustainable Chocolate Made Without Cacao | Mary Holland 

Rabbit Hole

The New York Times

Eight: 'We Go All'

One QAnon believer’s journey through faith and loss — and what becomes of reality as we move online.

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Cal Newport

Ep. 201: Making a Living Online

Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). For instructions on submitting your own questions, go to calnewport.com/podcast.Video from today’s episode:  youtube.com/calnewportmediaCal Reacts: Making a Living Online [8:26]- How do you get over the fear of starting a business? [39:21]- How can I convince my wife I’m unavailable during deep work sessions? [43:09]- Struggling to focus because of a personal crisis  [54:49]- What is the potential of AI in productivity optimization? [1:00:30]Interesting Mail Bag [1:05:52]- Can you reduce attention residue? [1:19:01]- Impact of Cal’s podcast on his idea process [1:22:31]Thanks to our Sponsors:Betterhelp.com/DeepQuestionsStamps.com/DeepTrybasis.com/CalZbiotics.com/CalThanks to Jesse Miller for production, Jay Kerstens for the intro music, and Mark Miles for mastering.

CyberWire Daily

CyberWire, Inc.

A Fancy Bear sighting. Why Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine have fallen short of expectations. ToddyCat APT discovered. ICEFALL ICS issues described. Europol collars 9. Say it ain’t so, Dmitry.

Fancy Bear sighted in Ukrainian in-boxes. Why Russian cyberattacks against Ukraine have fallen short of expectations. ToddyCat APT is active in European and Asian networks. ICEFALL ICS vulnerabilities described. CISA issues ICS vulnerability advisories. Europol makes nine collars. Andrea Little Limbago from Interos on The global state of data protection and sharing. Rick Howard speaks with Michelangelo Sidagni from NopSec on the Future of Vulnerability Management. We are shocked, shocked, to hear of corruption in the FSB

For links to all of today's stories check out our CyberWire daily news briefing:

Selected reading.
Ukrainian cybersecurity officials disclose two new hacking campaigns (Cybe

a16z Podcast

Andreessen Horowitz

Applying AI in B2B

In this episode from October 2019, People.AI founder and CEO Oleg Rogynskyy and a16z partner Peter Lauten discuss with Das Rush about what the rise of AI in B2B means for enterprises, workers, and startups. They explain why AI provides a strong first mover advantage to enterprises that adopt it early; how it can automate lower level tasks, maximize our focus, and, ultimately, make our work more meaningful; and for startups, they provide a playbook for seizing the next AI opportunity.To learn more about the latest in AI, ML, data, and how enterprise are working with these technologies, go to future.com/data.

Endless Thread


Encore: Giddyup! Riding Groups Tap Into Long History Of Black Cowboys

In the summer of 2020, images of Black men and women riding horses at protests went viral. But the history of Black cowboys goes all the way back to the creation of the American West. In this encore episode, the Endless Thread team digs into this history in honor of Juneteenth. We also hear from Black riders who are carrying on this legacy. This episode was originally published on July 10, 2020. 

Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast

Vox Media Podcast Network

The M2 MacBook Pro and Nothing Phone are WEIRD

This week Marques and Andrew discuss the new M2 MacBook Pro and try to figure out who exactly should buy it. After that, they dig go deep on the Nothing Phone 1 before finishing up with a new EV announcement that may or not be real. Plus, there's some good trivia in this one too so hopefully you're playing along and keeping score!
Rene Ritchie M2 Macbook Pro review: https://bit.ly/3HRelcs
Nothing Phone video: https://bit.ly/3zXsUtn
Verge M2 Macbook Pro article: https://bit.ly/3QFbQhL
Lightyear Solar car: https://lightyear.one/



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Citadel Dispatch


Miles Suter, RockstarDev, and Lisa Neigut at Bitcoin Commons on March 18th 2022

I sat down with Miles Suter, Rockstardev, and Lisa Neigut on March 18th 2022 at the Bitcoin Takeover event held at Bitcoin Commons in Austin during SXSW to discuss lightning development and the three main lightning implementations: LND, CLN, and LDK.

Video: https://bitcointv.com/w/1jRpeX7VrQkzRcoqha6yso

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telegram: https://t.me/citadeldispatch
stream sats to the show: https://www.fountain.fm/
join the chat: https://matrix.to/#/#citadel:bitcoin.kyoto



S20:E7 - What we can all learn from the experience of being a neurodivergent developer (Alex Karp)

In this episode, about what we can all learn from the experience of being a neurodivergent developer, with Alex Karp, author of the new book Running Start: How to get a job in tech, keep that job, and thrive. Alex talks about some of the biggest misconceptions about autism, how putting effort into accessibility and inclusion helps everyone, and what has personally helped him thrive in his career. Show Links DevDiscuss (sponsor) DevNews (sponsor) Cockroach Labs (sponsor) New Relic (sponsor) Porkbun (sponsor) Stellar (sponsor) Bright Data (sponsor) Running Start: How to get a job in tech, keep that job, and thrive JavaScript TI-BASIC

Marketplace Tech


Algorithms can be biased. Could auditors lend a hand?

This week, the Department of Justice settled a lawsuit with Meta, Facebook’s parent company, over the use of algorithms the government said were discriminatory. Meta said it will change its targeted ad toolAnd subject it to what’s called “algorithmic auditing.” Marketplace’s Meghan McCarty Carino speaks with Sasha Costanza-Chock, a researcher with the Algorithmic Justice League. She says audits can be done within companies, by contractors, or by outside parties like researchers and journalists.
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Triple Click

Maximum Fun

The Good And Bad Of "Not E3" 2022

E3 is here... or at least it would be, if it hadn't been canceled in January. So instead we have this: a smattering of haphazard events all loosely taking place in June, except for the ones coming later. This week, Jason, Kirk, and Maddy try to untangle Not E3 2022 and talk about the highlights (and lowlights) so far, from Starfield to Silksong.One More Thing: Kirk: Josh Strife Hays’ Diablo loot video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o17lBUZgjTsMaddy: Venom: Let There Be CarnageJason: How I Became A Famous Novelist (by Steve Hely)Links:Support Triple Click: http://maximumfun.org/joinBuy a Triple Click t-shirt: https://topatoco.com/collections/maximum-fun/products/maxf-tc-tclogo-shJoin the Triple Click Discord: http://discord.gg/tripleclickpodTriple Click Ethics Policy: https://maximumfun.org/triple-click-ethics-policy/


Andrew Gelina

Ep. 065, Whitebox Hunting

Episode #065 features Pete Langois. Pete’s first buffer overflow exploit in 8th grade earned him a trip to the vice principal's office, but starting his own BBS out of his bedroom earned him a job. We talk about trade shows including MacWorld, Star Wars including action figures, and the ROI of investing in yourself.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodore_64 https://www.apple.com/leadership/phil-schiller/ https://www.derrynh.org/ https://www.skillshare.com/blog/a-brief-history-of-digital-photography/ https://www.londonderrynhpd.gov/189/Police-Explorers

Malicious Life


Malicious LIVE: Celebrating 5 Years of Malicious Life

A recording of last week's special Malicious Live Ask Us Anything event: How did Malicious Life come to be? How do we choose the stories we tell, who was Ran's most memorable guest - and why does Nate keep inserting weird names into the scripts?...

The Tech Guy (Audio)


Leo Laporte - The Tech Guy: 1903

Finding good hearing aids and preparing for a hearing exam. Troubleshooting internet speeds for a T-Mobile home internet connection. Exporting and printing multiple notes from an iPhone. Repurposing an old Chromebook from Dell. Migrating an iPhotos Photo Library to macOS's Photos app. Troubleshooting auto-launching apps on an LG G6. Using a Vizio soundbar with ARC and HDMI-CEC. Using an external SSD to run macOS. Recording an audio stream on iPad. Transferring files from an iPad to a Windows PC using AirDrop. Plus, conversations with Johnny Jet, Scott Wilkinson, and Dick Debartolo.
Steam Deck™
Senators call for US to adopt common charger | TechCrunch
Letter to Department of Commerce on e-Waste
Elon Musk's plan is to run Twitter off the top of his head - The Verg
ReSound hearing aids and wireless accessories | ReSound US
Starkey | Find the Best Hearing Aid for You
S.670 - 115th Congress (2017-201

Kim Komando Today

Kim Komando

CEO passwords, jobfishing scams, new hacker schemes

Need to recover deleted files? Want to trade in old gear for Amazon cash? I've got you. Also, I'll share a photography tip you can use to get the best action shots. Plus, new scamming strategies to watch out for as well as the most common CEO passwords. (You won't believe how silly some of them are.)
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Tesla Daily: Tesla News & Analysis

Rob Maurer

Analyzing Tesla's Huge Price Increases, Labor Secretary, Tesla Insurance, Hardware 4 (03.15.22)

➤ Tesla implements one of their biggest price hikes ever just one week after raising prices ➤ Mixed PPI report ➤ Rumor on Tesla orders ➤ US Labor Secretary meets with Elon Musk ➤ Tesla Insurance looking to expand to two new states ➤ FSD hardware 4.0 reference reported in new software Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/teslapodcast Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/tesladailypodcast Tesla Referral: https://ts.la/robert47283 Plaid producer Who Why Executive producer Jeremy Cooke Executive producer Troy Cherasaro Executive producer Andre/Maria Kent Executive producer Jessie Chimni Executive producer Michael Pastrone Executive producer Richard Del Maestro Executive producer John Beans Music by Evan Schaeffer Disclosure: Rob Maurer is long TSLA stock & derivatives

Your Undivided Attention

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, The Center for Humane Technology

Feed Drop — Conversations With People Who Hate Me with Dylan Marron

This week on Your Undivided Attention, we’re doing something different: we’re airing an episode of another podcast that’s also part of the TED Audio Collective.Backing up for a moment: we recently aired an episode with Dylan Marron — creator and host of the podcast, Conversations With People Who Hate Me. On his show, Dylan calls up the people behind negative comments on the internet, and asks them: why did you write that?In our conversation with Dylan, we played a clip from episode 2 of Conversations With People Who Hate Me. In that episode, Dylan talks with a high school student named Josh, who’d sent him homophobic messages online. This week, we're airing that full episode — the full conversation between Dylan Marron and Josh.If you didn’t hear our episode with Dylan, do give it a listen. Then, enjoy this second episode of Conversations With People Who Hate Me.RECOMMENDED YUA EPISODES Transcending the Inte

T.Rex Talk

T.Rex Arms

The Five Big Gun Control Myths

Ok, so there are LOTS of myths about gun control and gun violence, but here are five that are dominating the current news cycle and undergird a lot of the current thinking about guns.Keep in touch with us here: https://trex-arms.com/newsletter/   

Well There‘s Your Problem

Justin Roczniak, Liam Anderson, Alice Caldwell-Kelly


spencer hall on twitter: https://twitter.com/edsbs
full episode: https://www.patreon.com/posts/67297183

Hacking Humans

CyberWire Inc.

Encore: The attackers keep coming every single day.

Guest Andrew Rubin, CEO and co-founder of Illumio, joins Dave to discuss Zero Trust, Dave and Joe share some follow-up from several listeners including one with a variation on prison pen pals we discussed some time ago and some advice on Dave's Google Authenticator issue he mentioned last week, Dave's story is about non-delivery scams, Joe's got a story on Imperial Kitten doing some catphishing, and our Catch of the Day comes from listener Timothy about with a sextortion campaign.
Links to stories:

5 reasons non-delivery scams work

I Knew You Were Trouble: TA456 Targets Defense Contractor with Alluring Social Media Persona

Have a Catch of the Day you'd like to share? Email it to us at hackinghumans@thecyberwire.com or hit us up on Twitter.



Facebook Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing With your Data

Facebook’s biggest strength is quickly becoming its largest headache. For years, Facebook has survived by tracking every little thing its users do and selling that on to everyone. But now a slew of regulations across the globe are looking to crack down on the social media site and, according to leaked documents, Facebook has no idea how to get compliant. Worse, the social media giant has no idea where any given piece of data goes once it enters its ecosystem.On this episode of Cyber, we sit down with Motherboard Senior Staff Writer Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai to talk about the regulation “tsunami” facing the social media site.Stories discussed in this episode:Facebook Doesn’t Know What It Does With Your Data, Or Where It Goes: Leaked DocumentLawmakers Call For Better Facebook User Data OversightWe’re recording CYBER live on Twitch. Watch live during the week. Follow us there to get alerts when we go live. We take questio

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show

Michael Bazzell

265-HP Dev One with Pop!_OS

This week I get my hands on the new HP Dev One with Pop!_OS pre-installed and offer a full review.

Direct support for this podcast comes from our privacy services, online training, and new books for 2022: Extreme Privacy (4th Edition) and  Open Source Intelligence Techniques (9th Edition). More details can be found at IntelTechniques.com. Thank you for keeping this show ad-free and sponsor-free.

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Catalyst with Shayle Kann

Post Script Media + Canary Media

Shayle’s “ask me anything” episode

We’re reversing roles today by taking listener questions for our host, Shayle Kann. He’s usually the one interviewing our guests, but he also has expertise (and maybe a few hot takes) to share. He leads a $350 million fund that invests in early-stage climate startups, so he spends most of his time trying to figure out which technologies and businesses will help us decarbonize as quickly as possible.
GreenBiz senior energy analyst Sarah Golden joins the show to ask Shayle your questions and dissect the answers with him. 
They cover:

The causes of rising solar costs and other troubles in the solar industry 

The biggest bottlenecks in climate tech

The the startups that are trying to reduce the carbon intensity of fertilizing crops amid a global fertilizer crisis

The overhyped hate for crypto mining 

The race between synthetic fuels (aka synfuels) and biofuels


TED Tech

TED Tech

How Caracas combats propaganda | Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala

We all know that information is power; but what if you live in a country without a free press or regular access to the internet? You have to be creative, and find nimble ways to help your community stay informed. That’s exactly what journalists in Caracas, Venezuela are doing by delivering the news every weekday…on public buses all over! Hop on a music-filled and inspiring journey as El Bus TV combats misinformation and arms you with the hope that there’s always a way to take action on the things that matter—wherever you are. This is an episode of Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. To hear more ideas from across the world, follow Far Flung wherever you're listening to this. We love making TED Tech, and we want to make it better. So if you have a few minutes, share your thoughts at surveynerds.com/ted

Syntax - Tasty Web Development Treats

Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski - Full Stack JavaScript Web Developers

Supper Club × Authoring Browser Extensions with Tim Leland

In this supper club episode of Syntax, Wes and Scott talk with Tim Leland - developer of browser extensions like WeatherExtension and Link Shortener Extension. Postlight Podcast - Sponsor Postlight is a strategy, design, and engineering firm that builds platforms for some of the biggest organizations in the world. The Postlight Podcast is hosted by senior leaders Rich Ziade, Paul Ford, Gina Trapani, and Chris LoSacco. If you’re looking for answers to tough leadership questions, the Postlight Podcast has you covered. Listen to new episodes every Tuesday, wherever you get your podcasts. WP Mail SMTP - Sponsor Did you know that many WordPress sites are not properly configured to send emails? With WP Mail SMTP, you can easily optimize your site to send emails, avoid the spam folder, and make sure your emails land in the inbox every time. WP Mail SMTP comes with detailed email logs, email engagement tracking, visual e

Opt Out

Seth For Privacy

Privacy on Bitcoin w/ Samourai Wallet

Wondering how you can manage to use Bitcoin privately? This episode, we're sitting down with Samourai Wallet to chat about their incredible FOSS Bitcoin wallet that enables private usage of Bitcoin.More about Samourai:Samourai's guest profile -- https://www.optoutpod.com/guests/samourai-wallet/More about Samourai Wallet:The site -- https://samouraiwallet.com/The code -- https://code.samourai.io/explore/groupsSimple guide to mixing Bitcoin using Samourai Wallet by BitcoinQnA -- https://bitcoiner.guide/privacy/separate/In-depth guide to Samourai Wallet usage by EconoAlchemist -- https://www.econoalchemist.com/post/bitcoin-wallets-for-beginners-part-iiOpt Out's Sponsors:Cake Wallet, an easy to use Monero mobile wallet -- https://www.optoutpod.com/sponsors/#sponsor-cake-walletLocalMonero, an excellent and privacy-preserving way to buy and sell Monero -- https://www.optoutpod.com/sponsors/#sponsor-localmoneroIVPN, an ethical, n

Land of the Giants


One App Store to Rule Them All

Apple has always maintained it knows what’s best for its customers. But now governments and developers are trying to change the way Apple runs its highly profitable iPhone App Store. What happens if Apple can no longer hold its tight grip on the iPhone and the way we interact with the world?

Hosted by Peter Kafka (@pkafka)

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Accidental Tech Podcast

Marco Arment, Casey Liss, John Siracusa

488: Pebbles on the Scale

Pre-show: Marco’s HomePod journey continues

HomePod mini
USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter


iPad Pro (2018) has 4GB or 6GB RAM

The offending party has been sacked

Apple educational discounts & software bundles

Pro Apps Bundle for Education
Education Store
Macintosh SE/30

Your beloved hosts have a violent reaction to the 13” MacBook Pro
Bart Reardon’s System Preferences experiment

AMFI Launch Constraints

Copy/Paste adjustments in Photos

macOS Ventura Preview

Gaming on the Mac on The Talk Show Live
macOS Ventura hardware support via Mr. Macintosh

Christina Warren’s take

iOS and head-related transfer functions (via Josh Hunt)
CarPlay and Android Automotive

Real-time operating syst

Talk Python To Me

Michael Kennedy (@mkennedy)

#368: End-to-End Web Testing with Playwright

How do you test whether your web sites are working well? Unit tests are great. But for web apps, the number of pieces that have to click together "just so" are many. You have databases, server code (such as a Flask app), server templates (Jinja for example), CSS, Javascript, and even deployment topologies (think nginx + uvicorn). Unit tests won't cover all of that integration. But Playwright does. Playwright is a modern, Pythonic take on testing webs apps using code driving a browser core to interact with web apps the way real users and API clients do. I think you'll find a lot to like there. And we have Pandy Knight from Automation Panda here to break it down for us.

Links from the show

Pandy's Twitter: @AutomationPanda
Pandy's blog: automationpanda.com
Playwright: playwright.dev
Pandy's Playwright tutorial: github.com
pytest: pytest.org
applitools: applitools.com

Zero Knowledge

Zero Knowledge Podcast

Episode 233: Through the Wormhole with Jump Crypto

In this week’s episode, Anna (https://twitter.com/annarrose) chats with Rahul Magani (https://twitter.com/rahulmaganti_), the Applied ZK Lead at Jump Crypto (https://twitter.com/jump_), and Hendrik Hofstadt (https://twitter.com/hendrikhofstadt), Project Lead at (Wormhole Crypto)[https://twitter.com/wormholecrypto]. They look at how Wormhole first came to be, the challenges of interoperability, the design decisions they made in balancing security, speed and functionality, the risks facing these types of solutions, including the famous Wormhole hack, what the future holds and how they aim to explore using zk in bridging.
Here are some links for this episode:
* Ep 230: Designing Optimistic Interoperability with Nomad (https://zeroknowledge.fm/230-2/)
* Ep 232: Cutting Edge ZK Research with Mary Maller (https://zeroknowledge.fm/232-2/)
* Jump Crypto (https://jumpcrypto.com/)
* Wormhole Repository (http

Gadget Lab: Weekly Tech News from WIRED


What Would Elon’s Twitter Look Like?

It probably won't surprise you that Twitter's a bit of a mess right now. Last week, billionaire Elon Musk made a play to buy the whole company, stating that his goal was to turn it into a bastion for free speech absolutists. Regardless, Twitter is also in the process of undergoing some changes that are posed to shake up the platform, with or without Musk's involvement.
This week on Gadget Lab, we’re joined by Casey Newton, the journalist and writer of the Substack newsletter, Platformer. Casey comes on the show to talk all about Twitter, Elon, and the always controversial edit button.
Show Notes: 
Read and subscribe to Casey’s newsletter Platformer. Here’s how Twitter’s edit button might actually work. Read more about what exactly Elon’s vision of truth means.
Casey recommends the show Yellowjackets on Showtime. Lauren recommends Goodreads. Mike recommends simplifying your burgers (i.e., stop put

Trail of Bits

Trail of Bits

Imagine having a couple of friends explain to you how they protect some of the world’s most precious data - friends who happen to be the world’s leading cyber security experts, and who know how to speak in plain, straightforward English. That’s what each episode of the Trail of Bits podcast is like. The only ads you’ll ever hear are for our free and open source software and tools.

AppleInsider Podcast


macOS Ventura Beta Review, iPhone 14 Models, iOS 16 Focus Filters

macOS Ventura includes promising features in the first beta, iPhone 14 dummy models reveal larger display options, we dive in to iOS 16 Focus Filters, watchOS 9, and more on the new AppleInsider podcast.Contact our hosts
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Where It Happens

Where It Happens

Predicting the Future of Web3

Web 3.0 is the future, ready or not; are you? In today’s episode, we explain how Twitter increases earning & job potential, the ways Web 3 is revolutionizing the fitness and insurance industries, and why young people need to follow their interests and then double down. Hosts Sahil Bloom and Greg Isenberg are joined by guest Gaby Goldberg, who has become a pioneer in crypto, an expert in Web 3, and one of the earliest investors in The Chernin Group (TCG), all by the age of 23. Today Gaby shares the personal experiences that led her down the crypto rabbit hole, why young professionals are all in on Web 3, and shares the next generations biggest predictions for the future.

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Apple Events (video)


WWDC22 Keynote

Watch the WWDC22 Apple Keynote announcing the latest software, hardware, services, and operating systems. For more on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, click here: https://developer.apple.com/wwdc22

Rabbit Hole Recap

ODELL and Marty Bent

Join Marty and ODELL as they sit down to discuss the latest news in Bitcoin every week.

Data Skeptic

Kyle Polich

Algorithmic PPC Management

Effectively managing a large budget of pay per click advertising demands software solutions. When spending multi-million dollar budgets on hundreds of thousands of keywords, an effective algorithmic strategy is required to optimize marketing objectives. In this episode, Nathan Janos joins us to share insights from his work in the ad tech industry. Click for additional show notes Thanks to our sponsor! https://wandb.com/ The developer-first MLOps platform. Build better models faster with experiment tracking, dataset versioning, and model management.

Command Line Heroes

Red Hat

All Together Now

Our show is all about heroes making great strides in technology. But in InfoSec, not every hero expects to ride off into the sunset. In our series finale, we tackle vulnerability scans, how sharing information can be a powerful tool against cyber crime, and why it’s more important than ever for cybersecurity to have more people, more eyes, and more voices, in the fight.Wietse Venema gives us the story of SATAN, and how it didn’t destroy the world as expected. Maitreyi Sistla tells us how representation helps coders build things that work for everyone. And Mary Chaney shines a light on how hiring for a new generation can prepare us for a bold and brighter future.If you want to read up on some of our research on the InfoSec community, you can check out all our bonus material over at redhat.com/commandlineheroes. Follow along with the episode transcript.  

13 Minutes to the Moon

BBC World Service

Bonus: The Lazarus Heist Episode 1

Introducing our new original podcast. Here’s episode 1: Hacking Hollywood. A movie, Kim Jong-un and a devastating cyber-attack. The story of the Sony hack. How the Lazarus Group hackers caused mayhem. And this is just the beginning…Search for The Lazarus Heist wherever you get your podcasts. #LazarusHeist

The Stack Overflow Podcast

The Stack Overflow Podcast

Our favorite features and updates from WWDC

WWDC22 was last week (check out Apple’s highlights here). Among the most exciting demonstrations: passkeys, a new approach to authentication with the potential to finally replace passwords altogether. Apple also announced enhancements to Swift, its programming language, and a new flagship processor, the M2 chip.Now that iMessage users will be able to edit or even unsend text messages after the fact, will your group chat (or your relationship) ever be the same?Multitaskers rejoice: A new iPadOS function called Stage Manager organizes apps in a tile formation that allows users to rapidly tap from workspace to workspace.And yes, you can finally check the weather on your iPhone lock screen.Today’s Lifeboat badge goes to user Stephen Docy for their answer to Proving that a two-pointer approach works (pair sum).

The Real Python Podcast

Real Python

Getting Started in Python Cybersecurity and Forensics

Are you interested in a career in security using Python? Would you like to stay ahead of potential vulnerabilities in your Python applications? This week on the show, James Pleger talks about Python information security, incident response, and forensics.

Stan Prokopenko Podcast

Stan Prokopenko Podcast

A podcast focusing on interesting conversations with builders in art, tech, AI, crypto, NFTs, web3, and education.

NN/g UX Podcast

Nielsen Norman Group

21. Making Your Visual Designs Work Harder For You (feat. Kelley Gordon, Digital Design Lead at NN/g)

Visual design takes a lot more work than just making things look pretty, and is a fundamental part of many user's experiences. Our digital design lead, Kelley Gordon, shares some practical tips for both designers and "non-designers" alike to strengthen visual designs and improve working relationships. 
Read more about Kelley Gordon here
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Full-day courses and 1-Hour Talks referenced in this episode:

Design Critiques: What, How, and When (1-Hour Talk)
Web Page UX Design (UXC Course)
Visual Design Fundamentals (UXC Course)

Through the Noise

Alex Banks

Startups and venture capital. Without the noise. Follow the show on Twitter @throuthenoise

9to5Mac Happy Hour


Stage Manager hardware restrictions, 15-inch MacBook Air and big HomePod rumors

Benjamin and Zac discuss the exciting rumors about the introduction of a 15-inch MacBook Air, the return of a 12-inch MacBook, and big HomePod. Apple has finally settled its complaints with the Netherlands (for now) … and Zac gives his hands-on impressions of his new Mac Studio.
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Recode Daily


Can we stay cool without heating up the planet?

How do we stay cool on a warming planet? Air conditioning is one way, but depending on what kind of AC unit you have, it could be actually polluting the air and making the problem worse. Umair Irfan, climate reporter at Vox, has been looking into this (extremely frustrating) air conditioning paradox. 

Read Umair’s article: https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/23067049/heat-wave-air-conditioning-cooling-india-climate-change 

Today’s episode was produced and engineered by Sofi LaLonde, and hosted by Adam Clark Estes.

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Genius Bar


71: DON'T Use iOS 16! (feat. Sara Dietschy)

Sara Dietschy returns to the Genius Bar with Jon Prosser and Sam Kohl to have another discussion about WWDC...sort of. Really, the gang just hangs out for 2 hours and vibes. Is this supposed to be an Apple podcast? I don't know, you tell us.

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Genius Bar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/geniusbarcast
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Sam on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/iupdate

Lew Later

Lew Later

SpaceX Is Not Happy With Elon Musk...

Go to http://zocdoc.com/lewlater and download the Zocdoc app for free. 
Go to http://masterworks.art/lewlater to get started.

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DJ Teebeats - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBoSnRQ5Zc5zigKvCODXY6w


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Bitcoin Magazine Podcast

BTC Media

Why Everybody Is Choosing Lightning w/ Alysee Killeen

Alysee Kileen, Founder and Managing Partner of Stillmark, joins us in this episode. We discuss the Lightning Network and the innovations that are taking place in the space.

Daily Tech News Show

Tom Merritt

It’s a Brave New Search World – DTNS 4301

Ikea has a new smartphone app that lets you scan and then delete objects in your living rooms to see how their furniture might work in your place. Twitter partnered with Shopify to launch a sales channel app for all US merchants. The people behind the Brave browser have moved their Brave search engine outContinue reading "It’s a Brave New Search World – DTNS 4301"

Risky Business

Patrick Gray

Risky Business #666 -- The msdt RTF of DOOM

On this week’s show Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau discuss the week’s security news, including:

The msdt/office lolbinapalooza
Microsoft to introduce sensible defaults to Azure
Twitter fined $150m for sms 2fa spam
It turns out npm got owned in that Heroku/Travis CI thing
AWS cred-stealing supply chain attack was research your honour, I swear!
Much, much more

We’ll be chatting with Airlock Digital co-founder and CTO Daniel Schell in this week’s sponsor interview. He’ll be walking us through some of his own research into how to own Microsoft boxes via document-embedded office add-ins.

Links to everything that we discussed are below and you can follow Patrick or Adam on Twitter if that’s your thing.

The Changelog: Software Development, Open Source

Changelog Media

Two decades as a solo indie Mac dev

This week Jesse Grosjean joins us to talk about his career as a solo indie Mac dev. Since 2004 Jesse has been building Mac apps under the company name Hog Bay Software producing hits such as WriteRoom, Taskpaper, and now Bike. We talk through the evolution of his apps, how he considers new features and improvements, why he chose and continues to choose the Mac platform, his business model and pricing for his apps, and what it takes to build his business around macOS and the driving force of the App Store.

iOS Today (Audio)


iOS 605: WWDC 2022 - New Features for Your iPad & iPhone!

On iOS Today, Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard share some exciting new features in iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, and macOS Ventura that were announced at Apple's WWDC 2022.
Reimagined Lock Screen
Medication tracking in the Health app
Sleep Tracking
Mail: Send later, remind me, undo send
Messages: Edit, undo send, mark as unread, audio messages 'app'
Maps: Stops!
Native support for Nintendo Pro controllers
Print Layouts
Stage Manager
Focus Modes: Filter out apps, set Lock Screen/Watch Face, filters for Safari, Mail, Messages, Calendar
Use your iPhone as a camera on macOS Ventura
Shortcuts Corner - WWDC 2022 Updates:
Adjust filters for Messages/Mail
Tab groups!
Maps: Parked car integration
Remove image background
Extract text from image
Delete messages
App Caps
Rosemary: Camera Trick - Set

Super Data Science

Jon Krohn and Guests on Machine Learning, A.I., and Data-Career Success

SDS 585: PyMC for Bayesian Statistics in Python

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Wiecki, Core Developer of the PyMC Library and CEO of PyMC Labs, joins Jon for a masterclass in Bayesian statistics. Tune in to hear about PyMC, and discover why Bayesian statistics can be more powerful and interpretable than any other data modeling approach.

In this episode you will learn:
• What Bayesian statistics is [7:30]
• Why Bayesian statistics can be more powerful and interpretable than any other data modeling approach [17:20]
• How PyMC was developed [20:41]
• Commercial applications of Bayesian stats [43:07]
• How to build a successful company culture [1:03:14]
• What Thomas looks for when hiring [1:11:13]
• Thomas’s top resources for learning Bayesian stats yourself [1:13:57]

Additional materials: www.superdatascience.com/585

Mac Power Users

Relay FM

638: A Mac Setup Consulting Company

Stephen and David sort through listener feedback, revisiting topics such as Preview.app, time tracking and their own Apple silicon experiences. Oh, and the person who took a Mac Pro to the coffee shop to get some work done on the go.

JS Party: JavaScript, CSS, Web Development

Changelog Media

The third year of the third age of JS

In 2020, Shawn (swyx) Wang wrote: Every 10 years there is a changing of the guard in JavaScript. I think we have just started a period of accelerated change that could in thge future be regarded as the Third Age of JavaScript. We’re now in year three of this third age and Swyx joins us to look back at what he missed, look around at what’s happening today, and look forward at what might be coming next.



Fw Thinking: Your Body as a Computer Interface

Could the future of electronics be the human body? We explore efforts to turn your body into a technological interface.

See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

The Flycast

The Flycast

The Reason CourageJD Left OpTic | The Flycast Ep. 40

This week on The Flycast Hitch and MaNiaC discuss the future of OpTic, mental health, and why CourageJD left OpTic. 

Check out the OpTic Podcast here: 

The Reason CourageJD Left OpTic | The Flycast Ep. 40


Jackson Palmer

Carbon Credit Cards (w/ Polly Hemming of The Australia Institute)

You might have heard more and more recently about carbon offsetting - with companies labeling their products as carbon neutral or airlines allowing you to offset the emissions of your ticket with a one-time fee. Carbon credits, the financial market behind this movement are becoming big business - with billions of dollars in credits traded last year alone.
But how much oversight do these markets have, and can you be guaranteed that your carbon is actually being offset when you pay that extra airline fee? To help us answer these questions, we’re joined by Polly Hemming, Advisor to the Australia Institute for their climate and energy program.
Follow Polly:

The Australia Institute



Scam Economy

Matt Binder

12: A/S/L/Crypto?: The Dating App Crypto Scam Scourge

Looking for love? Have you been targeted by a crypto scam on a dating app? Scam Economy listeners recently called into the live post-show to share their experiences with host Matt Binder. There's plenty of twists, turns, and swerves! Here are some of those stories. Visit: http://www.ScamEconomy.com ! Support the show: http://www.patreon.com/mattbinder

Crypto Over Coffee ☕️ by Hashoshi // Weekly Cryptocurrency Updates


DANGEROUS times ahead for Bitcoin and crypto investors... don't make this mistake

In this episode of Crypto Over Coffee, Hashoshi discusses the dangerous times ahead for Bitcoin and crypto investors as uncertainty in the traditional markets have negative implications for cryptocurrency markets. Hashoshi also discusses Near Protocol, Stripe's Polygon integration,  Ethereum concerns, and more!  
(sponsor) ?? Trade crypto tax-advantaged with an iTrustCapital crypto IRA: https://itrust.capital/hashoshi
**make sure to know the risks and tax implications of a crypto IRA before investing  
Global Economy Debate Full Length: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVsToALst_k
Clip: https://twitter.com/plan_marcus/status/1517206580189671436  

 ⚠️ Important ⚠️ The opinions and information presented in this video are strictly my own, or those of the interviewee featured in the episode, and are not representative of any other individual or


Relay FM

405: Too Many Numbers

This week we check in on Studio Display firmware, ponder what form the iPhone 14 might take and whether it's different enough from the iPhone 13, and break down the results of Apple's record fiscal quarter--including some trepidation about the future. Also, Myke finally got his Playdate!

EV News Daily

Martyn Lee

1437: Saturday Special Interview: Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland

Derek Reilly started his EV Review Ireland Youtube channel in 2020 and has grown it into one of the country's top tech channels, and the #1 EV channel in Ireland.

Whilst I'm here to collate the news each day, Derek is all about reviewing electric mobility for his consumer audience - whether that's cars, vans, electric bicycles, scooters or even buses!

You can find his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP90Sy_pvdY1-cc2xScs90g

TFTC: A Bitcoin Podcast

Marty Bent

#325: Texas beef and decentralizing the food supply with Texas Slim, Cole Bolton, and Parker Lewis

Join Marty as he sits down with Texas Slim, Cole Bolton and Parker Lewis to discuss the decentralization of our food supply.

Get Tickets to The Beef Initiative Conference 
Learn more about The Beef Initiative 
Purchase meat from K and C Cattle 
Follow Texas Slim on Twitter 
Follow Parker Lewis on Twitter

Shoutout to our sponsors:
Unchained Capital

Tech Won't Save Us

Paris Marx

Silicon Valley has a solution for everything, but who do its ideas really serve? Every Thursday, Paris Marx is joined by a new guest to critically examine the tech industry, its thought leaders, and the worldview it spreads. They challenge the notion that tech alone can drive our world forward by showing that separating tech from politics has consequences for us all, especially the most vulnerable. But if tech won't save us, what will? This podcast isn't simply about tearing tech down; it also presents radical ideas for tech designed for human flourishing instead of surveillance, acquisitions, or to boost stock prices. A better world is possible, and so is better technology.



#83 Empowering the Modern Data Analyst

As data volumes grow and become ever-more complex, the role of the data analyst has never been more important. At the disposal of the modern data analyst, are tools that reduce time to insight, and increase collaboration. However, as the tools of a data analyst evolve, so do the skills. 
Today’s guest, Peter Fishman, Co-Founder at Mozart Data, speaks to this exact notion. 
Join us as we discuss:
Defining a data-driven organization & main challenges
Breaking down the modern data stack & what it means
What makes a great data analyst
How data analysts can develop deep subject matter expertise in the areas they serve

Find every episode of DataFramed on Apple, Spotify, and more. Find us on our website and join the conversation on LinkedIn.
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Relay FM

130: The Crushing Unfairness

Grey has requests, Myke has COVID, and they both talk about their favourite things from WWDC 2022.

What's Next|科技早知道


What's Next 番外篇 E05|银河第一 IP 是谁?

「星球大战」为什么是科幻迷眼中的银河系第一 IP ?1977 年「星球大战:新希望」上映,乔治·卢卡斯和他的星战系列以天马行空的想象力,以及令人惊叹的绚烂特效,重新定义了科幻创作,由此开启了太空歌剧的全新时代,并持续影响着流行文化。直至今日,围绕星战宇宙仍在不断衍生出系列小说、手办、周边、热梗,比如前段时间 TikTok 上爆火的 Lightsaber Transformation Challenge(光剑变装挑战),正式取自于星战中最经典的光剑元素。根据 Statista 统计,在过去的 45 年中,星战 IP 一共创造了将近 700 亿美元的收入,是全球第五大赚钱的 IP ,其中 40 % 来自衍生品的贡献,国内消费者到现在也会时不时看到星战联名的收藏级潮玩、潮流服饰,IP 的全球影响力之大,可见一斑。
本期节目是「迪士尼的品牌魔法」第五集,主播 Diane 在洛杉矶安纳海姆会议中心,与知名影评人周黎明、501 军团中国驻防军的番茄 TI-19824 和 Kato TK-21014,一起畅聊,为什么将近半个世纪过去了,星球大战还是让人欲罢不能的史诗级科幻 IP ?星战粉丝是一个什么样的群体?神秘的 501 军团平时都在做些什么?星战迷的启蒙从何而来?星战之后,未来又会是哪部作品又可能成为下一个影响全球潮流文化的 IP ?
「May the Force be with you」。
番茄 TI-19824,501 军团中国驻防军
Kato TK-21014,501 军团中国驻防军
[03:51] 谁能欣赏星战?架空和现实主义都有好故事。
[12:26] 剧集和电影各有长处?虚拟场景给行业开辟了一条新路?
[21:15] 星战粉丝是最狂热也是最包容的?
[35:20] 如何找到神秘的 501 军团?成员都爱大幅改造自己的设备?还有级别?
[46:38] 公众前不会卸下头盔?成员会成为拍电影的备用人选?

The Official SaaStr Podcast: SaaS | Founders | Investors


SaaStr 565: Classic Episode: The Importance of Company Values, a Great Hiring Process, and Ownership Culture with Gusto Co-Founder & CEO Josh Reeves

To celebrate 10 years of SaaStr, we’re revisiting some classic podcast episodes. Up today: a 2016 interview with Harry Stebbings and Gusto Co-Founder and CEO Josh Reeves. At the time of this interview, Gusto had 350 employees serving 40,000 customers. Today, it's grown to more than 2,000 employees serving over 200,000 businesses. Want to join the SaaStr community? We're the ?largest community for B2B software. Subscribe for weekly updates: https://www.saastr.com/subscribeform Twitter: https://twitter.com/saastr LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2724976 Quora Group: https://www.quora.com/q/cloud Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaaStr/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saastr/ Our North American Event: https://bit.ly/2OXeAYh Our European Event: https://bit.ly/2OZTad8    

Indie Hackers

Courtland Allen

#255 – The Drive to Make Money, Defining Life Principles, and Courtland Wins $10k from Vincent Woo of Coderpad

Vincent Woo (@fulligin) sold his company for tens of millions of dollars. He joins the pod to talk to Courtland (@csallen) and Channing (@ChanningAllen) about advice for fledgling indie hackers trying to make money, the purpose of business, defining principles for one's life, and why he shouldn't have to pay Courtland for a $10,000 bet he lost.

Practical AI: Machine Learning, Data Science

Changelog Media

Digital humans & detecting emotions

Could we create a digital human that processes data in a variety of modalities and detects emotions? Well, that’s exactly what NTT DATA Services is trying to do, and, in this episode, Theresa Kushner joins us to talk about their motivations, use cases, current systems, progress, and related ethical issues.

The AI Podcast


Astrophysicist Brant Robertson Using AI to Glean Insights from James Webb Space Telescope - Ep. 171

On July 12 NASA will release the first science data – including the first science-quality images - from the $10 billion James Webb Space Telescope. The images are sure to be stunning, and guaranteed to make headlines around the world. AI Podcast Host Noah Kravitz spoke with UC Santa Cruz's Brant Robertson, a professor of astrophysics and astronomy, about the data science behind one of the biggest science stories of our time.


Awkward Silences

User Interviews

#92 - What Librarians Can Teach UXRs about Insights Repositories with Nada Alnakeeb of DoorDash and Joanna Perez of Netflix

Public libraries have been using insights repositories for decades—and it’s time user research teams catch up. This week, we’re joined by Nada Alnakeeb, Head of Design and Research Operations at DoorDash, and Joanna Perez, Sr. Taxonomy Strategist/Digital Archivist, Studio Production at Netflix. Nada and Joanna shared learnings from their experience building the insights repository at Meta, using familiar organizational patterns to reduce mental load, tips for effective taxonomies, and more.


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/awkwardsilences/message

Apple Bitz XL w/ Brian Tong

Brian Tong

M2 MacBook Air vs. M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch! Why Apple? (Apple Bitz XL, Ep. 223)

GET UP TO 45% OFF at SuperSuperbeets.com/APPLEBITZ

Special Guests Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser and iUpdate's Sam Kohl jump on the pod to talk about how we feel a week after WWDC 22, the new M2 MacBook Air vs the new 13-inch M2 Macbook Pro, and how excited are we for the iPhone 14/14 Pro this year.

You can help support this show and my independent work at www.patreon.com/briantong THANK YOU!

Call into the show by recording a Voice Memo and send to applebitzshow@gmail.com

Kim Komando Daily Tech Update

Kim Komando

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

9to5Mac Daily


June 17, 2022 – OLED MacBook Air and iPad Pro updates

Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.
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New episodes of 9to5Mac Daily are recorded every weekday. Subscribe to our podcast in iTunes/Apple Podcast or your favorite podcast p

NFT 365 Daily Podcast

Brian Fanzo Digital Futurist Keynote Speaker

214. NFT Times are Changing! How and Why We Don't Have to Hate Change!

We've heard the idea that "Change is scary" and "Change is hard" and its usually backed up with some version of "Most people hate change"  But do people hate change or do they hate the way change is stigmatized and presented as the result of failure..   I dive into the CHANGING landscape of both the crypto and NFT markets and some lessons I've learned around change, early adoption trends and where this leaves us in the future!   As always: DO YOU OWN DAMN RESEARCH and we hope you enjoy coming on this Mint 365 journey as we buy an NFT every day for 365 days: https://www.nft365podcast.com/mint365 The 1st DAILY Podcast buying an NFT mint every day for a year! SuperPOWERED $ADHD Creator Coins on Rally.IO  The NFT365 Podcast is Hosted by digital futurist Brian Fanzo.  ------- Learn more about the NFT365 Podcast ?  https://www.nft365podcast.com/ NFT365 is SuperPOWERED by the $A

Soft Skills Engineering

Jamison Dance and Dave Smith

Episode 308: FAANG to startup and Google interview prep

In this episode, Dave and Jamison answer these questions:

I’m currently working at a FAANG in Europe, and seriously underpaid. I recently got an offer from a US startup (Series C funded) to work remotely. Two big pluses: I’m gonna get a 2 times pay bump, and I can finally work remotely (and travel across Europe since they support work from anywhere, now that COVID restrictions are relaxed, something I wanted to do for years). Two problems: Their tech stack is Ruby on Rails, something that no “big” companies use so I may not be considered seriously because of last X years of working on a not-so-famous tech, and current tech environment screams of a recession, so I’m safer at a big company than some startup. Do you think 2.5 years in a FAANG provides enough of credibility to take care of both of these problems if things go south? Any other factors I should consider when moving from FAANG to a

Learn to Code in One Month

Learn to Code

Why are MBAs Learning Python?

This week on the Learn to Code Podcast Mattan Griffel, award-winning teacher of the Introduction to Programming Using Python course at Columbia Business School, and I discuss the question: “Why are MBAs learning to code?” Over the past four years, Mattan has taught thousands of MBAs. Recently he has begun work on a textbook to scale his curriculum to business schools all around the country titled Python for MBAs. In this episode, we’ll discuss why entrepreneurs and managers are using Python to automate routine tasks. We’ll look at student use cases, and how and why Python does a better job at data analysis than more traditional tools like Excel. Episode Show Notes and Full Transcript  The Learn to Code Podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and YouTube. Follow One Month on Facebook and Twitter.   

Into the Metaverse

Bloomberg Intelligence

The Metaverse ETF Boom is No Virtual Reality

The landscape for metaverse exchange traded funds (ETFs) is exploding, with 14 funds launched around the world and the possibility for that to double before the end of 2022. Rebecca Sin, Bloomberg Intelligence’s Asia ETF analyst, joins Yon and Matthew to break down the boom in metaverse ETFs, the outlook for new funds and asset accumulation and how she views the divergence in performance and fund flows for the sector.

Check out: Metaverse's $80 Billion ETF Assets by 2024 Virtually a Reality {NSN R79JN4T0AFBB }

Search Off the Record


Transcript for A spotlight on SEO and data with Michelle Robbins



S3E76|播客粉丝发起的Bankless DAO,如何穿越熊市?

所谓DAO,就是去中心化自治组织。关于DAO的组织形式、治理、薪酬体系,以及还有市场有哪些一线的DAO,有太多的问题我们很难在一次节目中聊清楚。之后,我们会把所有跟Web3相关的内容单独拆分成一档新的播客节目——《Web3 101》,将在近期与听众见面,希望大家能持续的关注我们。
这期我们来关注Bankless DAO。在Bankless的媒体影响力下,Bankless迅速从一个Newsletter和一档播客,繁衍成一个上万人的DAO,也是全球第一梯队的DAO。这期,我们尝试着回答:Bankless DAO是什么?随着市场有牛转熊,它在熊市会面临哪些挑战?它面临的问题是否具有普适性?
嘉宾|Shawn Wu,DAO爱好者
02:33 BANKLESS播客与Bankless DAO共享品牌,但没有关系
05:38 拥有十三个工会的Bankless DAO已是庞然大物
08:13 Bankless DAO如何协作与发工资
13:00 没有初始资金,Bankless如何起家
16:08 用爱发电成立的Bankless DAO,90%项目无盈利预期
16:45 Bankless DAO里盈利项的咨询项目是如何运转的
21:12 委员竞选开始谈钱了
22:03 从慈善基金会的投资方式转变理解DAO的经营
25:12 市场从牛转熊,参与者工资打一折
26:18 SeedClub的现金流非常健康,值得借鉴
27:42 时机——Bankless DAO迅速崛起的原因
31:20 离钱远、纯粹、工资低、氛围好
35:22 民主的问题:社区做战略,无法融资
37:28 开会越多,激励越多?
42:16 产品易逝,组织长青
47:20 现金流吃紧,GitCoin超额工资困难
50:08 从公司

The Fine Homebuilding Podcast

Fine Homebuilding Magazine

#433 Waterproofing Concrete Roofs, Net-Zero in a Cooling Climate, and Don’t Forget Degree Days

Ian, Colin, and Patrick hear from listeners about arc-fault breakers and sizing electric cable and services before taking listener questions about waterproofing a concrete overhang, getting to net-zero in a cooling climate, and using degree days to quantify energy improvements.

The CultCast

America's favorite Apple Podcast

The CultCast covers each week’s best Apple stories, news, and accessories for your iDevices and Mac—but more importantly—we do it with pizzaz. Why listen to another dreary tech program? Tune in to the CultCast each week for a healthy dose of Apple, jokes gone sour, and plenty of tangents.

Chain Reaction

TechCrunch, Lucas Matney, Yashad Kulkarni, Anita Ramaswamy, Maggie Stamets, Kell Keller

Crypto’s latest crash and where web3 falls short (with Aaron Levie)

Welcome back, this week Anita and Lucas discuss another stressful week for crypto markets which has pushed even bullish investors into bearish territories. We also chatted about growing crypto regulation efforts and Jack Dorsey’s latest effort called “web5”.In their interview this week, Lucas and Anita chat with Aaron Levie. Levie is the CEO of enterprise software company Box. While his day job doesn’t have anything to do with the blockchain, he has attracted the ire of plenty of crypto VCs for sharing thoughts on Twitter about why web3 won’t work. We caught up with Levie about some of his biggest complaints and what it would take for him to angel invest in a crypto startup.Subscribe to the Chain Reaction newsletter to dive deeper: https://techcrunch.com/newslettersHelpful links:https://techcrunch.com/2022/06/14/coinbase-ceo-says-it-is-laying-off-18-of-its-workers/https://techcrunch.com/2022/06/13/as-celsius


Sticks & Stones

You Can't Publish Their Names

The story of a very strange doxxing and an even stranger hacking gang.

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The TWIML AI Podcast (formerly This Week in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence)

Sam Charrington

Optical Flow Estimation, Panoptic Segmentation, and Vision Transformers with Fatih Porikli - #579

Today we kick off our annual coverage of the CVPR conference joined by Fatih Porikli, Senior Director of Engineering at Qualcomm AI Research. In our conversation with Fatih, we explore a trio of CVPR-accepted papers, as well as a pair of upcoming workshops at the event. The first paper, Panoptic, Instance and Semantic Relations: A Relational Context Encoder to Enhance Panoptic Segmentation, presents a novel framework to integrate semantic and instance contexts for panoptic segmentation. Next up, we discuss Imposing Consistency for Optical Flow Estimation, a paper that introduces novel and effective consistency strategies for optical flow estimation. The final paper we discuss is IRISformer: Dense Vision Transformers for Single-Image Inverse Rendering in Indoor Scenes, which proposes a transformer architecture to simultaneously estimate depths, normals, spatially-varying albedo,

Mac Geek Gab

Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun

Time Slows All Computers

Google email is no longer free, Preview has Zoom, iPadOS has Low Power Mode, and you can use Spotlight and Screenshots for notes. Also learn the best ways to remote access into your Mac from your iPhone while you're on the road.

Thinking Crypto News & Interviews

Thinking Crypto


The SEC Ripple XRP lawsuit potential settlement is being pushed to 2023. Alien Director Ridley Scott to work on a movie about Ethereum. USDC is integrated with Stripe which will be used on Twitter.Sponsors? https://itrust.capital/thinkingcrypto? https://taxbit.com/invite/thinkingcrypto/?fpr=thinkingcrypto--? Sign Up with Okcoin https://www.okcoin.com/join?channelId=600073973? Get the Ledger Nano X to Safely store your Crypto - https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/acd6✅ Become a Channel Member - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjpkwsuHgYx9fBE0ojsJ_-w/join? Sign up for the Free Thinking Crypto Weekly Newsletter https://thinkingcrypto.substack.com/? Easily do your Crypto taxes, I personally use this service - https://taxbit.com/invite/thinkingcrypto/?fpr=thinkingcrypto? Sign up with BlockFi to earn Interest on your Crypto with $250 Bonus! - https://blockfi.com/ThinkingCrypto➡️ Follow on Twitter - https://

Python Bytes

Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken

#288 Performance benchmarks for Python 3.11 are amazing

Watch the live stream:

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Brian #1: Polars: Lightning-fast DataFrame library for Rust and Python

Suggested by a several listeners
“Polars is a blazingly fast DataFrames library implemented in Rust using Apache Arrow Columnar Format as memory model.

Lazy | eager execution
SIMD (Single Instruction/Multiple Data)
Query optimization
Powerful expression API
Rust | Python | ...”

Python API syntax set up to allow parallel and execution while sidestepping GIL issues, for both lazy and eager use cases. From the docs: Do not kill parallelization
The syntax is very functional and pipeline-esque:


Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers


Episode 517: Jordan Adler on Code Generators

In this episode, SE Radio host Felienne spoke with Jordan Adler about code generation, a technique to generate code from specifications like UML or from other programming languages such as Typescript. They also discuss code transformation, which can be us

Coding Blocks

Allen Underwood, Michael Outlaw, Joe Zack

Site Reliability Engineering – (Still) Monitoring Distributed Systems

We finished. A chapter, that is, of the Site Reliability Engineering book as Allen asks to make it weird, Joe has his own pronunciation, and Michael follows through on his promise.

30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

BBC World Service

Insects and mobile phone

S2 Ep 30. Smart phones could become even smarter – thanks to ants, beetles, moths and spiders! A multi-animal special episode, marking the season 2 finale.
Patrick explores what could be an insect inspired phone of the future! There’s the story of the fire ants and bark beetles and a new camera lens with a much greater field of view. The hairs on butterflies, moths and spiders could help with an amazing new microphone. Moths might make it easier to look at our phones in bright sunlight. There’s also a waterproof, anti-bacterial cover which could be based on the wings of cicadas.
Thanks for listening and please help us spread the word. #30Animals

Data Engineering Podcast

Tobias Macey

Combining The Simplicity Of Spreadsheets With The Power Of Modern Data Infrastructure At Canvas

Data analysis is a valuable exercise that is often out of reach of non-technical users as a result of the complexity of data systems. In order to lower the barrier to entry Ryan Buick created the Canvas application with a spreadsheet oriented workflow that is understandable to a wide audience. In this episode Ryan explains how he and his team have designed their platform to bring everyone onto a level playing field and the benefits that it provides to the organization.


Relay FM

402: I'm Starting to Have That Feeling Again

Federico and Stephen explore the new Books UI and some MacBook rumors, before celebrating the return of Clarus the Dogcow. Then, a discussion of Stage Manager's system requirements and a possible way forward for non-M1 iPads and how Apple could approach future WWDC keynotes.



Vol. 090 赛博神学: 意识灵魂与人工智能 | 三周年特别节目

Yo! 欢迎回来!不知不觉三周年了!这期特别节目想聊一些玄乎的。这是一本东西方哲学对谈录《僧侣与哲学家》引发的探讨 -- 灵魂到底存在吗?机器人会有灵魂吗?自我又是什么?人最终可以造人吗?带着这些疑问,我请来了人工智能专家Max,生物学家/女巫安逸,心理咨询师Becky,从不同角度来探讨这些问题。主播:叨哥「纽约程序员」嘉宾:Max & 安逸 & Becky「程序员 & 女巫 & 咨询师」音乐:JSphere「豆瓣音乐人」节目导航01:00 嘉宾自我介绍03:00 什么是意识?11:00 身体决定意识还是意识控制身体?20:00 什么是灵魂?25:00 自我与灵魂的关系?33:00 自我基础到底是什么?忒修斯之船38:00 基因决定论?52:00 人工智能会拥有灵魂吗?65:00 看待世界的方式限制了我们69:00 结束语欢迎关注本台《硅谷叨B叨》以及同名微信公众号!欢迎互动!

Azeem Azhar's Exponential View

HBR Presents / Azeem Azhar

Upcoming Hiatus: What to Listen to While We’re Away

After producing more than 160 episodes of Exponential View over the last six years, we’re taking a break to reflect on what we’ve learned and how the conversations we’ve hosted with leaders are changing our perspective on the future. While we percolate on the future of our podcast, we have a challenge for you: find all the phenomenal conversations we’ve hosted that you haven’t heard yet –and take alisten. (And please let us know which episodes helped you understand the world and your future!)

Learn to Code With Me

Laurence Bradford

The End of Season 8

As the eighth season of the Learn to Code With Me podcast draws to a close, I wanted to share a few quick updates on LTCWM and my life outside of work. To stay in touch while we're off-season, join our email list at learntocodewith.me. Catch up on all past episodes at learntocodewith.me/podcast, including these Season 8 episodes: S8E1: From Stay-At-Home Mom to Full-Time Front-End Developer With Phoebe Voong-Fadel S8E2: From Frying Chicken to Working at Google With Danny Thompson S8E3: From Prison to Programming: How Nikkole Spurgeon Learned to Code While Incarcerated S8E4: From Washing Dishes to Managing Engineers: How Jesse Weigel Pivoted into a New Tech Career S8E5: From Admin Assistant and Cancer Survivor to Software Developer With Stacey Graham S8E6: How to Code With Your Voice (No Typing Required) With Matt Wiethoff S8E7: From Tutus to Tech: How a Ballerina Became a Front-End Developer With Kara Luton S8E8: From Film Student and Rugby Player

The Salesforce Admins Podcast

Gillian Bruce and Mike Gerholdt

Live from Salesforce Tour DC with Karmel James

Today on the Salesforce Admins Podcast, we talk to Karmel James, Senior Associate at Dupont Circle Solutions. Join us as we talk about how to ask good questions and why failure is a record type of success. You should subscribe for the full episode, but here are a few takeaways from our conversation with Karmel […]
The post Live from Salesforce Tour DC with Karmel James appeared first on Salesforce Admins.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners: with Crypto Casey

Crypto Casey

Worst Behind Us? ? Or Yet to Come? ? FED Rates Hikes + QT ?? #CryptoThisWeek

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“CRYPTO THIS WEEK!!” ?‍?‍?‍? NEWS EDITION! ?  Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here ? and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we curate recent #news to give you the big picture: are we in a recession now? Is a recession on the horizon? Or will we avoid one entirely? Corporate America is battening down the hatches. Should we ?! Let’s jump in!  
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Protect from “SIM swap” risk: the #1 secure cell plan!

The MacRumors Show


M2 MacBook Air & macOS Ventura (WWDC Recap Part #2)

To complete our WWDC recap, we take a closer look at the M2 MacBook Air and macOS Ventura. We explore who the M2 chip and the redesigned MacBook Air will be best for, and investigate some of macOS Ventura’s most important features, including Stage Manager and Continuity Camera.

You can follow us on Twitter @danbarbera and @HartleyCharlton, and visit macrumors.com for all of the latest Apple news and rumors.

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Gamechangers from The Economist

The Economist

Gamechangers: Reinventing the wheel

Who first thought of putting wheels on suitcases and why did this seemingly obvious idea not take off until the 1990s? In the final episode of our series on how innovation works, we explore how the adoption of an idea can be hampered by social attitudes and prejudices. In the case of the wheeled suitcase, it wasn’t a change in technology that made the difference—instead, the crucial change took place inside people’s heads. Tom Standage hosts.For full access to The Economist’s print, digital and audio editions subscribe at economist.com/podcastoffer  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.



Episode 789: A macOS 13 wishlist

Version 13 of the Mac operating system will make its debut at WWDC this June. And while we don’t know what Apple will reveal, we do know what we want to see. In this episode of the Macworld Podcast, it’s our wishlist for macOS 13.

This Machine Kills

This Machine Kills

Patreon Preview – 163. TMK BC3, Ch.9, Dawn of Everything

We dive into chapter 9 – Hiding in Plain Sight – of The Dawn of Everything by Graeber and Wengrow. We discuss the utopian experiment of Teotihuacan in Mesoamerica 2000 years ago: a city that revolted against authoritarian rule and instituted a socialist system, complete with universal housing and democratic governance, which lasted for hundreds of years.

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Grab fresh new TMK gear: bonfire.com/store/this-machine-kills-podcast/

Hosted by Jathan Sadowski (twitter.com/jathansadowski) and Edward Ongweso Jr. (twitter.com/bigblackjacobin). Production / Music by Jereme Brown (twitter.com/braunestahl)



Finding Reasons for Near-Term Bullishness, Elon Musk Holds First Meeting with Twitter Staff & The State of Crypto in Latin America 6/17/22

Our anchors begin today’s show with CNBC’s Mike Santoli analyzing the Nasdaq 100 losing a third of its value amid the recent volatility, and NorthmanTrader Founder Sven Henrich offers some reasons for being bullish in the near term. Then, CNBC’s Steve Kovach recaps highlights from Elon Musk’s first meeting with Twitter’s staff, and Bank of America analyst Jessica Reif Ehrlich shares her outlook for media stocks. Next, March Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Sumant Mandal discusses where to find value following yesterday’s tech sell-off, and CNBC’s Kate Rooney reports on crypto investor sentiment in Miami. Later, Big Technology newsletter author Alex Kantrowitz joins after publishing a new piece on the state of digital currency in Latin America, and CNBC’s Frank Holland covers efforts being taken to increase minority representat

iOS Today (Video)


iOS 604: Free Apps Worth Your Time - Google Earth, BeReal, Runestone Text Editor

On iOS Today, Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard share some of their favorite free apps for your iOS devices.
Google Earth
Citymapper: All Your Transport
BeReal. Your friends for real.
Unsquared For Instagram
Runestone Text Editor
Shop: All your favorite brands
TimerLoop: Repeatable Timers
Flite - Email Yourself Notes
Flush - Toilet Finder & Map
In-app account deletion requirement starts June 30
Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off June 6 with keynote address
Apple Developer update to include WWDC 2022 session videos, digital lounges, more
Apple Account Card now available in the Wallet app
US Senate backs off Big Tech regulation bill as Apple again criticizes impacts of sideloading
Shortcuts Corner
Michael wants to use a shortcut that will start an outdoor walk workou

The Defiant - DeFi Podcast

Camila Russo

The Fabricant Co-Founder: NFT Fashion Blurs Lines Between Creators and Consumers and Both Share the Upside

Adriana Hoppenbrouwer-Pereira is the co-founder and CMO of The Fabricant, a digital fashion house for the metaverse founded in 2018. Their belief is that fashion is identity, and digital fashion is simply an extension of the digital identity we’re building in web 3. The Fabricant is one of the most prolific digital garment creators today and we discuss how (and if)  these pieces are being used and whether the market slump has affected adoption. Adriana discussed The Fabricant’s collaboration with World of Women and how these two communities are seeking to make sure women feel represented and welcome in web3.
Thanking our podcast sponsors:

dYdX, the decentralized exchange, launched a Grants program with funding allocated to open-source builders, contributors and ecosystem integrations to help build its V4. Apply now!
Oasis is the leading, scal

The Solana Podcast

Anatoly Yakovenko

Brett Harrison - President, FTX.US Ep #67

Brett Harrison is the President of FTX US, a US-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. Prior to joining FTX US, Brett was Head of Semi-Systematic Technology at Citadel Securities, where he managed technology for the firm’s Options, ETF, OTC, and ADR trading globally. He began and spent the majority of his career at Jane Street, where he led the firm’s algorithmic trading system development. 00:34 - The role of FTX.US’ president01:24 - About FTX02:55 - Nontraditional brand marketing08:05 -  Educating people about Crypto10:46 - Being at the forefront of regulation14:52 - Collaborating with other players in crypto19:03 - FTX's policy in exchange and crypto23:19 - FTX and NFTs26:44 - CeFi / DeFi exchange and Cross-chains31:36 - Building interconnectivity between centralized crypto exchanges34:59 - Market hours in crypto?36:33 - Process of evaluating a token38:44 - Things he is hopeful for DISCLAIMERThe information on this podcast is provided

Developer Tea

Jonathan Cutrell

Your Career Growth Doesn't Just Depend On Your Competency

Competency is not the only way you can grow your career.If that was the case, then every engineering manager would be technically more proficient than their reports, and I can guarantee (from many experiences) this is not only not the case - it's not even the norm.? Today's Episode is Brought To you by: LaunchDarklyThis episode is brought to you by LaunchDarkly. LaunchDarkly enables development and operations teams to deploy code at any time, even if a feature isn't ready to be released to users. Innovate faster, deploy fearlessly, and make each release a masterpiece. Get started at LaunchDarkly.com today!? Ask a QuestionIf you enjoyed this episode and would like me to discuss a question that you have on the show, drop it over at: developertea.com.? Join the DiscordIf you want to be a part of a supportive community of engineers (non-engineers welcome!) working to improve their lives and careers, join us on the Develop

HomeKit Insider


Apolnus Air Purifier, Apple Home, and Andrew’s Surprise

Apolnus announces a new HomeKit air purifier with replaceable filters, Apple asks developers to say “Works with Apple Home,” we discuss recent Hue light purchases, and Andrew has a BIG surprise!Send us your HomeKit questions and recommendations with the hashtag homekitinsider. Tweet and follow our hosts at @andrew_osu and @stephenrobles or email us here. Find us in your favorite podcast player by searching for "HomeKit Insider" and support the show by leaving a 5-Star rating and comment in Apple Podcasts.Sponsored by:
Nebia by Moen: ? Save 10% off Nebia products when using the promo code: HomeKit. Visit nebia.com/homekitto learn more.HomeKit Insider YouTube ChannelSubscribe to the HomeKit Insider YouTube Channel and watch our episodes every week! Click here to subscribe.Links from the show
New HomeKit Air Purifier With Reusable Filters
Apple Home - Aaron Pearce Tweet
BusyBox S

HACKED: Into the minds of Cybersecurity leaders

Talking cybersecurity with nexus IT Security group

The profession of Penetration Testing with John Strand

In this episode of HACKED, Ben talks with the owner of Penetration Testing firm, Black Hills Information Security about the business and profession of pen testing and their incident response card game

Me, Myself, and AI

MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

The Beauty of AI: Estée Lauder's Sowmya Gottipati

It might seem like cosmetics and perfume are products shoppers need to try out in person before buying, but artificial intelligence is opening up new avenues for reaching and understanding consumers — as well as new ways to manage supply chains.
In this episode, we learn how Estée Lauder’s Sowmya Gottipati leveraged her earlier technology leadership experience in telecommunications and broadcast media to deploy brand technology projects for a portfolio of cosmetics, fragrances, and skin and hair care product brands. She talks about AI’s role in product development, a virtual try-on tool for lipsticks and foundations, and a fragrance recommendation engine, as well as an application for supply and demand planning. Sowmya also explains why, despite AI’s power, she believes human-machine interaction will always be necessary. Listen to the episode transcript here.
Me, Myself, and AI is a collaborative podcast from MIT Sl

JavaScript Jabber

AJ ONeal, Charles Max Wood, Aimee Knight, Dan Shappir, Steve Edwards

React Component and State Management - JSJ 526

This episode is Part 3 of the Dan Shappir trilogy. Today, he’s laying out the deets on components and state management inside of React, plus some exciting developments coming later this year.
In This Episode
1) Why you ought to know the “ideal” situation for React components (and how to get there!)
2) These new “front-end paradigms” that are going to CHANGE how we approach React and others
3) SUPER exciting developments coming for React in 2022
Top End Devs (https://topenddevs.com/)
Coaching | Top End Devs (https://topenddevs.com/coaching)
### Picks
AJ- Dash Incubator (https://dashincubator.app/)
AJ- Talks at Google (https://talksat.withgoogle.com/)
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YouTube: https://youtube.com/coolaj86
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/coolaj86
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2KJHARTj6KRpKzLU1sVxBA

The Cloudcast

Cloudcast Media

Shared Responsibilities for Cloud Providers

Miles Ward (@milesward, CTO @SADA) talks about managing the transition to public cloud, customer vs. provider responsibilities, and how to best leverage cloud provider innovations. SHOW: 624CLOUD NEWS OF THE WEEK - http://bit.ly/cloudcast-cnotwCHECK OUT OUR NEW PODCAST - "CLOUDCAST BASICS"SHOW SPONSORS:CloudZero - Cloud Cost Intelligence for Engineering TeamsNew Relic (homepage)Services down? New Relic offers full stack visibility with 16 different monitoring products in a single platform.SHOW NOTES:SADA (homepage)Miles Ward (SADA CTO, bio)Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Dude, you’ve done some things. Tell us a little bit about your background at a few of these clouds that people have heard of. Topic 2 - Let’s talk about SADA. We’re really curious about the perspective of Google Cloud vs. AWS. Topic 3 - Based on the revenue numbers, companies are using public cloud services a lot these days. The clouds seem great, because

Through The Web

ColdFusion Collective

TikTok vs. The Music Industry, 100 Days of Ukraine War, and The End of Plastic?

This week we talk about TikTok's battle against the music industry,  discuss views against remote work, 100 days since the Ukraine war and how things have changed since we first spoke about it, ColdFusion's new video on AI generated enzyme eating plastic, and much more.Watch the video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/MO49GsmeOX8Timestamps: 00:00 - Intro01:10 - Comments of the Week03:25 - TikTok vs. The Music Industry10:30 - A.I. Generated Enzyme Eats Plastic14:27 - 100 Days of Ukraine Invasion22:54 - Netflix Starts Hunting Down on Password Sharing30:31 - Spam Message Epidemic31:46 - This Week In Elon…40:31 - Global Labor Shortage46:00 - COO of Meta Steps Down57:57 - LeBron is a Billionaire Baller1:00:48 - Ford to Move Online for EVs1:04:50 - Insider Trading in NFT Marketplace1:08:50 - Q/AEnjoy the episode!Follow us on Twitter to engage with our work: https://twitter.com/throughthewebProduc

There Are No Girls on the Internet


Anna Delvey scammed her out of thousands of dollars; are scammers like Anna being rewarded for their cons?

Netflix’s Inventing Anna presents a flashy version of fake German heiress Anna Delvey’s scams.

Rachel Deloache Williams was scammed out of $62,000 by Anna on a disastrous trip to Morocco. 

In today’s episode, Rachel discusses true crime shows like Inventing Anna and Hulu’s The Dropout and what it means for all of us when liars and scammers are elevated and amplified.  


Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin Almost Ruined My Life. Now She’s Being Rewarded for Her Crimes: https://time.com/6146419/inventing-anna-rachel-williams-anna-delvey/

Check out Rachel’s book My Friend Anna: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/My-Friend-Anna/Rachel-DeLoache-Williams/9781982114107


Want to support the show? (thank you!)

Buy some merch at There Are No Girls on the Internet’s store: TANGOTI.COM/STORE

CISO Series Podcast

David Spark, Mike Johnson, and Andy Ellis

It’s a Great Job, But I’m Alone and Terrified

All links and images for this episode can be found on CISO Series First job out of college and you get the cybersecurity job of your dreams... and nightmares. It's just too much, and you definitely don't have the experience to handle it all. This week’s episode is hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), producer of CISO Series and Mike Johnson. Our guest is Rick Doten (@rick_doten), CISO, Carolina Complete Health. Check out Rick's Youtube channel with the CIS Critical Security Control videos. Thanks to our podcast sponsor, Kenna Security Kenna Security, now part of Cisco, is the pioneer of risk-based management. The Kenna Security Platform enables organizations to work cross-functionally to determine and remediate cyber risks. It leverages machine learning and data science to track and predict real-world exploitations, empowering security teams to focus on what matters most. In this episode: We look at the #1 job according to a

The Engadget Podcast


No, Google’s AI isn’t sentient

This week, Devindra and Cherlynn dig into the story around Google engineer Blake Lemoine’s interview with the Washington Post and his belief that the company’s LaMDA language model is alive. What does it mean for AI (or anything else) to have consciousness? How should we think of AI, and what other areas of concern should we as a society consider as machines become more sophisticated and human-like? Then, we recap some of the biggest gaming news this week, as well as some wacky gadget announcements.

No, Google’s LaMDA AI isn’t sentient – 1:40
First look at gameplay from Bethesda’s Starfield RPG at Summer Games Fest – 25:39
Capcom announces Street Fighter 6 with a gorgeous trailer – 29:22
Hideo Kojima’s next game will be for Xbox – 32:55
Overwatch 2 early access coming on October 4th – 33:43
U.S. proposes legislation banning sale of location data – 34:14
Sony released a $3,700 Walkman for rich, nostalgic

8th Layer Insights

Perry Carpenter | CyberWire Inc.

World's Greatest Con – A Conversation with Brian Brushwood

If you love learning about cons, scams, and tricks, then this is the episode for you. Listen as Perry sits down with Brian Brushwood, someone who has made understanding and teaching scams and tricks his life's work. Brian is the creator of Scam School, Scam Nation, Hacking the System, Modern Rogue, and more. For the past 20 years, he's toured around the world teaching and demonstrating everything from side show stunts, to sleight-of-hand magic, to the intricacies of con artistry.
Brian’s new podcast, World’s Greatest Con is a deep-dive into the stories and tactics behind the most intricate and interesting cons imaginable. In season 1, he told the story of Operation Mincemeat, a WWII plot devised by Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond) to trick none other than Adolf Hitler. Season 2 covers five different cons all related to the game show industry… it’s both entertaining and riveting in some very unexpected ways.

Bass University Live


Lee Livesay How to Win BIG

Lee Livesay breaks down his repeat performance on Lake Fork. Two years in a row Lee has eclipsed the century mark. Lee is winning at a rapid pace and we are going to tap into exactly how he is doing it!

How to Play Siri Audio Briefs

Apple Inc.

Did you know that Siri can play you the news? Just say, “Hey Siri, play the news,” and you’ll get an audio brief of the latest headlines from top news sources from your HomePod, iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. Check out the sample below from BBC World Service.

Google Cloud Platform Podcast

Google Cloud Platform

New Pi World Record with Emma Haruka Iwao and Sara Ford

Carter Morgan and Brian Dorsey are working on their math skills today with guests Emma Haruka Iwao and Sara Ford. What kind of computing power does it take to break the world record for pi computations? Emma and Sara are here to tell us. Emma tells us how she started with pi and how she and Sara came to work together to break the record. In 2019, Emma was on the show with her previous world record, and with the advancements in technology and Google products since, she knew she could do even more this year. Her 100 trillion digit goal wasn’t enough to scare people away, and Sara, along with other partners, joined Emma on the pi computation journey. Together, Sara and Emma talk about the hardware required, building the algorithm, how it’s run, and where the data is stored. Running on a personal computer was cheaper and easier than a super computer, and Emma explains why. Performing these immense calculations can also help

The freeCodeCamp Podcast


Crossover Special: 10 Years of The Changelog + 5 years of freeCodeCamp

In this special crossover episode, we celebrate 10 years of The Changelog. It's the home of the biggest podcast focused on open source, and a favorite of freeCodeCamp founder Quincy Larson. This 4-hour episode is actually 2 interviews: 1. For the first 2.5 hours, Quincy interviews Changelog co-hosts Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo about how they got into software development and podcasting, and the history of their legendary podcast. 2. Then we end with Adam and Jerod turning the tables and interviewing Quincy about the past and future of freeCodeCamp.org. If you haven't heard of The Changelog before, it is website that hosts a podcast about open source software. Each week they interview new developers from around the software galaxy and explore what makes those projects tick. Adam Stacoviak founded The Changelog exactly 10 years ago. And Jerod Santo joined as co-host 7 years ago. Together - across 370 epi

Apple Events (audio)


WWDC22 Keynote

Listen to the WWDC22 Apple Keynote announcing the latest software, hardware, services, and operating systems.For more on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, click here: https://developer.apple.com/wwdc22


Red Hat

How Bad Is Betting Wrong On The Future?

Technologists are often asked to make decisions based on future industry advancements—or basically, things that haven’t happened yet. It’s already difficult to choose the right path for a project without the pressure to be clairvoyant. But everyone wants to feel like they are leading the pack on the next big thing. What do we need to know to make a good prediction for where technology is headed? Alternatively, what do we need to know to avoid the wrong choice? We speak to experts in the DevOps space about betting wrong on the future, how development projects go awry, and what teams can do to get things back on track.  

Thoughtworks Technology Podcast


Software engineering with Dave Farley

We catch up with Dave Farley to hear about the genesis of his blockbuster book, Continuous Delivery — which he authored with Jez Humble — as well as his latest tome, Modern Software Engineering. He shares his ideas about the art of software development and common misconceptions about the principles of engineering.

Go Time: Golang, Software Engineering

Changelog Media

Observability in the wild: strategies that work

This week we’re featuring an episode of Grafana’s Big Tent! LEGO Group principal engineer Nayana Shetty swaps observability survival stories (to drill or not to drill?) with hosts Mat Ryer and Matt Toback. The trio also reveals new and different observability strategies that have been successful and effective in their organizations. Plus: Nayana shares how she built her successful observability career brick by brick.

Elon Musk Podcast

Stage Zero

Elon Musk's SpaceX Starbase Environmental Assessment 1 Step Closer to Approval

The Starship system is a fully reusable, two‑stage‑to‑orbit super heavy‑lift launch vehicle under development by SpaceX. The system is composed of a booster stage named Super Heavy and a second stage, also called "Starship"Become a member of Space News Pod!►► https://www.youtube.com/spacenewspod/join►► https://starshipshirts.com►► https://discord.gg/dMXghpX►► https://twitch.tv/spacenewspod►► https://facebook.com/spacenewspod►► https://patreon.com/spacenewspod►► https://twitter.com/spacenewspod►► https://instagram.com/thespacenewspod►► https://gofund.me/0c6956f4#spacex #FAA #newsSupport this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/elon-musk-pod/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brandsPrivacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy

Gartner ThinkCast


What Happens When Your Customer Stops Being Human

According to our research, 76% of CIOs and 61% of CEOs believe that demand from machine customers will become significant in their industry by 2030. On average, these leaders predict that by that date, over 21% of their revenue will come from machine customers. This suggests a market shift twice as deep and twice as fast as the arrival of e-commerce has been.   In this episode, Senior Director Analyst Uma Challa and Director, Analyst Brian Weber, both of who sit in Gartner’s customer service practice, join us to discuss the rapid rise of machine customers and how it will affect leaders across customer service, marketing, sales, data and analytics, IT, and more.   Dig Deeper   Download: The Future of Customer Service: 5 Emerging Trends To Watch https://gtnr.it/3zlyfKM   Watch: How the CMO Role is Changing to Be More Customer-Centric https://gtnr.it/38QZ5PS   Read: Are Machine Customers Better Than Human Customers? https://gt

Blockware Intelligence Podcast

Will Clemente III

Navigating the Bitcoin Bear Market with Mark Yusko

Mark Yusko, CEO and CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management and Will Clemente, Lead Insights Analyst of Blockware Solutions discuss the Bitcoin bear market, global macro, and more! 
 Buy Bitcoin and crypto with zero fees on FTX (http://ftx.blockwareintelligence.com/). 
Use our referral code (Blockware) and get a free coin when you trade $10 worth.  
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The Delphi Podcast

Delphi Digital

A podcast tapping the brains of leaders across all verticals in the digital asset industry. Hosted by Tom Shaughnessy, Piers Kicks, and the team at Delphi Digital.

The Data Scientist Show

Daliana Liu

Weather forecasting with ML, Kaggle tips and tricks, dealing with missing data, deep learning with Jesper Dramsch, The Data Scientist Show #040

Jesper Dramsch is a scientist for machine learning at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather forecasts. They have a phd in applied Machine Learning to Geoscience from Technical University of Denmark. They are a Kaggle Kernals Expert and TPU star, ranking at top 81/100k worldwide. We talked about weather forecasting, things they learned from Kaggle, how to deal with missing data and ourliers, deep learning, Keras vs Pytorch, XGBoost, their struggles as a phd student, working in the EU vs US. Follow @DalianaLiu for more updates on data science and this show.
Resources shared by Jesper:
The newsletter with missing data:
The paper by Gael about missing data:


Jay Weidner

Reality Check is your universe for extraordinary cosmic conversation where we explore reality, hidden universe secrets and facts from across the globe with our host – Jay Weidner. Jay Weidner is a renowned filmmaker, author and scholar. He is the writer/director of the feature film, The Last Avatar, direct. On Reality Check, we bring you live shows, real interviews presenting evidential facts and figures. This is your space where all your questions about our existence will get answered. Our videos, shows and interviews will provide you knowledge beyond your thought process and imagination.

Cloud Security Podcast by Google

Anton Chuvakin

EP70 Special - RSA 2022 Reflections - Securing the Past vs Securing the Future

Guests: none Topics: What have we seen at the RSA 2022 Conference? What was the most interesting and unexpected? What was missing? Resources: “RSA 2022 Musings: The Past and The Future of Security” Google Cloud Security at RSA 2022

Lex Fridman Podcast | 5 minute podcast summaries

5 minute podcast summaries

#198 – Sara Walker: The Origin of Life on Earth and Alien Worlds | Lex Fridman Podcast

Written Summaries: https://www.owltail.com/summaries/15281-Artificial-IntelligenceOther podcast summaries if you're on Apple Podcasts: http://bit.ly/5-min-summariesOr in other apps: search 'podcast summaries'.Original episode: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lex-fridman-podcast/id1434243584?i=1000528413917

AI Today Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Insights, Experts, and Opinion


AI Today Podcast: AI in the Cloud

In this episode of the AI Today podcast hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer discuss what AI in the cloud really means. They break down what is the cloud with a technical definition and then an economic definition to level set the topic and then dig into the question: What does AI have to do with the Cloud?
Continue reading AI Today Podcast: AI in the Cloud at Cognilytica.

The Robot Brains Podcast

Pieter Abbeel

Twitter Q&A with Geoff Hinton

Last week, we were honored to have Professor Geoff Hinton join the show for a wide-ranging discussion inspired by insights gleaned from Hinton’s journey in academia, as well as past 10 years with Google Brain. The episode covers how existing neural networks and backpropagation models operate differently than how the brain actually works; the AlexNet/ImageNet breakthrough moment; the purpose of sleep; and why it’s better to grow our computers than manufacture them.As you might recall, we also gave our audience an opportunity to contribute questions for Geoff via Twitter. We received so many amazing questions from our audience that we had to break down our time with Geoff into two parts! In this episode, we’ll discuss some of these questions with Geoff.Tune in to get Geoff’s answers to the following questions AND MORE:Are you concerned with AI becoming too successful?What is the connection between mania and genius?What childhood experiences sh

The Talk Show With John Gruber

Daring Fireball / John Gruber

349: ‘Live From WWDC 2022’, With Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak

Special guests Craig Federighi and Greg Joswiak join me to discuss the news from WWDC 2022, in front of a live audience at the new Apple Developer Center at Apple Park.

Mixed Methods

Aryel Cianflone

A podcast interested in the how's and why's of user experience research. Through interviews with industry experts and hands-on trial and error, we indulge and celebrate curiosity. Expect to test assumptions, examine methods, and engage in some old fashion experiments.

Professor Messer's Security+ Study Group

Professor Messer

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Ben Thompson / James Allworth

Episode 196 — Forecasting the Metaverse

Ben and James discuss Facebook and Microsoft’s metaverse announcements, and how the future might play out. Links Ben Thompson: Meta — Stratechery Ben Thompson: An Interview with Mark Zuckerberg about the Metaverse — Stratechery Ben Thompson: AR vs. VR — Stratechery Ben Thompson: Apps, People, and Jobs to be Done — Stratechery Ben Thompson: Metaverses — Stratechery Hosts   Ben Thompson, @benthompson, Stratechery James Allworth, @jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review   Podcast Information   Feed iTunes SoundCloud Twitter Feedback

Joe Lonsdale: American Optimist

Joe Lonsdale

Gene Berdichevsky and Sila’s Game-Changing Battery Technology

Gene Berdichevsky is the co-founder and CEO of Sila, a next-gen battery technology company. Previously, he was the seventh employee at Tesla, where he served as Principal Engineer on the Roadster battery and led the development of the world’s first mass-produced lithium-ion car battery. In this episode, he explains how Sila's new battery chemistry innovations can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and help electrify the future. He discusses the challenges in mining rare metals, battery recycling, and what's needed to sustainably build batteries at scale. By mid-century, Berdichevsky is optimistic that EVs will become ubiquitous, and we'll be able to fully integrate renewables into the electric grid.

LINUX Unplugged

Jupiter Broadcasting

463: Humble Beginnings

One of the pioneers of the web, VNC, Webcams, and more joins us; plus we'll update you on a few projects we love. Special Guest: Quentin Stafford-Fraser.

Darko.Audio podcast

John Darko

#35 - The best desktop speakers you've never heard of!

With 6moons' Srajan Ebaen: https://6moons.com/

Show notes: https://darko.audio/2022/04/podcast-35-dmax-super-cube-sc5-review/

Producer: Nick McCorriston
Music: Ben Pit -- https://soundcloud.com/beniospit/hybrid-rhythms

This episode is brought to you by Roon:

In Machines We Trust

MIT Technology Review

Encore: When an Algorithm Gets It Wrong

The team that brings you In Machines We Trust has much to be grateful for—a brand new season of this show, a big awards nomination for The Extortion Economy, a show about ransomware that we made with ProPublica, and our new investigative series, Curious Coincidence.

We celebrate how far we've come with a look back at where it all started!


What happens when an algorithm gets it wrong? In the first of a four-part series on face recognition, Jennifer Strong and the team at MIT Technology Review explore the arrest of a man who was falsely accused of a crime using facial recognition. The episode also starts to unpack the complexities of this technology and introduce some thorny questions about its use.  

We meet: 
Robert and Melissa Williams 
Peter Fussey, University of Essex
Hamid Khan, Stop LAPD Spying Coalition

Credits: This episode was reported and produced by Je

Boz To The Future

Andrew Bosworth

The Future of Input for the Next Computing Platform: With Guest Thomas Reardon

In Episode 7 of Boz To The Future, Reality Labs VP and incoming Meta CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth speaks with RL Director of Neuromotor Interfaces Thomas Reardon about the more intuitive inputs we’re building for future computing platforms like AR glasses. For generations, humans have been adapting to machines and learning how to use the various inputs available. In the future, technologies like EMG at the wrist will help decode electrical signals from our muscles based on very small movements of our hands or fingers — and eventually just from the intention to perform a gesture. Those signals can then be used to translate physical actions that we’ve already decided to perform into digital commands in order to directly control a device. It’s a much faster way to act on the instructions that you already send to your device today when you tap to select a song on your phone, click a mouse, or type on a k

a16z Live

Andreessen Horowitz

Building Towards American Dynamism with Chris Power, CEO of Hadrian

Katherine Boyle, General Partner at a16z is joined by Hadrian founder and CEO Chris Power, Packy McCormick, founder of Not Boring, and a16z co-founder Marc Andreessen to discuss the opportunity to automate and upskill in the precision parts industry and shore up U.S. manufacturing with new technology.

Aviation Week's Check 6 Podcast

Aviation Week Network

Aviation Week & Space Technology editors take a look at some of the bigger-picture issues in the world of aerospace and defense

The DailyTekk Podcast

Chris The Content Creator

WWDC: Behind-the-Scenes

I had some questions about what it was like attending the Apple event as a YouTuber... what did I see, who did I meet, what happened that you wouldn't know about from just watching the livestream, etc. So answering those questions is what this episode is all about!

DailyTekk wallpaper packs: https://bit.ly/dtwllppr

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FT Tech Tonic

Financial Times

Introducing: Hot Money

When Financial Times reporter Patricia Nilsson started digging into the porn industry, she made a shocking discovery: nobody knew who controlled the biggest porn company in the world. Now, Nilsson and her editor, Alex Barker, reveal who is behind it and much more. This eight-part investigative podcast, published weekly, reveals the secret history of the adult business and the billionaires and financial institutions who shape it.Subscribe and listen on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Stitcher or wherever you listen to podcasts. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Welcome to the Metaverse

Luke Franks

How to Start Building in the Metaverse with Mona - CEO and Co-founder - Justin Melillo

On this week's episode of the Welcome to the Metaverse podcast, I’ve got a brilliant conversation for you all about how to get building in the metaverse with Justin Melillo, CEO and Co-Founder of Mona.
Mona spaces are really awesome 3D social worlds that you can go and explore straight your browser and get a real sense of what the future of the metaverse will look and feel like.
These spaces are a mix of cool, immersive, sometimes trippy, sometimes futuristic but always beautifully made creations and I definitely recommend heading to mona.gallery to just go and have an explore.
We chat about how to get building your own space and talk about the whole concept of scarce land in this episode too.
Justin was brilliant and there is some great practical advice in this episode too, I really enjoyed this one so thanks Justin for coming on.
My twitter has moved, click to vi

Y Combinator

Y Combinator

#157 - Diego Saez Gil

Diego Saez Gil is the founder of Pachama. Pachama is building a marketplace where companies can support carbon offset projects.The YC podcast is hosted by Craig Cannon.Y Combinator invests a small amount of money ($150k) in a large number of startups (recently 200), twice a year.Learn more about YC and apply for funding here: https://www.ycombinator.com/apply/ ***Topics00:00 - Welcome Gustaf and Diego 01:19 - Diego's background06:50 - What is Pachama?09:25 - Using remote sensing to track carbon11:37 - Connecting disparate groups13:04 - How much carbon does a typical company offset?15:28 - How big is the reforesting opportunity?17:09 - What are the incentives to offset carbon?18:40 - Why don't people trust carbon offsets?20:33 - What are the different forest conservation methods?25:20 - How does Pachama use technology?29:00 - Growth challenges30:20 - Who are the customers?32:12 - The future of the carbon market32:48 - Fundraising for a climate start

The Data Chief


Gilead Sciences’ Murali Vridhachalam and ZS Associates’ Mahmood Majeed on the Modern Data Stack and Data Mesh

The data landscape is evolving in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Murali Vridhachalam, the Head of Enterprise Data and Analytics at Gilead Sciences, and Mahmood Majeed, Managing Partner at ZS Associates, offer their compelling perspectives on digital transformation in life sciences and healthcare and how data can be used in these areas to improve patient outcomes. Plus, Mahmood and Murali share their takes on how to effectively reskill data professionals and the role of IT in healthcare and life sciences is evolving.Tune in to learn:How has the pandemic driven digital transformation in healthcare and life sciences? (05:34)Why has healthcare and life sciences historically been behind in terms of digital (11:37) transformation?Does data mesh add to confusion? (19:59)How has modern data and analytics delivered better patient outcomes? (25:21) How do you effect

Stephan Livera Podcast

Stephan Livera

SLP383 Alex Epstein - Fossil Future and Better Energy Conversations

Alex Epstein, energy expert and author rejoins me on the show to talk about his newest book coming out, Fossil Future. We chat:

Updates to his thinking since the Moral Case for Fossil Fuels in 2014
Problems with our ‘knowledge system’ today
Fossil Fuels benefit deniers
“Climate Mastery”
What the Bitcoin community is getting right and wrong on energy
How free market energy advocates should be approaching their discussions


Twitter: @AlexEpstein
Site: FossilFuture.com


Swan Bitcoin
Hodl Hodl Lend
Unchained Capital (code LIVERA)
CoinKite.com(code LIVERA)

Stephan Livera links:

Show notes and website
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Patreon @stephanlivera

Top Noticias Tech

Tech Santos

Elon Musk compra Twitter l Netflix en Caida l Sorpresa de Apple!

TNT084 - Top Noticias Tech con Tech SantosShow semanal dedicado a las noticias de tecnología mas relevantes.Canal de Youtube - https://bit.ly/TopNoticiasTech See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Live! From Tomorrow

The Podglomerate

Introducing Build for Tomorrow

Hosted by Entrepreneur.com Editor in Chief Jason Feifer, Build for Tomorrow dives into subjects that seem concerning or confusing today, learns about its history to find what we're missing, and looks ways to be optimistic about the future. In this episode, Jason looks at the history of supposedly “addictive” technologies to understand the surprisingly odd science behind today’s scariest claims, and discovers who really has the power to break these supposed “addictions.” (Hint: It’s you.)
Listen to Build for Tomorrow on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.
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The Nifty Show: NFTs, Metaverse, Play-to-Earn & Web3 Show

The Nifty Show: NFTs, Metaverse, Play-to-Earn & Web3 Show

Combining the Past with Our Future with the Pionauts

Combining the Past with Our Future with the Pionauts


Right now, we’re facing great challenges in the world…

In turbulent and challenging times we all look for leadership, inspiration and ideas. The greatest pioneers in history navigated and inspired humankind in their own difficult times.

Let’s bring the greatest leaders and thinkers back to life.

By letting them tell their stories, they will inspire people around the world once again.


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Twitter: @BadCrypto - @joelcomm - @teedubya
Facebook:  /BadCrypto - /JoelComm - /teedubyaw

Ctrl Alt Delete

Emma Gannon

#391 Francesca Specter: How To Be Alone (and Enjoy it)

My guest today is  Francesca Specter, author of Alonement: How to be alone and absolutely own it, and the creator of the Alonement podcast. You guessed it, today we are discussing how to be alone - something I’m really passionate about as someone who values alone time, takes myself on solo trips and loves Julia Cameron’s suggestion of The Artist Date, where you take yourself on a date. Francesca speaks so brilliant about this and coined the term Alonement, which is different from being lonely - we talk about learning to enjoy your own company, what this means in the context of getting through a pandemic, tips and tools on how to embrace alone time if it’s something you feel afraid of and how we can speak about solitude in a more nuanced way. Hope you enjoy this conversation. My Substack page, come and say hi: https://thehyphen.substack.com/Francesca's brilliant book ALONEMENT: https://uk.bookshop.org/a/153/978

The Cisco Learning Network

The Cisco Learning Network

The Cisco Certified DevNet Expert - How to Prepare and What to Expect

The Cisco DevNet Expert exam topics may seem obvious at a glance, but Distinguished Engineer Joe Clarke looks closer at this list to reveal the truth behind the topics covered in this new exam. Join Joe and Exam Program Manager Kurt Claes as they walk through each area of technology covered on the DevNet Expert Exam, and how to best prepare for each of the topics that you will be tested on.

Angel | hosted by Jason Calacanis

Jason Calacanis

Paige Finn of Behind Genius Ventures | Angel S6 E4

Paige Finn became interested in venture capital during college, but within a year and a half of graduating in 2020 she already has a fund!  In this episode you will learn: 1. How she secured her first allocation before having a fund 2. The steps she took to set up an SPV while being a non-accredited investor 3. How she raised a $1.6m fund 4. Behind Genius' investing thesis and strategy 5. The books that have most influenced her work and writing style 6. Why she wrote a picture book (for adults) called "Seed to Harvest: A Simple Explanation of Venture Capital"

Machine Learning Street Talk (MLST)

Machine Learning Street Talk

#77 - Vitaliy Chiley (Cerebras)

Vitaliy Chiley  is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at the next-generation computing hardware company Cerebras Systems. We spoke about how DL workloads including sparse workloads can run faster on Cerebras hardware.

[00:00:00] Housekeeping
[00:01:08] Preamble
[00:01:50] Vitaliy Chiley Introduction
[00:03:11] Cerebrus architecture
[00:08:12] Memory management and FLOP utilisation
[00:18:01] Centralised vs decentralised compute architecture
[00:21:12] Sparsity
[00:23:47] Does Sparse NN imply Heterogeneous compute?
[00:29:21] Cost of distributed memory stores?
[00:31:01] Activation vs weight sparsity
[00:37:52] What constitutes a dead weight to be pruned?
[00:39:02] Is it still a saving if we have to choose between weight and activation sparsity?
[00:41:02] Cerebras is a cool place to work
[00:44:05] What is sparsity? Why do we need to start dense? 

Partially Derivative

Partially Derivative

The End Of An Era

The last episode of Partially Derivative for now.

iMore show


Unboxing WWDC!

This week, Luke Karen, and Stephen breakdown all the exciting (and not so exciting) news from WWDC! Links: Editor's Desk: a WWDC 2022 finale, as stage gets set for fall | iMore Sponsors: Capital One: Machine learning at Capital One. Capital One. What's in your wallet? Hosts: Karen Freeman Luke Filipowicz Stephen Warwick

Swift by Sundell

John Sundell

116: “The evolution of SwiftUI”, with special guest Chris Eidhof

Chris Eidhof returns to the podcast to talk about how SwiftUI has evolved since its initial release, to share several key learnings from using it over the past few years, and to discuss concepts like app architecture and state management.

Smart Talks with IBM

Pushkin Industries and iHeartPodcasts

Managing Supply Chain Volatility in the Height of the Shopping Season

Global supply chains have made headlines this year, with businesses in every industry and consumers all experiencing unprecedented volatility. How can companies stabilize this boundless bullwhip? In this episode of Smart Talks, Malcolm talks to Jonathan Wright, Global Managing Partner for Supply Chain Consulting at IBM, about demand forecasting and other technologies that manufacturers and vendors are using to make their supply chains more resilient. This is a paid advertisement from IBM.

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See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

Defensive Security Podcast - Malware, Hacking, Cyber Security & Infosec

Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat

Defensive Security Podcast Episode 265

Google Exposes Initial Access Broker Ties With Ransomware Actors (bankinfosecurity.com) Okta says hundreds of companies impacted by security breach | TechCrunch Okta: “We made a mistake” delaying the Lapsus$ hack disclosure (bleepingcomputer.com) Microsoft confirms Lapsus$ breach after hackers publish Bing, Cortana source code | TechCrunch DEV-0537 criminal actor targeting organizations for data exfiltration and destruction … Continue reading Defensive Security Podcast Episode 265 →

Founders Talk: Startups, CEOs, Leadership

Changelog Media

Building an investment platform for everyone

This week Adam is joined by Joe Percoco — the Co-CEO of Titan, a premier investment manager for everyone. Titan is an investment company, a media, and a tech company, all rolled into one. Mid last year, they closed a $58 million Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) at a $450 million valuation. They currently have $750 million in assets managed and more than 35,000 clients. Why should Titan exist? In Joe’s words, “Wall Street ignores everyday investors, and caters only to the ultra wealthy. This divide doesn’t sit well with us. So, we built Titan.” On today’s show Joe shares the journey, the why’s, the how’s, and the sequencing it might take to get to a $1 trillion of assets managed.

The Unstoppable Podcast

Josh Gordon

135 - Blockchain Data Analysis with Christian Dittmeier at Evaluate.Market

In this episode of The Unstoppable Podcast, we’re talking to Christian Dittmeier. Christian is the Co-Founder of Evaluate.Market, a platform designed to help you analyze your NFT portfolio and the latest developments in the NFT world. He’s here to talk about blockchain data analysis, how it works, and what it means.Christian talks about his background in data analysis and how he found his way into the blockchain space via online gaming. We talk about Evaluate, how the tool has grown over time, and what users can do with it today. Why did Christian choose to make Evaluate blockchain agnostic?We also discuss how people are using the platform today, some of the biggest needs and demands in the Web3 space from a data analytics perspective, and the extent to which current NFT projects rely on OpenSea’s API.Christian shares some of the data practices he uses when analyzing blockchain data, and we finish off

Dynasty Trade Calculator Podcast

Dynasty Trade Calculator

Dynasty Dads - Senior, Super Bowl

On this week's episode, Matt is joined by guest host Garret Grev (@GarretWATO) and NBC Sports Edge's Thor Nystrom (@Thorku) to discuss the senior bowl, the super bowl and some of life's most meaningful moments.

CHEST Journal Podcasts

American College of Chest Physicians

March 2022 CHEST Editor Highlights

CHEST March 2022, Volume 161, Issue 3

CHEST journal's Editor in Chief, Peter Mazzone, MD, MPH, FCCP, highlights key articles published in the CHEST March 2022 issue.


Broken Silicon

Moore's Law Is Dead

One brother is an Engineer, and the other is a Scientist. Both are hilarious and discuss the latest news, rumors, and developments going on in the Computer Hardware and PC Gaming Space. Broken Silicon is Brought to you by the Youtube Channel: Moore's Law Is Dead, and its creator Tom. Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRPdsCVuH53rcbTcEkuY4uQ Patreon That Makes this Possible: https://www.patreon.com/MooresLawIsDead Music by SAHARA, who were awesome enough to give written permission to use their music. Please visit their excellent Alternative Rock Music at https://soundcloud.com/saharasuck

Machine Learning Guide


MLA 020 Kubeflow

Conversation with Dirk-Jan Kubeflow (vs cloud native solutions like SageMaker) Dirk-Jan Verdoorn - Data Scientist at Dept Agency Kubeflow. (From the website:) The Machine Learning Toolkit for Kubernetes. The Kubeflow project is dedicated to making deployments of machine learning (ML) workflows on Kubernetes simple, portable and scalable. Our goal is not to recreate other services, but to provide a straightforward way to deploy best-of-breed open-source systems for ML to diverse infrastructures. Anywhere you are running Kubernetes, you should be able to run Kubeflow. TensorFlow Extended (TFX). If using TensorFlow with Kubeflow, combine with TFX for maximum power. (From the website:) TensorFlow Extended (TFX) is an end-to-end platform for deploying production ML pipelines. When you're ready to move your models from research to production, use TFX to create and manage a production pipeline. Alternatives: Airflow MLflow

The Gentlemen of Crypto

Bitcoin Zay and King Bless

Terraconnect, BitKwonconnect, Call it What You Want But Your Moneys Gone | TGOC

The Gentlemen of Crypto EP - 948   ********************************** Connect with us online at the following places: KRBE Digital Assets Group ? • Website: https://thegentlemenofcrypto.com • TGoC YouTube: https://bit.ly/3dauQCo • Masterclass: https://krbe-digital-assets-masterclass.teachable.com/courses SOCIAL ? • KRBE Twitter: https://twitter.com/krbecrypto • KRBE Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krbedigitalassets/ • KRBE Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thegentlemenofcrypto/ • Bitcoin Zay Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitcoinzay COOL CRYPTO GEAR ? • Amenhotep Designs: https://www.adesignuk.com/ • No Keys No Cheese Gear: https://www.bitcoinmovement.com • Been Dope Gear: https://jakefever.com/collections/millionaire-coming-soon • Unite Africa Gear: https://www.yemnasium.com/shop   Business Inquiries: krbe@krbecrypto.com ********************************** **This is not financial advice. Th

Acquired LP Show

Ben Gilbert and David Rosenthal

Travel for the Creator Economy

We sit down with TrovaTrip co-founders Nick Poggi and Lauren Schneider to talk about travel for the creator economy. This one is very close to home since Ben is on their board! TrovaTrip is a marketplace that enables creators to easily plan trips to places around the world with their audiences. It's a whole new way for people to travel, with other like-minded people who share the same passions and communities. We talk with them about growing from a bootstrapped business to over 10,000 travelers booked, growing a travel business during the pandemic, and dive deep on the power of choosing a business model with favorable cashflow dynamics. Tune in! Join us at the Acquired Arena Show on May 4 at 5 PM! https://acquired.fm/arenashow ‍Sponsor: Thank you to Tegus for being our first presenting sponsor for the Acquired LP Show! We're super excited to have them as our first LP Show partner. Tegus empowers investors and Corporate Development teams to mak


Jupiter Broadcasting

73: 100 Days of HomeLab

A special episode today as TechnoTim joins Alex to discuss everything Kubernetes and HomeLab. The #100DaysOfHomeLab initiative from Tim is just getting started, find out what it’s all about in today's episode. Special Guest: Techno Tim.


Relay FM

100: Celebrating 100 Automations, and More

In this episode of Automators, David and Rosemary look at their favourite automations, most wished for features, and how their automation has evolved in 100 episodes.

REACH - A Podcast for Executive Assistants

Maven Recruiting Group

REACH Roundtable: The Great Resignation

If you weren't able join us for our third REACH Roundtable Livestream, we missed you, but we captured the audio for you to listen to here. For those who aren't familiar, REACH Roundtable is an extension of our podcast where we invite former guests back to discuss all things hot topics in the Executive Assistant world. In this episode, you’ll hear from the guests you know and love, Lauren Pelusi, Rowe Hoffer, LJ Cohen, and Kristin Beatham as they discuss The Great Resignation, a trend perhaps more popular than the celery juice cleanse! Specifically, they dig into the cause of this movement, which industries in particular have been most affected, as well as the ways its impacted the Executive Assistant career.

This episode is sponsored by Cabinet, the all-in-one software application for Executive Assistants streamlining processes, creating culture, and preventing burnout all before lunch!
Discover why EAs at Fortune 500 c

Learning Bayesian Statistics

Alexandre ANDORRA

#61 Why we still use non-Bayesian methods, with EJ Wagenmakers

The big problems with classic hypothesis testing are well-known. And yet, a huge majority of statistical analyses are still conducted this way. Why is it? Why are things so hard to change? Can you even do (and should you do) hypothesis testing in the Bayesian framework?
I guess if you wanted to name this episode in a very Marvelian way, it would be “Bayes factors against the p-values of madness” — but we won’t do that, it wouldn’t be appropriate, would it?
Anyways, in this episode, I’ll talk about all these very light and consensual topics with Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, a professor at the Psychological Methods Unit of the University of Amsterdam.
For almost two decades, EJ has staunchly advocated the use of Bayesian inference in psychology. In order to lower the bar for the adoption of Bayesian methods, he is coordinating the development of JASP, an open-source software program that allows practitioner

The .NET Core Podcast

Jamie Taylor

100th Episode Celebratory AMA

Remember: you can also always follow the show on Twitter @dotnetcoreshow, and the shows host on Twitter @podcasterJay or visit our Contact page. Welcome to season 4 of the award-winning .NET Core Podcast! Check that link for proof. Hello everyone and welcome to The .NET Core Podcast is a podcast where we reach into the core of the .NET technology stack and, with the help of the .NET community, present you with the information that you need in order to grok the many moving parts of one of the biggest cross-platform, multi-application frameworks on the planet. I am your host, Jamie "GaProgMan" Taylor and this episode is a slight departure from the norm. As this is episode 100, I thought it would be fun to have an ama (or Ask Me Anything). Listeners on Patreon, Twitter, and LinkedIn were asked to submit their questions for this episode, and you're about to listen to my answers to those questions. There are around 50 links in this episode

The FOSS Pod

Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith

OBS With Jim Bailey

Jim Bailey wanted a way to stream StarCraft – so he wrote his own software to do it. From humble origins, the Open Broadcaster Software has become the de facto standard for streaming video online, and we sat down with Jim to talk about the present and future of OBS, what it’s like maintaining such a critical project, getting your code vetted by NASA, and more.Download OBS at https://obsproject.com/The FOSS Pod is brought to you by Google Open Source. Find out more at https://opensource.google 

How to Fix the Internet

Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Securing the Vote

U.S. democracy is at an inflection point, and how we administer and verify our elections is more important than ever. From hanging chads to glitchy touchscreens to partisan disinformation, too many Americans worry that their votes won’t count and that election results aren’t trustworthy. It’s crucial that citizens have well-justified confidence in this pillar of our republic.Technology can provide answers - but that doesn’t mean moving elections online. As president and CEO of the nonpartisan nonprofit Verified Voting, Pamela Smith helps lead the national fight to balance ballot accessibility with ballot security by advocating for paper trails, audits, and transparency wherever and however Americans cast votes.On this episode of How to Fix the Internet, Pamela Smith joins EFF’s Cindy Cohn and Danny O’Brien to discuss hope for the future of democracy and the technology and best practices that will get us there.In this episode you’ll learn about:Why voting on

Breaking Banks

Breaking Banks - The #1 Global Fintech Podcast

Episode 446: The CFPB Wakes Up A Dormant Rule

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a press release on April 25th that it was invoking a dormant authority that allows it to examine nonbank companies posing risks to consumers. That’s pretty broad and seems pretty scary. Listen to Dara Tarkowski, host of the Tech on Reg podcast, and Jason Henrichs break down the legal realities and implications in the first half before being joined by Lindsay Davis of Atomic and Alex Johnson of Fintech Takes to riff on the potential industry impact.


The Smartest Amazon Seller

LaunchPod Media

Episode 157: 3D Rendered Images will help your click through with the help of AMZ One Step

3D Rendered Images will help your click through with the help of AMZ One Step with Kamaljit Singh and Scott Needham.


DeFi Dave, Samuel McCulloch, kapital_k

Why Frax is the DeFi Gold Standard w/ Haym Salomon | Flywheel EP #2

We're joined this week by the legendary Haym Salomon. He breaks down his thoughts on Frax and we put him up against 0xHamz's recent comments. Learn why he's so bullish on Frax and how we can become the DeFi Gold Standard.  We hope you enjoy the show and please subscribe and like the show! ~~~~ Follow Flywheel Twitter: https://twitter.com/flywheelpod Telegram: https://t.me/flywheelpod ~~~~ Subscribe to the "Flywheel" YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChktQbmIzLZKSwEZh8yE1Kw ~~~~ Listen to The “Flywheel” Podcast Wherever You Listen to Podcasts:Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/34xXNO289naHrPB2h4uN4J Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/flywheel/id1628697864 ~~~~ Connect with Dave: Twitter: https://twitter.com/davesaidthat_ Telegram https://t.me/DeFiDave222 ~~~~ Connect with Kiet Telegram: https://t.me/kapital_k Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xkapital_k ~~~~ Connec

Brad & Will Made a Tech Pod.

Brad Shoemaker, Will Smith

139: Grill Drama Is Real Drama

As summer heats up, we're cooling things down with another (now-semi-annual?) cube of cold opens. Thrill! to the long and sordid tale of Will's Stripe fraud saga. Chill! at the campsite mishap that demolished someone's data plan. Spill! your drink everywhere when you realize that the innocent Roblox scammers of today may become the business leaders of tomorrow. Uh, fill? your ears with all the other bite-size topics that weren't long enough to consume a whole episode!Support the Pod! Contribute to the Tech Pod Patreon and get access to our booming Discord, your name in the credits, and other great benefits! You can support the show at: https://patreon.com/techpod

Inside The Black Box

Black Box Podcast

Inside The Black Box tells the story of the hours, minutes and seconds leading up to some of the worst aviation disasters in history. It looks at the investigations which followed and the lessons learned which keep us safe today.

WIRED Security: News, Advice, and More


How a Saxophonist Tricked the KBG by Encrypting Secrets in Music

Using a custom encryption scheme based on musical notation, US musicians smuggled information into and out of the USSR.

Risky Business News


Risky Biz News: Apple, Google, and Microsoft commit to passwordless logins

A short podcast updating listeners on the security news of the last few days, as prepared and presented by Catalin Cimpanu. You can find the newsletter version of this podcast here.

Show notes

Risky Biz News: Gen. Nakasone asked to remain in charge of NSA and CYBERCOM for one more year

noobs // a NetworkChuck Podcast


LINUX saved his life! // ft. Shawn Powers

In this video NetworkChuck, and Cameron speak to CBTnuggets alum and Linux expert Shawn Powers about his emotional journey after suffering from a tragic car accident that caused him to forget everything and how he persevered to become a successful IT professional and instructor.

Check out Shawn:
Twitter ⏩ https://twitter.com/shawnp0wers
Go support Shawn's comic series "My big Round World"! ⏩ https://mybigroundworld.com/
Youtube ⏩ https://youtube.com/shawnp0wers

Listen on Spotify: https://ntck.co/noobspod
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思维漫游#001 | 我们与偏见的距离

偏见,是我们每个人看待世界时的一种无形的影响要素。身为内容创作者,我们的内容也会有自己的视角局限性。作为思维漫游系列的第一期,我们从自己内容与我们的预期偏差聊起,来谈谈我们的思考与调整,以及我们如何对待偏见。- 时间轴 -00:00 Intro 《彩虹》00:56 为什么想要聊偏见01:31 从我们的slogan,聊聊产品,看看背后的逻辑讲起06:33 iPhone的相机篇我们在传达什么08:59 隐私保护背后的决策逻辑13:08 视角差异与皮蛋内容存在的问题17:20 初号:从业者视角正视苹果的先进22:34 零号:产品是工具,人是目的25:41 AI的尺度与平衡27:18 初号的偏见与思考:地图炮只是一种偏见符号30:57 零号的偏见与思考:厂弟厂妹也是有活力懂思考的青年人34:51 快手怎么谈杀马特36:07 书籍推荐《事实》和《思考:快与慢》38:45 抽象和概括是认识世界更有效率的方式,追问事实是认识世界正确的态度- BGM -上海彩虹合唱团 -《彩虹》上海彩虹合唱团 - 《醉鬼的敬酒曲》- 延伸 -莫言:《生死疲劳》,顶级的谈论视角差异的作品- 互动方式 -B站:两颗皮蛋微博:两颗皮蛋_ 小红书:两颗皮蛋

Metaverse Marketing


Metaverse 2030

We started this journey in an effort to better understand where the future of the internet is heading, as well as to help you explore the metaverse. And just as we were doing that, something quite interesting happened.Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced that the company will become a metaverse company and marked the shift with a name change to Meta. If ever there was a timestamp in history, this would be it. While Facebook may be a part of that journey, as we've heard it time and time again from experts throughout this season, no one company will own the metaverse and no one person's vision for the future of the metaverse will prevail. We're all building it together.But what will the future of the metaverse look like? In episode 8 of Adweek’s Metaverse Marketing podcast, we explore what the next decade of the metaverse will look like, how it will enable new kinds of ontological exploration, how brands can future-proof their businesses and enter

HDTV and Home Theater Podcast

HT Guys

Podcast #1048: Insteon Servers Shut Down and Home Assistant

This week we discuss the shutting down of Insteon servers and what you can do to continue using your Insteon automation products and we have an interview with Tony Willis where we discuss his Home Assistant setup that is one of the ways to keep your Insteon devices working. Plus there is a lot of Netflix news and we read your emails. News: Netflix stock plunges 38% on shocking subscriber loss Netflix, Disney+, HBO losing billions to illegal password sharing TiVo Stream 4K First To Fully Integrate With YouTube TV IMDb TV Rebrands as Amazon Freevee Sony's flagship soundbars just got support for another spatial audio format Insteon Discussion Insteon servers offline.  Company had a change in management in 2017 and tried to pivot it's products (with different manufacturers and partnerships). This did not go well and caused the decline of the company. According to our source the present automations should still wo

The MxU Video Podcast


The MxU Video Podcast