How to Be a Better Human


Body Stuff: Do you really need 8 hours of sleep?

We all know a good night’s sleep is essential, but for many people, sleeping well (or falling asleep at all) can be difficult and even stressful– and there’s no shortage of tales about what prevents people from catching their ZZZs. In this episode, Dr. Jen digs into ``how to sleep'' culture– from blue light blockers to sleep hygiene enthusiasts, to the 8 hours a night rule to… witches?! Don’t sleep on this episode–because it might just have you skipping the melatonin supplements and rethinking sleep rituals –before jumping into bed for a well-deserved snooze. This is an episode of Body Stuff with Dr. Jen Gunter, another podcast from the TED Audio Collective. To hear more episodes on the lies we're told (and sold) about our personal health, follow Body Stuff wherever you're listening to this.

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

261. Avoiding School Shootings and the Boy Crisis | Dr. Warren Farrell & Jordan Peterson

Dr. Warren Farrell is a political scientist, activist, speaker, and author of The Boy Crisis. He has been interviewed by Oprah, Barbara Walters, Tucker Carlson, Peter Jennings, and many others. Dr. Farrell conducts communication workshops, and his writings have been frequently featured in The New York Times.

In this episode, Dr. Farrell and I discuss issues that lead to mass homicides committed by young men. We also talk about child-rearing and boundary enforcement, discriminating between male competence and male power compulsion, and the importance of recognizing and rewarding a father’s contributions to their children’s development. Dr. Farrell and I also share a personal message to anyone who may be harboring vengeful fantasies.

The Boys Crisis -
Follow Dr. Farrell on Twitter: https://twitter

The Daily Stoic

Daily Stoic

Ramachandra Guha on Gandhi’s Extraordinary Life and Legacy

Ryan talks to author Ramachandra Guha about his books Gandhi Before India and India After Gandhi, the journey that led Gandhi to become one of the worlds most influential leaders, how humanity was impacted by Gandhi’s legacy, and more.Ramachandra Guha—hailed by Time as “Indian democracy's preeminent chronicler” - is a prominent author and columnist based in Bangalore. Ram’s research interests have included environmental, social, political, and cricket history, and his books cover a wide range of themes, most notably India after Gandhi: The History of the World's Largest Democracy, a widely discussed and also award-winning history of India since independence, and his most recent book, Gandhi Before India,which  focuses on Gandhi's years in South Africa. Apart from his books, Ram also writes a syndicated column that appears in six languages in newspapers with a combined readership of some twenty million.

Motivation Daily by Motiversity


Daymond John Will Leave You SPEECHLESS

Daymond John, investor on Shark Tank, founder of FUBU, author and businessman, delivers one of the best motivational speeches you will ever hear. Speaker:Daymond John Daymond's books:The Power of Broke: and Grind: Achieve any Outcome: BroomEpidemic SoundDisclaimer: Some of the links above may be affiliate links. When used to make a purchase, we receive a small commission. Thank you for your continued support! See for privacy and opt-out information.

Duolingo Spanish Podcast


Climate Heroes - Biking in Spain

When primary school teacher Helena Vilardell’s students told her they wanted to ride their bikes to school, she came up with the idea of the “bicibús.” It quickly took off as a movement to take back the streets, helping create a cleaner environment and better future. A transcript of this episode is available at

How to Start Over

The Atlantic

'Parents Are Not All Good and All Bad'

Some families have the frictionless ease of unconditional love and understanding, but for many the stalemate of family tensions can be insurmountable.
In this episode of How to Start Over, we explore what can be done to evaluate the dynamics in lifelong family relationships, find ways to manage our emotional response when tensions boil over, and analyze what it means to change a parent-child relationship as an adult. 
This episode was produced by Rebecca Rashid and is hosted by Olga Khazan. Editing by A.C. Valdez and Claudine Ebeid. Fact-check by Ena Alvarado. Engineering by Matthew Simonson. Special thanks to Adrienne LaFrance, executive editor of The Atlantic. 
Be part of How to Start Over. Write to us at To support this podcast, and get unlimited access to all of The Atlantic’s journalism, become a subscriber.
Music by FLYIN (“Being Nostalgic”), Mindme (“Anxiety [Instrumental Version]

TED Talks Daily


Africa's great carbon valley -- and how to end energy poverty | James Irungu Mwangi

Our lives depend on curbing climate change, but so many priorities seem to be in competition. What's the most urgent thing humanity can do right now? Social entrepreneur James Irungu Mwangi tells us why Africa could be the ideal home for scaling the latest and most ambitious climate technologies -- including in places like Kenya's Hell's Gate National Park, which could become part of what he calls the "Great Carbon Valley."

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll

A Longevity Masterclass: Emerging Science & Timeless Wisdom of Healthy Aging

Welcome to our fourth masterclass episode where we share big truths from some of my best podcast guests, honing in on a single theme or subject matter. Today we are diving deep into the subject of longevity, specifically: how to age healthfully, how to biologically promote longevity, how to embrace your innate potential for growth beyond the prescribed productive years, and how to cultivate a true life-long expansion of self.From science and technology to diet and mindset, there are choices you can make to access not simply the longest lifespan possible, but also the greatest health span your body is capable of. There are real, tangible, practical methods we can employ to get the maximum value out of our bodies and therefore our lives.As always, the podcast streams wild and free on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Today’s episode is also viewable on YouTub

Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Impact Theory

The 3 Things Rich People DO That The 99% DON'T DO! | Tom Bilyeu

As you know, it’s my mission to help teach you how to build the MINDSET and SKILLS that will help you live an extraordinary life - and over the last few months I’ve been working hard behind the scenes to help create a brand-new tool that will help you do that. It’s called Kyzen - and I am proud to announce that I will be bringing it to the world later this year to challenge you to empower yourself and accomplish greater things in life. To learn more, join my Discord at goals require DISCIPLINE. By it's very nature, discipline requires you to do hard things - and that is a skill you can LEARN. I'm teaching my process to build Ironclad Discipline in a new workshop - you can register at!On Today's Episode: Why is being rich something so many people want, but so few achieve. Does being successful guarantee becoming rich? Obviously that requires you to de

Dear Gabby

Dear Media

How to Tell The Universe What You Want & Manifest Your Desires

This episode of the Dear Gabby podcast will teach you how to communicate with the Universe so you can manifest exactly what you desire! The KEY to manifesting is to become clear on what you want—and this is a step that many people overlook. Press play. I’ll help you get crystal-clear on your desires and manifest with ease.   The following are helpful resources and books I mention within the episode:  Want even more support? I created the Miracle Membership so I can be your spiritual coach! On Dear Gabby I get to coach people on all kinds of topics. Inside the membership, I  take that coaching to the next level. Members get weekly lessons, meditations, community support, and an awesome challenge each quarter! Now is a better time to join than ever, because my 21-Day Body Love Challenge is coming up in July. It’s exclusively available to members, so you’ll have to join if you want in. Click here to join. http

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins

What does it mean to be a father? | An exclusive conversation with Tony, Sage, and Mary B. on the difference between a dad and a father

As we approach Father’s Day, join Tony Robbins, his wife Sage Robbins, and host Mary B. as they discuss their fathers, their modern family, a 14-month-old daughter, and the distinction Tony draws between a father and a dad. An archetype is just a fancy word for pattern and the universal father energy is within us and around us all, regardless of your relationship with your own father, whether you have children, or your gender. Our experience of father(s) shapes our life and influences who we become. Fathers, brothers, grandpas, godfathers, uncles, and father figures hold the powerful possibility to affect us in meaningful ways. By also recognizing these energies within us and calling upon them in different circumstances and contexts, we are able to live life fully, with access to a multitude of gifts, abilities, experiences, and emotions.  W

The Wellness Cafe

Trinity Tondeleir

39. hot girl summer prep, finding balance and pursuing your passion ft. @kaylieestewart

How to find a workout that works for you, getting the courage to pursue your dreams, living life for yourself and so much more. This week Trin is joined by Kaylie Stewart to discuss all things wellness during their trip to Arizona and LA.Find Kaylie: FIND TRIN:IG @trinitytondeleir @thewellnesscafepod @trinitytondeleir Youtube Trinity Tondeleir to the BEST biker shorts that Trin is obsessed with Corset Favorites -

رادیو راه با مجتبی شکوری

رادیو راه

رادیو راه: فصل دوم، قسمت دهم: خواب های جهان

رادیو راه، قسمت پایانی فصل دوم

کارگردان صوتی و آهنگساز قطعه مادر: محسن رحمانی
گرافیست: حامد بهتاش
امور آی‌تی: علی آقایی

منابع مکتوب:
قهرمان هزار چهره اثر جوزف کمبل – ترجمه شادی خسرو پناه – نشر گل آفتاب
قدرت اسطوره اثر جوزف کمبل – ترجمه  عباس مخبر – نشر مرکز
سفر قهرمان اثر جوزف کمبل – ترجمه عباس مخبر – نشر مرکز
روزها در راه اثر شاهرخ مسکوب – نشر فرهنگ جاوید
موسیقی های استفاده شده:

Mother – Mohsen Rahmani
Too Far Gone - Oscuro
Journey Within - Dean Evenson
The Golden Spiral - Yi Nantiro
All For You - Melany Thompson
Distance- Michael FK
Autumn Leaves - Nicholas Gold, Jack Jezzro
No More Running Awayb – Whitesand
Sorrow – AshamaluevMusic
با تشکر از اسپانسر این اپیزود: ایرانسل و زرماکارون

بازدید از صفحه اینستاگرامی زرماکارون

The Lazy Genius Podcast

Kendra, The Lazy Genius

#265 - How to Come Home from Vacation

I am very excited about this episode, you guys. I think there are so many opportunities to just Lazy Genius the mess out of coming home from vacation, so we’re going to do what we often do which is have a nice little mix of practicality and permission. Helpful Companion LinksCheck out The Lazy Genius Way and The Lazy Genius Kitchen Here’s where I break the principles down into three categoriesThe Summer DocketDownload a transcript of this episode See for privacy and opt-out information.

Maxwell Leadership Podcast

John Maxwell

What Stands Between You and Your Dreams?

Maybe you’re someone who has a dream, but you’re not sure how to get started on your journey to achieving it. Maybe you even think it’s too much of a long shot. Well, in this episode, John Maxwell shares four obstacles that often get in the way of people achieving their dreams and what we can do to avoid those pitfalls. During the application portion of this episode, Mark Cole is joined by Traci Morrow as they discuss John’s lesson and what they’ve done in their own lives and leadership to continually pursue the dreams they have and the lives they envision for themselves. Our BONUS resource for this episode is the “What Stands Between You and Your Dreams Worksheet,” which includes fill-in-the-blank notes from John’s teaching. You can download the worksheet by visiting and clicking “Download the Bonus Resource.” References: Watch this episode on YouTube! Put Your Dream to the Test by John C. Maxwell (Use c

Coffee Break Spanish

Coffee Break Languages

CBS Mag 4.05 | Torres humanas

Welcome back to the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine! In this episode, Mark and Anabel go through a text about human towers or castells in Catalan. We break down the range of vocabulary and grammar points featured in the text, including the words: tanto… que…, tras and cualquier. Take note of some Catalan words throughout the text and be sure to listen until the end as Marina joins Mark to discuss the phrase: hacer piña.There will be a total of 10 episodes of Season 2 of the Coffee Break Spanish Magazine. If you'd like to benefit from lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary. lists and exercises, you can access the premium version of the Magazine here.Don't forget to follow Coffee Break Spanish on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your Spanish. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee Break Spanish Facebook page here.If you'd

The Secret To Success with CJ, Karl, Jemal & Eric Thomas

The Resonance Network

328 - The Little Fish

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Moments Podcast

Lexi Hidalgo

25: Moments in Growing Up

Here’s a few of the many lessons I’ve learned, it’s a process and we’re all going through the motions.

Duolingo French Podcast


Traditions iconiques - Summer Vacation

The French love their long summer vacations, les grandes vacances. But they hate the massive traffic jams that go with them. To help vacation-bound drivers and passengers have some fun on the road, traffic radio host Francine Thomas has to get creative. A transcript of this episode is available at

Black Girls Heal

Shena Lashey

#137: 4 Ways to Exit Love Deprivation

Let's take a deeper look at love deprivation including it's symptoms, the impact of withdrawal, and ways to exit the cycle. Enroll in The Loved Woman Foundations Course RESOURCES MENTIONED Join our weekly text inspiration list by texting PODCAST to 832-219-7815 Enroll in our Coaching Signature Program for single and partnered women: From Addicted & Avoidant to Available Come to our next Healed and Loved Woman Retreat CONNECT WITH US ELSEWHEREWebsite: Blackgirlsheal.orgInstagram: @BlackGirlsHeal TikTok: @blackgirlsheal Facebook: Black Girls HealWebsite:

‌BPLUS بی‌پلاس پادکست فارسی خلاصه کتاب

Ali Bandari

80: Superforecasting (هنر پیش‌بینی)

نویسنده‌: فیلیپ تتلاک | دن گاردنر  متن: عباس سیدین | روایت: علی بندری  تدوین: محسن علی‌شیری موسیقی تیتراژ : پیمان عرب‌زاده  موسیقی متن: youtube audio library خرید مرچندایز بی‌پلاس وبلاگ بی‌پلاس یوتیوب بی‌پلاس        کتاب‌های بی‌پلاس را از اینجا  بخرید.        پشتیبانی از بی‌پلاس با تشکر از اسپانسرهای این اپیزود:  فیدیبو اینستاگرام تاپ عضویت در خبرنامه‌ی بی‌پلاس

Science of Reading: The Podcast

Amplify Education

S5-E4: What bilingualism can teach us with Dr. Doris Baker

Joining host Susan Lambert, Dr. Doris Baker speaks from her background researching the academic outcomes of English language learners to discuss ways educators can better engage and support all of their students. Dr. Baker emphasizes how much there is to learn about our native language by learning another language, and the many advantages of bilingualism. She then dives into a conversation around codeswitching and the importance of cultural awareness. Dr. Baker also gives listeners practical advice on how to include English language learners in core instruction and highlights how critical it is to provide students with opportunities to engage in sophisticated and deep conversations. Lastly, Dr. Baker outlines how educators can include parents in their children’s language learning by teaching them how, when, and what to read to their kids—in their native language!Show notes:Learn more about the Science of Reading for

The Rachel Cruze Show

Ramsey Network

3 Habits That Will Keep You From Overspending with George Kamel

Let’s talk about a new money trend I’ve seen making the rounds on social media lately. Plus, my friend George Kamel and I will let you in on our biggest money regrets. And we’ll wrap up by talking about how to make a no-spend challenge more enjoyable!
In this episode:
·     Are Money Trends Actually New
·     We Reveal Our Top Money Regrets with George Kamel
·     The Right Way to Do a No-Spend Challenge
Helpful Resources:
Christian Healthcare Ministries
Sponsors pay the producer of this show, The Lampo Group, LLC, advertising fees for mentioning their services or products during programming. Advertising fees are not based upon or otherwise tied to any product sale or business transacted between any consumer or sponsor. The following sponsor has paid for the programming you are viewing: Christian Healthcare Ministries.

Good Life Project

Jonathan Fields / Acast

Jenna Kutcher | How “Are” You? No, Really.

When's the last time you've answered the question, "How are you?" honestly? Whether small talk is a good thing, a bad thing or just a thing is a matter of passionate debate. But, the bigger issue is - when it is time to get real. Both with other people, and also with ourselves? And what are we losing, what parts of ourselves, our relationships, our lives, are we forsaking when we hide behind the facade of social propriety? There comes a time when it's crucial to move beyond the surface level if we want to invite deeper and more fulfilled connections into our lives and find a community that will support and uplift us. So today, I'm joined by Jenna Kutcher to talk more about this idea of diving deeper below the surface in all parts of life to spark meaningful connections and, ultimately, a more authentic and rich life. Jenna Kutcher is a born-and-raised Minnesota wife, mom, and wildly-successful educational en

Affirmations for Black Girls

Tyra The Creative

Finding Healthy Boundaries in Dating and Romantic Relationships, Exercising Effective Communication, Exploring Non-Negotiables & Deal Breakers, and Learning How & When to Set Clearer Boundaries

Boundaries in dating are a person’s limits in a relationship. They allow each person to maintain their needs, space, individuality and health.  Boundaries can be hard to create but ESSENTIAL in relationship, whether platonic or romantic. Today, our host, Tyra, shares some insight on how she realized she needed healthier boundaries in her romantic life and gives us some tools we can start implementing today that will help us build those fortified boundaries.
This week’s Affirmation is “ How people treat me is their karma; how I react is mine”
The Biggest Takeaways from Today’s Episode on finding healthy boundaries in Dating:

DECIDE HOW YOU FEEL: Decide and figure out what you will tolerate and not tolerate in your life. Anything that makes you questi

Coffee Break French

Coffee Break Languages

CBF Mag 2.05 | L’ancêtre du cinéma français

In this episode of the Coffee Break French Magazine we're heading to the cinema! After hearing a text about French cinema, Mark and Pierre-Benoît break down the language, focusing on some useful vocabulary for talking about films, such as: réalisateur, le septième art and trucages. Listen out for examples of the subjunctive, the gerund and the imperfect tense, as well as the following expressions: que ce soit and être la première à avoir fait qqch.There will be a total of 10 episodes in Season 2 of the Coffee Break French Magazine. If you'd like to benefit from lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary lists and exercises, you can access the premium version of the Magazine here.Don't forget to follow Coffee Break French on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and review materials to help you practise your French. Remember - a few minutes a day can help you build your confidence in the language. Access the Coffee

Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik, Your Brain Coach, Founder

282: Jim Kwik's Morning Routine for Optimal Day

How do you begin your day to jumpstart your brain for greater productivity and peace of mind?   One of the most consistent questions I get from our community is how I start my day. I believe that if you can win the morning, you can win the day. And it all starts by establishing a set of routines and habits that create positive momentum to move you forward. In today’s episode, I’m going to walk you through some of the habits I’ve created that make up my ideal morning. Notice how I said ideal. My goal is to do as many things as possible, but keep in mind that every morning is different. The important thing is to start the day with self-love and self-care, so remember to be kind to yourself as you work towards change. Creating a morning routine takes advantage of the science of momentum, which helps you avoid decision fatigue. Instead of having to make constant choices, you let your routine generate energy to carry you thro

جافکری | Jafekri

Amirali Gh

Episode 06 - The Sickness of Money (مریضی پول)

شنیدین می گن فلانی خوره ی پول داره؟ همه ی فکر و ذکرش پوله؟ به پول که می رسه، مامان و باباشم نمی شناسه؟ این آدما مبتلا به یکی از مریضی های پول هستن که بهش می گن وسواسِ پول! بیماری ای که توی روانشناسی پول حسابی بهش پرداخته شده... من و محمد حسین قصد داریم توی این اپیزود راجع به انواع مریضی های پول و اختلالات شخصیتیِ مربوط به پول صحبت کنیم

مهمان: محمد حسین خسروی/ کاور آرت: شکیبا پیامنی/ تهیه کننده و مجری: امیرعلی ق/ ضبط: آدالان استودیو/ موسیقی: کاوه صالحی
با تشکر از دیوار اسپانسر این اپیزود

حمایت مالي از پادکست جافکری
وبسایت جافکری
یوتویوب جافکری
اینستاگرام جافکری
توئیتر جافکری
کانال تلگرامی جافکری

The One You Feed


486: Danté Stewart on Faith, Identity, and Finding a Voice

Danté Stewart is a speaker and a writer whose work in the areas of race, religion, and politics has been featured on CNN and in The Washington Post, Christianity Today, Sojourners, The Witness: A Black Christian Collective, Comment, and elsewhere. He received his BA in sociology from Clemson University and is currently studying at the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In this episode, Eric and Dante discuss his book, Shoutin’ in the Fire: An American EpistleBut wait – there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue the conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you!Danté Stewart and I Discuss Faith, Identity, Finding a Voice, and…His book, Shout

The Radiance Project

Heidi Rose Robbins: Poet & Astrologer

Understanding astrology through the lives of humans who do good work in the world, with a dash of poetry every episode.

Melissa and Lori Love Literacy

Powered by Great Minds

Ep. 111: Melissa & Lori: Two Truths and a Lie

Melissa and Lori share more about themselves...  how their undergrad and graduate coursework didn’t prepare them to teach students to read, a bit about their teaching and leadership experiences, and of course, why they started the podcast! Bonus content: They ask and answer Five Things You Love and play Two Truths and a Lie. To read more about Melissa and Lori, check out this article by Voyage Baltimore Magazine. Connect with us!Facebook and join our Facebook Group Twitter Instagram Visit our website to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Helping teachers learn about science of reading, knowledge building, and high quality curriculum. 

Planet Money Summer School


Investing 6: Crypto & Commencement

In the last class of Planet Money Summer School Season 2, we cover one more important market — cryptocurrency. If you're thinking about investing in crypto, do you know exactly what it is that you're buying? Or how it should (if at all) fit alongside the rest of your investments? | Watch this Tik Tok to learn more and subscribe to our weekly newsletter here | Don't forget to take the Summer School Final Quiz.

Pepp Talk Podcast

Breeny Lee

The Intimacy Series: The Tragic State Of The Dating World with Stephan Speaks

Stephan Labossiere is a man on a mission, and that mission is to help you experience happier and more fulfilling relationships. As a certified relationship coach, speaker and author, Stephan seizes every opportunity to help both males and females, overcome the challenges that hinder their relationships.

Stephan Speaks joins me today to talk the state of the current dating and scene, we talk about what it's like to be a single dating coach and his personal struggles with the sometimes wonderful world of dating, we talk submission, women's frustrations, dating apps, letting yourself go and becoming the best version of yourself.

The Intimacy Series is about having candid and real conversations with guests from all walks of life, going through similar things that we all are and just being honest, so that we can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief and understand that we are n

Simple Stories in Spanish

Small Town Spanish Teacher

El gran Ronaldo

This sixth season of Simple Stories in Spanish is inspired by requests from my listeners. Ronaldo comes from a family obsessed with football (or soccer), so it is no surprise that he wants to be a famous football star like his “tocayo”, or namesake, Cristiano Ronaldo. But Ronaldo only wants to play front and center, hogging the ball and making all the goals. He needs to learn the importance of each position to truly become a great player.  This story is told mostly in the present tense with a paragraph in the past. Repeated words and phrases include “portero” (goalie), “delantero” (forward position), “pelota” (ball), “árbitro” (referee), “tanteo” (score), “tocayo” (namesake), and “entrenador” (coach). No matter where you are in your language journey, stories will help you on your way. You can find a transcript of the story and read along at  ¡Muchas gracias por escuchar!

The Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Podcast

Caroline Strawson

The Narcissist Cheater & The Codependent Response

I have experienced what it’s like to go through a relationship with a narcissist who cheats on you, and getting out of that relationship isn’t as easy as you may think. In this episode, I’m going to discuss what my experience was, and the mindset I found myself in, that made leaving my narcissistic partner so difficult.    What You Will Learn In This Episode: My own personal experience with a narcissistic partner who is cheating How to deal with the shame, guilt and personal blame of a cheating partner Why you may find staying in the relationship more comfortable than leaving it Strategies to avoid blaming yourself and tips to a safe exit from the relationship How to find a safe community to help in your post-narcissist life   From making excuses for your partner's behaviour to blaming yourself for them cheating, it’s important to get yourself into a positive mindset so that you can leave your narcissistic partner as

All Ears English Podcast

Lindsay McMahon and Michelle Kaplan

AEE 1805: 3 Tips for Life in Australia with Pete Smissen from Aussie English Podcast

Go here to save 50% on podcast transcripts
Are you planning to visit Australia for the first time? You may get a culture shock if you expect it to be like the US or the UK. Today get 3 tips to be ready to build connections with our guest Pete Smissen.
Go here to visit Aussie English Podcast or search for the podcast wherever you listen!
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SelfHealers Soundboard

Dr. Nicole LePera and Jenna Weakland

Episode 37: Healing The Mother Wound

Join the SelfHealers Circle Waitlist: Book: HOW TO DO THE WORK Me! 215-366-0012Get my free Future Self Journal:

Real Cool History for kids

Angela O'Dell

Note: please use the Official Request Form linked at the top of my website ( to submit podcast episode requests! All requests must come through that form. Thank you! Real Cool History for Kids tells amazing stories from history, from a Biblical worldview perspective. Hey, kids, do you like stories about weird, cool, and just plain awesome events and people in history? If you do, you're going to love this podcast show! From creepy abandoned places all over the world to little-known facts about well-known people in history, Angela O'Dell, author of the history series, America's Story and The World's Story, brings you new episodes of Real Cool History just for kids, twice a month.

SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee Dooley

How to Restore Your Metabolism (Ft. Kori Meloy and Fallon Danae)

With a society that’s obsessed with diet culture, even “healing” diets like Whole 30, Paleo, and Keto, we often love having easy-to-follow lists that tell us exactly what to eat and not eat in order to be healthy.But this has led to nutrition becoming overly black and white, with people often demonizing certain foods. Unfortunately, this way of thinking can lead to restrictive dieting, food fear, and even malnutrition and worsening health conditions.So how do we nourish and heal our bodies without succumbing to restriction and fear? How can we enjoy food freedom while also fueling our body with the appropriate nutrients that will help us thrive?That’s what Jordan explores in this episode with Kori Meloy and Fallon Danae as they discuss what it really looks like to nourish your body, restore your metabolism, and experience food freedom.Tune in to this powerful episode to learn about:Kori and Fallon’s own healing

Fireside Chat with Dennis Prager


Fireside Chat Ep. 224 — Does Whoopi Deserve Forgiveness?

Dennis weighs in on some of this week’s biggest headlines—from Whoopi Goldberg’s remarks about the Holocaust to mandates in Canada. Having written a book on anti-Semitism, Dennis extends Whoopi some grace regarding her comments on “The View”—for which she received a two-week suspension. He also covers the brave truckers fighting for freedom in Canada.

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Happy & Healthy with Jeanine Amapola

Jeanine Amapola

Mid Year Life Update + Big Sister Advice

It's been a while so Jeanine is giving ya'll an update about her life along with some advice to your questions!  Want to send Jeanine a message?  You can do that here: by clicking "Message."  WATCH HERE:

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Just Glow With It

Just Glow With It

HOT GIRL SUMMER: New Goals, Habits & Lifestyle Changes

In this episode of Just Glow With It, were talking all about HOT GIRL SUMMER ☀️ From our summer goals, habits, mindset and recent lifestyle changes I made to become the happiest and healthiest version of myself this summer. 

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Straight Up with Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton Companies

The Power Of One More

Hey Rehabbers:
On today's episode of Straight Up....I sit down with Ed Mylett as he shares why "ONE MORE" is so important to our lives. This conversation is a life changing one. It's vulnerable, it's real, it's raw. I know this is an episode that will impact your soul on a deep level. Please share this because somebody you know needs it.

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Slay Girl Slay

Ashley Leggs

Prepare For What You Prayed For

No friction, no growth sis. No challenges, means no wins. Maybe the current challenge you are facing, is preparing you for a blessing that you’ve been waiting for. God will literally change your life, to accommodate the blessings that He has for you. But in order to accommodate for the things that you want, He […]
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Better Than Happy

Jody Moore

350. The Best of Ask Jody

The Best of Ask Jody is our exclusive book for Be Bold members where we’ve compiled some amazing questions from clients. On this episode, I’m sharing a handful of these questions with my answers for real-life application on a variety of topics, from self-sabotage to navigating slumps in your business or marriage, and I think you’re going to find these questions incredibly helpful.   Get full show notes and more information here:

Old Fashioned On Purpose

Jill Winger

S9 E7: Secrets of Successful Edible Landscaping with Ed Laivo

Today I am so excited to have Ed Laivo join us.  Ed is an edible landscaping specialist, with a focus on small space gardening. I'm pretty sure he's going to convince you  that everyone can grow food, even when they have very little space. With over 40 years of extensive experience in plant production, he's pretty inspiring.Book mentioned in the podcast episode: Edible Landscaping by Rosalind CreasyFind Ed Laivo at Tomorrow's Harvest on Instagram and "Ed" Able Solutions facebook group.Ready to join the newsletter for mavericks who value free-thinking, ditching the status quo, and taking charge of every part of our lives? Click now! your dream homestead with my FREE handbook— grab it here: to to get your 2022 Prairie Planner today!Head to http://www.theprairiehomes

Happy Hour with Bundle Birth Nurses

Bundle Birth, A Nursing Corporation

Two Labor and Delivery nurses changing the game in Obstetrics, one nurse and one patient at a time. Happy Hour with Bundle Birth Nurses is meant to fill the cups of L&D nurses and birth workers all over the world. Sarah and Justine share stories, research, and life in order to bring some happy to your hour. Join us once a week as we continue to change the game together!

Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Languages

CBI Mag 2.05 | Tempio del Valadier: un tempio scavato nella roccia

In this episode of the Coffee Break Italian Magazine we're exploring a very special temple built inside a natural cave in the region of Marche. After hearing a text about this impressive piece or architecture, Mark and Francesca explain a variety of language points including: how to express nuances of colours; the present participle, and passive structures. We also encounter a range of new vocabulary relevant to this topic, such as Medioevo, grotta and roccia. To finish, we share an interesting phrase which can be used to express a state of shock.There will be a total of 10 episodes in Season 2 of the Coffee Break Italian Magazine. If you'd like to benefit from lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary lists and exercises, you can access the premium version of the Magazine on the Coffee Break Academy.Don't forget to follow Coffee Break Italian on Facebook where we post language activities, cultural points and rev

6 Minute English

BBC Radio

The technology of translation

What is the relationship between translation, technology and the human brain?

Team Never Quit

Marcus Luttrell

Kara Chamberlain: Kidnapped by a Serial Killer at 15 and Escaped, Now a Survivor Advocate

The human will to survive can't be underestimated. That's the mantra of this week's Team Never Quit guest, Kara Chamberlain. While watering plants in the front yard of a friend's house, Kara was kidnapped at gunpoint by a serial killer. She was only 15. Making mental notes of every detail along the way in her abductor's car - from memorizing the serial number of the large storage bin he forced her into to counting the turns he made, the music he played, his Marlboro Red cigarettes, details from within his apartment while handcuffed and gagged, Kara used every bit of it to her benefit. She not only escaped after 18 hours, but the details she recalled helped catch him. Kara's case also helped police link the killer to three unsolved murders in other states.

These days, Kara's life is dedicated to spreading hope and strength to other survivors.

In this episode you wi

The Korean Vegan

The Korean Vegan

New York Times Bestselling Author and master storyteller, Joanne Molinaro, known to millions as The Korean Vegan, brings you weekly ”bites” designed to help you live a more purposeful and empowered life.

The Law of Attraction

Natasha Graziano

Welcome to the Law of Attraction podcast! I'm your host, Natasha (Grano) Graziano. I'm so excited to bring you the latest wisdom and science from leading experts on how to manifest your goals in life and create abundance in wealth, love, health, relationships. I'm the creator of the world renowned meditational behavioral synchronicity method. By listening to this podcast, you will learn how to refocus your mindset and thought processes with practical and mindful exercises that you can begin right here, right now, simply by pressing play. Tune in every Wednesday!

The Darker Sides of Life


A podcast by Instagram creator hexekami about the darker sides of life such as dealing with death, mourning and mental health. Kamilla, the woman behind hexekami, shares stories and advice from her own experience with a life with many dark sides such as losing her mum to cancer when she was 8, growing up with a narcissist father and losing the grandmother she loved so dearly.

Little Talk in Slow French : Learn French through conversations

Little Talk in Slow French

Des recommandations feel-good ! (Partie 2)

"Feel Good Recommendations - Part 2"
Transcription :
Playlist Spotify :

The Candace Owens Show


The Candace Owens Show: Race in America

Over the past few years, Candace Owens has had many important conversations on the issue of race relations with a powerful lineup of guests. In this special compilation episode, watch some of the most insightful moments and best discussions of racial issues from The Candace Owens Show.

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» Divine Intervention Podcasts

Divine-Favour Anene

Announcement: Biostatistics Bootcamp (6/30, 4-8pm PST)

In this podcast, I discuss a tough subject that many struggle with on the USMLE exams (Step 1-3). The goal of the course would be to use practice questions to help you conceptually understand and apply the principles of biostatistics. Email me via the website to signup. Audio Download


tentwentytwo / Summer Shirt Project

There is comfort in having friends that have been on the same path you're on. We are those friends! Our names are Jackie and Ben, and we have a daughter (Jordyn) and a son (Hudson.) You might know us from the SUMMER SHIRT PROJECT on Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok, and maybe you own one of our shirts. (If so ... THANK YOU!) At age two, Jordyn was diagnosed with autism. We started looking for as much input as we could gather so we could be the best possible parents and advocates for her. Over the past two decades we've learned a lot and we are using this podcast to share those lessons, experiences, and resources. Whether you are new to a diagnosis, been on the journey for many years, or simply want to help make the world a better place for individuals with disabilities, this podcast is for you. When you encounter autism (or any disability), the feelings and questions you have are perfectly normal. It's important to talk about these, and we will address them in this podcast. We'll also share what we've done right, what we've done wrong, and what we wish we did differently. We're going to be here for everyone because we need everyone to make the world a kinder place for individuals with disabilities. Welcome to the BE KIND TO EVERYONE podcast. - Jackie, Ben, Jordyn, and Hudson

Mia Jaye's Diary Series

Mia Jaye

Mia Jaye’s Diary series expresses how Mia has been adjusting to the losses in her life. She unapologetically shares her emotions, in a raw and authentic way. As Mia is trying to heal, trying to push pass the misfortune and find purpose, she has found solace in documenting her process. By sharing her thoughts, she hopes that her vulnerability will inspire and help someone along the way. As a group of hurting people her ultimate goal is to… heal together. cry together. laugh together. And everything in between. Welcome to Mia Jaye’s Diary Series. Support this podcast:

The Art of Happiness with Arthur Brooks

The Ricochet Audio Network

Happiness from All Things New

Can variety and novelty bring us happiness? Is there ever too much of a good thing when it comes to new experiences? In this episode, Arthur and Ceci discuss the good and bad side of neophilia, the love of new things. Most importantly, Arthur shares how a healthy appetite for life and an openness to experiencing new things can lead to an abundance of beauty, satisfaction, and adventure in our lives. 
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References and further reading:
 Don’t Approach Life Like a Picky Eater | Arthur Brooks

The Positive Mindset Podcast

Henry G Lawrence

How to get out of negativity and build the POSITIVE you!

In this episode, we take about the first steps you need to take to get out of negativity and build the positive life you want. 
Positive Mindset Poem
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FP&A Today

Paul Barnhurst

FP&A Today is the podcast for Financial Planning and Analysis. The weekly show dives into the challenges and opportunities within the world of FP&A, interviewing FP&A leaders, CFOs and other finance pros in order to give you the freshest insights and takeaways. Each week our top guests provide actionable advice about financial planning and analysis – from career goals to navigating challenges, and powerful Excel tips. Our weekly show provides unrivalled insights for navigating FP&A. FP&A Today is brought to you by Datarails. Datarails is the financial planning and analysis platform that automates data consolidation, reporting and planning, while enabling finance teams to continue using their own Excel spreadsheets and financial models. Get in touch at

The Daily Dad

Daily Dad

Do Not Get In The Way Of Their Primal Inclinations

 Sunday can help you grow a beautiful lawn without the guesswork OR nasty chemicals. F​​ull-season plans start at just $129, and you can get 20% off at checkout when you visit GETSUNDAY.COM/DAILYDAD. Sign up for the Daily Dad email: Follow Daily Dad: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube 

صلح درون

سپهر خدابنده

اپیزود ۱۳۷ - درونگرایی و برونگرایی

در این اپیزود به موضوع درونگرایی و برونگرایی پرداختم و به مواردی اشاره کردم که آگاهی از اونها میتونه کیفیت زندگی ما رو بالاتر ببره
برای عضویت در پادکست «یک دقیقه با من» روی لینک زیر کلیک کنید
موزيك : Lighthouse Family, Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone
براى تهيه فايل كتاب ها و پادکست هاى شادی درون و آرامش درون به شماره زير در واتس اپ يا تلگرام پيغام بدهيد
WhatsApp : 09331395583
  لينك اينستاگرام، توييتر و كانال تلگرام 
instagram : sepblog
twitter : sepblog69
telegram : sepblog

Let’s Get Vulnerable: Relationship and Dating Advice

Dr. Morgan Anderson

EP 207: Understanding Reassurance and Your Attachment Style

Let’s Get Vulnerable (and nerdy!)    Today’s episode is also on our YouTube Channel! (Wanna watch instead of listen?! Check it out here!   In today’s episode we do a deep dive on:    Why your attachment style impacts your reassurance seeking behaviors  Where your reassurance behavior came from  My top tip for beginning to heal your reassurance behaviors    This episode is PACKED full of my own knowledge, and research findings on the relationship between reassurance and attachment styles    I think it will explain A LOT.    And it will help you understand WHY you do what you do when it comes to reassurance seeking.    Reassurance is a NATURAL and healthy part of any securely attached great relationship.    If you’re ready to become more securely attached, I’ve got a gift for you!    It is the “ “Rewiring Your Relationship Blueprint for Success Not Sabotage” Masterclass”    This masterclass will help you:    - Under

Your Money Mamas

Your Money Mamas

Your Money Mamas is like a financial Dear Abby, meets irreverent musical comedy podcast! Join us as we collectively try to get our shit together!

A Feminine Impression

Dr. Michelle Daf

God Brings Hope & Joy|| The Story of Sarah || When Women Pray

Good Morning Gorgeous! In today’s podcast we discuss the story of Sarah in the Bible from the book "When Women Pray".  We chat about the joy and hope the Lord can restore to your life when you decide to pray. Enjoy!
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Wannabe Minimalist Show

Deanna Yates of

The Wannabe Minimalist Show is for people who are tired of the chaos in their life, but not sure this whole “minimalism thing” will work for them and their busy family. Through personal stories and guest appearances, this podcast will help you discover how to live with a minimalist mindset without having to throw EVERYTHING away. It’s practical, doable, and simple for those of us that wannabe minimalist.

Maximized Minimalist Podcast

Katy Wells

156: My NEW Go-To Strategy for Reducing Clean-Up Battles

Caley Kukla, parenting expert, joins me back on the show today and shares my NEW favorite go-to parenting strategy that reduces clean-up battles! I've been using this method for several months and it's also made such a positive impact in our family's days and even my relationship with my sons. Caley and I share 5 more powerful clean-up strategies in our workshop we just released you can grab here for $24: Or you can get FREE access to it if you're a Clutter Cure Club Member:

Chart Your Career

Heidi Rose Robbins and Ellen Fondiler

Ep 63 More Love Letters

Heidi and Ellen talk about movies and shows they are watching, specifically Pamela Aldon’s Better Things and their mutual love for that series (5:52).   Then they take questions from Scott and Ericka.  After a 20 year break, Scott is returning to graduate school to get his degree in clinical psychology to be a therapist.  He wants to be sure to focus on learning the content and also the nuts and bolts of building a successful practice. (9:03).  Ericka is an actress and is feeling frustrated by the struggle of that pursuit. She wonders if she will eventually feel alignment and breathing room (19:35). Other resources include the financial consultant, Megan deBoer at Tended Wealth (14:29), and the book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb (15:06).

Triple R Teaching

Anna Geiger

It's all about the kids: A conversation with Savannah Campbell

080: In this episode I have the privilege of chatting with Savannah Campbell from Campbell Creates Readers. She shares her journey from balanced to structured literacy and helps us put it all in the proper perspective.Click here for this episode's show notes.

Better Together with Maria Menounos

Heal Squad

Regular Guy Friday Ep. 62: The Alternative to Talk Therapy That Provides Healing AND Success

Happy Passover and Good Friday Regular Guys and Gals. This technique to curb anxiety and induce prosperity. This person to help you do so. This diet will cleanse your body and improve your energy and is easier to adhere to than you think. This is a canary in a coal mine, This creates new pathways in our brain. But who cares. Most importantly, ow do we rebrand (and revive) the Easter Bunny and how do @thekelseymeyer and @undergaro get into @poojanayyarr 's clique? 
RGF Bonus; the music of Charles Manson, the fine line between sociopath and star and how turning future serial killers into Tik Tok stars may be the answer plus the angel that was Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole. Bye Betches. 

Barb Knows Best

Michelle Maros & Barb Schmidt

Welcome to Barb Knows Best, the podcast! I'm your co-host, Michelle Maros, and along with my dear mother, Barb, who is most commonly known as Peaceful Barb, we will be chatting with you weekly on some of life's most important and helpful topics. We've been working together for over a decade to provide simple, helpful tools to help you manage the stresses of daily life, and we are thrilled to be with you all in this new format to invite you into this living room style chat on how we process daily life. Thanks so much for being with us, we love being with you and sharing life with you all! Please make sure to follow us at @barbknowsbestpod @peaceful_barb and @michellemaros on social media, and subscribe to the pod wherever you listen to podcast. We love to hear your thoughts on topics you'd love to hear us chat about! *The information and opinions expressed in this program are for educational purposes only, are not intended as medical or other health advice, and solely reflect the personal experiences of the host and guests. You should not act or rely upon any information contained in this program without seeking the advice of a qualified medical provider. Any reproduction or rebroadcast of this program, in whole or part, is prohibited without the prior written permission of Michelle Maros, LLC. © 2022 Michelle Maros, LLC*

Quality Queen Control

Asha Christina

Start Listening To Your Intuition!!!

Hey Angels!!! this is a word honey!!! Okay!? This is your sign to stop with ignoring your intuition!!! I hope this episode resonates with you!
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And remember to always stay Kind! xo A


Rachel Sherrill

Are you a women who desires to attract and keep love? Want to flip the script on men to make them desire you? Rachel Sherrill offers counterintuitive dating tactics that will surprise you and keep you coming back for more dating advice. Do you long to get married one day, have men pursue you and see you as a high value women? Do you want to vet out the wrong men and get love that lasts? If so, then this podcast is for you! Welcome!

Jordan Peterson Archive

Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson Archive is a collection of clips from lectures, talks, Q&A's and advice from the great man, Jordan B. Peterson

Aware & Aggravated

Leo Skepi

14. Why Nice People Finish Last

<3 My Instagram: @leothealboPodcast Instagram: @awareandaggravated My TikTok accounts: @LifeCoachLeo@NotLeoForLegalReasons Link to download Positive Focus:Apple: 

Effortless English Podcast | Learn English with AJ Hoge

AJ Hoge

Life Is A Game | Play and Win

Vinh and Ali Show

Vinh Giang and Ali Terai

Vinh Giang is one of the world's top keynote speakers and communication teachers. Ali Terai is the Founder and CEO of Future Golf, an award winning passion business. In this podcast, Vinh and Ali discuss the books and lessons that have shaped their lives.

American English Podcast

Shana Thompson

122.1 Rosa Parks and The Freedom Movement (from Slavery to Civil Rights)

In honor of Juneteenth, we will be talking about "The Mother of the Freedom Movement" - Rosa Parks. Rosa made history when she politely refused to give her seat to a white passenger on a public bus in Alabama when institutionalized racial segregation existed in the South (Jim Crow Laws). Her story is one of courage; she'll make you want to stand up for what's right. Note: Juneteenth is on June 19th, and it's been a federal holiday in the United States since 2021. However, it's been a day of celebration for African Americans since 1865, when Texas, the last state with institutionalized slavery, abolished it.  It's a day to celebrate freedom and liberty, as well as to remember those who fought for it, like Rosa Parks.Premium ContentThis episode is part of Season 3. By purchasing Season 3 transcripts, you'll be able to access the full episodes, the full PDF transcrip

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Jennifer Gonzalez

EduTip 13: Add novelty to boost learning.

Adding an unexpected ingredient to a lesson makes students more likely to remember the thing they were supposed to learn. You can find full written versions of these tips at ------------------- Thanks to PearDeck for sponsoring this episode. -------------------


Kacia Fitzgerald

(BONUS) EmpowerHER Live Speaker Series: Angie Lee

We thought it would be fun to do a little PUMP UP mash up from some of our keynote speakers at empowerHER Live! Today’s is from an the interview I did with one of my closest girlfriends Angie Lee! We talk all about GROWTH, being multi-passionate, podcasting and just charting your own path! This is a JUICY one!! We can't wait to have her at EmpowerHER LIVE! Be sure to check out episode #264 for the full interview!&&& did you snag your ticket to empowerHER Live yet?!! We are hosting our VERY first Live Women’s Personal Growth event in Phoenix!Picture 500+ women from all across the country together in person CONNECTING and learning from incredible speakers! It will be the weekend of October 21st-23rd so mark that calendar & come snag your ticket (w/ an awesome discounted rate) just  text the word “EVENT” to (512) 548-2728 :) & if you’re on Instagram…. come say hi! Connect with Angie on Instagram @angiele

The Adult Chair

Michelle Chalfant

302: Gaslighting 101

You love them, and you think they love you…so why does it feel like you’re going crazy so often in your relationship?    You leave conversations feeling confused, questioning your reality and maybe even questioning your own sanity.   You might be in a relationship with a gaslighter.   Gaslighting is a term that is thrown around frequently, but it is far more than someone questioning us or challenging us. Gaslighting is intentional, manipulative and designed to whittle away someone’s self-confidence. In short, it’s abuse.   Though gaslighting often happens in romantic relationships with narcissists, it can also happen in friendships and family relationships, with men and women and with people who don’t struggle with narcissistic traits but who might struggle with control issues or other mental disorders.    In this episode, I’m sharing what gaslighting is, what it looks like in real life and ways to tell if you’re being gaslighted.    Listen to discover:


Leading Edge


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Intermediate Spanish Podcast - Español Intermedio

Spanish Language Coach

E98 ¿Por qué hay inflación? Causas y soluciones - Español Intermedio

Mi padre estaba enfadado y me mandó un mensaje por WhatsApp. Estaba enfadado porque cada vez que va al supermercado algún producto ha subido de precio.Seguro que tú también te has dado cuenta de que los precios han subido más de lo habitual. Estamos pasando por un periodo de inflación alta a nivel global.En este episodio vamos a ver las causas, consecuencias y soluciones de este fenómeno económico que nos afecta a todos de alguna manera.¡Aprende mucho!Intermediate Spanish Podcast with Free Transcript & Vocabulary Flashcards - Aprende español escuchando contenido natural adaptado para estudiantes de español de nivel intermedio.Mi curso: Español Ágil - Intermediate Online CourseSi es la primera vez que escuchas este podcast, puedes usarlo como un podcast diario para aprender español - Learn Spanish Daily Podcast with Spanish Language Coach

News in Slow Spanish Latino (Intermediate)

Linguistica 360

News In Slow Spanish Latino #465 - Easy Spanish Radio

Comenzaremos la primera parte del programa hablando de la desaceleración del crecimiento económico en Latinoamérica; y del estado de excepción en Ecuador por el aumento del crimen relacionado con pandillas. Hablaremos también del libro Lady Sapiens, que busca romper estereotipos sobre las mujeres en la prehistoria; y para finalizar, del regreso de la Cena de corresponsales de la Casa Blanca tras dos años de suspensión por la pandemia.    Para nuestra sección Trending in Latin America les tenemos dos conversaciones muy interesantes. Hablaremos del beisbolista venezolano Miguel Cabrera, quien batió el récord de 3000 hits en las Grandes Ligas. Cerraremos la emisión hablando de Caspalá, un pueblo en el norte de Argentina recomendado por la Organización Mundial de Turismo. - El crecimiento económico en América Latina se desacelera - Ecuador declara estado de excepción por aumento del crimen - El libro que destruye estereotipos

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

'Ant' or 'Ahnt'? Capitalizing Cocktail Names. Archie Bunker.

What's up with the fancy-schmancy "ahnt" pronunciation of the word "aunt"? And why are the rules about capitalizing cocktail  names so wonky? We have all the answers today!Transcript: for the "ahnt" segment by Valerie Fridland:Phillips, Betty.  (1989). The Diffusion of a Borrowed Sound Change. Journal of English Linguistics, 22(2), 197–204.Freeborn, Dennis.  (1992). From old English to standard English : a course book in language variation across time. University of Ottawa Press: Ottawa.Grandgent, C.H. (1899). Franklin to Lowell. A Century of New England Pronunciation. Publication of the Modern Language Association, vol. 14 (2), 207-239.Trudgill, Peter (2008). The Historical Sociolinguistics of Elite Accent Change: On Why RP is not Disappearing. Studia Anglica Posnaniensia 44:

10 Minutes to a Better Homeschool

Pam Barnhill

TMBH 25 Nature Study: The Perfect Elementary Science Curriculum

Sometimes simple is better. Kids need to make observations about the world around them. Further science ability depends on being able to look closely, to see the details, and record them. I love that nature study (free and readily available in your backyard) is the perfect way to hone those skills. Find out more in this episode of the podcast. 

Goddess Confessions with Sheneka Adams

Sheneka Adams

Become The It Girl Of Your Reality

One day you will thank yourself for never giving up.


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Real Life French

Choses à Savoir

Immerse yourself with real French dialogues and learn French language structures naturally in everyday situations. 

The Table with Anthony ONeal

The Neatness Network

This Black Couple Bought 46 Acres of Land in Montana

Today, I have Pamela and Reginald Smith on the show to talk about how to buy land, why they bought 46 acres of land in Montana, legacy-building for Black families and how they became millionaires in their 30s.

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Cram The Pance

Cram The PANCE

S1E45 MSK Upper Extremity

MSK Upper Extremity review for your Pance, Panre, and Eor's. ►Paypal Donation Link: (Thank you!)

Coffee Break German

Coffee Break Languages

CBG Mag 2.02 | Glacier-Express

Welcome back to the Coffee Break German Magazine! In this episode we hear a text about the most famous train route in the German-speaking region: the Glacier-Express! We learn about this 8-hour trip which runs between Zermatt and St. Moritz, offering breathtaking views along the way. We encounter many interesting pieces of vocabulary throughout the episode, including: glasklar, insgesamt and überqueren. Be sure to listen until the end of the episode so you don't miss this week's proverb!In each episode of this 10-lesson season for intermediate learners you can build your vocabulary, increase your understanding of grammar and learn to use the German language in a more natural way. This series follows on from Seasons 1 and 2 of Coffee Break German.There will be a total of 10 episodes in Season 2 of the Coffee Break German Magazine. If you'd like to benefit from lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary lists and exercises, you can access the premium

The Homemaker's Club™ Podcast

Ashley Cravens

Welcome to The Homemaker's Club Podcast! The Homemaker's Club is a sisterhood of women who value the old-fashioned ways and traditions of making a house a home. Each week, I invite you to join me, Ashley Cravens, and my friends within the homemaking community as we gather together to discuss the joys and hardships of homemaking, share tips and tricks, and celebrate the ordinary moments as we make something extraordinary within our homes.


Russ Roberts

Roosevelt Montás on Rescuing Socrates

How do books change our lives? Educator and author Roosevelt Montás of Columbia University talks about his book Rescuing Socrates with EconTalk host Russ Roberts. Drawing on his own educational and life journey, Montás shows how great books don't just teach us stuff--they get inside us and make us who we are.

Parenting With Understanding Podcast

Marcela Collier & Rachael Rogers

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The Ellen Fisher Podcast

Ellen Fisher

I’m Ellen, a 15-year thriving vegan and home-birthing mother of four sharing information about restoring your health and relationships that has truly changed my life. In a world with so many conflicting ideas, this podcast simplifies what really makes us thrive. Here you’ll find empowering conversations on respectful parenting, plant-based nutrition, financial freedom, growth mindset, birth, relationships, culture, and more that not only impacts you, but the world around you. I often sit down with expert guests to share their wisdom with you guys. Welcome to The Ellen Fisher Podcast.

The English We Speak

BBC Radio


Starting a new job means becoming familiar with new duties!

Conversations with Tyler

Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Roy Foster on Ireland’s Many Unmade Futures

“The best history,” says Roy Foster, “is written when we realize that people acted in expectation of a future that was never going to happen.” While this is the case for many countries, it’s especially true of Ireland—the land of The Troubles, of colonization, of revolution and reforms. This sympathy within his scholarship sets Foster’s work apart. Not content to simply document the facts of what did happen, he’s undertaken the role of reconstructing the motivations that animated the Irish people throughout its storied history--without which we cannot truly understand the Ireland of today. Roy joined Tyler to discuss why the Scots got off easier than the Irish under English rule, the truths and misconceptions about Ireland as a policy laboratory for the British government, why spoken Irish faded more rapidly than Welsh, the single question that drove a great flowering of Irish economic thought, how Foster’s Quaker education shaped

The Next Big Idea

Next Big Idea Club

How To Be a Grown-Up

In this special episode, Daniel Pink delivers a commencement address, Stanford-dean-turned-bestselling-author Julie Lythcott-Haims shares her manual for being an adult, and Arthur C. Brooks provides his roadmap for finding success, happiness, and purpose in the second half of life.

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Learning English Broadcast - VOA Learning English

VOA Learning English

Learning English Broadcast - June 21, 2022

Learning English use a limited vocabulary and are read at a slower pace than VOA's other English broadcasts. Previously known as Special English.

Conversations with Dr. Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife is a sex and relationship expert who has been interviewed for hundreds of podcasts. You can access all the amazing content covering issues of faith, sexuality, integrity, belonging, and more right here on the interview archive! Dr. Finlayson-Fife is an LDS relationship and sexuality coach as well as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois. Dr. Finlayson-Fife also has a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. The advice offered through any and all podcasts in which she is featured is educational and informational in nature and is provided only as general information. It is not meant to establish a therapist-patient relationship or offer therapeutic advice, opinion, diagnosis treatment or to establish a standard of care. The information contained in these communications is not comprehensive and does not include all the potential information regarding the subject matter, but is merely intended to serve as one resource for general and educational purposes.

Speak English with - 3 New Lessons a Week

PragerU: Five-Minute Videos


Understanding Marxism: Change the World

Workers of the world, unite! Karl Marx’s famous call to action never caught on with its intended target, the working class. But the intellectual class—the world of academia—swallowed it hook, line and sinker. They are still pushing it today. Why? What do they hope to gain and what does it mean to the rest of us?

The Bar Exam Toolbox Podcast: Pass the Bar Exam with Less Stress

Bar Exam Toolbox

174: Listen and Learn -- Privileges and Immunities Clause (Con Law)

Welcome back to the Bar Exam Toolbox podcast! Today, we're discussing how to identify and work through Privileges and Immunities Clause issues on the bar exam. In this episode, we discuss: Distinguishing between the Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV of the Constitution and the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment What steps to take to identify whether the Privileges and Immunities Clause applies The Dormant Commerce Clause The two requirements that must be met for a state to pass a law violating the Privileges and Immunities Clause Analyzing two hypos, from the February 2005 and July 2018 California bar exams Resources: “Listen and Learn” series ( Private Bar Exam Tutoring (

Easy German: Learn German with native speakers | Deutsch lernen mit Muttersprachlern

Cari, Manuel und das Team von Easy German

277: Viermal täglich lüften

Der Krieg in der Ukraine ist auch ein Informationskrieg. Diesen Satz hört und liest man häufig. Cari hat drei Video-Empfehlungen dazu. Im Thema der Woche beschäftigen wir uns (noch einmal) mit dem Thema "Lüften", das in Deutschland eine sehr große Bedeutung hat. Wir lesen dazu einige Passagen aus einem aktuellen Mietvertrag vor. Zum Abschluss hören wir uns eine Hausaufgabe zum Thema Freiwilligenarbeit an und weisen noch einmal auf unser kleines Hilfsprojekt hin, für das wir nun auch Freiwillige suchen, die Lust haben, geflüchteten Menschen aus der Ukraine beim Deutschlernen zu helfen. Alle Infos dazu findet ihr auf   Transkript und Vokabelhilfe Werde ein Easy German Mitglied und du bekommst unsere Vokabelhilfe, ein interaktives Transkript und Bonusmaterial zu jeder Episode:   Follow-up: Gesellschaftsspiele Mogel Motte (Wikipedia) Gobbit Dobble (Wikipedia) Egyptian Ratscrew (Wikipedia) Co

Daily Boost Motivation and Coaching

Scott Smith

Husband Wife Talking Life - Episode 12

Every weekend Scott and Joi get together for a romp through life with the goal of getting everything you want. And... they have a lot of fun. We'll let you be the judge of that.
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The Clinical Problem Solvers

The Clinical Problem Solvers

Episode 242: WDx #17 – “The Next Play”

In this episode, Maani and Sharmin are joined by Dr. Tara Gadde who presents a clinical unknown case to Dr. Aimee Zaas followed by a discussion on leadership, mentorship, and career transition points. Uttara (Tara) Gadde Uttara (Tara) Gadde is an internal medicine resident at the University of Pennsylvania. She went to Cornell University for… Read More »Episode 242: WDx #17 – “The Next Play”

Relatos en inglés con Duolingo


Life in NYC - City of Dreams

La historia de dos mujeres que decidieron mudarse a la ciudad de Nueva York en etapas muy diferentes de su vida. ¿Te interesa saber cuál es tu nivel de inglés? ¡El Duolingo English Test es una forma conveniente, rápida y accesible de descubrirlo! Haz el examen de prueba gratis y revisa tu resultado en La transcripción de este episodio la puedes encontrar en

Dear Future Wifey

Laterras R. Whitfield

Romance Without Finance (Guest: Anthony O'Neal)

Have you ever heard of the phrase “struggle love?” Struggle love is often described as a couple who embarks upon a relationship with evident financial woes. Today's guest, financial expert Anthony O’Neal, refuses to acquiesce to that mindset and believes we should maximize our single season in more ways than one. Do you believe you can have “Romance Without Finance?”

Affirmation Babe

Affirmation Babe

Affirmations for Breakups & Moving Forward

Moving on after a breakup can be a challenging, triggering process- which is why we created a special affirmation episode to support you and help you navigate this time. Your mind has the power to keep you emotionally stuck, or it can assist you in moving forward. The latter is what these affirmations are designed to achieve. Let’s get through this, together.
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New Discourses

New Discourses

Critical Education: What Is Culturally Relevant Pedagogy?

The New Discourses Podcast with James Lindsay, Episode 66
Critical Education Theory Series, Part 5

Fancy buzzwords proliferate around the fight in education, especially now that Critical Race Theory has been exposed so thoroughly [as Race Marxism (]. Terms like Ethnic Studies, Social-Emotional Learning, and all manner of "culturally" something teaching seem like they have cropped up out of the ground in just the last few months, but they're actually old. Culturally relevant teaching (CRT) is one of these, pioneered first in 1995 by Marxist and Critical-Race education activist Gloria Ladson-Billings. In that year, Ladson-Billings wrote both "Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education" and "Toward a Theory of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy." In this episode of the New Discourses Podcast, James Lindsay reads through this latter paper, "Toward a Th

NCLEX High Yield - Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

NCLEX High Yield - Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy

NCLEX High Yield Episode 28 - Intro to EKG's .....❤️??

An intro to EKG's , definitely watch this on YouTube first so you can visualize what I'm teaching!
No matter where you are in the world, or what your schedule is like, access the entire course RAW AND UNCUT at

The NCLEX High Yield Podcast was featured on Top 15 NCLEX Podcasts!
A topic that confuses many, but listen to how Dr. Zeeshan breaks this bad boy down! Many people get overwhelmed with all the information that's out there, we keep it simple! Join us weekly for FREE Zoom Sessions and be one of the many REPEAT test takers that passed the exam by spending NO MONEY with NCLEX High Yield!
NCLEX High Yield is a Prep Course and Tutoring Company started by Dr. Zeeshan in order to help people pass the

Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers

Angela Watson

"Nothing short of a revolution": What's happening in the 40 Hour programs

In this in-between-seasons bonus ep, you’ll hear some quick audio clips of teachers sharing how they are challenging norms in education and creating a sustainable workload through the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek program. I’ll also share how 40 Hour is creating institutional change through the 40 Hour Leadership and 40 Hour Instructional Coaching programs. I hope you will hear my heart and get the bigger picture message I want to send! This is an offering of hope, encouragement, and support for folks who want to do the job they love without burning out. The 40 Hour programs are THE MOST powerful tools I’ve created for shifting workload norms in education, keeping great teachers in the field, and supporting those who are struggling so they can grow into their best selves.  Please pass this link onto anyone in education who you think might benefit or who shares my passion for educator wellbeing, in

The Six Shifts

Stenhouse Publishers

Reconsidering Texts for Beginning Readers

In today’s episode, Jan and Kari with Stenhouse’s Dan Tobin, discuss the final shift:  Reconsidering Texts for Beginning Readers. LINKS Shifting the Balance: 6 Ways to Bring the Science of Reading into the Balance Literacy Classroom Follow Jan @drjanburkins and . Follow Kari @Kari_Yates

French Made Easy

Mathilde Kien

94 - Prepositions for Modes of Transportation in French

In this lesson, you'll learn when to use the prepositions "en" and "à" before a transportation mode. ?.? Head over to for episode cheat sheet, transcript, and resources!.? Register for my FREE pronunciation class:

For The Girls

Victoria Alario

It's My Birthday! Sharing My Journey with Alcohol

Woo... 27 on 2/7! To get more personal with you all for my birthday episode, I'm sharing the journey of my on-again-off-again relationship with alcohol from the age of 14 to now. It's been 12/13 years of inconsistency, insecurity, and confusion all related to drinking. I hope that my story in this episode can help anyone who needs a voice to relate to when it comes to drinking and feeling insecure around sobriety.FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @VICTORIA.ALARIO (ALSO MY TIKTOK USERNAME!) AND @FORTHEGIRLS.PODCAST 

The RealLife English Podcast

RealLife English

RLEP #291 Are Native Teachers Better? The Power of Practicing with Non-Natives

As a teacher I often got asked the question: “Is it better to have a native English-speaking teacher? Or can a non-native English speaking partner or teacher be just as effective?” The truth is that non-native English teachers are often just as good as native-English speakers—and sometimes they’re better. Today we’ll talk about why practicing with Non-Natives can actually benefit you on your language learning journey.   Show notes here.   I need YOUR help! We created this short survey to understand how we can create the best lessons and guide you on your English learning journey, It takes less than 10 minutes to answer! Thanks so much! Ethan .......... We’re super excited to announce that we have publicly launched much anticipated RealLife English Podcast and Speaking App, which will give dedicated learners, just like you, the opportunity to listen to podcasts, not only with audio and transcripts,



Episode 34: Cognitive Biases خطاهای شناختی (قسمت2)

سلام سلام

تو این اپیزود به ادامه مبحث خطاهای شناختی میپردازیم چون پیش زمینه صحبت درباره مهارت حل مسئله هستن. تو این اپیزود با ده خطای شناختی رایج دیگه آشناتون میکنم و در نهایت بهتون چندتا راهکار ساده میدم که بهتون کمک میکنن در آینده تصمیمات بهتری بگیرید.



ممنونم از اسپانسر این اپیزود داروسازی دکترعبیدی و ازتون دعوت میکنم تا با مکمل آهن فروفورت دیلی بیشتر آشنا بشین. برای استفاده از ریمایندر دو کپسول در هفته شون هم کافیه ازین لینک استفاده کنید



لینک عضویت در هفته نامه توسعه فردی هلی تاک



منابع استفاده شده در این اپیزود:

16 cognitive biases that can kill your decision making

Gender Differences of Brain Activity in the Conflicts Based on Implicit Self-Esteem

Cognitive Distortions: When Your B

The Insightful Leader

Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

Executive Presence—Do You Have It?

The Quote of the Day Show | Daily Motivational Talks

Sean Croxton

1410 | Steve Harvey: “The Only Way For You to Soar is to Jump.”

On today’s QOD, Steve Harvey reveals the one thing that every single successful people had to do to become successful. And so do you.Source: UnavailableGrab your QOD merch -- tees, hats, mugs, tumblers, and more -- at!Get your FREE copy of The Course Cure here. Hosted by Sean CroxtonFollow me on Instagram Listen to my new Mindset Coach podcast! Want ad-free episodes? Visit your App Store and download the Stitcher app. Join Stitcher Premium and listen to QOD commercial-free!

Spanish for Beginners

Linguistica 360

Learn Spanish in 25 lessons: Lesson 25 – The Imperative

Lesson 25: A call to action Chapter 25: “Territorio desconocido” — Uncharted territory

One Day University


One Day University gives you the chance to sit in on the best lectures delivered by the most highly rated professors from the world's top colleges. 

Digesttt/ پادکست دایجست

فرشاد محمودی

سوداگران هرمی

این قسمت از پادکست دایجست به شرکت های هرمی و طرح های پانزی پرداخته است. 
در این قسمت موارد زیر را می شنویم:
-عوامل بستر ساز برای تقلب و کلاه برداری
-تفاوت بین طرح های پانزی، شرکت های هرمی و نتورک مارکتینگ
-راه های تشخیص شرکت های هرمی از نتورک مارکتینگ
-آشنایی با برخی از خطاهای شناختی مرتبط و دخیل در ناخودآگاه ما
حمایت مالی از پادکست دایجست:

First Person Plural: EI & Beyond

Key Step Media, Daniel Goleman, Hanuman Goleman, Elizabeth Solomon

Sasha Dingle: Lessons from the Start Gate

Athlete and entrepreneur, Sasha Dingle joins Liz Solomon to discuss her experience learning to live in harmony with her drive to excel. Dingle is a high achiever in many facets of her life. She is the Founder and Director of Mountain Mind Project. She is a qualified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher by the UCSD School of Medicine MBPTI. As a meditation teacher she facilitates mindfulness programs to an international client audience in the areas of leadership development, healthcare, education, and sports mental fitness. Support the show

Speaking Spanish for Beginners | by Latin ELE

Latin ELE

USA Cities with Spanish Names ??

?? If you have never studied Spanish before, you might already know more words than you think. How so? Because many places in the United States have names that are originally from this language.? In this episode, we will review a few names with Spanish origins, discuss their meaning, and also check how native Spanish speakers pronounce the name of these places. After you listen, I'm curious, which one surprised you? ?▶️ Enroll in our course "Spanish for Beginners" and start learning Spanish at your own pace Latin ELE Website:☕ Support Marco's coffee habits on Patreon:❤️ If you like our show, don’t forget to rate us on your listening app ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Real English Conversations Podcast - Listen to English Conversation Lessons

Amy Whitney & Curtis Davies: Conversational English Teachers

[Part 4] Student Stories & The Impact of Deliberate Practice

In this episode, you will hear about how 2 students started to use Deliberate Practice in their language learning which allowed them to quickly overcome a challenge they had for YEARS with their speaking fluency and confidence. Hear Fortu and Eli's insightful stories and how they managed to finally feel comfortable and confident speaking in English.

Get the ALL the worksheets, audio lessons, and transcription for this special training podcast series here:


About this episode...

After living (and working) in Canada for 10 years, Eli was still not happy with his English.

Although he could communicate in everyday situations…

Whenever he had to talk with a client at work or participate in meetings, he got REALLY nervous. 

Eli knew he made a lot of mistakes when he was speakin


Martha Beck and Rowan Mangan

Outfoxing Anxiety

Did you know anxiety disorders have risen 400% since the pandemic?

(And that's just the diagnosed cases.)

The cultural idea is that we're victims of our chemistry. But when it comes to anxiety, we have a lot more choices than we might think.

In this episode of Bewildered, Martha and Ro talk about anxiety and its tendency to hack around any cultural solutions we throw at it. They also share the answers to be found in nature and the right side of the brain.

It's a fascinating episode you won't want to miss!

Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

IQ2US Debates

#199 - Should We Use Gene Editing to Make Better Babies?

A genetic disease runs in your family. Your doctor tells you that, should you wish to have a child, that child is likely to also carry the disease. But a new gene-editing technology could change your fate. It could ensure that your baby is -- and remains -- healthy. What do you do? It’s is not without its perils. Critics say the technology will exacerbate inequality, pressure all parents (and nations) into editing their children to stay competitive, and meddle with the most basic aspect of our humanity. So, should we use gene editing to make better babies?  
Arguing in favor of the motion is geneticist George Church and futurist Amy Webb. Arguing against the motion is policy advocate Marcy Darnovsky and philosopher Françoise Baylis. Emmy award-winning journalist John Donvan moderates. 
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Learn English | is an innovative and fun way of learning the English language and culture at your own convenience and pace. Our language training system consists of free daily podcast audio lessons, video lessons, English Word of the Day, a premium learning center, and a vibrant user community. Stop by today for a Premium 7-Day Free Trial and Lifetime Account!

Your Morning Basket

Pam Barnhill

YMB #116 Summer Reading and Morning Time: A Match Made in Homeschool

Summer is for fun and what is more fun than a summer reading program and Morning Time. In this episode Pam and member success manager Laney Homan talk about the Traveling Through the Pages FREE summer reading program that encourages your kids to stretch outside their comfort zones and read widely this summer. Laney gives a number of great ideas of how to use the program and the accompanying Morning Time plans. Don't miss this practical episode. For show notes and episode downloads, visit

For You From Eve

Olivia Eve Shabo

113. Free Therapy (True Happiness, Loving Yourself After a Breakup, and Entering College)

Hiii my Angels Xx
Welcome to another episode of For You From Eve! We are back with another For You Friday Episode, and today we have the same conversation you would have with your friend on Facetime. We cover falling in love with yourself after a breakup, entering university, feeling truly happy, and more.
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MUSIC: Prod by Matthew J
Be Kind Xoxo

Brain over Binge Podcast

Kathryn Hansen

Ep. 96: Compound Stress

The post Ep. 96: Compound Stress appeared first on Brain over Binge.

Over It And On With It

Christine Hassler

EP 354: How Not to Be Afraid of Another Heartbreak with Gabriella

This episode is about how to get over heartbreak and open ourselves up to love again. Today’s caller, Gabriella, went through a recent breakup and wants guidance on how she can trust herself to not have her heart broken again. We never want to enter any situation hoping that what happened in the past doesn’t happen again. We discuss ways she can release her fears and open up to love to have a tender experience.   [For show notes, go here:]   When we have a heartbreak, we tend to look at how we can prevent it in the future, but that is a limiting way to look at it. Instead, we can consider how we can leverage the heartbreak and heartache to open our hearts up even more.   After a breakup, ask yourself proactive questions such as:   What did you learn from the relationship? Who do you want to be, in a relationship? What do you need in a relationship? What are the red flags you ma

80,000 Hours Podcast with Rob Wiblin

The 80000 Hours team

#126 – Bryan Caplan on whether lazy parenting is OK, what really helps workers, and betting on beliefs

Everybody knows that good parenting has a big impact on how kids turn out. Except that maybe they don't, because it doesn't.

Incredible though it might seem, according to today's guest — economist Bryan Caplan, the author of Selfish Reasons To Have More Kids, The Myth of the Rational Voter, and The Case Against Education — the best evidence we have on the question suggests that, within reason, what parents do has little impact on how their children's lives play out once they're adults.

Links to learn more, summary and full transcript.

Of course, kids do resemble their parents. But just as we probably can't say it was attentive parenting that gave me my mother's nose, perhaps we can't say it was attentive parenting that made me succeed at school. Both the social environment we grow up in and the genes we receive from our parents influence t

Girl Let’s Talk! The Self Love Playbook

LaTrice Rainer

What happened to you?

“Understanding how the brain reacts to stress or early trauma helps clarify how what has happened to us in the past shapes who we are, how we behave, and why we do the things we do. -Dr. Bruce Perry


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Unsolicited Advice with Ashley and Taryne


Dating Like a Business Transaction

When it comes to dating, sometimes we fall too fast and ignore red flags. Determining what you want out of dating requires hard work and authenticity. This week we're giving you advice on how to stop diminishing yourself to try and fit the mold of others.

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Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod

Hal Elrod

425: How To Use Your Miracle Morning to Write a Book with Chandler Bolt

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, whether that’s to increase your income, to positively impact people’s lives, grow your business, or leave a legacy—even if you aren’t sure what to write about or don’t consider yourself to be a good writer—you won’t want to miss today’s podcast! You may have heard me say this before, but writing and self-publishing a book (The Miracle Morning) was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. (My wife agrees!) It increased both my impact and our income, providing financial security for my family and enabling me to help millions of people around the world with my message. I believe that if I can do it, so can you. On today’s podcast I’m joined by my dear friend, 7-time bestselling author and founder of Self-Publishing School, Chandler Bolt, to talk about WHY and HOW you can go from blank page to published author in as little as 90 days (writing for only 30 minutes per da

The Gathering Pod

Martha Beck

Slow is Fast

Unapologetic with Amala


Rumble Offers Joe Rogan $100 MILLION to Leave Spotify 02/07/22

On today’s show, Amala reacts to the ongoing Joe Rogan/Spotify controversy and gives an update from her trip to northern California. Plus we look at the best of Will & Amala’s answers to your “Dear Will & Amala” advice questions on topics ranging from dating, dealing with woke family members, social media addiction, how to stand up for your values, and more!

Serendipity With Inky Johnson

The Resonance Network

Season 2 Episode #27 - Excused Experiences

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The Deprogram

JT, Hakim, and Yugopnik

Teaser: The Deprogram Episode 15: The Role of Alternative Media (Ft. RevLeft)

The Deprogram Episode 15 is now available 1 week early on Patreon at: first guest appearance and boy are we starting of strong! Join us and RevLeft in this early Patreon release. Support the show (

The Divorce Survival Guide Podcast

Kate Anthony, CPCC

What Happens After You Leave Your Abusive Marriage? with Leanne Oaten

Leanne Oaten is back on the podcast! Listeners loved her previous episode so much that I invited her back to talk about what happens after you get out of an abusive relationship. We discuss the post-separation aftermath, which many women are not prepared for. Once all the dust settles and the reality sets in, questions and emotions bubble to the surface. We explore all the complexities of what happens when you re-awaken to life after domestic abuse.  Leanne is a former counselor who helps women decide whether to stay or leave their toxic, abusive, narcissistic relationship without wasting time going to therapy. Show Highlights Why women begin to question the abuse that transpired after they get out (4:11) Using apps is a good solution for co-parenting with an abusive ex (9:57) The emotional aspect of what lies on the other side once you’ve separated (14:10) How to prepare for the what happens to you emot

El Podcast de Marco Antonio Regil

Marco Antonio Regil

204: Cómo encontrar el amor este año - Jorge Lozano

Que el miedo ¡no te detenga! Regístrate en mi Masterclass GRATUITA en: Experimenta el poder de la gratitud en mi reto de 21 días:  Mejorar tu relación con el dinero es posible. Descubre cómo en mi Masterclass GRATIS:   Comienza febrero y todos queremos encontrar el amor; para decirnos cómo, regresa al podcast Jorge Lozano, quien con su simpatía y sus consejos románticos y picosos nos dice cómo conquistar a quien puede ser el amor de tu vida.   Sígueme en: Instagram: @marcoantonioregil Facebook: Marco Antonio Regil YouTube: marcoantonioregiltv TikTok: @marcoantonioregil Telegram:   Sigue a Jorge Lozano en:  Instagram: @jorgelozanoh Facebook: Jorge Lozano H Conferencias YouTube:  Jorge Lozano H Conferencias

Bouncing Forward with Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy

We Have A Goal: Sport and Inclusion with IOC Young Leaders

Reducing inequality is key in creating more inclusive communities. In this third episode of We Have a Goal, Team USA Paralympic medalist Amy Purdy and IOC Young Leaders discuss the inequalities which currently exist for individuals and groups, with a special focus on those with disabilities. A subject close to Amy’s heart, we pay particular attention to how sport can play a positive role in designing and making inclusive spaces for the benefit of both individuals and communities.

Españolistos | Learn Spanish With Spanish Conversations!

Españolistos | Learn Spanish With Spanish Conversations!

Episodio 288 - ¿Tú, Vos, o Usted? Cómo Usarlos en Latinoamérica

?¿Cuál es la diferencia entre tú, vos y usted?

Se dice que TÚ es para situaciones informales y que USTED es para situaciones formales, pero ¿qué pasa con VOS?

✅¿Sabías que USTED también es informal?

Los usos de estos pronombres dependen del país y la región. Junto con la profesora María, de español con Maria, te contaremos cómo usar cada uno de ellos en diferentes países latinos.

Get the full transcript here:

?️Video con Maria sobre el origen de Vos, Usted y Tú aquí:

❤️Canal de Español con Maria aquí. ¡Suscríbete!

Dinos qué fue algo nuevo que aprendiste en este video. ?

?¿Quieres mejorar tu español con estructura y rutina?

¡Únete a nuestra membresía!

Registrate aquí: https:/

Organize 365® Podcast

Lisa Woodruff

489 - Becoming a Student of Organization

Do you know your preferred learning style? If you don't know your learning style, think back to your highest level of formal education. How did you make it through or study for tests? That's likely your preferred learning style. You may find that you use more than one learning style, but you have a natural bent toward one of them.  There are four main learning styles: Auditory Kinesthetic Visual Reading / Writing In this episode, I'm sharing details about these four learning styles to help you figure out which one works best for you. Then, I want you to use these learning styles to see your home (and your work) in a different way. Because I am a teacher at heart, I have created our systems at Organize 365® to work for any learning style. I explain some of the features of our products and how to make better use of those things from the perspective of your learning style. From podcasts to coworking times, from videos to written materi

Hillsdale Dialogues Podcast

Hillsdale College

Hillsdale Dialogues 02-26-22: Shakespeare's Richard III with Dr. Stephen Smith

Hillsdale Dialogues 02-26-22: Shakespeare's Richard III with Dr. Stephen Smith

Finding Mastery

Dr. Michael Gervais

Dr. Andrew Weil on Psychedelics: Getting Help or Getting High?

This week’s conversation is with Dr. Andrew Weil, a world-renowned leader and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.He is a New York Times bestselling author of 15 books, the founder and director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, and has been named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine – and that doesn’t even begin scratch the surface of Andrew’s accomplishments and contribution to society throughout his incredible career. To put it simply – the man is an absolute legend in his field. We had Andrew on the podcast back in 2020 (that’s episode 250 if you’re looking to check it out), and I could not be more excited to have him back on for round two. This time around, we dive into the dawn of psychedelics – a topic that Andrew has been studying since his time at Harvard Medical School in the 1960s. I’ve a



Jim Rohn - Self Discipline Techniques

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” ...
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Hands-Free Bar Exam Prep

Brainscape Law

Brainscape’s Hands-Free MBE Prep is the perfect way to study “passively”. Each episode consists of 10 questions covering core topics likely to appear on the Multistate Bar Exam, or any of the U.S. state-specific exams. These questions are a complement to the more comprehensive "adaptive flashcards" curriculum found in Brainscape's web and mobile app. Learn more at

Stellar Teacher Podcast

Sara Marye, Elementary School Teacher

68. 4 Tips for Making Greek and Latin Root Words a Focus in Your Classroom

On today’s episode I will be talking about something that is often overlooked, which is the importance of teaching Greek and Latin roots. This may feel like it should be at the bottom of your to-do list, but it is truly something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Once you factor in how many words in the English language are derived from the Greek and Latin languages, you’ll agree with me that it needs more time and attention in the classroom. Today I’m sharing 4 tips on how to make Greek and Latin roots more loved in the classroom. Join us in the Stellar Teacher Reading Membership: To check out all of the resources from this episode, head to the show notes:

School of Self-Image

Tonya Leigh

280: How to Be Full of Life

If you feel like you’re a wilted flower right now and you want me to come and put some water on you so that you can begin to bloom again, you're in the right place. Tune in this week because I’m discussing what I’ve noticed within myself over the past decade that has landed me in this beautiful place right now where I feel so full of life, and I’m ready to share it with anyone who needs it.   Get full show notes and more information here:

The Modern Real Estate Agents

Johnny & Lizzy Phillips

This podcast is for the next generation of real estate agents interested in the latest real estate practices, getting motivated, and growing their business. Johnny & Lizzy Phillips provide real, unfiltered conversation about what‘s working and what they‘re learning in real estate on their weekly podcast.

The Level Up English Podcast

Michael Lavers

#156 Smartphone Addiction

I ramble about the important and relevant topic of smartphone addiction and how smartphones can be used to learn English, as well as some of my ideas on how to reduce smartphone usage is a.. smart way!  Join Level Up English - https://courses.levelupenglish.schoolBy becoming a member, you get access to all podcast transcripts, listen to the private podcast and join live lessons and courses on the website.Watch the video version of this episode: notes page -

The Short Term Show

Avery Carl

Renting from the Road with Reagan Natho

Reagan Natho is able to increase her STR potential while traveling throughout the US by living in an RV with her husband and two children. Reagan maximizes gain by living a nomadic lifestyle, enjoying the perks of traveling, and seeing the world with her family at the same time. She has an ever-expanding number of STR around southern USA, with a focus on the Tennessee market.
Avery and Reagan speak about how to manage unusual properties and how to ensure that you get upstream of bad reviews based on unavoidable rental factors such as steep driveways. They also discuss the politics of new constructions, common assumptions around them, and how to avoid common mistakes. Reagan also speaks about the benefits of living in an RV, and how it might impact second home loans. Lastly, Reagan and Avery share their perspectives on the dangers of analysis paralysis and the importance of both doing your due diligence and taking the leap of faith

Teaching Hard History

Learning for Justice

Why Hard History Matters: Addressing the Legacy of Jim Crow – w/ Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries represents New York’s 8th congressional district. Our final episode this season takes us to the U.S. House of Representatives for a conversation between Rep. Jeffries and his brother, our host, Dr. Hasan Jeffries, to discuss the lingering effects of the Jim Crow era—including voter access, prison and policing reform and other enduring injustices—and to discuss the continued relevance of teaching “hard history” as it relates to public policy today. Educators! Get a professional development certificate for listening to this episode—issued by Learning for Justice. Listen for the code word, then visit You can also receive professional development certificates when you listen to LFJ's other education podcasts—Queer America and The Mind Online!  And be sure to visit the enhanced episode transcript for additional classroom resources for


Margaret Roach

A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach – April 4, 2022 – Annie Novak on Soil and Compost 

Do I need a soil test? And what kind of amendments should I be adding to my vegetable beds or containers to get things off to a good start? And how can I fine tune my composting this year to optimize results? Those are some of the timely questions I covered with Annie Novak, manager of the Edible Academy at the New York Botanical Garden. 

Annie is also founder and director of Growing Chefs, a field-to-fork food education program, and co-founder of Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Plus, she wrote “The Rooftop Growing Guide.” 

Annie will be one of the expert presenters at the upcoming Workshop Experience Weekend, May 7th and 8th, in the Hudson Valley of New York that I'm helping organize. 

Teach Me, Teacher

Teach Me, Teacher LLC

Designed from the ground up as a no nonsense approach to teacher development, this podcast is your gateway to bettering your craft (and having some laughs along the way). It is a show for you. To help you better your craft, learn new skills, and get ideas to fuel your own. It is a show for anyone in the field of education, and has featured teachers and administrators from all over to offer their unique perspectives on some of the most relevant and hottest topics in public schools. Teach Me, Teacher has won several "best of" awards and has featured some of the top minds in education to date.

The Science of Success

Matt Bodnar

How Asking Can Transform Your life with Mark Victor Hansen

Mark Victor Hansen is an American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Mark has spoken to over 6,000 audiences world-wide and continues to receive high accolades from his audiences as one of the most dynamic and compelling speakers and leaders of our time. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The InnerFrench Podcast


E111 Vincent Bolloré, l’homme le plus puissant de France

Pendant les élections présidentielles, vous avez probablement entendu parler d'Éric Zemmour, candidat d'extrême-droite. Vous savez sûrement qu'il était ces dernières années chroniqueur régulier sur la chaîne CNews, qui lui a donné beaucoup de visibilité. Mais savez-vous à qui appartient cette chaîne de télé ? À Vincent Bolloré, un industriel et une des plus grandes fortunes de France.
Il possède de nombreuses chaînes de télé, des radios, des journaux, des maisons d'édition... Et il ne se gêne pas pour se servir de ces médias pour imposer sa vision traditionnaliste de ce à quoi devrait ressembler la France.
Dans cet épisode, Ingrid dresse le portrait de ce personnage, essentiel à à connaître pour bien comprendre les enjeux politiques de la France aujourd'hui.
La transcription est disponible sur

Healing Broken Trust In Your Marriage After Infidelity

Brad and Morgan Robinson

3 Things You Need If You're Feeling Stuck

Missing this one thing could mean you stay stuck unable to repair the negative cycle. Check out our website for info about the workshop, blog, coaching, and other helpful tools:

Your World Within | Inspiration, Motivation and Life Stories From Eddie Pinero

Eddie Pinero

SELF LOVE | Positive Morning Motivation | Motivational Speech

“If you don’t love yourself, nobody will. Not only that, you won’t be good at loving anyone else. Loving starts with the self.” - Wayne Dyer

Culips Everyday English Podcast

Culips English Podcast

Spontaneous photo shoot [Bonus episode ]

Adventures in cooking Episode description In this week’s update episode, Andrew shares a story about getting his picture taken in a photo booth. Plus, in the vocabulary lesson, he teaches you a useful expression: unbeknownst to [someone]. Visit to get the 100% free transcript for this episode.
The post Spontaneous photo shoot [Bonus episode ] first appeared on Culips English Podcast.

Primal Potential

Primal Potential with Elizabeth Benton

995: The Intention/Intervention Gap

You have clear intentions, goals and aspirations, but you aren't executing in a way that's getting you where you want to go (at least not at the pace you want). Today we're diving into 2 approaches that will help you eliminate the gap between what you want and doing what it takes to get you there. 

Style Your Mind Podcast

Cara Alwill

How to Stop Overthinking

How many times have you found yourself in a spiral of overthinking? Do you often create stories in your head about things, overanalyze conversations or situations, and get stuck in your mind? In today's episode, I'm helping you stop the cycle of overthinking and master your thoughts so you can live better. Thank you to our sponsor, Whatskin! Download the Whatskin app now to get a free skincare analysis and a customized shop just for you so that you can find the right products to make your skin more radiant, healthy and flawless. Use code CARA20 to get 20% off (no minimum purchase required!)

Learn Spanish | is an innovative and fun way of learning the Spanish language and culture at your own convenience and pace. Our language training system consists of free daily podcast audio lessons, video lessons, Spanish Word of the Day, a premium learning center, and a vibrant user community. Stop by today for a Premium 7-Day Free Trial and Lifetime Account to even more fun, fast and easy Spanish lessons!

DIY Money | Personal Finance, Budgeting, Debt, Savings, Investing

Quint Tatro & Daniel Czulno, CFP® a passionate look at everything money from budgeting, savings, investing, stocks, bonds, debt. For those that enjoy Dave Ramsey, Jill On Money, Smart Money, BiggerPockets it's worth a listen!

With over 20 years of experience, Quint Tatro and Daniel Czulno have a passion for helping folks who desire to go it alone in the world of personal finance and investing. Whether you're looking to start a simple budget and get out of debt or you're developing a full blown financial and retirement plan, DIY Money is for those who want to drive the ship towards their retirement future.

French Blabla

Speak Like a native

A day in French - 40 - UFO

I’m not a big fan of French tv shows but recently I found a couple that were funny and captivating. We’re gonna talk about that today. This program is called Ovnis, let me know in the comment section if you know it and if you have watched it. It follows a group of people who work for the French bureau of unidentified aerospace phenomena. In other words, UFO. Do you know what the most interesting part of all this is? It’s inspired by a true story, but you’ll need to stay tuned if you want to know more. What are we going to learn today? In this episode, you’ll get to know how to react and whom to contact if you witness something strange in the French sky during your holiday. As for the grammar focus, we’re going to review the simple relative pronouns so it’s for you my A level learners. To get your hands on the transcription, the grammar focus and the vocabulary, head over to to download the study guide or simply click on the link be

Listening Time

Conner Pe

English Listening - Patriotism

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The Symbolic World

Jonathan Pageau

218 - January 2022 Q&A

This podcast was developed from my monthly YouTube Q&A livestream, where I answer questions that patrons of $10/month or more submit on my website, Subscribestar and Patreon. The livestream was exclusive to patrons.

Original stream:

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Language of Creation, by Matthieu Pageau:

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The Symbolic World Reddit: https://www.reddit.c

TED Talks Education


What Wikipedia teaches us about balancing truth and beliefs | Katherine Maher

Even with public trust at an all-time low, Wikipedia continues to maintain people's confidence. How do they do it? Former CEO of Wikimedia Foundation Katherine Maher delves into the transparent, adaptable and community-building ways the online encyclopedia brings free and reliable information to the public -- while also accounting for bias and difference of opinion. "The seeds of our disagreement can actually become the roots of our common purpose," she says.

10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Cool Cat Teacher

Vicki Davis

12 Ideas From the End of School that Work All Year Long

The end of the school year can be so exciting and give us ideas for great teaching. Jillian DuBois talks about her end of the school year and from the conversation we have twelve inspiring ideas for classrooms everywhere including: how to use the element of surprise in learning vocabulary building ideas watching bald eagles and teaching ideas about them how eagles fly higher on turbulent winds how to know children in even a very large class and more. Show notes and transcript:  Sponsor: Advancement Courses Last summer I took my professional development with Advancement Courses and I am so glad that I did! On my blog, I recently shared 10 Ways to Rejuvenate and Learn This Summer. All of the course ideas come from the advancement courses catalog to go to   Learn about some courses you might want to take and some things that you need to do this summ

The Saad Truth with Dr. Saad


The Greatest Bookstore Ever - First Edition of On the Origin of Species (The Saad Truth with Dr. Saad_419)

If you appreciate my work and would like to support it:
This clip was posted earlier today (June 21, 2022) on my YouTube channel as THE SAAD TRUTH_1421:
The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense (paperback edition) was released on October 5, 2021. Order your copy now.

Expanding on Consciousness

Monroe Institute

The Monroe Institute's Expanding on Consciousness includes conversations with scientists and practitioners about the many perspectives and ideas around consciousness: human, non-human, scientific, spiritual, experiential and more. We invite the curious… to speak, listen, learn and apply new ways of thinking about what it means to be interconnected conscious beings. Our host, Mark Certo, will engage well known experts, trainers and other fascinating guests in insightful and sometimes surprising conversations about the many disciplines and aspects of consciousness—in all its forms.

Reading Teachers Lounge

Shannon Betts and Mary Saghafi

Just Right Reading Books for Families and Students

Shannon chats with Sarah Rich, CEO of Just Right Reader, about her company that provides decodable readers to students, families, teachers, and schools.  Sarah and Shannon talk about how decodable texts are important for the right reading practice for students.   Sarah provides details about their mission to make reading fun and for students to learn to read with engaging decodables that are representative of students in America's schools.Episode Resources:Decodable Book Collection from Just Right ReaderSample Decodablesabout Just Right ReaderFamily Literacy BoxesJust Right Reader on InstagramJust Right Reader on FacebookJust Right Reader's Phonics Scope and SequenceDecodable Books ExplainedChoosing and Using Decodable Texts by Wiley Blevins (*Amazon affiliate link)Hot Logic Mini Oven (*Amazon affiliate link)Daily Harvest (Get $35 off your first box when you use this link)COME JOIN THE CONVE

Manifesting Money Podcast

Anita Mae

ANSWERING Most Common Questions about Manifesting Money

In this special episode, Anita goes live and answers all your burning questions from social media! Listen in as she talks about how to release your emotional attachment to money, knowing your numbers, and getting clear about the why behind your money manifestation. Question the beliefs handed down to you and break the cycle! All with a little help from your manifesting money queen, Anita!   KEY POINTS: - How do I release my attachment to money? - How do I stop feeling like I am living paycheck to paycheck? - Can I manifest an exact amount of money? - How do I make money from my passion? - Why is money always on my mind? And where will it come from? - What is the law of polarity? - What’s hardest for you: saving, giving, or spending?   QUOTABLES: “A lot of people think that abundance is having all the money in the world. But really, it's just reprogramming your mind to become conscious of these thoughts, flip them and un

The "What is Money?" Show

Robert Breedlove

The Way of Freedom with Pierre Poilievre (WiM133)

Member of Canadian Parliament and Candidate for Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre joins me for a conversation on money, the proper role of government in money, individual responsibility, property rights, and freedom.Be sure to check out NYDIG, one of the most important companies in Bitcoin:’s Twitter:’s Website: Website: Podcast: Feed: “What is Money?” Intro00:00:08 Asking Canadian Parliament “What is Money?”00:03:01 Politicians Spend Money Without Understanding Where it Comes From…00:05:10 What is the Proper Role of Government in the Sphere of Money?00:07:4

Your Turned on Desire

Jamee Andelin

I am a mentor for women who are ready to enjoy sex in their marriage. This podcast is for you if you have an open heart, an open mind and you believe that you are powerful enough to create change (even if your spouse isn’t on board yet!). Life can be challenging & sometimes sex gets the blame. I show you that sex is simply a set of skills and lifestyle shifts that help you feel really freaking joyful and then enjoy a marriage of ease and deep loving connection of friendship and intimacy.

Dogman Encounters Radio

Vic Cundiff

Everyone has heard about Bigfoot. Not many know that there's a much more terrifying cryptid stalking the deepest, darkest woods of North America and beyond. Tune in every Friday night, at 9PM EST, as eyewitnesses share the terrifying details of their real-life Dogman encounters with you. These are real eyewitnesses, not actors. If you listen to this show, you'll never look at the woods the same way again!

Before Breakfast


What to ask in informational interviews

Smart questions to move your career forward

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The Confidence Podcast

Trish Blackwell

#483: Self-Validation: The Art of Not Needing Other People to Tell You “Good Job”

Podcast #483

Self-Validation, or the art of not needing other people to tell you "good job," is a skill that the most confident people learn how to master. Even if you consider yourself a words of affirmation person, you can learn how to self-affirm and self-validate. Self-validation keeps you from the traps of people pleasing, of striving and of hamster wheel of external validation.

In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we're talking about…

The art of self-validation and how to cheer yourself onHow to not need external affirmation (even if you're a words of affirmation person)A 30-day challenge to implement into your daily journaling


Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal

Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness & Impact - Q&A with Ali

This my first solo Q&A episode on the podcast where I answer a bunch of questions from my Discord community ‘The Friendzone’ ? Thank you for all your questions and please let me know if you'd like to see more of these solo-episodes :)Questions:00:00 - IntroHealth:01:04 - How are you feeling, really?02:01 - What habits are you building / can suggest to others to live healthier lives?05:55 - What has been the biggest recurring blocker?08:32 - What do you do for leisure?09:58 - What do you think about meditation?12:04 - Is your current daily routine your ideal one? What would you change?13:47 - What processes or tools do you use to manage your mental health and avoid burnout?Wealth:15:26 - Why did you decide to write a book?17:35 - What is the single best side hustle / business to start as a teenager?18:48 - How did you decide what A-levels to take?19:43 - What is your advice for people who aren’t

Think Like An Economist

Betsey Stevenson & Justin Wolfers

Economics For All Your Decisions In Life - From Romance to Retirement

Think Like An Economist has taken you on a journey through the economic principles, showing you the tools of economics, and how they can be applied at home and at work. In this season finale, Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers reveal the big life choices they've made using those tools of economics, and how you can apply economics to help make decisions throughout your life.Co-Host: Nastaran Tavakoli-Far. Editor: Alastair Elphick. A Modulated Media Production.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Simple Sophisticate - Intelligent Living Paired with Signature Style

Shannon Ables

326: A Life of Abundant Bliss: A Natural State of True Contentment

    "To attain wealth, the lasting kind, the kind that gives your life meaning, value and sustenance, base your daily existence on the generosity of spirit. Everything else you desire will follow of its own accord." —Deepak Chopra, Abundance: The Inner Path to Wealth To experience great joy in our everydays is to experience bliss. If ever you find yourself smiling in the middle of your everydays just because, if you are me anyway, you are experiencing a bliss-filled moment. We may find it surprising or difficult at first to imagine the possibility to experience such a natural state going about a life routine that happens nearly everyday, but that is exactly the point to living consciously. This is exactly why choosing to understand what true contentment is makes all the difference. ~The Simple Sophisticate, episode #326 ~Subscribe to The Simple Sophisticate:  iTunes | Stitcher | iHe

Master Your Mind With Marisa

Marisa Peer

The Importance of Fulfillment Rather Than Success

In this episode, Marisa connects with Peter Sage to discuss the importance of internal validation rather than external validation and how feeling truly fulfilled is much better than material ‘success’. Peter is an international serial entrepreneur, subject matter expert in human behavior, and self-mastery. His unique way of looking at the world has earned him the distinguished Brand Laureate Award for extraordinary individuals alongside previous winners, including Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Christiano Ronaldo. Peter is now committed to sharing his vast knowledge and experience to allow others to lead an extraordinary life. The episode covers:The importance of fulfillment rather than successHow having more can make you feel less and the importance of ‘feeling enough’Why seeking external validation won’t make you happyPeter’s experience as a civil prisoner and how that impacted his lifeHow life is a growth-centric experien

Take Out Therapy

Rebecca Hunter, MSW

How to Disconnect

Breaking a life pattern is hard work! Whether it's leaving social media or letting go of a bad habit... the brain is not a fan of change. Listen in as Rebecca demonstrates the use of self-help techniques as she makes a big shift in her life. Watch a therapist do her work- and make a really hard choice for herself. Learn how to deal with burnout in any area of your life. 
Was this podcast helpful? Please leave a review RIGHT HERE so more people can find it! 
Rebecca Hunter ,MSW is a private practice therapist in small town Oregon with a big passion for helping you find peace in the chaos of life. Send her a note or subscribe to her list to keep in touch!
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Habits of A Goddess

Habits of A Goddess


This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Get 10% off your first month of therapy: Hello Beautiful! I hope you enjoy these Fun Affirmations. Listen 21 days in a row to see results.  Thank you for listening. Have a beautiful day! Here's how to support the podcast: 10% off your first month of Enroll in the Goddess Inner Work: The Self-Love Course Instagram: Youtube: Website:


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5 Minute Italian

Katie and Matteo

#86: PIACERE in Italian: the ultimate guide to talking about things you like

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Today's Italian words:

Mi piace = I like it (lit. to me, it pleases)
Ci piace cucinare = We like cooking. (lit. to us, it pleases)
Ci = to us
Piace = it pleases
Cucinare = cooking
Mi piace = I like it (lit. to me, it pleases)
Ci piace = we like it (lit. to us, it pleases)
Ti piace = you like it (lit. to you, it pleases)
Gli piace = He likes it, they like it (to him/them, it pleases)
Le piace = She likes it, you formal like it (to her, you formal, it pleases)
Ci piace = We like it (to us, it

TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing


Can you solve the honeybee riddle? | Dan Finkel

You're a biologist on a mission to keep the rare honeybee Apis Trifecta from going extinct. The last 60 bees of the species are in your terrarium. You've already constructed wire frames of the appropriate size and shape. Now you need to turn them into working beehives by filling every hex with wax. Can you help the bees create producing hives? Dan Finkel shows how. [Directed by Charlotte Arene, narrated by Addison Anderson, music by Stephen LaRosa].

IELTS Energy English Podcast

Lindsay McMahon and Jessica Beck

IELTS Energy 1182: Increasing the Price of Petrol- IELTS Answers

Get your estimated IELTS Band Score. Take the IELTS Quiz at   One of the toughest questions you can get for IELTS Writing Task 2 is about increasing prices of petrol in a mixed essay question- a combination of an opinion and a problem solution question. Today we'll tell you the highest-scoring way to write an essay for this question.

News in Slow French

Linguistica 360

News in Slow French #586 - French Grammar, News, and Expressions

Nous commencerons notre émission en commentant tout d’abord le lien entre l'inquiétante théorie du « grand remplacement », qui se répand dans le monde entier, et la fusillade qui a eu lieu samedi à Buffalo et qui a fait dix victimes. Nous poursuivrons en parlant du Forum économique de Bruxelles, qui appelle à une transition plus rapide vers l'énergie verte. Ensuite, dans la partie scientifique, nous examinerons une étude publiée le 11 mai dans la revue Nature qui suggère que le liquide cérébral de jeunes souris peut restaurer une partie de la mémoire de souris plus âgées. Ensuite, nous terminerons la première partie de notre programme en parlant du concours de l’Eurovision, remporté cette année par un groupe ukrainien. Continuons maintenant avec l'annonce de la deuxième partie de notre émission, «Trending in France ». Nous parlerons de la 75ème édition du festival de Cannes. Nous discuterons pour finir de la r



the one with chris klemens

body image, self esteem, and LA vs NY

4biddenknowledge Podcast

Billy Carson 4biddenknowledge

4biddenknowledge Podcast - Brad Olsen - Beyond Esoteric Escape The Prison Planet

BRAD OLSEN's passion for writing goes far beyond his publishing business or the book content he produces. His books have reached a wide audience across the country and have won numerous awards. His work has been reviewed in top publications and he continues to lecture nationwide on various subjects. He has appeared on dozens of television and nationally syndicated radio shows over the course of two decades. Yet for all the fanfare, Brad Olsen likes to spend time with his friends and family, while attempting to be outdoors as much as possible.Although the professional task of book publishing occupies most of his year, Brad Olsen is also the founder and event producer of the How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, the city where he currently resides. Between writing online and print publication articles, new book chapters, and posting on social media, he also manages various websites, does m

The Scriptures Are Real

Kerry Muhlestein

Samuel and setting our Eben-Ezer (week of June 13, second to listen to)

Kerry and Lamar explore the success Israel has under Samuel, and what it means that Samuel sets up an Eben-Ezer, and what that has to do with our life. They also explore Israel's request for a king and what that has to do with our life.Our gratitude for our sponsor, Lisa Spice, and to Ric Nicholls for composing and playing the music.

Self Care IRL

Ty Alexander

49. 8 Bedtime Rituals for your Mind & Body

In today’s episode you and Ty are going to learn how to create simple bedtime rituals that will have you waking up every morning feeling refreshed and restored.

Breathing strategies:
Story Candles And Goods:

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Learn French by Podcast

206: De retour au bureau - à temps partiel

After nearly two years, we are seeing a gradual return to the workplace. Working from home – travailler de sa maison – has presented both advantages and disadvantages.

Essential Guide to Writing a Novel

James Thayer

Hosted by James Thayer, the podcast is a practical, step-by-step manual on how to craft a novel. It presents a set of tools for large issues such as story development and scene construction (Kirkus Reviews said Thayer's novels are "superbly crafted') and it also examines techniques that will make your sentence-by-sentence writing shine. The New York Times Book Review has said Thayer's "writing is smooth and clear. it wastes no words, and it has a rhythm only confident stylists achieve.

Real Estate Training & Coaching School

Tim & Julie Harris - Real Estate Coaches

How To Have A Successful, Happy Marriage (and Partnership)

How to have a successful, happy marriage (and partnership) is the focus of this podcast mini-series. Many of our real estate training and coaching clients have asked us how to structure a business and marriage without one being at the cost of the other. Today's show is part 1 of 6. Let us know what you think about this topic and these points...we are considering writing a book about this topic. 
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.” – Henry Ford
"As iron sharpens iron one man sharpens another" 
Proverbs 27:17
1 - Choose well in the first place. This means you have to discuss and at least mostly agree on basic things in life. Here are some things to consider:
- Religion
- Finances
- Credit
- Debt
- Assets
- Politics
- How to handle each other's family
- Plans for kids or no kids
- Parenti

The James Altucher Show

James Altucher

I Was Wrong(?) - College or Not College?

There are a couple of things that I have been religiously writing about since 2005, and college is one of them!I have been getting hate and lost friends over this topic, and the articles that I wrote about college! So, In this episode of I Was Wrong, I sat down with Robyn and Jay (The Engineer) to talk about was I wrong about colleges? Has my view shifted after all these years? What are the statistics on the salary of college graduates vs non-college graduates? What is happening in the gig economy? And so on...Listen to this episode and find out more! I am planning to do more of this series to show that, sometimes my opinion changes based on timing, research, and also reason!Visit to read more idea lists, or sign up and create your own idea list!My new book Skip The Line is out! Make sure you get a copy wherever you get your new book!Join You Should Run For President 2.0 Facebook Group, and we discuss why should run for pre

Math is Figure-Out-Able with Pam Harris

Pam Harris

Math teacher educator Pam Harris and her cohost Kim Montague answer the question: If not algorithms, then what?Join them for ~15 minutes every Tuesday as they cast their vision for mathematics education and give actionable items to help teachers teach math that is Figure-Out-Able.