Jonathan Haidt On How Social Media Is Rewiring Childhood

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This week, I am joined by Jonathan Haidt, an NYU professor and best-selling author, to discuss the significant negative impact of technology and social media on young people’s mental health and well-being. This phenomenon was catalyzed between 2010 and 2015 when smartphones were introduced and platforms like Instagram and Snapchat rose in popularity. He explains the harmful effects of hyper-connectivity, including loneliness, depression, self-harm, and suicide, as well as the foundational harms of social deprivation, sleep deprivation, cognitive fragmentation, and addiction. We examine the gender differences surrounding the impact of technology on mental health. Jonathan highlights the addictive nature of social media platforms and the collective action problem that prevents individuals from disengaging. He proposes potential solutions, such as setting clear norms for smartphone and social media use, implementing phone-free school policies, and restoring childhood independence. We also discuss the need for regulation and bipartisan support to address the toxic effects of social media on children's mental health. 


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Jonathan Haidt On How Social Media Is Rewiring Childhood

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