How To Drive Your Health With Inspiring Play

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In this episode we talk about play. Non-productive activities, in essence, though what you’ll find is these activities greatly support our overall productivity. I spent a lot of years with no room for play. I saw it as unproductive. It took a while to notice the joy my friends who played had, and how it seemed to coincide with their success everywhere else. It can be a hard issue for the aspiring and success oriented individual, as the topic of play and fun can sound like a frivolity or luxury and lacks the valor of just pushing toward the big goal. And we all know some people who mainly play and don’t get much done. But you’re not at risk of this. You are likely, very productive. Maybe too productive. And you need some play to inspire and invigorate and rejuvenate you. Some people used to view sleep as a luxury too, and bra about getting 4 hours of sleep. We know better now and I’m so grateful that I find people bragging about getting a solid 8 hours or more! Among the truly successful I see a priority given to play. Budgeting time for non-productive work that gives our emotions a break and our inspiration a boost. In this episode I’m joined by my great friend Randy James, medical doctor and functional medicine expert, as we dig into the concept. 

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How To Drive Your Health With Inspiring Play

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