Rajarshi Nandy - 10 Mahavidyas & How To Worship Them | The Ranveer Show 425

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Rajarshi Nandy (Tantra Expert) - Explains Tantric S*x In Detail | The Ranveer Show 276 - https://youtu.be/faroosyWwAs

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The Ranveer Show is back with another episode with Rajarshi Nandy. In this episode, Rajarshi sir dwelled deep into the world of spirituality and explained the true form of Maa Kali. Shri Rajarshi Nandy is a Sadhaka and an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. Rajarshi sir is also a technical writer by profession, an upasaka, an author, a speaker, and a columnist with a keen interest in exploring spiritualism.

In this episode, we dives deep into the concept of the Dash Mahavidyas, exploring the tantric versions of Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Durga and their unique powers and applications. The discussion also touches on the role of yoginis, the significance of Kul Devata, and the importance of embracing the complexity of Shaktism.

Every time I have a conversation with Rajarshi Nandy, I find myself gaining so much more knowledge. I hope that after seeing this episode, you will feel the same. Enjoy this episode and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

(0:00) - Start of the podcast

(3:27) - Rajarshi Nandy x Ranveer Allahbadia begins

(4:30) - Maa Saraswati

(13:11) - Reaching high realms of Upasana

(17:13) - Maa Lakshmi

(28:30) - Tantra, mantra & vaishnavism

(32:34) - Maa Kali

(36:50) - Sages of ancient India

(39:40) - Maa Durga

(46:00) - Story of Mahishasura

(51:10) - Significance of animals

(57:00) - Kul devta and kul devi

(1:08:30) - Chausat Yogini

(1:13:30) - Maa Matangi

(1:17:30) - Temples that are destroyed

(1:19:50) - Mahavidyas

(1:26:40) - Gurus

(1:35:20) - Maa Chinnamasta

(1:42:15) - Kundalini Jagaran

(1:52:00) - Maa Bhuvaneshwari

(1:58:43) - Maa Bagalamukhi

(2:05:14) - Maa Dhumavati

(2:10:45) - Maa Tripura Bhairavi

(2:19:34) - Thank you for watching

(2:20:56) - End of the podcast

Rajarshi Nandy - 10 Mahavidyas & How To Worship Them | The Ranveer Show 425

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