Did ‘The Leftovers’ Stick the Landing?

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Andy Greenwald is joined by Mina Kimes to discuss “The Book of Nora,” the series finale of ‘The Leftovers.’ They explain what attracted them to the HBO drama in the first place and their subsequent desire to convince others to watch it (2:32). Next, they unpack the central theme of the series, how it’s deftly revealed over the course of just 28 episodes, and the show's unique ability to reinvent itself for the better season after season (23:07). Later, they talk about the final episode’s tone, which was dramatically different from the rest of the show; Justin Theroux's and Carrie Coon’s Hall of Fame performances; and why in the end ‘The Leftovers’ is a story about love (40:36). Finally, they answer the titular question: “Did it stick the landing?” (79:40).

Host: Andy Greenwald
Guest: Mina Kimes
Producers: Kaya McMullen and Kai Grady
Theme Song and Other Music Credits: Giancarlo Vulcano
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Did ‘The Leftovers’ Stick the Landing?

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