The death of cash & the company caught in the middle

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This week on The Fin podcast, senior reporter James Eyers takes us inside the high-stakes negotiations over Armaguard's financial future, talks about the big personalities involved and gives his view on whether we are witnessing the death of cash. 
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Inside the battle for Armaguard and the future of cashThe high-stakes negotiations over the financial future for the cash transit monopoly reached a crescendo over Easter.
Linfox lays out its terms for keeping Armaguard afloatPeter Fox, the company’s executive chairman, says his family are “not beggars here”. He says the cash-in-transit monopoly will keep operating if fees rise
Coles hoards cash over Easter as Armaguard teeters on the brink The Lindsay Fox-controlled monopoly has engaged former ACTU secretary Bill Kelty to lead negotiations with major banks over a rescue package
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The death of cash & the company caught in the middle

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