Breather: The Truth Behind Running Overuse Injuries

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Did you know that there is no data that has ever been presented that has shown that elevated, cushioned shoes prevent running injuries?
In this podcast, we’re getting to the truth behind the stunning and embarrassing rate of overuse injuries. A 2021 meta study from Europe revealed an annual injury rate of 37 to 56% of regular runners, Runner’s World reported 46% of runners get injured every year, a study from Yale reports 50%, while Wake Forest Biomechanics Laboratory says 79% of runners get an overuse injury every year. Interestingly, The American College of Sports Medicine states that 25% of all runners are sidelined at a given time—a stat worse than the injury rates for NFL players (31 percent injured annually with four percent at a given time)!
In this episode, we get to the bottom of this issue, since there have been many misconceptions and misunderstandings about what is causing these running inquiries, and the nuances are quite interesting. As you will learn, one of the great lies of the fitness industry that has ever been propagated is that elevated, cushioned shoes prevent injuries—a lie that has been going on for 50 years! This is the perfect show to listen to if you want to learn the truth about cushioned shoes and the science that explains why they do not support foot health and athletic performance and actually generate 7 times more impact trauma than landing in bare feet. As you will hear, the entire premise of elevated, cushioned running shoes is deeply flawed—what they really do is enable people to run long distances and get injured. 

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Breather: The Truth Behind Running Overuse Injuries

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