96: In Defense of Video Games (for partners of gamers) with Derrick Hoard, LMFT

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Welcome to Struggle Care, where we talk about all things individual and systemic that affect your life, wellness, and mental health. Joining me is Derrick Hoard, a licensed marriage and family therapist, TikTokker, and video game aficionado. I’ve followed him since 2020, and I love his thoughts and perspectives. Today’s topic, video games and relationships, stirs up some strong reactions and opinions, but you will walk away from this episode with a fresh and thoughtful view of the hobbies we all enjoy in our lives. Let’s get into it!

Show Highlights:

Video games are misunderstood and not recognized for what they are—the most beautiful, immersive forms of storytelling that exist.

Men can get in touch with emotions through playing video games.

Video games get unjustly blamed for communication problems in relationships.

Video games comprise a safe space of non-judgment where one can feel confident and competent. 

Thoughts about men in therapy, gender dynamics, and emotional labor

Consideration and honesty in relationships about our hobbies

Society’s expectation of productivity leads us to feel shame and guilt about our hobbies. This is so wrong!

Understanding how to have honest and authenticity in our relationships—from the start

Red flags to look for when video games (or other obsessive hobbies) become our ONLY coping skills in life3

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96: In Defense of Video Games (for partners of gamers) with Derrick Hoard, LMFT

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