66: The Dark Underside of Family Vlogging, Part 2 with Catie Reay

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We continue our family vlogging conversation today, discussing how often our kids get put out and displayed on the internet and how that affects them. I have Catie Reay joining me to talk about how children get exploited in family vlogging. Catie was raised in a religious cult and had to overcome childhood sexual abuse. Now, she advocates for children online, dedicating her time to helping parents navigate conversations with their children about online safety. Her viewpoint will provide everyone with food for thought. Let’s dive in! 
Show Highlights:

How putting children online can still have negative consequences, even if there is no abuse 

Catie reveals how family vlogging channels fail to protect children from abuse, sexualization, and stalking

The controversy surrounding family vloggers who monetize their children's content

Why it's exploitative to use children for creating online content as they cannot consent to being broadcast to millions of people

How child actors face exploitation in the entertainment industry

The importance of considering children's privacy and emotional well-being when creating and consuming parenting content

How creating digital scrapbooks for children without proper consent can potentially result in long-term emotional distress  

How children get forced to sign NDAs by their parents to prevent them from speaking publicly about their experiences

The challenges of balancing the demands of social media and parenthood

The importance of parents being proactive in adjusting their children’s digital habits to prevent them from being sexualized online

Why parents must protect their children’s digital footprints

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66: The Dark Underside of Family Vlogging, Part 2 with Catie Reay

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