Tesla Teases Affordable Car in '25 & Why Meta AI is Everywhere

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Episode 308: Neal and Toby dive into Tesla’s Q1 earnings report which certainly had its ups and downs with the announcement of a new affordable model despite having an abysmal sales performance. Then, the FTC just banned noncompete agreements because it believes it could raise the earnings of Americans. Next, Meta just released its chat bot and wants to make sure everyone knows about it. Meanwhile, there could be a new miracle drug that is a fraction of the cost of Ozempic. Also, a Finnish company wants to solve the world’s coffee supply problem with AI. Lastly, Armand Duplantis breaks his own pole vaulting record and there’s a cash incentive why. 

00:00 - Intro
2:45 - Tesla’s optimistic future
7:00 - FTC bans noncompete agreements
10:30 - Meta AI is here
13:45 - Newest miracle drug for cheap?
18:00 - Cup of AI joe
21:00 - Pole vault your incentives

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Tesla Teases Affordable Car in '25 & Why Meta AI is Everywhere

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