Michael Winterbottom, Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son, Bob Marley: One Love & The Taste of Things

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Happy Valentine’s! Sit back and enjoy our latest episode – a gift to all film lovers. This week, director Michael Winterbottom talks to Simon about his new biographical thriller ‘Shoshana’, which follows the tragic real life love story between Shoshana Borochov and Tom Wilkin, set against the British Mandate in Palestine.

Mark will be reviewing ‘Shoshana’ next week, but, in the meantime, gives his take on various other new releases, including ‘Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son’, a documentary in which filmmaker Lorna Tucker returns to her former haunts and speaks to current and former homeless people about why, 25 years on, record numbers of people are still reduced to living on Britain’s streets; ‘Bob Marley: One Love’, a biopic exploring the life and struggles of the legendary reggae musician and activist; and ‘The Taste of Things’, a romantic drama which follows the relationship between a cook, played by Juliette Binoche, and the gourmet she works for - an apt cinematic treat for this Valentine’s week.

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08:05 Somone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son review

19:59 Box Office Top 10

37:26 Michael Winterbottom interview

52:42 Bob Marley: One Love review

01:00:11 Laughter Lift

01:04:48 The Taste of Things review

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Michael Winterbottom, Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son, Bob Marley: One Love & The Taste of Things

Release Date