What Humans Must Do To Adapt & Avoid the Collapse of Civilization | Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying (Replay)

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Some people are more motivated by bad news while others are paralyzed in fear. Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying are two Evolutionary Biologists that give you the facts, discoveries and observations as they see it.
Tom reads a direct quote from their latest book that says, “We are headed for collapse. Civilization is becoming incoherent around us.” Bret and Heather break down fundamental ideas behind what humans have learned from evolution for thousands of years, how corrupt the science community has become, and how to parent your children with the goal of mitigating risks while they are younger. These biologists are incredibly fascinating with novel ideas of what adaptation would look like for humans if we are careful and intentional. 

0:00 | Introduction to Bret & Heather
0:30 | Headed for a Collapse
3:02 | Learning From Evolution
6:43 | How Are Humans Fish?
13:18 | Solving Novel Problems
18:37 | Redefining Language & Jargon
27:03 | Defining What Science Is
34:14 | Corrupted Science Incentives
39:50 | Break Down Of Society
44:04 | Evolutionary Toolkit
48:27 | Recover from Helicopter Parents
55:34 | Prepare Children for Risks
1:04:41 | Rite of Passage
1:07:05 | The Fourth Frontier
1:15:22 | Steady State Craftsmanship
1:20:59 | Value of Liberty 

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What Humans Must Do To Adapt & Avoid the Collapse of Civilization | Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying (Replay)

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