"Men Today Are Weak"- Turn On Your Inner Beast & Accomplish Anything In 2024 | Patrick Bet David

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We're diving into a riveting conversation with Patrick Bet-David about the crisis of masculinity and the pursuit of true power. Are you feeling lost, unqualified, or weak? We're here to change that and challenge your thoughts on masculinity.
Patrick unravels the misconceptions around power and strength, revealing how they are stepping stones to freedom and control in your life. We dissect the multi-dimensional problem facing men today, from the rise of single mother households to the lack of male role models.
We unpack three powerful traits of leadership and a man’s role in his son’s life: love, fear, and respect. Patrick also sheds light on how to cultivate, capture, and use aggression effectively. Life is a game, and we're here to help you play to win.
Power isn't about greed or selfishness; it's about the level of life you want to live, and we’re discussing how to balance selfishness, aggression, and power to become a net positive to society.
This episode is for the audacious few who are ready to reinvent themselves and master their inner strength. We address the moral obligation of men to be strong, and how to tap into the fire within you, choose your enemies wisely, and let them fuel your focus and commitment. 
Books mentioned in this episode:
Power versus force by David Schwartz
Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy
Don’t forget to check out Patrick Bet-David’s book, Choose Your Enemies Wisely: https://www.amazon.com/Choose-Your-Enemies-Wisely-Audacious/dp/0593712846 

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"Men Today Are Weak"- Turn On Your Inner Beast & Accomplish Anything In 2024 | Patrick Bet David

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