210. Food for thoughts and global femtech trends

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Step into another enlightening episode of the Feminvest Podcast!

Join us as Theresa explores global femtech trends and shares her thoughts on the intersection of AI and digital companies. Discover the transformative potential of investing in women and gain a deeper understanding of the future landscape of femtech.

In today's episode, immerse yourself in a conversation with Theresa Neil, Founder of Guidea. Delve into Theresa's expertise in UX design consultancy for Digital Health and Cognitive Sciences, where she collaborates with renowned organizations such as Cigna, Humana, and Johnson & Johnson. Discover the groundbreaking Femovate UX sponsorship program she launched in 2022, investing over $1 million in femtech innovation.

Malin Bruset, founder of GroGro, also joins the podcast to discuss how GroGro is revolutionizing a conservative industry by introducing tasty and fresher food for kids. By using only high-quality organic ingredients, GroGro promises delicious food with natural sweetness and nutrients. Listen to how GroGro expanded from 80 retail locations to over 1500 in just one year. In their third year of business, they have sold over 1 million fresh meals, smoothies, and porridges. Stay tuned for insights into their newest product, the "Råwbars", set to make waves in 2023.

Get ready for an enlightening conversation that sheds light on the future of femtech and digital innovation!

210. Food for thoughts and global femtech trends

Release Date