Fostering Leadership - Giving your team what they need to grow

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This week on the podcast is a Rerun from 2021 where Chris Jared and Charles Talk about ways to grow leaders in your company, how hands off or hands on to be, and what they had been discovering as owners of a small business.

If you have heard this before or if you are listening for the first time it is a great conversation with a lot of insight. Enjoy!

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We are Cat & Cloud Coffee. Started by three friends trying to pursue their passions with integrity and intentionality. It’s our mission to inspire connection by creating memorable experiences, and we created this podcast to continue forming those connections inside and out of our cafes.

The Cat & Cloud podcast was created as a space for two of our founders, Chris Baca and Jared Truby, to share their experiences in the coffee industry and starting a business. Each week the guys sit down to talk about their new challenges as business owners, how they’ve utilize our mission and values to make decisions, and answer questions from our listening community. If you’re looking to expand your coffee knowledge, get some advice for your own small business, or just like the vibes, give us a listen!


Fostering Leadership - Giving your team what they need to grow

Release Date