Found Sound for February

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In a Found Sound for February, Alice Boyd visits Norfolk to record the songs of late winter birds, travelling from woodland to wetland to ocean. Settle in for a relaxing ten minutes that will help you feel part of nature, wherever you are.

This episode was produced by musician and sound artist Alice Boyd, featuring music by herself and The Breath. Thanks go to RSPB Warden Ben Lewis.

'As the Season Turns' is a podcast created by Ffern in collaboration with Lia Leendertz. Each episode, released on the first of the month, is a guide to what to look out for in the month ahead - from the sky above to the land below. Found Sounds are released on the middle Friday of the month, a little addition for listeners who want to feel that bit more immersed in nature. Ffern is an organic fragrance maker based in Somerset. You can learn more about Ffern's seasonal eau de parfum at

Found Sound for February

As the Season Turns
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