AP 610: Self-Care for When You DON’T Feel Like Yourself || with Mia Hemstad

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Have you ever found yourself in the position of feeling complete overwhelm, maybe even anxiety or depression, knowing you desperately need to take care of yourself but are simultaneously unable to? Whether it’s the small things like eating, or showering, to the big things like enjoying a creative hobby, we sometimes forget to support ourselves in those ways when we need it the most.
Mia Hemstad is a mother of two and a self-care coach, who has dealt personally and professionally with severe depression and PTSD. She shares one of the scariest moments she realized how lacking her self-care had become, and it may be all too relatable to some listeners. Tune in for a very real examination of why you’re prone to neglecting yourself and how to change that in ways that actually matter.
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AP 610: Self-Care for When You DON’T Feel Like Yourself || with Mia Hemstad

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