第92回 18歳から大人になるよ。成人年齢引き下げについて

皆様、お疲れサマー! 既にニュース等で把握されている方も多いかと思いますが、本年2022年4月より、成人年齢が20歳から18歳に引き下げられました。 これは、約140年ぶりに民法の条項が改正されたことによるものです。 た […]
投稿 第92回 18歳から大人になるよ。成人年齢引き下げについて は 弁護士放送Podcast に最初に表示されました。

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review

A Debate Champion on How to Have More Productive Disagreements at Work

In an ideal world, professional conflicts are settled with thoughtful discussion and collaborative decision-making. But that’s not usually how it works. More typically, you see leaders - or the loudest voices - win out, leaving others resentful. And sometimes people don’t even try to hash out differences of opinion; they’d prefer to avoid a fight. Bo Seo, two-time world champion debater, says we can learn to disagree in healthier, more effective ways that ultimately generate better outcomes for teams, customers, and shareholders. Seo is also the author of the book “Good Arguments: How Debate Teaches us to Listen and Be Heard.”






白川正芳の『10分 de M&A戦略』


企業経営者と士業の皆様に役立つM&A番組です。白川正芳が、経営のリアルな現場で実践する為の知恵と知識をお届けいたします。 番組への質問はこちら↓↓ https://ck-production.com/shirakawa_q/ ●白川正芳:株式会社楠本浩総合会計事務所代表取締役。日本的M&A推進財団理事。 社外役員として多くの顧客の支持を集める中、顧客の後継者問題を目の当たりにし、中小企業のためのM&Aを支援するため、2014年に日本的M&A推進財団を設立、同理事に就任。経営改善のため事業承継・組織再編・M&A・公益法人を活用した複雑な支援を手掛けている。 日本的M&A推進財団は、大切な国家的資源の中小企業=(技術・伝統・文化)を守ることを目的とし設立。その中で起こる様々な問題解決のために士業同士のネットワーク化とチーム化の実現を行い、新たなM&Aの創造と推進を図っている。現在、会員数700名のM&A支援ネットワークに拡大発展中。 ●プロデュース:CKプロダクション株式会社 https://ck-production.com ●ナビゲーター:円道一樹 ●アートワークデザイン:湊慎太朗

NRI Voice


日本におけるアニメビジネス 第3回 アニメコンテンツ流通の変化 | 滑 健作


WorkLife with Adam Grant


It’s Time To Stop Ignoring Disability

Disability is far more common and far more diverse than we might realize. But often, people are reluctant to reveal their disabilities, and managers don’t know how to address them. In this episode, Adam investigates some extraordinary steps workplaces are taking to support people with disabilities– and those without. For the full text transcript, visit go.ted.com/WL47

After Hours

TED Audio Collective / Youngme Moon, Mihir Desai, & Felix Oberholzer-Gee

Are we witnessing a sharp decrease in income inequality? And: Why is Mihir watching inventory levels?

In this episode, Felix and Mihir discuss stories they will follow this summer. These include the fate of neobanks, credit conditions in the United States, a major advance in AI, as well as changes in income inequality. Plus, Mihir makes a major prediction how founders will spend their time now that the stock market has imploded.

Our predictions: https://www.lapecorabianca.com/ and https://www.airalo.com/

The McKinsey Podcast

McKinsey & Company

How to manage the coming wave of investment in capital projects

Capital projects could receive around $130 trillion dollars over the next five years. Most of the investment will go to renew and decarbonize critical infrastructure. In this episode of The McKinsey Podcast, hear McKinsey senior partners Steffen Fuchs and Christoph Schmitz speak with executive editor, Roberta Fusaro about how executives and organizations will need to adapt their current spending strategies to take advantage of this unique funding moment.
After, hear senior partner Dymfke Kuijper’s rookie moment when she shares how *seeking perfection prevented her from finding it.
Theme song is composed and performed by Joy Ngiaw.
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Listen to the podcast (duration: 24:39) >




【使える経営学 #18】顧客を見よ




佐藤大輔(北海学園大学 経営学部・教授)



中小企業診断士 六角明雄






Coaching Real Leaders

HBR Presents / Muriel Wilkins

How Do I Move from a Specialist to a General Leadership Role?

He’s developed a stellar reputation at his organization as the go-to person to solve some very specific, complicated problems. But he worries that the organization has pigeon-holed him as a subject matter expert, limiting his ability to lead more broadly. He speaks with host Muriel Wilkins about how he can break out of the specialist role to reach his goal of becoming a more general business leader.

Masters of Scale


Above all else, invest in friendship: Reid Hoffman’s 2022 commencement speech

For Reid Hoffman, the way to live a meaningful and productive life is to focus on one key area: friendships. Speaking at Vanderbilt University’s 2022 commencement, he shares four lessons on why friendships are crucial for helping us achieve our potential and enact meaningful change. Read a transcript of this episode: www.mastersofscale.comSubscribe to the Masters of Scale weekly newsletter: mastersofscale.com/newsletterSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Business Wars


Häagen-Dazs vs Ben & Jerry's | Breaking the Ice | 6

It's the year 2000 and Ben & Jerry's is under new ownership. But as promises that were made before the sale get broken, employees wonder if the brand's values can survive the new regime. Meanwhile, Häagen-Dazs finds itself wrestling with how to move with the times while staying true to the brand's values. But while the super-premium brands are soul searching, a plucky Los Angeles start-up is about to churn up the ice cream market.This series was originally released as a Wondery+ Exclusive in 2021.Listen to new episodes 1 week early and to all episodes ad free with Wondery+. Join Wondery+ for exclusives, binges, early access, and ad free listening. Available in the Wondery App https://wondery.app.link/businesswars.Support us by supporting our sponsor!OurCrowd - Diversify your portfolio at ourcrowd.com/bwSee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.c

Cold Call

HBR Presents / Brian Kenny

What Does It Take to Close the Opportunity Gap in America’s Labor Market?

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing and widespread protests for social justice in the United States, OneTen was formed by a coalition of 40 large companies to address the disparity in job opportunities for African-Americans without four-year college degrees. Their goal was to provide one million jobs in 10 years. But in order to do that, OneTen had to analyze the underlying problems and formulate recommendations for both system-level problems and those that manifest themselves at an organizational level.

Women at Work

Harvard Business Review

The Essentials: Managing Up

Having a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with your boss doesn’t require accommodating their every quirk, demand, and weakness. We discuss respectful, constructive ways to meet in the middle, set boundaries, and help them achieve their goals while making your competence known.



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Inside the Strategy Room

McKinsey Strategy & Corporate Finance

123. How companies can turn the ‘Great Resignation’ into the ‘Great Attraction’

We discuss what’s commonly referred to as The Great Resignation–a phenomenon sweeping through many industries and countries. As the pandemic has made many of us rethink what matters most in our lives and careers, workers have been leaving their roles in record numbers. What strategies can employers implement to retain their talent? Can they actually turn this challenge into a talent recruitment opportunity? To answer these questions, we’re joined by Bonnie Dowling and Bryan Hancock. Bonnie is an associate partner in our Denver office. Her client work focuses on organizational transformations, and she has deep expertise in end-to-end talent management. Bryan is a partner in our Washington, D.C. office and the global co-leader of our work on talent.

You can read Bonnie and Bryan’s article here: https://www.mckinsey.com/bu

The So What from BCG

Boston Consulting Group

We Need More Tim Cooks in the C-Suite

Over the past two years, the world has seen what happens when supply and procurement chains seize up and shortages in such staples as infant formula and sunflower oil become commonplace. Daniel Weise, leader of BCG’s global procurement business, explains how companies can move beyond a cost-cutting mentality to treat their supply chain as a strategic imperative—the way that Apple did when it promoted Tim Cook, an operations and supply chain executive, to CEO. Unfortunately, most CEOs spend only minutes a day on their supply chain and procurement issues, and these topics are far too important to be relegated to corporate Siberia, Weise is a coauthor of Profit from the Source, published by Harvard Business Review Press.

This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis:

Chartable - https://chartable.com/privacy


Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

41: 感情的になっているお客様との効果的なコミュニケーション

セールスやカスターマーサポートの皆様、クレーム処理などで、感情的になっているお客様に対応する場面は最も気を遣うお仕事の一つではないでしょうか。お客様の立場になってみると、お客様にとっても大切な時間を割いて、電話をしたり、メールをしたりしてご連絡をくださっているのです。もし、お客様の立場だったらどう感じているでしょうか。その方は、サービスや製品に不満があり、期待外れだったことにがっかりしている状況なのです。     私たちは、常にお客様の立場に立っているでしょうか?自分自身を客観視して、自分はお客様から見て、この方にだったら相談できる。と思ってもらえるような態度で接しているでしょうか。     クレームやイライラしているお客様と話すと、落ち込みます。こちらまで心拍数が上がってきます。ぜひ、皆様に安心していただきたいのですが、お客様は解決しなければならない事、事態に対して苛立っているのです。私たちに対してではないのです。とにかく、私たちは、お客様の問題の根本解決が出来る、出来ないにかかわらず、お客様が私たちにコンタクトしてきた時よりもハッピーにして差し上げたいと思うと思います。そして、誠意をもって対応した結果ハッピーになったお客様が、後にリピート顧客となり、長くサービスや製品を愛用してくださるようになる。というお話しも良くお聴きすると思います。     それでは、感情的になっているお客様に効果的に対処するための5つの秘訣をみてみましょう。       1.平静を保ちましょう。 大前提ですが、まず、こちらがおちついて丁寧な対応を心掛けましょう。落ち着いていると相手の話を冷静に聞くことができ、共感をし、良い聴き手となることができます。感情的になっていても、自分の意見を言ったら、それですっきりするという方も多いです。何か解決策を提示してほしいわけでもなく、お話しを聴いてもらっただけで解決された気になる方も大勢いらっしゃるのです。もちろん、お客様が勘違いをしていらっしゃったり、おっしゃっている事が必ず正しいとは限りませんが、お客様の持つお気持ちには共感するという事は大切です。特にお客様が感情的になっていると、私たちが否定されたような気持ちになってしまいます。そのような時は個人的には


net会計士 (ネット会計士)




弁護士 中野秀俊(グローウィル国際法律事務所)


【次回より配信がAnchorからの配信に変わります】ITに強い弁護士・中野秀俊がビジネスシーンにおける法律面の「あるある」コントとともにお届けする番組『弁護士中野秀俊の社長の人生を変える法律相談所』。今回のテーマは「Omiai年齢確認データ漏えいに学ぶ・個人情報の保存期間の定め方」について弁護士・中野秀俊が斬り込みます!マッチングアプリ「Omiai」にて個人情報漏洩事件が発生しました。個人情報漏洩自体はもとより、個人情報の保存期間が尋常でないことからSNSを中心に批判が殺到しました。個人情報の保存期間はどのように設定したほうがよろしいでしょうか。この件について弁護士・中野秀俊が詳しく解説します。キャスター:弁護士 中野秀俊(グローウィル国際法律事務所)アシスタント:堀内崇◆弁護士 中野秀俊の所属先▼IT企業専門・グローウィル国際法律事務所https://it-bengosi.com/▼KOMON5000【弁護士が月額5,000円で顧問契約】https://komon5000.com/#法律 #弁護士 #グローウィル国際法律事務所使用効果音・BGM©Audiostock©DOVA-SYNDROME©OTOLOGIC©魔王魂©コドモサイズクリエイション©効果音ラボ©小森平【★お知らせ】2021.10.1よりAnchorに...




本集由《經理人月刊》編輯團隊精選國際財經及管理雜誌,採訪編輯簡鈺璇、實習編輯劉沛淇提供導讀和解析,幫助讀者快速掌握最新的管理趨勢。 重點搶先看: 1️⃣ 後疫情時代,周休三日是下個趨勢? 2️⃣ 想減少溝通困擾?別再用「濾鏡」期待對方。 3️⃣ 新創只能燒錢換成長?如何判別商業模式潛力? ? 希望我們解決你的職場難題嗎?這邊聽你說?? https://forms.gle/z99QXMaA6aGEd4pB7  ? 還想了解更多?雜誌購買點這裡?? https://pse.is/48ks44  ? 看更多第一手商管知識?? https://www.managertoday.com.tw/ ? 更多職場進修課程【新商業學校】??https://bit.ly/3txT9SX Powered by Firstory Hosting

McKinsey on Consumer and Retail

McKinsey Retail & Consumer Goods

Forecasting the future of stores

Shoppers’ behaviors and expectations have changed dramatically—and continue to evolve. If retailers want to keep their physical stores relevant, here are five things they’ll need to get right.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 26:10) >



Hiroki Hayashi

第361回 『自分事で仕事をしろ』





Accounting Best Practices with Steve Bragg

Steve Bragg

ABP #325 - Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

How a SPAC operates





Business Breakdowns


Diploma: Specialized Distribution - [Business Breakdowns, EP. 61]

This is Matt Reustle and today we’re breaking down Diploma. Diploma is a specialist distributor of medical equipment and industrial components listed in the UK. It’s a business you’re unlikely to be familiar with and, at first glance, may appear mundane. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find a high-quality operator generating significant free cash flow through a mix of organic and inorganic growth channels.  To break down Diploma, I’m joined by Charlie Huggins, an investor in the business and Head of Equities at WealthClub.   For the full show notes, transcript, and links to the best content to learn more, check out the episode page here.   -----   This episode is presented by Visible Alpha. The team at Visible Alpha built a platform to analyze consensus data and financial metrics on over 6,000 publicly traded companies. Rather than having to dig through models one by one, Visible Alpha extracts data from

The Working Genius Podcast with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni

28. Person on the Street: Chris Stefanick

This week, the team sits down with a good friend who happens to be one of Pat's favorite 'creative dreamers'.  Tune in to hear how Chris' Wonder and Invention impact his role as a leader.  

Business Wars | حروب الأعمال

Al Jazeera Podcasts الجزيرة بودكاست

هارلي وحروب الدراجات - الدراجات هي شريان الحياة | 6

بحلول أوائل الثمانينيات، تتصارع هارلي ديفيدسون من أجل البقاء. فقد اكتسحت اليابان السوق الأمريكية بدراجاتها، وخلقت حربا كبيرة لم تتمكن هارلي من خوضها وحدها. لذا تلجأ الشركة إلى الحكومة الأمريكية. وهو ما حاولوا فعله من قبل في الخمسينيات دون نجاح، لكن الآن هناك رجل في البيت الأبيض يحب علامة ميلووكي الأمريكية المتكاملة.

وفي السنوات المقبلة، تقف هارلي شامخة، وتتغلب على كل أنواع المعارك التي تقف في طريقها. ولكن هناك عدو واحد لا يتوقف أبداً: الزمن. تحتاج الشركة إلى الحصول على قبول الجيل الجديد من راكبي الدراجات من الشباب الذين قد لا تجذبهم دراجات هارلي الثقيلة  أو الدراجات النارية على الإطلاق. إنه فصل آخر تواجهه الشركة التي بات عمرها 116 عاماً ولكنها ترفض الاستسلام.

بودكاست حروب الأعمال، برنامج نروي لكم فيه قصص الصراعات التي تجري بين الشركات الأكثر شهرة في عالم المال والأعمال للفوز بالصدارة وكسب ولاء الجمهور.

ابق على تواصل مستمرّ مع الجزيرة بودكاست ولا تنس تفعيل زرّ الاشتراك الموجود في تطبيقك لتصلك

Shipping Podcast - this is where we talk about the coolest industry on the planet and help raise the maritime industry's prof

Lena Göthberg

182 Jan Dieleman, President Cargill Ocean Transportation

Visionary leaders to raise the profile of the maritime industry that is what we need! Jan Dieleman, President of Cargill Ocean Transportation, is an excellent example of the leaders we need. Listen to our conversation about sustainability, diversity and inclusion, recruitment, the next generation and where we can see progress in these areas.  What do you think? Please give us a shoutout on social media or drop me a line at hello@shippingpodcast.com  Thank you for listening.  

The Maritime Podcast

Informa Markets

In Conversation - Dorothea Ioannou, American P&I Club

On 1 August, Dorothea Ioannou will be stepping up to the role of CEO of the Shipowners Claim Bureau, managers of the American P&I Club and in this In Conversation episode of the Maritime Podcast she talks about taking up the helm and the state of P&I market.
Dorothea, current Deputy COO of the American P&I Club, talks to Emma Howell, Director of Media for Seatrade Maritime, about becoming the first woman to head a P&I club and diversity in the sector.
She discusses her plans for when she steps into the new role and how the club handled business during the pandemic.
Dorothea also gives her views on consolidation in the P&I sector and the growth in large and more frequent claims.

Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World

BCG Henderson Institute

Lessons from Schneider Electric (Part II)

In the newest episode of our Building Competitive Advantage in a Sustainable World podcast, David Young—a BCG Henderson Institute Fellow researching Sustainable Business Model Innovation—continues his interview with Schneider Electric’s Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer, Olivier Blum.
Together, they discuss the importance of innovation to reframe and unlock sustainability as a source of advantage.  In these efforts, it is critical to engage customers and empower employees to drive sustainable innovations. Olivier explains how Schneider created a culture around sustainability that belongs to all their associates, allowing them to deliver on their bold ambitions across both environmental and social objectives.
Looking to the future of sustainability, Olivier discusses the limitations of seeing sustainability as only an issue of compliance.  For him and for Schneider, there is no finish line for i

The Look & Sound of Leadership

Essential Communications - Tom Henschel

Holding Boundaries

A leader, often reticent to speak up on her own behalf, learns tools to help her ask for what she wants without worrying she’ll incite a battle.This month we’ve created another free PDF for you in our Tools bin. This one is to help you use video playback to achieve The Look & Sound of Leadership.This month’s episode is tagged in the Podcast Library in these three categories:AssertivenessCommunication SkillsManaging YourselfRelated episodes you might listen to are: 188 Boundaries164 Conflict165 The Conflict Conversation86 Intimacy in Business: Setting Boundaries88 Resolving ConflictWe send gratitude to the people posting reviews. Thank you for your support and kind words.If you have a question about your career and how coaching might help, be in touch with us here. Until next month, stay healthy and be well.Tom and The Look & Sound of Leadership team. 



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Yoshida Yuichi

社会保険労務士の吉田優一が、経営者の目線に立って『給与設計の基礎から実例まで解説』するラジオです。なかなか人に相談しづらい給与に関する悩みにお答えしていきます。 ■社会保険労務士法人ONE HEART https://sr-oneheart.com/ ■Twitterで質問募集中です!#給与設計 吉田優一@スタートアップ専門社労士 https://twitter.com/yoshidaoneheart

Dear HBR:

Harvard Business Review

HBR Presents: Coaching Real Leaders

This new podcast features real-life coaching sessions with leaders working to overcome professional challenges. In this episode, host Muriel Wilkins speaks with a woman who’s been walking a tightrope between addressing a superior’s microaggressions and making her team feel safe. Wilkins coaches this manager toward the actions she can take to improve the situation and build a healthier culture at her organization. "Coaching Real leaders" is part of HBR Presents, a network of business podcasts curated by HBR editors.


いしはら きむら

【121】①不動産業界用語を使いこなして業界人になる ②教師のやりがいポエムを募集したらなぜか炎上した

00’45″ 本編:不動産業界用語 03’30″ AIWA CREATIVE 不動産を取得するとき、賃貸契約を結ぶときなど、不動産会社の人間とやり取りをするときに聞きなれな […]
The post 【121】①不動産業界用語を使いこなして業界人になる ②教師のやりがいポエムを募集したらなぜか炎上した first appeared on たくだん【公式HP】.

Coaching for Leaders

Dave Stachowiak

584: The Starting Point for Inclusive Leadership, with Susan MacKenty Brady

Susan MacKenty Brady: Arrive and Thrive
Susan MacKenty Brady is the Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Chair for Women and Leadership at Simmons University and the first Chief Executive Officer of The Simmons University Institute for Inclusive Leadership. As a relationship expert, leadership wellbeing coach, author, and speaker, Susan educates leaders and executives globally on fostering self-awareness for optimal leadership.

Susan advises executive teams on how to work together effectively and create inclusion and gender parity in organizations. She is the coauthor, along with Janet Foutty and Lynn Perry Wooten, of The Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Arrive and Thrive: 7 Impactful Practices for Women Navigating Leadership*.

In this conversation, Susan and I discuss the reality that while we may intend well on inclusion, real change starts with us first. We explore how implicit b



勝つためには相手を調べ、相手を上回る工夫をします。 つまり、敵を想定して上回ることが目的になります。 しかし、負けないチームは、チーム内の熟成に重点を置きます。 そのため、自分たちらしく、支え会えるチームになり、結果として強いチームが出来上がると考えています。 社会人にとっても学びのあるチーム作りを伝えていきます!

内田正剛 会計をわかりやすく簡単に

内田正剛 会計をわかりやすく簡単に



HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review

The Pros and Cons of Our “Middleman Economy”

Kathryn Judge, a finance professor at Columbia Law School, is troubled by the rise of intermediary platforms between products and services and the customers who eventually purchase them. Thanks to technology and globalization, she shows how the importance of “middlemen” in the value chain has increased, along with the length of global supply chains. Judge details the downsides and risks of this trend. And she explains how customers and workers alike can lead to intermediaries offering more transparency and social value. Judge wrote the book "Direct: The Rise of the Middleman Economy and the Power of Going to the Source.”

Built for Change


The Path to Cyber Resilience

Cyber attacks are on the rise – and companies face a constant battle to stay ahead. In 2021, breaches of data, networks, services and other assets climbed by 31%. In this episode, we’ll talk to a former hacker who, years ago, was responsible for one of the fastest-spreading computer viruses in history. We’ll also discuss the risks facing organizations that don’t prioritize the alignment of cybersecurity best practices with their overall business strategy. Our guests this week are Samy Kamkar, C.S.O. at Openpath, and Jacky Fox, the European Lead for Security at Accenture.

TalentCulture #WorkTrends


How to Overcome the Urgency Epidemic at Work

Creating a sense of urgency at work isn't always a bad thing. However, it becomes a bad thing when people in leadership roles wield it like a sword and use it to the point that it now becomes counter-productive. When applied in strong collaboration to speed up a project (think Covid-19 vaccine), it can have a beneficial outcome. However, when everything is served up as a priority with merits as urgent as the tasks before it, people will become confused about prioritizing and completing a task successfully. This scenario will bring about lower production and double the mistakes.    When looking at this from a mental well-being perspective, it can cause burnout, disengagement, lower production output, and ultimately a total disconnect between people and production. 

看板のない居酒屋 ~繁盛店作りは人作り~


35歳まで遊び回っていた岡村佳明ですが、一念発起して「宣伝しない、看板を出さない、入口がわからない」という独自のコンセプトで、口コミだけの繁盛店を作り上げてきました。 岡村流の「商売繁盛・人育ての極意」について語ります! 岡むら浪漫 http://www.okamura-wa.com/ お問い合わせはこちら info@okamura-wa.com

HR on the ball 社労士が労務ニュースを10分で解説するpodcast


#36 男性の育児休業が取得しやすくなる? 育児・介護休業法の改正内容まとめ





#育休 #男性育休


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Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast


Do More, Invest Less—Learning to Bend the Curve

Two things are true of every leader: you want to get better, and you want your organization to get better. So often, we think "better" requires more money, time, or effort. In this episode, we'll learn that isn't always the case when you "bend the curve." Watch video and download the leader guide: https://www.life.church/leadershippodcast/do-more-invest-less-learning-to-bend-the-curve/ 

聴くInside BuildIt


□ 番組説明文 ビルディットは「学び」と「成長」の課題に取り組んでいるお客様にむけて、高品質なデザインとエンジニアリングのサービスを提供し、良質な学びが増える仕組みづくりに取り組んでいきます。 会社での取り組みなどについて、代表の富田陽介がスタッフと一緒にお届けする音声番組です。 https://bldt.jp/

McKinsey on Finance

McKinsey Strategy & Corporate Finance

Starting from zero

Zero-based budgeting is an old financial management approach that is experiencing a resurgence. But why this -- and why now? McKinsey’s Wigbert Bohm, an expert in the field, helps us understand how digitization has given new life to ZBB, the benefits it offers, and how to implement it in both large and small organizations.
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Podcast Empresa Autogerenciável | Marcelo Germano

Marcelo Germano

#143 - Todo empreendedor precisa ir ao psicólogo para ter sucesso nos negócios → Com Luiz Fernando Garcia

Será que você tem a genética empreendedora? Descubra com a ajuda do escritor  best-seller, Luiz Fernando Garcia, como ir ao psicólogo ajuda o empreendedor a ter sucesso nos negócios! Neste episódio do Podcast Empresa Autogerenciável você vai entender como a sua infância, seus pais e a sua mentalidade influenciam no sucesso da sua empresa.
Preparado para essa viagem sem volta?
Luiz Fernando Garcia é psicólogo e psicoterapeuta com mais de 50 mil horas de treinamento, escritor best selle com 7 livros publicados. Entre eles: Empresários no Divã; Cérebro de Alta Performance; Pessoas e Resultado; Inconsciente na sua vida profissional.
Ao longo de sua carreira já teve muitos momentos de destaque, desde treinar desembargadores, ajudar na venda e fusão de grandes empresas e até estruturar a Lava-Jato. Aqui, este convidado te

Be More, a Workday podcast


The Best Of Be More Podcast [Part 2]

In today’s episode, you’ll listen to the best bits from some of our favourite guests from the first five seasons of Be More. Featuring: Torin Ellis, Steve Cadigan, Prabir Jha, Hung Lee, Joe Burridge, Al Adamsen.

Joy@Work from Kearney


Joy, really? In these challenging times, joy can frequently feel like a distant memory. That’s why now, more than ever, discussions need to be held on how to cultivate more joy@work – wherever and whenever “work” may be. On this podcast, we’ll interview leaders and thinkers about how to bring more joy into our everyday work lives. We’ll have conversations around creating solidarity, connection, and community on our teams as an enabler of a larger societal move toward higher purpose, equality, and justice in our No Normal world. Joy@Work is created and hosted by Kearney, one of the original management consulting firms. Learn more at kearney.com/joyatwork.

Boss's Eye-View

Mission To The Moon Media

พูดคุยทุกปัญหา ดราม่าในที่ทำงาน เพราะเราเชื่อว่า “ทุกออฟฟิศที่ดูหอมหวาน อาจมีความร้าวฉานซ่อนอยู่” กับ รวิศ หาญอุตสาหะ และพี่ปิ๊ก Trick of the Trade by Mission To The Moon Media

One Minute Governance

Fullbrook Board Effectiveness

Are you a director, senior executive, investor, or someone who‘s just curious about corporate governance? Tune in for insights about how things work inside and outside the boardroom, based on 20 years of experience and interactions with thousands of directors from around the world. Each episode lasts about one minute and will provide you with questions to ask yourself, your board and your management team, designed to optimize the way your organization makes decisions. Matt Fullbrook is a corporate governance researcher, educator and advisor located in Toronto.


儲かる仕組みナビゲーター 奥村昌平


問題解決のプロ オクちゃんこと奥村昌平と、インタビュアーのウナちゃんこと宇波育代でお伝えいたします。






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Japan's Top Business Interviews Podcast By Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Dr. Greg Story

Japan's Top Business Interviews is the premier business interview podcast for people who want to know more about business in japan. The guests cover a range of industries and organisation sizes, to present a thorough overview of issues with leading in Japan. If you are a leader, especialy someone leading in Japan, then this is the podcast for you.

Wharton Business Daily

Wharton Business Daily

Should Cryptocurrency Be Regulated as a Commodity?

Chris Hayes, Head of Government Relations with the Celo Foundation, talks to Dan Loney about the incoming crypto legislation, why it's beneficial, and what it will address. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.



#48-2 用6大關鍵習慣,修練你的個人影響力|輕鬆讀哈佛


∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎

? 聽得不過癮?立即註冊會員免費閱讀全文 (會員每月免費讀三篇) https://hbrtw.cc/DZ8Vm

∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎ ∎


クレイジーアグリジャパン(農系ポッドキャスト)-Crazy Agri Japan-Agricultural RADIO



[PR]インフレ時代の乗り越え方はたくさん方法あります。過去のインフレの教訓を私たちはネットでみることができます❗️資材の値上がりも物価の上昇もうまくきりぬけようぜ❗️投資に興味がある諸君! このurlから口座ひらくとライン証券からポイント貰えたり、キャンペーンで数千円分もらえたりするらしいのでここから口座ひらいてくれたりすると嬉しい! /




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Work Check


Should you send that message in a DM or a group channel?

Every team needs a chat tool – but it’s not easy to know who should be looped into different conversations, or how open team communication should be. We all know the feeling of being inundated with messages in shared channels, and we’ve also been that person left out of a decision that happened in direct messages. So today, we’re debating the merits and pitfalls of open channel communication. Debater Kelvin Yap argues in defense of open channel communication, supported by Matt Abrahams, a strategic communications expert and host of the podcast “Think Fast, Talk Smart”, who shares what we miss when we opt for DMs. Eli Mishkin argues against the distraction from open channels, with the expertise of former technology executive Linda Stone who coined the term “continuous partial attention”. 



Illusions of Agreement

Simply describing your pitch can cause the illusion of agreement. Everyone may have a completely different idea of what you're talking about. Try sketching it out, hum the melody you want to create, or, better yet, start building the thing. Removing these levels of abstraction ensures everyone is on the same page.Show Notes
00:34 - Getting Real

02:31 - Agile software development (Wikipedia)
05:07 - Bubble Up

09:45 - Shaping the work (Shape Up)
13:46 - NEW: Refined Home Screen, Participation Types, and More

16:40 - Kanban (Wikipedia)



ユナイトアンドグロウ株式会社の社員が世界中の人とユナイトし、グロウしたいと思って始めたプロジェクトです。 社員へのインタビューをメインにしています。 生配信したものをポッドキャストでアーカイブしています、加工されていない生の声を聞いてください。



にんじんばたけのパピプペポ 下

かこ さとし

Digital HR Leaders with David Green

David Green

Live Special from People Analytics World 2022: Linking People Analytics to Business Impact

It’s a Digital HR Leaders Podcast first this week, with a live episode recorded in April at People Analytics World 2022. David’s joined by two illuminating guests – Jordan Pettman and Tertia Wiedenhof – for a special discussion recorded onstage at the Royal College of Physicians in London.  Jordan is Head of Organisation Analytics and Insight at London Stock Exchange Group, and Tertia is Head of People Analytics and Insights at Rabobank. In this episode, you’ll hear their thoughts about the impact of the pandemic on the field of people analytics, the changing role of the chief people officer, the evolution and future considerations of hybrid working, the increased appetite for data-driven analytics, the best way for people analytics teams and HR to successfully work together, and a whole lot more.  Support from this podcast comes from Visier. You can learn more by v



店舗ビジネス専門コンサルタントの髙木悠が、「最速最短で年商30億・店舗数30超を実現する実証されたノウハウ」をコンセプトに、のれん分け制度構築、FC本部立ち上げ・立て直し、人事評価制度の整備等、飲食店、整体院、美容院等の様々な店舗ビジネスの「多店舗展開」を加速させるために重要な事を、社会保険労務士の田村陽太と対談形式でお話しするポッドキャスト・ラジオ番組です。毎週木曜日更新です! メインパーソナリティー: 高木悠(株式会社常進パートナーズ代表) 「企業が高収益を生み出すための仕組み作りと社員が誇りを持って働ける環境作りをサポートすることで、店舗ビジネスの社会的地位の向上に貢献すること」を基本理念に日々企業支援に尽力している。 代表的な著書「21世紀型『のれん分け』ビジネスの教科書」(自由国民社) パーソナリティー/ナレーター: 田村陽太 番組プロデュース:株式会社サンキャリア 番組へのメッセージはおたよりフォームまで! https://bit.ly/3efwX9d 株式会社常進パートナーズのHP https://johshin.co.jp/ スマートフランチャイズ本部構築.jpのHP https://smart-fc.jp/ 常進パートナーズのサービスにご興味がある方は初回相談無料の個別相談にお申込み下さい! https://johshin.co.jp/contact


Utsubo Kano

人の気持ちと空気が読めない敏腕ゴリラPM(プロジェクトマネージャー)と共感力が強いが優柔不断なビジネスコーチがプロジェクトマネジメントの事例や悩みを語るpodcast ご質問、ご意見、出演希望、もろもろ仕事のご依頼は此方まで。 E-mail applause131423@gmail.com Twitter @AkaGtd ep43以降はスライド付きの動画版を非公開のfacebookグループで公開しています。 www.facebook.com/groups/412197669953664/ 御覧になりたい方はお手数ですがfacebookログインの上、上記リンクから グループ参加申請をお願いします。  登場人物 –ゴリさん プロジェクトマネージャ PMP保持 コンサルとして沢山のプロマネ経験あり –ウツボさん @AkaGtd プロマネ素人のアドラー系ビジネスコーチ 優柔不断だが共感力は強い ”現職を天職にしたい”人のためのオンラインコミュニティやっています。(byウツボ) 詳細はこちら https://community.camp-fire.jp/projects/view/321250

The Anxious Achiever

Morra Aarons-Mele

Lori Gottlieb on Writing as Therapy, the Mind-Body Connection, and What to Do When You Need Help

Lori Gottlieb found her life’s work later in life, but she then built her career around therapy and writing - helping herself and countless others along the way. She wrote about her own journey through therapy in her bestselling book “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.” She’s also a passionate advocate for those suffering with autoimmune conditions like Graves disease and thyroid eye disease. Gottlieb speaks with host Morra Aarons-Mele about how to believe yourself, how to change (even when its hard), and when you might want to seek out a therapist.

Future of Manufacturing

Deloitte Energy, Resources & Industrials

The Future of Manufacturing podcast helps you navigate emerging trends in Industrial Products & Construction, and discusses how these trends are shaping the future of the industry. We share what this means for your organization and practical ways to stay ahead in this era of disruption. Our podcast episodes feature our international network of Deloitte Industrial Products & Construction experts, who serve world-class companies across the globe.

Customer Service Secrets by Kustomer

LaunchPod Media

The Future of CX Research | What’s to Come in Customer Experience

Today we are talking about some research we did about the future of customer experience. We regularly go out and survey professionals and consumers to understand trends in the space, so we want to dive into our latest research report. We surveyed over 100 CX professionals, gathered research, and now will be sharing it with you to reveal some of the interesting findings we’ve gathered through these surveys. Will the role of customer service become more important to fuel business growth over the next 3 years? 1:53Which channels will grow more in popularity over the next 3 years? 3:32What percentage of CX professionals are preparing to service through live video/VR? 5:26Top 3 priorities for CX organizations to achieve by 2025 7:22Where will CX organizations be investing their money in the next few years? 9:17Will personalization become more important? 14:27“81% of CX organizations report that reducing wait times

Employment Law Matters

Daniel Barnett

S3E8 - When does TUPE apply?

In this episode you'll learn:when there is a business transferwhen there is a service provision change what constitutes a transferwhen TUPE does not applyThis podcast  is supported by Watson Ramsbotton Solicitors and by Cover Clinic, and by the HR Inner Circle (the UK's leading community for smart, ambitious HR Professionals)? BOOKSMy books include the Employment Law Handbook, Resolving Grievances and Deconstructing TUPE (see all books).? FREE STUFFEmployment law updates - www.danielbarnett.co.uk Employer’s guide to redundancy - go.danielbarnett.com/free/redundancyMy YouTube channel - www.youtubelegal.co.uk? PRODUCTS, MEMBERSHIPS AND COURSES:HR Policies - https://policies2020.comJoin the HR Inner Circle - go.danielbarnett.com/hricGetting Redundancy Right - https://gettingredundancyright.comChanging Terms and Conditions course - go.danielbarnett.com/courses/changingtermsMarketing your Employment Law Practice - go.danielbarnett.com/course

HSBC Business Talks - Asia Pacific

HSBC Commercial Banking

Asian Outlook 2022 Podcast

No doubt 2021 was a challenging year globally. How will the economies and markets roar back in the Year of the Tiger? Join HSBC Global Research’s Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research, and Herald van der Linde, Head of Asia Equity Strategy, as they look back at the events of 2021 and discuss Asia’s economic trends and regional equity markets for 2022. Speakers:Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economic Research, Global Research, HSBCHerald van der Linde, Head of Asia Equity Strategy, Global Research, HSBC See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Asia Perspectives by Economist Impact

Economist Impact

The Invisible Wave: Can green and sustainable chemistry be the solution?

What is green and sustainable chemistry and can it be the solution to marine chemical pollution? What role can the private sector play? How can the circular economy accelerate the transition to safer and less hazardous chemicals?Charles Goddard, editorial director at Economist Impact discusses the responses to chemical pollution with Joel Tickner, professor of public health at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. Professor Tickner is also the founder and executive director at the Green Chemistry and Commerce Council. Follow the Back to Blue series for more podcast episodes, or visit backtoblueinitiative.com for more content. Back to Blue is an initiative of Economist Impact and The Nippon Foundation.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Discussion in Digital

McKinsey Marketing & Sales

Discussions in Digital: Surveying the brand-building landscape

Building a brand in the digital age is forcing companies to innovate like never before.
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Listen to the podcast (duration: 19:09) >




好きな日に働くエビ工場、パプアニューギニア海産代表の武藤北斗が組織やチームづくりについてお届け。 ・全SNS、ラジオへのご意見など https://hokutomuto.fensi.plus/a/blink/ ■受賞 2019 リクルートナビ/グットデザイン賞 2021 work design award/グランプリ 2022 note創作大賞/入賞 ■メディア出演 報道ステーション、NEWS zero、ざわつく金曜日、NHKニュースウォッチ9、めざましテレビ、羽鳥慎一モーニングショー 他 ■以前の放送はこちら https://open.spotify.com/show/6xk3dxrscu7GQYCMWWJlI8

会社と社長のお金を増やすラジオ 山下久幸@税理士

Hisayuki Yamashita

こんにちは。税理士の山下久幸です。 ここでは、会社と社長の「お金」をテーマに情報を発信しています(^o^) 会社経営での一番の悩みは、やはりお金です。 また中小企業は、会社=社長です。 会社経営を社長がリスクとってやっているが、全くお金が残らならない。。。 また、最悪の場合は自己破産もありえます。 お金がすべてではありませんが、お金は会社経営、はたまた人生を生きていく上で大事なものであることは間違いありません。 また、相田みつをさんも言っています。 『金が人生の全てではないが、有れば便利、無いと不便です。便利のほうがいいなぁ。』と。 そんな方に役立つ、お金が増える情報を日々配信しています! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ オルケスタ税理士法人 代表社員 山下久幸 https://orquestax.com/ 【Kindle電子書籍】 https://is.gd/EeHFWl 【You Tubeチャンネル】 https://www.youtube.com/c/税理士山下久幸チャンネル 【Podcast】 https://anchor.fm/orquesta 【Twitter】 https://twitter.com/yama1205 【Instagram】 https://www.instagram.com/zeirishiyamahisa

CS Harmony Radio 〜カスタマーサクセスで顧客よりも顧客に詳しくなる

HARMONY Consortium

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The 1-3-20 Podcast

Daniel Pink, powered by HubSpot

Networking that Works - with David Burkus

Most of us hate networking. But that could be because we’re doing it wrong. In an episode full of tips on networking without feeling slimy, Daniel Pink talks with David Burkus, author of Friend of a Friend: Understanding the Hidden Networks That Can Transform Your Life and Your Career.



とある大手事務機屋の上司と部下が仕事の話、趣味の話、とりとめもない事を仲良くしゃべるラジオ ※番組のTwitter https://twitter.com/miso7066 ※オープンチャット「木村教(上司と部下のラジオ)」 https://line.me/ti/g2/iSFPf0Tds0Li-gfTwAGEm8CU0KqEl9By47bpYw?utm_source=invitation&utm_medium=link_copy&utm_campaign=default ※部下のTwitter https://twitter.com/miso7774 ※部下の1人喋りラジオ https://open.spotify.com/show/1yGURd1rJLB9Fg8utWZlU0?si=b8u3CqmnQL2Su4z1hWtedw&dl_branch=1

In Depth

First Round

“When They Win, You Win”: Russ Laraway unpacks his new guide for the modern manager

Today’s episode is with Russ Laraway, a seasoned leader who's been at Google, Twitter, Candor Inc, Qualtrics, and is now the Chief People Officer for Goodwater Capital

Since we last had Russ on the show, he’s written a new book, titled: “When They Win, You Win.”

On today’s episode, we dive deep into the management frameworks and original research that Russ discusses in his book. He starts by pointing out how broken our process for selecting managers is to begin with, where we often default to just promoting the highest performer on a team, rather than looking for folks who explicitly demonstrate leadership chops. He explains the raw ingredients that point to whether someone’s ready to take on a management role — even if they weren’t the best individual contributor of the bunch. And if you’re looking to hire a manager from outside of the company, he’s got plenty of interv

Killer Innovations with Phil McKinney - A Show About Ideas Creativity And Innovation

Phil McKinney

How to Use Innovation Storytelling

Innovation storytelling helps capture people’s attention and connect with them on an emotional level. This connection allows you to get your message across in a way that is both memorable and meaningful, leading to lasting change. Storytelling can help build an innovation culture in an organization, inspiring people to ideate and take action. Additionally, it can help […]

CAREhER - A community learning & development platform for women leaders in the APAC


EP.98 打造綠「健」築,她教大家把蓋房子蓋得跟植物一樣要能呼吸 — 宏國建設執行長暨五感十築創新長 林鈺芳 Yvonne Lin

如果有機會,妳會願意為妳認同的理念持續不斷並每一天都付出努力嗎?那個理念會是什麼?對於身為宏國建設第三代接班人的 Yvonne 來說,綠建築就是她每日都身體力行的信仰,也是她認為自己能為社會作出貢獻的領域。生活在水泥叢林的都市人,一天 90% 的時間都在室內;我們呼吸著建築裡的空氣、體會著建築裡的氣氛,「建築」比我們認知到的更貼近生活,也影響我們的健康。但,十幾年前環保意識尚未起步,很多人不知道綠建築是什麼,Yvonne 卻巧妙地透過老祖宗們留下的智慧,用長輩們能理解的語言,開始推動宏國建設走向綠「健」築的道路。一旦理解,「這就好像變成了理所當然,」她笑著說。我們也從 Yvonne 身上看到,做著自己相信的事,真的會發光。 【內容重點】地表最強阿嬷:60 年前的 boss lady 告訴我們女性真的跟男性一樣有競爭力從綠建築到綠「健」築缺氧會老!“Sick Building Syndrome“ 病態建築症候群用長輩們可以理解的知惠和特質來溝通新的概念每棟樓,都在和社會對話原來老建築也可以變成好建築,省電省水空氣好,員工少生病【閱讀這集】https://careher.net/podcast-ep98-yvonne-hungkuo-sustainability/ 【成為 CAREhER 會員】https://linktr.ee/clubcareher 【贊助支持 CAREhER】https://pay.firstory.me/user/careher 喜歡 CAREhER 精心製作的原生內容嗎 ? 留言讓我們知道妳的想法:https://open.firstory.me/story/cl1oqls8c03pq0h0hae1idy2d?m=comment Powered by Firstory Hosting

Creating Disney Magic

Lee Cockerell

The Satisfaction of Helping Other People

Today we are celebrating something big. Episode 400! Creating Disney Magic started eight years ago and has stood the test of time. Jody has some interesting statistics about our audience. As we record our four hundredth episode, Jody asks an interesting question. Why keep doing the show? After eight years, I am surprised how much I have learned through this podcast; not to mention it is the perfect way of connecting with individuals who may benefit from my other products. I have some great courses, resources and even do some public speaking. It amazes me how the more you explain, the more you understand. Teaching feeds your brain with knowledge. My biggest take away is asking more often. Ask for what you want. The worst people can do is say no. But they may say yes. Ask more and offer more. The more you help people, the more you get out of it. It has been a pleasure to work with Magical Vacation Planners over the duration of the show.



「カノープス」とは「宇宙で2番目に明るい星」の名称。 一番輝いてほしい企業で働く個人の方を、様々な教育や研修の側面で支援するお仕事の方々が二番星、それがカノープスの由来。 そのような二番星の存在である企業の経営幹部(キーマン)や、企業研修講師(インタビュアー)が、ご自身の経験を活かして、会話のマリアージュをリスナーに楽しんで頂きたい一心でチャンネルを作っています。 企業の経営者がどの様な想いで日々を過ごし、どの様な苦労を重ね成長してきたか、その様な他では聴けない裏話などをキーマンから話してもらい、リスナーの皆様の気づきに繋がることができましたら幸いです。 経験豊かな企業の研修を担う講師がインタビューすることで、よりリアルなお話をお聞きし、キーマンの魅力をインタビューしていきます。 あなたにとって、気になるキーマンはどんな方ですか? ご一緒に楽しみましょう! HP:https://www.canopus-star.jp/




针对这些问题,我们邀请了有丰富管理经验的飞书客户成功副总裁朱员德 Tom 给出一些建议。他提出「像打造产品一样打造自己的团队」,比如招人就像获客一样,核心是精准获取目标用户,新人的入职体验关乎他的次日留存,担心员工划水是因为产品的信任和粘性还没有建立起来,管理者可以通过设计及时的反馈机制,循序渐进地帮助新人成长......
欢迎大家在评论区分享听完本期节目的感受,我们会选出 5 位听众,送上 Tom 推荐的《非暴力沟通》一书。
点击获取本期飞书妙记逐字稿 (https://bytedance.feishu.cn/minutes/obcnqgx7527ye27kl9j4l4f5)
Zara ,飞书产品经理
朱员德 ,飞书客户成功副总裁
[07:10] 像打造产品一样打造你的团队
[11:51] 招人:如何写一份有灵魂的 JD ?
[15:27] 如何带领新人快速成长?
[19:25] 新晋管理者的误区:强行激发员工
[28:52] 新晋管理者控制欲强的本质:没有建立起和员工之间的信任
[32:26] 怎么管理职场中的“小白兔”
[40:36] 永远不要把自己当中层
[43:36] 管理者的重要价值:翻译
[47:14] 花足够多的时间去对齐目标、思考 why
[51:37] 新晋管理者的误区:担心下属比自己强
[01:00:55] 如何控制组织规模,提升组织效率?
监制 ^ Zara、小北

タスク管理研究所~Task Management Laboratory~



哲学交えた抽象的なタスク管理の話はコッチでやってます https://taskarts.substack.com/

企業と従業員の働き方を考える 『社労士ラジオ  サニーデーフライデー』


第301回【対談】教えて、あなたの働き方!(後編、ゲスト:瞳美人プロジェクト主宰 尾形瞳さん、Altay Global Trading 藤井陽斗さん)

今回のゲストは、前回の続きで、瞳美人プロジェクト主宰でHappy Attendantの尾形瞳さん、そしてAltay Global Tradingの藤井陽斗さんと対談します。



Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

50: その質問、本当に正しい質問ですか?

見込み顧客に電話を掛けるとき、流れ作業のように同じ話をしていないでしょうか。業界トレンドだけ話せばそれでいいのでしょうか?果たしてセールス部門全員が、相手によって触れる『問題』を切り替えていると自信を持って言えるでしょうか? セールススタイルは色々とありますが、我々がよく耳にする、コンサルティングセールスはあらゆる業種、商品販売においてカリスマセールスと呼ばれる方の多くが取り入れているセールススタイルです。このコンサルティングセールスは、いくつかのステージに分けて行われます。会社によっては、例えばインサイドとフィールドセールスというように、セールスプロセスを分けていらっしゃることもあるかと思いますが、どの部門においても大切になってくるのが傾聴力、つまり聴きだし力です。初めて連絡をする相手であれば、相手の興味を引き付ける傾聴をしなければいけませんし、更にそこから相手の問題が果たして自社商品を取り入れていただくことで効率的に解決できるか、ニーズに合うかの効き出しをしなければならないでしょう。   商談に入れば、そこから相手の課題はどこか、ニーズは何かの特定に、当然ながら傾聴力が問われます。では、クライアント勢の業界が一緒だと、抱えているであろう問題は同じでしょうか。同じではなくても、似ている。と思われる方も多いかと思います。では、解決したい課題は如何でしょうか。そうです、問題と課題は異なるものです。例えば、風邪を引く、という問題があるとします。風邪をひけば我々は薬を飲みます。医者に行かれる方もいるでしょう。ところがこの風邪、一旦は良くなっても、結局またぶり返してしまいました。実は、空調設備が不調を起こしていたんです。つまり、この空調設備という根本的問題どうにかしない限り、結局問題はおき続けてしまうのです。この根本的問題が、課題の『一部』なのです。顧客によっては、この根本的問題に気付いている方もいて、これらは顕在化された問題となっています。   そして、顧客が根本的問題に気付いていない場合、我々はコンサルタントとして顧客に気付きを与えなければなりません。潜在的問題を顕在化させる、というものです。多くのセールスは、表面的な問題ばかり聴きだし、その解決に勤しみます。それに対し、コンサルセールスは、

McKinsey Future of Asia

McKinsey & Company

The great divergence: banking in Asia post pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many in Asian banking players assumed the sector would take a devastating knock. But two years on, it’s apparent that banks have mostly come through in good shape, with relatively minor losses. Still, the financial ecosystem has changed irrevocably in this time. With rising interest rates, and the rapid uptake of digital tech, traditional banks and specialists alike face new challenges and opportunities—even as their operations diverge.
Join the conversation with Chris Wright, the Asia editor of Euromoney; Joyce Moullakis, Senior Banking Reporter at The Australian newspaper; and Joydeep Sengupta, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 38:27) >


会社と社長のお金を増やすラジオ 山下久幸@税理士

Hisayuki Yamashita

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Couch Talk

The Empowerment Portal

This podcast is for organisations and their HR and people leaders to find inspiration on how they can lead the way to sustainable recovery and growth. Throughout our episodes, we interview other leaders, share best practices as well as stories of resilience, leadership, and how we can shift and adapt to a new era.





Build The Future

Cofidis Transformação

O podcast ao serviço da transformação da Cofidis


松井 優子

エピソード169 障害別に見る障害者手帳の確認方法と気をつけるべき点とは?




→ https://syougaisya-koyou.com/people-with-disabilities-confirmation-2119/











Modern Mentor


How to be more connected at work

Feeling connection at work really matters. It grounds you, it makes you feel part of an ecosystem, it provides space for collaboration and informal learning. Connection has been tough lately. Teams are struggling—they’ve never met in person or even haven’t seen each other in years, or they’re doing the hybrid thing but the workplace is emptier and just doesn’t feel as connective. Let’s talk about small steps we can each take to turn up that connection dial.Modern Mentor is hosted by Rachel Cooke. A transcript is available at Simplecast.Find Modern Mentor on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or subscribe to the newsletter to get more tips to fuel your professional success.Modern Mentor is a part of Quick and Dirty Tips.Links: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/modern-mentor-newsletterhttps://www.facebook.com/QDTModernMentorhttps://twitter.com/QDTModernMentorhttps://www.linkedin.com/company/modern-mentor-podcast/

Read to Lead Podcast

Jeff Brown

427: Simple Money, Rich Life with Bob Lotich

I’ve known today’s guest for several years. We live near each other and have met in person on two previous occasions. The first was at my book launch party last August. Bob Lotich was kind enough to show up and give support to the project. The first time I ever met Bob was to help […]
The post 427: Simple Money, Rich Life with Bob Lotich first appeared on Read to Lead Podcast.

Leadership Next


Doug McMillon on Walmart's Regenerative Future

Doug McMillon is a Walmart lifer. He started loading trucks at a Walmart warehouse as a teenager trying to pay for college. He is now the company's CEO. Just two weeks ago, Walmart topped the Fortune 500 for the 10th year in a row. In this episode, McMillon and Leadership Next's Alan Murray discuss how record-high inflation, conflict in Ukraine and supply chain snarls are affecting Walmart’s business.
McMillon elaborates on Walmart’s plans to become a regenerative company, detailing the environmental impact that transformation will have. And, to critics who say today's CEOs invest too much time in the planet and other external stakeholders, he has this to say:
“I think it all boils down to timeframe. Yes, we are here to provide a return for shareholders. The best way to provide a return for shareholders over time, is if you have strong communities, associates that are well compensated and happy with their jobs and exci

Lead to Win

Michael Hyatt & Megan Hyatt-Miller

#195: The Intentional Path to Work-Life Balance

High achievers have a bad habit of working too much and all of that extra time comes with a very real cost and, unfortunately, sometimes we don't notice that cost until it's too late.In this episode, Michael has a very honest conversation with Gail, his wife of (almost) 44 years. They discuss the very real cost that the first half of Michael's professional life had on his physical health, his children, and his marriage.Importantly, they talk about the fateful night when Michael had to reckon with how his choices were impacting the lives of the people he loved the most. The path between that conversation and Full Focus is a straight line.Gail and Michael offer three truths about work-life balance that can provide you with the starting tools you need to get your personal life pointed in the right direction without sacrificing your professional goals.In this episode, you will-Learn how Gail experienced Michael's very

Thinkers & Ideas

BCG Henderson Institute

Be Logical - Be Creative - Be Critical with Luc de Brabandere

Luc de Brabandere is a Senior Advisor at BCG, a BCG Henderson Institute Alumni Fellow, co-founder of CartoonBase, and an invited Professor at The Brussels Solvay School and ETH Zurich. He is the co-author of Thinking in New Boxes, which offers a new paradigm for business creativity.
In his most recent book, Be Logical, Be Creative, Be Critical: The Art of Thinking in a Digital World, together with Lina Benmehrez, Brabandere deals with the role of thinking in business and provides a rich analysis of how digital technologies are affecting our thinking processes.
Building on his knowledge and experience as a corporate philosopher, Brabandere suggests that firms should focus on creatively reinventing themselves with new tools, rather than using current digital tools to optimize existing processes or systems.
In a discussion with Martin Reeves, Chairman of BCG Henderson Institute, Brabandere explores the

Anecdotally Speaking

Shawn Callahan & Mark Schenk

Welcome to our podcast, Anecdotally Speaking. Each week we tell a business story, talk about why it works and discuss where you might tell it at work. Our aim is to help you build your story repertoire.

The Family Business Podcast

Russ Haworth

Family Wealth Integration

On this episode of the show I speak with Dr Jim Grubman and Tom McCullough about the topic of Family Wealth Integration. We discuss what the term means for you as a family but also for you if you are a practitioner working with families of wealth.
We explore the four levels of integration that currently exist within the market;
- No Integration 
- Basic Integrated Financial Management  
- Integrated Wealth Management 
- Family Wealth Integration
We then explore the challenges of developing a practice across the levels of integration and the skills needed to do so.

The article that I reference in the show can be found here: https://www.familywealthreport.com/article.php?id=193160#.YkxWDZPMJTY (https://www.familywealthreport.com/article.php?id=193160#.YkxWDZPMJTY)

You can find out more about The Ultra High Net Worth Institute here - www.uhnwinstitute.org and to contact th

Lead with a Story Podcast

Paul Smith

Based on interviews with hundreds of executives and leaders at dozens of successful companies around the world as they learned their most important leadership lessons - sometimes the hard way. Featuring stories from executives at Procter & Gamble, Dollar General, Hewlett Packard, Kellogg's, Dun & Bradstreet, Saatchi & Saatchi, Verizon, and many more. Each episode brings you an important lesson through a single compelling story.

Art of Procurement

Philip Ideson

468: Procurement for the People - How to Sell to Procurement: A Masterclass w/ Jill Robbins

Procurement has the best seat in the business right now with more influence on spend than ever before, yet still remains incredibly elusive to the sales teams 18 months into pursuing them. We have to ask – is procurement the problem or is sales just not getting it? Regardless of which side you’re on, that answer is probably blocking deals and opportunities for innovation in your organization. It’s the seemingly age-old question asked in this episode of Procurement for the People that now has a very clear answer bridging the gap between those that hold the spend and the ones looking to win their business.  Show host Katherine McCleery brings the two worlds together with guest Jill Robbins, for a masterclass on selling to procurement and how to make an impact on the value chain. Jill opens up her own sales playbook built upon years of experience in procurement.



McKinsey on Start-ups

Fuel, a McKinsey company

The emerging shift to responsible product management

Once primarily focused on execution and on-time delivery, product manager roles have been heavily transformed. They are now expected to serve as a mini-CEO, acting as the glue that binds the many functions that touch a product, from engineering, design, and customer success, to sales, marketing, operations, and finance. And amid growing societal concerns about responsible stewardship, product managers are having to incorporate privacy, sustainability, and inclusion into their already complex jobs. A recent McKinsey article examined this increasingly important issue, and today on McKinsey on Start-ups, we’ll be speaking to two of the co-authors, partner Martin Harrysson and associate partner Rikki Singh.
Read more >


Listen to the podcast (duration: 24:32) >

The Talent Grow Show: Grow Your Leadership and Communication Skills

Halelly Azulay

201: [Solo] Why and How to Optimize Your Gratitude Practice to Benefit Yourself and Others on the TalentGrow Show with Halelly Azulay [ep171 rebroadcast]

Gratitude is a feeling that is key to happiness and it is most definitely not something to save for one day (or week) per year, like Thanksgiving. We really must raise our experience of gratitude all year round.  Don’t fret, we’re here to help! On this rebroadcast solo episode of the TalentGrow Show, Halelly will give you a couple of science-backed reasons why gratitude is good for you. Then, we’ll look at how you can get goodness out of gratitude in different ways. She’ll help you (re-)discover that gratitude can be experienced and expressed in every context of your life. And then, Halelly will share five actionable gratitude-enhancing practices you begin to implement right away.  Also, in the new intro, a big announcement… Take a listen, weigh in with your own opinion, and share with others!  Shownotes: http://www.talentg

Climate Rising

Harvard Business School Business & Environment Initiative

How Harvard is Going Fossil-Fuel Free

Jaclyn Olsen, Associate Director of Harvard’s Office for Sustainability, and Erin Craig, Vice President of 3 Degrees, a climate solutions firm hired by Harvard, discuss the University’s goal to be fossil-fuel neutral by 2026 and fossil-fuel free by 2050. Jaclyn and Erin discuss Harvard’s carbon footprint, its efforts to reduce emissions and realize health benefits, and its emerging strategy on carbon offsets. And they share with us their advice for those interested in entering a climate and business career.    For transcripts and other resources, visit climaterising.org. Guests: Jaclyn Olsen, Associate Director of Harvard University’s Office for Sustainability and Erin Craig, Vice President of 3Degrees.

Village Global's Venture Stories

Village Global

Web3 Series: The State of Crypto in 2022 with Tushar Jain

Tushar Jain (@TusharJain_), co-founder and managing partner of Multicoin Capital, joins Erik on this episode to discuss:- The history of crypto over the last several years and the various moments that different technologies like Bitcoin, NFTs, tokens, and others have had.- What the world looks like if the predictions for crypto’s impact comes true.- Why Tushar thinks that Ethereum has gone past the point of diminishing returns to decentralization.- Why it’s so hard to predict which chains will win.- How crypto can help coordinate millions of people to accomplish big projects.- What we’ve learned about stablecoins in the last few years.- Why this is a “golden era of investing in crypto” and why we’re at a place that is equivalent to mobile in 2012.Thanks for listening — if you like what you hear, please review us on your favorite podcast platform.Check us out on the web at www.villageglobal.vc or get in touch with us o

The FocusCore Podcast

Dr. David Sweet

Meet interesting and inspiring and entertaining people who show why Japan is a unique, fulfilling and sometimes frustrating place to do business. We will discuss how to hire, train and retain talent. How to create values that motivate, and review best practices that have worked and attempts that have failed. David will be speaking to company presidents, CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals, coaches, consultants as well as sharing with you some of my own experiences and opinions discovered over the years in this great country. The focus is simple: To explore how to succeed in business in Japan.

The Keynote by CNBC Events


Investing in Health & Wellbeing with Delta’s Dr. Henry Ting

The airline industry’s first Chief Health Officer, Dr. Henry Ting, talks about mask mandates, working with the CDC, and how Delta is investing in its employees’ physical and mental health.

The Gartner Sales Podcast


The Digital Evolution of B2B Sales

In this episode of The Gartner Sales Podcast, Brent and Steve discuss three ways the rise of digital buying and selling will force sales leaders to reassess their use of technology to support commercial efforts. Steve provides sales leaders with specific recommendations to get ahead of the digital (r)evolution and ensure they maximize benefit from coming change.

The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

Ben Morton

What does it take to be a transformational leader? Ben Morton, leadership coach, believes the job of a leader is to deliver the results you are responsible for AND look after those you have the privilege to lead. Each week, Ben chats with senior leaders from around the globe to deconstruct what it takes to be a highly effective leader in the modern world. These inspiring conversations share tactics, tools, and philosophies that you can implement today. Are you ready to become the very best, most authentic leader that you can be?

幸せ広がるハウスクリーニング 白亞ラジオ

株式会社 白亞

茨城県内でハウスクリーニングの草分けとして、40年以上取り組んできた株式会社白亞には、多くの強みがあります。 この番組では、ハウスクリーニングにかける想いや、スタッフが工夫している取り組みについてご紹介いたします。 スタッフの個性あふれるインタビューも楽しんでください。 http://www.hakua.co.jp/

Boardroom Governance with Evan Epstein

Evan Epstein

David Larcker and Brian Tayan: Seven Myths of ESG.

Intro.(2:10) - Start of interview.(2:57) - David's "origin story". He grew up in coal mining town in southern Illinois. He went to college at what is now known as the Missouri University of Science & Technology. He later worked as an engineer and got his PhD in accounting from the U. of Kansas. He was a Professor at Kellogg for about 7 years, at Wharton for about 20 years and he's been a Professor at Stanford's Graduate School of Business since 2005. On how he started working with Brian on corporate governance research through the Corporate Governance Research Initiative.(4:23) - Brian's origin story. He grew up in Menlo Park, went to Princeton for his undergrad, and Stanford for his MBA. Prior to Stanford, he worked as a financial analyst at Stanford University's Office of the CEO and as an investment associate at UBS Private Wealth Management. On how he got matched with David Larcker to launch the corporate gover

Think Like Amazon

Tyler Wallis

Delivering Results through Transparent Leadership with Ronak Patel

Ronak spent over 9 years at Amazon, where he led large businesses across Fulfillment, Ultra-fast delivery, Real Estate, Process Improvement, and Last Mile Delivery. Ronak was also the youngest Regional Director in Amazon history, with placement into Amazon’s highest volume, most critical region of fulfillment. After nearly a decade with the company, Ronak left Amazon to join Odeko as Chief Supply Chain Officer.  In this episode, Ronak shares how his career in operations leadership quickly unfolded and the leadership principles that helped him achieve success in the programs, centers, and regions he led. You’ll hear Ronak share how Deliver Results rounded out his perspective on maximizing the collective impact of Amazon’s leadership principles, how leadership transparency helped him turn around a 2,800-employee site, and how, with the right focus and motivation, leaders can help their teams operate at a high l

Nopadol's Story


EP 1451 (WE 121) Book Review เศรษฐีชั่วพริบตา ตอนที่ 1

EP 1451 (WE 121) Book Review เศรษฐีชั่วพริบตา ตอนที่ 1
ตอนนี้จะนำเอาหนังสือที่เขียนเกี่ยวกับการเป็นผู้ประกอบการที่ประสบความสำเร็จภายในระยะเวลาอันรวดเร็วมาเล่าให้ฟัง เผื่อผู้ประกอบการวันหยุดจะได้มีแนวคิดไปต่อยอดนะครับ

Future of America

McKinsey & Company

In McKinsey's Future of America podcast, we explore how to build a future that drives sustainable and inclusive growth. This isn't about tradeoffs – we reject the "or" and embrace the "and". Join us in conversations with leaders who are accelerating progress to grow, broaden, and sustain prosperity for more Americans.


目標達成コンサルタント 只石裕輝

サラリーマンを経験し人材派遣会社を起業。 でも、取引先の資金ショートの煽りを受けて一文なしのどん底になるも、再起を果たすべくお金のかからない目標を立て一心不乱に活動。 目標こそが「その日その日の生命を与える」を胸に、私は一生涯この活動をやっていこう! そう決心し、自らの体験をもとに日常の出来事から商売が『ハンジョウ』のタネに関するエッセンスをお伝えします。 あなたも、この番組を聴いてビジネスの参考にしてみてください。 チームプロダクション: https://team-production.com/



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Grow My Accounting Practice | Tips for Accountants, Bookkeepers and Coaches to Grow Their Business

Mike Michalowicz

Joe Woodard: How to Make Your Practice a Thriving Practice

Show Summary Thriving means generating wealth, not just earning revenue - which leads to financial independence and the ability to give back. Given that definition of a thriving practice above by Joe Woodard, he discusses what needs the most attention within accounting and bookkeeping practices so they can Thrive. Joe also shares in this episode the five key mindsets or characteristics of the mentally strong that will lead to a thriving practice. This June, Scaling New Heights 2022 will be held in Orlando, Florida, with the theme "Thrive."   Website: www.woodard.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/woodard-company https://www.linkedin.com/in/quickbooksadvisor Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/woodardcompany1/ https://www.facebook.com/scalingnewheights/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV8fFr4Amj2i1KzRcV8CXTA Twitter: @joewoodard @WoodardCompany Corporate Partner: People Process - http

Eat Sleep Work Repeat


Fortitude, Winning Workplace Culture and the Future Forum

Two things on the podcast today - at the end of the episode there is a discussion with former guest, Brian Elliott from Slack's Future Forum.Ahead of that I want to make an announcement about what I've been working on - with my new book Fortitude.Fortitude is an investigation into the elusive idea of resilience, a book that discovers that resilience is a area filled with mistakes, misdirection and over-promise. The book finds the true secrets of resilience.You can find out all of about the book here or you can receive my workplace culture course for free if you pre-order it now.The Future Forum book 'How the Future Works' is available now. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Leadership Is Changing

Denis Gianoutsos.

Welcome to Leadership is Changing! Each week, we and our guests provide information and insights through exploring leading change. This is taking your leadership to another level by finding the balance between executive excellence and personal well-being through stories that inspire real change. It’s time to adapt in our fast-moving world when leadership is changing, with your host, Denis Gianoutsos.

WirtschaftsWoche Chefgespräch

Beat Balzli

BayWa-Chef Lutz: „Wir sind auf dem Weg in eine Art DDR 2.0“

Spätestens seit Putins Krieg gegen die Ukraine hat uns die Inflation fest im Griff. Was letztes Jahr noch undenkbar schien, ist jetzt Realität. Das Geld entwertet sich mit einer Rate von über sieben Prozent im Monat. Bald drohen gar zweistellige Raten. Haupttreiber sind explodierende Energie- und Rohstoffpreise. Die Lage auf den Lebensmittelmärkten ist besonders angespannt. Die Ukraine gehört neben Russland zu den größten Weizenexporteuren der Welt. Nun warnen Experten vor Hungersnöten in afrikanischen Ländern und einem Brotpreis von zehn Euro in Deutschland. Womit wir bei meinem heutigen Gast wären. Er ist ein Vollblut-Bayer, schwärmt für die CSU, schreibt Bundes-Gesundheitsministern gerne böse Briefe, neigt zu undiplomatisch offenen Worten, kann vom Apfel bis zur Zeitung alles verkaufen, wird von Gegnern als Sonnenkönig beschrieben, setzte viel früher als andere auf Erneuerbare Energien – und befürchtet, dass in D

PwC Pulse podcast


In today’s fast-changing landscape, successful business leaders find ways to quickly adapt, build trust and deliver value. By combining the right people and technologies, they’re tackling tough business issues like talent, transformation and sustainability, and addressing external forces like geopolitical conflict, the ongoing pandemic and social injustice challenges. The PwC Pulse podcast provides insights to help you solve today’s challenges and prepare to take on what comes next.


Wataru Sakakura

BCG - One Capital、BCG - Laboro.AI の2人で、DX推進やAI実装を核としたイノベーションに関する徒然を緩やかに語ります。

Guerras De Negocios (España)


Netflix vs HBO. Nike vs Adidas. Los negocios son como la guerra. A veces, la competencia es por tu billetera o tu atención. Otras veces, sólo por la diversión de derrotar al adversario. El resultado de estas batallas moldea la forma en la que consumimos, incluso la manera en la que vivimos. En "Guerras de Negocios" te contamos la versión no autorizada, la historia real que llevó a estas compañías y a sus líderes, inventores, inversores y ejecutivos hacia lo más alto o la ruina total.

Everyday MBA

Kevin Craine

Six Vital Skills to Sell More

Dale Merrill discusses the book "Strikingly Different" and six vital skills sales professionals need to sell more. The book is based on extensive research from FranklinCovey involving more than 2,800 sales professionals from 135 countries. Learn the new skills needed in sales today, and listen for three action items you can use that can make a difference and boost your sales success. Host, Kevin Craine Do you want to be a guest?



この番組は、数字がちょっと苦手な中小企業経営者の方が、数字に強くなって業績をばりばりあげてもらうための応援番組です。 https://yuushi-zaimu.net/


コンビニ社労士 安 紗弥香

コンビニ業界の“労務問題あるある”をQ&A形式でご紹介!コンビニオーナー、店長が悩みやすい「人材のギモン」の解決法を具体的に解説していく番組です。5分なので、難しいことは話しません。 こんくり株式会社 https://con-cre.co.jp/ MANA-formation https://community.camp-fire.jp/projects/view/409762

At The Table with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni

132. Dignity is Tricky

The concept of dignity in work is at the heart of organizational health, but it's not always as simple as it's made out to be.  Dignity requires an emphasis on performance as well as humanity, but too often, companies focus on one at the expense of the other.  




youtubeなどで見逃し配信受講された方も対象となりますので、ぜひご意見・ご質問をお寄せ下さい! ふるってご応募ください!(ほんとに心ばかりでスミマセン!) なお当選者の発表は、次回の放送に行います!!  
番組へのリクエスト&質問特設フォーム https://forms.gle/umgAqCLDyVWCTMq67 
 1.オープニング・チャットトークコーナー【密かなマイブーム!!】 今回は「ヤマザキ」さんからのリクエスト! 今年のあなたの「密かなマイブーム」を教えてください! なかなかレアなマイブームが出ました!  
2.「今年のオススメ映画&ドラマ、最後にドド〜ンと!」 今年最後の放送なので、まとめてドド〜ンと、オススメ映画&ドラマをドドンと10本お伝えします!どうかご期待下さい!! 
 3.【「二条先生、教えてください」質疑応答コーナー】 皆さんからの素朴な疑問にズバッとお答えいたします!仕事や経営の悩み、人生相談、私への個人的質問、なんでもござれ! あなたの疑問、ぜひお気軽にお寄せ下さい! https://forms.gle/umgAqCLDyVWCTMq67ご質問をお寄せいただいた方の中から毎回抽選で1名の方へ「ポチッとギフト」の心ばかりのプレゼントを差し上げます!  
4.今年最後の重大発表!! 2019年暮れに続く、あれについての重大発表です! またやっちまったかあ。。。でしょうか。 

DHL Trend Report: Future of Work in Logistics

DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation

Insights from our Global Workforce Survey

Covid-19 has given workers the chance to reflect on their needs and aspirations, and many want a new model of work. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated an already growing adoption of new technologies like automation and AI in logistics, raising concerns for many about their own career development and job security. From forklift operators and customs agents to aircraft pilots and senior leadership, we captured the responses of over 7,000 people in our 2021 DHL Future of Work in Logistics Survey to understand where we stand today.

Procurement in 5-Minutes

Iain Campbell McKenna

Procurement in 5-Minutes: How can procurement understand its capabilities and maturity?

We live and work in a busy world in which there is little time to read, watch or listen beyond the headlines.Hello, my name is Iain Campbell-McKenna, and this is “Procurement in 5-minutes.” That’s right, in 5-minutes I promise to tackle some of the biggest challenges and deepest questions our profession and industry face on a day-to-day basis.In today’s 5-minutes I welcome senior procurement executive and long-time industry expert, René Gotfredsen to answer the question:  "How can procurement understand its capabilities and maturity?" Visit René’s LinkedIn profile @: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renegotfredsen/ 

Human Resource Development Masterclass

Academy of Human Resource Development

Developing As An HRD Professional

In this final episode of the second season of HRD Masterclass, Darren Short reflects back on what we’ve learned about the work of HRD professionals, supported by extracts taken from some of the 35 conversations featured in the season. Darren also spotlights a few conversations that he finds himself revisiting over and over again.During the episode, Darren explores:Lessons learned about the nature of HRD work and how that’s changing.Lessons learned about the challenge for HRD professionals of staying relevant in a changing workplace.Lessons learned about the opportunities for HRD professionals to find their voice and enable the voices of others.Lessons learned about the challenge for HRD professionals of improving HRD so as to increase and demonstrate impact.Lessons learned about the importance of HRD professionals partnering with others.Lessons learned about what this all means for the knowledge, skills, and qualities of HRD professionals.Fo

Ask The R2 Guru


Ask The R2 Guru is a podcast developed by SERI, Champions of Electronics Sustainability. This podcast is a series of short and helpful tips designed for electronics recyclers and refurbishers interested in the R2v3 Standard and the certification process. So, grab a cup of coffee and give them a listen.

The Learning Leader Show With Ryan Hawk

Ryan Hawk

468 - Vanessa Van Edwards - The Secret Language To Charismatic Communication (Cues)

Text Hawk to 66866 for "Mindful Monday." A carefully curated email you'll receive each Monday to help you start your week off right. Full shownotes at www.LearningLeader.com Twitter/IG: @RyanHawk12    https://twitter.com/RyanHawk12 Vanessa Van Edwards is the Lead Investigator at Science of People. She is the bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People, translated into 16 languages. More than 50 million people watch her engaging YouTube tutorials and TEDx Talk. Vanessa works with entrepreneurs, growing businesses, and trillion-dollar companies; and has been featured on CNN, BBC, CBS Mornings, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Today Show, and many more. Her latest book is called Cues: Master The Secret Language of Charismatic Communication. Notes: Cues - It’s about warmth and competence. Can I trust you? Can I rely on you? –

This is Product Management

Feedback Loop

301 - Relationship Management is Product Management

Looking for methods to identify and manage power users in your product? In this episode, Christian Kletzl, CEO and co-founder of UserGems how to do this. Plus, he shares why he built the product for humans and not companies.  TIPM is produced by Feedback Loop, a DISQO company, the agile research platform designed for product and marketing teams. Get access at https://go.feedbackloop.com/start-free-now-tipm to a free trial today. 



第684回 出る杭が歓迎される社風


今回から、丸亀製麺を運営している、トリドールホールディングスの総務部長兼経営企画室IR担当の、小野正誉(おのまさとも)さんをゲストにお招きし、小野さんのご著書、「丸亀製麺のすごい働き方」( https://amzn.to/3t2ZTZ5 )の内容に基づき、同社の「すごい働き方」についてお伺いしていきます。









NEXs Tokyo

「これからの組織ゼミ」は、COVID-19を経て急激に働き方と生活様式の変化が求められる中で、企業はいかに現在の変化に合わせた組織づくりをしていくべきか?について学びを深めるラジオ番組です。 パーソナリティとして同じ問題意識を持つ(株)ツクルバ取締役・共同創業者&(株)KOU 代表取締役の中村真広が、ゼミ長として有識者や現場で組織づくりに関わる方々をゲストを招きながら皆さんと一緒に学んでいきます。

How To Succeed In Product Management | Jeffrey Shulman, Red Russak & Soumeya Benghanem

Jeff Shulman, Red Russak & Soumeya Benghanem

43: How Do You Define a PM’s Career Success?

In this episode of the How to Succeed in Product Management Podcast, marketing professor Jeff Shulman and The Product Management Center advisory board members Red Russak and Soumeya Benghanem welcome Tom Leung (Goggle, Fireside Product Management Podcast) to talk about what makes a successful PM. Is it the number of products that went live? Is it the position you currently hold in the company? Is the head count of other PMs under your team? There are several ways to measure the success of Product Managers. What matters most of the time is the skills that you have when take on the role and what will you bring to help scale up the business.
Support for How to Succeed in Product Management is brought to you by Apptentive, which enables product managers to measure shifts in customer emotion and gather actionable feedback across the mobile customer journey. To learn more, go to Apptentive.com/UW.
What to Listen

Boundaryless Leadership

Nozomi Morgan

Multinational companies are often navigating boundaries such as geographical, intercultural, gender, race, age, religion, values, departmental or business unit boundaries and many more. In today's ever changing world, we, as leaders, need to work beyond these boundaries and navigate through them. Ultimately, we get to increase the intercultural collaboration so that they can work beyond those boundaries and increase performance. Nozomi Morgan explores the journey with these executives, leaders and professionals to learn how they have become a boundaryless leader. Listen each week as Nozomi interviews industry leaders and even sheds her own light on her journey. If you are looking for inspiration and examples of intercultural leadership in order to lead more powerfully then this podcast is for you.

Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics

Alcott Global

#129: Christophe Mugnier-Pollet, VP Global Supply Chain of Vestas

Christophe Mugnier-Pollet is the VP Global Supply Chain Management at Vestas based in Denmark.Christophe has a professional longtime experience within the supply chain. Previously, he also worked for ABB and Schneider Electric. Discover more details here.Some of the highlights of the episode:Cristophe’s journey to getting into supply chainDifferences in IBP in an FMCG environment vs a Vestas environmentBest practices, key lessons and learnings from Cristophe’s past experiencesCollaboration and building partnerships with suppliersChanges on how Vestas works with investors in times of disruptionHighest demand skills in the futureFollow us on:Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Wba8v7Twitter: http://bit.ly/2WeulzXLinkedin: http://bit.ly/2w9YSQXFacebook: http://bit.ly/2HtryLd



この番組は、本番発揮力、習慣力、日々の取り組みの質、チームビルディング、コミュニケーション力、自分との対話など、 スポーツにもビジネスにも教育にも共通するメンタルの整え方について、 オリンピック選手のメンタルコーチ河邊英里子がリスナーの皆様からのご質問に直接お答えする形でお伝えしていく番組です。 ジュニア選手、トップアスリートから営業マン、企業経営者まで [現状把握力][フォーカス力][イメージ力] を高めて 目標達成までをサポートする haruasu株式会社の提供でお送りいたします。 ●河邊英里子のメルマガでも有益な情報をお送りしております。 https://17auto.biz/haruasu-8/touroku/entry.htm

Focus on This

Full Focus

#145: How to Leverage Time and Accomplish Your Goals

Timing is everything. We often talk about the importance of knowing your "why", but when it comes to accomplishing your goals, it's also important to understand the power of "when". When are you going to make the space to accomplish your goals? If you choose poorly, you could find yourself struggling to succeed at goals that are both important to you and attainable.In this episode, Courtney and Verbs talk about two important ways that you can use time to your advantage. They also answer a Full Focus Planner Community question about what to do when you fall off the goal achievement wagon for a month.You'll learn-How to create urgency in your goalsettingHow to leverage time differently for habit and achievement goalsHow to use a time trigger to create space and consistency in your lifeYou can watch this entire episode (and see the first steps of "The Focus" dance) here: https://you






ランチェスター経営戦略コンサルタント 社長のメンター 理念と戦略のプロ (株)フォスターワン代表取締役社長 

New Solo

Legal Talk Network

“Solo By Choice” Update! Opening Your Own Shop

Longtime friend of Legal Talk Network Carolyn Elefant – author, mentor, blogger, and solo practitioner – joins host Adriana Linares with a huge update to her hit book “Solo by Choice.”
Get a one-stop-shop overview for any new solo practitioner. The pandemic, social media, online content, and business generation trends are shaking the legal practice bedrock.
The online conferencing and virtual offices of the pandemic are challenging the need for a formal office. Billing practices and options are shifting. Virtual assistants and freelancers are the norm. Clients are looking to new sources for attorneys.
Of course, you still need paying clients. Hear ideas on how to fully commit to your practice, find your niche, and build business from day one. Plus, business practice requirements, customer relationship programs, insurance, licensing, cybersecurity, and legal tech software. There’s no better time for new solo practi

「1日5分!そこが気になる税務と会計」 公認会計士/税理士 小林 祐士

公認会計士/税理士 小林祐士

このポッドキャストでは、 ・私が住んでいる東京都町田市・原町田の情報発信 ・専門分野の話 ・最近の気になる話題 を取り上げていきます。 昔、乙女な私は、FMラジオに初めて視聴者投稿して、そのメッセージが取り上げられた時の感動が忘れられません。 その後、大学受験には中山秀樹と志村けんの深夜ラジオ「い〜んでないの?」、ドリアン助川の正義のラジオ!ジャンベルジャン、長渕剛オールナイトニッポン今夜はバリサンなどを聞きながら、いつしか定期的にラジオを聞くことから離れてしまっていました。 いつか自分も何か情報を発信出来ないかなと、当時はそういったことはラジオ局や有名アーティストにならないと無理なんだなと諦めていました。 2021年8月、コロナ禍で何気なくYouTubeを見ていて、自分も何かクリエイティブなことをしたいとYouTubeチャンネルを開設しました。そんな中、ポッドキャストを配信できるという動画を見たのをきっかけに、40代となってしまった自分に言い聞かせました。「人生一度きり、せっかくなら自分もポッドキャストを配信してみよう」と思いポッドキャストチャンネルを開設してみました。 素人で音響の知識もYouTubeを参考に独学でやっています。 リスナーの皆さんと良いポッドキャストを作って行くことができればと思っております。 仕事は、公認会計士・税理士として活動しています。

組織ラジオ  いまのたかの

Shinichi Takano

#072 関係の質の前提に組織と個人のあり方がある


Innovation in Compliance with Tom Fox

Thomas Fox

Innovation in compliance brings you interviews with industry leading experts who are changing the way practitioners approach compliance. Host Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist and Voice of Compliance is driving the conversation about compliance into the 2020s and beyond with his focus on innovations for the compliance practitioner and the compliance profession. If you want to learn how to bring business solutions to compliance problems to more fully operationalize compliance, this is the podcast for you.

新・1日3分MBA講座@MBA Radio Station

MBA Solution, Inc

[PR] 2012年MBA Solution Business College開講プログラム

MBA Solution Business CollegeのMBA講座開催日程をご案内致します。[01/22] バランスト・スコアカード講座

終了しました[02/19] ビジネスプラン講座

終了しました[03/18] 経営戦略講座

終了しました[04/15] マーケティング戦略講座

終了しました[05/22] CRM戦略講座

終了しました[05/22] ブランド戦略講座

終了しました[06/17] 組織人..

The HC Insider Podcast

HC Insider, Paul Chapman

The World’s Most Important Bean with Ivo Sarjanovic

Soybeans have become one of the world’s most important commodities. They feed us, our livestock and fuel our cars. As such they have become central in geopolitics, world trade and food security. However, prices are rising fast in the wake of rising demand for food and fuel, weather impacts of La Nina and climate change and the war in Ukraine. What will this mean for the world of commodities?  In this episode we zoom into the world of soybeans. What are they? Where are they grown, crushed and sold? What are the trends that are affecting traders and us all. Our guest is Ivo Sarjanovic, agri independent director, investor in ag-tech and visiting professor at the University of Geneva. As a bonus, Ivo also takes us through a recent academic paper on whether commodities are always a good hedge for inflation.To find out more about HC and our talent advisory services in the energy & commodities sector visit www.hcgroup.global/hc-in

Circular Economy Podcast

Catherine Weetman

In these podcasts, Catherine Weetman of RethinkGlobal.info will be chatting with those inspiring people who are making the circular economy happen: rethinking how we design, make and use everything. We’ll talk to entrepreneurs & business owners, social enterprises, and leading thinkers. We’ll find out how they are using circular principles to create value, increase resilience and reduce risk: to make a competitive, sustainable organisation. You’ll find the show notes, links and transcripts at www.circulareconomypodcast.com, where you can subscribe to updates and useful resources.

Financial Management (FM) magazine

Financial Management (FM) magazine

Better risk management: A worthy pursuit at a critical time

Risk management is no longer an annual, tick-the-box exercise. It’s a regular, vital part of an organisation’s business plan. To provide a framework and questions that risk leaders should consider, a new tool has been developed and published. Jeff Parkison, CPA, CGMA, a US finance leader, is a co-author of the updated document, which is called “ERM Insights for the Financial Risk Leader”. He explains why enhanced risk management is needed and how the tool and its checklists can help organisations.

The Mobile Robot Podcast

The Mobile Robot Guide

The Mobile Robot Podcast is a weekly interview-style show that profiles successful entrepreneurs and luminaries in the mobile robotics industry. We talk about their past, present, and future contributions to the field, as well as their current projects and companies. We also discuss the latest news in the industry from conferences, acquisitions, and new product releases.

THE Leadership Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Dale Carnegie Japan

455: Providing Constructive Feedback

Giving feedback at any time about performance issues is always fraught. Providing constructive feedback is one of those areas which we often dread, only surpassed by the prospect of having to give negative feedback.  Ideally, we can avoid negative feedback altogether and turn it into a more positive version. Nevertheless, those on the receiving end of anything but adulation and lavish praise, are rarely in a positive mindset about receiving corrective feedback.  They are keen to justify what they did, sometimes deny it was their fault or try to wriggle out of it and shift the blame to someone else.  It is extremely rare for someone to put their hand up and take ownership for problems.  What can we do about giving feedback?   Here are nine ideas on giving better, positive feedback. Be certain the feedback is positive and constructive. Don’t boost your own ego or pull an authority powerplay of blatant status affirmation, by putting down ot

El podcast de KPMG en España

KPMG en España

Escucha el análisis de los expertos de KPMG sobre la actualidad empresarial, regulatoria y económica.

The Champion Forum Podcast with Jeff Hancher

Jeff Hancher

The Champion Forum Podcast is dedicated to raising up leaders who know that they are not only called to grow an organization, but to help their team members become the best that they can be. Join Jeff Hancher weekly as he challenges and inspires his listeners to reach their full potential by laying out complex leadership principles in a step-by-step approach.

Бизнес-навигатор. В эфире KPMG

Деловые ведомости

Два раза в месяц журналист эстонского издания "Деловые ведомости" Дмитрий Фефилов и специалисты консультационной компании KPMG Eesti обсуждают актуальные для бизнеса темы, связанные с законодательством, налогами, технологиями, а также отвечают на ваши вопросы. Подкаст выходит при поддержке KPMG Eesti.

Elevating Employee Experience

Josh Drean

Designing a digital employee experience is your greatest competitive advantage in the new world of work. Tune in for the most progressive and relevant content from all of today's top influencers.

Leadership and Business

Raymond A. Mason School of Business

170 Patrice Lincoln - The Hot Job Market

If you’re looking for a new job, now is the time to look. Due to a number of factors, we’re experiencing the hottest job market in decades. Salaries are up, the number of openings across sectors and industries has increased, benefits are improving, and employers are becoming more flexible. The news is great if you’re a job seeker. Patrice Lincoln is a career coach. She’s the Director of Graduate Career Advising and Education at William & Mary’s School of Business. She’s on the front lines in the job search environment helping graduate business students land the right positions. She joins us to discuss our current hot job market, and how - if you’re seeking a new opportunity - you can succeed.  Learn how the Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William and Mary can help you and your organization develop your top talent through customized executive education and professional development programs. Visit us at www.wmleadership.com. Than

The Minor Consult

Stanford Medicine

S2 Ep1: Fmr. United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz on Listening, Learning & Leading in Business

Following years of record challenges and uncertainty in the airline industry, Dean Lloyd Minor welcomes Oscar Muñoz, former CEO and former executive chairman of United Airlines. They discuss the importance of leading by listening, sticking to values of empathy and open-mindedness, and growing diversity in corporate America. Over the course of their conversation, they explore the power of building trust with employees, providing honest guidance for the next generation, and how a personal health crisis can lead to meaningful revelations about life at work and at home.

Leading by Nature

Giles Hutchins

In this podcast series, executive coach, keynote speaker and author, Giles Hutchins, interviews pioneering leaders from diverse organisations, exploring future fit leadership and organisational development. Each episode, Giles and an esteemed guest will discuss the inner nature and outer nature of their respective organisation and the inner and outer nature of themselves as a leader, as they journey toward regenerative futures. For more information on Leading by Nature, you can follow Giles Hutchins on LinkedIn, or visit gileshutchins.com for free downloads of tools and practices for regenerative leadership and future fit business. Also, watch out for his latest book, Leading by Nature: The Process of Becoming a Regenerative Leader. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Hiring Tips Podcast

Stan Dubin

The Hiring Tips podcast will help you make better hiring decisions. The tips are 3-4 minutes long. Topics include: - What questions to ask during the hiring interview - How to evaluate the person in front of you - Employee motivation, benefits and compensation - How to assess a prospective employee's skills - and other subjects to help you with the hiring process. The Hiring Tips podcast is brought to you by The Employee Testing Center. For those making hiring decisions, take our complimentary employee test at GetBetterStaff.com.

MBA Secrets

Ryan Price

63. MBA Secrets - Don't Let School Get In The Way Of Your Education

Try to avoid the idea that when you get into an MBA program that you have to follow the prescribed path through. Tailor your experience to YOU and YOUR goals! Listen in to find out how I am doing that.For more must-have resources, head over to the MBA Secrets website!

Grain Markets and Other Stuff

Joe Vaclavik

Corn and Soybeans Reverse Lower on Bullish News 2/11/22

Futures and options trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

The Disruptive Voice

Clay Christensen's Forum for Growth and Innovation at the Harvard Business

The Disruptive Voice explores the theories of Disruptive Innovation across a broad set of industries and circumstances with academics, researchers, and practitioners who have been inspired and taught by Harvard Business School Professor Clayton M. Christensen, who was one of the world’s top experts on growth and innovation. For more information, email fgi@hbs.edu. BSSE = Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise, Professor Clayton M. Christensen's signature course at the Harvard Business School and a breeding ground for many of the ideas shared in this podcast.

Talking About Organizations Podcast

Tom Galvin | Ralph Soule | Pedro Monteiro

Talking About Organizations is a conversational podcast where we talk about one book, journal article or idea per episode and try to understand it, its purpose and its impact. By joining us as we collectively tackle managerial and organizational problems, you get the full benefit of active and organic thinking as opposed to passive receiving that normally accompanies a monologue or a lecture. Subscribe to our feed and begin Talking About Organizations as we take on great management thinkers of past and present!

High Ticket Expert

Dan Lok

High Ticket Expert brings you 10 minutes of "High Ticket" actionable advice every single day. Get proven strategies to scale your expert business to 7 or even 8 figures. For additional resources and previous episodes, visit us at: https://www.highticketexpert.com/

Aviation Week's BCA Podcast

Aviation Week Network

Aviation Week's BCA Podcast explores trends and key developments in business aviation that affect aircraft fleet owners, fractional operators, customers, FBOs and others.

一橋MBA生 なりなりとじゅたのラジオ


「一橋MBAの楽しさを伝えるラジオ」をコンセプトにお送りする「一橋MBA生 なりなりとじゅたのラジオ」です。 配信しているのは「ラジオ初心者、でもラジオ好き!」な一橋MBA2年生のなりなりとじゅた。MBAに興味があるけど、なかなか情報がない!そんなあなたへ社会人学生と一橋MBAのリアルをお届けします。

Better Business Coach Podcast: Sales Training | Proven Education | Actionable & Downloadable Worksheets

Matthew Pollard, Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Sales and Marketing Strategist

Finally put an end to flying blind, struggling to plan coaching sessions and thinking of buying expensive and restrictive franchises. The Better Business Coach Podcast removes all the guesswork and turns your coaching business into a well-oiled profit machine. It’s your one-stop resource for critical sales training, proven education, and actionable worksheets– straight from the Rapid Growth Guy, Matthew Pollard. Matthew has done all the work for you. No longer will you need to rush to create innovative worksheets, exercises, and tools to help your clients. Nor will you need to fear taking on a client because you’re just not sure how you can help. And you can finally stop worrying that the time will come when they just don’t need you anymore. The Better Business Coach® Podcast gives you everything you need to land high paying clients and keep them coming back for more. Learn the four fundamental pillars your coaching must focus on – vision, strategy, systems, and people – and how to integrate them for skyrocketing client success. This is your opportunity to discover Matthew’s signature coaching ideology, traditionally only available for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s the same ideology he’s used to transform over 3500 struggling businesses into profitable success stories, earning him an international reputation and recognition in Forbes, Fortune, and Entrepreneur. Expand your knowledge, gain confidence, and lock in your clients long-term with the Better Business Coach Podcast – ten years of Matthew’s experience distilled into 25 episodes designed to bring you unparalleled success.

McKinsey on Insurance

McKinsey Insurance

Accelerating diversity in insurance

In this podcast, McKinsey experts discuss the changing work environment for women in insurance post-COVID and how to strengthen the industry's diverse workforce
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Negotiations Ninja Podcast

Mark Raffan

Master Your Anger with These Tips [Throwback with Svitlana Kalitsun]

When you feel anger rising within you, what do you do? How do you keep your temper from flaring when you’re embroiled in a frustrating negotiation? As she launched her career, Svitlana Kalitsun quickly realized that lawyers don’t know how to negotiate (by no fault of their own). They’re not taught proper negotiation skills. Svitlana’s mission is to help change the way lawyers negotiate—including mastering their emotions. She shares some anger management basics in this special throwback episode of the Negotiations Ninja podcast!

Trade Finance Talks

Trade Finance Global

Taking on Europe’s credit risk insurance rules with ITFA’s Silja Calac, Jean-Maurice Elkouby

Credit risk insurance is a vital instrument for bank risk and capital management, and for facilitating lending to the real economy. 
Typically, banks only use the strongest insurers with sound capital bases and risk management practices for credit risk insurance, but even so, some market participants argue that current regulations are overly restrictive.
One of those is Silja Calac, board member at the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) and head of the ITFA Insurance Committee. 
Read more here: https://www.tradefinanceglobal.com/posts/podcast-s1-e83-aking-on-europes-credit-risk-insurance-rules-with-itfas-silja-calac-jean-maurice-elkouby/

Q&A về Quản lý Sales và Kỹ năng Sales

Đỗ Xuân Tùng

Q&A về Quản lý Sales và Kỹ năng Sales #73


Partnering Leadership

Mahan Tavakoli

Resilient Leadership with a Drive for Excellence and Impact With Ridgwell’s CEO Susan Lacz | Greater Washington DC DMV Changemaker

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Susan Lacz, principal, and chief executive officer of Ridgewells Catering, shared her leadership journey with Mahan Tavakoli. Susan Lacz spoke about how she has managed the obstacles in her life and has built a successful business that needs to continue changing and adapting through disruption. Susan Lacz also shared why she is so committed to giving back to the community through Ridgwell Catering's support and giving her time and energy to many institutions and organizations, including Marymount University and Junior Achievement of Greater Washington.Some Highlights:-How Susan Lacz's Polish culture influenced her love of entertaining-Susan Lacz on overcoming a significant setback early in life-Rebranding strategies contributing to Ridgewells Catering's continued growth and expansion-Growth

The Mind Tools L&D Podcast

Emerald Works

283 — How does nudge theory support workplace learning?

In 2008, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein published Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness. Since then, nudges have been applied to public policy, healthcare, business and tech. Today on The Mind Tools L&D Podcast, Gemma, Ross G, Ross D and Sean look at how nudge theory can be applied to workplace learning. We discuss: What nudge theory is How understanding learner context helps us identify nudges Criticisms of nudge theory. The book we based most of this discussion on has just been revised. Check out the latest version of Nudge here: yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300262285/nudge  We also referenced Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman: wikipedia.org/wiki/Thinking,_Fast_and_Slow  We mentioned Dan Pink's Drive: danpink.com/books/drive  And Deci and Ryan on 'Self Determination Theory': wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-determination_theory  If you want to hand over cash to help you make commitments, the

Consulting Logistics presented by FreightPlus

Kyle MacNaught

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

ManagementCast by IMD


How will AI change management? What is customer-centricity? When should you climb down from the top of the business mountain? In ManagementCast, IMD Podcast Producer JohnJo Devlin, finds the answers to these questions, and more, through interviews with the brightest minds in the business universe. For 75 years IMD professors have transformed the worlds leading brands. In each episode, the faculty pass on the attitudes, ideas, and strategies that underpin successful companies; as well as some predictions about the future of management.

The CX Cast®


Research-based guidance on how to manage customer experience (CX) at any organization — an imperative that Forrester has been researching for over 20 years. Each week, Forrester analysts discuss key findings from their latest research on CX; analyze relevant topics in the news; or chat with CX professionals about how they’ve overcome prevalent challenges managing CX in their organizations.

Excellent Executive Coaching: Growing Your Business and Enhancing Your Craft.

Host Katrina Burrus PhD, MCC interviews leaders from the ICF International

EEC 204: Grow Stronger Leaders and Teams with Effective Communication Skills by Meredith Bell

Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC interviews Meredith Bell about the importance of sharpening your communication so that your leadership skills improve as well as the cohesiveness of your team. I’ve noticed that the name of your company is Performance Support Systems. What is the No. 1 thing organizations should be focused on improving to boost their performance? Which communication skills are most essential for effective leader-team interactions? Why is it that most learning and development programs don't produce lasting improvement in performance, and what's the solution? Frustrations are inevitable while learning a new skill, so what will motivate people to stick with it? What do you mean by “peer coach” and what does it take to be effective in that role? Meredith Bell Meredith Bell is co-founder and President of Performance Support Systems, a global software company providing assessment

M&A Views

Trevear Thomas

M&A regulation realities amid market momentum

This episode of the M&A Views podcast explores the heightened scrutiny of trade, social, and environmental risks alongside the momentum of a more stringent M&A regulatory agenda. Why is pressure increasing for dealmakers to think even more closely about the prospects of new M&A regulations, and what’s the driving force behind the recent regulatory stir?

Lean Six Sigma Bursts

Brion Hurley

E49: Cross-Training Matrix for Identifying Skills Gaps in your Team

In this episode, I talk about a useful matrix that helps you identify cross-training and skill development opportunities with your team or in your organization. It's called a cross-training matrix, or a skills matrix. Each skill is listed on one side, and each team member is listed on the other side of the matrix. For each combination of skill and person, you determine how much experience they have by filling in a circle (called a harvey ball).
I'm including a link to more details, and an Excel template you can download and use for free.

Cross-Training Matrix on LeanSixSigmaDefinition.com
Free Excel Template for Cross-Training Matrix
Need help in your organization? Let's talk! Schedule a free support call
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?去咖啡店點一杯Hot Chocolate,你會得到的是_____

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The EOS Leader

EOS Worldwide

Kristjan Hebert | Grow or Die

Kristjan Hebert, managing partner at Hebert Grain Ventures, discusses how to leverage your team for year-on-year growth and optimization. From CPA to entrepreneur, Kristjan knows the importance of moving fast, making mistakes, and trusting your gut.



全球疫情延燒、俄烏戰爭、通膨、升息,這一年的經濟局勢罕見複雜,後疫情時代的產經新趨勢,我們深度訪談成功企業領袖,帶您探究台灣的機會與挑戰。 分享受訪者在事業打拚的努力過程,暢談企業轉型發展的成功經驗, 甚至是分享企業安排世代接班的培養方式。產業界人士提供寶貴的人生經驗, 使觀眾獲得思想啟發,進而促使社會產生向上進取的風氣。 Powered by Firstory Hosting

Inbound Logistics Podcast: Supply Chain Reactions

Inbound Logistics Magazine

Supply Chain Solutions: Are You Prepared for the New Business Landscape? Guests: Margaritta Topielski, Tom McCormack, Taylored

As the world begins to slowly recover from a truly global disruption, the supply chain industry continues to deal with the aftershocks that have changed the business forever. Companies who are quick to adapt and adopt new processes, innovative technologies, and dynamic strategies find that they are better prepared to respond to the dramatic new business landscape. Margaritta Topielski and Tom McCormack of Taylored, join us to discuss what they see today and down the road ahead. FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://tayloredservices.com/ DO YOU WANT TO RESPOND TO THIS EPISODE? Call our Dialog Line: 888-878-3247 DOWNLOAD THE NEW INBOUND LOGISTICS APP featuring the updated and expanded Logistics Planner! Available on iTunes and the Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/ILMagApp   http://bit.ly/ILMagAppGoogle  Are you a #logistics Thought Leader that would like to be

Life in Digital

Sphere Digital Recruitment

Change is inevitable and sometimes that change is accelerated. Each month, we speak to leaders in the digital sector about their experiences, and how their businesses are navigating the digital sector. Brought to you by Sphere Digital Recruitment

CFO Bookshelf

Mark Gandy

CFO Bookshelf is based on the popular monthly newsletter by CFOBookshelf.com. Each week, a business author or thought leader is interviewed where practical insights can be applied by financial leaders. The show was founded by a pioneer in the part-time CFO business.


TP&Pコンサルティング 台湾会計士 梅木朱佳







Web: https://tppgodo.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAD0X-WEH9s3GeWCbg2MbWQ
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How to Sell Art: The Abundant Artist Podcast

Cory Huff, TheAbundantArtist.com, How to Sell Art Online

We interview successful professional artists including painters, sculptors, photographers and other fine artists. We talk about the business of art and what it takes to succeed.

Phronesis: Practical Wisdom for Leaders

Scott J. Allen

Brian Barren - Becoming the Guardians

Brian Barren enters his ninth season with the Cleveland Guardians and sixth as President of Business Operations. He joined the organization in January 2014 and served as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing over his first three seasons. Brian oversees all aspects of the club l s business functions in his present capacity.Barren joined the Guardians following an accomplished, 24-year career with Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH. He developed a wide variety of skill sets and expertise in Customer Business Development and general management of multi-functional business teams. As a senior leader at P&G, Brian had team leadership responsibility on the Wal-Mart and Kroger Teams, two of P&G's top customers globally.Brian is a 1989 graduate of Princeton University, where he earned a degree in History that included his senior year thesis researching the integration of Major League Baseball. He played football for f

The Leadership Stack Podcast

Sean Si

How To Say No Without Saying No | SeanSpeaks

Saying “yes” all the time may put you in difficult situations. Here are some practices on how you can say “no” in business or in the workplace!

Declining or rejecting an offer or a request can be hard, but accepting them may end up with you not feeling great at all. You have to realize that you can’t agree to everything since you can be putting your business at risk too. If you want to take care of your business, you also have to learn how you can set boundaries for a client or even for your team.

Accompany Mr. CEO at 22, Sean Si, as he shares the tactics on how you can make decisions and say “no” in a kind and pleasant way only in this episode of the Leadership Stack!

- - -

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/leadershipstack

Join our community and ask questions here: from.sean.si/discord

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leadershipstack




経済産業省認定経営革新等支援機関の株式会社ヒースの代表佐々木が各業界で注目されるトップランナーを招いてインタビューします。 お便りはこちら☆ https://www.gokigen.me/contact/

The CXO Podcast


Circularity and Future-Fit Corporate Strategy

Joe Trainor joins circular economy expert and director of https://www.rethinkglobal.info/ (Rethink Global), Catherine Weetman, talks with Maria Vittoria Trussoni, Head of Sustainability Goals Championship at NTT DATA Italia about bringing circular principles into corporate strategy, and the surprising benefits it will bring.
This is the second of two podcasts from the latest edition of the CXO Magazine, on the theme of Sustainable Transformation.
For more deep dives into the issues facing today’s corporate leaders, visit http://cxomag.com/ (cxomag.com)

THE Sales Japan Series by Dale Carnegie Training Tokyo Japan

Dale Carnegie Japan

288: The Piranha Client

If you have ever watched one of those nature documentaries about the piranha fish, they can strip an animal of its flesh in seconds.  The way they do that though is totally different to a shark.  Growing up in Australia, we are all experts on sharks and we know that they can distend their lower jaw to make the size of the bite larger.  They will take huge chunks of flesh off your body at a time.  The piranha however only takes small bites but there are a tremendous lot of them and this is where the trouble comes from.  These small bites remind me of some clients and how they attempt to strip you of your deal content, one little bite sized piece at a time.   We are dealing with a large company and a new division.  This is a group we haven’t worked with before, so the people are new to us.  We struck a deal for a reasonable piece of business and imagined we would set some dates and get busy with the delivery.  Gradually, they came back with a little lar

The Press Room from Deloitte Insights

Deloitte Insights

Creating a better work environment for all by embracing neurodiversity

Organizations that make an extra effort to recruit, retain, and nurture neurodivergent workers can gain a competitive edge from increased diversity in skills, ways of thinking, and approaches to problem-solving

Speak Project Management

Ayodele Adekunle, CAPM, PMP

This is a show that gives listeners an in-depth knowledge of the project management everyday language.

PMP Exam Success Secrets with Scott

Scott Payne

PMP for the Visual Learner - Must Listen

PMP for the Visual Learner - Must Listen. Let me help you!.  Just click this button and tell me your story!  Contact | PM Master Prep OR Email me directly at scott@pmmasterprep.com OR Call me directly 757-759-5282 www.pmmasterprep.com

国境なき元公安刑事 ハンク

Hiroshi Yamashita