COCOスペース 西岡/フルーツ部長

知ってるようで知らなかったフルーツ情報が満載! フルーツ大好きフルーツ部長が美味しい食べ方、選び方など豆知識をたっぷり教えてくれます。 身近なフルーツがもっと美味しく楽しめる番組。毎回楽しいゲストも登場! 札幌市で収録しています。地元のフルーツ情報もたびたび登場します! 聞き手:今野純子 (COCOスペース西岡) #おしゃべりフルーツラジオ #おしゃフル ご質問、ご感想、取り上げて欲しいフルーツなど、ぜひお寄せください! https://www.cocospace.biz/fruit-radio

Affordable Interior Design

Betsy Helmuth

Get fresh tips from the budget decorating guru, Betsy Helmuth. Each episode is packed with secrets the other pros don't want you to know and with answers to your burning design questions.  Betsy is a NY-based designer, owner of Affordable Interior Design, and has been featured on DIY Network, NBC's "Today Show", HGTV, Lifetime, and more. She is the author of the best-selling book, Affordable Interior Design.  Helmuth has shared her affordable design advice and step-by-step approaches with millions through live teaching workshops, her design book, guest columns, television appearances, and interviews. She brings her knowledge to the world of podcasting. The episodes include topics like color palettes, pattern mixing, budget creation, layout maximization, and much more. It’s time to start living in the home of your dreams without maxing out your credit cards. Learn how with Affordable Interior Design!

The Millennial Homemakers™: Interior Decorating, Hostessing, Homemaking, & Lifestyle Tips

Jackie Alexander & Jaclyn Humble

Join Jackie Alexander & Jaclyn Humble as they discuss homemaking for millennials. Millennial Homemakers is your resource for all things home, hostessing, DIYs & more. Tips & takeaways to achieve your Pinterest perfect home on a entry-level budget!

Gardening with the RHS

Royal Horticultural Society

'Gardening with the RHS' offers seasonal advice, inspiration and practical solutions to gardening problems. Trusted gardening professionals give you the latest horticultural advice, scientific research and tried and tested techniques to bring out the best in your garden. Topics covered include: growing your own vegetables, flowers, garden design, lawn care and gardening with children. Plus expert masterclasses in topics ranging from cottage garden plants, growing orchids, to pest control and eco-friendly gardening. Plus we’ll have behind the scenes reports from the country’s most prestigious flower shows. There’s something in these podcasts to interest every gardener, whatever your level of expertise. For more info see www.rhs.org.uk/podcast A Pixiu production.

The Interior Design Podcast


A podcast for the starting designers. Learn from top designers as they walk you through their year one ups, downs, lessons, and mistakes.

Sustainable Minimalists

Stephanie Seferian

Creating eco-minimalist, non-toxic homes (without the extra work). Although minimalism has experienced a rebirth in recent years, the "less is more" movement has been around for centuries. Yet today's minimalist influencers have resurrected minimalism with a decidedly consumerist spin, as modern minimalism is nearly synonymous with decluttering. While there's a lot of chatter about tidying, it's radio silence and crickets when it comes to sustainability.  The result? Aspiring minimalists find themselves on an endless hamster wheel of buying, decluttering, buying more, and purging again. Overemphasizing decluttering and underemphasizing the reasons why we overbuy in the first place is thoroughly inconsistent with slow living as a movement; consumption without intention is terrible for the planet, too.  Your host, Stephanie Seferian, is a stay-at-home/podcast-from-home mom and author who believes that minimalism, eco-friendliness, and non-toxic living are intrinsically intertwined. She's here to explore the topics of conscious consumerism, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly parenting practices with like-minded women; she's here, too, to show you how to curate eco-friendly, decluttered homes (without the extra work). 




ボタニカルラジオ ~花や観葉植物を楽しむポッドキャスト~


観葉植物やフラワーのある生活を楽しむコツを声で届けるPodcast番組。HP: https://kawanami-garden.com ガーデニング・園芸の最新ニュースや育てるコツ、映画や音楽、本、俳句や和歌, 短歌など幅広いジャンルでお伝えします。 HPでは園芸ブログも書いてます。 京都宇治の花屋より配信中! お便りや取材依頼はTwitter「 #ボタニカルラジオ 」もしくはメールにてお待ちしてます。 Twitter: https://twitter.com/kawanami_garden メール: kawanami.garden@gmail.com

神戸ファッションマートpresents マイホーム・マイライフ


◆毎週日曜日9時30分ごろ更新 日頃みなさんの生活の中で生じる素朴な疑問や、あこがれのライフスタイルなどについて、ラジオ関西アナウンサー春名優輝とシンガーソングライター近藤夏子が楽しくお伝えする番組です。 紹介した内容は、ラジオ関西のニュースサイト「ラジトピ」で記事掲載。Podcastと合わせてお楽しみください。 パーソナリティ:春名優輝(ラジオ関西アナウンサー)、近藤夏子(シンガーソングライター) 制作:ラジオ関西

The joe gardener Show - Organic Gardening - Vegetable Gardening - Expert Garden Advice From Joe Lamp'l

Joe Lamp'l

This podcast is devoted to all things gardening. National gardening television host, Joe Lamp'l, guides you through each episode with practical tips and information to help you become a better, smarter gardener, no matter where you are on your journey. This series has a strong emphasis on organic gardening and growing food, but covers a diverse range of topics from one of the country's most informed and leading gardening personalities today.





Green Radio

観葉植物好きのメンズ2人がお届けする植物ラジオ。ベランダやリビングでできるガーデニングやインテリア、植物やサステナブルライフについて話しています。観葉植物が好きな方、これから始めようと思っている方、よろしければ覗いてみてください。毎週月、水、金曜 更新です。 ▼放送に登場する植物はハッシュタグにしています。気になる植物をVoicyで検索すると関連するトークが見つけられます ▼これまでの放送タイトルがテキストで一覧できる目次ページ https://note.com/sutougen/n/nfc595d4fc3ab ▼ふたりが育てる植物が画像や映像で見れるYouTubeチャンネルはこちら https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1XyUMRx7ngvHwDeeIB3m_w ▼番組ツイッター https://twitter.com/greenradio_fm ▼パーソナリティ ワタナベ https://twitter.com/sutougen ハセベ https://twitter.com/HASEBE_YUKI



家庭で野菜を美味しく作っちゃおう!野菜を美味しく食べよう! 札幌市で少量多品種で野菜やお花を作っている、農家の細貝陽子さんに教えてもらいます。 札幌市南区の「ぽすとかん」で収録しています。 更新は週一をメドにしておりますが、農作業の都合により多少不定期となる場合がございます。 ・番組へのご意見、ご質問 https://www.postokan.com/yasai-radio ・Facebook https://www.facebook.com/yasairadio

The Beginner's Garden with Jill McSheehy

Jill McSheehy

Welcome to the Beginner's Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure -- big or small. When I began gardening in 2013, I scoured books and Internet resources to find all the information I could. Although good information was abundant, I had trouble understanding all the gardening lingo and sifting through the information to figure out what would work for me. In this podcast, my aim is to provide helpful information while explaining the gardening lingo as we go. I want to equip YOU to have the best start ever this gardening season!



跨界於Podcast的整理師Mini陪你一起打造理想起居,期望透過節目啟發人們極簡的思維,用更精準的方式打造理想起居生活! 節目涵蓋居家生活、極簡思維、自我提升等議題 👇🏻免費獲得雜亂解決方案-整理懶人包 minimalice.tw/form - 在這裡找到我 IG@minimalice.tw minimalice.tw@gmail.com 方格子、Medium、臉書🔍精準美學 Powered by Firstory Hosting

The Plant Based Podcast

Michael Perry & Ellen Mary

More people than ever are appreciating the importance of plants in our day to day lives. Whether it's a plant-based diet, clothes made from plants, the wellbeing qualities of plants, or simply a fun shelf of cacti and succulents! The Plant Based Podcast is about anything that can be traced back to plants… with subjects ranging from foraging for medicinal plants and baking with edible flowers, to plant-based body builders and clothes made from bamboo... This is not just another gardening podcast.. this is The Plant Based Podcast!

The Mind Your Home Podcast

Mia Danielle

Everything on The Mind Your Home Podcast is designed to help you create holistic, clutter-free spaces. You'll find quick audio motivation, concepts, and techniques to transform your home into your greatest support system. New episodes are released every Thursday at 6 am so be sure to subscribe! Join nearly 20k subscribers to watch new episodes on the YouTube channel! (https://youtube.com/c/miadanielle). Want the shortcut to holistic, clutter-free spaces? Watch my FREE masterclass where I share 'My Holistic Clutter-Free Formula'- https://miadanielle.com/masterclass

Elsa Billgren och Sofia Wood

Perfect Day Media

Känslan av ett riktigt bra auktionsfynd eller en skön dag i trädgården i poddformat! I Billgren Wood poddar vintage- och tv-profilen Elsa Billgren och kokbokförfattaren och inredningsprofilen Sofia Wood om framtida och samtida trender. Duon djupdyker i mat, konst, inredning, design och mode och delar med sig av personliga tankar och upplevelser. Det här är podden för inspirationstörstande personer med intresse för mat, hem och det goda i livet. Önska ämne på https://www.billgrenwood.se En podcast från Perfect Day Media.

たねと暮らす Living with Seeds

tanetokurasu / living with seeds

「たねと暮らす」は、京都府・南山城村で畑仕事を楽しむウチダヨウと、夫で植木屋のウチダタカフミが、四季折々の畑やたねのこと、庭仕事や村での暮らしについて話すポッドキャストです。時々ゲストを交えて、お酒もたしなみながら、たねと暮らしを考えていきます。二十四節気ごとに配信予定です。 ご感想やたねの会メーリス参加ご希望の方は、メールまたはインスタメッセージを送ってください。 メーリスは月一回程度の配信で、「たねと暮らす」の最新回の配信案内やたねイベントのご案内が届きます♪ メール tanenotoshukan@gmail.com インスタグラム tanenotoshukan #二十四節気 #たねと暮らす #夫婦ラジオ #京都

日本一の洗濯屋が教える 間違いだらけの洗濯術

洗濯ブラザーズ 茂木貴史

洗濯の仕方、洗濯機の使い方って、習ったことがありますか? 最新の洗濯機を買ったのだから、手間もかけず、洗剤を入れてボタンを押せば終わりだと考えている人が大半です。 しかし! これだけでは、キレイにはならないんです。 日本一の洗濯屋、茂木貴史が洗濯術についてお伝えいたします。 ◆洗濯ブラザーズ https://youtube.com/channel/UCKMxFLgODt0Rsjln4vEZHrA




Gardeners' Question Time

BBC Radio 4

A panel of horticultural experts answer gardening questions from a live audience. Recorded in a different location each week

The Permaculture Podcast

Scott Mann

Discover the breadth and depth of permaculture through interviews with world-renowned teachers, experts, and authors as well as regional and local practitioners.

Grow, cook, eat, arrange with Sarah Raven & Arthur Parkinson

Sarah Raven in conversation with Arthur Parkinson

Welcome to "Grow, cook, eat, arrange" the brand new podcast by gardeners Sarah Raven and Arthur Parkinson, who've worked together for nearly ten years at the beautiful Perch Hill Farm in the South of England. Sarah loves gardening in general but growing produce both food and flowers is the part she loves the most. She also loves to cook straight forward garden-picked food every day with the minimal amount of ingredients and palava but the greatest amount of taste! Arthur is Sarah's florist who picks beautiful arrangements for photoshoots and open days at the farm, from buckets of scented sweet peas to huge armfulls of dahlias and towering gladiolus.We'll be releasing a new episode every Friday, featuring a relaxed informative chat between Sarah & Arthur across a variety of topics. They'll focus on their favourite flowers currently growing in the garden and the tastiest produce on the veg slope at Perch Hill. They'll talk about how to sow or grow them as well as how to harvest or arrange them, adding their favourite tips or methods along the way. As well as chatting about gardening and growing, Sarah will give you some of her favourite recipes full of food you can produce. So whatever gardening you're into, whatever size your garden is, or whatever level of experience you have, there'll be something for everybody. You can find out more about the products used in the episodes and get in touch via our website. Enjoy the show! Website: https://www.sarahraven.com/



大阪 阪急うめだ本店 リビングよりお送りするpodcastがスタートします。日々を楽しむためのライフスタイルトレンドや暮らしのヒント、イベント情報やその企画背景などについて、毎回様々なゲストや売場スタッフ、マーケティングメンバーでゆるくおしゃべりします。なかなかお伝えできない隠れたヒット商品や良品の情報なども。ちょっとした知識や工夫でおうち時間はもっと楽しめる。スキマ時間に気軽にヒントを取り入れていただければ幸いです。不慣れなメンバーでスタートしますが、どうぞよろしくお願いします。※月2〜3回配信予定[パーソナリティ 阪急うめだ本店 リビング開発 しらい マーケティング あさだ] 阪急うめだ本店 www.hankyu-dept.co.jp 阪急うめだ本店リビングinstagram hankyu_lifestyle_living 阪急リモートショッピングはこちら https://www.hankyu-dept.co.jp/honten/h/remoorder/index.html



一級建築士による住宅取得に関する建築と不動産の知識をお話しします。 土地探しからの注文住宅、中古住宅など



鎌倉・湘南を中心に、注文住宅の設計・施工をして、創業からもうすぐ50年の技拓株式会社。環境を溶け込む家づくりをモットーに、原風景も大切にしながら、2×4木造住宅を建てています。800棟ちかくを建てる中で、はじめて書籍が全国で出版されたり、2代目の活動が本格化するなかで、新しい試み「語り部活動」の一環としてポッドキャストが始まりました。 たまにゲストを呼んだりしながら、暮らしや家づくりのことをテーマに、湘南に住みたくなるような、湘南をしりたくなるようなお話を時々脱線もしながらも、技拓株式会社 代表白鳥ゆり子とナレーターとして株式会社パラドックスの布施太郎が番組をお届けしていきます。 HP URL http://www:gitaku.co.jp 住む人 URL https://sumuhito.jp/ オンラインBESE URL https://sumuhito.base.shop/ Instagram URL https://www.instagram.com/gitaku_kamakurayama/?hl=ja プロフィール 白鳥 ゆり子 技拓 株式会社 代表取締役 布施 太朗 株式会社 パラドックス ブランディングプロデューサー・oton+to編集長




Simple Farmhouse Life

Lisa Bass

With over ten years experience making a home, author and mom of seven, Lisa Bass, shares her love for from scratch cooking, natural living and all things handmade. As a full-time blogger and homeschooler, Lisa also mixes in a little mom life and business tips.

Homemaker Chic

Angela Reed & Shaye Elliott

Rescuing the art of homemaking from the daily grind with red lips (and no jumpers).

Frugal Friends Podcast

Jen Smith & Jill Sirianni w/ iHeartPodcasts

Controlling your spending is hard to do. On every episode of Frugal Friends, we'll try to help you gain a little more control on one aspect of the countless directions your money is being pulled toward through frugality and a few laughs. If you're trying to save money, spend less, adopt minimalism, pay off debt or reach financial independence, we think you'll like the show.

The Better Buy

Better Homes & Gardens

The Better Buy, a new podcast from Better Homes & Gardens, explores all things home—from decorating and DIY to renovating and budgeting. Each week, we’ll talk with homeowners from around the country about the highs and lows of home ownership, and share stories, advice, and practical tips you can put to work in your own home. We’re on a mission to inspire and empower you to create your dream home. New episodes every Wednesday!



一級建築士による住宅取得に関する建築と不動産の知識をお話しします。 土地探しからの注文住宅、中古住宅など

Field & Garden

Lisa Mason Ziegler

Join Lisa Mason Ziegler on the Field & Garden Podcast talking flower farming, cut-flower gardening, business, and all things related!

Epic Gardening: Daily Growing Tips and Advice

Kevin Espiritu | Urban Gardener, Hydroponics Enthusiast, Plant Lover

The Epic Gardening podcast is a daily gardening tips and advice show brought to you by Kevin Espiritu, an urban gardener, hydroponics enthusiast, and all-around plant lover. Every day, a gardening question from YOU will be answered in a fun and informative way in under 10 minutes!

たねと暮らす Living with Seeds

tanetokurasu / living with seeds

「たねと暮らす」は、京都府・南山城村で畑仕事を楽しむウチダヨウと、夫で植木屋のウチダタカフミが、四季折々の畑やたねのこと、庭仕事や村での暮らしについて話すポッドキャストです。時々ゲストを交えて、お酒もたしなみながら、たねと暮らしを考えていきます。二十四節気ごとに配信予定です。 ご感想やたねの会メーリス参加ご希望の方は、メールまたはインスタメッセージを送ってください。 メーリスは月一回程度の配信で、「たねと暮らす」の最新回の配信案内やたねイベントのご案内が届きます♪ メール tanenotoshukan@gmail.com インスタグラム tanenotoshukan #二十四節気 #たねと暮らす #夫婦ラジオ #京都

Growing Greener

Tom Christopher

Your weekly half-hour program about environmentally informed gardening. Each week we bring you a different expert, a leading voice on gardening in partnership with Nature. Our goal is to make your landscape healthier, more beautiful, more sustainable, and more fun.




You Bet Your Garden


“You Bet Your Garden” touted as an hour of “chemical-free horticultural hijinks,” is a weekly, nationally syndicated broadcast hosted by Mike McGrath. It is produced in the studios of PBS39 in Bethlehem, PA. This weekly call-in program offers ‘fiercely organic’ advice to gardeners far and wide.

The Gardening with Joey & Holly radio show Podcast/Garden talk radio show (heard across the country)

The Gardening with Joey & Holly radio show (The Wisconsin vegetable gardener)

The Gardening with Joey and Holly Radio show, Formally named "The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener" is a Podcast and Radio show that teaches people how to grow their own food. The show originates out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but is heard on a number of radio station across the U.S. The content applies to gardeners world wide!

Bloom and Grow Radio

Maria Failla- Plant Lady and Host of Bloom and Grow Radio

Learn to care for plants successfully and cultivate more joy in your life. Ever killed a houseplant before? Host Maria Failla can relate. That’s why she interviews planty experts to get answers to the plant care questions we all have, but might be nervous to ask: like what the heck IS bright indirect light? What is soil and potting mix made up of? Or What IS the best way to water my plants? Tune in to stop killing your plants, learn how to get them to thrive and most importantly, how plants can help us grow a little more joy in our lives while we “Keep Blooming and Keep Growing”! Follow @bloomandgrowradio on IG for daily planty inspiration.

The BBC Gardeners' World Autumn Fair 2 - 4 September 2022

Immediate Live / Cre8media Ltd 2022

The first ever Autumn Fair will be set in the stunning grounds of Audley End, in Essex, from 2 to 4 September 2022. The Fair will attract 15,000 visitors with the very best of autumn garden and plant inspiration. This year’s launch event will feature experts including Adam Frost and Joe Swift on the BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Stage along with the magazine editors, Plant Expert Tours within Audley End’s gardens (book in advance), Beautiful Borders and more to be confirmed. As with all BBC Gardeners’ World events, the Fair will harness the synergy between gardening and food by incorporating a BBC Good Food Market presenting specialist and seasonal produce to taste and buy. Visitors will enjoy all this plus toe-tapping live entertainment from the bandstand and mouth-watering delights from a hand-picked selection of independent street food vendors. Amplifying the value of this great day out, tickets to the Autumn event include access to the Audley End House, grounds and gardens.

Gee Thanks, Just Bought It!

Forever35/Caroline Moss

Ever bought something you loved SO much that you couldn't stop telling everyone about it? Host Caroline Moss invites interesting, smart, and savvy guests to evangelize their favorite buys in the hopes of helping you become a smarter, more informed shopper. From portable phone chargers to candles to linen overalls and everything in between, this is the show where we talk about what WE just bought and what YOU might need to buy next. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

The Good Stuff from Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping

Your destination for everything, including recipes, product reviews, home hacks, and decor inspo.

The Organic Gardening Podcast

Garden Organic

Inspiration to help you garden the organic way, with advice, tips and interviews from the UK's leading organic gardening organisation, Garden Organic. Hosted by Sarah Brown and Chris Collins.



พอดแคสต์ที่ควรจะเสวนาเรื่องสถาปัตย์ 🏛 ตึกรามบ้านช่องก็ว่าไป แต่ทำไปทำมาดันลามไปอะไรเยอะแยะนักก็ไม่รู้ ทั้งเศรษฐกิจ วัฒนธรรม สังคม เทคโนโลยี ประวัติศาสตร์ ฯลฯ หยิบมาเล่าด้วยมุมมองจากสถาปนิกและคณะ พบกันทุกวันเสาร์จ้ะ 💜 / พูดคุยกับเราได้ที่ทวิตเตอร์ @saosaosaona twitter.com/saosaosaona ติดตาม สามโคกเรดิโอ👌🏼 ได้ที่ 💬 twitter.com/samcokeradio 📓 fb.me/samcokeradio 📸 instagram.com/samcokeradio 🎥 youtube.com/samcokeradio

Röda vita rosen

Jenny Strömstedt & Victoria Skoglund

I böljande samtal om allt från blommor, trädgårdsplanering, kompost och pallkragar till livet i stort och smått får vi följa en växande vänskap. I Röda vita rosen möts en av Sveriges främsta trädgårdsmästare - Victoria Skoglund och en av Sveriges mest entusiastiska nybörjare - Jenny Strömstedt. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Best to the Nest with Margery & Elizabeth

myTalk 107.1 | Hubbard Radio

When Elizabeth Ries and Margery Punnett hosted a myTalk 107.1 radio show together, they joked that their most personal conversations happened during the commercial breaks. During one of these pauses, Margery shared an important family principle: bringing your best self to your home. Being an urban farmer with a flock of chickens, Elizabeth quipped, "Bring your best to the nest!" The outside world shouldn't get the smiling happy version of you while your family gets the crabby and exhausted one. On "Best To The Nest," Margery & Elizabeth explore the simple concept of creating strong, comforting, beautiful nests that prepare us to fly.

ClutterBug Podcast - Organize, Clean and Transform your Home


Maintaining your home doesn‘t have to be hard. Life is hard enough, your house shouldn‘t be adding to your stress and workload. In this podcast, I share REAL tips and advice to help lighten your load and make your home, and your life, much easier.

Gardeners' Corner

BBC Radio Ulster

The weekly gardening programme for keen gardeners, with the latest advice, news and visits to gardens large and small around the province. Presented by David Maxwell.

Plantsteading Podcast

Jenn & Laura

This podcast is all about plant based homesteading. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, an omnivore, or somewhere in the middle. This is a space to have conversations about the grey areas, the complex ethics, and the beautiful life that is plant based homesteading.





Masaaki Nagareo


Growing Cut Flowers

Let's Grow, Girls

Join Flower Friends Nicole and Sarah on their journey to growing beautiful blooms! Interviewing experts, discussing their own successes and failures, and revealing the mysteries behind incredible cut flowers

Garten: Alles Möhre, oder was?!

NDR 1 Niedersachsen

Im Natur- und Gartenpodcast von NDR 1 Niedersachsen sind wichtige Gartenthemen von A wie Anbau bis Z wie Zierkürbis leicht verständlich aufbereitet. Es ist gar nicht so schwer, das eigene Glück im Garten zu finden – unser Podcast hilft dabei.




Ask This Old House

This Old House

If you're a fan of Ask This Old House on TV, you’ll love the Ask This Old House podcast. Hosted by This Old House Editor Chris Ermides, you'll hear from home enthusiasts around the country, who ask questions about the toughest projects in their homes. Learn from trusted This Old House experts, including Tom Silva, Richard Trethewey, Jenn Nawada, Heath Eastman, Charlie Silva, Ross Trethewey, Mauro Henrique, and Mark McCullough, who share tips and tricks to help listeners tackle their home improvement projects with confidence.

Talking Heads - a Gardening Podcast

Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain

Follow head gardeners Saul Walker and Lucy Chamberlain as they reveal exactly what it’s like to be professional horticulturists leading busy teams on large, private estates. Lucy and Saul have a decade of Head Gardening experience and it soon became clear to them both that life as a Head Gardener can be incredibly diverse, occasionally challenging and hugely rewarding and so they regularly discuss horticultural topics close to their hearts and give you an insight into their lives as gardeners. If you wish to support the podcast you can via our BuyMeACoffee page - just click the link at the end of the podcast description or the donate button found at the top right of this page.




The Daily Home Edit

Pacific Podcast Network

Are you addicted to all things home? Join the Home Beautiful team for The Daily Home Edit, a podcast about all things home. From easy styling hacks that will change your life, to amazing tips and tricks for living beautifully plus plenty of renovation and expert advice, The Daily Home Edit has everything you need. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.



【自然、田舎暮らしの魅力、そして地方に若い力を‼︎】 Hi,林英汰です🧑🏻‍🌾音楽と農業、スノーボードだけやってます。 自然の楽しさをはじめ、家庭菜園ノウハウや旬のお野菜について、またスノーボード技術や好きな音楽、やってる音楽などなど🌿 『音楽×農業×スノーボード』このうちの1つでも興味をお持ちのアナタは是非お聴きくださいね✨ ________ ◎レタス&ハーブ農家  ‥年間作付け延べ面積3haのレタス農場経営。またハーブを使った香料や化粧品、スパイス製品事業。 ◎スノーボードスクール校長 ‥冬はパルコールつま恋リゾートでスノボ教えてます。テクニカル、カービングの大会にもちらほら出てます。Gray snowboards乗ってます。 ◎アコースティック音楽、弾き語り ‥アコースティックだけで音楽作ってます。まだまだコンテンツ作りたいと思ってます!これから!! その他各メディアは右下アイコンや下記リンクより覗いてみて下さい! ↓ https://lit.link/eitaatnature ________

片づけ 整理収納 ボイスマガジン



Home Grown Podcast


The Home Grown podcast is presented by the Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR) Unit of the Harris County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office. The series provides information on urban agriculture / horticulture / gardening and ag literacy. The program focuses on topics that are relevant to the urban gardener.

REX Podcast

rova | Today FM

Join Hamish McKay & Dom George every weekend as we discuss the rural challenges and issues, as well as celebrate key players in the sector across the great land of Aotearoa. Listen live on Today FM from 6am - 8 am every Saturday & Sunday morning.





暮らしの実験室 やさと農場

茨城県石岡市で、農業や農的暮らしを中心にさまざまな「暮らしの実験」にいそしむ農場スタッフとその仲間が、日々気になることをワイワイ楽しくお喋りする番組。田舎暮らし、有機農業、SDGsなどに興味がある方にオススメ。毎週土曜日配信。【コメントフォーム】 https://my.formman.com/t/2yAC/

Trowels and Tribulations

Trowels and Tribulations

We believe that gardening and being outdoors should be fun and no nonsense. The best way to do that? Sit some Northerners around a microphone to share their gardening adventures.

The Positively Green Podcast

Suzette Chaumette and Kelsey Jorissen Olesen

Where sustainable living women, Kelsey and Suzette, empower you to live a green life you'll love.


ミニマル菜園 〜賃貸ベランダで野菜作り〜







⚫︎暮らしのなかで気に入っている道具と、その思い出 ⚫︎読んでみてよかった本と、その思い出 ⚫︎心から尊敬する人と、その思い出 ⚫︎心から大好きな場所と、その思い出 などなど、声のブログをつづってゆきます。

Organized Fabulous Mom - Organization made easy for overwhelmed moms Simplified and Fabulous Mom

Jennifer McDaniel | Professional Organizer, Clutter Coach, Capsule Wardrobe Stylist, Home Designer

Are you feeling overwhelmed and defeated by the clutter in your home? Have you lost yourself in motherhood, putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own? Does meal planning, grocery shopping, and keeping up with dishes, laundry, and housework have you feeling defeated and down? Is your home in a constant state of disarray leaving you feeling guilty and disappointed with all that’s still left to do at the end of the day? Are you so busy focusing on what others need and taking care of everyone else that you go days without showering? Do you feel like you never have the right things to wear, so you just wear whatever is easy and still fits even if you know it’s not flattering on your mom-bod? Do you have a closet full of clothes you never wear, because you don’t know how to dress yourself for mom life, so you let your kids dress better than you do? Are your kids (or your hubby) wearing clothes that are ripped, stained, or just don’t fit, because there’s no system for removing items that no longer work making it impossible to keep up with the laundry? Well, I am here to help! As a mom of 4, I realize how quickly things can get out of control, and how important it is to have systems in place so that when life gets busy, we don’t let it overwhelm us. Let’s dig through the clutter and make space for the things that are really important! It’s time to let go of the things that are holding you back and keeping you from being the mom you’ve always wanted to be! After conquering the clutter and finding freedom from the chaos in my own life, I started helping friends and family, and have since become a professional organizer and capsule wardrobe stylist, and clutter coach! And I am here to teach you everything I know about how to create beauty from the chaos in your mama life! Inside this podcast, I teach you how to simplify, organize, and optimize your home, wardrobe and workload. I will teach you how to make simple changes that have a big impact on how your home functions and how it makes you feel! Share tips and tricks on how to style yourself and your home, get organized with simple systems, and manage the sometimes overwhelming stresses a mama has in her every day life. Getting organized is about decluttering the things that are inessential, finding ways to simplify the process, and making space for the things you really value. You can be stylish, your home environment can be serene, and you won’t have to scream. ❤️ LEARN -> JMOrganizingSpaces.com CONNECT -> OrganizedFabulousPodcast@gmail.com

The Declutter Hub Podcast

The Declutter Hub

Achieving the clutter-free organised home of your dreams can be a tough, emotional journey. Decluttering is never about the stuff. It's all about the emotions that sit behind the stuff. In this podcast, we bring a bit of light-hearted fun to the serious business of decluttering with hints, tips, insights and guest experts to help you every step of the way.



子育てと暮らしが笑顔になる「お片付け」についてお伝えします。 オノデラショウコ 湘南を拠点に神奈川・東京・オンラインで活動する片づけのプロ、整理収納アドバイザー・整理収納アドバイザー2級認定講師です。

The Architecture Happy Hour

hpd architecture + interiors

hpd architecture + interiors principals Laura Davis and Holly Hall share their thoughts and tips on architecture, from helping home owners select the right architect to never being too late to begin a career in architecture.





maya and falcon


On The Ledge

Jane Perrone

On The Ledge is a podcast all about indoor gardening - helping you to grow everything from Aloe vera to the ZZ plant.  Presenter Jane Perrone has been nuts about houseplants since she was knee high to a Swiss cheese plant. She quizzes the experts, helps you find cool new stuff to grow and figures out how to fix your plant problems. For more information, email ontheledgepodcast@gmail.com or visit janeperrone.com.

Plant Daddy Podcast

Plant Daddy Podcast

Your digital plant friends, here to help you take your indoor jungle/desert/bog to the next level since 2019! Plant Daddy Podcast is hosted by Stephen and Matthew, two passionate hobbyists who love sharing plant care experiences and stories that speak to plant parents of all experience levels. Whether you are just starting your houseplant journey or already managing an indoor jungle, we are here to share growing techniques and methods, new and unusual plants, or the background and history of familiar ones. Each host brings different perspectives and tastes in plants, but both have enjoyed the great privilege of learning their own local and online plant communities, and they seek to pay this forward to anyone interested in taking their hobby to the next level. Or just enjoy some geeky banter. Plants are enriching and fun, endlessly rewarding, and Plant Daddy Podcast is excited to be your digital plant friends!

Slob Sisters

The Secret Slob

Dive into the world of homemaking with Steph and Jill! Exploring all topics related to home organization, daily habits and personal growth, we keep it real and relatable. If this podcast is anything like our house keeping it will be far from perfect.

Shut The Front Door


HI, I'm Arlene McIntyre, Creative Director at Ventura Design, and you are listening to ‘Shut The Front Door ’, a light-hearted podcast that will bring you through the front door and into the homes of influential and interesting people. Home for me is one of the most important things in my life. My career has fortunately given me the opportunity to work closely with people and to help them create a home they will cherish forever. So sit back and let's find out what home means to our guests. We hope you enjoy...

Garden Basics with Farmer Fred

Fred Hoffman

Tips for beginning and experienced gardeners. New, 30-minute (or less) episodes arrive every Tuesday and Friday. Fred Hoffman has been a U.C. Certified Master Gardener since 1982 and writes a weekly garden column for the Lodi News-Sentinel in Lodi, CA. A four-decade fixture in Sacramento radio, he hosted three radio shows for Northern California gardeners and farmers: The KFBK Garden Show, Get Growing with Farmer Fred, and the KSTE Farm Hour. Episode Website: https://gardenbasics.net

The Simple Garden Life

Simple Garden Life

A program dedicated to keeping the art of gardening simple, fun, and always rewarding. Hosts Jim and Mary Competti have been writing, speaking and sharing their love of gardening for the last decade. Co-owners of the popular blog oldworldgardenfarms.com and co-authors of Growing Simple and Raised Row Gardening, they take an enthusiastic approach to giving solid, straightforward advice on growing everything from vegetables, to perennials, annuals and more! Each week, Jim and Mary take on a new gardening topic with gusto, taking the listener through the how and why's of gardening, along with advice on how to always keep it fun and enjoyable.

Details Matter, from Jenni Kayne Home

Jenni Kayne

Hosted by designer and tastemaker Jenni Kayne, each episode highlights inspiring and actionable interior design tips from top industry leaders like Leanne Ford, Jake Arnold, and Brigette Romanek.

On sème FORT ! Le podcast du jardinage bio et de la permaculture

On sème FORT ! Le podcast du jardinage bio et de la permaculture

On sème fort ! LE podcast pour tout savoir sur ce qu'il faut faire au jardin et au potager. Retrouvez toutes les semaines, une nouvelle émission pour apprendre à jardiner avec la permaculture. Proposé par MonJardinBio.com, la boutique de votre jardin au naturel.

西山にしおのGreen Green Radio

Nishiyama Nishio

西山園芸研究所の西山にしおが観葉植物や花に囲まれた豊かな暮らしを応援します。ボタニカル、園芸器具レビュー、植物を育てるコツや最新ニュースをお届けします。 Twitter : @nsymgreenlab https://twitter.com/nsymgreenlab

The Wildlife Garden Podcast

The Wildlife Garden Podcast

A fortnightly podcast on how to garden for wildlife right at home with top-tips, plant ideas and even a book club! Like the page to let us know what you've been up to for wildlife in your own garden

Muddy Boots

Keith and Elisabeth

Landscape Designer, Keith Edwards, and 'Garden Girl', Elisabeth Kingman, join forces to bring an engaging, informative, and entertaining take on all things gardens. From growing perfect produce to garden design, Keith and Elisabeth will cover it. Come along and get your hands and boots muddy. For more information follow us on Instagram @muddybootspodcast

Casa Italia Style

Casa Italia Radio

La prima rubrica radiofonica dedicata al mondo del design, architettura, homestaging e lifestyle condotta da Sanja Radovanovic.

Community Garden Revolution

Community Garden Revolution

Community Gardens. Advocate. Contacting Community Gardens across the Nation and sharing information, success, failures, challenges, mission, and more.

Decorating Tips and Tricks

Bespoke FM

Decorating tips and advice to help you create a beautiful home. Listening is like hiring a decorator, but it is free! Free and fun ~ lots of laughs mixed in with practical, useful & stylish decorating advice. Pull up a chair and join us!

Le podcast du Jardin des Merlettes

Le Jardin des Merlettes

Le podcast du Jardin des Merlettes s'adresse aux jardiniers qui souhaitent cultiver un jardin d'ornement ou un jardin fruitier en respectant les règles de l'agriculture bio. On y donne des conseils sur les meilleures époques de taille selon les espèces concernées, les variétés à planter, comment soigner le sol de son jardin, des idées pour des parterres de fleurs et plantes vivaces autonomes, etc. Des indications pour protéger un jardin d'ornement, un verger ou un parc contre les insectes ravageurs et les maladies tout en restant bio, etc. Des idées simples mais efficaces pour un jardin plus beau et sans souci qui respecte la nature et économise le travail du jardinier.

Potted Together


Potted Together is where plants and friendship converge. Our hosts, Adam, Nicole, and Becca will cover new planty topics every Monday, educating and entertaining along the way!




Gardening Coast2Coast's Podcast

Gary Pilarchik & CaliKim (Gardening Coast2Coast)

The Gardening Coast2Coast Podcast, with YouTube gardeners Gary (The Rusted Garden Homestead) and CaliKim (CaliKim Garden and Home), helps both new and experienced gardeners from Coast 2 Coast (and all over the world) grow a better garden. CaliKim (west coast - Southern California) & Gary (east coast - Maryland) share garden tips specific to their climates, and general gardening principles that apply to growing your own food no matter where you live. They will teach your how to start seeds indoors, plant, tend, harvest, manage pests & disease, compost and everything else found in the wonderful world of gardening.

Claiming Simplicity - Simple Living, Homesteading, Gardening, Holistic Home, Natural Alternatives, Reduce Expenses, Farm, Hom

Monica H Baker - Simplified Living Coach, Homesteader, Gardener

Are you a tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed mom looking to simplify your life? Do you want to get your priorities back in order so you can enjoy a balanced lifestyle? Do you want to have time freedom to create memories and experiences with your family and friends? In this podcast, you will learn how to simplify your lifestyle, reduce expenses and learn ways to balance your values and your time. If you are ready to take back your time to what really matters most, you are going to want to listen to this podcast! Hey Mama! I am Monica H Baker! I am a Jesus lover, wife, mom of 5 kids, grandma, nurse, and homeschool mom. Over 20 years ago, 3 of my kids were 3 years old and under, I was working full-time in accounting and I heard something that CHANGED MY LIFE! I heard that if you compare your values and your time, you would have a clear picture of what is NOT working in your life! I realized that if I was going to put God and family first, I had to stop spending all my time at work. I had to create a plan in order to step into more balance. Together with God and my husband, I created a simplified life plan that allowed me to get out of debt, scale back my career, and still be able to live fruitfully with more purpose and time than ever before and I never looked back! My mission is to help mamas simplify, reduce expenses, and connect their faith! Follow me on instagram-> @claimingsimplicity Email me-> claimingsimplicity@gmail.com

Giardino Futuro

Roberto Massai

Benvenuta/o nel Podcast che rivoluzionerà il giardinaggio in Italia. Sono Roberto Massai, dal 2006 aiuto persone e aziende a realizzare e gestire giardini sostenibili, senza sprechi né prodotti chimici. Condividerò con te il mio sapere, esperienze, metodi collaudati per un giardinaggio consapevole e rispettoso dell'ambiente, in vista soprattutto dei cambiamenti climatici ormai in atto. Se, come me, ti senti più ospite che padrone della natura che ci circonda, farai bene a seguirmi. In questo Podcast capirai come il Giardinaggio possa giovare alle nostre vite. Abbandona i falsi miti, i preconcetti, le vecchie credenze e incomincerai a beneficiare della meraviglia che vive intorno a noi e della quale abbiamo l'onere e l'onore di essere custodi. Sei pronta/o per qualcosa di inedito e disarmante? Buon ascolto. PS Iscriviti subito anche al gruppo Facebook "Giardino Futuro", entra nella community, interagisci con domande, pareri, esempi, condividi il tuo pensiero o esperienze. Puoi seguire anche altri miei contenuti su: YOUTUBE.........................https://bit.ly/RobertoMassaiNaturalGardens Pagina FACEBOOK........https://www.facebook.com/roberto.massai.74 INSTAGRAM....................https://www.instagram.com/roberto.massai/

The Seed Pod

Richard Chivers and Becky Searle

Welcome to the world of growing food! Richard Chivers and Becky Searle take you on a trip through the fascinating world of organic gardening delivering seasonal advice, fascinating science and stories from their own gardens.

Around the House® Home Improvement

Eric Goranson and Caroline Blazovsky

The ULTIMATE Home Improvement Podcast and Syndicated Radio Show. Two National Experts Eric Goranson “Eric G” and Caroline Blazovsky “Caroline B” help homeowners and contractors tackle projects around the house. This is not your typical handyman show. This talk show will bring you everything from the latest home DIY project and building advice to current events and celebrity guests. You will hear from leading experts, your favorite home improvement stars and creators of exciting new technologies for your home. If you want to learn about home improvement and be entertained this show is for you. About our hosts: Eric Goranson, CKD is a Certified Kitchen Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association for over 20 years and has been designing since 1993. Nationally recognized as “Eric G®”, he is a syndicated 10-year home improvement radio talk show host. Eric talks with homeowners and contractors about remodeling and new construction techniques every week. He is also a national podcaster and is now heard internationally and with about half of the listening audience being from the building trade. His shows draw great support from the contracting community. Eric also hosts the Around the House “Pro Insider” podcast that is for the residential building and remodeling professionals. Eric has managed everything from home builders, design firms, to custom cabinet shops and has been involved in thousands of projects being constructed or remodeled. Eric also consults with national brands on product design and industry trends, with companies such as Baldwin Hardware, Kraft Maid Cabinetry, and many more. From opening keynote addresses to hands on training seminars, Eric uses his communications skills to inspire and educate the people that are attending his events. Eric is a design and home technology speaker at national construction and remodeling events such as the Northeastern Retail Lumber Associations Lumber and Building Materials Expo, National Kitchen and Bath, Association’s Voices from The Industry, and for the National Association of Home Builders. Eric was a Kitchen and Bath Design News: Top 50 Innovator for 2019 and served on the Baldwin Hardware Design Council: 2017-2019. He enjoys home renovation projects and use to play the bass in Seattle rock bands. Caroline Blazovsky is nationally recognized as America’s Healthy Home Expert®. She is a home investigator, environmental consultant, spokesperson, and media personality promoting healthier homes throughout the U.S. She has been featured by AARP, Shape, SiriusXM, Broan-Nutone, House Smarts TV, The Jenny McCarthy Show, Good Housekeeping and hundreds of interviews. With more than 20 years of “house experience” and 30,000 home investigations--she can teach you the healthy way to home projects. She is a council-certified Mold Remediator (CMR), Environmental Allergen Consultant (CEAC) and Indoor Environmentalist Investigator (CIE) with graduate Sustainable Design education from Boston Architectural College. She is also credentialed through the National Environmental Health Association as a Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS). Caroline is a board member of the ACAC responsible for creating indoor air quality credentialing as well as a keynote speaker & scientific contributor to the national Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). She resides as CEO of My Healthy Home®, a company specializing in indoor air quality products, consultations, and services. Ms. Blazovsky was named a 2020 Top 25 Leading Woman Entrepreneur in her home state of New Jersey and her company My Healthy Home was a finalist for New Jersey Business of the Year 2020. In her spare time, she is a graduate candidate in Public Health at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California. She enjoys making humans healthier and is collector of rock and roll memorabilia.

Gardenerd Tip of the Week

Gardening with Gardenerd.com

The Gardenerd Tip of the Week is your one-stop shop for organic gardening tips and tidbits. Seasonal, organic, and fun advice for your urban farm, homestead and garden. We cover Sustainable living, vegetable gardening and more. Celebrate your passion for gardening with a sense of humor.

All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability and Food

Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe

Gardening, sustainability, food, organics. Weekly discussion, interviews and tasty garden to kitchen recipes

Houseplant Homebody

Holly Muenchow

Your host, Holly, talks about plants, plant care, her experiences with plants and all things plant related! There is also a blog that corresponds with each podcast episode containing all the links and information discussed.



@okeyclv crafting everything around me Japan craft life vlog|YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOg4Frfcnu8nfHD1xQlcO3A _________________________________________ ▽Instagram https://www.instagram.com/okeyclv/ ▽Twitter https://twitter.com/okeyclv ▽note https://note.com/okeyclv/

Tennessee Home & Farm Radio

TN Home and Farm Radio

Tennessee Home & Farm Radio is a two-minute agricultural highlight with co-hosts Lee Maddox, Amy Beckham and Thomas Capps. Lee Maddox is a native of Lincoln County where he was raised on a cattle farm, and he is a graduate of MTSU’s communications department. Amy Beckham is from Cookeville where she grew up visiting her uncle's cattle farm, and graduated from UT Knoxville with a degree in food and agricultural business and a minor in agricultural communications. From Rockvale, Thomas Capps is an MTSU graduate with a degree in multimedia journalism, and has experience working as a television news reporter and weekend anchor. All three work to share the story of agriculture and rural life in Tennessee and beyond.

Hoardganize Podcast

Rachel Seavey

Hoarding Specialist and Extreme Cleaner Rachel Seavey discusses how to help yourself when you are overwhelmed with clutter. Rachel is the owner of Collector Care Professional Organizers located in the San Francisco bay area. Rachel and her team have been featured on the CBS Sunday morning show, The Hoarders show, and the Lady Brain Show. This podcast features organizing tips and hacks as well as true stories from within the trenches. Learn how to tame your clutter so that you can gain control of your life. Sunday's at 6pm!

Plantrama - plants, landscapes, & bringing nature indoors

Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari

Ellen Zachos and C.L. Fornari help you discover the amazing world of plants: in the garden, in the wild, and on your plate. They show you how to grow plants successfully, how to enjoy your natural surroundings, and how to make the most of your harvest, whether it's cultivated or foraged. (Spoiler alert: they don't always agree!) You'll find three different topics in each episode, plus email questions from listeners.

Bay Area Real Estate Insights | Tech Realtor Spencer Hsu

Spencer Hsu, MBA Tech Realtor

*New episodes every week!* Tune in for: * Bay Area Real Estate Market Updates * Bay Area Real Estate Quarterly Market Reviews * Weekly Tips Born and raised in the Bay Area, I spent 11 years in tech industry sales before becoming a full-time Realtor. Combining my knowledge of the area neighborhoods and culture with a sharp, analytical business acumen developed through both professional experience and by earning my MBA from Santa Clara – and with a background as a homeowner, investor, and renovator – I leverage data and insights to help my clients gain a competitive advantage and secure the best possible outcomes while protecting their investments. In 2021 I helped 63 families buy and sell homes in transactions totalling $82M, and in 2022 I will outpace those numbers. If you are looking to buy or sell your home in the Bay Area, I would love to connect! Communication and knowledge are key so as long as I'm awake, you will get a reply from me! Click on the link and let's set up a time to talk! www.Calendly.com/techrealtor ( http://www.calendly.com/techrealtor ) READ MY REVIEWS FROM PAST CLIENTS: Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/spencer-hsu-real-estate-san-ramon Zillow: https://www.zillow.com/profile/bayareatechrealtor/ Realtor.com: https://www.realtor.com/realestateagents/5c47685cf017ec00128aa24f Spencer Hsu, MBA Your Tech Realtor Spencer@SpencerHsu.com (408)223-5493 EXP Realty DRE #02077253 www.homesbyspencerhsu.com ( http://www.homesbyspencerhsu.com ) Let's connect on Instagram: @bayareatechrealtor #bayarearealestate ( https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23bayarearealestate ) #TechRealtor ( https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23TechRealtor )


滋賀県彦根市 外壁塗装 おかけんリフォーム 岡謙二

塗替えで過去に失敗した経験があり、少しは安くしてほしいけど、手抜きはされたくないという60代・70代のお母さんは 是非聴いてください。 発信者は https://okakenreform.com/ 滋賀県彦根市おかけんリフォーム

Le Jardin RTL


Thierry Denis partage avec vous son amour du jardinage, impossible de ne pas avoir la main verte !

All Things Gardening Podcast

Mary Engisch, Charlie Nardozzi

Each week, Charlie Nardozzi joins Vermont Public’s Weekend Edition host Mary Engisch for a conversation about gardening, and to answer your questions about what you're seeing in the natural world.We'll spend time every episode addressing your gardening problems so you can stay on top of things. We want to hear from you via email, Facebook messages, tweets and phone calls to use on the air.Each show will begin with Mary and Charlie discussing a hot trend or timely chore. It could be about the weather, a technique, a new plant or a new gadget. Then, we'll talk about your questions.Send us your toughest conundrums and join the fun. Submit your written question via email, or better yet, leave a voicemail with your question so we can use your voice on the air: the info to Contact VPR is here!Listen to All Things Gardening Sunday mornings at 9:35 a.m., and subscribe to the podcast to listen any time.

Clean With Me

Jessica Gutierrez

Cleaning motivation and entertainment as you trudge through those mundane household chores. Get productive as the host gently talks you through cleaning each area of your home, keeping you focused and on task. The original host’s daughter is the host in Season Two, and she brings a fresh new perspective to the show. ****(To everybody that is complaining about their targeted ads for my show being sometimes inappropriate, I found a way to filter the ads).***To Support this show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/join/Cleanwithme

Pioneering Today

Melissa K Norris

Pioneering Today is all about getting back to basics, simple living, and self-sufficiency with old-fashioned skills and wisdom in a modern world. With heirloom gardening, canning, preserving the harvest, from scratch cooking, raising your own food, including livestock (backyard chickens, pigs, and cattle), natural medicine, herbs, DIY like soap making along with living a simple self-sufficient life, no matter where you live. Hosted by 5th generation homesteader, Melissa K. Norris, author of The Made-from-Scratch Life. This podcast brings you the conversation from MelissaKNorris.com and The Pioneering Today Academy, with Q&A's, teaching, tutorials, and always giving you practical ways and tips to live the simple and self-sufficient life.

The Countryside Hour

BBC Radio Norfolk

Farmer and nature lover Chris Skinner shares wildlife recordings and answers questions.


Mein schöner Garten

Du liebst es, im Garten zu werkeln, auf deinem Balkon in der Stadt Gemüse anzubauen oder deine Zimmerpflanzen zu hegen und zu pflegen? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! In "Grünstadtmenschen – der Garten-Podcast" bekommst du zweimal im Monat Gartentipps auf die Ohren – und zwar vom Profi! Karina Dinser-Nennstiel, Redakteurin bei Mein schöner Garten, Ingenieurin für Landschaftsarchitektur und selbst begeisterte Gärtnerin, versorgt dich passend zur Saison mit Infos und To-dos, die im Garten, auf dem Balkon und der Fensterbank anstehen. Die Themen reichen von der Pflanzenpflege und dem Anbau von Gemüse über biologisches Gärtnern und Urban Gardening bis hin zum Schutz der Bienen. Und dabei ist sie nicht allein: Mit am Mikro sind – immer passend zum Thema – wechselnde Gartenspezialisten, die dir ihre Tipps und Tricks verraten. Bist du bereit, dir die Hände schmutzig zu machen? Dann abonniere unseren Garten-Podcast und werde selbst zum Grünstadtmenschen!

Le Chantier

Anne Ponty

Le Chantier est un podcast maison, travaux et déco, dans lequel j’interviewe des personnes inspirantes qui ont réalisé une rénovation, des particuliers comme vous et moi, ou des décorateurs, entrepreneurs, architectes, bref, des gens qui ont connu ou qui connaissent encore la vie de chantier. Mon objectif, offrir plein de conseils concrets et d’astuces à tous ceux qui se lancent dans la rénovation : conseils pour faire soi-même, contacts d’artisans, bonnes adresses déco, etc. J’ai moi-même réalisé ma 1ère grosse rénovation il y a quelques mois, et en partageant nos avancées sur Instagram je me suis vite rendu compte que le sujet intéressait beaucoup, beaucoup d’entre nous. Alors bienvenue sur le podcast où l’on n’a pas peur de se salir les mains, où on adore parler plomberie et électricité, placo et ponçage de parquet, bref bienvenue sur le Chantier !

Self Sufficient Hub Homestead

The Have a go Homesteader

All things self sufficiency and homestead living, from raising animals, growing food, foraging, financial security, food security, bushcraft and much much more... The have a go homesteader’s companion Contact us at SelfSufficientContact@Gmail.com

Plants Grow Here - Horticulture, Landscape Gardening & Ecology

Daniel Fuller

Come along with horticulturist Daniel Fuller as we enter a hidden world of horticultural, ecological and landscape gardening knowledge with featured experts, industry professionals and enthusiasts. We inform and inspire you with weekly episodes to help you become an unstoppable plant whisperer.

Deep South Homestead

Deep South Homestead with Danny King

Deep South Homestead is your place to enjoy the simpler things of life like sitting on the porch, tending a garden, hunting in the woods, fishing in the pond, or squeezing cane at the old cane mill. Let's head to the Porch for some good conversation.

Without Pictures

Andrew Power

Architecture texts read by friends.




Gartenradio – Der Garten-Podcast

Heike Sicconi | Gartenradio.fm

Das Gartenradio beschäftigt sich mit allen Aspekten des Gartens. Von einzelnen Pflanzen, über berühmte internationale Gärten bis hin zur Faszination Kleingarten finden hier alle Pflanzenfreunde ihr Zuhause. Jeden Sonntag läuft das Gartenradio ab 16 Uhr im Wortstream von detektor.fm.

Who Knew's Quick and Dirty Household Tips and Lifehacks


A podcast filled with surprisingly simple household hacks to help you save money and live better. Hosts Jeanne and Bruce Lubin offer simple solutions to everyday problems and easy, innovative tips for cleaning, DIY, cooking, organizing, and more. To download podcast episodes not shown here, visit QuickandDirtyTips.com

Ask a House Cleaner

Angela Brown the House Cleaning Guru

Ask a House Cleaner is a daily show where you get to ask your house cleaning questions and we provide answers. Learn how to clean, how to declutter, and how to create a space to live in that makes your heart sing. Our host, Angela Brown, a professional house cleaner for 25 years, ran and managed one of the largest independently owned cleaning companies in the Southeast United States. She is the CEO and founder of Savvy Cleaner Training for House Cleaners and Maids.

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

Sarah Wilson

Do you want to know how to grow plants and get the best out of your outdoor space? Do you find traditional gardening media baffling and/or boring? Then you’re in the right place, because the Roots and All podcast is here to dig deep into how to create a successful garden. If you want honest information and insider knowledge about how to get results, join irreverent horticulturist Sarah Wilson as she chats to the best people from the world of plants and gardens. Sarah is on a mission to help you create your own beautiful green environment, with a focus on saving resources and working with nature. Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Blommar det? en pod om trädgård

Peter Bengtsson

Trädgårdskamraterna Tony Johansson och Peter Bengtsson bjuder upp till blomstersnack, odlingsprat och gödseltjat. Häng med oss ut i det gröna! Blommar det? - Förmodligen! Trädgård, odling, träd och frö..

The Daily Gardener

Jennifer Ebeling

The Daily Gardener is a podcast about Garden History and Literature. The podcast celebrates the garden in an "on this day" format and every episode features a Garden Book. Episodes are released M-F.

REX Today Podcast

rova | Today FM

Hosted by agricultural journalist Dominic George, REX Today focuses inside and outside the farm gate, featuring rural news, detailed weather reports and sport, while covering hot on-farm topics as well as some off-farm too.

In The Landscape®

Katherine & Charles Sadler

Pros Kate & Charles Sadler share Landscape Design & Care acumen as they travel the world with their landscape design, specialty pruning & consulting practice, King Garden.

Vertical Veg: growing food in containers in the city

Vertical Veg / Mark Ridsdill Smith

The Vertical Veg Podcast shares inspiration on growing veg, fruit and herbs in containers. We hear from amazing people growing in small spaces all over the world, and learn from experts in related fields. We explore the benefits of growing in a city, how to overcome the challenges, and share tips on how and what to grow.

The Brownstoner Podcast

Schneps Broadcasting

Brownstoner covers a rapidly changing Brooklyn through the lens of real estate, development, architecture and interior design.




The Good Dirt: Sustainability Explained

Lady Farmer

Start living more sustainably. The Good Dirt podcast explores all aspects of a sustainable lifestyle with healthy soil as the touchpoint and metaphor for the healing of our relationship with the planet. Mother & daughter team Mary & Emma bring you weekly interviews with farmers, artists, authors, and leaders in the regenerative and sustainable living space.

The We Got To Feed Y'all Podcast

The We Got To Feed Y'all Podcast

Hey y'all! Welcome to The We Got To Feed Y'all Podcast! We’re 2 sisters (Amanda & Tao) on our food journeys through parenting & the constant struggle that we got to feed y’all?!

Que Choisir ?

Radio VINCI Autoroutes 107.7

Les conseils consommation avec l'UFC Que Choisir.

I Am Home podcast

Amy Myers

Home is what connects us all and nobody knows home like NFM. Hosted by three of our own team members, NFM’s new podcast goes deeper than simply design trends and connects you to the people, projects and ideas that help you make your house a home.


Kathy Jentz, Washington Gardener Magazine

GardenDC is the award-winning podcast all about gardening in the greater Washington, DC, and Mid-Atlantic area. Hosted by Kathy Jentz, editor of Washington Gardener Magazine (www. WashingtonGardener.com). Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/gardendc/support


Radio Garden

Ascolta i podcast dedicati ai professionisti del verde.



スタイリストのゆきこと、ホームパーティープランナーのあゆみ、縁側なび運営のなつみの自称ずぼらによる ずぼラジオ。 ずぼラジオはずぼらな3人が暮らしに関してゆるく話す番組です。

Conversations with the Hostess

Amy Long

Conversations with the Hostess is all about building community and deeper connections with those in your life through hosting them in your home. Join Amy, a wife, mom, Naval Officer, and online party planner as she has conversations weekly with entertaining and party experts. We will discuss parties, holidays, and celebrating life's big and small moments. You'll leave with inspiration and tactical ideas to build a community, deepen friendships, and lead a fulfilled life!

Season by Season

Season by Season

Join Alexis and Kit, lifelong friends who now live on opposite coasts, as they explore poetry, music, and sound on a journey through the rhythm of nature expressed by the seasons.

Xuân Liên Radio Online

Xuân Liên

Xin chào bạn, mình tên là Xuân Liên, và đây là nơi mình chia sẻ những truyện ngắn mà mình yêu thích, những bài viết, những câu chuyện của mình, và cả những câu chuyện của bạn, hãy gửi đến Liên nhé, Liên sẽ rất vui vì điều ấy, mong rằng bạn sẽ có những trải nghiệm thật thú vị khi ghé kênh podcast của mình. Nếu như bạn không chỉ muốn nghe những đoạn âm thanh, mà còn muốn xem cả video nữa, thì hãy ghé kênh youtube của mình: Xuân Liên (www.youtube.com/xuanlien). Kết nối với Liên tại: https://www.facebook.com/xuanlienfanpage Waves là một nền tảng âm thanh trực tuyến, cung cấp audiobook và podcast dành riêng cho người Việt. Các bạn có thể nghe được tất cả các podcast nổi tiếng tại Việt Nam trên Waves. Hơn thế, bạn cũng có thể xây dựng chương trình podcast riêng cho mình. Thông tin liên hệ: Website: http://www.waves8.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WavesVietnam Instagram: @wavesvietnam Hãy tải ứng dụng Waves để cập nhật những tập podcast mới nhất và có những trải nghiệm miễn phí tuyệt vời nhất: iOS: https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/waves-podcast-player/id1492378044 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.waves8.app

Microgreens Podcast

Todd Marsh

The Microgreens Podcast will help you, teach you, and motivate you to grow flavorful and nutritious microgreens in your home. Each podcast is created to be supplement to content published on HomeMicrogreens.com. But in reality each episode is a content-rich source of information on growing microgreens.

Grow, Cook, Inspire; with gardening & cooking at its core

Helen Cross

With gardening, food and farming at its core, Grow Cook Inspire is a podcast for those new and old to growing and cooking. With an aim to inspire & educate, Helen interviews a wide range of guests from the world of horticulture, food and agriculture. Her drive is to encourage more people to grow, cook and eat seasonally, encourage more children into gardening and into the kitchen while also championing the health benefits of gardening for our mental well being and the health of our environment.


コマショウ DJ




Hvordan tar du vare på inneplantene? Når skal epletreet beskjæres? Og er det fortsatt liv i frøene fra i fjor? Dette og veldig mye mer snakker Espen Skarphagen og Marianne Heen Johnsgård om i Grøntpodden, podkasten som byr på ukentlige påfyll av grønn inspirasjon – både for deg som allerede har grønne fingre, og for deg som er nybegynner. Velkommen! For annonsesalg, kontakt salg@bauermedia.no.

Mind Your Hives Beekeeping

Greg and Kara Jo Lehman

A Podcast by Beekeepers about more than just beekeeping from the owners of Kara Jo Skin Care & Bee Farm. We find bees fascinating and hope you share in our enjoyment!


Melissa Silva


Jeff Schultz Painting


Jeff Schultz Painting is the highest rated Angie’s List interior and exterior professional painting service in the Sarasota, Florida area.

The Food Grower Podcast

Chris (Fanfield Farm) & Jack (Jacks Patch)

Welcome to the Food Grower Podcast. The weekly podcast that talks all things food growing with those doing amazing things from across the UK and the world. Every week we deliver you a podcast that interviews a fantastic food grower that is doing things differently, inspirationally or that has an awesome story to tell. This is a podcast that will hopefully inspire and inform you whatever experience you have… from aspiring grower, to casual allotmenteer, right through to fully fledged market gardener. We will be talking everything from no-dig to permaculture, mushrooms to marketing. We are your hosts Chris from Fanfield Farm and Jack from Jacks Patch and we will be bringing you an inspirational interview, some tips and tricks from our own farms as well as the fun feature of quick fire questions that we ask every guest…. Obviously including whether they prefer an evening farm beer or morning farm coffee!! For all things Food Grower podcast; including upcoming blog posts, additional content, guest opportunities and food grower merch, head over to our website at https://www.foodgrower.co.uk And please do pass on to anyone in your life who grows food either for fun or funds… You can listen to this podcast completely free, anywhere you normally get your podcasts from. And for more Food Grower Content head to our instagram account https://www.instagram.com/foodgroweracademy to interact with us and get updates each week on episodes, additional content, or just to have a chat. Don’t forget to hit the follow button on instagram, and the subscribe button on your podcast app. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Household chores

Samantha Andrea TORRES RUIZ

In this podcast, you can hear some people's opinions on household chores. They will touch on various topics, such as what they think about equality in the distribution of tasks and what each one does. I invite you to listen!

The English Home Podcast

The Chelsea Magazine Company

The English Home podcast celebrates the best of classic English interiors and design. In each episode, Samantha Scott-Jeffries, editor of The English Home magazine talks with leading interiors experts, designers and specialists to discover their style secrets, decorating advice and seasonal inspiration. The English Home podcast is produced by The Chelsea Magazine Company with original music by Laura Ritchie



以閒聊的方式講講德叔生活中與寵物們有關的故事 當初怎麼與這些寵物相遇? 生活過程中發生哪些有趣的事情? Powered by Firstory Hosting

THE INTENTIONAL EDIT PODCAST - Simplify Life - Organization, Decluttering, Home Routines, Family Systems

Lauren White - Coach for Busy Moms, Home Organization & Decluttering Expert, Systems Strategist

Are you tired of doing everything around the house and not having any time to relax or enjoy the little things? Are you looking for an easier way to keep track of activities, carpool schedules and school calendars? Do you wish your house would stay organized, where you didn’t have to clean up rooms full of toys, clutter, and laundry every night? You desire simple systems that make your days easier! If you’re dreaming of how to simplify and not feel overwhelmed with basic household tasks and mom duties all the time, you are in the right place! I’m Lauren from Intentional Edit and I’m happy to have you here! I know all about the struggles of trying to do it all and feel like there isn’t time left over for yourself or anything that you really want to be doing! Working hard and running out of energy midday is exhausting! It doesn’t have to be that way and busy moms really can turn it all around. You deserve to stop the feelings of being overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted by implementing the systems and solutions I use for simplicity in my home and with clients. As a mom, former teacher, turned professional home organizer and lifestyle coach, I’m here to share simple solutions that work for busy families. The Intentional Edit Podcast includes decluttering and purging strategies to eliminate the clutter in your home, easy meal planning, how to manage family schedules, getting kids on board with organizing and so much more! Join me for engaging episodes, Tip Tuesday segments, and guest interviews with organizing, simplification and home experts to make your home and life function and flow. Every episode is designed to help you create systems that remove the overwhelming, unorganized parts of life and allow you to live a life of intention. Finally, declutter, simplify, and organize your home and keep it that way! Learn how to implement systems and routines and take actionable tips and tricks that bring simplicity to your life and home. I’m here to help you say goodbye to overwhelm, chaos and an unorganized lifestyle. Join me for the Intentional Edit Podcast and start living a life that you love! Connect with me... Website - intentionaledit.com Instagram @intentionaledit Pinterest @intentionaledit Facebook @intentionaledit TikTok @intentionaledit


Angela and Mandi

A podcast for those who are looking to slow down, return to their roots and feel more self-sufficient. Join Mandi of Wild Oak Farms and Angela of Axe & Root Homestead in their new podcast HOMESTEADucation, created by homesteaders for homesteaders. This podcast will explore different facets of homesteading in detail including vegetable gardening, fruit orchard care, animal husbandry, and more. Follow us on Instagram: Angela @axeandroothomestead and Mandi @wildoakfarms

Lovely Homestead

Eva Karpman

Hi! I'm Eva Karpman - your 13 year old host of the Lovely Homestead podcast. Have you ever thought of living a simpler lifestyle? Maybe you wanted to get some chickens? Start a garden? Or possibly you already have a homestead or a farm and just want to learn more! Then you're in the right place, my friend. My dream is to inspire 10 Million people to live a more organic and sustainable lifestyle! On this podcast, I interview various homesteaders, farmers, and those who are striving for that organic life. As well as answering all of the questions you may have along the way. My motto is, "If you dream it, you can do it."



不直播的植播電台 分享我的植栽收藏還有他們的故事。 --------- 跟著植物的腳步來探索世界

OKA House of Tales


Introducing House of Tales - a brand new podcast series by OKA. House of Tales is a curiosity-driven podcast series exploring the remarkable relationships people have with their homes. In conversation with renowned design journalist Bethan Ryder, eight tastemakers explore how they interact with and take inspiration from the places where they live. We’ll be releasing a new episode every two weeks – catch up on the latest below or subscribe on your favourite platform to be the first to know when a new episode launches. Follow Us: Instagram Pinterest Facebook Twitter About OKA OKA is a British furniture and homeware brand loved by those who want their homes to be a reflection of who they are and what they love. OKA takes a relaxed approach, believing that at home, nothing should be too precious or perfect to be enjoyed, so we can focus on the most important thing: good times with friends and family.   Discover OKA, luxury furniture and inspiring interiors as unique as you: www.oka.com   Series Producer: Tellori® – Tellori.com Executive Producers Mike Rucinski Marc Baker   Music Direction Andy Guthrie  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.



FORWORLD × VERSE 你夢寐以求的生活是什麼樣子?《迷人生活》由馥華集團和VERSE聯名出品,是台灣第一個以生活風格和美學為主旨的podcast,每一集我們從生活美學、健康、郊野山林等面向,與各個過著理想生活的創造者,一同探索「迷人生活」的各種可能性。 Powered by Firstory Hosting

kiwimana Buzz Beekeeping Show - A Beekeeping Podcast/Show

Gary Fawcett and Margaret Groot

Established in 2009. If you want to learn about beekeeping this is the show for you. It's been described by many as fun and informative. Hosts Gary and Margaret from New Zealand share tips, interviews and news about beekeeping. We discuss ways to bee more successful with your bees, get a sweet honey crop and keep your bees healthy. Please give us a listen.

Clear Your Clutter Inside & Out

Julie Coraccio

Clutter is stuck stagnant energy and can prevent you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. We discuss clutter in all its forms: spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental & physical and provide tips for decluttering your life, home organizing and how to organize your life. We're thinking outside the box on areas where people might not realize where clutter is blocking them. When we remove clutter from our lives we can discover our passions, lead the extraordinary lives we are all meant to live and share our gifts with the world. Join award winning professional organizer and coach Julie Coraccio as she shares decluttering tips and more!