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@theBar from the Mailbag

Listen to the first-ever mailbag episode of CBA's @theBar! Host Jonathan Amarilio is joined by co-hosts Trisha Rich, Maggie Mendenhall Casey and Jennifer Byrne for a conversation that is even more unscripted than usual. Be a fly on the wall of an @theBar podcast production meeting as the group discusses letters from the audience and potential topics for future episodes. If you have comments, questions or ideas for future episodes, write in to podcast@chicagobar.org.
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Make No Law: The First Amendment Podcast

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The F-Bomb

On April 26, 1968, Paul Robert Cohen walked down the corridor of the Los Angeles County Courthouse at the corner of Grand and 1st. He didn’t start a fight, he didn’t make any threats, he didn’t even hold up a sign, but he did wear a jacket. This jacket featured “STOP THE WAR,” two peace signs, and the phrase “FUDGE THE DRAFT” (only it didn’t say “fudge”). The result was a court battle over whether the government has the power to punish the use of the word fuck because many find it offensive.

State Bar of Michigan: On Balance Podcast

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Succession Planning for Your Law Firm

Succession planning is critical for ensuring the protection of lawyers, clients, and the public; but does every lawyer need a plan? Molly Ranns and JoAnn Hathaway talk with Alecia Chandler about how to figure out what type of plan you need and the resources available on the State Bar of Michigan’s website. Check out the Planning Ahead Handbook, as well as many other checklists and forms designed to help you create a comprehensive plan for your law firm. 
Alecia Chandler is Professional Responsibility Programs Director for the State Bar of Michigan.

Planet Lex: The Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Podcast

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A New Digital Infrastructure

The COVID pandemic precipitated a massive shift in digital infrastructure. Annelise Riles, the Executive Director of the Roberta Buffett Institute for Global Studies at Northwestern University, outlines her vision for the United States' role in global engagement, the future of transnational education, and addresses the growing skepticism of the costs of removing the human element.

ABA Journal: Modern Law Library

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Ex-Tesla attorney leveraged her contract expertise into a book and thriving LinkedIn community

In August 2020, contract attorney Laura Frederick accepted a challenge: Post to LinkedIn once a day, every day, for a month. Frederick thought she might be able to keep up a string of several days in a row. Instead, her daily posts became a way to connect with colleagues, build business, create a brand identity, and have a social lifeline during the isolation of the pandemic. A selection of those posts also found their way into her self-published book, Practical Tips on How to Contract: Techniques and Tactics from an Ex-BigLaw and Ex-Tesla Commercial Contracts Lawyer.
Frederick says that she's never been the sort of person who enjoyed the cocktail party circuit way of rainmaking. When she launched her own law practice after years of working in BigLaw and as an in-house attorney for companies including Tesla, she relied for the first year entirely on referrals. But the connecti

ABA Journal: Asked and Answered

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Want to be a successful litigator? Come to the office, say 2 BigLaw trial lawyers

For young litigators who want to be considered “a lawyer’s lawyer,” careers spent mostly working from home may not get you to where you want to be, according to Robert Giuffra and Evan Chesler, two Wall Street partners who have been trying cases for more than 30 years.
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ABA Journal: Legal Rebels

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TurnSignl app seeks to provide real-time legal assistance and de-escalation of tension during traffic stops

Like many Americans, Jazz Hampton and two of his friends, Andre Creighton and Mychal Frelix, watched in horror as two fellow Minnesotans, Philando Castile and George Floyd, were killed by police officers following what seemed to be routine traffic stops. If only there had been a way to de-escalate those situations while protecting the rights of the person detained, as well as the law enforcement officer involved. So they came up with one.
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ABA Law Student Podcast

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Understanding the Weaponization of Social Media with P.W. Singer

Information and disinformation campaigns are centuries old, but our social media era has given new and rapid thrust to the sharing of ideas, both for good and ill intent. Meg Steenburgh and Peter W. Singer discuss his book, LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media, which analyzes the poisonous effects of disinformation on politics, war, and social issues worldwide. They look at the role of governments, laws, and individuals; and our collective responsibility to support digital literacy and engage in positive digital citizenship. 
Peter Warren Singer is strategist at New America, a Professor of Practice at Arizona State University, and founder and managing partner at Useful Fiction LLC.
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Above the Law - Thinking Like a Lawyer

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Law School Rankings And The Grain Of Salt You Need

US News and World Report released its annual law school rankings last week and delivered chaos upon the legal world, dropping Harvard from its top three perch. As we break down some key insights from the rankings, we remind everyone not to get too hung up on these numbers. Speaking of numbers that lawyers should get hung up on, it looks like a lawyer screw up cost a bank around $600M so that's not great. And speaking of being the opposite of great, unhinged text messages from Ginni Thomas raise questions about the fitness of Clarence Thomas to serve on the Supreme Court. Don't worry, no one will end up doing anything about it.
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Lunch Hour Legal Marketing

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Marketing Attribution: Follow the Data or Trust Your Gut?

Marketing’s not free. Is yours working? Conrad and Gyi dig into marketing attribution and how to ensure you’re spending wisely. Rand Fishkin’s new article claims “attribution is a boondoggle” and you should trust your gut, not a fancy attribution system (especially if you’re a smaller office). So, what’s going on? Can software track your marketing end-to-end process, from Google Ads to paying client?
So, how do you avoid throwing your marketing money into a black hole? Learn the 6-ish best tips for measuring marketing effectiveness. Tracking client journeys, client acquisition costs, and your marketing performance matters; do it like a marketing professional does. Plus: they get into the specter of “Dark Social” — driving demand by leveraging social media and the “network effect” to build your brand.
In the Legal Trends Report by Clio, did you know law firms with increasing revenue are 46% more likely to use

On the Road with Legal Talk Network

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ABA TECHSHOW 2022: Come Play in the Sandbox - How to Advance Legal Services Through Regulation

Hurdles in our legal system have long been responsible for perpetuating the justice gap, but new research and experimentation seem to be leading to much-needed change. From TECHSHOW 2022, Laurence Colletti talks with Lori Gonzalez and Damien Riehl about their talk at the conference on improving legal service delivery through regulatory reform. 

Lori Gonzalez is founder and CEO of RayNa Corporation. 

Damien Riehl is vice president of litigation workflow and analytics content at Fastcase.

New Solo

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The Microsoft 365 Special: Your Questions, Expert Answers

At last! The anticipated Windows and Windows 365 tech episode with Adam Alexander, IT solutions guru and president of InterNetwork IT. Together, they answer all those questions you’ve messaged and tweeted in the past months.
We’re getting into the nitty gritty. Learn what’s available and find solutions to problems that seem unsolvable. Don’t settle for “good enough!”

Adriana and Adam dive deep into all things Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and more.

Make access to your data more organized, safer, and easier for your employees or coworkers to share.

 Plus, your questions about all things Microsoft. You asked, we answered. 

New Insights
In our series New Insights, veteran attorney Jennifer Smith Thomas answers questions from Birmingham, Alabama, new attorney Jennifer Townsend about the challenges of working with her father in a small, family-owned firm. 

Digital Detectives

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Cybersecurity: A Lawyer’s Ethical Duty to Read the News

Lawyers need to stay up on cybersecurity news to understand both the current threats and the mistakes made by others. Failure to keep up could eventually result in a breach! Sharon Nelson and John Simek discuss this topic with Lucien Pera to learn more about lawyers’ ethical responsibilities for technology and cybersecurity competence and why failures could result in a lawyer facing disciplinary action. 
Lucian T. Pera is a partner at Adams and Reese LLP in Memphis, Tennessee, where he focuses his practice on commercial litigation, media law, and legal ethics work.
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ABA Journal Podcasts - Legal Talk Network

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Wiretapping's origins might surprise you

On the cover of Brian Hochman's book The Listeners: A History of Wiretapping in the United States is a martini cocktail, complete with skewered olive. Someone attempting to judge a book by its cover may think this is a riff on James Bond and his brethren in espionage. But international espionage is not the primary use of wiretapping in the United States; it's a longer, stranger tale than that.
Hochman shares the real story that inspired the cover in this episode of the Modern Law Library with the ABA Journal's Lee Rawles. It involves a private detective with a showman's instincts, a congressional hearing and an electronic bug hidden in a martini olive. It was an incident that spooked the legislature so much that in 1968, they banned the "martini olive transmitter"–even though a working prototype had never been built.
In this episode, Hochman also talks about America's long history of wiretapping, from Civil War sab

The Legal Report from Robert Half

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Legal Department Optimization: Establishing a Strategic Roadmap for Future Success

The position of general counsel has evolved during the past decade, with today’s GC serving as a strategic C-suite partner, playing a pivotal role in corporate decision-making on critical business issues. GCs also are focused on managing in-house teams to maximize value to the business – both strategically and operationally – not only for today but for the future. What do in-house legal leaders need to know to better balance and optimize myriad factors and stakeholders to achieve greater value and success?
Join host Charles Volkert and Rich Cohen, a managing director with Robert Half’s legal consulting solutions practice, as they discuss the current state of legal department operations, staffing and service delivery – and a strategic roadmap to greater effectiveness and value for the future. 
They examine:

A holistic review approach to evaluate all functions of the legal d

The Un-Billable Hour

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Community Table: Formatting invoices, teaching systems, candidate red flags, and more!

Host Christopher T. Anderson meets with lawyers from around the country to discuss issues they are currently facing in their practices. 
Featured on this episode:

How do I format my invoices so they convey value?

How can I better teach systems to my team?

What should I do when a job candidate has a few red flags?

What is the most efficient way to have my virtual assistant write out processes and procedures?

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The Legal Toolkit

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The Best Show on TV; How to Contract with Laura Frederick; and “Legal Toolkit Trivia” with Jane Kuhuk

As we all know, “Quantum Leap” was Jared’s favorite TV show as a kid, but his current favorite is… “Bluey!” What’s that, you ask? Tune in for Jared’s take on why this Australian children’s program should take priority on your watchlist.
Next up, could learning about legal contracts actually be fun? Well, sure! Jared chats with Laura Frederick of How to Contract about her training program and top tips for legal pros looking to draft better contracts for their clients.
This time on the Rump Roast, Jared welcomes Jane Kuhuk, a longtime fan of the show, to play “Legal Toolkit Trivia!” Also known as “Shameless Promotion of the Show Archives”— go have a listen! 
Laura Frederick is the founder of How to Contract and managing attorney at Laura Frederick Law, PLLC.
Jane Kuhuk is senior public relations manager at Esper Bionics and How To Contract.

The Paralegal Voice

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Tame the ELM Beast: The Secrets of E-discovery and Data Management

Host Carl Morrison is joined by guest Ben Hengels of Ligl.io for a deep dive into the Evidence Lifecycle Management (ELM), e-discovery, and data flow management that law practices run on. 
With so many moving parts, taking proper stock of every component – from email and cloud systems to legacy on-site servers – is crucial. So is working with providers who understand how each piece works with the other. 
Recognize early warning signs of common problems, mistakes that find their way into the process and grow. Avoid inefficiencies and costly snafus. 
E-discovery and data management are not static processes. Technological advances continue yearly. Learn to collect, produce, and preserve the data you need to keep up with a busy caseload. 
Plus, “The Listener’s Voice.” Your content, comments, and questions matter. In this episode, tips and tricks on making the leap from paralegal to legal opera

The Kennedy-Mighell Report

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Pardon the Interruption: 2021 Edition

Debbie Foster joins Dennis and Tom once again for their yearly “Pardon the Interruption”-esque recap. The trio examine oodles of issues and advancements (or lack thereof) in both legal tech and the profession in general. And, miraculously, even though there seems to be no recognizable competition going on, Tom wins the day! 
Have a technology question for Dennis and Tom? Call their Tech Question Hotline at 720-441-6820 for answers to your most burning tech questions.
Debbie Foster is the managing partner for Affinity Consulting, and is a nationally recognized thought leader on efficiency and innovation in professional legal organizations.
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Workers Comp Matters

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Rebuttable Presumption of Intoxication: Workers’ Comp and Marijuana

Our guest is law student Simon X. Cao, winner of this year’s College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyer’s John F. Burton Jr. Student Writing Award. His essay, “Fighting The Tide – Overcoming The Rebuttable Presumption of Intoxication In The Age of Marijuana,” examines a common Workers’ Comp defense arguing an injured worker was somehow culpable in his own injury by virtue of intoxication.
Cao examines to what extent – if any – evidence of prior marijuana consumption can be used against injured workers, as a growing number of states legalize marijuana both for recreation and medical use.
The nexus of marijuana and injury compensation is a sticky issue. Evidence of marijuana can be detected in an injured worker’s system for weeks after use, unlike alcohol, but it can be present without indicating intoxication. How reliable is testing? How consistent are the rules across states? And what about presumed c

In-House Legal

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Verizon’s Randy Milch on Being General Counsel and Running the In-House Legal Department

In-House Legal returns with new host Randy Milch, the executive vice president and strategic policy advisor to the chair and CEO for Verizon Communications. Formerly the general counsel for Verizon, Randy has worked nearly his entire legal career in the telecom industry. In this episode of In-House Legal, Legal Talk Network producer Laurence Colletti interviews host Randy Milch as he takes the reigns of the show. Together, they discuss Randy’s path to becoming Verizon’s GC, the importance of having talented attorneys on your team, and the challenges faced in regulatory environments. In addition, they talk about the cost of patent trolls, the necessity of support staff, and relentlessly weathering pressure and uncertainty. Tune in to hear what Randy’s plans are for the show’s future as well as his advice for in-house legal departments. Randy Milch is the executive vice president and strat

Law Technology Now

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Redefining the Hub

Law Technology Now’s hosts discuss the mark the global pandemic will leave on law firms, legal education and the delivery of legal services.

The ESI Report

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Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Digital Edge

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What Do Women Lawyers Really Want from Their Law Firms?

Is there potential for a mass exodus of women from the legal profession? Multiple studies have shown that the pandemic was harder on women, with increased home responsibilities falling disproportionately upon them and often leading to a continued need to work remotely, even after their law firms reopened. These shifts have had major impacts on gender parity in workplaces. Sharon Nelson and Jim Calloway welcome Roberta Tepper to discuss these issues of inequality and what law firms should do to support women in the profession. 
Roberta Tepper is the Chief Member Services Officer at the State Bar of Arizona.
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Lawyer 2 Lawyer

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The Life of a Lawyer, Start to Finish: How to Get into Law School

As part of a new feature on Lawyer 2 Lawyer, we are releasing something a little different. While we will be maintaining our regular practice of providing you high-quality commentary on the biggest subjects in the law today, every other episode for the next few months, we’ll be running a series we call “The Life of a Lawyer, Start to Finish”. This series will explore the experience of becoming and being an attorney, from applying to law schools through retirement and everything in between. We’re excited to use this series to offer some great advice for lawyers at all stages of their careers.
In our first episode, we will start, logically enough, with “How to Get into Law School.”  Host Craig Williams is joined by Miriam Ingber, Associate Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at Yale Law School, and Kristi Jobson, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Chief Admissions Officer at Harvard Law School, to cover their