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490. What Do Broken-Hearted Knitters, Urinating Goalkeepers, and the C.I.A. Have in Common?

Curses and other superstitions may have no basis in reality, but that doesn’t stop us from believing. 


WNYC Studios

The 11th: A Letter From George

Last week, Lulu heard an interview that trapped her in her car. She decided to play it for Latif.
The interview – originally from a podcast called The Relentless Picnic, but presented by one of Lulu’s current podcast faves, The 11th – is part of an episode of mini pep talks designed to help us all get through this cold, dark, second-pandemic-winter-in-a-row. But the segment that Lulu brings Latif is about someone trying to get through something arguably much more difficult, something a pep talk can’t solve, but that a couple friends — and one very generous stranger — might be able to help make a little more bearable.
The episode of The 11th this comes from is “I’m Here to Pep You Up.” The Relentless Picnic is currently running a series of episodes called CABIN, an audio exploration of isolation, which you can listen to here. The organization where Matt volunteers as a counselor is called SUDEP. The Lu Olkowski story Lulu recommends a

Dirty John

Los Angeles Times | Wondery

Bonus Episode: Inside the TV Series "Dirty John" Part 3

In the last of three special episodes, Alexandra Cunningham, showrunner of the new Bravo series, offers insight into how she approached the writing of the show and its titular psychopath. Jeffrey Reiner, who directed all eight episodes, discusses the creative team’s ambition to transcend the conventions of a traditional thriller.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

The Negotiators

Foreign Policy and Doha Debates

The Road to Repatriation

This week, we hear from Jussi Tanner, a Finish ambassador and special envoy who negotiated the release of some 30 women and children from detention in northern Syria. See for privacy and opt-out information.

The Shrink Next Door

Wondery | Bloomberg

How Michael Showalter Translated the Podcast to the TV Screen | 13

Between a global pandemic and filming the entire TV series in Los Angeles, Michael Showalter talks about the challenges he faced in bringing the podcast to the television screen and how his own experience in therapy sparked his initial interest in Marty and Ike's story.The Shrink Next Door is now an Apple Original series, starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. Watch now only on Apple TV+ Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at




說明: 「佳豐有機農場」位於花蓮壽豐,主人李家豐(李菡茂的父親)自民國88年就開始投入有機農業,主要以種植蔬菜為主,最特別的是食用百合 李家豐:獲得第31屆十大神農 李菡茂:獲得第5屆百大青農 Powered by Firstory Hosting

The Experiment

The Atlantic and WNYC Studios

In Between Pro-life and Pro-choice

Rebecca Shrader had always thought that abortion was morally wrong. As a devout Baptist Christian, she volunteered at a clinic designed to discourage women from getting abortions. And when she got pregnant for the first time, she knew she would carry the baby to term, no matter what. 
But when Rebecca’s pregnancy didn’t go as planned, she started to question everything she had always believed about abortions, and about the people who choose to have them.
This episode of The Experiment was reported by Emma Green in collaboration with This American Life, and originally aired as a part of This American Life’s episode “But I Did Everything Right.” 
Further reading: “The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate,” “What Roe Could Take Down With It,” “The Court Invites an Era of Constitutional Chaos”
A transcript of this episode is available. 

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Radio Ambulante


Una carta para mamá

Carla intentó reparar lo que parecía irreparable. Llevaba dos años sin hablar con su madre y había decidido que nunca volvería a hacerlo en su vida. Era demasiado el daño. Hasta que un día se dio cuenta de que, para seguir adelante, necesitaba entender todo lo que había pasado entre ellas. Y, entonces, dio el primer paso. ⇣En nuestro sitio web puedes encontrar una transcripción del episodio. Or you can also check this English translation. ⇣Únete a Deambulantes. Con tu apoyo podremos seguir contando las historias que merecen ser contadas. Suscríbete a nuestro boletín. Es nuestro lugar favorito para estar en contacto con nuestra comunidad. Recibe todos los martes un correo con el nuevo episodio de Radio Ambulante y otro todos los viernes con cinco recomendaciones del equipo.

One Planet Lifestyle~地球をもっと好きになる1時間~




出演:鈴木実穂さん(FMひがしくるめ)、三間淳吉(WWFジャパン自然保護室次長)、渡邉ゆみ(WWFジャパン C&M室デジタル担当)


The Impact


The Toll

In this bonus, chat episode of The Impact, Jillian is joined by Vox's Matt Yglesias and Course Correction's Nelufar Hedayat to talk about how the data collected on Covid-19 deaths will help shape our world, now and in the future.
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The United States of Anxiety

WNYC Studios

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Una Habitación Propia


Un podcast de WomenNOW dedicado a mujeres extraordinarias en el que podréis conocer todas las semanas la historia, el pensamiento y las palabras de una mujer que, de una forma u otra, ha marcado un antes y un después, rompiendo moldes y cambiando costumbres. Mujeres que en un mundo que parecía ser dominado por hombres, han logrado destacar; que aportan una enseñanza en la actualidad informativa de cada semana. Si quieres saber más sobre todas estas mujeres extraordinarias y sobre su contribución a la vida de hoy, suscríbete a 'Una habitación propia' en tu plataforma favorita.

Decoder Ring

Slate Podcasts

Custer's Revenge

Custer's Revenge is widely considered one of the worst video games ever made. Originally released as part of a series of Swedish Erotica-branded adult games for the Atari 2600, Custer's Revenge involves moving a pixelated General Custer across the screen to rape an Indigenous woman tied to a post. It's unfathomably racist, sexist, and un-fun to play. Today on Decoder Ring we tell the story of how Custer's Revenge came to be, the people who protested it, and the even stranger story of how the whole thing became a considered trolling operation. This is the final episode of our current season, but we'll be back in 2022.
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Note: This episode has been edited to correct a misstatement about Women Against Pornography's aims. The group did not advocate the banning of pornography.
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All My Relations Podcast

Matika Wilbur, Desi Small-Rodriguez & Adrienne Keene

The Border Crossed Us

The Border Crossed Us is led by Jon Ayon, an AMR team member who conducted field research to gather the stories of peoples and Tribes at the southern settler colonial border between the United States and Mexico. This political border was drawn with no respect for the Indigenous peoples that live there — with land claims that predate both colonial governments. Now families and cultures are separated on either side. There are current cultural and religious permits in place for Native peoples to cross the border, but crossing remains a complicated and formidable challenge as border control determines which reasons are legitimate- often with no knowledge of traditions. Only in recent history has Indigenous migration been restricted and disqualified as a human right. An Indigenous future means free movement because heritage transcends borders. This is about the protection of the sacred: sacred land, sacred relations, sacred sovereignty and sacred traditions

Tug of War


Death of a Revolution

Ten years ago, a piece of graffiti sparked an uprising in Syria. Since then, millions of Syrians watched their cities crumble and were forced to flee. Clarissa Ward was there from the beginning, a witness to the courage of the people, and the brutality of the regime. Now, Clarissa asks two Syrian activists: Was it all worth it?

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When Diana Met…


The People

There are many scandalous, gossip-stirring stories about Diana. There are also, however, just as many anecdotes about her kindness, and the raw, authentic nature of her philanthropy. While most royal acts of charity are both formal and distant, Diana’s were intimate and bold; like walking through minefields and holding AIDS victims in her arms. In this episode, we hear about what really made her the ‘people’s princess’ from those who were touched by her legacy. We’ll meet writer/filmmaker Alegria Adedeji, Making Gay History founder Eric Marcus, and Ebone Carrington, former CEO of NYC Health and Hospitals, Harlem. 

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The Long Time Academy

Headspace Studios, The Long Time Project, Scenery Studios

BONUS Part Six Practice: Your Long Time Ritual

This Long Time Ritual enables you to sense into your unique location in the great web of life. Use it whenever you’d like to drop into longer, deeper time. You’ll need a small object that represents the long time for you. It could be a pebble, an acorn, a seed … anything that connects you to the long past, the long future, or time itself.The Long Time Ritual is written and read by Ella Saltmarshe. 

[오디오북] 공산주의 유령은 어떻게 우리 세계를 지배하는가?


공산주의 유령은 어떻게 우리 세계를 지배하는가? 제18장 중국 공산당의 글로벌 야심 (2)

공산주의 유령은 어떻게 우리 세계를 지배하는가? 제18장 중국 공산당의 글로벌 야심 (2)




小龙花,艺术家一个人的房间反映了他的全部。小龙花的工作室在上海巨鹿路的一条巷子里,这里也是他小时候生活的地方。走进他的工作室像走进了一个宝藏屋,会看到五花八门的收藏,有他从日本背回来的绝版玩具,有从古董市场淘到的老物件,也有他在家门口遛弯时捡回来的宝贝。很多旧物现在已经不再被使用,失去了它原有的属性,但是小龙花喜欢收集和观察这些物件,并且会产生很多奇妙的想象,从而赋予它们新的含义。小龙花有很多不同形式的艺术作品,比如漫画、雕塑、装置等,他不会拘泥于创作的材料,也不会受限于创作的形式。他喜欢即兴创作,也喜欢和不同领域的人合作产生更多新的碰撞,你很难猜到他下次会将哪些意想不到的东西组合在一起。2016年小龙花开始了“大迁徙”这个项目,他让这些已经被人们渐渐遗忘的物件有了自己的身体和性格。▲  小龙花艺术作品“大迁徙”“我喜欢与这些带有强烈个性的物件对话,我想绘制一场壮丽的大迁徙图景,来表现那些逐渐消逝的空间和记忆。我试图模糊人、动物和物件形态之间的边界,让它们在遗忘的鼓点里蹦蹦跳跳、一瘸一拐、成群结队地走向一片五彩的沙漠。” 

Working Title

Margot Lee

When You Care Enough To Say the Very Worst

10: It's the holiday season which means we're spending a lot more time with family. But what about chosen family? In this episode, I sit down with Dr. Carole Robin and we discuss what it means to develop exceptional relationships, especially when it might be tough to do so. I loved reading her co-authored book, "Connect: Building Exceptional Relationships with Family, Friends, and Colleagues", which you can pick up here:
You can listen to Part 1 of this episode here:
And you can find diagrams and prompts on my instagram, @margot.lee

Deutschland3000 - 'ne gute Stunde mit Eva Schulz

Junge ARD-Programme & funk

Gordon Prox, sind Veganer*innen die besseren Menschen?

Gordon ist 34, stammt aus Hamburg und betreibt zusammen mit seinem Kumpel Aljoscha den Youtube- und Instagram-Kanal „Vegan ist ungesund“. Anders als dieser Titel es vielleicht vermuten lässt, wollen die beiden darauf Werbung FÜR den veganen Lifestyle machen und andere dazu inspirieren, ihre Ernährung zu überdenken. Gordon ist also irgendwas zwischen Influencer, Aktivist und Unternehmer.

Wir haben über die vielen Vorurteile gesprochen, die ihm als Veganer immer wieder begegnen – zum Beispiel auch, dass die oft so missionarisch und moralisch überlegen daherkämen. Und davon hat Gordon sich auch gar nicht ganz frei gemacht – im Gegenteil. Ich war stellenweise überrascht, dass er auch über sich selbst sagt, gar nicht wirklich kompromissbereit zu sein. Zumindest nicht, wenns ums große Ganze geht. Und da kamen wir auch ziemlich schnell hin. Es ging nämlich auch viel um die Rolle der Landwirtschaft. Dadurch waren wir




合同会社楽しい学校コンサルタントSecond 代表 前田健志
「コペテンナイト」は,惑星科学を学ぶまことと演劇を学ぶみづほが宇宙をゆるーく楽しくわかりやすく喋るポッドキャスト番組です.クスッと笑えて,ちょっぴり宇宙に詳しくなれる!コペテンナイトはあなたの 知的好奇心 を刺激します.
毎週 水・土 更新
Season 1: 小惑星探査機はやぶさ2
Season 2: 火星
Season 3: 金星
Season 4: タイタン
Season 5: 惑星の50のなぜ?
Season 6: 月
Special Episode 教育 ←now!
【Twitter】ご感想は #コペテンナイト で!)
【podcast】ごはんのおとも(惑星科学を専攻する大学生春名まことが日常をありのままに語り,その成長を記録するポッドキャスト番組です.毎週 火・金 更新.ご感想は #まことのおとも で!)
・メインタイトル by beckman
・Someday by Khaim

Doing Justice


Up Against the Mob: The Cooperator

Up Against the Mob is CAFE’s new six-episode series, hosted by former prosecutor Elie Honig, that lifts the veil on the world of the mafia and law enforcement’s efforts to bring mobsters to justice. 

Episode 1 tells the story of Michael Visconti. Once a rising star in the Genovese crime family, Visconti decided to leave the mafia and become a cooperating government witness. Visconti opens up to Elie Honig about his life and rise in the mob — how he first got mixed up with the mafia, the violent crimes he committed, and his decision to flip against his mob “family.”  

In the bonus episode for CAFE Insiders, Elie Honig and Safeena Mecklai take listeners behind the scenes of the first episode of Up Against the Mob. Become an Insider at and enter code MOB for 50% off the annual membership price. 

Up Against the Mob is produced by CAFE Studios and the Vox Media Podcast Network. New episodes drop

Scene on Radio

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University

S5 E11: Change Everything

In our Season 5 finale: What’s the cultural transformation we need to make — in the West, and the U.S. in particular — to live in good health with the rest of the natural world and with each other? Episode 11 of The Repair, our series on the climate emergency.

Researched and produced by John Biewen, with co-host Amy Westervelt. Script editor, Cheryl Devall. Interviews with Dirk Philipsen, Christian Felber, Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò, and Jessica Hernandez. Music by Lili Haydn, Kim Carroll, Chris Westlake, Lesley Barber, Cora Miron, Fabian Almazan, and Alex Weston. Music consulting by Joe Augustine of Narrative Music.



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

The Oxford Comment

Oxford University Press

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Epoch Times


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Bed of Lies

The Telegraph

6 - Retribution, Part 2

Every month, more names are added to the list of survivors. But with every year, more names on that list succumb to their illnesses. Will the Inquiry bring them justice before it’s too late? In this final instalment of the series, they lay bare the shattering impact of this bed of lies.Read Cara’s notebook: |For 30 days’ free access to The Telegraph: |Get in touch: and on Twitter @cjmcgoogan |See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

Réparer les violences

La Maison des femmes

Soutenir et développer Les Maisons des femmes

"Je suis allée à Saint-Denis rencontrer Ghada avec la directrice de l'hôpital Delafontaine. Elle a ouvert une porte, m'a montré un terrain vague et elle m'a dit "Voilà, c'est là que je veux construire La Maison des femmes" La Maison des femmes de Saint-Denis a fêté ses 5 ans d'existence en 2021. Un anniversaire marqué par l'ouverture d'une extension pour répondre encore mieux aux demandes des femmes victimes de violences et la création d'un collectif, Re#Start, qui regroupe les Maisons des femmes sur le modèle de celle de Saint-Denis.Dans cet épisode bonus, nous parlons donc de l'avenir et des projets à venir. Nous revenons aussi sur le financement de La Maison des femmes. Un modèle de financement hybride qui mêle les ressources propres d'une unité de soin de l'hôpital public et des soutiens privés indispensables pour assurer son fonctionnement. Nous allons à la rencontre des mécènes privés et personnalités de La



Тима Белорусских – приговор, дочь, Беларусь / вДудь

3 июн. 2021 г.
0:00 Как дела? 
3:59 Арест 
7:53 Дудь едет на дачу 
10:43 Как силовики вычислили Тиму? 
14:40 Обыски, допросы, спецназ
17:24 Почему Тиму освободили под залог, а друга арестовали? 
20:40 После задержания Тима написал, что это неправда. Зачем он врал? 
23:16 Многие уверены: приговор мягкий в обмен на будущую поддержку власти. Это так? 
30:16 Тима говорил, что не принимает наркотики. Он врал? 
33:15 Почему он ушел с лейбла? 
40:23 Претензии к продюсеру
46:20 Суд с лейблом 
50:28 Кто писал тексты хитов Тимы? 
55:34 «Я приходил в номер после концерта и думал: «Какое же я говно»
1:01:45 Тиме запретили исполнять его песни?  
1:04:30 Сколько. Ты. Зарабатываешь 
1:09:52 Тима когда-нибудь думал, что его арестовали по наводке? 
1:11:15 Теперь все знают, что Тима

Leaving Eden Podcast

Leaving Eden LLC

Ep. 61: Satan Is Our Lord And Master (Satanic Panic Part 1) (Theology / Satanism)

In this episode, Sadie and Gavri'el talk about all things Satan! Satan in the bible, Satan in popular culture, and the Satanic Panic, including examples of backwards masking in music! This is a fun one!
Sources for this episode are right here!
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ChannelB پادکست فارسی

Ali Bandari

هفتاد و نه - سریال منچستر1975 قسمت چهارم (آخر) ؛ دو قربانی

متن و روایت: علی بندری  تدوین: امید صدیق‌فر طراح پوستر: مجید آب‌پرور موسیقی: پیمان عرب زاده اینستاگرام چنل‌بی مجله چنل‌بی اسپانسرهای این اپیزود: فیدی پلاس قهوه دیسترو منابع پادکست


コクヨ ワークスタイル研究所+黒鳥社

愛と死の人類学 ・第5話・後編「料理は愛情!?」




・山尾美香著『きょうも料理―お料理番組と主婦 葛藤の歴史』

久保明教(くぼ あきのり)さん


Café Brasil

Luciano Pires & Café Brasil Editorial Ltda

Cafezinho 457 – Eu não sabia

CONHEÇA A VEROO CAFÉS: Ouvintes do Café Brasil têm 15% de desconto nos primeiros 3 meses de assinatura. Basta acessar o link e aplicar o cupom CAFEBRASIL

O jornalista, crítico da mídia e filósofo amador norte-americano Walter Lippmann uma vez escreveu assim: “Não pode haver liberdade para uma sociedade que não dispõe de meios para detectar mentiras.” E parece que essa função – detectar mentiras, tornou-se fundamental para quem quer sobreviver neste mundo cada vez mais alucinado.

Bem, eu tenho fixado meu trabalho no desenvolvimento da capacidade de julgamento e tomada de decisão das pessoas. É assim há trinta anos, e nunca me deixei seduzir pelas rotulagens mercadológicas que me ajudariam a vender milhões em cursos, se eu dissesse que estaria ajudando você a conhecer os cinco passos para o sucesso. Não. Eu ajudo você a desenvolver sua capacidade de julgamento e tomada de decisão.

E part



المسكوت عنه

في هذه الحلقة من بودكاست «أصوات» نروي قصصًا يعرفها الجميع عن التحرش في مدارس الذكور، لكننا عادةً نفضّل إبقاءها سرًّا ولا نرويها على العلن. يحاور المنتج، نايف العصيمي، شخصيًّاتٍ عاشت هذه التجربة، وتدرك أنّ «المسكوت عنه» يبدأ من المدارس، لكنه يمتد خارج أسوارها.

تستطيع أن تقترح قصة لبودكاست أصوات من خلال مراسلتنا على:

ليصلك جديد ثمانية، اشترك في نشراتنا البريدية من هنا

See for privacy information.

Gen Z

Mahoney Cyr

Gen Z on current events

Jungle Prince

The New York Times

Chapter 3: A House in Yorkshire

In a ruined palace in the woods, rummaging through discarded papers, our reporter finds a clue.

The CRUX: True Survival Stories

Kaycee McIntosh, Tessa King

The crux is the pivotal moment, or decision that determines a life or death outcome in this podcast inspired by true people and their survival stories. Support this podcast:

Dans la tête des hommes


Diaspora : grandir en étant un garçon noir en Europe

C’est à la suite d’un contrôle de police verbalement violent que le musicien franco-congolais Dani Bumba a pris conscience à 13 ans de ce que signifiait être un homme noir en France. Pour l’historien martiniquais et béninois Amzat Boukari-Yabara, c’est avec des modèles tels que Malcom X, Stokely Carmichael ou encore Thomas Sankara qu’il a pu revendiquer sa fierté d’être noir, et s’intéresser dans ses recherches à son sujet de prédilection : le panafricanisme. Dans la première partie de cet entretien croisé avec Anna Rabemanantsoa, journaliste et créatrice du podcast Africana x Africano, les deux hommes reviennent sur la question des modèles et influences qui les ont construits. La deuxième partie de l'entretien est à retrouver la semaine prochaine sur Africana x Africano.Reportage original et édition : Anna Rabemanantsoa, Naira Davlashyan, Marta Rodriguez Martinez et M

Tell Us Where It Hurts

Community Health Network

When we’re better listeners, we can get people the care they really need. Join us for a conversation around health, well-being and the many ways people across Central Indiana are offering a helping hand.


Louie Media

Le retour d'un ami [Bonus]

Suite à l’épisode “Le retour d’un ami”, le journaliste Jérôme Massela avait toujours cette question qui ne pouvait sortir de son esprit : est-il vraiment possible d’accompagner quelqu’un·e de dépendant·e ? Comment vivre les “chutes”, les “rechutes”, les excuses, les retours ? Et finalement, comment gérer l’amour que l’on porte à une personne dépendante pour l’épauler et s'épauler soi-même ?Exceptionnellement dans Passages, Jérôme Massela est allé poser des questions à Muriel Mehdaoui. Elle est sexothérapeute à l’hôpital Marmottan, un centre de soin et d’accompagnement spécialisé dans les pratiques addictives. Depuis 2014, elle est notamment spécialisée dans le suivi de personnes dépendantes au chemsex.Vous entendrez également dans cet épisode, des extraits bonus de l’épisode précédent avec des témoignages inédits de Fabrice et d’Alexandre.Cet épisode a été tourné, écrit et monté par le journaliste Jérôme Massela. Le mixage est de Jean-Baptiste Aubo





Into America

MSNBC, Trymaine Lee

One Year In, Has Biden Had Our Backs?

It’s been one year since Joseph R. Biden Jr. was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States, assuming office in the middle of a deadly pandemic, and the most significant push for racial justice the country has seen since the Civil Rights era.Amidst the social polarization promoted by former president Donald Trump, Biden inherited a House of Representatives where his party holds a razor-thin majority, and an evenly divided Senate, where Vice President Kamala Harris provides Democrats with the tie-breaking vote.Biden’s election win, as well as his party’s control of Congress, would not have been possible withoutBlack voters. After a late entry into the 2020 race, and a poor showing in early contests,61 percent of Black Democrats in South Carolina chose Biden in their state’s primary, breathing life into his nascent campaign. In the general election, Blacks in urban centers helped Biden secure wins in key swing states. And in Georg

Paranormal - Histoires Vraies

Studio Minuit

C'est inexplicable, incompréhensible, inimaginable c'est Paranormal ! Il existe des histoires fascinantes qui nous emmènent aux confins du rationnel, pour nous emporter vers l'inexplicable, l'inquiétant. La culture populaire foisonne de récits sur ces mystères irrésolus et pourtant authentiques qui nous intriguent tous par leur dimension extraordinaire : la bête du Gévaudan, le triangle des Bermudes, le Yéti, le monstre du Loch Ness, la malédiction de Toutenkhamon, les statues de l'Île de Pâques, les disparitions inexpliquées et tant d'autres affaires qui parfois paraissent irrationnelles. « Paranormal ? Histoires vraies » vous raconte toutes ces histoires incroyables, en prenant soin de décrypter les différentes théories sur chacune de ces affaires. Dans ce podcast, nous livrons aussi les toutes dernières avancées scientifiques et historiques qui permettent de se forger une opinion sur ces différentes histoires vraies qui paraissaient longtemps inexplicables, et qui pour certaines le resteront. "Paranormal - Histoires Vraies" un podcast Studio Minuit.  Retrouvez nos autres productions : Crimes : Histoires vraies Espions : Histoires vraies  Morts Insolites : Histoires vraies  Meurtres en France : Histoires vraies Sherlock Holmes - Les enquêtes Arsène Lupin - Gentleman Cambrioleur Une Vie Erotique à la découverte de la sexualité des franç 1 Mot 1 Jour : Le pouvoir des mots Je comprends R : le dictionnaire du nouveau millénaire Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

Finding Humanity

Humanity Lab Foundation and Hueman Group Media

Sharing true stories of courage and purpose in the face of today’s pressing social justice, equality, and human rights issues. With the help of leading global experts and advocates, host Hazami Barmada examines how we got here and how you can be a part of solving humanity’s biggest challenges. Produced by Humanity Lab Foundation and Hueman Group Media.

At a Distance

The Slowdown

Kathleen Finlay on the Vast Potential of Regenerative Agriculture

Episode sponsored by Château Troplong Mondot.



Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]



【お便り回】MIB心陳代謝.8 (2022,1/19)



感想など、ツイートしていただける場合のハッシュタグは#kokosuna でお願いします!

Viertausendhertz | Alle Podcasts


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

An Oral History of The Office

Propagate Content

1. Ok, Here's the Pitch

A chance discovery on a trip to London sends a producer on the hunt to secure the rights - and a TV network - to produce a series with the potential to redefine comedy in the US.

Hosted and Executive Produced by Brian Baumgartner.
Executive Producer/Showrunner: Linh Le.
Executive Producers for Propagate: Ben Silverman, Howard Owens and Drew Buckley. 
Senior Producers: Joanna Sokolowski and Julia Smith.
Written & Produced by: Tessa Kramer and Alyssa Edes.
Writer/Story Producer: Benny Spiewak. 
Assistant Editors: Russell Wijaya and Diego Tapia.
Technical Director: Seth Olansky.
Theme Song: Story Mechanics.
Additional music & original score: Joe Berry. 
Consultant: Rich Boerner
Special thanks to Margaret Borchert, Christian Bonaventura, Matthew Rosenfield, Alex Mauboussin, Lucy Savage, Emily Carr and Syeda Lee for production support.
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Guy Kawasaki's Remarkable People

Guy Kawasaki

BJ Fogg: Stanford Behavior Scientist and NYT Best Selling Author of Tiny Habits

Have you ever wondered if making small changes could make a difference? Struggling to make changes to improve your life? This week's guest, Dr. BJ Fogg, is the author of the bestseller, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes that Change Everything. He has researched human behavior for over 20 years at Stanford University. Join BJ Fogg and Guy Kawasaki, this week on the Remarkable People podcast!


Luciano Pires & Café Brasil Editorial Ltda

Cafezinho 455 – Para pensar direito

Link para Veroo Cafés é Ouvintes do Café Brasil têm 15% de desconto nos primeiros 3 meses de assinatura. Basta acessar o link e aplicar o cupom CAFEBRASIL


George Orwell descreveu em sua obra-prima, 1984, um mundo dividido em três grandes blocos: a Oceania, a Lestásia e a Eurásia. Na Oceania, composta pelas Américas, Inglaterra, Sul da África e Austrália, o idioma falado pelos cidadãos era o inglês. Mas todos os documentos eram escritos em "novilíngua", o idioma oficial do Partido.

O conceito da novilíngua baseia-se na noção de que, no processo de pensar, traduzimos os pensamentos em palavras, manipulando-as num diálogo interno. Quando surge um tema complexo e novo, inventamos novas palavras ou adaptamos antigas, de forma a enriquecer nossa capacidade de dialogar mentalmente. Portanto, quanto mais rico nosso vocabulário, maior a capacidade de fazer comparações mentais

Joshiverse- Journey of a Budding Data Scientist

Joshua Matthew

Discovering the intricacies of becoming a data scientist and sharing exploratory perspective to data science concepts

The Baron of Botox

Imperative Entertainment

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Radio Diaries

Radio Diaries & Radiotopia

Diary of a Saudi Girl: Then & Now

When we first met Majd Abdulghani, she was a teenager living in Saudi Arabia, one of the most restrictive countries for women in the world. She wanted to be a scientist, her family wanted to arrange her marriage.

Majd recorded her life over two years, she was one of our most prolific documentarians. With her microphone, Majd brought us inside a society where the voices of women were rarely heard.

Majd is 27 now. A lot has changed in her life. Today, we bring you a brand new conversation with Majd and her original story from 2016.


Today’s episode has support from GreenChef. Get $130 off when you use code diaries130 at check out.

The Vaping Fix


Introducing: Harsh Reality - The Story of Miriam Rivera

It was supposed to be a reality show with a twist. In a sun-drenched villa in Ibiza, six hot guys compete for a cash prize and for the love of the beautiful and mysterious Miriam. It’s meant to be her big break: the moment she becomes the superstar she was born to be. But this is the era of “cruel reality TV” and the show producers have a different goal: they want to surprise the men with the fact that Miriam is trans. A new six-episode investigative series from Wondery, the makers of The Shrink Next Door and The Apology Line, and from Novel, HARSH REALITY is the story about love, lies, reality TV and a woman before her time: Miriam Rivera. Written by Agnes Borinsky and hosted by Trace Lysette.Listen to Harsh Reality: The Story of Miriam Rivera at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

미국 내 탈북자 이야기 - Voice of America

Voice of America

매주 화요일 자유와 민주주의 나라 미국에 정착해 살고 있는 탈북자들의 사연을 소개해 드립니다.

The Pineapple Project

ABC Radio

S6 08 | Holidays

Work hard, save up, get tired, have a relaxing holiday to get over all that, and then repeat.  

But the holiday costs so much you have to work more to pay it off. Sound familiar? 

We meet someone whose jet-setting got her into major debt and we give you some travel tips that should make your next trip cheaper.

GQ Talk



The National Archives Podcast Series

The National Archives

Annual Digital Lecture 2020: The death of anonymity in the age of identity

The global datafication of economy, society and politics has rendered humans into constellations of datapoints. Technologies measure, monitor, predict and classify to enable personalization in the online and offline worlds alike, and we are increasingly offered bespoke realities: advertising, healthcare, government services, and recommendations uniquely targeted to us. The price is persistent identification: everywhere we […]

The Improvement Association

Serial Productions & The New York Times

Chapter Five: ‘Democrat, Republican, White, Black, Green’

The Improvement Association PAC’s power in the county is threatened when an unlikely candidate enters the race for county commissioner. Plenty of people outside the PAC now have their own ideas about how to build Black political power here. Zoe examines what this election could mean for the PAC’s future. 



S2E5 學妹/又是驕傲月特輯:台灣女同志如何網羅上海女孩的心

「直女撩姬,天打雷劈;姬撩直女,咎由自取。」驕傲月又到了!本季第一集找了Lori來聊聊身為台灣女同志的感受,不知道大家會不會好奇在不同文化脈絡下,台灣女同志會有什麼不同的外在期待和內在感受呢?本集找來在上海和杭州走跳,並實際在情海浮沈的學妹,來聊聊自己為什麼選擇成為一個深櫃女子,又感受到了什麼文化差異呢?本集充滿笑聲,小心音量! 本集概要:  - 畢業失戀逃到上海的職涯生活感受分享  - 從在台灣瘋狂放閃到慢慢邁向深櫃之路  - 微博同志眾生相:女同志金句和暗號分享  - 對上海女同志的心態和交友文化小觀察  - 友善的成都,女同志夜店香豔刺激(?)體驗  - 換了個文化環境,女同志還是安靜的存在  - 誰出櫃會有好處?職場深櫃經驗甘苦談 來Facebook看更多議題? Instagram限時動態好看? 歡迎抖內歡迎歡迎抖內? 歡迎說出你對於性別期待的意見? 留言告訴我你對這一集的想法? #驕傲月 #同志 #女同志 #深櫃 #職場出櫃 #台灣Podcast #中文Podcast Powered by Firstory Hosting

Храбрые сердцем

студия ПОТОК

Режиссер книжных спектаклей — история Ники Гольц

Ника Гольц — российская художница, создательница неповторимых иллюстраций к сказкам Андерсена, Шарля Перро, автор самого трогательного маленького принца Оскара Уайльда. Ее работы хранятся в Третьяковской галерее и в частных коллекциях России и зарубежом. И именно с ее иллюстрациями происходит то самое попадание, когда именно так и только так ты представляешь героя.

Ссылка на подкаст «Не только Фрида»:
Это подкаст студии «Поток»:
Наш patreon:
Disclaimer: сценарий создан на основе реальных документов, интервью, статьей и воспоминаний, однако некоторые диалоги или детали могут содержать элементы художественного вымысла.
Голос автора – Наташа Любина
Ника Гольц – Марианна Суховей
Автор сценария – Наташа Любина, Ира Любина
Иллюстратор — Маша Соломатина
Монтаж — Виктор Григоренко

One Planet Podcast

Climate Change & Environmental Solutions · Creative Process Original Series

The story of our environment may well be the most important story this century. We focus on issues facing people and the planet. Leading environmentalists, organizations, activists, and conservationists discuss meaningful ways to create a better and more sustainable future. Participants include EARTHDAY.ORG, Greenpeace, UNESCO World Heritage Centre, PETA, European Environment Agency, Peter Singer,, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Earth System Governance Project, Forest Stewardship Council, Global Witness, National Council for Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Public Leadership, Marine Stewardship Council, One Tree Planted, Polar Bears International, EarthLife Africa, Shimon Schwarzschild, and GAIA Centre, among others. Interviews conducted by artist, activist, and educator Mia Funk with the participation of students and universities around the world. One Planet Podcast Is part of The Creative Process’ environmental initiative.


ABC Radio

Who's going to make the gravy?

It might be the most famous recipe in Australia: flour, salt, a little red wine, and don’t forget a dollop of tomato sauce.

Paul Kelly’s ‘How to Make Gravy’ — written as a letter from prison at Christmas time — has grown in popularity since it was first recorded 25 years ago.

Using the song as a starting point, Earshot speaks with five previously incarcerated people about their experience in prison on Christmas day.

Ça peut vous arriver


Le coronavirus annule son voyage en Chine, elle se bat pour être remboursé

Le 30 novembre 2019, Marie prend rendez-vous dans une agence de voyages de sa ville pour acheter deux billets d'avion. Elle souhaite aller en Chine rendre visite à son fils et sa famille en mars 2020. Elle paye 1.254 euros pour deux allers-retours Paris-Shanghai pour elle et sa sœur.

Fin janvier 2020, elle doit annuler son voyage en Chine à cause de la Covid-19. Et cela fait deux ans qu'elle attend son remboursement... Car malgré ses relances par mail et par téléphone, l'agence lui propose seulement le remboursement des taxes d'aéroport, soit 103 euros ! Ils sous-entendent que Marie a annulé son voyage de son plein gré, sans prendre en compte la pandémie.

Marie a aussi envoyé un courrier à la compagnie aérienne, sans succès... Elle ne sait plus comment faire pour récupérer cet argent. Elle a payé 1.254 euros pour un voyage qu'elle n'a pas pu faire et, aujourd'hui, elle a beso

State of Mind

Invisible Media & Blinkist

S2 E06: Rolling the dice more often

The one question Scott Chacon never stops asking is, ‘why?’ It’s this insatiable sense of curiosity that led him to become a certified sommelier, a karaoke expert, and even run for office. It also led him to start Github, which he ended up selling to Microsoft for $7B.



Два дня – два суда. Ликвидация «Мемориалов»

В этом выпуске мы рассказываем о двух заседаниях суда. На каждом из них суд принял решение о ликвидации. 28 декабря ликвидировали «Международный Мемориал», а на следующий день Правозащитный Центр «Мемориал». В этом выпуске мы поговорили с свидетелями защиты — протоиереем Алексеем Уминским, заместителем главреда «Эха Москвы» Сергеем Бунтманом, лидером неформальной группы беженцев-ингушей из Чечни Ахмедханом Плиевым и отцом братьев Гасангусеновых Муртазаали Магомедовичем. А также с адвокатами, коллегами из правозащитного сообщества и сотрудниками «Мемориалов».
29 сентября 2021 года Минюст включил ОВД-Инфо в «реестр незарегистрированных общественных объединений, выполняющих функции иностранного агента». Мы не согласны с этим статусом и обжалуем его.
Поддержать «Мемориалы»
Поддержать ОВД-Инфо

Три Истории

ТО Без Тормозов

Выпуск №71 - новогодний! Истории о календаре, а также нашем и не нашем праздновании наступления Нового Года

В этом выпуске:- рассказ о календарях и летоисчислении, об ошибках и их исправлениях;- подборка различных вариантов встреч нового года;- «наша» история празднования Наступающего.Ведущие подкаста: Данил Антоненков, Дарья Лебедева и Александр ОнищукУ нас есть канал в Telegram и страницы в Instagram и ВК. Присоединяйтесь!Подкаст подготовлен Творческим Объединением "Без Тормозов"Музыкальное оформление: InspiriT studioПо вопросам сотрудничества и рекламы: 9349688@mail.ruЕсли Вам нравится наш проект, то Вы можете поддержать подкаст «ТРИ ИСТОРИИ» на Patreon:Внимание, прослушивание шоу вызывает привыкание!!! Слушай подкаст «ТРИ ИСТОРИИ» и не говори, что мы не предупреждали!

Business Casual: American Titan

Business Casual

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

26 Апреля

Андрей Шабанов

Чернобыль-2: Секретный Военный Городок

В этом эпизоде мы с вами отправимся в 1970-е вместе с моими родителями.А именно в 1975-й год.Для того, чтобы вы лучше понимали, что такое Секретный Военный Городок в СССР, как он был устроен, кто туда мог попасть и на сколько это похоже на то, какими нам показывают советские секретные военные объекты в голливудском кино, я постараюсь максимально глубоко погрузить вас в ту эпоху.Мы узнаем, кто завербовал моих родителей? Как это происходило? И была ли вообще вербовка? Как можно было прямо со студенческой скамьи попасть прямиком в центр геополитического противостояния 2 глобальных систем?Очень надеюсь, что вам удастся ощутить аромат того времени и места, где всех нас застала катастрофа.Если вам понравится этот эпизод, поделитесь со мной своими эмоциями в социальных сетях:Instagram:  ⠀Также буду благодарен, если вы оцените подкаст ил

das ARD radiofeature

Westdeutscher Rundfunk

Alles Bio? - Doku über die Kontrolle ökologischer Lebensmittel

Bio-Siegel versprechen Gemüse ohne Giftspritze und Fleisch ohne Tierquälerei. Dafür gibt eine ständig wachsende Zahl von Kunden deutlich mehr Geld aus als für konventionelle Ware. Der Bio-Markt funktioniert aber nur mit wirksamen Kontrollen. Von Jörn Klare.

Der Therapeut von nebenan


Der Journalist Joe Nocera kauft in den Hamptons ein Sommerhaus und lernt bald seinen exzentrischen Nachbarn Dr. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf kennen. Der ist Promi-Therapeut in Manhattan und veranstaltet rauschende Sommerfeste mit berühmten Gästen. Doch plötzlich lässt er sich nicht mehr sehen. Und Joe Nocera erfährt bei seinen Recherchen, dass in dem Haus nichts so war, wie es den Anschein hatte. Nach „Kampf der Unternehmen“ und „Dr. Tod“ jetzt die neue Serie, präsentiert zusammen von Wondery und Bloomberg, über Macht, Kontrolle und die jahrzehntelange Suche nach Hilfe bei der falschen Person: “Der Therapeut von nebenan”, ab 26. Oktober 2021. _______________________ Talk Black exklusiv und kostenlos bei Amazon Music anhören:

Extraordinary Stories

Mamamia Podcasts

Something Extraordinary Is Coming...

The stories you thought you knew, told by the women who really do. From the glamour and scandal of Australia’s magazine queens to an infamous wellness conwoman to the princesses who’ve had to shake off a tragic “curse”, host Emma Gillespie cuts through the rumours to transport you into a story you haven’t heard before.

Support the show:

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Crime After Crime

John Lordan & Danelle Hallan

Real-Life GRINCH

Visit and use code CRIMEAFTERCRIME14 to get 14 free meals, plus 3 free gifts!Going to CrimeCon? Get 10% off your standard pass by using code CRIMEAFTERCRIME during checkout!Keith Morrison reads "The Grinch That Stole Christmas" tells us about an art heist with a Grinchy twist, and John goes into a story about the robbery of a famous country star's family, that shows a softer side to armed criminals. Who tells the best story? YOU decide!Visit to VOTE, suggest show topics and much more!If you want to help support the Crime After Crime Podcast, sign up as a patron HERE! MEDIAJohn LordanYoutube Channel - - @L

My Year in Mensa

iHeartPodcasts and Jamie Loftus

Episode 4: Scottish Hooters and the Death of the Mensa Slut

Welcome to My Year in Mensa, episode final!
NOTE: ALL NAMES IN THIS PIECE HAVE BEEN CHANGED. This is a first-person account based on my own writing and experience within the group, and the rest is sourced below. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out at
Theme song by Sadie Dupuis (@sad13)
Featuring the voices of Miles Gray, Caitlin Durante, Jacquis Neal, Anna Hossnieh, Danl Goodman, Ify Nwadiwe, Dani Fernandez, Maggie Mae Fish, Shereen Lani-Younes, Isaac Taylor, and Jack O'Brien.
Music used in this episode:
"Through the Crystal" by Jeremy Blake: from the free YouTube Audio Library 
"Absolutely Nothing" by Jeremy Blake: from the free YouTube Audio Library 
"Lost and Found" by Jeremy Blake: from the free YouTube Audio Library
"Highland, Bagpipe, Joyful Song":

L'affaire B52

Paradiso Media

Une tonne de cocaïne. C’est la drogue saisie le 30 novembre 2016, dans un hangar près de Biarritz, par « Antoine » et ses équipes des stups. Ce jour-là, c’est le clap de fin de l’affaire B52, qui a permis d’arrêter le neveu de Pablo Escobar venu en France retracer les routes de la cocaïne dans le vieux continent. Au cours des 8 épisodes de « L'affaire B52 » , « Antoine » raconte l’histoire incroyable et inédite de cette affaire qui nous emmène, de Medellin à Biarritz, de Miami à Madrid. Une série originale Paradiso Media Ecriture et voix : Constance Vilanona et … "Antoine" Production : Anne-Cécile Kirry Direction éditoriale : Louis Daboussy Lorenzo Benedetti et Benoit Dunaigre Montage : Tim Dornbush et Théo Albaric Réalisation et musique : John Bose Bonne écoute ! Abonnez vous pour être informé de la sortie de nouveaux épisodes. Retrouvez tous nos podcasts ici et nos actualités sur Instagram | Twitter | Linkedin.

پادکست خرقه

Mohsen Bolhasani

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Yuu ゆう



Las Raras

Las Raras

Rosy, la poderosa

En Guatemala, Roselia Rosales no se relacionaba con personas de la diversidad sexual y de género. Pero cuando llega a Los Ángeles, CA, encuentra clientes para su comida afuera de los bares LGBTIQ+. Cuando la pandemia paraliza la ciudad, esa comunidad se moviliza para ayudarla. Y así, en tiempos de crisis, demuestra lo que realmente significa ser aliados.

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ПРОБЕЛ. Подкаст про Беларусь, для беларусов и для тебя

PROBEL | студия подкастов

ПРОБЕЛ – подкаст про Беларусь, для беларусов и для тебя. Автор подкаста Егор Колесник. «Студия подкастов PROBEL: Здесь рассказывают истории» Обратная связь: Telegram-канал @podcastprobel Instagram @podcast_probel TikTok @podcast_probel Почта

Темная материя

Батенька, да вы трансформер

Эпизод 30. Девушка-кузнец и суровый маникюрщик

Мы говорили с вами про время, пространство, болезни, любовь. Но представление, что мальчики не плачут, а девочки ничего не решают, такая же мощная штука, как сетка улиц, квадратики календаря или клетка нашего скелета. Мы начинаем микросезон про гендерные стереотипы, и сегодня говорим о мужских и женских профессиях. Геолог Юля ни разу не красила губ на буровой. Работа маникюрщиком навсегда излечила Ивана от гомофобии. А кузнец Анна нашла у наковальни не только удобную кувалду, но и хорошего мужа.

Больше историй про разрушение гендерных стереотипов в совместном спецпроекте самиздата и МегаФона:

Animal Rights Center Japan アニマルライツセンター

Animal Rights Center Japan アニマルライツセンター

大企業が市民団体との対話で畜産を変革! 日本ハム㈱の場合


Faslah | فاصلة

Kerning Cultures Network

بين الزِحام، فاصِلة تغّير مسار حياتنا. بودكاست قصصي يناقش النقاط المفصليّة في حياتنا. فاصلة من إعداد وتقديم محمد جعفر، تحرير زين البستني، الهوية البصرية من تصميم هاجر الدغيمي والتأليف الموسيقي لكوثر مصطفى. برنامج فاصلة من إنتاج شبكة كيرنينج كلتشرز.



Eps3 - 【奇案調查】藏屍案的經典,Hello Kitty暗藏人頭,錯過三次揭發的機會,最新分析

奇案實錄 - 解密工作室
現在我們就一起回到1999年,調查這一宗轟動亞洲的 Hello Kitty藏屍案!
更多香港 恐佈奇案|懸案|鬼故|都市傳說 盡在解密工作室

Bae-u-mi Podcast


This is a Korean-English bilingual podcast about stories, ideas, and opinions of everyone who’s in-between situations. Stories of those who just relocated to a new city or country, those who recently switched their careers, or those who just started learning something new; starting a new major, for example. We all find ourselves transitioning and adapting to a new environment at one point in our lifetime. While we’re in between and a little bit confused, let’s just talk it out!








Studio Flamboyances

Dormir, c’est un besoin primaire, comme manger. Et de la même manière que les repas, ça n’est pas que manger, se coucher, ça n’est pas que dormir. Dormir est une banque subjective du rapport que chacun entretien avec son sommeil, parce que nous vivons tous cette même expérience – personne ne peut se passer de sommeil – mais pas de la même manière. Un podcast du Studio Flamboyances, réalisé par Louis Duruflé Retrouvez-nous sur Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube et LinkedIn Crédit image : ©Louis Duruflé, sur un tableau de Carolus-Durand Crédit musique : Comfortable Mystery 1 - Film Noire de Kevin MacLeod fait l'objet d'une licence Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.Artiste : Voir pour les informations sur la vie privée et l'opt-out.

Dr Bitcoin - The Man Who Wasn't Satoshi Nakamoto


Dr Craig Wright is a genius and the creator of Bitcoin…or he is a narcissistic cult leader and pathological liar. Cryptocurrency writer Mark Hunter and renowned Craig Wright sceptic Arthur van Pelt explore the incredible story of Dr Wright and his attempts to sue his way to being legally recognised as Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto, and the riches that would come with it. Join them as they evaluate the tangled web of claims, denials, lies, and coverups that have led to Wright launching a series of legal proceedings to force the world to recognise his self-proclaimed status.



JFNCが制作する「PEOPLE」5週目は『~僕らの令和Life Style~』と題して、新しい生き方をしている人物にフォーカス。 今回は「新しい家族のカタチ」というテーマで、11月19日公開の田中みな実初主演の映画「ずっと独身でいるつもり?」のふくだももこ監督。 生後4ヶ月の時に特別養子縁組で迎えられたご家族や、昨年自ら結婚をしないで第一子を出産されたお話など、新しい家族のカタチをお話いただきます。 出産後半年でメガホンをとられた本作について、田中みな実さんで撮りたかった理由や、映画の撮影秘話などもお話いただきます。

The Rational View podcast with Dr. Al Scott

Al Scott

An evidence based rational viewpoint and discussion on science and society, focusing on important current issues. I hope to provide a clear voice for the quiet moderate majority on highly polarized issues such as climate change, social inequity, and the growth of anti-science sentiment. #therationalview #science #tok #evidencebased #climatechange

Breaking Down: Collapse

Kory & Kellan

Episode 70 - Pop Culture & Collapse (Interview with The Pop Mythologist)

This week we had the opportunity to speak with Daniel J Kim, AKA The Pop Mythologist, about the role that pop culture and works of fiction play when it comes to learning about, coping with, and educting on collapse. The Pop Mythologist is the founder and editor of the pop culture blog, In his "Hero Wisdom" column he uses pop culture to discuss important real-life issues such as climate change, racial justice, political activism, surviving adversity, and the psychology of post-traumatic growth. He is co-author of a chapter in the book Black Panther Psychology and regularly appears on pop culture podcasts and discussion panels at comic conventions as both a panelist and a moderator. He also enjoys combining the activity of cosplay with various political and charitable causes such as the Spider Army Project, inspired by Spider-Man, and the Real-Life Cleric Project, inspired

On podcast پادکست آن


اپیزود بیست و هشتم - جلوی اینها گریه نکن قسمت سوم

داستان یوگینیا گینزبرگ، استاد ادبیات دانشگاه کازان که به یک گولاک فرستاده میشه.اسپانسر این اپیزود: آکادمی چراغوب سایت:اینستاگرام آکادمی:توییتر آکادمی:دونیت به پادکست آن در سایت حامی باش:حمایت از خارج از کشور:اینستاگرام:توییتر:موزیکهای این اپیزود:Vladimir Troshin - Moscow Nights (Midnight in Moscow)Поле Русское поле Ян Френкель PoGabríel Ólafs - Absent MindedTarja - OasisOtto Reutte r- Ich habe zu vie Angst vor meiner FrauLudovico Einaudi - Whirling WindsYann Tiersen - Summer 78The Waterboys - Red Army Bluesموزیکها در اسپاتیفای:


Dagogo Altraide

HTC Phones - From Biggest Smartphone Maker to Nothing!

HTC was an absolutely influential smartphone brand, but over the years, they've gone from number one to zero. What exactly happened?




【主播的话】郑爽“代孕及疑似弃养”的消息刷爆全网,代孕问题再次引发公众讨论。有人坚称“代孕必死”,忧惧会有很多女性成为“生育机器”,生育本就受到父权制的影响,不能再被商品化;也有人支持代孕规范化,唯有如此才能回应不孕不育及失独群体的生育权。剑桥大学社会学系博士生李在洲的研究方向为生育和性别社会学,研究课题是中国的代孕产业,2019年,她曾在中国中部城市进行代孕产业的田野调查,深入访谈了代孕中介、代孕委托父母和代妈。为什么一谈代孕,就会陷入一个“道德泥潭”;为什么中产阶级女性对代孕妈妈的批判是错位的?李在洲在和直来直去的对话中回答了这些问题。【主播】王芊霓,媒体人(微信公众号“芊霓的咖啡馆”)王一凡,中国人民大学在读学生【嘉宾】李在洲,剑桥大学社会学系博士生,研究方向为生育和性别社会学。【本期音乐】    片头曲:dreams and confusion-QCQ official    片尾曲:anyone who knows what love is    logo设计:小苏    后期制作:王一凡 直来直去是一档泛文化类的访谈播客,在这里,我们希望能够把学术的思考拉回地面。推荐您使用苹果播客、小宇宙App等等泛用型客户端收听我们的节目《直来直去》,也可通过喜马拉雅FM收听。*本次播客的文字稿件已在澎湃新闻首发


WNYC Studios

Nancy Was Here

Team Nancy takes a final stroll down memory lane.
Check out our open-sourced Queer Podcasts spreadsheet for more queer shows. To get you started, check out Afroqueer, History is Gay, LGBTQ&A, Flyest Fables, Making Gay History, Gender Reveal, and If These Ovaries Could Talk.
Music in this episode by Jeremy S. Bloom, Josh Woodward (Once Tomorrow, Border Blaster), and Albert Behar. Theme by Alexander Overington.

Bad Batch


Introducing: Operator

During the 1-900 number craze of the Nineties, one company provided the vast majority of phone sex. American Telnet was an empire founded by the man who called himself “The Telephone Pimp.” He ran the company “like General Motors” and got filthy rich doing it. But for the (mostly) women who answered the calls and delivered fantasies 24-7, it was a different story. The powerful stigma against sex work was always lurking just beneath the surface, until it threatened to tear apart the whole company. Hosted by Tina Horn (Why Are People Into That?), OPERATOR is an eight-part series about big ambitions, Shakespearean-level corporate backstabbing, men and women at the cutting edge of a technological revolution...and on the front lines of a sexual one.Listen to Operator at Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

حكايات الحرب

Al Jazeera Podcasts الجزيرة بودكاست

أم الأبطال

من قلب سيناء، أثناء الاحتلال الإسرائيلي لسيناء، وبعيدًا عن الأوامر العسكرية الصارمة، تأخذ سالمة شميط قرارها الصعب والذي تعرف ثمنه جيدًا، مقاومة الاحتلال الإسرائيلي لأرضها.
امرأة تعرف كيف تحب، وكيف تواصل القتال، لتجني ثمار ما زرعت، رغم استشهاد زوجها وابنها، وأسر وتعذيب ابنها الآخر، الذي تطلب منه الصمود للرمق الأخير. أم الأبطال حكاية الصبر والصمود والاحتساب نرويها بلهجة بدوية، في بودكاست "حكايات الحرب".

Canary: The Washington Post Investigates

The Washington Post

Chapter 7: "I'll find my joy"

Two women come face to face. Subscribe to The Washington Post:

WDR 5 Dok 5 - das Feature

Westdeutscher Rundfunk

HIV-Positiv - Michaels erstes Jahr mit dem Virus

Im Sommer 2020 bekommt Michael die Diagnose HIV positiv. Wie wird sich sein Leben verändern ? Der Autor hat den jungen Mann ein Jahr lang begleitet. // Von Ole Siebrecht / WDR 2021/ Von Ole Siebrecht.



Seputar RK

Az élet, meg minden

Tóth Szabolcs Töhötöm

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]



唐丽玲 | Protect and Promote Human Rights in the Chinese Context

读书嘉宾:甘肃政法大学教授,硕士生导师,校学术委员会委员,法律语言研究中心主任。美国缅因大學法学院高级访问学者。“中国法律英语教学与测试研究会”常务理事,第三届法律英语考试证书(LEC)全国统一考试委员会专家委员,“甘肃省翻译工作者协会”理事。英文文本:Protect and Promote Human Rights in the Chinese ContextThe Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a significant document in the history of humanity, which has profoundly impacted progress in human rights around the world.Together with the peoples of other countries, and based on the common values of humanity – peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom – China is committed to safeguarding human dignity and rights, and promoting fairer,more equitable and inclusive global governance of human rights, so as to build a global community of shared future and strive for a better world.The ultimate human right is that people can lead a happy life. Since the first day of its founding in 1921, the CPC has fully commit-ted itself to the well being of the Chi

Relatos del lado oscuro

relatos del lado oscuro

Podcast oficial de Relatos del lado oscuro Programa radiofónico y canal de YouTube de programas documentales de seres extraños, fantasmas, perversidad, sucesos inexplicables y adaptaciones dramatizadas de relatos literarios de terror y misterio Síguenos en nuestras redes sociales oficiales: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Email:

Incarceration, Inc. with Van Jones


5 Principles

In the final episode of our 4-part series, we discuss a multitude of solutions for reforming mass incarceration in America, including the First Step Act and restorative justice. For more on the criminal justice system, check out "The Redemption Project with Van Jones" on or visit

To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

Stuff Explained

The Motley Experience

Our world is filled with stories and ideas that can help us learn and grow. Basically, life is full of fascinating stuff. Join The Motley Experience founder, Aristidis Marousas, as he explores various topics, uncovers interesting facts, and discusses big ideas on Stuff Explained. Experience Your World. Visit our website for more original content. Follow/Like us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @MotleyXperience. #StuffExplained See for privacy and opt-out information.




监制^ 天天都在讲冷笑话的徐涛
后期^ 正在剪辑下一期的Luke
封面设计^ 小鸡快跑来的饭团
运营^ 想不出说什么的Yao
市场^ 断臂天媛
- Kermode - Christian Nanzell
- Raw Vibes - Karl Flykt
- Function - David Halsey, Seamus McNamara

Casual Conversation

Marvin Travis

Working on it now

Days Like These - True Stories

ABC Radio

BONUS | History Listen | Henson Park

Days Like These is taking a break for the summer, but while we’re away we wanted to share with you some of our favourite true story podcasts.

History, tragedy, and triumph. Marrickville’s Henson Park is an icon of Sydney's inner west.

But before the unshakable Newtown Jets footy fans called it home, the community oval was a giant hole in the ground supplying Sydney's building boom.

This is one of many great stories on the History Listen podcast.



#23 先輩ママからのアドバイスとおでんポックム

Instagram : @saturday_moppan 
Facebook : @saturdaymoppan 
Wake up  by  Anonyment
Somewhere  by Khaim


Send in a voice message:

Unpleasant Dreams

Cassandra Harold with Jim Harold Media

Chupacabra - Unpleasant Dreams 15

The mysterious Chupacabra is the subject of this week’s Unpleasant Dreams! Find the original article by EM Hilker that this podcast is based on HERE PODCAST TRANSCRIPT It often happens as the dusk settles itself gently over the lush rainforest.  You might think farm animals, confined to pens or herded by human and canine protectors, wouldn’t have a sense of their own vulnerability or the existence of predators. But somewhere, deep down in their basest primal instincts that reach back to the dawn of time, they must have known it was coming. Even before the whiff of the rank animal in the cool evening air hits them, they have to have known. It was fast, though, and that was a blessing. It didn’t toy with them, or drag it out. It was fast. The unlucky ones watched it happen to another animal first, smelled the creature and the blood and knew deep down it was bad, and they were next; the lucky ones never saw the chupacabra. The humans who cared




这是JustPod团队最新的尝试,我们与知名杂志《时尚先生》旗下新媒体“先生制造”联合制作了一期播客节目,将平面媒体的专题报道以叙事播客的形式推出,用声音重新展示非虚构。2018年,一首网络歌曲《学猫叫》带来了现象级轰动,仅一年时间便在全网积累下73亿音乐播放量。巨大的收听流量打破了音乐市场的全部原有逻辑,《学猫叫》的创作密码也被一再拆解、批量复制,但与此同时歌曲背后的原唱者却是完全隐形的。我们找到了《学猫叫》的原唱,从她的故事以及歌曲的走红过程中,梳理神曲是如何被制造的,它又如何重塑了音乐市场。- 嘉宾 -刘敏,“先生制造”编辑- 延伸阅读 -15秒统治耳朵:算法时代的神曲制造 (公众号:先生制造)- Credits -策划:程衍樑 谢丁制作人:Xicvona声音设计:佳杰 啸天制作总监:王若弛- 收听方式 -推荐您使用小宇宙等泛用型播客客户端订阅收听《噪音开始了》,也可通过网易云音乐、喜马拉雅、蜻蜓FM和荔枝FM收听。- 本节目由JustPod出品 -- 互动方式 -微博:@JustPod微信公众号:JustPod

أثر الفراشة

Al Jazeera Podcasts الجزيرة بودكاست

بودكاست أثر الفراشة، حوار صادق وصريح، مليء بحكايات النجاح وتحديات التغيير، مع نجوم ومؤثرين نتابعهم عبر المنصات والشاشات، يقدمه الإعلامي خالد مجذوب.

Cuarto Milenio (Oficial)


Cuarto Milenio 17×19 (09/01/2022): El genio exorcizado

La película de El exorcista, basada en el libro del mismo nombre, es una de las más terroríficas de la historia del cine. Si sobrecogedoras son las escenas protagonizadas por la actriz Linda Blair, no lo es menos el hecho de que el filme se inspire en un suceso real. Durante años creímos que dicho caso era el de Roland Doe, sin embargo, parece que el secreto se guardó muy bien durante largo tiempo y que la figura del Ronald Edwin Hunkeler, ingeniero de la NASA que inventó los paneles que recubrían las naves Apollo que llevaron al hombre a la Luna estaba a salvo: con 14 años fue sometido a 30 sesiones de exorcismo. Esta noche revelamos lo que ocurrió. Escucha el episodio completo en la app de iVoox, o descubre todo el catálogo de iVoox Originals

Documentary on One Podcast

RTÉ Documentary on One

The Secret Chicken Society

All around Ireland people keep show chickens. And with each one comes a dream, to become a National Champion. Join us as we journey through the up's and down's and in's and out's of the wonderful world of Irish show chickens as we tell a humorous and lively story of people who absolutely love their chickens. (First broadcast 2012)  See for privacy and opt-out information.

Spanish Practices

Steve Campen

This is the story of a Brit in Spain from Day One of the lockdown, what ordinary life is like in a Corona Virus Epicentre

Histórias de Portugal

Marco António | Público

A Volta Do Carteiro: uma homenagem

Em memória de Luís Gaspar Lopes (1950-2020), revisitamos a história de uma carta que poderia nunca ter sido entregue. Mas foi. E tudo mudou.

Indonesia In-depth

In-depth Creative

Komando In The Ring

Coming from two generations of high ranking military leaders, Dimas grew up wanting nothing else than to become a soldier too. But it was only when Dimas moved to Hawaii in the late 1990s that he unexpectedly found a way to channel his patriotic side. In this episode, we follow a story of the first Indonesian to become a pro wrestler in the U.S. Donning an army character from Indonesia, Dimas recounts the serendipitous events that led him to become a wrestler, coming to terms with his family who were adamantly against his childhood dream, and an unexpected turn in his career after 9/11 happened.| Stay connected with us through our Instagram and Twitter: @Indepthcreates or write to us at| This episode is produced by In-depth Creative | All music licensed | Visit : or Shawn’s LinkedIn page: | Send us your feedback! Email: | Twitter: @Indepthc

RN Presents - This Much Is True

ABC Radio

Presenting-Stuff The British Stole

Have you ever wandered around a museum and thought “How on Earth did all of this stuff get here?” You’re not alone. Throughout its reign, the British Empire stole a lot of stuff. Today those objects are housed in genteel institutions across the UK and the world. They usually come with polite plaques. Stuff The British Stole tells the stories about the not-so-polite history behind those looted objects.

If you’re a fan of Patient Zero or This Much Is True, you might also like this series.

Подкаст Макридина

Ivan Makridin

#66 | Русский грипп

Поддержать меня и подкаст: — ежемесячное пожертвование в обмен на бонусный контент — единовременный донат

Привет! Новый выпуск — про самую загадочную эпидемию прошлого столетия. В конце 1977 года Советский Союз сообщил в ВОЗ, что на его территории бушует эпидемия гриппа. Спустя время, этим гриппом заболели люди по всему миру, а сам грипп назвали "русским".

В этом эпизоде:
— почему эпидемия унесла 700 тысяч жизней, но никто до сих пор не понимает, откуда взялся русский грипп;
— почему гриппом болели, в основном, молодые люди;
— разбираем версии происхождения: одни ученые говорят, что грипп замерз в озере на Колыме, а затем выбрался наружу, другие — что он мог появиться в результате лабораторной утечки;
— говорим с Полиной Лосевой, биологом и научным журналистом, которая написала статью о русском гриппе.


William Ramsey Investigates

William Ramsey Investigates

William Ramsey Investigates, an investigative journalism broadcast covering a variety of subjects including politics, parapolitics, true crime, history, conspiracies, religion, cults, the occult, and more! "We gasp for air among people who believe they are absolutely right, whether it be in their machines or their ideas. And for all who cannot live without dialogue and the friendship of other human beings, this silence is the end of the world." Albert Camus

EU Scream

EU Scream

European progressive politics podcast from Brussels

Self Evident: Asian America's Stories

Self Evident Media LLC

We tell Asian America's stories to go beyond being seen. As people of all backgrounds reckon with complex legacies of race, power, culture, and identity and ask themselves, “Where do I stand?” Self Evident presents reported stories and radically open conversations from the everyday Asian Americans who have been confronting this question for generations. Our mission is to empower local communities to share stories and build relationships around the value of self-representation. Self Evident is a Studiotobe production, made with support from our listener community.


Quiet Juice

A mother tongue reclaimed

When Julie Sedivy was four, her Czech family emigrated to Canada. In this episode we hear how Julie became estranged from her native Czech, only to rediscover it after the death of her father. Julie Sedivy's linguistic memoir is Memory Speaks: On Losing and Reclaiming Language and Self.

Photo (courtesy Julie Sedivy) shows Julie, center, and two siblings on their arrival at Montreal's airport. Music in this episode by Gavin Luke, Arthur Benson, Esme Cruz, Aerian, Jon Bjork, Spectacles Wallet and Watch. Go here to read a transcript and see photos of Julie's family in the Czech Republic.


Imperative Entertainment and Texas Monthly

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Dirty Talk


Dating Apps NEIN - wenn dann richtig! CurvySecret

Dirtytalk - der Podcast mit den Amateuren von


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Intime & Politique

Nouvelles Écoutes

La Fille sur le canapé : Préface

TW : Ce documentaire aborde la thématique des violences sexuelles sur mineures. Il est parfois difficile à écouter. Assurez-vous de le faire dans les meilleures conditions possibles.“Qu’une seule femme noire, inconnue de moi, puise espoir et force dans mon histoire, et je dis que la difficulté de la raconter en valait la peine”. Journal du cancer, Audre Lorde, poétesse guerrière africaine américaine.“On estime que près de la moitié des agressions sexuelles dans le monde sont commises contre des filles avant leur seizième anniversaire. Les filles de 15 ans sont plus agressées sexuellement que TOUTES les filles et les femmes au-delà de 15 ans. Comme Jessyka, Karen, Laura, Sairati et Fabienne, j’étais l’une d’entre elles. La Fille sur le canapé, ce sont nos histoires. Celles de filles puis femmes, devenues mère pour certaines, et respectivement Haïtienne-Guadeloupéenne, Cap-Verdienne, Camerounaise, Mahoraise, Martiniquaise, qu



EP84【VIP候機室】在無法逃離的循環裡兜兜轉轉嗎請讓我用聲療為您梳理情緒-聲療師 貓子

聲療師,是一個很新的職業。 有別於算命占卜,以及心理諮商。 貓子,一位用自己的聲音為迷網的人們梳理煩惱的聲療師。 這一集的候機室故事,帶給你全新的聲療師故事體驗之外, 也一窺究竟聲療師貓子的精彩人生觀。   準備好了嗎? 一起來一趟聲音的旅程吧。   EP84【VIP候機室】在無法逃離的循環裡兜兜轉轉嗎?請讓我用聲療為您梳理情緒-聲療師 貓子   ■飛行里程■ 01:45 用「人聲」療癒的聲療師 06:04 聲療與心理諮商的不同 15:59 貓子的靈修之旅 18:21 聲療師為你梳理心結的案例分享 22:24 貓子談如何走出渾渾噩噩生活 29:57 遇到人生不如意的時候該怎麼應對? 33:35 聲療師的創業之路 36:50 什麼契機讓貓子現在坐落在伊斯坦堡? 42:46 人生快樂的關鍵跟秘訣 52:30 總結 ※目錄提示是為了方便您搜尋上一次收聽進度,為確保您完整的旅途體驗,建議您從頭收聽。 能用我的聲音陪伴您,是我的榮幸。 我們下次見:)   ◆聲療師貓子這裡找  (1) IG (2) youtube  (3) 官方網站 (4)podcast 各大平台蒐尋:貓子   ◆【Josie的候機室】音頻節目收聽平台: ◆【Josie的候機室】IG: hi.missjosie ◆小額贊助Josie的候機室 你的里程加值,讓我能夠飛更遠持續創作?   小額贊助支持本節目: 留言告訴我你對這一集的想法: Powered by

Career Profiles

BTR Boxing Podcast Network

Career Profiles explores the highs, lows and professional boxing careers of the sports most legendary names. Each episode features stories of where it all began and the trials and tribulations inside and outside of the famous squared circle. Find us on the Sport Social website:




ULSUM RADIO 是运动/潮流装备媒体 ULSUM 的官方播客。你可以收听到来自 ULSUM 同事讲述的经历和故事,也会不定期听到一些特殊嘉宾的声音,和他们的观点。「播客大家说」是我们的一项定期企划,邀请公司的同事一起聊,这里有吐槽、有种草,最重要的是有欢笑,很欢乐的那种欢笑。每到年底的几个月,通常都是购物的好时候。「十一、十二、黑五」什么的,更别提紧接着还有圣诞和春节。商家铆足了劲想要掏空我们的荷包,而大家似乎也心甘情愿地「上当」,所以不如来聊聊看最近买了点什么?或者...被坑了点什么?请听:————————————————————————————————00’01’40 这个品牌让我大发雷霆00’32’13 床突然塌了该怎么办00’44’18 买一款新的手表应该注意什么01’07’19 如何与佛「结缘」01’22’00 饮水机买哪种更好01’38’14 为新家购置一个「时来运转」01’50’03 洗碗机的正确使用方式02’06’27 这款辣酱一定要去试试

Das wahre Leben – Der NACHTCAFÉ Podcast

Michael Steinbrecher

Jung und ausgebremst – Schlaganfall mit 23 - Jill Frenz

Jill Frenz führt ein Leben im Tempo einer Hochleistungssportlerin: Büffeln für gute Noten, zahllose Nebenjobs fürs Ego. Dann die Vollbremsung im Turbo-Alltag: Schlaganfall mit 23.



vol.80 | 纪念史景迁与威尔逊:知识分子的良知,永远站在人这一边


The Modesty Files

Taft Media

Welcome to The Modesty Files! In this podcast, we’re diving into the world of Christian fundamentalism and interviewing women who have left their churches. Our podcast's goal is to "uncover" their experiences and provide a safe space for women to make sense of their complicated past and reflect on their journey toward recovery. If you are interested in being on the show, send us an email: Follow us on Instagram @themodestyfiles for updates and bonus content.

Side Effects: A COVID-19 Diary

FX Media

Essential workers, doctors, community leaders, furloughed employees...we know they’ve been impacted, but what’s their full story? Side Effects takes a deep, personal look into the sweeping effects of COVID-19 — by following six individuals, week-to-week, as the pandemic unfolds. Each episode presents their individual journeys as they navigate changes in their lives. Hosted by Catherine and Nancy Xu. Subscribe and follow us @sideeffectspod to get the latest updates.

The Town That Knew Too Much


S2 Ep7: The Town That Knew Too Much: The Doughnut

The Doughnut. A giant circular low-rise office block in west Cheltenham; it is, jokingly I'm sure, said to look from above like a giant bullseye.

Here, the men and women of GCHQ go to work every day. Here they listen to the world. Here they keep tabs. And here, in 2013, their secrets spilled out to the world. This is the story of Edward Snowden and the GCHQ/NSA leaks, and how the secret world of surveillance was blown wide open almost a decade ago. What happened? And have things really changed?

Contributors to this episode: Geoff Dyer, Alan Rusbridger, Ewen MacAskill, James Ball, Michael S. Kinch, Sam Kean.

You also heard GCHQ by Markee Ledge, reproduced with permission, and voice acting by Scott Westwood.

This is the seventh, and final, episode of The Town That Knew Too Much, written, produced and presented by Nick Hilton.

The music is by Ge



今まさにアナタもそうやって聴いているかも? 今回は「倍速視聴」を考察!
たびたび是非が問われる、コンテンツの「倍速視聴」。音声、映像、書籍など、速くコンテンツを摂取する心理の裏にはナニがあるのか!? 放送作家が無駄に考えます!

民间鬼故事 — 精品恐怖故事



【中外历史秘闻怪谈集】 点击专辑名字立即飞往订阅收听。订阅专辑,打五星+15字以上好评,抽奖赢好礼!1、即日起至1月10日,订阅专辑,在专辑评论区评论,点赞第一的听友将获得白夜剧场悬疑纸书盲盒+喜马拉雅周边大礼包一份。2、订阅过5万,评论数超1000,将在评论区抽出3位幸运听友,各获得喜马独家精美周边一份  谢谢你一直默默支持雨田! 

Praia dos Ossos

Rádio Novelo

Bônus: Gabriele (áudio original)

Em busca da "alemãzinha" de Búzios.

What’z Happening Now

Dana White

My life story The Mother Of Runaway Ex Wife Of Abuser! *Bring awareness to Missing Murder Human Trafficking Gun Violence Menatl Health So Much More

Twenty Twenty: A Pop Culture Podcast

Message Heard

Award Season: The best pop culture of the year 2000

Award Season is a highlight of the pop culture calendar. From MTV’s Video Music Awards in September through to the Academy Awards in March, we are treated to nearly six months of red carpet looks, tearful acceptance speeches and, if we’re lucky, a healthy dose of celeb drama. What better way to end the first season of Twenty Twenty than by looking at who won big in the year 2000, and dishing out some awards of our own. Let the show begin...

This is our last episode of the series, and we want to hear your feedback! Fill in this survey by Tuesday 15th December to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Sylvia Patterson’s, ‘I’m not with the band’:

And keep in touch! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on Twenty Twenty

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English class

Paola Gonzalez

That’s about my English class:)

Creatives Are The Worst

Kate Rooney; Jess Guffey


RuPaul Andre Charles was born in San Diego, California, before moving to Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 15 to study in the performing arts.

After contributing to several smaller creative projects over the years, he finally broke through to the mainstream with the dance hit “Supermodel (You Better Work)” in 1993.

RuPaul would go on to become the most famous drag queen in the world, an Emmy award-winning host of multiple hit television shows, and a bonafide household name.

This week, we’re asking the question: Is RuPaul the worst?

World Coffee Championships Podcast

Specialty Coffee Association

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]


Efren Gutierrez


Inselmilieu Reportage


INSELMILIEU ist Wiens erster Reportage-Podcast, den du dir nicht nur anhören sondern auch ansehen kannst. Jede Folge gibt es auch als Fotoreportage - auf unserer Website unter  Kennst du das Gefühl, in die Welt fremder Menschen eintauchen zu wollen? Aber du traust dich nicht oder hast keine Zeit dafür? Wir nehmen dich mit - an ungewöhnliche Orte in Wien, zu außergewöhnlichen Menschen und zu Themen, über die zu sprechen es oft schwer fällt. In diesem Podcast lernen wir Menschen kennen, die ganz anders leben als wir. Die Wien prägen, weil sie so sind, wie sie sind. Du wirst mit uns auf Entdeckungsreise gehen und deine eigene Bubble verlassen. Wir sind Yogi, Journalistin und Soziologin - und Jana, Journalistin und Fotografin. Alle 4 Wochen wartet eine neue INSELMILIEU Reportage auf dich! Die Fotos zu unseren Reportagen zeigen wir dir auf unserer Website unter und veröffentlichen sie nach und nach auf Instagram und auf Facebook Stimme und Gitarre im Jingle: Eva Neumayer

ป๋าเต็ดทอล์ก PODCAST

Yuthana Boonorm

Ep.31 แพท พาวเวอร์แพท กับบทเรียนชีวิต และการเริ่มต้นใหม่ | ป๋าเต็ดทอล์ก PODCAST

แพท พาวเวอร์แพท กับบทเรียนชีวิต และการเริ่มต้นใหม่

- แพท.. กับช่วงเวลาที่เป็น ‘ จุดเปลี่ยน ’ ?
- ชีวิตที่ถูกบั่นทอน.. จากยาเสพติด !?
- ประสบการณ์ในเรือนจำ ?
- การเริ่มต้นใหม่.. และชีวิตต่อจากนี้

ของแพท พาวเวอร์แพท !?

ได้ทุกวันศุกร์ครับผม : )

L'art du silence, raconté par Guillaume Canet

Audi France

Audi présente L’art du silence. Une série podcast de 4 épisodes dans lesquels Guillaume Canet vous embarque avec lui dans un voyage immersif à travers le temps pour redécouvrir comment cinéastes, musiciens, orateurs et sportifs ont su utiliser la plus précieuse des matières, le silence, pour marquer à jamais leur discipline. Des visionnaires qui, sans bruit, ont révolutionné leur monde. Le silence n’a jamais fait autant de bruit.

Говорит Франция

Анна Мацюк

Говорит Франция: по стопам Виктора Гюго. Интересные факты о великом инфлюенсере XIX века.




吾知边缘009.精神夜奔时分,遇见灵魂共振瞬间:亚瑟·阿伦36问(下)一次朋友们的聊天,一个快乐的夏日夜晚…收听指北:00:03:00 “轮流分享你觉得你的恋人应该具有的五项好品质。”         小都:······         鸭鸭:······         铁皮:······00:18:34 “友情对你来说代表什么?”          真情流露...00:28:00 “一段友情中你最珍视什么?”          铁皮、鸭鸭:共鸣的瞬间          小都:寻常的陪伴00:35:20 “告诉你对面的人你喜欢ta什么,老实回答,说一些你通常不会告诉刚认识的人的答案。”          真诚感人的赞美(互夸时间...(顺便吐槽一下~          顺便讨论了一下“东亚属性”          关于电影与“人生的琐屑片段”00:51:47 用“我们”造三个肯定句,比如“我们都在这个房间里。”       00:53:32 完成以下句子:“我希望我能有一个人能与ta分享······”&nb

Conspiracy Mind

Joshua Pruett

The Conspiracy Theory Discussion Podcast. Each episode of this podcast is a light-hearted discussion on a different conspiracy theory. We cover different opinions, events, and our overarching thoughts on some of the biggest theories of our time. This podcast is presented in collaboration with the Audio Production II class in the School of Media and Journalism at Arkansas State University. Support this podcast:

小凤直播室 访谈录

小凤直播室 访谈录



الرياش برودكاست


أبواب نفتحها بعفوية وبلغة سهلة ودارجة،.نقتحم من خلالها مواضيع متنوعة،.تاريخية كانت أو إجتماعية..

One Click

C13Originals | Vespucci

The Girl in the Photo

There’s only one way to stop DNP once and for all: confront the real cause of the problem.

For eating disorder stats and general help, check out NEDA at
If you need treatment for an eating disorder but don't know where to start or can't afford it, get support from Project HEAL at
If you are a parent or loved one of someone with an eating disorder, resources are available from F.E.A.S.T. at
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Tamil Spacers

Tamil Spacers

This is the channel of recorded & offline version Tamil Twitter Space conversations



第34回 死んだコウモリと蛙亭


Critical Race Theory

Lauren Barton

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a legal theory that has sparked politically charged debates throughout the U.S. Important questions arise as each side continues to debate what this theory is and what it really means for Americans. In this audio documentary, Lauren Barton, a sixteen-year-old junior in East Tennessee, begins to uncover what exactly CRT is, its effects on the education system, and other key information.

Blind Landing

Ari Saperstein

A Look At Safety In Gymnastics: Part 2

When it comes to addressing the safety concerns gymnasts have about competitions, there are structures in place to help gymnasts be heard... but are these structures working? Can they work?
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mensch:tierarzt - der Podcast der Tiermedizin

Rolf Nathaus und Jörg Held

Erlebnisse, Erfahrungen und Einsichten, die ein Tierarztleben prägen. In unserem Podcast erzählen Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte über ihre besondere Leidenschaft zum Beruf. mensch:tierarzt ist ein Zeitdokument erlebter Geschichte(n) der Tiermedizin.

Slahi – 14 Jahre Guantanamo

NDR Info

Der Formelzauberer (1/12)

Es klingt wie ein Aufsteiger-Märchen: Mohamedou Slahi stammt aus einem der ärmsten Länder der Welt. Der Sohn eines mauretanischen Kamelhirten kommt mit einem Stipendium nach Deutschland und studiert Elektrotechnik in Duisburg. Am Fraunhofer Institut wird er Ingenieur. Auf den ersten Blick ist es eine Erfolgsgeschichte. Doch in Wahrheit führt Slahi ein Parallelleben, das ihm zum Verhängnis wird.


天猫国际青年实验室 | JustPod






alarabiya podcast العربية بودكاست

استعراض أهم الجماعات المؤثرة في حياتنا العامة سياسيا واجتماعيا واقتصاديا وشرح أفكارها وسرد تاريخها وإبراز شخصياتها وتقديم مواقفها العامة ، وعلي رأس هذه الجماعات المحسوبة على التيار الاسلاموي المسلح منها والسياسي.

I doni di Venezia

“I doni di Venezia” è il podcast in cui 12 tra professoresse e professori di Ca’ Foscari, l’Università di Venezia, due per puntata, per sei puntate, ci racconteranno delle storie bellissime su cose che fanno, cose che studiano, cose che insegnano. Ad esempio, la storia di un'antichissima e misteriosa spada, oppure il viaggio di Marco Polo e il rapporto di Venezia con la Cina, ma anche come la chimica possa aiutare l'arte, come economia e cultura siano intrecciate, e ancora Shakespeare e il suo legame con la città lagunare, Bisanzio e tantissime altre storie. I narratori, compresa la Rettrice e sinologa Tiziana Lippiello, saranno Eugenio Burgio, Francesca Izzo, Shaul Bassi, Laura Tosi, Federico Panozzo e molti altri. Insieme a loro, un raccontatore di prestigio, Gianluca Briguglia a introdurre e a coordinare il tutto. Il primo episodio sarà disponibile dal 29 settembre.


Quiet Juice

Once upon a hyphen…

Some people have origin stories. Pardis Mahdavi has a hyphenation story. Her Iranian family was the target of a hate crime in Minnesota. She was stripped of her citizenship in Iran. Eventually she embraced the hyphen between the words ‘Iranian’ and ‘American’ as her identity: two cultures within one person. But what exactly is the […]

Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters

HBM150: Cold Water

The origins of Julia Susara’s chronic fatigue are hard to pin down.  She still doesn’t know exactly how it started but suspects that a deeply broken heart had something to do with it.  She spent about three years going through some excruciating physical sensations: immense chills, brain fogs, pregnancy nightmares and the feeling that her blood was about to boil through her skin. Doctors weren’t able to figure out what was wrong, nor were the array of alternative healers she visited. Feeling that no one was able to help, she was at the edge of giving up. But, at her brother’s suggestion, she reluctantly visited a hypnotherapist who gave Julia instructions to swim daily in cold water.  So she started jumping in the ocean each day and felt a strange and near immediate change in her symptoms.  If you’re feeling suicidal, here are some numbers you can call to speak with someone who will listen. USA Suicide Lifeline: