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175 | William Ratcliff on Multicellularity, Physics, and Evolution

We’ve talked about the very origin of life, but certain transitions along its subsequent history were incredibly important. Perhaps none more so than the transition from unicellular to multicellular organisms, which made possible an incredible diversity of organisms and structures. Will Ratcliff studies the physics that constrains multicellular structures, examines the minute changes in certain yeast cells that allows them to become multicellular, and does long-term evolution experiments in which multicellularity spontaneously evolves and grows. We can’t yet create life from non-life, but we can reproduce critical evolutionary steps in the lab.Support Mindscape on Patreon.William Ratcliff received his Ph.D. in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior at the University of Minnesota. He is currently Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences at Georgia Tech. Among his awards are a Packa

Interaxion | 物理系ポッドキャスト

Interaxion Podcast

30: The Blue Bird in Condensed Matter Physics (うってぃ, 部品, ブカ)

うってぃ、部品、ブカの3人でやばい論文、仁科記念賞について話しました。以下の Show Notes は簡易版です。完全版はこちら。1:44 部品2:04 脳内超伝導Possible Superconductivity in the Brain (arXiv: 1812.05602)Ep. 13でも話してます22:50 ブラジル産グラファイト超伝導Identification of a possible superconducting transition above room temperature in natural graphite crystals※グラファイトは黒炭じゃなくて黒鉛です42:42 金銀ナノ粒子超伝導Evidence for Superconductivity at Ambient Temperature and Pressure in Nanostructures田中昭二 酸化物超伝導体の先駆的研究55:31 高圧室温超伝導をめぐる論争On the ac magnetic susceptibility of a room temperature superconductor: anatomy of a probable scientific fraud (arXiv: 2110.12854)Physica C に載った論文現在取り下げられていて読めないRoom-temperature superconductivity in a carbonaceous sulfur hydride | Nature昨年話題になった高圧での室温超伝導の論文。Ep. 13でも話していますh指数 - WikipediaBreakthrough or bust? Claim of room-temperature superconductivity draws fireCriticism of room temperature superconductor ‘temporarily removed’ from journal収録後に出た上記の続報1:08:57 うってぃ1:09:30 373K 謎物質超伝導373 K Su

The Joy of x

Steven Strogatz and Quanta Magazine

Eve Marder on the Crucial Resilience of Neurons

Eve Marder’s research into the plasticity and resilience of nervous systems finds universal principles guiding life’s responses to stress. The post Eve Marder on the Crucial Resilience of Neurons first appeared on Quanta Magazine

Physics World Weekly Podcast

Physics World

The science and scientists of Don’t Look Up, low-cost optical technique is improving healthcare

In this podcast we chat about photoplethysmography and a controversial Hollywood film





Physics World Stories Podcast

Physics World

Sharing is caring: open hardware has global impact

High-spec microscope is helping malaria diagnosis in Tanzania

Quanta Science Podcast

Quanta Magazine

One Lab’s Quest to Build Space-Time Out of Quantum Particles

For over two decades, physicists have pondered how the fabric of space-time may emerge from some kind of quantum entanglement. In Monika Schleier-Smith’s lab at Stanford University, the thought experiment is becoming real. The post One Lab’s Quest to Build Space-Time Out of Quantum Particles first appeared on Quanta Magazine

The Qubit Guy's Podcast

Yuval Boger (a.k.a. The Qubit Guy)

The Qubit Guy (CMO of Classiq, hosts thought leaders in quantum computing to discuss business and technical questions that impact the quantum computing ecosystem

Nonlocal: a quantum computing podcast

Vincent Russo, William Slofstra, and Henry Yuen

004: Shallow quantum circuits with David Gosset

The point of building quantum computers is that we expect them to be capable of things that classical computers aren't. But how can we prove that this is the case? In this episode we talk to David Gosset, a professor at the University of Waterloo, about his research on quantum advantage for shallow circuits.   Hosts: Vincent Russo (, William Slofstra (, Henry Yuen (   Main papers discussed in this episode: 1) Sergey Bravyi, David Gosset, and Robert König. Quantum advantage with shallow circuits. Science Vol. 362, Issue 6412, pp. 308-311 (2018). 2) Sergey Bravyi, David Gosset, Robert König and Marco Tomamichel. Quantum advantage with noisy shallow circuits. Nat. Phys. 16, pp. 1040–1045 (2020). 3) Adam Bene Watts, Robin Kothari, Luke Schaeffer, and Avishay Tal. Exponential separation between shallow qua

Math & Physics Podcast

Parker Levesque, Rayhan Walia

Episode #89 - In This Experiment, We Will Talk About Our Labs

Today we talk about some of the physics labs that we have done so far. These experiments are really interesting and we hope you also get to do some cool ones in your career as well. Enjoy!


Instagram: @math.physics.podcast

Tiktok: @math.physics.podcast


Twitter: @MathPhysPod

Out of the Gray (Gy) - Standard Imaging

Traci Conley, Matthew Payne

Jim Zagzebski PhD - Medical Physics Publishing

Jim Zagzebski joins us to share his experiences in MedPhys and work with Medical Physics Publishing Company.

Mastermind Discussions Podcast

Matthew LaCroix

Return of the Golden Age of Civilization - Matt LaCroix, Chris Mathieu - Mastermind Discussions #14

-The Stage of Time: author website: Illusion of Us: Page: Mathieu’s YouTube: Knowledge News:*All Music licensed through Epidemic Sound:"Lost Time" Kevin MacLeod ( u

Shirtloads of Science

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Stellar Lifecycles #1 with Professor Lewis (271)

For some stars, life begins at 10 billion years. Professor Lewis leads Dr Karl on a trillion year expedition from birth to a young adult expanding universe. The first part of a fascinating journey in time, space and consciousness.

The Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss

The Origins Project

Tim Minchin Discussing Science, Culture, & Comedy

Tune in for an excellent conversation between Tim Minchin and Lawrence Krauss. They dive into a variety of interesting subjects, such as Tim Minchin's upbringing, his scientific interests, comedy, culture, the state of the world, and even a few of Tim Minchin's current projects that is he working on now.

History of Physics

Shami Frenkel

Nikola Tesla

A short podcast on the life and achievements of Nikola tesla- featuring a guest star!

My Nuclear Life

Shelly Lesher

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Why This Universe?

Dan Hooper, Shalma Wegsman

39 - Why Do Science Communication? (ft. Daniel Whiteson and Jorge Cham)

Daniel Whiteson and Jorge Cham talk to us about what science communication means to them.Listen to their podcast, Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe: WTU on Patreon:

icqpodcast's Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast

ICQ Podcast

The premier podcast for Amateur Radio / Ham Radio users. News, views, features, upcoming events and Amateur / Ham Radio training. ICQ Podcast is a podcast for you and including you

The Turing Podcast

The Alan Turing Institute

”The problems of AI” with James Geddes

This week on The Turing Podcast, the hosts chat with Dr James Geddes, who is a Principial Research Data Scientist in the Research Engineering Group at the Alan Turing Institute. The discussion revolves around an all-important question: What actually is AI? James breaks down three categories of computer programs that could be considered AI: Simulations, Symbolic AI and Machine Learning, and the hosts debate which, if any of these, are really intelligent! This week the podcast is hosted by Ed Chalstrey and introduces Christina Last.

Fusion Focused

Ella Fox-Widdows

The Fusion Focused podcast aims to highlight inspiring experts within the Plasma Physics & Fusion Energy community, showcase the diverse careers available within the fusion field, talk with the guests about their scientific interests, and chat about why fusion is so cool!

100 000 ans

Binge Audio / ANDRA

L'espoir est un muscle

Et si c’était autrement ? Élisabeth Vonarburg est autrice de science-fiction depuis plus de 40 ans, et elle se plait dans ce genre à imaginer le monde avec des « et si..? ». Anne-Cécile Genre se rend compte de la puissance de cet outil pour sculpter la perspective de l’Histoire humaine et sortir du bocal. Ni penser au pire, ni au mieux, mais penser les choses différemment. Charles Gautier, chercheur en graphisme et sciences du langage, lui aussi, se plait à rencontrer l’Histoire et nos points communs avec nos ancêtres. Ces rencontres esquissent l’espoir en l’action, et a fortiori, en l’avenir.CRÉDITS : 100 000 ans est un podcast Binge Audio en partenariat avec l’ANDRA, écrit et animé par Anne-Cécile Genre et réalisé par Adel Ittel El Madani. Musique : Alexandre Delmaere. Identité graphique : Upian. Direction de projet : Soraya Kerchaoui-Matignon. Production : Albane Fily. Édition : Dimitri Mayeur. Direction des progra

Fluid Mechanics 101 Podcast

Aidan Wimshurst

Tidal Stream Energy with Wouter Remmerie

In this episode of the Fluid Mechanics 101 Podcast, I discuss the challenges in tidal stream turbine design with Wouter Remmerie. Wouter Remmerie is a founder and owner of AirShaper. AirShaper is an online platform that allows you to carry out aerodynamics CFD simulations in the cloud, with no expert knowledge of CFD, aerodynamics or specific software.   
Checkout the abbreviated podcast (with video clips and diagrams) here:
0:00 Introduction 
3:11 Aidan's CFD Background 
4:48 Wind Rotors and Tidal Rotors 
9:30 Aeroplane Tip Vortices 
12:10 Rotor Tip Vortices 
14:30 Turbine Farm Layout 
17:40 Downstream spacing 
21:21 Marine life growth 
24:30 Rotor power and size 
28:59 Tidal Sites around the World 
34:41 Lateral Blockage 

Basic Physics 101

Gabrielle Magid

All About Hair

Ever been interested in learning about hair? Well we've got some great facts and interviews all about it. Give us a listen!

Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series

Stuart McErlain-Naylor

Lecture 28 - Walter Herzog - Muscle Mechanics

Lecture 28 of the Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series #SportsBiomLS 

The CERN Sparks! Podcast - Future Intelligence


6: #6 Fast and slow AI — with Francesca Rossi and Daniel Kahneman

Francesca Rossi is an influential global leader in AI research. Daniel Kahneman is one of the greatest living cognitive psychologists. In the final podcast in the series, our guests take Daniel’s revolutionary “fast and slow” systems of thought as inspiration for rewriting AI, and debate the nature of thought itself. “I really find it difficult to imagine why there should be anything at which humans are essential in the domain of intelligence,” says Kahneman. Is there anything that humans can do that AI cannot in principle do?

To find out more, join hosts Mark Rayner and Abha Eli Phoboo as they speak with Anima and John on the subject of Creative AI.
Daniel Kahneman is a world-renowned cognitive psychologist and winner of the 2002 Nobel prize in Economics. Francesca Rossi is Global Ethics Leader at IBM and President-Elect of AAAI.

The Titanium Physicists Podcast

Brachiolope Media Network

Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

Physics Frontiers

Jim Rantschler

Episode 61: Dark Stars

Jim and Randy talk about alternatives to black holes without event horizons or singularities.Show Notes:


The Engineered Network

4: Pressure Loss in Pipes

In the fourth episode of the Neutrium podcast Trevor and Matt continue their discussions on process hydraulics, covering the calculation of the friction factor and its subsequent use in determining pressure loss in a pipe.With Trevor Walker and Matthew Kidd.Links of potential interest:

Neutrium on Bernoullis Equation
Neutrium on Reynolds Number
Neutrium on Head vs Pressure
Neutrium on Pressure loss in a Pipe
Crane Flow of Fluids Through Valves, Fittings, and Pipe (TP-410)
Chemical Engineering Volume 1, Sixth Edition: Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer (Coulson & Richardson’s Chemical Engineering)
Fluid Flow for Chemical and Process Engineers, Second Edition
Piping Calculations Manual

Support Neutrium:


Support Neutrium on PatreonEpisode sponsor:Many Tricks:
If you’re looking for some Mac software that can do Many T

The Hyperfine Physics Podcast

Derek Padilla and Zak Espley

Acoustic Levitation w/ Special Guest Dr. David Jackson

Zak and Derek discuss acoustic levitaiton with Dr. David Jackson, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dickinson College.

Their published paper at AAJP (requires subscription), "Acoustic levitation and the acoustic radiation force":

You can contact Dr. Jackson to request a copy:

Ming-Hua Chang's senior thesis, "Using Schlieren Optics to Visualize Ultrasonic Standing Waves In Acoustic Levitation":

Dr. Daniel A Russell's Acoustics and Vibration Animations:

Selected gifs of wave motion:

Biyografik Bilim: Bilim İnsanlarının Ağzından Hayatları

Evrim Ağacı

Nikolas Kopernik Kimdir? Ne Yapmıştır? Kendi Ağzından Yaşam Öyküsü...

Ben Nikolas Kopernik, veya Niklas Koppernigk ya da Lehçe söylersek Mikolaj Kopernik, Almancaya ne dersiniz? Nikolaus Copernikus… Size biraz garip mi geldi? 1473 yılında Prusya krallığında doğduğum için bu isim karmaşası… O zamanlarda pek tuhaf sayılacak bir durum değildi. Polonya sınırları içinde kalan… Seslendiren: Ergül Can

la Fisica Che Ci Piace - PodCast Show! 🗣

Vincenzo Schettini

Un podcast dedicato a tutti quelli che amano ascoltare la fisica, scoprirla nell’intimo, innamorarsi di una voce che la racconta. Benvenuti!

Grade 10 Science - Meadowridge

Jamie Marriott


Science We Speak


Walter Voit on Adaptive 3D and Microarchitecture Innovation

Adaptive 3D is an innovative company that partnered with Desktop Metal and UT Dallas. Walter Voit discusses the innovation behind microarchitecture within material manufacturing and how partnerships in Richardson, Texas, have created a thriving innovation ecosystem. Innovating 3D Printing and University Research At Adaptive 3D, Walter focuses on using 3D printing to produce additive materials. […]

THIS IS Quantum Technology - Thales Group

Thales Group

Quantum technology and sovereignty

Join Marko Erman, Chief Scientific Officer at Thales, who speaks about quantum technology and sovereignty, as well as how Europe compares with other world powers in that field.

What is rapport?


In NLP rapport is an unconscious feeling of trust to someone. This is the very moment when we only see a person, start communicating with him and suddenly we begin to treat him much better than an ordinary stranger. This is such a state in which we become much more loyal making decisions. This state can be created. It's a skill. This competence can be learned. Anyone can train it. This ability can be developed, and we'll show you how to do it in this podcast. The principles of creating a ringing rapport here - on NLP Radio. Radio NLP and Aleksandr Gerasimov presents: Ringing rapport.