YouTubeチャンネル史上初のラジオレギュラー番組として注目を集めている、「THE FIRST TAKE MUSIC」。 同番組のPodcastがスタート。 「THE FIRST TAKE」に出演したアーティストをゲストに迎え、撮影の舞台裏やエピソードをお届けします。

Soul Cafe

Chris Clay

Every week stop by and get your weekly dose of the relaxation. The Soul Cafe provides a menu of great R&B, Jazz and Indie Music Hosted By Chris Clay Show Is Updated Every Wednesday 9pm EST

Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin


Award-winning actor Alec Baldwin takes listeners into the lives of artists, policy makers and performers. Alec sidesteps the predictable by going inside the dressing rooms, apartments, and offices of people we want to understand better: Ira Glass, Lena Dunham, David Letterman, Barbara Streisand, Tom Yorke, Chris Rock and others. Hear what happens when an inveterate guest becomes a host.



日向坂46をこれまで以上に身近に感じられる30分レギュラーラジオ番組です! 週替わりのパーソナリティが、メンバー同士だけの空間だからこそ出せる等身大の気ままなお喋りをお贈りします。

Uplifting Trance Sessions with DJ Phalanx

DJ Phalanx

DJ Phalanx – Supported by Armin van Buuren I Host of Uplifting Trance Sessions – a leading and awarded Trance podcast only with the best trance, vocal trance and tech trance promotions I Head of State Control Records



J-WAVEで月曜から木曜日 22:41-22:46に放送している「RECRUIT OPPORTUNITY FOR MUSIC」をPodcastで配信。アーティストたちの自身の楽曲に込めた想いと、これまでたどってきた音楽との出会いの話から音楽との「まだ、ここにない、出会い。」 をお届けします。




Zach Sang Show

OBB Sound

Zach Sang is a multimedia superstar with a new generation of followers. He is a radio prodigy, former Nickelodeon personality, social media addict, pop culture junkie… and everyone’s best friend.

ギターウルフ セイジの火星ラジオ

ギターウルフ セイジ

ギターウルフ セイジとローディーウルフ 長州ちからがお送りするジェットなPodcastプログラム!!!ピンチにはジェットかロックンロールで切り抜ける方法を教えます。

Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums

Rolling Stone | Amazon Music

The stories behind some of the most essential albums of all time, told by the artists who made them and Rolling Stone’s writers and editors. Each episode focuses on one album from the brand-new, updated version of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums list, featuring fresh conversations with the people who made the music, classic interview audio and expert commentary. Episodes include the late Tom Petty on his solo classic Wildflowers, Taylor Swift talking about her career-changing 2012 album Red, and Public Enemy breaking down their political masterpiece It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. Listen to songs featured on the podcast and more hits from the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums list here. Now we’re back with Season Two. Across 10 episodes, you’ll hear Dolly Parton tell the stories behind the songs on her 1971 solo breakthrough Coat of Many Colors; Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr delve into the making of the Beatles’ troubled final album, Let It Be; Britney Spears’ collaborators explain how she made 2007’s Blackout in the eye of a paparazzi hurricane; friends and relatives of Alice Coltrane look back at how she overcame tragedy to create her masterpiece Journey in Satchidananda; Rivers Cuomo and his bandmates reflect on the unlikely birth of Weezer’s Blue Album; and much more. Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums is hosted by Senior Writer Brittany Spanos.

The Rolling Wave

RTÉ Radio 1

The Rolling Wave celebrates all that is great about Irish Traditional music. We speak to musicians, delve into archives, showcase new releases and visit some of the many traditional music festivals taking place around the country. The Rolling Wave podcast brings you some of our best interviews and features. For rights reasons the music here is shorter than in the original broadcast. To listen to the full version go to 1/the-rolling-wave and click on the relevant date. Listen live on RTÉ Radio 1 every Sunday night at 9pm.

Beats in Space

Tim Sweeney

Beats In Space is a radio show mixed live by Tim Sweeney and guests in New York City on WNYU 89.1 FM every Tuesday night from 10:30pm to 1:00am

[종영] DAY6의 키스 더 라디오


밤 10시의 에너지 충전!



この番組は乃木坂46ファンの方に向けて乃木坂46のいいところを紹介する【乃木坂のいいところをもっと知れるラジオ】です。 ディープな内容もライトな内容も、分かりやすく、そして熱く語ります! Apple Podcast Ranking「音楽インタビュー」カテゴリーで3位を獲得🏅 番組ではこんな内容をお話しています! ✅裏話、雑学、豆知識 ✅隠れた名作 ✅乃木坂番組のマニアックな見どころ ✅メンバー紹介 ✅乃木坂番組の紹介 ✅乃木坂46クイズ ✅歴史 ✅ファン活動の醍醐味 こういった方は是非聞いてみてください! ⭕乃木坂46の事は一通り知っていて、一般的な情報では物足りない方 ⭕推しメンについて語られているのを聞きたい方 ⭕乃木坂46の応援を始めたけど、これから少しずつ知っていきたい方 ⭕なんでもいいから、たくさん乃木坂46の情報に触れていたい方 ⭕まだ知られていない情報を見つけたい方 感想や質問など「#乃木坂46のイイトコ」とハッシュタグをつけて頂いたツイートは見ています。

Fast Soul Music Podcast


New, exclusive, and undiscovered D&B brought to you by Tony Colman aka London Elektricity from across the world. One love ❤️🙏🏼

TBS eFM 乐动首尔(악동서울)



YABO LABO 〜山崎明保のやらないラジオ〜


シンガーソングライター山崎明保のポッドキャスト 毎週更新。※早送り・巻き戻し再生は無料アプリApple podcast,Google podcast,spotify,amazon musicにてご利用頂けます。 感想はこちらまでお寄せ下さい。



ON AIR📻 「SPECIAL DELIVERY」 FM Palulun / MITO / 76.2MHz Every Friday 20:00~21:00 Main Personality : DIG DA SOUTHPAW ON SMARTPHONE : Listen Radio ON PC : Simul Radio PODCAST : Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon Twitter : DJ DIG DA SOUTHPAW Present The Best of Hip Hop, Rap, RnB, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Club Music , Remixes, Japanese in The Mix! 毎月新作MIX配信 New mix other every week Organized event Reloaded @Club Murz (水戸) 不定期開催 偕楽園チャリティー音楽祭 @偕楽園四季の原広場特設会場 Special Delivery @Back To (水戸) 毎月第一土曜日開催 Connect HP : Instagram : Twitter : Mixcloud: Soundcloud: Youtube : Contact


ensemble, a new podcast series of original sound creations.

The continuing intensity of environmental, social, political and economic crises re-interrogate our ways of sharing and of being together. In the current health context and when it’s particularly important to bring out new stories and possible futures, Maintenant festival is launching a new online format of listening. ensemble is a one-hour podcast series that allow artists to propose something else about what they are experiencing. With ensemble, artists takes a look at the state of the world and bears witness to the changes in our contemporary society. Produced by Maintenant Festival, FR



ラッパー、アーティストである SKY-HI が、HIP HOP を中心とした音楽を通して、 世界、そして、アジアの国々の様々なカルチャーや価値観に迫っていきます。 隔週月曜日に新着エピソード配信。 Follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music or Twitter (



大阪のラジオ局FM802月曜深夜のMIDNIGHT GARAGE 毎週月曜 24:00-3:00 DJ土井コマキがお送りする番組のディレクターズカットを公開中

Dunlop Presents Bass Freq's

Dunlop Manufacturing, Inc

The Bass Freqs Podcast brings you the unique perspectives and insights of bass players—the backbone of every band. Hosted by lifelong recording and touring bass player Josh Paul (Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Daughtry), each episode features in-depth discussions with some of the top bassists working today. Get the direct lowdown on how they got their start, how they approach their role as the driving force of a song, what gear they use, and what it takes to perform at the highest level. Brought to you by Dunlop Manufacturing, family-owned makers of bass and guitar strings, MXR and Cry Baby electronics, and other many other popular music accessories.

The Toby Gribben Show Highlights

Shout Radio

Highlights from Toby Gribben's afternoon show on Shout Radio. Featuring chat with top showbiz guests. See for privacy and opt-out information.

femme fataleハウス


femme fataleハウス femme fatale (戦慄かなの・頓知気さきな)のレギュラーラジオ番組



UK-東京間で交わされる音声の往復書簡。 社長(SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS)ナビゲート。 金曜夜に贅沢で、豊かな時間をともに過ごしましょう。毎週金曜日夜配信。

SCOOBIE TWO の トーキン・リズム&ブルース


SCOOBIE DOのフロントマン、コヤマシュウ(Vocal)とマツキタイジロウ(Guitar)による SCOOBIE TWO でおおくりするポッドキャスト。



毎週水曜4:00AM、ぷに電とメチクロが宇宙の果てのちいさなコインランドリーからお届けする”インナーウォッシュ”Podcast🧼✨ ジングル:さよひめぼう💌 ぷにぷに電機     インターネットを中心に活動する作詞家、作曲家、歌手、音楽プロデューサー。 Jazz、Bossa Nova、Latinをルーツとしたプライベートな楽曲を制作する一方、MACROSS 82-99やNightTempo、80KIDZ、Mikeneko Homeless、Shin Sakiura、パソコン音楽クラブ、さよひめぼうなど、国内外のアーティストとのコラボレーションによりジャンルを越えた音楽を生み出している。 メチクロ [SF inc. / MHz]      漫画・アニメのパッケージデザインや、オーディオのプロダクトデザインなど、質量を伴う製品のデザインをメインスキルとし、ブランディングからサウンドまでを補完するクリエイティブディレクター。カバーデザイン:『シドニアの騎士』『新装版BLAME! 』『ハイスコアガール』/プロダクトデザイン『TOON WORKSHOP THP-01』『Double Zero』など。

My Favourite Elliott Smith Song

My Favourite Elliott Smith Song

The premise of this podcast is very simple - in each episode, we speak to a famous fan of Elliott Smith's to discuss their favourite song of his and how they got into his music.


Dalvin Joseph

DJ remix

Wong Notes

Premier Guitar

Hi, my name is Cory Wong. This is my podcast. I'm going to talk to your favorite artists as they discuss their personal tricks of the trade, never-before-heard stories, and the proper response when Sinatra wants to peep your master tapes.

I Think You're Dope w/ Eric Nam

DIVE Studios & Studio71

Singer-songwriter and personality, Eric Nam, carries out authentic conversations with fascinating and people he finds "dope". Make sure to subscribe, leave a comment, and rating on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. 'I Think You're Dope' is brought to you by DIVE Studios. Connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @thedivestudios #IThinkYoureDope #EricNam #DIVEStudios We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:

Talkhouse Podcast


Talkhouse is a media company and outlet for musicians, actors, filmmakers, and others in their respective fields. Artists write essays and criticism from firsthand perspectives, speak one-on-one with their peers via the Talkhouse Podcast and Talkhouse Live events, and offer readers and listeners unique insight into creative work of all genres and generations. In short— Talkhouse is writing and conversations about music and film, from the people who make them.

Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM

Masters of Hardcore

We proudly present to you Masters of Hardcore MAYHEM, live and direct from our studio! For every monthly episode we're joined by the biggest names in hardcore, who will treat you to a reckless b2b Hardcore mix, interviews and total mayhem!

Relentsのソレダ!!-Second Season


Relents(Band)の公式PODCAST ※近況報告、guestを交えてのトーク、メンバーによるコーナー、etc...。 番組のお問合せは、下記リンクから。 ※変更になりました。

Spout Podcast


You know them for their songs, videos, and epic performances, but there is always something even their super fans don't know until now. This is the Spout Podcast, where famous people spout off about more than they're famous for.

mctsuyoshi presents You-me radio

mc tsuyoshi

mctsuyoshi presents You-me radio! サーファーが伝える番組 トーク&LIVEエンターテイメント 全国の海の近くからゲストとゆっくりした時間をお届けいたします。Japan Pro Surfing tourのメインMCを現在しています。 サーフィン歴は現在は26年ほどしています。Home Pointは伊良湖で名古屋出身のMCです。 99年2000年はオーストラリアByronBayで一年ほど生活していました。 良い時間、ゆっくりした時間を良い音楽とサーファーたちのトークでお楽しみください。

Súper Tokio Radio

Súper Tokio Radio

Sigue los podcast de Súper Tokio Radio. El Show de los Lunáticos con las anécdotas y conversaciones sin límites de Luis Álvarez y Nancy Matsuda, las Noticias de Japón, el Japón Top Latino, el ranking de Súper Tokio Radio, el Oricon, el ranking de la música japonesa, los recuerdos ochenteros de los Domingos de Oro y mucho más.

Behind the Bars Japan - Red Bull 64 Bars

Red Bull

類稀な才能を持つ幾多のラッパーたち——そのバースの奥に秘められたストーリーをアットホームに紐解くトークセッション。ホストはライターで自称“HIPHOP馬鹿”こと、荏開津広。 緊迫するパフォーマンスの上では見られないラッパーたちの意外な一面。ひとりの人間としての彼らの過去や現在、そして未来について、YouTubeチャンネル「レッドブルマイク」に登場するラッパーたちを中心にお招きし、深堀りしていきます。


Grateful Dead

“The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast,” the official Grateful Dead podcast, is a series devoted to exploring the music and mythology behind one of the most enduring, progressive, and influential bands in the history of recorded music. The podcast’s tagline is “For The Committed And The Curious,” as episodes will invite new fans to explore the band’s enormous mythology in digestible chunks and enlighten life-long Dead Heads about corners of the band’s history they never knew existed. No topic will be off limits on “The Good Ol’ Grateful Deadcast” as hosts Rich Mahan and Jesse Jarnow explore the band’s outrageous history, innovations, and impact from 1965 to today.

Music Ally Focus

Music Ally

Analysing vital music business topics in detail, as they emerge. In our Focus podcast, Joe Sparrow breaks down important stories with expert guests, who share their cutting-edge knowledge – in about 20 minutes. It'll keep you and your team on the cutting edge, and it'll take about the same time as making and eating a good sandwich! (We recommend doing both simultaneously for maximum deliciousness.) Ⓜ️ Subscribe to Music Ally's industry-standard service: 👋 Music Ally’s free weekly newsletter, The Knowledge:




音楽番組【インディーズバンドと語ろう】HOLIDAY! MEETING


CDショップ HOLIDAY! RECORDS 植野秀章によるpodcast番組。 注目インディーズバンドを招いて他では聞けないトークをします。 ハッシュタグは #ホリデーミーティング で質問、感想お待ちしております! 番組のツイッターあります!ぜひフォローしてください! 【Twitter】 HOLIDAY! RECORDS ■各種SNSで日本の最新インディーズバンド紹介 ■オンラインCDショップ ■福岡のCROSSFMの金曜日18時台に隔週でおすすめバンド紹介

周末变奏 Key Change


冷门好歌,创作者访谈,以及从音乐延展出的更多。Beijing-based radio DJ Fangzhou selects the best of alternative music, and invites thriving indie artists from China and beyond to talk about their musical inspirations.

Pop Star Conversations

Pop Star Conversations

The hosts, Chuck Gavoian and Randy Nader interview the leading Pop and Rock musicians of yesterday and today. The exclusive Pop Star Conversations highlight the celebrity opinions on politics, current projects and their Hollywood lives.


Nic D & Connor Price

#1 podcast for independent artists, created by independent artists. Hosted by Nic D, Connor Price, and Breanna Price, we speak to others who are also navigating their way in the music industry. Our goal is to learn about their journey, creative processes, music marketing tips, the equipment they use, how they monetize their music, and so much more. If you're an independent artist, this is a community built to inspire you, help you grow, and connect you with like-minded individuals to make informed decisions about your music career.


Cactus Radio Network

Dean Delray's "Let There Be Talk." This original podcast is a unique blend of rock and comedy talk with some of the biggest names in music, comedy and entertainment.



流行音樂X心情畫面X創作故事 《告白那一刻》是一個與創作者深度對談的節目,無論是流行音樂創作歌手,或是作家、廣播人、戲劇工作者等,透過與各類創作者的深度對談與勾勒畫面,找出生活中那些看似平凡無奇卻值得珍藏與分享的瞬間,翻閱內心可能完美、也可能不完美的美好,並透過驚喜獻聲的方式,讓聽眾、來賓與親友間彼此分享告白,產生情感共鳴與連結。 除了創作者專訪,《告白那一刻》也嘗試透過各種單元企劃,用較輕鬆的方式,引領聽眾聽聽音樂,聊聊情緒,在繁忙的生活中戴上耳機,暫停腳步,讓自己跟自己對話,一起「記得告白,才有未來!」 合作請洽 Facebook@內克來了| Instagram@內克| Instagram@告白那一刻| Powered by Firstory Hosting

In Conversation


dublab Radio presents In Conversation, a monthly podcast featuring interviews from its 20 years of broadcasting. Highlighting some of the most compelling interviews from dublab's archives, In Conversation offers an in-depth view into the lives and creative processes of its guests. Support this podcast:



なんであのときFMは名古屋は本山にあるなんであのときカフェからお送りする地域密着バラエティー番組です。ちなみにFMの意味はFrom Motoyamaの略で本物のFM局とは一切関係ありません。

No Jumper

No Jumper

The Coolest Podcast In The World. Hosted by Adam22 Watch these interviews on YouTube right here:




兄妹不假掰 Bro & Sis Talk

兄妹不假掰 Bro & Sis Talk

我們是JS,哥哥Justin和妹妹Sophia。 從音樂出發,與你分享我們的世界觀與生活大小事。   支持JS!持續創作好節目   Facebook:JS (Justin+Sophia) Instagram:justin0206 / juslife01 / jssophia   cover design by Yuting Tung Powered by Firstory Hosting

Frankie B's Reggae Session

Frankie B

Frankie B's Reggae Session Podcast takes Colorado's Mile High City a little higher. Reggae Sessions That Covers from Roots, DanceHall and Reggae Remixes Listen, Rate, Subscribe, Enjoy

E aí, Jubileu? PODCAST

Diego Baptista, Lucas Trentim e Julio Cesar

O E aí, Jubileu? Podcast é um podcast de entretenimento com o intuito de divertir os ouvintes com conversas e bate-papos animados sobre diversos assuntos da cultura pop, cotidiano, entre outros. Contando com convidados excelentes. Lembrando sempre que a vida não precisa ser levada a sério o tempo todo. Então, pode entrar e ficar à vontade para acompanhar os episódios, pois toda Jubileuzada é bem-vinda aqui!

The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz

Andrew Hitz

The Entrepreneurial Musician with Andrew Hitz will help you make more money in the music business. Andrew brings his experience of performing in almost 40 countries over the last two decades to conversations with the most successful musical entrepreneurs in the world to provide actionable advice for anyone trying to succeed in today's ever-changing music industry.

Most Requested Live Interviews

Most Requested Live

On #MostRequestedLive, YOU ask your favorite artists all the questions!

The Hustle

Jon Lamoreaux

Every artist has a story. Whether big or small, they‘ve all seen the ups and downs and worked hard to maintain careers in music. We chat with some of the most interesting legacy artists in pop music and go in depth on their careers, how they feel about them, what it‘s like being a ”rock star” and also hear their best stories. If you‘re a music junkie you will love these long form conversations with beloved figures from your life.

Contrabass Conversations double bass life

Jason Heath

Contrabass Conversations features interviews and performances from top leaders in the world of the double bass. Podcast host Jason Heath dives deep into what makes these world-class artists tick. With 2 million downloads and counting, Contrabass Conversations is the most popular podcast for double bassists. Join the community and experience life on the low end of the spectrum!

藤野めぐみのJAZZ 'n TALKつれづれ

Megumi Fujino

ジャズヴォーカリスト藤野めぐみが、YouTube版JAZZ 'n TALKの収録の話や、ジャズを中心にした音楽のこと、その時に気になっていることなどについて話しています

The Vinyl Guide

The Vinyl Guide

Nate is a record collector, music lover and vinyl maniac. Join him on his journey to discuss, share and review all things related to vinyl records. We feature stories about and interviews with musicians, artists and people of knowledge in the area of vinyl records. Additionally we share information on desirable pressings of records, how to tell a $5 pressing from a $500 pressing and care and maintenance for your cratedigging hobby. Subscribe and share with your record-nerd friends. Cheers!

amaenの雨の縁側ラジオ 音楽にまつわるゆるいお喋りエトセトラ


「amaenの雨の縁側ラジオ」は、心地よい音とは?を大切にしている音楽の仲間3人amaen(あまえん)がお送りする、インディーミュージックを中心としたamaenおすすめの音楽や音楽にまつわる話を‘ゆるく’話すpodcastです。とある古民家の縁側に集まっては知られざる音楽をリスナーの皆さんと一緒に探してゆきます。ほぼ毎週末に更新! 【お便りメールをお待ちしております】  ✉︎ Podcast Artwork by 宮下和 (Nodoka Miyashita)

Vintage Rock Pod - Classic Rock Interviews

Vintage Rock Pod, Paul Stephenson

The ultimate classic rock podcast with big name interviews and a daily "This Day Rocks" episode focussing on a big event on this day in music history! Hosted by Paul Stephenson, a UK radio veteran, this high quality, comprehensive classic rock podcast won't disappoint! Follow the show at: Proudly part of Pantheon Podcasts Network.

One Two Me You

Trust Records Company & Sound Talent Media

We sit down with two (usually) people who share a love for music, creating, Punk and Hardcore. We get the facts straight as we get the stories from the people who lived them. Punk and Hardcore is the common thread, but when people came from different backgrounds, when the generations differ, we explore those subtle differences and similarities, the train goes off the tracks, back on and off again. Hear in detail how Shepard Fairey was directly influenced by punk and 7Seconds, and with almost 50 years apart what Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks and Black Flag has to say to Kat Moss from Scowl.

Songfacts Podcast


Songfacts, which has been bringing you the stories behind the songs since 1999, now has a podcast. On the not-so-cleverly named Songfacts Podcast, our cheeky host Corey O'Flanagan speaks with songwriters and other music makers to learn about their own songs (which they often perform on the show) and explore the music that influenced them. On this fun and enlightening musical journey, you'll discover new songs across a range of genres and take a deep dive into some you know - how they're structured, what they mean, how they make us feel. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.

Tape Notes

In The Woods

Tape Notes is a podcast about the art and craft of music production. Hosted by John Kennedy, each episode reunites an artist and producer to talk about the highlights of their collaboration in the studio. Their conversations lift the lid on every stage of the creative process, from kindling the first spark of a song idea, through decisions on style and instrumentation, to finessing the final product. Full of fascinating anecdotes, the conversations also feature early demo versions and stems from the original session recordings. The result is a unique insight into the working methods of some of the most innovative and exciting talents in music.

Piano Puzzler

American Public Media

Every week on Performance Today™, Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. We get one of our listeners on the phone, and our caller listens to Bruce play his Piano Puzzler™. They then try to do two things: name the hidden tune, and name the composer whose style Bruce is mimicking. From American Public Media.



シンガーソングライタールンヒャンによる秘密の学び場。 毎回テーマに沿った皆さんの声を聴きながら、時に真剣に、時にポップに、話し尽くしたいと思います。 音楽や曲作りのことはもちろん普段の何気ない話などなど、濃密な雑談を通してお互いの鼓膜と感性を震わせていけたらいいですね。 第2、第4金曜日 21:00配信予定。 お便りはこちらまで。 ルンヒャン (アーティスト) ヤンピー (クリエイティヴ・ディレクター)

The Oasis Podcast

The Oasis Podcast

Oasis Podcast is the only podcast/ radio show dedicated to the most influential band of the 1990s, Oasis. We delve into the history of the group as well as discussing many other areas of music and pop culture through in depth interviews with people who experienced the phenomenon that was the rise of Oasis at the time. We discuss the impact on pop culture back then, plus their legacy today. With high production values we edit the shows together with archive material from the time, including rare tracks, live performances, interviews and more.

The Music Show

ABC Radio

Hear the interview of the week from the Music Show, where composer Andrew Ford entertains and informs a wide audience each week, providing two hours of essential listening from the world of music.

音楽のミカタ(music talks)

Ongakuno Mikata

DJ/インタビュアー藤田琢己とピアノ3ピースバンド Ryu MatsuyamaのピアノボーカルRyuが 面白く、そして深く音楽を語ります。 ラジオとテレビで20年のキャリアを持ち、 ライブハウスから海外フェスまで音の鳴る現場に 年間100本以上通い詰める藤田のリアルな目線から 様々なトピックを語ります。 不定期でアーティストや音楽関係者も登場予定。

Partydul KissFM

Kiss FM

Partydul KissFM Romania cu OLiX, Dan Fintescu si Marian Boba - We love to party! Ne auzim live la KissFM in fiecare sambata de la ora 22 si pana la 6 dimineata, iar aici puteti asculta inregistrarile emisiunilor noastre, dar si a petrecerilor de vineri, petreceri care nu se difuzeaza la radio.

London Elektricity presents The Thingcast


Tony Colman aka Hospital Records founder London Elektricity moves forward with a new podcast series to follow on from the acclaimed Hospital Records podcast he presented from 2006 - 2021. Expect the very best in upfront D&B, discussions of key ideas and challenging conversations with music lovers of all types from across the globe.

The Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White Show

Mitch Lafon and Jeremy White

Two of Canada’s top interviewers come together to bring in-depth conversations with the biggest names in showbiz and the crews that make it happen. Hosted by well respected music journalist Mitch Lafon and one of the most recognizable voices on Canadian radio Jeremy White! Subscribe on YouTube to watch the exclusive interview videos,  Follow the hosts on Twitter:



【用一件舊衣,找回你的初心】 聽萬秀孫瑞夫x音樂平台MyMusic帶你透過一件舊衣物,深入各領域職人不為人知的感動故事➤ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐五星留言訂閱 開啟小鈴鐺🔔 好禮月月抽🎁 優惠免費領🎁 合作請來信📫 -- Hosting provided by SoundOn



(Spotify/毎月1日配信〜) 東京・池袋を中心に活動しているアマチュアオーケストラ豊島区管弦楽団。団員自ら、アマオケならではのマニアックな話や、日々の活動の面白話、過去の演奏(ちょこっと)などをお届けする番組です。たまにゲストもお呼びして、楽しいトークをくりひろげます。


Affinità Ensemble für Alte Musik

Im gemütlichen Ambiente unseres Salon baroque plaudern wir über Musik und Gesellschaft des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts. Passend zu den Konzertprogrammen von Affinità bieten wir fundiertes Hintergrundwissen, aber auch unterhaltsame Anekdoten. Gemeinsam mit unseren Gästen entführen wir Sie in eine Welt, die zwar verschwunden scheint, die es aber wert ist, beleuchtet zu werden! More infos about us: (in german, english or français).

DJs Of Israel - הפודקאסט ליוצרי מוזיקה ודיג'יים בישראל

Shahar Shmueli

הפודקאסט הרשמי של שחר שמואלי וקהילת דיג'ייס אוף ישראל. הקהילה מארחת בכל שבוע אמן אחר במטרה לעזור ולהעשיר את המפיקים והדיג'יים הישראלים.

ヴァイオリン専門店・文京楽器のポッドキャスト VOCE DEL MUSICISTA

Bunkyo Gakki

ヴァイオリン専門店・文京楽器のポッドキャスト クラシック音楽の今を伝えるVOCE DEL MUSICISTA / 音楽家の声 supported by PYGMALIUS ACADEMIA ヴォーチェ・デル・ムジチスタは、イタリア語で「音楽家の声」を意味しています。 文京楽器とその公益法人ピグマリウス・アカデミアは、昨年より協働して無料ライブ・コンサートを配信しています。コロナ禍においても、クラシック音楽の灯を絶やさないとの想いからです。 新進気鋭の若手演奏家を中心に、クラッシック音楽シーンの今をお伝えするヴォーチェ・デル・ムジチスタでは、演奏後にアーティストのインタヴューを収録しております。 貴重なアーティスト・インタヴューとライブ音源をポッドキャストでお楽しみください。

トメタツのSick People

Tome & Tats

ハードコア・パンク好きのTome(DJ シャウ)とTats(DJ 塩対応)のラジオです。 #シクピー


Carhartt WIP

RELEVANT PARTIES by Carhartt WIP is a monthly podcast series dedicated to the work of groundbreaking record labels around the globe. In each episode podcast host and music journalist Chal Ravens will delve into the stories behind the music, speaking to some of music culture‘s most important independent tastemakers, who are known for their love of music, enduring idealism, and singular drive. We want to find out what possessed them to take on one of the most challenging jobs in the music industry. Subscribe to the podcast now and listen to a new episode every four weeks. Check out the accompanying RELEVANT PARTIES Playlist on Spotify: Carhartt WIP: |

The Strange Brew - artist stories behind the greatest music ever recorded

Jason Barnard

A monthly themed podcast with songwriters, musicians and artists talking about their career. It highlights particular stories and plays tracks from mainly British rock music from the 1960s Sixties and 1970s Seventies, 1980s and 1990s. Rock and Roll Hall of Famers rub shoulders on an equal footing with cult groups and bands to present a balanced picture of the music scene. It is one of the The Daily Telegraph’s podcasts you need to be listening to. Includes artists related to and inspired by The Beatles, David Bowie and Pink Floyd.



名古屋を拠点に活動するイベントオーガナイザー マッシュが、ポップカルチャーの最新情報や クラブシーンを中心に発信するスタジオ「HYPLACE NAGOYA」から様々なゲストをお迎えして まったりお届けするプログラムです。 現在は月2回を目安に配信中!! マッシュ's profile Twitter: Instagram: interview: ▽お便りはコチラから

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal

The Fretboard Journal magazine's weekly podcast, where we interview legendary guitarists, luthiers, and much more.



「原田と押野」は小蔵屋興行社が運営するポッドキャスト、日本文明放送がお送りしています。 この番組は原田ターコイズと押野健が毎週いただいたトークテーマに沿って雑談形式でお送りするトークラジオです。 This podcast is a radio program in which Harada Turquoise and Ken Oshino chat about a given topic each week.

Klassik Daily


Der tägliche Klassik-Podcast von concerti mit Moderator Holger Wemhoff als charmantem und wortgewandtem Gastgeber. Präsentiert von unserem Sponsoring-Partner GeloRevoice® Halstabletten.

Sodajerker On Songwriting


Sodajerker On Songwriting is a programme devoted to the art and craft of songwriting. The show, created and hosted by the UK songwriting team Sodajerker, features interviews with some of the most successful songwriters and musicians in the world.







分析ラジオ, AnalyticalRadioShow


音声コンテンツで、リスナーの脳のコリをほぐしたい。自由なイマジネーションを促進し、ひとときのこころの緩和剤になるコンテンツを配信していきます。 ma2z_exは、まつじいと読んでください。 随時配信。 Tiktokに、PR動画あります。 Stand fmで、「まつじいのスポットライト」配信中。こちらも聴いてください。

Dipped In Tone

Dipped in Tone

Rhett Shull and Zach Broyles combine their music and gear industry knowledge for this weekly podcast. Together they discuss news, talk gear, debunk myths, and much more.





One Street Studios

#CGHTHOUGHTS (Music/Ministry) Each episode Carvin Haggins pulls back the curtain and separates fact from fiction, sharing what it really takes to make it in this business of music – TODAY!



京都VOXhallの元常連ミュージシャン3人よる音声配信コンテンツ「イキナリオハコニア」。 しゃべり場「十八番」がなくなった今ここで喋るしかない。 出演:坂元坊主、大島蛹、宮内裕隆、他 企画・制作:大宮ボイススクールトレーニング 総監督:大島蛹 エンディングソング:「ラジオでも聴きながら」〜砂川佳祐 1stアルバム「街に生きる」収録 メールアドレス ←大島監督への質問はこちらまで

Deutsche Grammophon Podcast

Deutsche Grammophon / Universal Music Podcasts / Auf die Ohren GmbH

Sarah Willis plays the French horn in the Berlin Philharmonic and is also a well-known and popular presenter of TV and online programs about classical music. She is the host of Deutsche Grammophon's international podcast series with the Yellow Label's star studded cast of musicians as her guests. The monthly podcast episodes give an insider's view of the musicians and their most recent DG recordings. Laughs and a few surprises are guaranteed!

Get Up in the Cool

Cameron DeWhitt

Get Up in the Cool features conversations and musical collaborations with some of Old Time music's heaviest hitters, like Ken Perlman, Adam Hurt, Spencer & Rains, and Jake Blount. As an interviewer, Cameron balances an effusive curiosity for the potential of traditional music with a dogged respect for its origins. Serving as audience surrogate, Cameron asks illuminating questions to Old Time's best and brightest while telling the larger story of the tradition's modern era.

The Live Ukulele Podcast

Brad Bordessa

Join Brad Bordessa, a professional ukulele teacher and performer, for insightful deep-dives, interviews, and fun on The Live ʻUkulele Podcast! In these episodes you'll explore important uke lessons, hear first-hand stories from the Hawaiʻi music scene, and get to know some of the biggest names in the ukulele community.Tune in every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month for a new episode and be sure to subscribe.

ECM Records Podcast

ECM Records

This series will take you behind the scenes of music on ECM Records

Things Musicians Don't Talk About

Hattie Butterworth & Rebecca Toal

Hattie Butterworth and Rebecca Toal host a podcast of insight and change in the classical music and arts professions. Delving into the often stigmatised worlds of mental health, injury, discrimination and productivity, classical music issues are spoken and revived. Join Hattie, Rebecca and guests for a new podcasts more often than not! See for privacy and opt-out information.

說說說說你愛音樂 popoxiaxia's Podcast


《說說說說你愛音樂》為「播蝦 popoxiaxia」頻道之Podcast節目,由Midi楊士弘&寶賤擔任節目DJ,用又ㄎㄧㄤ又鬧的聽覺體驗,帶給你最新音樂推薦、別處聽不到的歌曲製作/企劃/宣傳等幕後秘辛,以及歌手、製作人等音樂人的獨家專訪;在枯燥無味的通勤時光、每個睡不著的夜晚,讓DJ帶領你一起徜徉在音樂世界中! 🎧 YouTube / Instagram 搜尋:播蝦 popoxiaxia 🎧 廣告或合作邀約 Powered by Firstory Hosting

韋禮安跟你鳥鳥天 Season 01


創作歌手韋禮安跟他的朋友們或不是朋友的人們聊天 Singer Songwriter WeiBird chats with his friends and nonfriends. -- Hosting provided by SoundOn

The Cool Toddcast - All about jazz.

Todd Coolman

All things jazz. Produced by acclaimed Grammy Award winning jazz bassist Todd Coolman, a variety of subjects related to jazz will be discussed. With over 45 years experience as a jazz musician and educator, Todd will share insider perspectives pertaining to jazz performance, road life, stories about jazz musicians and notable events, jazz improvisation, jazz education, jazz history, jazz criticism and just about anything. Questions provided by listeners will be addressed by Todd and he will also conduct interviews of today's leading jazz artists.

I Never Thought It Would Happen

Chris Difford

Singer-songwriter Chris Difford (Squeeze) is joined by musical guests to talk about the highs and lows of their career in this new podcast from Help Musicians. Series 2 is back NOW with guests that include Mike Rutherford, Dan Smith from Bastille and Kathryn Williams. 

Deep House Dreaming Podcast


Tropical Deep Vocal House music is the sound of the 21 century. Powered by Firstory Hosting

Rock History Book

John Beaudin

The most interesting Rock Interviews from 38-year broadcasting veteran John Beaudin. Chats with members of Boston, The Eagles, Journey, Genesis, Yes, The Hollies, Toto, Chicago, Dire Straits, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, Sweet, Triumph, Jethro Tull, the Go Go's, Supertramp etc. Check out the most interesting history of Rock conversations.

White Centipede Noise Podcast


Oskar from White Centipede Noise holds conversational interviews with noise artists, labels, and individuals close to the label.

Primus Tracks

Josh, Frankie, & Soya

Primus Tracks chronicles the recordings of the rock band Primus, one track at a time. Join Josh, Frankie, & Primus friend/assistant Tim Soya as they create the ultimate Primus companion - for beginners and hardcore fans alike.

Curious Creatures

Lol Tolhurst & Budgie

Hosts Lol Tolhurst (The Cure) and Budgie (Siouxsie and the Banshees) explore post punk's enduring legacy and contemporary relevance. Lol and Budgie welcome luminaries from all walks of life for revealing, yet relaxed conversation. Audience questions are answered at the end of each episode.


DIVE Studios & Studio71

두 호스트의 일상부터 다양한 아티스트와의 만남까지! 어디서든 풀지 않았던 솔직한 이야기를 언박싱하는 팟캐스트! 아스트로 진진과 펜타곤 키노의 UNBOXING! Explore the daily lives of your two hosts, JINJIN and KINO, and get to know their artist friends! A podcast that unboxes honest stories that haven't been shared anywhere else! Welcome to ASTRO JINJIN and PENTAGON KINO's UNBOXING! We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertising opportunities please email    Privacy Policy:

The Jazz Violin Podcast

Matt Holborn

The Jazz Violin Podcast is a monthly podcast by violinist Matt Holborn, interviewing a different violinist each month!

The Paper Crane

Codes In The Clouds and A Misspent Youth Productions

Codes in the Clouds and A Misspent Youth Productions present The Paper Crane; a podcast in which members of Codes in the Clouds talk to interesting and entertaining people from all areas of the creative industries, diving into the relationship they have with their work, their perspective of culture and where their work fits in the world around us. Codes In The Clouds are a band who have been making music, recording, and touring together since 2007. Get in touch: Buy and listen to some pleasant music: See for privacy and opt-out information.

L'Uomo con la Radio di FabrizioSilvestri

Fabrizio Silvestri

Mettiti comodo e ascolta la voce dell'arte. Musica, cinema, teatro, danza, pittore, scultura. In 30 minuti scopriremo, dai protagonisti, come l’arte sia l’unica cosa seria al mondo che ti permette di cavartela sempre...

The Modern Drummer Podcast


This weekly podcast brings to life Modern Drummer, the world’s #1 drumming resource, with fresh, fun, and insightful conversations with today’s top drummers, producers, musicians, beat makers and craftsmen. A perfect companion for magazine subscribers and new listeners alike. Whether you’re a professional or hobbyist drummer, musician, programmer and/or producer, this show is for you.

Prince | Official Podcast

The Prince Estate

The official podcast dedicated to Prince, the singular artist and visionary. Featuring explorations of Prince's massive discography and new discoveries from his legendary vault of unreleased recordings, each podcast episode features unforgettable anecdotes and insights from his trusted collaborators. Brought to you by The Prince Estate, which passionately presents Prince's life and work and aims to immerse fans, old and new, in Prince's story.

Talking Flutes!

Jean-Paul Wright & Clare Southworth

The #1 Flute Podcast Channel ‘Talking Flutes‘ where the recipe and ingredients are very simple. Take a leading flute player, author, golfer and Professor at the Royal Academy of Music in London (Clare Southworth) and mix with flute player, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Public Speaker and Managing Director of the world famous TJ flute brand (Jean-Paul Wright). Then speak with some of the world‘s leading flute players including Sir James Galway, Jasmine Choi, Denis Bouriakov, Paul Edmund-Davies, Gareth Davies (too many more beautiful flute playing guests to mention in a single paragraph), and gently mix these together with some Grammy and Emmy winning musicians. Top with mental health awareness advice from Dr Joe Stammeijer and finish with some stunning music, laughs and plenty of fun.

The Right Key

Henry Hey

Candid conversations with great artists - musician to musician

The Drop

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

The Drop is a weekly show tackling the latest in the world of pop culture and entertainment. Why does it seem like everything on television is based on a true story? Why is Kate Bush back in the charts? How did Pete Davidson get so popular? Join host Osman Faruqi and The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age's team of culture writers and critics as they answer these questions and more along with interviews with musicians, actors, film makers and everyone involved in the world of culture.

Ron and Matt Must Listen

Ron Matt

Music Podcast about must listen albums.

Smallzy’s Surgery

Nova Podcasts

From Harry Styles to Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift & Ryan Reynolds, hear the world’s biggest stars join Australia’s #1 entertainment & music personality Smallzy for the hottest celebrity interviews about life, love, music, movies & for a good laugh.



このポッドキャストは、ラジオDJ/JinRockFestivalプロデューサー・島村仁がこの春(2021)立ち上げるSomethingSpecialなライヴイベント『JIN’S SHOWCASE』へ出演するミュージシャン、アーティストと、ライブの幕があがるその日まで…週に一回、トーク・セッションしていきます。お好きな飲み物を片手にお楽しみください。 official Twitter →

AmPm Talking "THE RADIO"


AmPm Talking "THE RADIO" AmPmの二人が、自然体にトークをする番組。 これまで謎に包まれた仮面を被った二人が、この番組を通じて“パーソナル”を形成していく。 見せるラジオをコンセプトに、文字で見せるBlog、映像で見せるV-Logならぬ、ラジオで見せるR-Log???? 話すブログのような感覚で、これまでのAmPmに足りなかったパーツを埋めていく。 ●AmPm information MUSIC: WEB: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

Official Masters of Hardcore Podcast

Masters of Hardcore

The world's leading hardcore podcast

The Keyboard Chronicles

David Holloway

Interviews with keyboard players from all genres. Whether you’re a weekend warrior in a covers band or a successful act on the international tour circuit, we’ll try and keep you entertained with the latest and greatest. With hosts who are players themselves, we ask the questions that matter but keep it fun at the same time.

The Night Show with Mitch Churi

iHeartPodcasts Australia & KIIS

The Night Show with Mitch Churi throws the ultimate after-work party mixing the latest hits with your favourite celeb guests, while wrapping up the day that was in a not so little neat bow! LIVE Weeknights from 7 on the KIIS Network across Australia. 

Coops and James




農系Podcasters & Guest talk

この番組は毎回ゲストを迎えて、これまでの人生の節目の大切な音楽を、そのエピソードと共に紹介する番組です。 ゲストの青春時代や、励まされた時に聞いた曲から、トークを繰り広げ、みんなの心をポジティブに耕します。 #アグリミュージック でTwitterお願いします。

Stay Human

Michael Franti

There’s no one you wouldn’t love if you knew their story. Michael Franti is a globally-recognized musician, humanitarian, activist, and award-winning filmmaker revered for his high-energy live shows, inspiring music, devotion to health and wellness, worldwide philanthropic efforts, and the power of his optimism. Tune in as he speaks with guests from all walks of life, but in particular, people who are cultural creatives — people who through their music, their art, their entrepreneurship, or their activism are changing the world. On the heels of five Billboard #1 singles and an array of Top 30 hits, Michael continues his mission of empowerment for positive change. This podcast is presented by Pact. Follow now wherever you listen to podcasts to join the movement:




Revealed Podcast

Revealed Recordings

Revealed Recordings proudly presents the inaugural episode of its exclusive artist podcast series, starting off with KAAZE. From playing his first shows at a hamburger bar to collaborating with Hardwell and Tiësto, KAAZE takes a deep dive into his career and path to becoming one of Revealed's biggest success stories. Hear about his workflow in the studio, his latest marketing techniques, and how he navigates his relationship with Revealed.

Eric Krasno Plus One

Osiris Media / Eric Krasno

Grammy Award-winning guitarist Eric Krasno invites you to be a fly on the wall for conversations with the friends he's met in his 20 plus years as a touring musician. Krasno’s engaged approach creates interviews that feel like a backstage peek at conversations between friends. Join us for Eric Krasno Plus One. Brought to you by Osiris Media. See for privacy and opt-out information.



《Lulu超強校》全平台上線! 🎶 想聽 Podcast 也一起聽歌嗎?🎶 ✨ 獨家音樂嵌入功能只在KKBOX 👉 ✨ Lulu 黃路梓茵化身班長跨足 Podcast 圈,與 KKBOX 聯手推出個人節目《Lulu超強校》。力邀各界名人依自己專長擔任各種領域客座講師,透過量身打造的單元傳授經驗與見聞。 ------------------------------------------- 【公告】 「LuLu 超強校 Podcast 頻道」因調整節目內容和方向,即日起暫停更新,期待在整裝完備後,能再以新的面貌跟大家見面。 謝謝喜愛「LuLu 超強校」的聽眾們,接下來也請持續關注 KKBOX 的社群和平台,我們將持續挖掘更豐富多元的聲音內容推薦給大家! ✨ LuLu IG 👉 ✨ KKBOX IG 👉 ------------------------------------------- © KKBOX Host|Lulu 黃路梓茵 Producer|Ella Sound|Morris Powered by Firstory Hosting

Und dann kam Punk

Jobst & Christopher

Gespräche über früher und heute. Christopher und Jobst sprechen mit Menschen, für die Punk und Hardcore irgendwie eine Rolle gespielt hat oder noch spielt. File under "Punk not perfect".

The Jazz Session

Jason Crane

The Jazz Session is the original jazz interview podcast. Started in 2007, it focuses on in-depth conversations with jazz musicians. The show is hosted by Jason Crane.

mllnnm podcast


mllnnm podcastは、HIPHOPをはじめとした、音楽シーンに関わる様々なゲストをお迎えし、トークしていく番組です。

𝑠𝑘𝑦 𝑜𝑓 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 🧃

nina abellaneda

Sentimentos,apenas sentimentos...



樂手巢聚集了喜歡音樂的朋友,和對樂器頗有研究的老手,在樂手巢的PODCAST節目中每週播送你想知道的熱門音樂話題。來聽我們聊搖滾巨星大小事、聽音樂人講音樂歷程和故事,或是聽樂器宅宅們的器材經驗談。鎖定樂手巢啵客室! -- Hosting provided by SoundOn

On Air With Ryan Seacrest


Did you miss today’s Ryan’s Roses? Or Second Date Update? Or celebrity interview? Listen to the entire show here every day with Ryan Seacrest, Sisanie, Tanya Rad and Patty Rodriguez.

Super Gospel+

Super Gospel

O Super Gospel+ é o podcast do portal Super Gospel, com entrevistas e conversas apresentadas por Rodrigo Azevedo com grandes nomes da música cristã.

JEL | The Soca Boss


Representing soca music in the Caribbean. Just the way you like it, lock into your favorite episodes now. @Jelinthemix

Beyond The Fame with Jason Fraley

WTOP | Hubbard Radio

WTOP Entertainment Reporter Jason Fraley picks the brains of the most influential filmmakers, musicians and artists of our time in the new podcast “Beyond the Fame with Jason Fraley!” Based in the nation's capital, Jason has interviewed just about every famous figure you can imagine: Aretha Franklin, Carol Burnett, Garth Brooks, Jerry Seinfeld, the list is endless! You’ve heard the highlights on the radio, but this is your chance to hear in-depth conversations about what makes these creative geniuses tick. Subscribe today on Apple Podcasts, Google, Podcast DC or Spotify. (Royalty-Free Theme Music: Scott Buckley's "Clarion")

Kreative Kontrol

Vish Khanna/ Entertainment One (eOne)

Thoughtful, funny, heartfelt interviews and in-depth documentaries about musicians, authors, comedians, and other cultural creators. Support this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

HHCC 喇街頭

RPG & RĒD°芮德

主持人:RPG與RĒD°芮德 Hip Hop Community Center 簡稱「HHCC 喇街頭」 這裡就是您的嘻哈里民中心!希望幫嘻哈圈的里民服務一下 什麼大事小事都可以找兩位里長RPG及RED芮德幫你shout out 每週更新,絕不打烊! 快follow HHHCC喇街頭 YT: IG: FB: Powered by Firstory Hosting

STVラジオ TURNING!~Rooting for You~


STVラジオが贈る新たな音楽番組。月替りでパーソナリティを担当するのは、北海道を拠点に活動するインディーズミュージシャン!大志を抱き、音楽を奏でるミュージシャンたちがスタジオライブなどラジオを通じて自分たちの音楽を発信します! 北海道の音楽シーンを切り開くRootersのナンバーとトークをお届けします!

Luthier on Luthier with Michael Bashkin

The Fretboard Journal

Every month, luthier Michael Bashkin interviews some of his favorite fellow guitar builders, makers and creatives on the Luthier on Luthier podcast. Acoustic, electric, flattop, archtop and everything in-between... brought to you by the Fretboard Journal

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Monster RX93.1

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Aria Code

WQXR & The Metropolitan Opera

Aria Code is a podcast that pulls back the curtain on some of the most famous arias in opera history, with insight from the biggest voices of our time, including Roberto Alagna, Diana Damrau, Sondra Radvanovsky, and many others. Hosted by Grammy Award-winner and MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Rhiannon Giddens, Aria Code is produced in partnership with The Metropolitan Opera. Each episode dives into one aria — a feature for a single singer — and explores how and why these brief musical moments have imprinted themselves in our collective consciousness and what it takes to stand on the Met stage and sing them. A wealth of guests—from artists like Rufus Wainwright and Ruben Santiago-Hudson to non-musicians like Dame Judi Dench and Dr. Brooke Magnanti, author of The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl—join Rhiannon and the Met Opera’s singers to understand why these arias touch us at such a human level, well over a century after they were written. Each episode ends with the aria, uninterrupted and in full, recorded from the Met Opera stage.  Aria Code is produced in partnership with WQXR, The Metropolitan Opera and WNYC Studios.

The Strad Podcast

The Strad

Exclusive insights into the world of string playing, teaching and instrument making from The Strad magazine: Essential reading for the string music world since 1890



プレゼンター:奥浜レイラ / Layla Okuhama イープラスのエンタメ情報メディアSPICEがお届けするプログラム「洋楽ハッスル+Plus」。洋楽情報はじめ、洋楽を取り巻く様々なトピックスを取り上げます。お相手は、奥浜レイラ。 <奥浜レイラprofile> 1984年 神奈川県藤沢市生まれ。 音楽や映画などカルチャー関連のイベントや番組のMC/ライター。 2006年よりテレビレポーターとして活動をスタートし、以降テレビ・ラジオの音楽番組や、SUMMER SONICのステージMCを担当。現在、テレビ神奈川『洋楽天国EXXTRA』に出演、月刊誌『GINZA』には新譜レビューを毎号寄稿中。 番組twitter; @yogaku_hustle ( SPICE番組ページ: 公式YouTubeチャンネル SPICE公式Instagram; @spice_topics (

The Line-Up with Shaun Keaveny

Sony Music UK

Who would play at your dream festival? Shaun Keaveny's got a lifetime of festival moments (well, the ones he can remember) to draw on as each episode he guides a music-loving guest to share their 5 favourite acts to see on stage in a field somewhere. From the first band waking up your senses to that emotional sunset slot and the all-important headliner. Other fantasy festival essentials will be covered too, from choice snacks to tent skills (ha! Celebrities pitching their own tents? No chance...) and of course, are we gonna need a fancy toilet? The Line-Up with Shaun Keaveny is brought to you by Sony Music Commercial Group UK and is produced by Natalie Jamieson for Cup & Nuzzle.

蒼井翔太 ONLINE LIVE at 日本武道館 うたいびと TALK RADIO


声優・アーティスト・俳優とマルチに活動中の蒼井翔太が、2021年3月6日(土)に日本武道館で行う配信ライブ「蒼井翔太 ONLINE LIVE at 日本武道館 うたいびと」の開催に向けて、毎回異なるテーマに沿って、改めて自身についてのエピソードや、自身の音楽についてお話する全3回の番組です。

Das MDR KLASSIK-Gespräch

Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk

Künstler, Kulturschaffende, Autoren – bei MDR KLASSIK hören Sie fast täglich Gespräche mit denen, die in der Klassikwelt etwas zu sagen haben. Wir nehmen uns richtig viel Zeit – für Menschen aus Mitteldeutschland, Europa und der ganzen Welt

The BrooklynVegan Show: A Podcast About Music


A podcast brought to you by music blog and online record store BrooklynVegan. We talk about the music we love, from indie rock to punk to metal to folk to hip hop and beyond. The show features interviews with musicians, deep dives into specific genres and trends and scenes, and much more. More at

Der Soundtrack Meines Lebens


VISIONS-Redakteur Jan Schwarzkamp nimmt den Hörer mit auf eine Reise durch das musikalische Leben seiner Gäste. Die fällt mal nerdig, mal erhellend und immer persönlich aus. Ein Austausch zu Popkultur im Allgemeinen und ein Blick auf das Leben durch die Linse der Musik im Speziellen.



「声で集まろう。」JIROKICHIのラジオ 東京・高円寺のライブハウス Live Music JIROKICHIのラジオです。 遠隔録音、リスナー参加型ラジオ局。JIROKICHIにゆかりあるミュージシャンをゲストに迎え、リスナーの声も交えながら、トークやセッションを隔週日曜日に配信します。

Tuna on Toast with Stryker

Ted Stryker

Hi, it‘s Ted Stryker (formerly of KROQ). Welcome to your new favorite podcast! Each episode, I‘ll be chatting/interviewing all of our favorite musical artists and entertainers for a deep dive on their career, life, current projects, and just an overall fun and relaxed hang.



旅日20年。日本权威音乐广播电台JFL系首位华人DJ。朝日、读卖新闻笔下“连接北海道与世界的男子”。 DJ susu(小苏)以独到视角和你探索日本流行音乐。感谢听友赐予“好听不红”“全网最暖日系男”之称谓,2021年也会不温不火细水长流的更下去。 (来自: )

Rainbow Disco Club

Rainbow Disco Club

Rainbow Disco Club 2022 April 29 (Fri), 30 (Sat) & May 1 (Sun) 2022 Higashi Izu Cross Country Course

High Action

New West Guitar Group

The New West Guitar Group hosts a podcast about their favorite instrument, the guitar, and the extraordinary people who play it. Through interviews, live performances and in-depth discussions, High Action delivers a podcast for the six-string enthusiast who wants a deeper understanding about the players behind the instrument and their specific approach to guitar.

Electronic Beats Podcast

Telekom Electronic Beats

Im Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast erzählen DJs, Künstler:innen, Kreative und die Community ihre persönlichen Geschichten rund um Musik, Club, Kultur, digitale Trends oder Innovationen. Wir sprechen über Themen, die unsere Gegenwart ausmachen und die Generation Now bewegen. In the Telekom Electronic Beats Podcast, DJs, artists, creatives and the community tell their personal stories about music, clubs, culture, digital trends and innovations. We talk about topics that shape our present and move Generation Now.

The Punk Roquette show

Émilie Plamondon

Émilie is spreading her passion for punk rock. - RePUNKmmendations - Punk rock news - Reviews - Interviews Come join us in the crowd!

Verveine Underground

Mouloud Achour

Du lundi au vendredi, entre 20h et 22h, Mouloud Achour et son équipe débarquent sur Europe 1 avec "Verveine Underground".

Spread Love Podcast

Take 6

Spread Love gets to the heart and soul of the mission of Take 6 - musical, personal, interpersonal, societal, and more!

My Rock Moment

Amanda Morck

Was it being front row at a Bowie concert as a kid? Was it the moment you got to have a drink with Jimmy Page on the Sunset Strip? Or was it the first time that your band got to play The Whisky A Go Go? 'My Rock Moment' is the podcast for all of you classic rock lovers that have unforgettable rock moments and stories and want to connect with our special guests as they talk about theirs. In Seasons 1 & 2 entertainment personalities and musicians alike share rock moments that made them forever fans of a band or album and discuss those moments that made them say "this what I want to do for the rest of my life!"...and you as the listener will be invited along for a trip down rock 'n' roll memory lane. Season 3 provides an in-depth look at the California Sound in the 60s and 70s - from the beaches and hills of LA to Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. We'll hear stories from the folks who lived it, photographed it, write about it or keep the music alive in some way! My Rock Moment is a proud member of Pantheon Podcasts, the first of its kind, all music-based podcast network.

Black Night Meditations - Underground Metal Radio

Black Night Meditations

Metal radio on WSCA 106.1 FM (non-profit, non-commercial) - Black, Death, Speed, Thrash, Doom, Shred, Power, Prog, Folk & Traditional Metal, with Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Synthwave Friday Nights 8pm-12am e.s.t. - Portsmouth, NH USA - Listen online live @

Canal Amplifica

Estudios Flow

🎙Bate-papo musical e divertido. Ao vivo terças e quintas às 20h00📍

Folk on Foot

Matthew Bannister

Matthew Bannister goes walking with a leading folk musician in a landscape that has inspired them. They sing and play exclusive acoustic songs on location.

Drum Candy

Mike Dawson

Hosted by Drum Factory Direct chief creative officer Mike Dawson, Drum Candy is the definitive podcast for gear-obsessed drummers with an insatiable hunger for non-stop shop talk. Each episode will include product demos and interviews with the world's top drummers, builders, producers, and product designers. Shell types, bearing edges, snare wires, hoop shootouts, tuning, muffling... every component of the drumset and drum sounds gets dissected, discussed, tested, and reviewed here on Drum Candy.

WKNC Interviews

WKNC 88.1 FM | NC State Student Radio

WKNC 88.1 FM HD-1/HD-2 is student-run non-commercial radio from NC State University, playing indie rock, electronic, hip-hop and metal. This podcast features interviews from 2010-2018.

Sync My Music

Jesse Josefsson

Discover how to license your tracks to TV Shows, Movies & Commercials through the industry of Music Synchronization Licensing. The Sync My Music Podcast is hosted by 13-Year industry veteran producer Jesse Josefsson with thousands of placements with ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV, Nike, Ford & many more. Subscribe for weekly episodes that will include personal insights, industry player interviews, highlighted success stories & educational walk-throughs. For more of Jesse's educational resources, visit: If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a review on the app/platform you're currently using - this will help keep this podcast free & 100% ad -free! Thank you.


Chinatsu & Julia

ドイツ在住ピアニスト・伊藤ゆりあと、旅するアスリート作曲家・長谷川千夏のほんわか楽しいクラシック談話室。 ♬伊藤ゆりあ ドイツ在住ピアニスト。ドイツ・デュッセルドルフ生まれ。ミュンヘン国立音楽大学ピアノ科卒業。同大学院ピアノ科マイスタークラス在籍後、ドイツ国家演奏家資格試験に合格・卒業。現在ミュンヘン在住、ピアニストとしてソロから室内楽までドイツ国内各地を始め、ヨーロッパ諸国フランス・イタリア他、幅広く活動中。 Website■ Twitter■ ♪長谷川千夏 作編曲家。 平成音楽大学にて作曲を出田敬三氏に師事。ドイツ国立音楽院フランツ・リストで現代作曲をProf.Wolschina氏に師事。2019年ネパール・マルファNGOレジデンス招聘作曲家。カトマンズ大学音楽楽部作曲ワークショップ講師。ドキュメンタリー映画「この手に希望を」(有原誠治監督)シンガーソングライターMICA ”MICA PIANO SCORE”編曲。これまで手がけた楽譜は1000曲以上。2021年ベルギー国際マリンバ作曲コンクール第3位。作曲業の傍ら、スタジオDIYのため住宅基礎工事の親方に弟子入り修行中。 Website■

You're Not On The List

Jim Irvin

Forgotten albums and the people who love them.

Washed Up Emo

Tom Mullen

Join Tom Mullen for a look back at when emo was an unknown word, its relevance now and speaks to those deeply involved with the emo/punk/hardcore/post-hardcore scene.

Jazz Cruise Conversations

Lee Mergner

Jazz Cruise Conversations features full length interviews with jazz artists done on The Jazz Cruise, Blue Note at Sea and The Smooth Jazz Cruise.


The Royal Canadian College of Organists

The organ is one of the most powerful, complex and transformative instruments in the world. Join us as we hear from musicians, composers and enthusiasts about how they are building a more accessible, experimental and collaborative organ future.

小島嵩弘の未来を振り回せ !!


ミュージシャン、ラジオパーソナリティー小島嵩弘による音楽やあれこれトークです。 更新は気まぐれ。 好きな言葉は適当。

Inside the Studio


iHeartRadio presents “Inside The Studio,” an in-depth series featuring intimate conversations with some of music’s biggest stars and emerging talents. Each episode features an unscripted sit-down with artists on the verge of releasing new material – rounded out with a tour through their lives and discographies. “Inside The Studio” reveals previously unseen sides of artists, giving fans the sort of access that is missing from much of today’s music coverage. Inside the Studio is hosted by music journalist Jordan Runtagh (People, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, VH1), Co-Host of the iHeartMedia podcast "Rivals: Music's Greatest Feuds' and host of iHeartMedia's new podcast "Off The Record.'

Gammal Maiden


Husker du første gangen du hørte en Maiden-låt? Hva har rock/metal/punk betydd for dine veivalg i livet? Gammal Maiden er en portrett-serie som tar utgangspunkt i gjestens forhold til 80-talls Iron Maiden. Her møter du alt fra ihuga nerder og gjester som ikke takler basslyden til Steve Harris og luftvernsirene-vokal. Gjennom 70-, 80- og 90-tallets musikk, coverart, politikk, filmer og pop-kultur får du et innblikk i gjestens barndom, ungdomstid og veivalg. Gjestene er gjerne artister (rock, metal, black metal, hip-hop, jazz, klassisk), forfattere, politikere, journalister og kjendiser. Podkastvert Torkil Torsvik er programleder i Radio Rock, journalist, vokalist og forfatter.


Masa Ishikawa

ジャズピアニスト、作編曲家 Masa Ishikawa によるポッドキャスト 。自身の作成した音楽作品の紹介、ソロピアノ演奏をはじめ音楽家、芸術家、又は様々な分野で活躍をしている方々を迎えてのインタビュー配信。

Cayo la noche


La mejor version de esta cancion, escuchenla todos.

The Folk Music Podcast

Anders Lillebo

Each week, Norwegian musician Anders Lillebo sits down with remarkable people from the world of folk music to explore topics like music history, instruments, creativity, the place of music in society and much more!

From The Sun Psy Trance


Here the best of Psy Trance Music by Waveflow Powered by Firstory Hosting

EOW the Podcast『Weekender』


東京・渋谷を拠点に活動する5人組ロックバンド”EOW”。 Vocal:Lacoがメインパーソナリティーを勤め、EOWメンバーやゲストを招いて 「アーティスト」「音楽」「女子トーク」「人生相談」「恋バナ」などなど、 楽曲とは違ったアプローチで皆さんにメッセージをお届けする番組! 音楽人だけでなく、いろんな人に最高Weekを過ごしてもらいたい。 そんな想いで送りさせて頂きます! 毎週日曜日12:00配信予定 ※プラットフォームによって異なる可能性があります。 番組の感想やコメントはコチラから! ▶︎EOW_SNS( ▶︎Laco ・Instagram( ・Twitter(

Other Record Labels - Taking the mystery out of running a record label

Other Record Labels

Interviews and insights from independent record labels. A podcast for the people who run indie record labels and for DIY musicians who self-release music. Hosted by Scott Orr.

Des's Island Discs

RTÉ Radio 1

Des Cahill is joined by guests from various walks of life to discuss their favourite choices of music.