イトにまつわるモノたちの イトにまつわるモノガタリ 編み物や手紡ぎなど糸仕事に携わる方々をゲストにお呼びして、これまでの活動や、糸仕事に対する思いを語って頂くpodcast番組です。 #編み物 #毛糸 #イトバタ会議 #ボクラノアミモノ #knitting #crochet #yarn

make good: a knitting podcast

Scratch Supply Co.

68: Misfit yarn

What's on our needles this week:
Sunshine on my Shoulders (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sunshine-on-my-shoulders-3) designed by Lissy Jayne
Saraswati Top (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/saraswati-top) designed by Julee McKessey
Send us your letters! dearscratch@scratchsupplyco.com
See you in two weeks!

Vogue Knitting Knitterviews

Editors at Vogue Knitting Magazine

Shira Blumenthal talks Lion Brand, #HatNotHate, and celebrity knit nights.

Shira Blumenthal is the Brand Ambassador for Lion Brand Yarns, and a fifth generation member of the brand-founding family. Shira travels the country to spread her anti-bullying campaign, #HatNotHate, and stars in the YouTube series Tea with Shira.






毎週月曜更新! お便りはフォームまで→ http://bit.ly/3A7fxDT 映像クリエイターのララッシュアワーと web屋さんWassyoisambaが 最近あったことからクリエイティブ話まで… 縦横無尽に喋りたおす約15分番組です! 【twitter】 ゴディメンレディオ 公式アカウント →https://twitter.com/5jigendoukoukai ララッシュアワー →https://twitter.com/rrrushhourrr Wassyoisamba →https://twitter.com/sugoku_saikou

Cast On

Brenda Dayne

173 Not yet

Simple tools. Sweaters for the Littles. Jeny Staiman’s amazing heel construction. And my spring sweater shortlist. Links to everything I talk about are at brendadayne.co.uk.

The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

The Yarniacs: A Knitting Podcast

The Yarniacs Episode 262: Happily Knitting for 10 Years!



023 – 瞑想?妄想だったら結構するけど




ちりとてちん (テレビドラマ) - Wikipedia
あまちゃん - Wikipedia
つくり手のそれから:今村知佐 ガラス展
ECRU+HM エクリュプラスエイチエム
つくり手のそれから:Exhibition 2022 in hiroshima
出展者紹介 久島涼(per.[ピー・イー・アール])(アクセサリー)
金時山 - Wikipedia
片岡鶴太郎 - Wikipedia
【寝たまま聞くだけ 20分バージョン】脳を休める&脳の疲れを取るカンタン瞑想『ヨガニドラ/ヨガニードラ』 ※最後に覚醒誘導あります!


Maria Theoharous


Camilla @frkc.lindberg is our Sewover50 guest from Sweden.  Frk is short for fröken - Miss in English so it’s Miss C Lindberg. I label my work with Frk C/ Miss C.  Fröken is also teacher in Swedish.   Camilla trained to sew for both men and women and as a tailor, sewing is sewing. The techniques used to sew for all people are the same. SewOver50 intersects with all communities. SewOver50 where we are so over ageism. Make sure you list to your SewOver50 friends in our SewOver50 podcast archive. Sew Organised Style features people who freely support the sewing community. You're welcome to be a podcast guest by contacting us via DM on Instagram. If you are able, consider supporting this podcast through our patreon account. Every podcast is free.

Unraveling ...a knitting podcast

Greg Cohoon and Pam Maher

Episode 131 - Nothing Like A Little Nepotism

In Episode 131, Greg and Pam discuss sandwiches, darning, and washing machines. Many thanks to Chris & Olga Cohoon for the episode introduction! You can find out more about The Sandwich Game and Kickstarter here. Check out our group on Facebook! We would love to have you join us there. ***Please help us manage the group by answering the questions when you request to join!*** SPONSORS We are Knitcrate Ambassadors! Are you the kind of knitter who would enjoy receiving a surprise package of yarn in the mail every month? Then you need to sign up for a Knitcrate subscription. Every month, you will receive a selection of curated yarn, a pattern specifically paired to use with the yarn, and a treat. Use code KD20 at checkout for 20% off your first package when you sign up for a subscription. NOTES Dear Listeners We would love to have YOU record and introduction to the show! You can find details in the Ravelry Group Pages or on our web



2人のおっさん、あったくとぴかりが、曖昧な記憶を頼りにゆるっと雑談しているだけのPodcastです。 今日も話題がふわふわ脱線していきます。(´・ω・`) 毎週木曜日に更新して行きますよー

Pomcast! A knitting podcast from Pom Pom Publishing

Pom Pom Publishing

Episode 75 – Socks appeal!

Hi Pomcats! Welcome back to aural knitting space that is the Pomcast! Wind those skeins and dig out your stitch markers and join us for another chat episode.We start this episode with a somewhat detailed description of coffees and beverages and then chat Sophie’s adventures in clay and Lydia’s sewing studio set up. Knitwise, Lydia has been continuing to enjoy her adventures in intarsia, while Sophie has made the ever so cosy and warm Skyhill mitts!It’s been on the horizon for a while, but we are just so excited for Pom Pom Quarterly issue 41! We chat a little bit about what you can expect, and want to remind you to mark your calendars for the previews on 27th April! We’re also giving you some behind the scenes information about our recent sock book shoot! This publication will be similar to Ready Set Raglan, and we were delighted to work with sock aficionado Rachel Coopey on this project.Do you love stationery? We feel there must be an overlap with

Scrapbook Your Way

Jennifer Wilson

SYW166 - We're All Craving a Fresh Start

In this short, bonus episode of the Scrapbook Your Way podcast I'm sharing an observation that hits close to home. Change is in the air, yet we're tentative. So let's move forward together! See the full show notes for this episode at simplescrapper.com/syw166. ♥ Love the podcast? Join our creative community today. 

The Long Thread Podcast

Long Thread Media

John Marshall, Katazome Artist

Working in the studio of a Japanese dollmaker, seventeen-year-old John Marshall learned skills for every step of the process from making glass eyes to shaping the body to creating intricately designed clothing. He developed a love for natural dyes on natural fibers, especially katazome (a paste-resist technique using stencils), as he studied dyeing and garment design for five years. Over five decades, his work in Japanese fiber techniques has followed two paths: creating traditionally inspired art-to-wear and sharing what he has learned through extensive writing and teaching.
In our lively and wide-ranging discussion, John shares stories of how lac insects are "herded" in the Himalayas, what a suit made from bagworm silk feels like, and what he plans to do with his collection of the Emperor's old clothing.
This episode is sponsored by Treenway Silks.

Nördic Knitting

Nördic Knitting

153. Celias nya bok

Vi har träffat Celia Dackenberg med anledning av hennes nya bok Naturtröjor. I avsnittet hör du mer om om plaggen och arbetet med boken. Vi kommer även in lite på hönsestrik och att sticka på 70-talets stormöten.



Episode 13 - Rosie Rendell

Join us for this chat with the amazingly talented coppice and green woodworker Rosie Rendell. We learn about her journey from gardener to coppice woodworker and the burgeoning businesses she has built since. She gives us a lesson in what coppicing is, what hedgelaying is, and some of the basic principles and practices that define these crafts. We learn about the seasonal flow of her work and get a sense of how deeply connect her work is to the ecosystem, her raw material, and the ancient crafts she is carrying into the future. We top it off discussing her new endeavor producing charcoal and how important this process and product is for closing the loop of a coppice woodworking profession. Last but not least, we flesh out how important it is to remember that these crafts are as much a part of the constellation of sloyd practices as spoon carving or bowl turning. We hope you enjoy this chat!
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Pardon My Stash

Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess

Techniques We Thought Were Intimidating

Starting this week, there will be a new structure to the podcast epsiodes! Each week, one of the cast members will be featured doing their own segment about a specific topic related to the fiber arts. This week was Meg's turn when she talks about the Yarn Harlot! The main topic for the episode are things Meg, Drea, Tina, and Jess found intimidating when they first heard about a specific technique, type of stitch, etc. and how they moved past it (if at all!).Find more content at pardonmystash.com or join us on Patreon!

ontowa connect


#003 漆を食べる!? 漆鶏を作って食べてみた♪漆グルメから特徴、花言葉と盛り沢山です

”工芸がキッカケでつながっていく” 工芸を楽しむポッドキャスト番組 ”ontowa connect” の第3回目は、おんとわ漆入門です。 今回は、レギュラーメンバーのほだかさんが、漆を使った韓国料理、漆鶏(オッタク(옻닭))を漆の木から準備してクッキング! 漆鶏の食レポからスタートし、漆グルメの魅力を堪能してます♪ 後半では、漆の性質、花言葉、新たなビジネスネタまで飛び出し、 濃厚な漆トークとなりました。さあ、漆を植えよう! 工芸に関心あるメンバーによる "ゆるーいトーク番組、最後まで、どうぞお楽しみください。


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/ontowa-connect/message

Fancy Plans & Things Radio


Free You To Accept You

In today's episode your host Queen sits down to chat with you babes about  life,health, and new changes that are coming soon along with updating her journey on Authenticity.  Hope you babes leave this episode feeling inspired and ready to free yourself to accept yourself!
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VeryPink Knits - Knitting Q and A

Staci Perry

Podcast Episode 217 - Patience for Knitting, Patience for Gardening

Enjoying the ad-free show? Please consider supporting it! Patrons get bonus episodes, perks, and entry into quarterly raffles. www.patreon.com/verypinkknits Many thanks to Turtlepurl for supporting the podcast! Check out their self-striping sock yarns. Coupon code information: For 10% off the total purchase *Excluding mini skein bundles or knitting needles* April Code: APR22VP Sweater gleener Good Tension between Knit and Purl Stitches Proactive Lifelines Storing Knits for Summer Our links - Friend us on Peloton for more high-fives! We’re kcknits and VeryPink. Casey’s Instagram Casey’s website VeryPink Instagram Verypink.com VeryPink Knits YouTube Channel

Knitting Nerdcast


Presenting: Song Quilts with Fiber Nation

Hi knitting nerds! We wanted to share this episode from our sister podcast, Fiber Nation. In this episode, Allison Korleski delves into the song quilts of Eliza Hardy Jones, and along the way explores how these quilts visually transcribe a piece of music, note for note. 
Click here to view the show notes for this episode.
If you want to hear more of tales of textiles, craft, and culture, subscribe to Fiber Nation on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast app. 
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Sew & Tell

Sew Daily

Sewing Silliness — Episode 80

On this episode of Sew & Tell, we’ve got some sewing silliness for you! Sewing trivia, this or that, and then a round of what do I make with this fabric. It’s going to be a good time — play along! Then we'll share our sewjo and listener comments! 
Episode Summary 


Discussion Segment 1: This or That 

Discussion Segment 1: What do I do with this fabric? 


Show Notes: www.sewdaily.com/sewandtell/sewing-silliness-episode-80
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Whitchurch Silk Mill Podcast

Whitchurch Silk Mill

A podcast series about Whitchurch Silk Mill, the oldest silk mill in the UK still in its original building, located in rural Hampshire. This podcast series follows the fascinating journey from thread to woven cloth at the Mill. Every episode will include chats with the Mill’s own weaver/tacklers and interviews from experts on the wider topics of weaving and silk, the weaving process, our efforts to preserve traditional silk weaving skills on looms dating back to the 1890s, the design process, sustainable cloth and how silk made at the Mill is used.

Planners and Wine

Megan and Myra

Join Megan and Myra as they talk mom life, planners and everything in between while usually enjoying some wine!

Seamwork Radio: Sewing Stories


How can I use more of the fabrics I buy (or buy more fabrics I'll use?)

Are there fabrics that are gathering dust in your stash? If you can already picture a few unused cuts of fabric, and you’re cringing, this episode shares 12 tips to help you use more of the fabric that you buy and buy fabric that you will most definitely use.

Jewelry Artist


Lenka Bindzar: The Magic of Tucson

Each year in January and February, people gather in Tucson, Arizona to buy and sell beads, gems, and other treasures from around the world. There are over 40 shows in different venues across the city, all with their own flavor. To me, the experience feels like part shopping adventure, learning experience, and family reunion. While I was in Tucson, I caught up with Lenka Bindzar, the owner of Raven's Journey, who has been traveling to Tucson to sell Czech glass beads for the past two decades.
Show Notes can be found here: https://www.interweave.com/jewelry-artist-podcast/treasures-in-tucson-lenka-bindzar/
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GLOBAL★BROTHERSは、 MVP CHANNELおおうみの7つ上の兄tomoと届けするちょっとオタクな兄妹トーク。世界中のビジネス/テクノロジー/ライフスタイル/カルチャーなど、バブル世代・X世代の新しい価値観にまつわる情報をお届けするポッドキャスト番組です。 tomo: 大学卒業後は時計と電卓で有名な某メーカーに就職。 その後3年でベンチャー企業に転職。パソコン黎明期にプロジェクトリーダーとして複数のノートパソコンを世の中に送り出す。 売上5億円から100億超えまで一気に伸びたが、バブル崩壊とともに会社も崩壊。捻余曲折を経て、歌舞伎町の飲み仲間と最初の会社設立。1年後に株主さんの会社を手伝うことになり2、3年で戻る予定で転籍。ケータイ電話の普及とともに会社は大きくなり30人から世界規模に広がって2000人に。子供の頃に「世界を股にかけるビジネスマンになりたい!」と思っていたが、念願かなって21世紀になってヨーロッパに生活の拠点を移す。 東日本大震災の年に二つ目の会社を作って今に至る。 属性は「異なる世界をつなげる翻訳者」と本人は思っている。 モットーは、Why not?(やってみなはれ)

K2tog Podcast

K2Tog Podcast - Kenzie and Kara

Episode 10: Jill from Knit Sisu on Knitting as a Career, Design Mentorship and More!

We are chatting with Jill from Knit Sisu about her Design Mentorship Programs, her resources for knitters, how she made knitting pattern design, knitting instruction, and knitting mentorship her career, and more! Plus, we reveal a special collab with Jill!Find Jill on insta @knitsisu or check out her website https://www.knitsisu.com for her knitting patterns, design mentorship program, and support and lessons for knitters!Kara is wearing: Bennet Sister Shawl by Lindsey Fowler in Woolberry Yarn Co yarnKara is knitting: Bulky Cable Knit Mittens by LeeLee Knits, a free pattern!https://www.leeleeknits.com/bulky-cable-knit-mittens-pattern/Kenzie is wearing: Vicky’s Vest by @vicky.knits in Wool and The Gang Crazy Sexy WoolJill is wearing: One of her designs! The Song Bird Sweaterhttps://knitsisu.com/shop/p/songbird-sweaterCheck out our website: http://k2togpodcast.comFind us on insta: @k2togpodcas


Listen In


Are you an entrepreneur? To answer this question, you need to answer a few other questions. One of them being, do you like to make other people's wishes come true?

モスキートラジオ / Mosquito radio

うなぎの寝床 ハルグチ

福岡県八女市にある地域文化商社 " うなぎの寝床 " のバイヤー 春口が蚊の鳴くような声でお店で取り扱っている物とその周りの事を中心に話します。車中で喋ってるので雑音たっぷりでお届けしております。静かな場所でお聴きください。 #うなぎの寝床#unaginonedoko#地域文化商社#NATIVESCAPE#UNAPRODUCTS#CRAFT#ART#FOLKART#culture#MONPE#

Two Ewes Fiber Adventures

Kelly and Marsha

Home Alone

A stash busting Garter Squish blanket obsession, project updates, and after almost two years of online teaching, Kelly returns to the classroom. Lots to discuss this week.  Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: TwoEwesFiberAdventures.com Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Subscribe on Android or Subscribe on Google Podcasts Instagram post of Kelly’s dogs as she leaves for work for the first time in almost two years. Marsha’s Projects Nanny Meier’s Tea Cozy by Amelia Carlsen. I am using Cascade 220 Heather in Red Wine Heather (9489) and green Irelande (2429). I have finished both sides and am ready to sew together and make pompoms. Meadow Stripe Socks using Patons Kroy Sock in the colorway, Meadow Stripes and Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash fingering for the heels and toes. Finished the first sock and worked on the second so

Makers Waffle

Andy Pugh

Makers Waffle Episode 37 - Alex Halfpenny

If you're in need of some band names or some albums then this episode with Al from Al's Hackshack and the Fools With Tools Podcast might be the one for you. There was much laughter and some more serious chat. We hope you enjoy it.

A long list of most of the people and things we mentioned, with links to where they can be found, is in the description of the YouTube video for this episode: https://youtu.be/k6bpK2eP3Ls
As Makers Waffle we can be found in the following places: Instagram YouTube Twitter  Facebook Patreon
And our personal accounts are: Jamie Reader: Instagram   Andy Pugh: Instagram  & YouTube .



A podcast-and-zine project that explores how working with textiles makes us more human

art for all

Sketchbook Skool

54. Analog/Digital

This week John and Danny discuss digital and analog ways of doing things and other vagaries of modern life. From Season 3 of "art for all," the Sketchbook Skool podcast. Join artists/authors, Danny Gregory and John Muir Laws in rich discussions about the creative process.Get your free ebook and essays at DannysEssays.com DannysEssays.compodcast@sketchbookskool.com

Life Handmade by Scrapbook.com


Starting Your Creative Journey with Victoria Calvin

On this episode of the Life Handmade Podcast, we are joined by Victoria Calvin of Victoria Marie Designs! Victoria is here to give you an ultimate beginner's guide to scrapbooking! Listen in as Victoria shares advice she received and how you can apply it to your crafting journey! You’ll also hear her express the importance of getting involved with the crafting community and keeping your inspirational momentum going!You can find the show notes to this episode here: https://www.scrapbook.com/articles/podcast-victoria-calvin

Knit Picks' Podcast

Knit Picks

Find camaraderie and understanding as Knit Picks employees confess to their own knitting triumphs and complete blunders. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, tune in weekly for the further adventures of the gang at Knit Picks and any other knitters we can round up.



イトを編みながら、編み物の話や編み物以外の話。 #編み物 #毛糸 #イトバタ会議 #ボクラノアミモノ #knitting #crochet #yarn



Treehouse by alex g

It wasn’t on spotify so

Fiber Nation


Bonus Episode: "The Cloak of Invisibility"

What does it take to disappear? So-called cloaking technology is common on things like fighter jets, but recent advances at MIT have created flexible "fabric" surfaces capable of bending light. It might sound like Harry Potter hocus pocus, but it’s quite possible, in the next decade, to have clothing that makes the wearer invisible.
Find Show Notes here: https://www.interweave.com/fiber-nation/cloak-of-invisibility/
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Stitch Please

Lisa Woolfork

Aja Barber, Consumed: The Need for Collective Change

Aja Barber’s website, instagram, facebookAja Barber’s book, Consumed: The Need for Collective ChangeAja intentionally has only one sponsor, Vestiaire Collective and provides special access to her  Patreon supporters.Aja mentions Fashion Revolution, the world’s largest fashion activism movementWhat should everyone watch? Aja says “The Story of Stuff!” BlackWomenStitch Instagram,  homepage, Patreon

Teaching Your Brain to Knit

Margaret and Catherine

Ep. 135. Hedonic Adaptation; Trying Freeform, Finding Comfort; & Knits in the World; Craftsman television series

Episode 135  Hedonic Adaptation; freeform crochet and replacement knitting;  The Craftsman TV series.   Brainy Thing:  18:10  Behind the Redwood Curtain 25:42   What we've learned from our Knitting and Crochet Margaret flirted with freeform crochet in response to a prompt of "Deep Listening." She wasn't happy with the product or the process. Catherine continues her obsession with the mitre square blanket and she shares about taking her knitting out into the world. In one case, it was fun -- lots of love for the Agata (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/agata) Cardigan by Leah Chapman (https://www.ravelry.com/designers/leah-chapman). ; in another, she lost a beloved Stephen West https://www.ravelry.com/designers/stephen-westShawl, Metalouse. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/metalouse   Brainy Thing Margaret reports on Hedonic Adaptatio

Creative Nature Podcast

Yarrow Magdelena

#131 Showing up for our creative practice with Emma Freeman

Hey friends,

I'm delighted to bring you a beautiful conversation with Emma Freeman - her creative practice has inspired mine so much and I love what she shared about her experience of the pandemic and what's important to her now. A balm to listen to! Here is some of what we talked about: 

Poetry as a healing practice

Weaving with nature

Deepening our relationship with the natural world

Showing up for our creative practice and leaning into slow stitching 

Emma Freeman is a queer mixed media artist, poet and teacher. She works with fibers, words, collage, slow stitching and nature to connect more deeply to herself and to this world. She is fascinated by the dance between art making and healing and loves exploring both within her practice. Her process is contemplative, slow, quiet and playful. Emma is sober, a highly sensitive person, deeply loves

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn: A Knitting and Crochet Podcast

Vivian & Alyson Chu

Episode 103: That's the amount of color

So many things to talk about! Alyson has an WIP and an FO to chat about. And Vivian has not just a new WIP, but also three finished objects! If you're participating in the Archive KCAL be sure to use #ArchiveKCAL2022 on social media. Links to things we mention: Buzzfeed Quiz Meg's Wrap by Julie Blagojevich[Ravelry] Grand Forks Pullover by Cheryl Chow [Ravelry] Twylla by Rachel Coopey [Ravelry] Winston cardigan by La Maison Rililie [Ravelry] Mīlēt by Isolda Teague [Ravelry] Zig Zag Wings by Justyna Lorkowska [Ravelry] Scottish Wool Producers Showcase Moorit Show notes with photos Support and follow us: Instagram Pearl and Plum Etsy Our Website Buy KCACY merch Buy us a Ko-fi

Make and Decorate with Stephanie: Sew, Quilt, Decorate

Stephanie Socha

S4 E84: Liberty Fabrics, History and Sewing with Tana Lawn and Lasenby Cotton

In this episode I present a history of Liberty Fabrics.  Find out how the fabrics are designed, and what makes Tana Lawn so special.  I also give ideas and tips on sewing and quilting with Tana Lawn and Lasenby Cotton.Show notes are here.Make and Decorate Friends, Mighty Networks group - free to join!INSTAGRAM: @stephanie.socha.designWEBSITE: http://stephaniesochadesign.comEMAIL: info@makeanddecorate.comYOUTUBE: Stephanie Socha DesignSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/makeanddecorate)

Quilt & Tell

Quilting Daily

The Podcast in Which Lori Fangirls - Episode 73

Gigi Levsen, the editor of McCall’s Quilting magazine, joins Lori, Ginger, and Tracy to chat about what it was like to work for Quilter’s Newsletter magazine, how she started quilting, and Lori shares stories of their days working together. In the final segment, Tracy reads letters from listeners. Stay tuned!
Click here to view the show notes for this episode.
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Fait main

Mélanie Seynat

#71 Ilovedoityourself & Bureau d'Influence, du blog créatif au marketing d'influence

Bonjour et bienvenue dans ce nouvel épisode de Fait Main, le podcast de la communauté DIY qui part à la rencontre des entrepreneurs créatifs !Dans l’épisode du jour, j’ai le grand plaisir de recevoir Laure !Laure a 2 activités : elle accompagne des marques créatives dans leur stratégie de communication, sous la marque Bureau d’influence, l’agence qu’elle a cocréée et elle est également créatrice de contenus DIY avec son blog ilovedoityourself.com.Laure est à son compte depuis 6 ans, donc elle a beaucoup de recul sur son activité aujourd’hui et c’était hyper intéressant de l’entendre parler de marketing d’influence et de création.On a également évoqué le DIY Festival, un évènement qu’elle organise, l’upcycling qu’elle affectionne particulièrement et de l’importance des blogs aujourd’hui.Laure nous donne plein de super conseils concernant l’entreprenariat créatif, l’organisation et la bonn

The Rooftop Podcast

sujan gain

A little pleasure

Thank you so much, almighty.

A Smaller Life

Saskia de Feijter

#32 - 4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses

Join our community here! In this solo episode I share my 4 Fundamental Steps For Starting Small Businesses. Last week, in a very energetic mood, I asked my mailing list subscribers "What can I do for you right now? How can I help? And I was bracing myself for a whole week of full service and connecting. Being generous as a business is important and it can really help you to figure out what people need. I did get a number responses but not enough to keep me occupied for a whole week. So I decided to answer the most asked question in this episode of the podcast and make good use of what I just learned."What steps do I take first when I want to start my small business?"I know what it feels like when you are a (starting) solo-preneur. So much uncertainty. So many questions. It can get pretty scary and it makes you stop in your tracks. While your mind is in overdrive, you are not moving forward.After 16 years

Conheça Aromas e Matérias-Primas Da Cacá

Aromas e Matérias-Primas da Cacá

Olá Pessoal! Conheça Agora nossa Loja Aromas e Matérias-Primas da Cacá com muitas Novidades! Comece Agora mesmo iniciar seu Negócio Próprio de Saboaria Artesanal, Cosméticos e Aromaterapia e tenha sua Liberdade Financeira, realizar-se e tenha Lucratividade!😍

Ma petite laine


Episode 88

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 PROTEA TEE (Taille 3) de Orlane Sucche en Ma petite laine qualité BOHEME (Fingering) coloris « Paon », « Sables d’or » et « Voile de brume ».   
THICK SOCKS THREE WAYS de DanaRaemakes en Hedgehog fibers coloris « EEL » (Couleur principale) et en Babbles yarn coloris « Wine glambay » (Coloris contrastant) Pointure 39 aiguilles 3,5mm.   
PULL HADDOCK de mauricette C en Taille 3. Laine Hampshire (Fingering) de Laine et tricot tricoté en double avec de la Holst Garn Coast coloris « Conker » pour obtenir une épaisseur DK.   
RABBIT de Susan B Anderson. Réalisé en Ma petite laine DOUILLETTE (Aran) coloris « Ramas

Patchwork play

Diane Warburton

This podcast is Diane's way of sharing her passion of creative sewing without her having to wash her hair and be on video to be frank. It's a place to talk about really enjoying patchwork and sewing. This first series will focus on sewing for escapism. Hiding away for a while and letting our minds settle on colour, pattern, texture and one stitch at a time. This is not a place for strict rules or perfectionism. This is where play is key.

Creativity Found

Claire Waite Brown

Conversations with creatives who FOUND – or re-found – their CREATIVITY as adults. We’ll explore their childhood experiences of the arts, discuss how they came to the artistic practices they now love, and consider the barriers to creativity that they experienced between the two. My guests are proponents of visual, written and performing arts, with similarities and wild differences in their experiences. We’ll explore what it is that people value and gain from their new-found artistic experiences, and how their creative lives enrich their practical, necessary, everyday lives.

Let's Craft Today

Jessica Knuteson

Different crafts to try. And if they worked well or not so well for me and why. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/jessica-knuteson/support



日本のものづくりを応援するチャンネル。 【「魁!メイドインジャパンの底力」とは?】 世界に誇る日本のものづくりを未来に伝承すべく、メイドインジャパンの魅力を紹介するチャンネルです。 日本に住んでいると当たり前すぎて見えにくいCOOLな日本のものづくり...全力で応援していきます! 【こんな時に聴いてみませんか?】 ちょっとした気分転換に 雑談知識の獲得に 1日のやる気スイッチに 【放送時間】 月水金 毎朝 7:00〜 【パーソナリティ】 たく ものづくりとメイドインジャパンの製品をこよなく愛する元FAセールスマン。 【今後の予定】 ・工芸品に代表される伝統的な技術 ・日本が世界に誇る日本発のモノ 等を取り上げていきます。 【チャンネル公式twitter】 @mijcrelab2 https://twitter.com/mijcrelab2

Christmas throughout year where we talk about everything an-in between as well or what’s ever

Judy Ann

Happy Easter

Enjoy your Easter with kids


Empoeirados - Marcenaria Hobby e DIY

Blog: www.empoeirados.com.br Loja: www.lojaempoeirados.com.br

Tosh Talks


Collection No. 2: Lisa Renner

Welcome to our first podcast, Tosh Talks. Tosh Talks features interviews of our MT Collection No. 2 designers with our resident yarn whisperer, Sunne Meyer.
In our fourth episode, Sunne talks with Lisa Renner of Pure Knit and Purl. Lisa designed the lofty and fitted Wine Bar pullover, which uses two luxurious strands of Madelinetosh Impression held together. At once fitted and cozy, the Wine Bar is worked seamlessly from the top down. Lisa herself is a force to be reckoned with - a former physiotherapist and dancer, her understanding of how her garments are designed for moving with the human body is unparalleled. 

The Lost Geek Podcast

Arlin Chondro

Episode 40 - Being Janus

Off The Needles

Sallah Cowl: a bit too tight
Rose Window Beret by Anne Kuo Lukito from a past issue of Interweave Knits. Have always been tickled by her name bcoz it's my uncle's family name. I think she must have an Indonesian background somehow. Frogged this yesterday after reading a listener's comment, KatyKittyJay, abt reknitting. I won't like wearing the beret, so why not frog it. Wrong edge.
Giant pie's Pixie Hat. My third Stella Pixie Hat project. So easy and satisfying! Matches with Andrew's smaller one. Have leftover yarn 36 grams, 166 yards. Will make mitts for timo. About the name: giant pie, little pie, mini pie

On The Needles

Hitofude: very clever construction!
Snapdragon Fliptop Mitts: Ysolda Teague pattern. Part of Loopy Academy last year.

Couldn't wind yarn using swift and ball wonder because there's no flat table surface in my parents house. 

Craft Industry Alliance

Abby Glassenberg

Special Episode: Interview with One of the Founders of the Etsy Strike, Kristi Cassidy

In this special episode of the podcast, we are focusing on the Etsy strike. I sit down with Kristi Cassidy, one of the organizers, in order to learn how it came to be and the impact it might have.
If you haven’t heard about the Etsy strike yet, it’s a petition created by a group of Etsy sellers with a list of demands they want Etsy to meet. These include canceling the latest fee increase which brought transaction fees from 5% to 6.5%. Other demands include cracking down on resellers, improving seller support, ending the Star Seller program, and letting all sellers opt-out of Offsite Ads. As of right now, when we recorded this interview, the petition has 72,334 signatures or just about 1% of Etsy’s total active sellers.
Kristi Cassidy is one of the creators of the Etsy Strike petition, along with fellow sellers she connected with on Reddi. Kristi sells steampunk gothic fantasy cos