12 / Daylighting, bump outs, & bollards / a weekly walkabout

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The first installment of a new subseries: a weekly walkabout (working title). We'll take stock of recent readings and stories, experiences while navigating via foot and bike, and comments received on social. Aly Marchant (who you may remember from conversation 6) joins and leads the chat from her very relatable perspective, as she still feels this whole urbanism thing out.

We discuss:

Outsiders' understandings as a metric of communicative success.
Daylighting - the concept, implementation, and impact.
What are bump outs, curb extensions, bollards, and beg buttons?
A background in some entry-level infrastructure.
Bike lane placement, in relation to parked cars.
A bollard love story.
From the comments: Can one still prioritize walking, (and active transportation) as a parent? We think so.

Further context:

On daylighting (via Bloomberg CityLab).
On bump outs, curb extensions (via the City of Minneapolis).
On bollards (via Eye on Annalopis).
On diagonal crosswalks, pedestrian scrambles (via Strong Towns).
The World Bollard Association.

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12 / Daylighting, bump outs, & bollards / a weekly walkabout

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