Raising Adults, Not Kids with Dr. Zabina Bhasin

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Join me for a hilarious and insightful chat with the amazing Dr. Zee, aka Dr. Zabina Bhasin. She's not just conquering child psychiatry; she's leveling up kids' lives worldwide. We dig into her journey from battling bullies as a child to growing up and becoming a powerhouse advocate for children everywhere. Dr. Zee spills the tea on the secrets to recognizing and validating our kids' thoughts and emotions. Spoiler alert: we're not raising kids; we're raising future adults! 

Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired in this eye-opening episode. You won't want to miss this enlightening episode with the brilliant Dr. Zee!

This is one of my favorite quotes from this week’s episode:
“We're actually more similar than we're different and our differences don't separate us. They bring us together.” – Dr. Zee

In this episode:

What inspired Dr. Zee to become a child psychiatrist

How Dr. Zee is stopping bullying 

How we can empower our kids

Tactics for communicating with our kids

How In KidZ is helping break down cultural barriers

Why a sense of belonging is so critical

Dr. Zabina "Dr. Zee" Bhasin, MD, a child psychiatrist and DEI expert, is the founder of "In KidZ." She's an entrepreneur dedicated to educating families and schools. Inspired by her mother's wisdom, she aims to stop hate, celebrating diversity through her business and movement. As a content advisor and on-camera expert, she addresses real issues and provides practical tools for youth support. With a focus on "raising adults, not kids," Dr. Zee emphasizes listening, modeling compassion, and amplifying youth voices. Her upcoming doc-series, "Raising America," and the accompanying book and podcast, "Raising Adults, Not Kids," offer ongoing resources for resilient future leaders.

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Raising Adults, Not Kids with Dr. Zabina Bhasin

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