Finding the Courage to Pursue Your Passions with Suzy Holeman

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In today’s episode, I am thrilled to be talking to Suzy Holman, a remarkable entrepreneur, who turned her passion for photography into a thriving business and a deep love for entrepreneurship. Suzy’s journey began with her humble photography business that started as way to capture beautiful moments, but soon ignited the fire within her. As she honed her craft and nurtured her entrepreneurial spirit, that fire grew into an unwavering passion for creating and growing successful ventures. 

Suzy is the Co-founder of Jovi, a company known for its innovative approach to alleviating menstrual cramps, and the Founder of Suzy School, an educational platform dedicated to guiding women entrepreneurs​. As a true champion of entrepreneurship, she’s taken her experiences, her insights, and her lessons learned along the way to help others build and expand their businesses, especially women who may have yet to realize their full potential.  

She is a beacon for women seeking to break free from limiting beliefs, as she embodies the essence of conscious leadership evolution and the art of shifting vibrations to manifest the kind of success that feels the most resonant within us. From crafting bows for her daughter to becoming a multi-million dollar business maven, Suzy’s story is a masterclass in transcending traditional roles and embracing freedom to pursue one’s passions.   

Tune in to Episode 10 of The Jack Canfield Podcast as we explore actionable insights into creating a life of freedom, growth, curiosity, and joy. Discover Suzy’z approach to business that’s marked by authenticity, and how that serves to be her superpower, as well as a focus on high vibrational emotions that always attract the right opportunities and connections. You can begin answering the question: Where can I free myself from what no longer resonates with me? And what step can I take in the direction of complete freedom? 

In this episode, you will learn about: 

The Initial Spark: Suzy recalls how her inspiration became a new manifested reality in the realm of entrepreneurship (2:35) 

Turning Point: The realization that shaped her entrepreneurial journey (4:35) 

Passion & Purpose: Learn about location freedom, income freedom, and the inspiration behind Suzy's More Mundane Moments Scholarship Program (7:57) 

Getting Started: Advice for facing the fear around taking those first few steps (13:55) 

Where Soul Meets Strategy: Suzy shares how she overcomes challenges and keeps the faith in business (17:57) 

Holding Center: A discussion on daily discipline practices that maintain mindfulness and elevate frequency (22:13) 

Branding Brilliance: Hear Suzy's perspective on building magnetic brands that allow for evolution and why resonance is so significant (25:32) 

Knowledge Is Power: Discover the most common limiting beliefs Suzy sees women running into and the online course Empire she's built to help bring in transformation (29:31) 

To Infinity & Beyond: Suzy shares her vision for the future and where you can find more of her insightful wisdom (35:50)   

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Finding the Courage to Pursue Your Passions with Suzy Holeman

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